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Photo Credit: Jesse David Harris

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Portrait photography by Jesse David Harris 

Shot on area at 100 E. 53rd St., New York 

Within account of speaking to Manhattan-based absolute acreage mogul Aby Rosen, several things are anon clear. One: He isn’t abashed to dare, or dream impossibly big. Two: He doesn’t affliction what bodies anticipate about said risks, or annihilation else, for that matter. Three: He is who he is, he does what he does, and he does it well. Dispute it if you want, but bluntly he couldn’t affliction less—his success speaks for itself. 

“I’m not a pioneer—I don’t go to places bodies haven’t been to,” he announces. “My aesthetics is simple: I accomplish article acceptable better.” Is the account boastful? Maybe, but that doesn’t beggarly it isn’t true. Through RFR Holding, the allowance aggregation he co-founded with longtime acquaintance Michael Fuchs in 1991, Rosen’s all-inclusive portfolio includes 90 accepted properties, including New York skyscrapers like the iconic Seagram Architectonics and the Lever Abode as able-bodied as the Gramercy Park Hotel, the W South Beach in Miami and Roomers, a best auberge in his built-in Frankfurt, Germany. 

“I’ve consistently done that,” says the 58-year-old developer, who cuts a larger-than-life amount with his snowy-white hair, perpetually bistered bark and wide, analytic eyes. “I go into article that I apperceive is good, and I add my capacity to accomplish it a bigger place. I did not ad-lib South Beach; I added a auberge there, and it did wonders for the accomplished neighborhood.”

Photo Credit: Amit Geron Rosen is assured that he’ll be authoritative a agnate array of abracadabra appear in Tel Aviv-Yafo with his latest and best claimed activity to date, The Jaffa. The Affluence Collection associate is both a admiration to his Jewish heritage—he is the son of two Holocaust survivors and has been visiting the Holy Land aback his childhood—and a way of acceptable tourism by architectonics a catholic centerpiece in Israel’s best agitative city. “I feel acceptable about accepting it, about owning it,” Rosen says of 120-room and 32-residence absolute hotel. And he should—and not aloof because this accurate activity took added than a decade to complete.

The activity started off strong: Afterwards purchasing the acreage in 2005, Rosen enlisted the advice of minimalist architectural artisan John Pawson and conservationist artisan Ramy Gill to bottle the site’s history, but about anon encountered a roadblock. “It’s an acclivous action to do article in Israel, which is a authority at its best,” he explains. “Getting affairs accustomed took two years. We did blasting work, and we begin artifacts from the 13th century, and afresh we had to accompany in the antique authorities to advice appraise what we found. It took addition three years—with me paying—for the archaeological dig.”

When architectonics assuredly got underway in 2013, it took addition bristles years to complete, due in allotment to Rosen’s abominable absorption to detail. “I had a duke in alone selecting everything,” he admits. “There’s not one activity in this auberge that I haven’t alone active off on, alleged or found. I’m absolute hands-on. I affliction about the details, I affliction about architectonics and I apperceive what I’m doing; all pieces were absolute advisedly chosen.”

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Photo Credit: Amit GeronMeaning, that if something’s account doing, it’s account accomplishing right. “I’m all for quality,” he maintains. “I don’t do four brilliant or B minus; that’s not my business plan. I’m a best operator, and I do that from my residential development to my hotels to my condos to my appointment buildings. Aggregate I do is top cleft and super-expensive. So yes, it took awhile, but I’m stubborn, and aback I appetite something, I’m activity to get it done.” 

The Jaffa, which acutely opened its doors this accomplished August, was account the wait. The auberge retains all of its absolute feel—the façade includes alfresco galleries with angled colonnades, and the bashed walls were aching bottomward to acknowledge the ancestors of brighten that blow the building’s signage and paint-patterned walls—yet has every avant-garde advantage a 21st aeon bedfellow could possibly want, including a high-tech spa address of affluence cast L. Raphael. The antechamber is bedeviled by the acutely displayed debris of the 13th aeon crusader’s breastwork bank as able-bodied as two $1 actor paintings address of abreast artisan Damien Hirst (a claimed acquaintance of Rosen’s), creating an absorbing old-meets-new juxtaposition. Pawson additionally activated the old against new in affiliation to bounded culture, accumulation attenuate odes to acceptable Middle Eastern architectonics such as a Mashrabiya and accumulation it with abreast photography by Israeli artisan Tal Shochat, which is featured in all bedfellow rooms. The end aftereffect is stunning—a seamless affiliation of the accomplished and present fueled by across-the-board angle of the 4,000-year-old Jaffa Port, Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv city.

Needless to say, Rosen got it absolutely right, from the mid-century architectonics abstract by Shiro Kuramata and Pierre Paulin to a alluringly advised courtyard belted beneath a awning of copse to the property’s two signature eateries: Don Camillo, a archetypal Italian restaurant with a Mediterranean twist, and Golda’s Deli, an accurate New York-style Jewish eatery. Both restaurants were created in affiliation with Major Aliment Group, the award-winning restaurant and accommodation aggregation abaft New York staples Carbone and Sadelle’s (as able-bodied as The Pool, The Grill and The Lobster Club at Rosen’s Seagram Architectonics in New York) in accord with bounded chef Roi Antebi. Both accept advised whiffs of Manhattan to them, as well. “I accompany New York everywhere I go, and for me, it was about bringing the action of New York to Israel,” Rosen states.

Photo Credit: Jesse David HarrisBut he wouldn’t be Aby Rosen if he weren’t creating a little controversy, such as he did by degradation the iconic Four Seasons restaurant from his Seagram building, or architecture a 20-foot-tall anti-Trump advance alfresco RFR’s 337 Lafayette Street development armpit in NoHo. He’s additionally done it again, this time opting to accessible a bistro alleged The Chapel in a amplitude that already housed an absolute church… in the Holy Land. The Chapel pokes affable references at religion, with a neon assurance depicting easily in adoration outside, larger-than-life black-and-white shots of acclaimed accurate priests, including Frank Sinatra in The Miracle of the Bells and a DJ berth in abode of a pulpit.

Rosen knew the amplitude adeptness abet some criticism, but assumption what? He didn’t care. “It was the aboriginal time that [something like this] was done in Israel,” he says, aural about proud. “There are consistently pros and cons, but that’s what I like and advance on. I don’t conform; I do things that are a little different.”

He’s quick to add that the accommodation wasn’t advisedly slanderous—and that he spent austere time abating the amplitude to its above celebrity as able-bodied as “de-Christianizing” it with the advice of bounded authorities. “I adequate it acutely over four years, with the greatest artisans you could acquisition in Israel, including decrepit bottle preservationists and mural painters,” he notes. “I spent a lot of time and activity on that, and the abbey admired what I did there. The aggregation who adeptness go, ‘Oh my God, it’s a bar!’ are activity to accept to get acclimated to it. It wasn’t acclimated for 30 years, and stood empty, so the association never absolutely acclimated it as a abbey anyway. Now, it can be appointed for weddings and bar mitzvahs, so it has a accepted aspect, and that’s all I cared about.”

This faculty of creating a community, of place, is a accepted activity for Rosen throughout all of his projects. Like God told Noah aback he was architectonics the ark (or God cogent Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams): “Build it and they will come.” And so he did. “In the end, you’re architectonics article for the locals. The hotels, as abundant as they’re acclimated by tourists, are basically relying on locals bringing their accompany and bistro there. In abounding countries, hotels are acclimated as socialization points, and Israel is one of them,” he explains.

Photo Credit: Amit GeronIn his opinion, creating a socialization point in The Jaffa was important for the country’s development as a whole. “If you appetite to advice a abode become a bigger place, you charge to alpha advance in the auberge industry, in my opinion,” he says, noting, “I biking all over the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to Qatar to Bahrain to Abu Dhabi—and they all did it right. [Those countries] spent a lot of time and money to get abundant hotels, and bodies appearance up. That’s what you charge to do. You charge to accept a abundant product, and bodies will appearance up and absorb money. I consistently anticipation that Israel was a abode to visit, but never to live, to be honest with you. I was aghast about what affectionate of hotels were in the authoritative there. There were big brands, but annihilation absolutely absorbing or nice. That’s alteration now, finally. This country is at the alpha of a big, august decade with biotech and technology and a start-up nation affectionate of a mindset. I confused this [hotel] forth because I adulation Israel and Tel Aviv: That’s the acumen why I was aggravating to do this project, that’s the acumen I abashed in.”

The burghal is absolutely a appropriate one, as active and advancing as Miami or New York, certainly, and Rosen’s mission is to accomplish the masses accept its accepted cultural significance. “Israel has abounding cities, but best bodies consistently allocution about Jerusalem—they anticipate Israel is bedeviled by the religious period,” he credibility out. “The religious are luckily a baby allotment of the country, and they besiege mostly in Jerusalem and appoint a assertive religious lifestyle. For me, Tel Aviv is one of the best catholic cities in the world. Bodies are into food, entertainment, nightlife. It’s a hot country, so bodies absorb a lot of time outside. It’s young, it’s dynamic, it’s gay, it’s fun. It has what all cities have—a absolutely advanced population. Annihilation goes in Tel Aviv. It’s a fun, acute environment, but it’s additionally apprenticed and successful. It’s a admirable burghal to alive in. It’s a burghal that is consistently changing. If you had looked at it bristles or 10 years ago, it was abundantly different. Now, it’s absolutely dynamic, acutely all-embracing and a absolute advanced city. Jews appear from all over the apple to achieve in Israel. I like seeing how these immigrants get embraced, instead of shunned—like some countries we know. Israel does not avoid its immigrants. They embrace them and absorb them into their cultural diversity.”

For these reasons, Rosen wants to advice the burghal thrive—and in architectonics The Jaffa, believes he has the adeptness to accomplish it flourish. “I anticipate what I did will advice others do absolute agnate projects, added hotels and added smartly positioned places,” he says, adding, “I accept in allowance Israel with its tourism, and the auberge for me was a must-do if I capital to do article that would accomplish an appulse or a change.”

Aby Jacob Rosen was acutely consistently abreast for success. He is the son of two Auschwitz survivors who not alone survived the war but best up the pieces of their lives and became success belief of their own: His mother, Anni, is an artist, and his father, Isak, was a absolute acreage developer himself. He grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, amidst by wealth, chic and culture, and becoming his law amount afore affective to New York in 1987, area he apprenticed at a absolute acreage allowance close affairs backdrop to German investors. Anon after, he and adolescence acquaintance Michael Fuchs founded RFR, absorption on commercial, residential, auberge and retail holdings, predominantly in the U.S. and Germany.

Photo Credit: Amit Geron

From his father, he acutely bent the absolute acreage bug, but it was his mother who aggressive his added admirable affection in life: art. Rosen’s adulation activity with art is well-documented: He owns added than 800 postwar pieces, including added than 100 works by Andy Warhol, as able-bodied as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Alexander Calder.

“My mother’s a painter, so aback I was young, she consistently corrective and bought art,” he explains, enthusing, “I adulation music and art. I grew up in Germany, in Frankfurt, which is a absolute cultural town. We see things, we go to shows, we go to museums—it’s allotment of our DNA. We don’t go to arcade malls; we go to places that accept a college cultural meaning—musicals as anon as they opened, the opera. I grew up in a absolute cultural environment, and it charge accept rubbed off.”

So abundant so that Rosen has adherent his life in equal parts, seemingly, to work, biking and the following of art. Sometimes he alike blends them calm symbiotically. Case in point: His new 63-story Midtown building, 100 East 53rd Street (which is reportedly home to both George and Amal Clooney as able-bodied as Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber) is art-filled to the hilt. An accession by Rachel Feinstein was commissioned for the property, as able-bodied as a painting by Federico de Francesco and a carve by Bryan Hunt, amid others.

Each year, as able-bodied he throws the be-all, end-all of parties at Miami’s Art Basel, a private, absolutely VIP accident that no one can get a admission to… unless you appear to be allotment of Aby’s crew, that is. Attendees in the accomplished accept ranged from Leonardo DiCaprio and Kanye West to Alex Rodriguez and Lenny Kravitz.

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The affair was canceled in 2017, but it’s aback on this December, and Rosen expects it to be added fun than ever. “I didn’t do [the party] aftermost year because my mother wasn’t activity well, and I didn’t feel like partying, but I’ll be aback accomplishing it afresh this year. I adulation creating a fun environment, agriculture bodies acceptable food, and aloof actuality acceptable about it. I don’t appetite annihilation from anybody—I aloof appetite to accept a acceptable time. I’m not apprenticed by commerce; I don’t charge to advertise anything. It’s a accumulation of 220 bodies that like anniversary other. They appear because there’s privacy, and they can let go and feel comfy. I bear that. I allure bodies because I appetite them there,” he says, adding, “It’s a admirable activity for Art Basel.”

Beyond Art Basel, he’s absorption on the New York aperture of Stockholm-based photography architecture Fotografiska at his 281 Park Avenue South property. “I’m consistently accomplishing something,” he admits. “I’m aggravating to attending at how you use old retail spaces and accomplish them added exciting. We’re accomplishing a lot of assignment appropriate now—10 to 15 projects at the aforementioned time. I’m aperture a Swedish photography architecture in January that will accept a abundant restaurant, brawl amplitude and address hall—fun being that drives activity and will hopefully drag myself and others. That’s what it’s all about. I’m consistently on the anchor for fun, acute things.”

Photo Credit: Amit Geron

He’s not joking. Alike aback he’s on vacation—and accomplish no mistake, for as abundant as he works, he takes a few months off every year to accumulate himself sane—Rosen is alive (even admitting he says he aloof walks around, eats and talks, we can’t advice but anticipate it’s in his attributes to be “on”). Whenever he visits a new city, he can’t advice but analysis out its cultural side, and see how he can advance aloft what already exists. “I go to museums and restaurants, I attending at new trends, I go to the universities and accept to absorbing lectures, I go out and absolutely dive in to the backward night, because I accept that you see a lot of cultural movements backward at night. I go to the aliment halls and places that are acquisition places. I see shows, I see music, I see theater. I travel, I see what’s in, what’s brewing worldwide,” he explains.

We’re activity aback to Rosen’s charmed life—and yes, it still is. But he isn’t a psychic, and he doesn’t accept a clear brawl or a Spidey creep about what will be a success: He knows, because he’s consistently on, consistently studying, endlessly exploring, always attractive 10 accomplish ahead. “I don’t accept a sixth sense, but I accept a gut, and I accept guts,” he allows. “I’m demography assertive risks, but I alone do what I accept in, and I’m not accomplishing anybody favors. I’m accomplishing things that accomplish me happy, and I do them out of conviction.”

Most importantly, he takes risks because he’s not abashed to fail. “Sometimes, I do things that don’t accept the appropriate result, and I still go with it, and afresh change it. Next time I do a bigger job,” he notes. “Fear of declining is what usually holds you aback to be added daring, so I cartel all the time.” Spoken like addition who hasn’t anytime failed, you’d assume—but no. “Yeah, sure, I’ve failed,” he admits. “You fail, you accomplish it better, you put some art up it doesn’t accept an impact. Sometimes you misjudge a adjacency or you’re too aboriginal in your trends, and you adeptness accept to accompany it aback after or accent bottomward your endeavor. It’s accept to do so. You try out a new restaurant, maybe it doesn’t hit the way it should, but you reshuffle it.”

Rosen does not adduce specific business or claimed mistakes, and we get why: It’s not in his attributes to abide on what could accept been or absorb amaranthine hours accusation himself over a blooper or miscalculation. “Go big or break home” could be his mantra, if he deigned to anticipate about article so pedantic.

Photo Credit: Jesse David Harris“I accept aught regrets; I don’t absolutely assignment on regrets,” he declares, afore confiding, “I additionally don’t accept a abhorrence of affairs things. I’m absolute abandoned to aggregate I own. Whatever I own, you appetite it I’ll advertise it to you as continued as you pay added than I anticipate it’s worth. I accept no botheration with affairs things and affective on; I’ll advertise you annihilation I own because I anticipate it’s accept to let things go. I’m a authentic capitalist. I do things to accomplish money, and I do them with abundant projects that I anticipate are culturally important. I anticipate we get far too absorbed to things―they’re alone things. I anticipate we should focus added on our wife and kids than be focused on a car, a house, a painting. That’s not important stuff.” His wife, analyst and socialite Samantha Boardman, and accouchement Baker and Vivian (with Boardman) and Gaby and Charlie (from his antecedent marriage), assume blessed to apperceive their abode amid his affections. “[They] adulation to apprehend that—and I acquaint them all the time!” he laughs.

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Though he’s one of the best acclaimed art collectors in the world—pieces of which aren’t cheap, to say the least—he swears that money doesn’t amount to him. “Money is not a disciplinarian alone—it’s added of an experience. I charge to accept an acquaintance about it,” he maintains. Take his admired Seagram Building, for example. He purchased the mid-century avant-garde figure in 2000 for $375 million, and while the architectonics itself does accompany him joy, it’s what happens central its anointed halls that’s the absolute motivator. “I appear to be in adulation with the Seagram Building—it’s the acme jewel of my empire,” he admits. “I took a architectonics from the 1950s and fabricated it— 60 years later—the best accordant architectural architectonics in America. How do you accumulate it exciting? You do art installations, you animate activity and action and restaurants to a architectonics and you accumulate it relevant. It’s all about achievements. Article that’s 67 years old and competes with all the avant-garde barrio in the neighborhood, that’s acceptable work. Keeping Seagram at that aerial criterion is absolutely agitative and appealing rewarding, to be honest with you.”

As is active RFR itself. “I’ve congenital an absorbing aggregation that has a acceptable DNA. My greatest accomplishment is to accept created a aggregation that has lasted 30-something years that has done abundant work. It adds amount in the continued term. I appetite to leave article abaft that has longevity. I like things that assignment forever, like The Jaffa. I like to actualize things that aftermost for a long, continued time… But it’s added absorbing to allocution about the things we do, the things we see and the things we appetite for the world,” he says. “I appetite bodies to apprehend that I’m all about accepting a acceptable time, authoritative money, carrying an acquaintance and administration it with people. I’m not actuality to pump my brand. I’m Aby Rosen, who’s actuality to accept a acceptable time and do acceptable work.”

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