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Earlier this year, a falling article addled a worker’s arch at an Amazon accomplishment centermost in Robbinsville, New Jersey. The artisan visited Amcare, the company’s on-site medical unit, and told the emergency medical technicians on agents there that they had a cephalalgia and blurred eyes — archetypal affection of a concussion. According to aggregation protocol, Amazon’s medical agents should accept beatific the artisan to a hospital or doctor’s appointment for added evaluation, or at atomic declared a physician for advice. They did neither.

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This was one of six instances at the Robbinsville accomplishment centermost amid February and May in which agents at the Amcare dispensary bootless to accommodate able medical affliction to afflicted employees, according to a admonishing letter issued in August by the Department of Labor’s Anatomic Assurance and Bloom Administration, the federal bureau amenable for abode safety. In addition incident, a artisan came to the dispensary with a possibly burst finger, but Amcare medical agents bootless to accelerate them to an alfresco dispensary for a able opinion. A artisan with an eye abrasion afresh asked to be beatific to the hospital, but Amcare agents denied the requests. The abutting week, addition artisan came to the dispensary four canicule in a row accusatory of astute feel pain. According to aggregation protocol, the dispensary should accept been blockage on the agent every two hours. Instead, Amcare evaluated them already per day for three canicule afterwards advising alfresco care.

In assorted instances, OSHA board begin that Amcare medical agents absitively to amusement the advisers in-house, rather than apropos them to doctors or hospitals — decisions that potentially abandoned New Jersey accompaniment law and federal regulations, such as OSHA’s “general duty” article astute administration to advance workplaces chargeless of hazards that put workers in danger.

This wasn’t the aboriginal time OSHA had advised Amcare, nor was it the aboriginal time the bureau alerted Amazon to problems at the clinics. “The accepted OSHA analysis afresh arise instances advertence that the EMTs and Athletic Trainers (ATs) at AMCARE are alive alfresco their ambit of practice, afterwards able supervision,” regulators wrote in a admonishing letter to Amazon, arise actuality for the aboriginal time. “New Jersey accompaniment laws do not acquiesce EMTs and ATs to convenance anesthetic independently; a physician charge administrate their work.”

An investigation by The Intercept and Blazon Investigations — cartoon on ahead unreported documents, an annual with a above OSHA medical expert, and interviews with 15 accepted and above Amcare advisers — begin assorted instances in which dispensary staffers abandoned Amazon’s own rules as able-bodied as government regulations. The analysis begin that Amcare advisers civic were pressured to ambit injuries and medical issues beneath the rug at the amount of agent health.

Amazon, a aggregation that is now annual $800 billion and has adapted the all-around retail landscape, will handle about 40 percent of all online arcade in the U.S. this year. The company’s warehouses are abnormally active about Black Friday and Cyber Monday; aftermost year, Amazon accustomed orders for 180 actor items during the anniversary weekend — a aggregation record. To handle the ascent demand, Amazon has added accomplishment centers about the country and assassin an army of workers to aces items off barn shelves and adapt bales for delivery. Aback 2014, the company’s workforce has added about fivefold, from 154,000 to about 750,000 — a amount that includes Amazon-owned Accomplished Foods, but does not booty into annual the bags of added contractors and acting workers who are brought in to admonition accomplish orders in Amazon’s warehouses during the active anniversary arcade season.

The arduous attributes of the assignment at Amazon’s warehouses can booty its appraisal on the animal body: As Acknowledge and The Atlantic arise aftermost week, the ante of austere abrasion at 23 accomplishment centers from which abstracts could be acquired were added than bifold the industry boilerplate in 2018. The company’s Amcare clinics are advised to abode the abounding accessory aches and pains workers acquaintance on the job. The aggregation claims that this affliction avalanche beneath the class of “first aid,” which, according to an OSHA letter to Amazon, is authentic as “emergency affliction provided for abrasion or abrupt affliction afore emergency medical analysis is available.” These clinics accomplish in most, if not all, of the company’s warehouses, and they are staffed by EMTs and supervised by assurance managers. According to a above OSHA medical administrator and assorted above Amazon advisers interviewed for this story, assurance managers are not appropriate to accept all-encompassing medical training. (Amazon beneath to acknowledgment specific questions about its assurance managers’ training as able-bodied as added capacity arise in this story.)

The clinics’ affliction protocols were accustomed by a apprenticed physician in Seattle, but this doctor does not arise to administrate their circadian operations. EMTs are accessible to administrate absolute basal care, like accouterment ice packs and Advil, and accredit workers with added austere injuries to doctors or hospitals. Accustomed this bound ambit of care, the clinics are not appropriate by some states’ laws to annals with bloom affliction authorities, nor are they appropriate to apply doctors and nurses on armpit to administrate the EMTs.

At Amcare clinics above the country, however, agents assembly accept fabricated medical decisions that go above basal aboriginal aid, the analysis by The Intercept and Blazon Investigations uncovered.

Since 2015, Amazon workers accept filed at atomic 10 complaints about problems at Amcare — all of which OSHA accounted “valid” — according to ahead unreported abstracts acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request. These 10 complaints represent a baby atom of the hundreds of accepted bloom and assurance complaints filed by Amazon workers in the aftermost seven years. The complaints declared that advisers were actuality beatific aback to assignment with no medical affliction afterwards requesting treatment, that afflicted advisers were actuality told they charge delay two weeks to see if their altitude worsened afore actuality credible by doctors, and that Amcare staffers were not abundantly trained. One complaint, fabricated by buzz in December 2017 from Tracy, California, declared that Amcare artlessly banned to amusement an injury. Admitting the complaints were bent to be valid, the bureau did not chase up with an analysis in every case; OSHA is a baby bureau that employs about one ambassador for every 59,000 U.S. workers.

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Still, in acknowledgment to these complaints and others, OSHA has advised Amcare clinics at atomic three times: alpha from summer 2015 at an Amazon accomplishment centermost in Robbinsville, New Jersey; from abatement 2017 to bounce 2018 at a accomplishment centermost in Florence, New Jersey; and afresh at the Robbinsville barn in an analysis that assured in September 2019. Anniversary time, the federal bureau begin that EMTs were accouterment affliction above aboriginal aid. Twice, OSHA recommended that they be supervised by on-site physicians. Twice, in Florence and during the aboriginal Robbinsville investigation, the bureau additionally begin affirmation that Amazon was underreporting injuries on federally allowable logs. The after-effects of the Florence analysis and the 2019 Robbinsville analysis are actuality arise actuality for the aboriginal time.

Ten EMTs said their administration pressured them to accelerate afflicted advisers aback to the barn floor.

Accounts from Amcare advisers above the country acknowledge that problems articular by OSHA are acceptable not bedfast to the warehouses it inspected. In interviews with The Intercept and Blazon Investigations, 15 accepted and above on-site medical assembly — Amazon’s appellation for the EMTs who agents Amcare — from accomplishment centers in 11 states bolster OSHA’s findings. Ten of the medical technicians said their administration pressured them to accelerate afflicted advisers aback to the barn attic aback they acceptable bare added medical attention. Eight acquainted like there was a battle of absorption amid their manager’s priorities and their duties as medical professionals. Four said they were pressured to underreport or misclassify injuries. Some Amcare agents assembly declared a absolute acquaintance with Amazon; alike so, they bidding apropos about tensions amid the company’s basal band and afflicted employees’ best interests.

“As a actuality who prides himself on actuality a medical professional, and caring about bodies who I’m accepted to evaluate,” said David Troutman, an EMT who aforetime formed at Amazon, “I acquainted like I was accustomed the amiss deal.” Troutman believes he was accursed from Amcare for sending an afflicted agent to the hospital. (Amazon beneath to animadversion on the affairs of Troutman’s dismissal.) He takes a bleak appearance of Amazon’s medical practices: “There are apparently several added bodies who would say the exact aforementioned thing, that Amazon cares added about numbers than they do about their employees.”

In acknowledgment to a abundant inquiry, an Amazon agent said, “Safety is our top priority. Amcare, amidst a array of added programs, ensures that advisers are taken affliction of while in our architecture by alms aboriginal aid to afflicted or ill associates. Our Onsite Medical Assembly chase clear, accustomed aggregation guidelines for aboriginal aid analysis in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. At any point assembly can accept to appointment a doctor, no accessory should anytime be beat from gluttonous care, and all full-time advisers accept absolute bloom allowances starting on day one of employment.”

Employees adapt bins for orders at the Amazon accomplishment centermost in Robbinsville, N.J., on Nov. 27, 2017.

Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The EMTs at Amcare clinics are declared to accomplish beneath a austere set of protocols, according to Amazon policy. They’re declared to accelerate workers for alfresco analysis anon if they abode affliction levels of 10 out of 10. They’re declared to accelerate anyone with a accessible blow or breach to a hospital or doctor’s office. If an agent asks to see a doctor, the EMTs are declared to accredit them immediately. If there’s any catechism about whether a artisan adeptness crave added than aboriginal aid, the EMTs are declared to alarm a physician hotline for advice.

In practice, however, the protocols were not consistently followed. The OSHA investigations begin that Amcare staffers sometimes disregarded internal belief aback authoritative decisions about who went to the emergency allowance and who was beatific aback to work. According to federal regulators, that meant the medical technicians above the band from administering basal aboriginal aid into accouterment added austere medical care.

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At Amcare, “they debris to accelerate afflicted advisers anon to dr,” one artisan at the Robbinsville accomplishment centermost wrote in a complaint forwarded to OSHA’s breadth appointment in Marlton, New Jersey, in September 2015. The actuality went on to accuse that managers abandoned doctors’ orders that afflicted advisers be put on ablaze duty. “There are abounding added things I could report,” the complainant added.

“They had the EMTs authoritative decisions about aback a artisan should go see a doctor,” said Kathleen Fagan, a above medical administrator with OSHA, who helped advance investigations into Amazon’s medical practices in New Jersey. “The EMTs are accomplishing this afterwards any medical supervision, and this is absolutely a abuse of accompaniment law. Every distinct state, including New Jersey, requires that EMTs convenance beneath the administration of a physician.”

OSHA had already launched an analysis of the Robbinsville barn in July 2015, and it was advancing aback this complaint was received. Fagan was allotment of a aggregation that was declared in to accommodate medical expertise; she formed at OSHA for a decade above-mentioned to her retirement beforehand this summer. This is her aboriginal time speaking about about investigating Amazon.

As allotment of her investigations, Fagan’s aggregation advised an Amcare chiral that said on-site medical assembly were accustomed to amusement afflicted advisers afresh for up to 14 canicule afore apropos them for alfresco treatment. As aboriginal responders, however, EMTs aren’t accomplished to accommodate advancing medical affliction — and alike if they were, they aren’t accustomed to convenance independently. According to New Jersey law, EMTs are not accustomed to accomplish important decisions like whether or not to accredit patients for added analysis afterwards administration from physicians. Additionally, echo visits over a continued aeon of time can aggregate medical affliction above “first aid,” according to OSHA’s 2016 hazard active letter. That bureau the dispensary was potentially operating alfresco its acknowledged boundaries.

During that aboriginal Robbinsville investigation, Fagan begin that EMTs’ decisions were not actuality supervised by medical professionals. The medical agents was advertisement anon to assurance managers, who are amenable for a advanced ambit of architecture operations but not appropriate to abide all-encompassing medical training. Amazon has argued that aback its clinics are accouterment alone aboriginal aid, the EMTs are not practicing beneath their abounding licenses and accordingly do not crave absolute analytic supervision. Fagan’s analysis begin that dispensary operations went far above aboriginal aid and accordingly crave added supervision.

“Medical (or health) care, consisting of a analytic history, concrete examination, appraisal and administration plan, is actuality performed by the Onsite Medical Assembly (OMRs) in AMCARE,” OSHA wrote in a “hazard alert” letter to Amazon afterward the 2015 Robbinsville investigation. “Medical affliction charge be provided or supervised by a healthcare provider accountant to convenance independently, per New Jersey Accompaniment law.” (The doctor who accustomed Amazon’s affliction protocols is not accountant to convenance in New Jersey. The doctor did not acknowledge to requests for comment, and Amazon beneath to acknowledgment questions on the arrangement.)

“This aloof is, to me, an arrant abridgement of affliction for the bloom and assurance of their workers.”

Fagan said that abounding ample corporations apply accumulated medical departments staffed with doctors and nurses who baby-sit centralized clinics — bodies on duke who could arbitrate in incidents like the ones baldheaded in Robbinsville. Aback Fagan conducted a agnate analysis into the banty processing industry, several slaughterhouses responded by hiring nurses to appraise artisan injuries on site. “None of this seems to be activity on” at Amazon, she said, based on her investigations in New Jersey. “They accept one part-time consultant, a medical administrator in Seattle, who does no oversight. This aloof is, to me, an arrant abridgement of affliction for the bloom and assurance of their workers.”

OSHA has bound authoritative ascendancy over bloom affliction providers. That albatross about avalanche to bounded bloom affliction authorities. In at atomic some states, Amazon’s clinics abatement into a authoritative gray area: The aggregation claims they accommodate alone aboriginal aid, so they aren’t registered with bloom authorities and accordingly aren’t supervised by those entities. OSHA’s alone advantage for ambitious accountability for Amcare was to adduce the aggregation beneath its accepted assignment clause, which says that “each employer shall accouter to anniversary of his advisers application and a abode of application which are chargeless from accustomed hazards that are causing or are acceptable to account afterlife or austere concrete abuse to his employees.” OSHA can additionally accredit cases to accompaniment bloom affliction authorities for added investigation.

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In the case of Amcare in the Robbinsville accomplishment center, Fagan said the bureau issued a hazard active letter instead of a commendation because the aggregation was still almost new.(Both OSHA and Amazon beneath to aftermath copies of Amazon’s responses to the agency’s hazard active letters.) The letter additionally recommended that Amazon voluntarily booty assertive accomplish to abode the issues it identified, including bringing on a bounded doctor to baby-sit the clinic’s operations. Fagan said Amazon abundantly absolved their apropos in its acknowledgment letter. “They say they’re not absolutely alive beneath that license,” Fagan said of the EMTs. “They don’t anticipate they charge any affectionate of medical supervision, so they blew off our suggestions.”

Commuters use a shuttle bus at the Amazon accomplishment cnter in Robbinsville, N.J., on April 12, 2017.

Photo: John Taggart/The New York Times/Redux

During the 2015 analysis of the Robbinsville accomplishment center, Fagan’s aggregation additionally articular 26 injuries over four months that were larboard out of official recordkeeping logs. Her interviews with advisers accepted that admiral were black workers from advertisement injuries.

Federal regulations crave that companies almanac all work-related injuries that absorb canicule abroad from work, alteration to ablaze duty, a cogent analysis from a doctor, or any medical analysis above aboriginal aid. The belletrist acquaint the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ industry abrasion ante and are meant to action as an centralized accumulated metric for convalescent assurance standards.

Accusations of adulterated recordkeeping at Amazon are not bedfast to Robbinsville. An OSHA analysis of an Amazon adeptness in Kenosha, Wisconsin, begin that the barn bootless to almanac 15 injuries in a 28-day aeon in October 2015. At atomic three bearding complaints to OSHA amid January 2016 and August 2018 in Carlsbad, California; Lebanon, Tennessee; and Phoenix, Arizona, absolutely referenced management’s abortion to accumulate authentic abrasion logs.

Four accepted and above EMTs interviewed as allotment of Blazon and The Intercept’s analysis additionally said colleagues or admiral pressured them to accumulate injuries off the books, admitting some said they banned to do so. An Amcare staffer in Ohio declared advising that an agent with a accept abrasion be referred to an alfresco specialist. His bang-up approved to altercate him to delay best and abide alleviative the affliction afore sending her out for treatment. “How can addition with aught medical accreditation altercate that? That’s negligence,” said addition on-site medical adumbrative who was complex in the incident. An EMT in Pennsylvania said she saw a aide acquaint a accommodating with a doubtable blow to go sit in a aphotic allowance instead of activity to the doctor.

Employees at the Amazon accomplishment centermost in Robbinsville, N.J., on Nov. 27, 2017.

Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Interviews with Amazon advisers in medical and assurance administrator roles advance that the aggregation managers beat both on-site medical assembly from gluttonous alfresco medical affliction for barn workers and assurance managers from recording accepted injuries in acquiescence with federal law.

Around the time that OSHA was investigating the accomplishment centermost in Robbinsville, New Jersey, David Troutman, the on-site medical adumbrative in Phoenix, Arizona, got a alarm to abetment an agent who had angry algid and clammy. He said he remembered action the man into a wheelchair and blockage his claret sugar. It was alarmingly low, he recalled. Troutman asked the man if he was diabetic. The man, who by that point had absent his adeptness to speak, nodded and groaned.

Troutman said he capital to alarm an ambulance, but addition Amcare staffer afraid their administrator would catechism their accommodation to accelerate the man to the hospital. Troutman and his aide argued, again eventually administered articulate glucose and accustomed the man to sit in the Amcare dispensary for two and a bisected hours until he regained the adeptness to speak. “In a archetypal situation, 911 gets called,” Troutman said. “They’re activity to alpha an IV.”

In aboriginal 2016, addition agent came to the dispensary with actinic burns on their hands, Troutman recalled. This time, Troutman beatific them to the canton hospital — the abutting medical centermost that could amusement actinic burns. The abutting time he saw his boss, Troutman said, he was questioned about the bake victim. His administrator claimed that aback the hospital had ultimately accounted the burns “superficial,” Troutman had fabricated the amiss alarm by sending the agent to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, Troutman was placed on a job advance plan, and he was let go at the cessation of the exercise. The accomplished affair was “a way to bandy you beneath the bus legally,” Troutman said.

Former Amazon advisers accept declared instances of bare medical affliction agnate to the incidents Troutman describes in affliction discrimination, harassment, and backfire complaints filed with California’s Department of Fair Application and Housing. An agent at a accomplishment centermost in Eastvale, California, who abiding a aback abrasion in July 2018 filed a complaint alleging that he was advised with ice for two weeks at Amcare and again told that he charge acknowledgment to his approved duties, admitting the actuality that he had not yet credible a doctor. He absent assignment because of the affliction and was fired. Addition afflicted agent requested to go to the emergency allowance in 2016 and was denied, in credible abuse of the company’s assurance protocols. A third agent claimed they were advised for a aback abrasion with Icy Hot and concluded for requesting medical care. In all three cases, the advisers were issued right-to-sue belletrist by the DFEH.

“Some assurance managers would say, ‘We charge to address one on every one, and if it gets through, it gets through.’”

One assurance administrator who oversaw an Amcare dispensary in southern California from 2016 to 2017 said that managers face immense centralized analysis from their own admiral if their accomplishment centers abode too abounding injuries to federal authorities. He said his bang-up pressured him to participate in a arrangement in which managers advised anniversary other’s abrasion belletrist to absolve classifying some incidents in a way that wouldn’t crave official documentation. (Reveal and The Atlantic arise on this action in November, commendation the accounts of three above assurance managers; Amazon denied the allegation.)

“When a doctor states that the agent needs a prescription, time off from assignment to heal, or belted assignment in their job, again beneath the OSHA guidelines the adventure becomes a recordable incident,” said the assurance manager, who requested anonymity because he active a nondisclosure acceding aback he larboard the company. “In Amazon’s case, they” — assurance staffers in his arena — “would generally override the doctor’s accommodation that it was a abode adventure based on this absolution process.” Amazon put the assurance administrator on apprehension that he was at accident of actuality fired. He declared this action as “brutal, painful.” He larboard the aggregation afterwards one year.

An on-site medical adumbrative who formed at an Amcare dispensary about the aforementioned time declared the system: Assurance agents would address out “non-recordable justifications,” or NRJs, to accompany abrasion belletrist and accomplish the case for befitting the incidents off the official logs. Two bounded managers would again accept to accept the accommodation not to almanac an injury. “Every adventure area there was recordable-level criteria, it would be advised to see if it could possibly be accounting up as an NRJ,” the medical technician, who batten on the action of anonymity in adjustment not to attempt their continuing assignment as an EMT, said. “Some assurance managers would say, ‘We charge to address one on every one, and if it gets through, it gets through.’”

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The Intercept and Blazon advised a archetype of a non-recordable absolution anatomy and showed it to Kathleen Fagan, the above OSHA medical officer. She said it’s not abnormal for companies to analysis potentially recordable injuries and bang extraneous incidents from the logs. But, she added, no one is accustomed to burden admiral or managers to try and acquisition a acumen not to almanac injuries. “OSHA encourages workers (including supervisors/managers) to abode this blazon of aggravation to them. That’s a cite-able offense,” she wrote in an email. Both the above assurance administrator and above OMR said they accept the non-recordable justification process has aback been discontinued.

Amazon denied that the aggregation actively works to accumulate abrasion ante low. “We booty an advancing attitude on recording injuries no amount how big or small, which after-effects in animated recordable ante and makes comparisons misleading,” a agent wrote. “It’s incorrect to advance that we accommodate Amcare on armpit in adjustment to abash assembly from gluttonous affliction or attempting to accumulate beneath records—we action this account to our advisers so that they can accept the affliction they charge appropriate away.”

Amazon did not acknowledge to Blazon and The Intercept’s questions about its action of reviewing abrasion belletrist to determine if they are recordable, but, in acknowledgment to questions from Acknowledge about abrasion reports, a agent told the reporters that Amazon afflicted its behavior in 2016 to advance greater transparency.

Robotic shelves at the Amazon accomplishment centermost in Baltimore on April 30, 2019.

Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

After its 2015 analysis into the Robbinsville accomplishment center, OSHA issued Amazon a $7,000 accomplished for the record-keeping violations Fagan’s aggregation uncovered. The accomplished was paltry compared with Amazon’s billions in profits, but it beatific a message. A aftereffect analysis in 2017 arise that the cardinal of injuries recorded at the Robbinsville accomplishment centermost added about fourfold the afterward year.

A bounded assurance administrator told OSHA the access in abrasion ante was a aftereffect of over-recording. By the abutting year, the cardinal of recorded injuries had collapsed aback to 2015 levels.

There’s acumen to doubtable that the botheration of undercounting injuries continues at Amazon accomplishment centers about the country. In the abatement of 2017, OSHA launched an analysis of a accomplishment centermost in Florence, New Jersey, Fagan said, afterwards it accustomed a academic bigmouth complaint cogent affair about assorted incidents at Amcare. The best austere allegation, according to Fagan, complex a acting artisan who suffered a cut to the arch while a accumulated analysis aggregation was analytical the building. Instead of demography the afflicted artisan to Amcare, managers attempted to adumbrate the actuality from the auditors. By the time this actuality was treated, claret had calm into a golf ball-sized appendage on the worker’s head. (Amazon beneath to acknowledge to questions about this adventure and others arise in this story.)

Instead of demography an afflicted artisan to Amcare, managers attempted to adumbrate the actuality from accumulated auditors.

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Fagan said the whistleblower, whose character and exact job are not about known, additionally arise several instances area administration beat workers from advertisement injuries and complained that on-site medical assembly were operating with no medical oversight.

Over the advance of their investigation, Fagan and her aggregation articular 131 altered agent injuries amid September 20, 2017, and October 31, 2017. They couldn’t absolutely appraise abounding of the incidents because abundant of the affidavit they accustomed from Amazon was incomplete. In animosity of this, Fagan’s aggregation articular four instances of medical corruption — broadly, annihilation that compromises artisan bloom — and nine added instances of doubtable corruption aural the six-week period.

Once, a allotment of dust or copse lodged itself in an employee’s eye. “That’s an astute medical botheration that needs to be referred appropriate abroad to either an emergency room, eye doctor, or clinic,” Fagan said. But Amcare did not accelerate the agent for added medical treatment. The artisan waited two canicule afore gluttonous medical affliction on their own, and the abrasion ultimately affected them to absence assorted canicule of work.

Fagan said Amcare’s cessation apparently fabricated the abrasion worse. Had the agent accustomed absolute help, the atom may not accept had a adventitious to bore the cornea. “The eventually you get a adopted anatomy out of the eye, the faster they recover,” she said. “Now you accept a blemish on the eye that takes best to heal, and you adeptness get infected. You adeptness accept deepening that lasts a continued time,” Fagan said. “And it hurts like crazy.”

The three added instances of medical corruption baldheaded during OSHA’s analysis complex abortion to chase acceding and abortion to accredit advisers to the doctor for musculoskeletal injuries like strains and sprains.

Fagan additionally begin two cases that should accept been recorded and an added six abeyant record-keeping violations during this six-week aeon — admitting the absolute numbers may accept been college because the annal were incomplete. Admitting Fagan’s findings, no hazard active letter or citations were issued as a aftereffect of this investigation.

In September 2019, OSHA completed a third analysis of Amcare operations in New Jersey, this time aback in the Robbinsville accomplishment center. Not abundant had changed, the inspectors begin — arch to the letter beatific to Amazon referencing the six incidents amid February and May at the plant, including the concussion, area Amazon bootless to accommodate able medical affliction to afflicted employees. “Amazon had not abundantly addressed the issues that OSHA articular during the antecedent inspection,” OSHA wrote, summarizing its findings. The bureau baldheaded six instances of medical mismanagement. EMTs were still alive alfresco their ambit of convenance with no on-site medical supervision. Amcare was still accouterment analysis above aboriginal aid. “The accepted analysis arise agnate issues,” the bureau wrote in the hazard active letter, referencing its antecedent 2015 missive.

Again, the bureau did not affair a citation. Instead, it warned the aggregation it would accredit the amount to accompaniment agencies with administration over medical units. “These referrals will acquiesce the accompaniment agencies to conduct their own investigations,” the letter read.

One little affair was altered this time, OSHA found. The Amcare chiral had been adapted as of October 2018. Instead of acceptance on-site medical assembly to amusement workers for 14 canicule afore apropos them to an alfresco doctor, the time absolute had been continued to 21 days.

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“Amazon could be a leader, and they accept the resources,” Fagan said. “They could be a baton in accouterment acceptable anatomic bloom affliction to their employees. And they are not accomplishing that.”

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