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The top Republican in the Washington House of Representatives is calling on accompaniment Rep. Matt Shea to footfall bottomward afterward the absolution of an atomic absolute analysis that alleges Shea, a Spokane Valley Republican, is a “prominent leader” of the Patriot Movement who affianced in “irresponsible and possibly actionable activities” and played a role in three armed conflicts.

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“Rep. Matt Shea has been abeyant from any role in the House Republican Caucus,” tweeted Rep. J.T. Wilcox, the House Republican leader, Thursday afternoon in acknowledgment to the report’s findings. “He should resign.” Wilcox afterwards issued a formal statement.

The armed conflicts that Shea is accused of accommodating in accommodate the 41-day activity the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Oregon in 2016, which the address assured Shea helped plan in an “act of calm agitation adjoin the United States.”

“Although this analysis begin no affirmation that Representative Shea presents an approaching absolute blackmail to any alone or group, ample affirmation was apparent advertence Representative Shea has aback 2014, presented a cogent blackmail of political abandon adjoin advisers of the Federal Government and accompaniment and bounded law administration officers, agitated out through intermediaries affectionate to the Patriot Movement,” the report said.

The 108-page report was commissioned in backward July by the Washington House afterward media letters about Shea’s captivation with far-right and militia groups.

The analysis was conducted by the Rampart Group, a Silverdale, Washington, close led by above FBI abettor Kathy Loedler. Her aggregation interviewed 34 individuals, including above assembly of Shea’s, as able-bodied as political opponents. The names of the assemblage were not included and some alternate “at abundant accident to themselves,” the report said.

Among the report’s added findings, Shea …

Shea did not accede to be interviewed as allotment of the investigation. Early Thursday, he issued a account above-mentioned to the absolution of the address that said he had not apparent the investigation. But Shea declared his communications allowable and said, “I will not aback down. I will abide to fight.”

“Due activity is the appropriate of every citizen, and should be afforded to all associates of the House behindhand of their angle or affair affiliation,” Shea said.

In this Jan. 18, 2019, book photo, Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, speaks at a gun-rights assemblage at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash. Recently appear internet chats from 2017 appearance Shea and three added men discussing adjoin “leftists” with a array of tactics, including violence, surveillance and intimidation. The letters prompted Washington House Democrats to appeal that Shea be reprimanded for a history of far-right accent and activities.

Ted S. Warren/AP

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Presuming he doesn’t resign, Shea could face a vote of admonishment or alike banishment back the 2020 Legislature convenes on Jan. 13. Banishment would crave a two-thirds votes of the House.

“In its 130-year history, I am blind of House associates anytime accepting accustomed such a absolute and advancing investigatory address about addition member,” said admission Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins, a Tacoma Democrat, in a account Thursday afternoon.

Jinkins added that the House analytic address had been forwarded to the U.S. attorney’s appointment and the FBI, but that no accommodation had been fabricated on what activity the House ability booty adjoin Shea in January. The FBI accepted to the accessible radio Northwest Account Arrangement that it had been forwarded the report. 

Besides the Malheur standoff, the two added armed incidents explored in detail in the report were:

In Nevada, the address found, “Shea’s accomplishments … acknowledge affirmation of his planning and announcement political abandon adjoin advisers of the US Government and law enforcement officers.”

In Idaho, the address said, Shea affianced in planning an operation that he “understood could beforehand to abandon and could beforehand into a abiding assurance with the Federal government.”

In the end, according to KHQ TV’s reporting at the time, the VA canceled its affairs to audit the veteran’s home.

During the four-month analysis into Shea, the board brash and analyzed added than 120,000 cyberbanking communications. In accomplishing so, they assured that Shea capitalized on political power, fear, radicalization, browbeating and buried communications to beforehand a cardinal of causes. Those causes included gun rights, activity to federal ascendancy of acreage and aegis of the U.S. constitution.

Shea is confined his sixth appellation in the Legislature apery a commune that borders Idaho. Until Thursday back he was bare of his continuing in the House Republican Caucus, Shea was the baronial affiliate of the House Ambiance and Energy Committee. He additionally served on the Civilian Rights and Judiciary Committee and the Transportation Committee.

According to his official biography, Shea’s ancestors operated one of the aboriginal stagecoaches in Washington. He’s a alum of Gonzaga law academy and served two activity tours in the U.S. Army area he accustomed the Bronze Star and Activity Infantryman’s Badge, amid other awards. 

A self-described Constitutional conservative, Shea has backed legislation to breach Washington into two and actualize a 51st accompaniment of “Liberty.”

He additionally helped to beforehand the Republican “Freedom Agenda” which prioritizes issues like acreage rights, gun rights and activity to abortion. Alike so, he’s at times begin accepted account with civilian libertarians over issues like aloofness and apropos about an arising “surveillance state.”

Over the advance of his aldermanic career, Shea has additionally accurate libertarian-minded measures — constant with his focus on ability and survivalism — like legalizing hemp assembly and acceptance bodies to advertise canned foods at farmer’s markets that are fabricated in home kitchens, instead of industrial kitchens.

During the 2019 aldermanic session, Shea was a articulate adversary of I-1000, a admeasurement to restore acknowledging activity in Washington. As allotment of his efforts, Shea played the role of TV host and conducted an on-camera account at the Capitol with one of the leaders of the opposition movement. 

First adopted in 2008, Shea rose through the ranks to authority administration roles in the House Republican Caucus. He served as abettor attic baton for seven years afore actuality animated in 2017 to conclave chair, the cardinal three administration position. In that role, Shea presided over conclave affairs and helped set the calendar and priorities of the caucus.

However, Shea was replaced as conclave armchair in November of aftermost year afterward a alternation of contest that drew beginning absorption and altercation to him.

In August 2018, he appeared at a gun rally in Spokane area he declared the media as “dirty, godless, hateful people.” 

Then in October, Shea accustomed distributing a four-page acclamation blue-blooded the “Biblical Basis for War” that declared for an end to aborticide and same-sex alliance and declared the assassination of “tyrants” as “just.” The acclamation additionally included the line: “If they do not crop – annihilate all males.”

After the acclamation alike online, Shea took to Facebook Live to avert himself and said the certificate was allotment of a alternation of article on “just war theory” and was taken out of context.

Still there was fallout. A scattering of Shea’s accumulated donors accepted he acquittance their campaign contributions.

Even so, canicule afterwards he was reelected to a sixth appellation in the Washington House.

That December, Shea faced a brace of complaints filed with the state’s Accessible Disclosure Commission (PDC) apropos his use of surplus attack funds. The complaints declared Shea afield acclimated the money to accomplish contributions to bourgeois and religious accommodating groups not registered in Washington and to armamentarium radio broadcasts. Shea hosts a account show on the American Christian Arrangement declared “Patriot Radio.” 

The complaints adjoin Shea are still beneath analysis by the PDC. An bureau abettor said that Shea’s broker bootless to acknowledge to a November amendment gluttonous added advice about surplus expenditures. Shea’s attorney, Mark Lamb, said he couldn’t animadversion aback the case is still pending.

While at the Capitol, Shea about exhibits the address of a bespectacled, button-downed advocate with a aggressive bearing. But alfresco of Olympia he generally shows up in the role of a far-right agitator admiration the collapse of civilization.

For example, at a “Northwest Patriot and Self-Reliance” assemblage captivated in 2013 at a accompaniment esplanade in North Idaho, Shea reportedly told the army to “prepare for the inevitable collapse.”

“If you do not accept 5,000 circuit of .223, 5,000 circuit of .22 and 1,000 circuit of blaster ammo, as a minimum, you’re wrong,” Shea said, according to The Inlander newspaper. 

Visitors to the Capitol got a dosage of that added ancillary of Shea in February of this year back he gave a fiery accent to a baby accumulation of 51st accompaniment supporters — some of them aboveboard accustomed accoutrements — at an accident in the rotunda.

“I’m not activity to sit in a accompaniment that is activity to try to booty abroad our firearms,” Shea told the crowd. “So if they try to do that, again the alone band-aid larboard is a 51st state.”

During the event, Shea had clandestine aegis with him. He afterwards said he had accustomed afterlife threats and was anxious about his safety. 

In April, as the aldermanic affair was ambagious down, the altercation surrounding Shea intensified. The Guardian newspaper published leaked babble logs from 2017 that adumbrated Shea — application the chat-name “Verum Bellator” (meaning True Warrior) — was allotment of a accumulation that discussed administering accomplishments checks on political opponents and alike brash clear acts of ache and abandon such as “shaving her baldheaded with a K-Bar USMC field knife.” 

While Shea appeared to activity to conduct accomplishments checks, the babble log adumbrated he did not participate in the allocution of violence. He additionally didn’t disavow it.

For his part, Shea declared The Guardian adventure “an acutely misleading hit-piece.”

It was afterwards appear the antecedent of the babble logs was a above Shea confidante, Jay Pounder, who told The Spokesman Review that Shea and his allies were affianced in “Christian Identity Politics and Dominionism in its purest anatomy and it is dangerous.” 

In May, The Guardian released audio excerpts from a accent Shea gave at the 2018 “God and Country Celebration” at Marble Country, a abbey admixture abreast Marble, Washington in the northeastern allotment of the state.

In that speech, Shea said “liberty charge be kept by force” and warned that “the communists are training, they’re planning, they’re acclimation and they’re lying in wait.”

In acknowledgment to the reporting, Democrats, including Gov. Jay Inslee, accursed Shea. Some declared for his adjournment from the House Republican Caucus. In response, House Republican Baton J.T. Wilcox said his conclave would barrage of analysis of Shea’s conduct.

“I appetite to accept these allegations as thoroughly as accessible so that we’re acting on what we accept in abyss rather than aggravating to blot this advice that’s advancing out piecemeal,” Wilcox said at the time.

However, that didn’t amuse House Democrats who beatific Wilcox a letter on May 3 that said Shea’s “direct captivation in agitator activities erodes the state’s ethics of candor and equality.”

“Through his words and actions, Representative Shea has accumbent himself with choir that seek to abrade the actual ethics of our capitalism and and One Washington,” the letter said.

Washington Accompaniment Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, walks off the House attic to appear a conclave meeting, Monday, April 22, 2019, at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash.

Ted S. Warren/AP

The Democratic assembly declared on Wilcox to about admonishment Shea and anon abolish him from his committee positions.

The letter additionally said the Speaker of the House was planning to admit an absolute analysis of Shea “to actuate if added activity is warranted.”

Wilcox beneath to conduct Shea at the time, but accustomed the abstraction of an independent investigation.

In July, with the abutment of House Republican leadership, the abettor of the House active a $120,000 arrangement with The Rampart Group  a— Silverdale-based close headed by Kathy Leodler, a above FBI abettor — to investigate Shea. Specifically, the close was tasked with free whether Shea affianced in, planned or answer political abandon adjoin groups or individuals; anecdotic Shea’s captivation with groups or individuals who promoted, affianced in or planned political violence; and assessing the akin of blackmail of political abandon airish by the groups or individuals. 

Even as the analysis got underway, letters of Shea’s alliances with agitator groups connected — including advice that potentially debilitated his affirmation that the “Biblical Basis for War” acclamation was a absolutely academic exercise.

The Guardian, The Spokesman Review and The Inlander were generally the account organizations arch the advantage of Shea.

In mid-August, The Guardian appear Shea had ties to a accumulation called “Team Rugged” that accomplished Christian adolescence to adapt for war adjoin “Muslim terrorists,” according to emails acquired the newspaper. A Facebook Live video additionally alike of Shea interviewing associates of “Team Rugged.” 

A few canicule later, The Spokesman Analysis appear on more leaked emails involving Shea that the bi-weekly said appear that “Shea has in contempo years approved to acquirement GPS tracking devices, aggregate dossiers on bounded accelerating leaders and kept a banish of doubtable informants in his network.” Amid Shea’s declared surveillance targets were three Spokane City Council members. 

In the deathwatch of that reporting, those board members, added Spokane admiral and the Spokane Police Guild declared for his resignation.

In backward August, Pounder leaked addition certificate blue-blooded “Restoration” that he said Shea had authored and broadcast in 2016. It brash a post-civil war ambiance area the government has burst and Christian patriots actualize a territorial “redoubt” area “Jesus Christ rules over this accompaniment as our accepted absolute Lord and King,” according to advertisement by The Spokesman Review. 

As the letters about Shea connected to surface, added accumulated supporters said they would no best accord to his campaign.

Despite the ascent burden on him, Shea consistently banned anchorman requests for interviews. Instead, he autonomous to acquaint anon with his supporters via amusing media or affable interviews with far-right allocution show hosts.

The Rampart Group’s address was delivered to Bernard Dean, the arch abettor of the House, afterwards Thanksgiving. Soon after, Shea’s advocate brash the advocate general’s appointment to adapt for a lawsuit, according to an email Dean beatific to members, an angel of which was acquired by the Northwest News Network.

As aldermanic leaders were abreast on the report’s contents, Shea accepted a diffuse account to Infowars host David Knight during which he compared the analysis into his conduct to the House allegation of President Trump.

Shea additionally said the analysis was “revenge” for the 2016 Malheur National Wildlife Ambush activity and the 2014 Bundy collision in Nevada.

In 2016, Shea led what, at the time, he called a “fact-finding” mission to southeastern Oregon during the diffuse activity of the wildlife ambush by armed militants. There he and added Northwest assembly met with the occupiers as able-bodied as with with bounded admiral and the FBI. 

In 2014, Shea traveled to Nevada to accommodate abutment to agriculturist Cliven Bundy, whose son led the Malheur occupation, during his action with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees. 

In his account with Infowars, Shea said he had not apparent the Rampart Accumulation address or had a “meaningful befalling to respond” to it. He declared the analysis into him “political warfare according to a Maoist affront model” and said he capital a balloon so he could “rebut this Marxist smear campaign.”

During the lengthy interview, Shea additionally warned of a “counter-state blackmail of Islamists and Marxists that absolutely appetite to booty bottomward this country.” 

“This is about the bodies who accept in abandon and alternative that are continuing in the way of these Marxist and globalist affairs to abort this country,” Shea said.

In 2016, Shea formed a Spokane chapter of the accumulation ACT for America which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled an “anti-Muslim” organization. 

During his absolute account with Infowars, Shea additionally assailed “red flag” laws that are acclimated to abolish accoutrements from addition accounted by a cloister to affectation an approaching blackmail to themselves or others. Shea appeared to advertence the contempo case of the FBI application Washington’s acute accident aegis adjustment law to appropriate weapons acceptance to the declared baton of the Washington annex of a neo-Nazi accumulation accepted as the Atomwaffen Division. 

“When they characterization bodies white nationalists and racists, there’s a bigger comedy actuality and that is to conciliate America’s population, decidedly the citizenry that believes in abandon and liberty,” Shea said in the interview.

He additionally referenced Sir John Bagot Glubb’s ascertainment that empires about survive for 250 years or 10 ancestors and acclaimed that the United States is “in that window.”

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