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LAFAYETTE, La. — An automated lift, positioned abaft the end area and aloft 30 anxiety aloft the field, gave Bill Napier the angle of a columnist box.

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His 400-pound electric wheelchair may accept prevented the accustomed ascend to the acme of a aerial academy football stadium, but it did not bind his admired hobby—calling abhorrent plays. So, built-in in that wheelchair, aerial on that lift, Napier abreast his admired plays into the microphone absorbed to his headset.

“Thirty-six Veer,” and aback he acquainted like bond it up, “74 Red Cadillac,” or the chancy but generally acknowledged “34 reverse.”

Napier affected the words out of his aperture with difficulty, because by this point, abounding of his motor functions—including the knee-buckling handshake for which he was known—were already absent to ALS, the crippling ache that so unfairly bedeviled his advantageous anatomy years before. His wife, for instance, awoke a half-dozen times a night to backpack out things Bill couldn’t: align his pillow or blemish an itch, airing him to the bath or about-face him assimilate his side.

But alarm plays? You betcha. He alleged plays as Dalton Aerial School’s abhorrent coordinator until uttering annihilation was impossible.

During the aftermost few months of Bill’s life, his wife Pam searched for the absolute grave for her bedmate as dark acclimatized over Chatsworth, Ga. Matt was there with his mother, both of them walking side-by-side through a cemetery evaluating plots, one of life’s best afflictive ordeals, a son acrimonious out his father’s final comatose place. Finally, one addled him for no added acumen than its location. From this accurate grave site, Matt could see the lights of Murray County High’s football stadium, the abode area his dad congenital a legacy, area he and addition Napier son, Billy, abstruse the game. “It aloof happened to be a Friday night,” Matt says. Yep, he told his mom, this is the one.

Billy Napier’s appointment is afresh organized, so beginning that if “you’d-a appear two weeks ago,” he says in his Georgia drawl, “it wouldn’t accept looked like this.”

Office décor was not a antecedence in December aback Napier accustomed in Lafayette as the new 38-year-old arch drillmaster at Louisiana. It’s so Cajun actuality that some artery signs are accounting in French. For a arctic Georgia boy like Napier, the locals admonish him of his homeland, but “they aloof allocution a little different.”

One bend of the new appointment is abiding with added acceptation than the rest. A civic championship arena from Alabama’s 2015 team, the added and aftermost appellation Billy was a allotment of in Tuscaloosa, sits on a shelf aloof aloft a photo montage of his ancestor Bill, a allegorical aloft aerial academy drillmaster in Georgia. Bill battled ALS for bristles years afore he died aftermost September, aloof months afterwards the neurodegenerative ache beggared him of the adeptness to allege and aloof canicule afterwards football division began afterwards him at the captain of an breach for the aboriginal time in decades. Bill and Bama are the two alarming elements Billy is application to clean Louisiana into the Sun Belt championship adversary it was a half-decade ago.

Some seven months into Napier’s administration here, the football offices are abuzz, not alone with renewed enthusiasm, but with added people. Napier took this job on the affiance that he could aggrandize the football staff, a eyes stemming from his bristles seasons on Nick Saban’s agents that he discussed with able-bodied ambassador Bryan Maggard during the hiring process.

Napier awash Maggard on the aforementioned Activity that Saban implemented in Tuscaloosa, a arrangement that Napier saw barrage into activity in 2011, the aboriginal division (and title) he accomplished as an abhorrent analyst aural the Alabama machine. Napier was so afraid by the bulk of football cadre alive about that he’d sometimes ask aloud, “Hey, what’s that guy over there do?” Billy calls 2011 the best admired year of his career, aback Saban best him up “off the streets” the year afterwards Dabo Swinney accursed him as Clemson’s abhorrent coordinator.

Napier spent the afterward division on agents at Colorado State, afresh alternate to Alabama for four years as receivers drillmaster from 2013 to ’16. By that point, Saban had crafted a one-of-a-kind academy football accumulation line, with dozens of staffers assuming specialized tasks to architect a championship final product.

“There is a adjustment to the madness,” says Louisiana abhorrent coordinator Rob Sale, who formed for six years as a abutment agents affiliate for Saban. “Everything, aback you airing into this building, has the Alabama backbone. How we do our blur breakdown, summer aloof reports, bookish point structure, offseason affairs … aggregate is the same. We’re activity to win here.”

• The Saban Way: How Able-bodied Accept His Assistants Fared as Arch Coaches?

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On a hot July day, the added staffers requested by Napier and accustomed by Maggard are affective about the school’s three-year-old football facility. One is acclimation the affected agenda from abaft a computer; others are aloof a 2018 adversary on a bump awning in a dimly lit room; addition is barking at players as they barge through conditioning tests.

Maggard proudly capacity how Louisiana’s non-football apprenticeship agents has developed by about 75%: two backbone coaches, a scattering of backbone interns, three nutrionists and added than a dozen others who alter duties in assorted departments, from recruiting to affection control. The able-bodied department’s bite account went from aught to $1.5 million. The football program’s abettor drillmaster bacon basin added by 40% to $2 million, and the academy began to pay the abounding amount of appearance for athletes, article the NCAA acceptable for the aboriginal time in 2015.

It’s all allotment of The Process, but it’s accepted actuality as article else: The Journey. “Alabama says, ‘The Activity Begins Here,’” Napier says. “We say, ‘The Journey Starts Here.’”

Napier says about 85% of what he is implementing in Lafayette is in the angel of Saban’s program, but he has put his own aberration on some items. He break up the agenda into eight phases: Foundation (the aboriginal two weeks of January), Identity (pre-spring training), Spring Practice, Discretionary (exams and avenue meetings), Regimen (summer training), Abatement Camp, In-Season and Postseason.

This winter’s workouts mimicked the Fourth Quarter Affairs that Saban crafted in his canicule at LSU with longtime Tigers backbone drillmaster Tommy Moffitt. Groups of a dozen players confused through four stations in a analysis of their conditioning, backbone and endurance. Arch backbone drillmaster Mark Hocke spent six seasons on Saban’s staff, affective from an intern who slept on added coaches’ couches to an accessory backbone agents affiliate who parlayed his success to jobs with Georgia, Texas A&M and Florida State. “We’re cut from the aforementioned cloth,” Hocke says, “from that alignment in Tuscaloosa.”

“If you haven’t been about it, it’s adamantine to explain,” Napier says, which explains why Saban aggregation are everywhere on Louisiana’s new staff: Hocke, Katie Turner (director of on-campus recruiting), Andrew Burkett (recruiting researcher and evaluator), D.J. Looney (assistant abhorrent band coach) and William Peagler (director of amateur cadre and affection control) all at some point formed either beneath Saban at Alabama or beneath Saban protégé Kirby Smart at Georgia.

Some of their roles are still actuality determined, but they’re all actuality to advice Napier authorize what Saban did in Tuscaloosa, from administering the appraisal and application of accomplished players to instilling the affluence that Napier maintains abstracted Saban’s teams from others.

“I can see it already authoritative an appulse here,” Napier says. “The key is accepting a plan to use all these people. All these things are at the basis of creating a absolute advantage. This is a ruthless, bloodthirsty thing, academy football. It’s fun.”

The four-bedroom bank home is active alike in the early-morning hours. Six accouchement clutter from the aboriginal to third floor, the three moms are lathering on sunscreen, and the balm of afresh brewed coffee wafts from the kitchen. The three dads are talking football because that’s what these dads do, scribbling abhorrent plays on napkins, their alone accessories aback their wives forbid them from bringing playbooks and whiteboards to the annual Fourth of July vacation.

Bill Napier had three sons, and now, wouldn’t you apperceive it, they’re all football coaches. Billy fabricated the better splash, ascendance to the play-calling duties at Clemson at 29, which fabricated him the youngest abhorrent coordinator in Division I football. Matt and Kurt are coordinators at the aerial academy akin in the family’s home state, Georgia, area their pop won added amateur at Murray County Aerial than anyone afore him.

They began their annual Fourth of July cruise added than a decade ago as an befalling to accumulate alfresco of the football season’s cartel on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but an abandoned activity lingered over this year’s trip. “It was the aboriginal ability that you get that he’s gone,” Matt says. “It pulls on you a little bit.”

Matt got to hug and kiss his ancestor aftermost September aloof a brace of canicule afore he anesthetized at the age of 60, article that addled ancestors associates but didn’t shock them. The analysis in the summer of 2013 was the toughest for Billy, as he researched ALS and abstruse that the ache is a afterlife book for which there is no cure, advancing motor neurons and gradually abrasion the body’s muscles.

“We were like, ‘We’re activity to booty on this activity and action it and exhausted it,’” Billy says. “Then, every aperture we got to was shut.”

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Billy Napier, far right, poses with his father, Bill, and mother, Pam, for a photograph that sits affected in his office.

Bill Napier was a “hero” to his sons. They grew up benumbed to his speaking engagements and football camps in his two-seat Datsun 280ZX, and they watched in the active allowance as he pored over VHS tapes of Tom Osborne’s Nebraska teams accident defenses with advantage football. Bill’s Murray County Aerial Indians eventually did the aforementioned at the basic level, acceptable a school-record 94 amateur in 16 seasons.

Many of the adolescent men whose lives Bill afflicted as aerial academy players rallied about their aloft drillmaster in his final years. Billy says his father’s “core” emerged during that time, “verifying what I anticipation he was.” Bill took money a alms aloft for him and created a scholarship affairs for players who weren’t in the mix for above scholarships to abide their careers at baby colleges.

And of course, he kept coaching, calling plays as abhorrent coordinator for Dalton afterwards resigning from Murray County, from a lift at home amateur and an array of sites on the road: a golf barrow on a hill, the columnist box if he could be agitated there, the bleachers amid fans. “He was a fighter,” Matt says. “When affliction hits and aback you get told you’re activity to die, that this ache is activity to booty your life, how do you respond? His accurate cocky came out. He approved to abide to appulse people.”

Director of sports diet Bailee Sawyer stands in advanced of 100-plus football players and drives her point home.

“Protein does what for the body?”

The admirers responds in unison: “Builds muscle.”

“So you can’t aloof accept a abettor anymore,” Sawyer says. “You got to accept protein with it.”

She afresh reminds all of them of how to advance or access anatomy weight during arduous summer training and consecutive abatement camp. She wants the guys to eat six times a day, the accustomed three commons accompanied by three snacks—remember that $1.5 actor bite budget? “A bite amid breakfast and lunch,” she tells them. “A bite amid cafeteria and practice, and article afore bed. We will never lose weight during affected again.”

Before this year, Louisiana did not apply a nutritionist, Maggard says. Its three-person administration is now housed in an appointment off the weight room, all allotment of Billy Napier’s aboriginal accomplish against replicating the Alabama Way.

In his chase to alter Mark Hudspeth, Maggard approved a drillmaster with an accustomed and accurate arrangement like the ones he saw immediate as an ambassador at Kansas Accompaniment during Bill Snyder’s administration and at Missouri for Gary Pinkel, a Don James adherent aloof like Saban.

“Our affairs ability not attending absolutely like Alabama, but it can be a adapted adaptation of it,” Maggard says. “Billy has so abundant aplomb in that system.” That aplomb developed best afresh from his stop at Arizona Accompaniment aftermost season, aback Napier accomplished “the way we did it at Alabama was the way.”

The Ragin’ Cajuns don’t accept the budgetary luxuries of the Crimson Tide. Turner, the ambassador of Louisiana’s on-campus recruiting who formed in Saban’s recruiting administration as an Alabama student, says UL’s accepted 10–12 being recruiting agents is one-third the admeasurement of Alabama’s. “It’s a well-oiled machine,” Turner says. “It didn’t alpha off that way in 2007. They’ve congenital it up and adapted it. I was there. They baffled it. Everyone and everything, they had it bottomward to a science. We accept those secrets, we’re aggravating to apparatus them.”

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The abhorrent and arresting analysts in Lafayette aren’t exact mirrors of those in Tuscaloosa, either. They may not be afresh accursed SEC arch coaches like Butch Jones, whom Saban assassin this offseason, and they ability be paid $1,200 a ages instead of $80,000 a year, but “we’re accomplishing the aforementioned stuff,” Sale says. “They’re all accomplishing it. Kirby [Smart], Jimbo [Fisher], [Jeremy] Pruitt—they’ve done aggregate Drillmaster Saban’s done.”

Louisiana’s able-bodied account in the 2016–17 year was $28.3 million, about 16% of the Crimson Tide’s and ninth in the 12-team Sun Belt, but Maggard believes his affairs has the best accessories in its conference, abreast from a football amphitheater that could anon see above renovations afterward a achievability study. Geographically, the academy is nestled in a talent-rich area—the accompaniment of Louisiana ranks seventh in bearing Power 5 players over the accomplished decade and third aback factoring in population.

Billy knows this abode able-bodied from recruiting it during his canicule as a receivers drillmaster for Saban. He sometimes abhorred cutting his Alabama accessory while recruiting in a accompaniment whose flagship affairs and its abounding admirers authority so abundant abhorrence for the Tide. Now, instead of aggressive LSU on the recruiting trail, he hopes to acreage the next-best guys—the Tigers can’t get ’em all. That agency fending off the basal agriculture Power 5 teams that dip into the state, but it additionally agency branch alfresco of its boundaries. He wants to recruit a six-hour ambit from Lafayette: arctic to Memphis, west to Dallas and east to, yes, Alabama.

For all the Alabama talk, Billy does not acknowledgment the SEC West academy to his accepted team. “Maybe already he did, but he respects this burghal and this place,” says inferior arresting aback Deuce Wallace. “He knows he’s got to leave that behind.”

Not completely, of course. “Everything we do here,” Billy says, “is a artefact of area I’ve been.”

Billy Napier watches walk-ons participate in workouts central Louisiana’s calm facility.

“Hit the lights,” Napier tells a amateur abettor and afresh gets to work, assay his six quarterbacks on accumulation and advantage identification from a bold amid Sun Belt powerhouses Arkansas Accompaniment and Troy. At times, the aboriginal QB to acknowledgment a catechism accurately gets to allotment out a pushup or bristles to addition amateur at the table.

Napier is his own quarterbacks coach, and he’ll alarm the plays at Louisiana, “because it’s as abutting as I can get to arena again,” he says with a smile. Aback he took over Arizona State’s breach aftermost season, Napier created an abridged adaptation of Alabama’s busy system, a one-back advance breach with pro alignments that can accomplish at capricious speeds. The offense’s run bold is mostly acquired from longtime Alabama abettor Joe Pendry, and its play-action casual bold comes from Lane Kiffin’s offense. The arrangement includes some Air Raid from his assignment in 2017 beneath aloft Sun Devils arch drillmaster Todd Graham, and he adopted Jim McElwain’s approach for instructing and teaching passers, article on affectation during this quarterback meeting.

“What do we alarm this?” he asks, his laser arrow aerial over a accumulation with receivers lined up abaft one another. No one responds, but Billy does not abound upset, which is not hasty for a animated country boy who speaks cautiously and boring and is declared as “chill” by his own players. “Domino’s,” he answers, “because it’s like pizzas—you assemblage ’em.”

Napier accustomed to the activity with his quarterbacks afterwards watching added than 40 walk-on players agonizingly clump through conditioning tests. The best of them will accomplish the 110 who participate in camp, the abutting best will accomplish the 130 for in-season convenance and the others will be cut. Billy, an abettor at his hip, watches attentively while scribbling notes.

One of Napier’s aboriginal tasks at Louisiana is to actualize a advancing walk-on program. Added bodies will allow him the adventitious to convenance like Saban does, application what he calls “two-spotting,” agreeable the aggregation into four squads (first- through third-strings, additional rookies) and captivation two scrimmages accompanying on adjoining fields. Two-spotting is as important to the Alabama Way as the ever-growing abutment staff. “We are a rep-based organization. Instead of aloof 22 guys accepting reps and others continuing on the sideline, 44 guys are accepting reps,” Hocke says. “It’s not aloof the aftereffect of one convenance or one week. It’s the accumulative aftereffect of a year or three to bristles years.”

Napier’s new aggregation meets its role archetypal on Sept. 29, aback amateur campaign to Tuscaloosa to comedy adept in an activity that was appointed in 2016. The bold will appear two canicule afterwards the aboriginal ceremony of Bill Napier’s death. Billy knows it will not be accessible to see the caliginosity of his two inspirations bang in the aforementioned week, but there is a consolation.

“I now got my own team,” Napier says. “It’s what I consistently wanted, aloof like him.”

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