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As Fender CEO Andy Mooney afresh told us, Fender’s history with Japan stretches aback decades. That cross-Pacific accord alike already came to be a savior, aback Fujigen served as the sole antecedent of accomplishment for Fender during a alteration from the Fullerton branch to the Corona branch in 1985.

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Ahead of the absolution of the aboriginal Fender Ultra Series and the company’s Fender Songs app, Mooney sat bottomward with Reverb’s aggregation in Tokyo to allocution about these new products, the company’s history in Japan, and the all-important MIJ vs. US-made Fender debate.

The ardent metal fan additionally shares his thoughts on shredders, the approaching of the guitar market, Fender’s accepted MIJ Avant-garde models, and more.

The Japan-produced Fenders adore an outstanding acceptability for quality. Sometimes it’s appropriate that they battling the US-made models. What do you feel absolutely separates a US-made Fender from a Japan-made Fender?

I’ve been accession guitars for 30 years. And I would accept said 30 years ago, you could accept put a US, a Japanese, a Mexican, and a Southeast Asian guitar on the table after a country of agent on them and you would accept been appealing abundant able to acquaint what the aberration was amid the guitars. I anticipate that’s not as accurate anymore, because I anticipate the affection akin in every arena has elevated.

One of the things I abstruse alive at Nike and Disney and actuality at Fender over the last—you know, advancing actuality a hundred times—is that the Japanese affection standards are apparently the accomplished in the world. They like bendability and uniformity. But consistently at a aerial affection level. And the analogue of affection in Japan sometimes surprises you.

One of the adventures I had at Nike aback we were disturbing with defects: A lot of bodies aback in the USA acquainted it was, The Japanese aloof don’t appetite us to advertise US products. I absolutely brought in addition from Toyota to a affair with their artefact bandage aggregation to say, “Will the US companies accept the aforementioned botheration in cars? Is it because the Japanese are aloof actuality nationalists and don’t appetite to accept US cars in?” And he goes, “Are you dreaming?” [Laughs.]

I go, “How do you ascertain quality?” He goes, “Well, in a car it’s noise.” Because it’s the complete a aperture makes aback it closes, the complete aback you about-face the engine. In a Japanese car, you apprehend nothing. In an American car, you apprehend bolts all over the place. I’d never anticipation about that as actuality their analogue of quality. At Nike, aback we started to accomplish watches—I mean, Japan’s like the watch basic of the world. Aback you booty a artificial allotment out of the mold, what’s acceptable, in agreement of seeing area the allotment comes out of the mold, in any added markets is absolutely unacceptable in Japan.

So I anticipate it’s the affection of the finish. It’s the accord of the accomplishment that absolutely is article that appeals to the Japanese consumer—but I anticipate that’s additionally absolutely perceived as aerial amount by pockets of consumers about the world. And afresh there’s some bodies who aloof like Japanese guitars because they’re Japanese, and you know, I appetite a Japanese Fender in my accumulating because I’ve got all these added guitars.

My Japanese accumulating of Fender guitars were all abundant metal. The Japanese aggregation were a actual aggressive team, and they were consistently aggravating to action adjoin aerial achievement guitar brands, decidedly at that time area that blazon of guitar was accepting acclimated by a lot of the virtuoso guitarists. I’ve consistently admired metal, so I calm some of those guitars. It’s affectionate of absorbing to see if we’re activity to be revisiting those guitars from the ’70s, advancing out of Japan again.

There accept been a cardinal of limited-edition models appear to the Japan market. Yet the appeal across agency these models can go for added than their aboriginal amount in the secondhand market. Is there a plan to accomplish some of these models added broadly available?

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Well, the ambush with limited-edition is befitting it bound [laughs]. What we found, increasingly, are two reasons: One is a consumer-oriented reason, and the added is a added business-oriented reason.

On the customer side, we’re now sitting at about 40% bazaar allotment in electric guitars and amps. And you know, one of the things I abstruse in my Nike canicule is that the college the bazaar share, the added this alarm to actualize a broader ambit of products, so bodies can admission the cast but still feel different. You know, everybody wants to be the same, and everybody wants to be different.

When I abutting Fender, there already existed FSRs [Fender Special Runs] but it wasn’t a decidedly able affairs worldwide. There was a affairs [for custom orders] alleged American Architecture Experience, but there were 1.3 actor options, which was way too ambagious for the consumer, and, in my view, was about 1.2 actor too abounding options. We reconstituted that abstraction as Mod Shop, bargain the options originally to 70,000—it’s about 110,000 now. But the big changes that we fabricated are that we fabricated the customer interface abundant easier to navigate, and we cut the commitment time bottomward from 90 canicule to 30 days. Because alike admitting you personalize it, you can delay for so long, but not 90 days.

The added acumen for accomplishing a lot of analysis through limited-edition, banker exclusives—whatever it ability be—is so the dealers in the bazaar don’t accept to action anniversary added on price. Decidedly in a bazaar here, area it’s a non-MAP ambiance [with no “minimum advertised price” behavior in place, as there are in the US], dealers are absolutely chargeless to advertise at any amount they want, and you don’t absolutely appetite to advertise them all the aforementioned affair and afresh aloof accept them lose money by assault anniversary added up on price. So the added that we can articulation the bazaar by accepting a ample alms of options for dealers, I anticipate the bigger it is for them, the bigger it is for us, but, principally, the bigger it is for the consumer.

I anticipate the added affair that’s afflicted is that four years ago the two absolute anatomy styles were Stratocaster and Telecaster, and they’d been that way for… ever. But now, the cardinal of Jazzmasters and Jaguars and Offsets, Duo-Sonics, you know, the Mustang—like the signature one, for example, that we’ve aloof done with Char. Those accept been broadly adopted. And it’s aloof added options, altered horses for altered courses, depending on what you absolutely like—both in agreement of how you play, and, actually, how you look. We’ve got added options than I anticipate we’ve anytime had in our history.

People acclimated to aloof accord Jazzmasters abroad for a song.

I anticipate that’s true. I mean, I accept Jazzmasters and Jaguars, Duo-Sonics—I accept four in a bandage on my bank from 1966. I’ve never played one of them, because afresh they were not decidedly adequate guitars aback they were aboriginal introduced, in my view. But like abounding of the things that we’ve done since—if you attending at the Johnny Marr arrangement of the Jaguar, that’s a analgesic guitar. We’ve fabricated all those guitars functionally better. They’ve consistently been aesthetically beautiful, but now you can absolutely comedy them.

You’re activity to see added of that. Alike as we reintroduced the metal guitars from Japan, the affair I admired about them was they were abundant to play, they had the big avant-garde specs on it… [but the] pickups from old ones, not so good. So we said,”OK, if we’re activity to accomplish MIJ Modern, they should be with abundant pickups. We had to do article altered in the pickups so that they assignment for abreast guitarists, not aloof the nostalgists who appetite an exact replica of the aboriginal guitar.”

You accept some new agitative lineups advancing out both actuality in the States and in Japan. Can you acquaint us a little bit about those?

Well, on the electric ancillary is the American Ultra. It’s the best guitar I anticipate we’ve anytime produced. The affinity that I use is: I accept a Porsche 911, which has all the DNA of the aboriginal Porsche—the Ferdinand Porsche design—but it’s the highest-performance arrangement to date. I can attending at the Ultra and it’s got all the aboriginal DNA, but we’ve pushed it as far as it can possibly be pushed at this point. And the acknowledgment that we got from dealers and from artists who got their easily on it has been really, absolutely encouraging.

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It is one of those renditions of the Strat, which is, already you comedy it, it’s boxy to go back. Because the feel of the close is absolutely abundantly different. The admission to the aerial register. It’s lighter weight, because we’ve carved added of the copse from the anatomy form. A lot of things that people, I think—maybe alike central the company—a lot of things that bodies four years ago would accept said would be sinful, heretical… you know, “Don’t spiral with the anatomy type.”

Well, if Porsche still fabricated the 356 Porsche, I don’t anticipate they would advertise many. We accept account for the past, and the admirable affair about us compared to Porsche: If you appetite a 1955 Stratocaster, we’ll advertise you one, appropriate bottomward to the aboriginal specs. But [while] we accept account for the past, you’ve got to advance the apparatus alternating to absolutely reflect what accepted consumers are cogent you is important to them, like 22 frets instead of 21, or colossal frets instead of… you go bottomward the list, and all of that’s been congenital in this collection.

And that’s aloof one.

CITES rosewood restrictions are advancing to an end, but Fender was acknowledged in adapting to CITES altitude with things like pau ferro fretboards. Looking forward, will it be aback to business as usual, or accept some of the affected innovations brought about a change in thinking?

Well, it was a claiming to comply, it was a absolute challenge. And the bigger claiming absolutely was not authoritative abiding that we were application copse that was not on the endangered list, it was the community agencies in best geographies not actuality able to acclimatize to the absoluteness of aback it should certificate.

To accord you an example, we could address a rosewood guitar from San Bernardino in the US to Europe quicker than it would booty them to aftermath the affidavit to get it in. We absolutely had to alpha sending guitars through the Panama Canal on the apathetic baiter to acquiesce them time—because we couldn’t ask for the affidavit to be cut until it larboard the warehouse, but if it got to the Amsterdam community afore the affidavit had been issued, they impounded it and destroyed it, which seems to me the affliction affair you would appetite to do to an endangered wood. So I anticipate the accommodation [to abolish such restrictions] is great.

But to get aback to your question, one of the absorbing things, and I didn’t alike apperceive this: Within the ample accumulating of guitars that I’ve got, I had the Stevie Ray Vaughan, the aboriginal adaptation of the Stevie Ray Vaughan, sitting on my wall. And we were accepting a conversation: “Well, what are we activity to do with CITES, are there added alternatives?” And we said, “Well, we can use pau ferro.” And I go, “Have we anytime acclimated pau ferro before?” And they go, “Well, yeah, it’s on the Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar.”

I go, “I’ve been arena that guitar for 15 years. I didn’t apperceive that wasn’t rosewood.” And I go, “By the way, if it’s adequate abundant for Stevie Ray Vaughan, I anticipate it will assignment for best people.” So I anticipate there are some decisions that we fabricated as a aftereffect of [CITES] that are actually… there was a lot of agitation about whether bodies would absolutely care.

I anticipate that our consumers of US-made guitars and Custom Shop guitars alike more, sure—they really, absolutely care. But I anticipate for a lot of consumers, the aberration amid pau ferro and rosewood is not as important to them. So I anticipate we’re activity to accept some things, like pau ferro, we’ll accumulate in the bandage apparently forever. We’ve acclimated atramentous added broadly in the bandage than we anytime would accept imagined. But that’s been well-accepted, decidedly on the Elite and will be on the Ultra too, I believe.

There’s a broader ambit of copse options now than we’ve anytime had before. That seems to accept worked. I don’t anticipate we’re activity to backslide aback to maple, rosewood, and alarm it a day; I anticipate you’re activity to see pau ferro and atramentous and added dupe over time that I anticipate will be congenital in the line.

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Though we apperceive now that the afterlife of electric guitar has been abundantly exaggerated, how do you see the trends amid electrics and acoustics actuality in Japan and Asia in allegory to the US and Europe?

Unfortunately, alfresco of the US, there’s actual little abstracts on the industry in general. I can acquaint you that in the US, what we see is, the alarm swings back. The adequate account overall, is the bazaar for both acoustics and electrics is growing. The alarm swings aback and alternating amid the amount of growth, acoustics and electrics. Aftermost year, electrics grew at a faster amount than acoustics. But for the four years that I’ve been there, I anticipate maybe one out of the four years electric grew faster than acoustics. But it still grew.

I don’t apperceive what drives the beat aback and forth, but it’s important for us to be a baton in both categories. We’ve consistently been a baton in the electric category, and I would say it’s alone in the last, well, nine months, could I candidly characterize us as a baton in the acoustic segment, with the addition of the American Acoustasonic.

Because that’s absolutely the aboriginal time in our history area we had a appealing aggressive plan for the acoustic—we’ve had to access assembly three times and we’re awash out for the year. It’s been anon accepted by alive musicians, including association like Jack White, or Billie Eilish’s brother [Finneas O’Connell]. It’s been broadly apparent on some of the bigger stages in the world. That, to me, is the litmus analysis of whether you’ve absolutely created a guitar that’s adequate to alive musicians.

I’m badly optimistic about the industry in accepted worldwide. And the acumen I am is the two big active alien armament are universal. And one is the advance in appeal for recorded music. 255 actor bodies advantageous for a alive account aftermost year; Goldman Sachs predicts that will go to 700 actor in three years and 1.1 billion by the year 2030. Best of the advance is absolutely advancing from aback catalog, which is abundantly guitar-based music. Advance in alive music is at an best aerial and growing. Alive Nation: 93 actor bodies activity to see a Alive Nation concert aftermost year, up about 10% over the above-mentioned year, abundantly guitar-based music.

You’ve got these alien trends that are amphibian all boats up, afresh we’re doing, I would say, three things accompanying to advice ammunition all-embracing advance in the market, but additionally to accretion share. One is: We’ve upped our bold and upped our clip in artefact innovation. We cut our activity aeon for articles to four years as against to seven. We’ve added our business from 4% of revenues to 10.

We’ve afflicted the mix from actuality alone dealer-oriented to abundantly consumer-oriented, and abundantly through amusing media. So aback we acquaint a new product, I acclimated to characterize it as a timberline that fell in the forest—nobody knew added than the clerks in the store, and they were already in the store. The customer didn’t apperceive to go there. Now, aback we do a artefact launch, there’s 26 actor in our amusing arrangement worldwide. They are acquirements about this product, they’re bridge the beginning for dealers or they’re activity online to buy it. So we’re active added burning and added conversion.

Then the third affair is Fender Play.

When I abutting the company, there was a admiration on the board’s allotment to aggrandize the cast to agenda articles services, but they didn’t apperceive what to do and neither did I. We conducted, I think, what would be the best absolute allotment of customer analysis in new guitar buyers at that time, four years ago. We did a additional annular of analysis aftermost year.

There were bristles key insights that came out of that that accept shaped our cardinal administration for the aftermost four-plus years: 50% of new guitar buyers are women. Well, that was a surprise. Their adopted best for the aboriginal guitar is acoustic, and they’re abashed by affairs in acceptable music stores, as are best first-time buyers, so they predominantly buy online. That propelled a admiration to become a baton in acoustic. If 50% of new buyers are women, and they’re affairs added acoustic than electric, we bigger accomplish abiding that we get article that satisfies that consumer.

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Second was 45% of the guitars that we advertise every year are bought by first-time players, abundant college than we thought. 90% of those first-time players carelessness the apparatus in the aboriginal year, if not the aboriginal 90 days. We don’t accept a botheration as an industry accepting new bodies in; we accept a botheration befitting them in. Those first-time players absorb four times as abundant on acquaint as they do on gear. And the trend in lessons, as you ability imagine, was appear online lessons, as against to face-to-face.

That was the North Star for a agenda endeavor. We acquainted that we could actualize an afar viable, assisting business in online acquaint with Fender Play. But we acquainted if we abate the abandonment amount by aloof 10%, we could bifold the admeasurement of the absolute industry, over time. As of this morning, we’ve got 116,000 users of Fender Play; 108,000 of them are paying. We’re seeing it drive added numbers of first-time players and added assurance from those first-time players.

We begin that if those first-time players get through the aboriginal year, there’s a aerial likelihood that they’ll accomplish to the apparatus for activity and accept a lifetime amount of $10,000. Because they’re activity to buy five, seven guitars, assorted amps, assorted accessories—they drive the accouterments ancillary of the business. We’re really, absolutely blessed about area we’re at with that.

We will barrage our additional subscription-based artefact on October 22, in the US on iOS with Apple Music. It’s alleged Fender Songs. Basically it’s Shazam for guitar players. It will auto-generate the chords for any song that you comedy on your alive service, with the lyrics. There’ll be about a actor songs on day one. It will aftermath the chords for guitar, ukulele, or piano.

We anticipate in that case, if Fender Comedy is for first-time players, afresh Fender Songs is for players who apperceive how to do ambit structures, and now you can aggrandize the repertoire and accumulate them added affianced in the category, and added acceptable that they will be committed to the class for the continued run. We’re appealing optimistic about that. I attending at amid these alien trends array of fueling advance and the centralized of things that we’re doing, and I couldn’t be added optimistic about the approaching of the industry or the approaching of our company.

It sounds like Fender Songs will acquiesce them to self-learn already they’ve gotten through that antecedent hurdle.

One of the artefact appearance is you can apathetic it down—it retains pitch. I anticipate no amount area you are on the beginner-to-advanced stage, it can be a accelerated tool. If you’re appealing advanced, you can go through the song in one take, or if you charge some time to amount it out or get the ambit changes down, you can do that too.

Definitely a altered era. Abundant bigger than going, “Wait, where’s that bit again?” [Mimics affective a aggravate assimilate a record.]

I mean, that’s that’s the way I started, with the stylus accepting beat out on “Paranoid” and “Black Night,” and afresh bandage was not abundant bigger activity aback and forth.

Fender has revisited several account from its accomplished in contempo years, whether it be reissues or reinventions, like the Pawn Shop and Parallel Universe guitars. Aback digging aback for these ideas, did you ascertain annihilation absorbing in the basement that has never apparent the ablaze of day?

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The Meteora in some means was a little bit of that, because that was a bonafide architecture that never absolutely saw the ablaze of day. The funny adventure about that accurate product, which I anticipate is emblematic of today’s consumer, is that that was a artefact we had an embargo on and somebody snuck it out. And because it snuck out, that anon breach camps into: “Oh my God, I appetite this” and “Oh my God, what is Fender thinking?” But the affair it did is it got bodies talking. There’s a few added of those designs in the hopper.

Going aback to your beforehand animadversion on the Jaguar and the Jazzmaster, I anticipate there are added forms area we didn’t absolutely get it appropriate [laughs] aback we aboriginal alien them, but I anticipate we apperceive abundant now that we could booty the alpha of the aboriginal idea—the Coronado is a adequate example—take the alpha of the aboriginal abstraction and you know, What would it booty to absolutely accomplish that a anatomic abreast guitar? The Starcaster, I think, is addition adequate accepted example.

What was the one with the pickups beneath the pickguard? The Maverick?

Maverick, yeah, or attending at the Swinger. You apperceive the history of that appearance right? It’s pieces of copse that Leo didn’t appetite to bandy out. [Laughs.]

Recently, on Reverb, Fender absitively to advertise bristles actual celebrated guitars that accept been acclimated as templates and models for a lot of the avant-garde reproductions. What was abaft the accommodation to let these guitars go?

Well, we’ve never absolutely retained a accumulating of our own history. It’s funny, I got a letter from an old academy pal, who beatific me a photograph of a Fender electric violin. And I’m going, “This is BS. Fender never fabricated electric violins.” Well, yes, they did. And he said, “I appetite to address a book on this. Can you accelerate me all the old affidavit that you have, you know, the blueprint bedding and stuff?” So I analyze and we’ve got nothing. Absolutely nothing. We were not actual adequate at advancement a history of our own culture.

Maybe that had to do with the alteration from Leo to CBS, or from CBS to the accepted management. But we bought those guitars to breach them afar to amount out what we could learn. And then, affectionate of circumstantial with that, I absolutely met with—I anticipation I was an affected collector—but I met with addition abroad who’d been analytic for a ’54 Strat. He came in LA and he capital to accommodated with me. I met with him and I said, “Did you acquisition one?” He goes, “Yeah. I begin one.” I said, “What was the allurement price?” And he said it was $95,000. I said, “Did you buy it?” He goes, “No. I aloof wasn’t abiding it was authentic.”

I said, “If we told you it was authentic, if we absolutely tore it apart, and we absolute it was authentic, would you pay $120,000 for it?” And he goes, “Yeah, I would. Because why would I pay 95 for article if I’m activity to be second-guessing myself for the blow of my life.” He’s a super-high-net-worth guy. He goes, “I’ll pay 120.”

We absolutely thought, well, maybe there’s alike a business there. Like BMW Certified, maybe we could do Fender Certified. So we bought these bristles guitars. We pulled them apart, we abstruse as abundant as we possibly could about them, we absolutely ensured that they were all authentic, and afresh we’re activity to put them aback into the marketplace. We’ll see what the amount is for them.

This is a action that the watch companies accept acclimated absolutely a bit. They bought up a lot of their old account off the marketplace, reconditioned and fabricated abiding it was aboriginal condition, and afresh resold. What happened is it floated up the absolute amount contour of the market. I don’t apperceive if this will be visibly accurate with electric guitars, but we said, “Hey let’s try bristles guitars. Worst-case scenario, we’ll apprentice what was different about these bristles guitars. That will alone advice approaching limited-edition collections. Maybe we’ll alike accept a approaching business with it.” Time will tell.

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On a claimed level, you’ve been arena guitar aback you were young, and afore advancing to Fender you already had a ample guitar collection. Has that grown? Could you acquaint us about three of your favorites?

I grew up on a Stratocaster, so the aggregate of my accumulating afore I abutting the aggregation was Stratocasters. If I appetite to comedy blues, I go to my ’55 Strat—I got the ’55 instead of the ’54 because it was the year I was born. I got it aback I was 40, so I bought it 24 years ago. Glad I bought it afresh because I’m not abiding I would absorb the money now. But my go-to guitar that I comedy now mostly is a Jim Root Telecaster, because it does the trick. It’s aloof one knob, two pickups.

When I assuredly got to accommodated Jim Root [who plays with Slipknot]—who I’m a huge fan of and he’s a absolutely able guitarist—I said, “Why is this all one knob?” He goes, “You should angle on date all night continued with all the apparel and all of those masks.” He said, “I lose amid seven and eight pounds a night, aloof sweat. It would fry the guitars.” It would absolutely go into the pickups. You could calculation on a guitar a night, basically, shorting out. And he goes, “I capital to booty aggregate I possibly could out of the guitar, so that I could break on date with the guitar for the longest time.” It’s an awfully simple instrument, but it works. So that would be my second.

My third is is the atramentous “The Strat” that was fabricated by Fuji, I think? It’s a four-pickup, abundant metal guitar with a amphibian Floyd Rose, and it’s been my go-to abundant metal guitar for years. I’m affectionate of blessed to see that appear back, abnormally if it’s activity to have—as I apperceive it will—better pickups.

You’re additionally a big metal fan, activity all the way aback to your aboriginal Deep Purple concert. Who are some of your admired metal players or metal players who use Fender guitars?

Well Jim Root would absolutely be up there. We were absolutely accepting this chat today, that best of the absolutely virtuoso metal players that we accept in the Fender ancestors are arena Jackson or Charvel [Ed: Both endemic by Fender]. It’s abundant now, aback you go to a Slipknot concert you’ve got Mick Thomson on one ancillary of the date arena a signature Jackson and Jim Root on the added ancillary of the date arena a signature Fender. I anticipate my go-to is activity to change aback Jim Root’s [new] signature Jazzmaster comes out this year, which I anticipate is activity to be addition analgesic guitar.

You’ve got Scott Ian from Anthrax, who goes aback and alternating amid Fender and Jackson. He aloof beatific me a video of his 12-year-old son arena on date with his admired band. The Foo Fighters let him comedy “Everlong” on date with them. I said, “You charge accept been emotional.” He goes, “Yeah, I was activity aback and alternating amid arrant and cheering.” It charge accept been abundant to see, because his son nailed it.

Japan is a big metal country. Accept you apparent some of the Japanese metal bands? Do you accept any favorites?

I abstruse classical, you know, acceptable Spanish classical guitar—all agreeable pieces, no accepted music, it was about baroque. Allotment of why I admired Ritchie Blackmore is I acquainted he was a classical guitar amateur in a rockstar’s body. He could do all of those operatic solos and, you know, accident guitars on stage—he had all of the amphitheater that came from the Hendrix era. So my admired bands tend to be abundant metal bands that absolutely accept that operatic bent, and there’s a few of them actuality in Japan. X Japan is one of them. Awfully able soloist.

Also, Syu from Galneryus—unbelievably able player. And again, those types of players tend to comedy ESP or Ibanez guitars. I’d like to get players like them or players like Sinister Gates from Avenged Sevenfold—again, he’s of a brand of amateur that I alone love—frontman, gifted, can do annihilation from actual classical pieces to bedrock pieces.

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We were talking about Babymetal a bit. Babymetal is not absolutely metal, but they’re a abundant band, and they accept a abundant following, but not absolutely metal.

Thank you for your time. Is there annihilation you’d like to add?

I consistently adulation advancing every time I appear to Japan—and like I’ve said, I’ve appear abounding times. There’s consistently article new to learn. Aloof aback you anticipate you’ve got it ample out, it’s like, Area did that appear from? It’s a bazaar I adulation visiting. And I anticipate the brand’s in absolutely adequate appearance here. The team’s done a abundant job aback demography over ascendancy of the business directly, and I’m badly optimistic about the future.

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