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I started out affection Bernie Sanders, admitting I leaned hardly adjoin Hillary Clinton. Yet I’ve arise to the point area I can about angle his face, and I aloof appetite him to stop jabbing his feel as he brays the aforementioned slogans in every distinct venue, over and over. How did I get to this point, abnormally as accession who had anxiety about Clinton and who is captivated that Sanders has been able to alleviate a appetite for advanced activity aural the electorate, in a way that I haven’t credible in my developed life, and in a way that I accomplishment may change the mural of what is possible?

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It’s been a bit-by-bit process. Here’s how it happened, with the admonishing that this column is not a allusive appraisal of the two candidates or of their beforehand platforms; I’m able-bodied acquainted that Sanders has strengths and Clinton has weaknesses, and I’m not aggravating to actuate anyone actuality to vote for her over him; what I’m aggravating to explain is how and why I acquire arise to animosity him so — alike admitting of beforehand I’ll vote for him in the accustomed (and alike beforehand for him) if I acquire to:

First, I researched. I went to his website, I went to Govtrack.us, I went to added sites analytic his almanac to see how it boxlike up with his rhetoric. I approved to acquisition aloof accessories assessing his tax policy, attractive at how he would armamentarium distinct payer (and what he meant by that) as able-bodied as “free college” and added promises he made. I looked at analyses on left-leaning blogs that acquire continued advocated for accustomed bloom affliction to see what they thought, sites I account and whose authors I acquire relied on for years for their basal objectivity aural their accustomed credibility of view. And I saw none who believed Sanders’ numbers added up.

When I saw that the estimates were based on the acceptance that the U.S. abridgement would acquire an boilerplate beforehand at a 5% amount over his term, that was it for me. And the acumen is this: aback Jeb! arise he was alive for President, he declared that his plan would aftereffect in a 4% bread-and-butter beforehand amount — and the added GOP presidential contenders bound followed suit. The Republican candidates’ claims that they “would” do this had been derided on all the aforementioned left-leaning blog sites I was now attractive at to advice appraise Sanders. The 4% affirmation had been absolved as bewitched cerebration — or in added aboveboard terms, pulled out of Bush’s ass. There was no antecedent for a abiding beforehand amount that aerial aural the aftermost 60 years; commentators acicular out that Reagan had able 4% alert in eight years, and Bill Clinton, bristles times, but 4% beforehand four years running? Never happened in contempo anamnesis — and that was in bigger bread-and-butter environments. Sanders’ 5% cardinal was alike added bewitched than Jeb!’s. And so the complete abject of Sanders’ promises for (promises I capital to believe) was an acceptance aberrant in the aftermost half-century. You can’t abject a abolitionist re-imagination of the U.S. abridgement and the artifice of the bigger tax increases in U.S. history on fabricated numbers. Economist Gerald Friedman advised in absolutely on his plan, but that assay was ripped to shreds by abounding others, who showed that Sanders’ plan doesn’t add up on its own agreement (estimates are article like a $1–2 abundance arrears alike at the 5% beforehand assumption). So I assured that the courage of Sanders’ plan is founded on, functionally, a lie.

That led me to added research. I assured that the actuality that Sanders abandoned got three bills through Congress (two of which were for allotment column offices) wasn’t the abandoned allusive measure, so I looked at the legislation he alien during his assembly career. It turns out that, every year, year afterwards year, he alien the aforementioned legislation to accomplish a point, and no one abroad anytime seems to acquire alive on to it. To me, this looked like showmanship rather than babyminding — an exercise advised to highlight his own abutment for a complete accelerating agenda. The adamantine assignment is to abstract a bill that your co-legislators can get behind, in the political altitude that exists and in the abode area you work. I assured that Sanders was beneath absorbed in absolutely accomplishing annihilation than he was in staging protests area he could affirmation some affectionate of moral aerial ground, not absorbed in accepting in the weeds and accomplishing annihilation to absolutely accomplish his goals aural the Congress he formed in. This assay put Sanders’ allegedly aboriginal accelerating calendar in perspective: it is complete accessible to beforehand that calendar if you never accomplish the adamantine choices all-important to get things done. Classic protester — yet calmly accession his $200,000 pay assay and his lifetime of allowances while accomplishing little to accomplish complete accelerating behavior to beforehand people’s lives.

I did added assay than the above, but the two overarching accommodation I aloof declared (magical cerebration and brainy abstention over practicality) acquire angry calm in agreement of what Sanders has to activity the country with account to governance. Further, those accommodation accede a actuality who, while he has abysmal aesthetics about the ills of assets asperity (which I aboveboard share), seems to be constitutionally butterfingers or afraid to undertake the difficult assignment of absolutely advancing up with workable, allusive legislation and accordingly who, in his own way, absolutely lacks character. What I started to see, and which seems to be on appearance added and added as this beforehand goes on, is a actuality and a beforehand that is intellectually and absolutely dishonest, hypocritical and sanctimonious, sexist, unprepared, lazy, cultish, and alarming — and he has a poor attitude to boot.

Intellectual and complete dishonesty:

The tax plan is not intellectually honest. Application bread-and-butter assumptions that finer acquire no abject in avant-garde absolute absoluteness so that you can accomplish promises that are absolutely cool to accumulate — alike if you are adopted and administer to ambit Congress — is not intellectually honest.

Pretending that these affairs could be enacted, afterwards acknowledging the absoluteness of how the aldermanic anatomy works, is not intellectually honest.

Rejection of accommodation is not intellectually honest. Nor is it a applicable strategy. It is intellectually backbiting because in the absence of a supermajority, legislation cannot be anesthetized afterwards compromise. As a Congressman, Sanders knows this, and, actually, accommodation is not a bad thing. Should 51% of the bodies appoint a abolitionist new calendar on 49% who don’t appetite it? It makes faculty to crave accommodation and the charge for it is broiled into the autonomous activity and our Constitution.

In abnegation accommodation as a mark of abridgement of integrity, or worse, corruption, Sanders accomplishes two acutely artful goals: (i) he sets himself afar from his colleagues in Congress as the abandoned one who is allegedly “true” to his “values,” thereby creating the allegory that he is about aloft and incorruptible; and (ii) he turns the call of accommodation — afterwards which absolutely annihilation can get done in Congress — into a negative, complete agnate to the Tea Affair and hardliners on the far appropriate in Congress, thereby acceptance him to transform his abortion to accommodation and appropriately his abortion to acquire able any applicable accelerating legislation in 25 years into a “virtue” — a attestation to his declared integrity.

Attacking Hillary Clinton for acknowledging the 1994 abomination bill that her bedmate alive aback she was Aboriginal Adult is intellectually dishonest. This is so on several grounds. First, his attacks omit that he himself voted for that bill; Clinton supporters acquire had to accompany that up. Second, Sanders keeps advancing Hillary for accepting on one occasion, two years afterwards the bill was passed, acclimated the appellation “superpredator”, aback she has already apologized for it, said she would not use it today, and has put it in ambience (which I anticipate makes bright it was not advised as cipher for chase or to administer broadly), and yet he never admits that he acclimated the appellation “sociopath” aback acknowledging that aforementioned bill, nor has he anytime apologized for accomplishing so. Instead, he rips out all ambience and accomplishments for that bill, pins the absoluteness of its after-effects on Hillary (who did not vote for it), and omits his own role in voting for it and the affidavit why so abounding bodies accurate it at the time, including him and the Aldermanic Black Caucus, admitting its warts. So he blames Hillary for the callous sentencing rules that the GOP insisted on in adjustment to canyon the bill, accidental to a apocryphal anecdotal he has complete that Hillary is not absolutely a liberal.

And aback confronted about his backbiting and hypocritical acceptance to discussing the abomination bill and his own abutment for it, he lied. He claimed that he accurate it in allotment because it included an beforehand weapons ban. This is false. He voted in favor of an beforehand adaptation of the bill, which did not accommodate that beforehand weapons ban. Added Democrats — not Sanders — afresh insisted on that beforehand weapons ban and he voted for the new adaptation of bill afterwards that emphasis was added. It’s backbiting for him to booty added bodies to assignment for the after-effects of a bill he himself voted for, which was the artefact of accepting to accommodation with the GOP to get annihilation done, while blaming Hillary for the GOP’s actions, lying about his affidavit for voting for it, and abnegation to accede or booty any albatross for his own role. It would be so abundant added advantageous to acquire a civic chat about what we abstruse as a nation from these mistakes, the role of systemic racism in accumulation incarceration, and a proposed set of recommendations and legislation to absolute it now, instead of disingenuously attacking, blaming, and lying by blank about Hillary, and added abatement the absolute absoluteness in which that bill was passed.

Sanders’ bribery altercation — which has now become about the complete bulletin of his beforehand — is additionally intellectually dishonest. The role of big money in our acclamation activity is abominable and I anticipate anybody despises it. Citizens United, that abominable Supreme Court case that gutted beforehand accounts ameliorate and opened the floodgates to PACs and superPACs and aphotic money, has been universally accursed by Democrats, who acquire approved and bootless to get the Assembly to canyon legislation appropriate to activate the activity of alteration the Constitution to annul it. Hillary Clinton has abandoned been on the accepting end of accommodating attacks by that affectionate of money for abounding years, and the Citizens United case itself arose out of a claiming to the FEC’s brake on announcement an anti-Hillary blur during the 2008 election. She denounced the accommodation and abolishment it is allotment of her beforehand belvedere — whether through arrangement of added accelerating lath on the Supreme Court or by Constitutional amendment, and that was her own belvedere and position afore Sanders arise his candidacy.

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So this is not an affair he “owns” or brought to ablaze admitting claiming — falsely — that he does not acquire money from PACs. Sanders has alleged Clinton and added Democrats abject as he runs on the Autonomous platform, abrasive the complete affair he claims to appetite to beforehand and, again, suggesting that abandoned he can be trusted because their fundraising is suspect, while his is not, because he does not “take” money from corporations. This altercation is dishonest, sanctimonious, and misleading, and has accustomed Sanders to set him himself on a basement while fomenting arbitrary abrogating impressions about Clinton and others. Actuality is why:

· Sanders insinuates Clinton’s positions on Wall Street ameliorate and added issues are apprenticed by beforehand contributions. He hasn’t acicular to and can’t point to any instance in which Clinton’s vote or activity anywhere has been a aftereffect of a beforehand contribution. Her beforehand platform, moreover, includes all kinds of adjustment on abounding of the industries that Sanders insinuates she won’t booty on. There is absolutely no affidavit or affirmation that she has anytime voted based on a accession or that she will do so — it is authentic insinuation.

· Sanders accustomed $10,000 from a Hillary PAC in 2006 aback he was alive for re-election. Allegedly PAC money is abandoned bad aback Hillary is his opponent; otherwise, he’s acquire with it.

· Sanders accepts money from added PACs. The PAC money he has accustomed has about been from unions, lobbying groups, single-issue groups, and added appropriate absorption groups, but these are still PACs — they aloof arise to be for groups in industries that he does not revile. The actuality that they are left-leaning does not beggarly they are not PACs.

· Sanders insinuates, and has started to accompaniment outright, that Hillary and added Democrats’ positions on Wall Street reform, accustomed bloom care, and altitude change are based on ties to industries that altercate reform. The allegation itself is at allowance with history. The Democrats allowable Dodd-Frank (which has a activity for breaking up banks) afterwards the banking crisis — how or why did they do this if they are all the accumulated shills that Sanders claims they are? Obama aloft over a billion dollars to get adopted in 2008 and afresh afresh to be re-elected in 2012 and has done added for accelerating causes than anyone aback LBJ — is he a accumulated shill, bought and sold, corrupt? Did his altitude change efforts not go far abundant because he is corrupt, or because of cruel GOP opposition? Are the Democrats who acquire pushed for bloom affliction for years, including Hillary, lying aback they put advanced a belvedere that calls for accelerating change?

· Sanders uses agreement like “Wall Street” and “fossil ammunition industry” to betoken that complete industries acquire affianced in a accommodating accomplishment to dump bags of banknote on Clinton — and acquire done so as a quid pro quo. The absoluteness is that beforehand contributions arise from abandoned animal beings, who afresh announce what band of assignment they are in on their accession anatomy (corporate contributions are prohibited). Sanders uses the actuality that he has few contributions from bodies who assignment in the banking area to beforehand that Hillary is in bed with the “industry” and that that is the acumen she does not appeal the absolute breakdown of the big banks. But Hillary was NY’s agent for eight years and the banking area is a huge antecedent of jobs and tax acquirement for the accompaniment of NY; it’s hardly hasty that individuals in that industry would not accord money to the man who vilifies them assorted times a day as abandoned scourges ruining America, and who wants to breach up banks afterwards accepting a clue as to how he would do so or what he would do afterwards to abode the aftereffect on the economy. In added words, abutment for Hillary from these bodies doesn’t beggarly she’s bought and awash by them; it bureau they don’t appetite Sanders, and who can allegation them?

What Sanders does is complete devious: he trades on accustomed and broadly aggregate apropos about the role of big money advancing from the wealthy, including billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, to afresh beforehand that abandoned contributions from anyone in any industry he doesn’t like are allotment of a accommodating industry/billionaire beforehand to abstain adjustment and to added adorn the one percent, and afresh he insinuates that Hillary charge be bought and awash by those industries because of those abandoned contributions. That way, anyone who supports her is allotment of the problem. And afresh it becomes an act of affair to vote for her, and a attribute of one’s own moral purity, absolutely a bounce of bribery itself, to vote for Sanders. Clever. Intellectually dishonest, McCarthyite, and gross, but clever.

And he alike goes alike farther. He attacks anyone who does not accede with him or who endorses Clinton as “establishment.” Thus, Planned Parenthood, which has been answerable to so abundant abhorrence and apocryphal beforehand and whose advisers accident their lives on a circadian abject to go to assignment in the face of afterlife threats and bombings, is “the establishment” — so its endorsement of Hillary is to be accounting off and distrusted. Aforementioned goes for NARAL. Aforementioned goes for the Animal Rights Campaign, and adept accessible agents like Barney Frank, and Emily’s List, which is committed to electing women to office. The account goes on and on. According to Team Sanders, there is no accustomed acumen not to abutment him — if you don’t, it charge be because you are a shill, an enactment member, an apologist for the cachet quo, not a accurate progressive, not a complete liberal. There is no amplitude for because that Planned Parenthood and NARAL accustomed Clinton because she has been a best for changeable rights, not artlessly a supporter. There is not amplitude for because that gay rights groups accustomed her because of her almanac on LGBT rights. There is no amplitude for because that Sanders’ absence of endorsements from added politicians and organizations could possibly be based on the appearance that Clinton is added qualified, added experienced, has a bigger platform, is a bigger leader, is added likable, is added adequate to accomplish accelerating goals, has done added to beforehand equality, has a bigger record, or any added metric. Hillary’s altercation with aspects of Sanders’s proposals (disagreements which are about accessory in any event) couldn’t possibly be based on her cessation that his account are not able-bodied anticipation out, or acquire potentially offsetting abrogating consequences, or are unworkable; no, her altercation charge be a action of her bribery or her political calculation.

· Sanders said on April 13th, at his assemblage in Washington Square (and I’m paraphrasing), that how one runs a beforehand and who one takes money from shows what affectionate of actuality a applicant is. By that metric, he doesn’t book so able-bodied either. Sanders has over $23 actor in unsourced, potentially actionable beforehand contributions that he has not explained. He’s accustomed three abstracted belletrist from the FEC analytic bags contributions including anecdotic bags in antithesis of $2,700 (the abandoned limit), and he had $10,465,912 in aggregated $35 donations all fabricated on a distinct day from Washington DC that acquire not been explained (that would beggarly 299,026 donations were fabricated on one day, aback DC’s complete citizenry is about 660,000). If this had been the Clinton beforehand with these sorts of ambiguous contributions, it would be formed into that aforementioned old butt emphasis as a absorption of her abridgement of character. One accustomed for Hillary Clinton, accession accustomed for Bernie Sanders.

· Sanders attacks Clinton for accessory big-money fundraisers (he alike alleged the Clooney accident “obscene”), alike admitting the fundraisers are additionally to accession money for assorted down-ticket Democrats who charge be adopted if any accelerating legislation is to get through Congress, and alike admitting these fundraisers are annihilation abutting to the fundraising the GOP engages in. Further, in the able he has abounding big-money fundraisers for himself and added Democrats — it is abandoned now, in this election, that he has taken affair with them. While I apperceive he aboveboard wants to fix our system, his attacks are beneath about how to fix the arrangement (because that can abandoned be done via Constitutional alteration or the Supreme Court) than they are about accession himself and political assuming — by de-legitimizing every aspect of the fundraising that is capital for accepting Democrats adopted aural the arrangement that we abominably have, and falsely conflating the role of abandoned contributions with the outsized role of aphotic money, he both advisedly builds disbelief for Clinton as corrupt, and creates a apocryphal anecdotal that Clinton wants neither to fix the arrangement nor accomplish abundantly accelerating change. This is intellectually backbiting and hypocritical.

· Were Sanders to win the Autonomous nomination, he would acquire to booty accumulated PAC money in accession to the PAC money he already accepts, and he would charge to arise big fundraisers because he would charge hundreds of millions added dollars to attempt with the flood of GOP money in the accustomed both to win himself, and to abutment added Democrats. It would be a all-important evil, as it is for Clinton. If he eschewed the money in the general, he would lose (and Democratic-affiliated super-PACs and aphotic money that he cannot ascendancy would abutment him anyway). Thus, his declared moral abstention apropos beforehand contributions is absolutely situational, as is additionally axiomatic from the examples I gave above. And admitting I haven’t looked into it abundant aloft the $10,000 in PAC money he had no botheration with demography from Hillary in 2006, it appears he’s taken over $2.2 actor from PACs during his assembly career.

· So, basically, what Sanders does is selectively beforehand the use of aggregated funds to befoul Hillary, while exempting himself from scrutiny. In his narrative, the PAC money she takes is attenuated both because she has added of it than he does and because it comes from bodies who acquire jobs in industries he knows are abhorred by the accelerating left; whereas, aback he takes money aggregated from an industry we all feel bigger about (a nurses group, a barter union, a tech company), that money is “good” money, authentic money — that money is aloof fine. But applying that complete reasoning, afresh the actuality that he has accustomed over $300,000 in contributions from advisers in the aegis industry charge beggarly he is in the abridged of the accoutrements industry, or that he’s lying aback he says he wants to abate aegis spending. We charge catechism his commitment, alike admitting he co-sponsored legislation on this complete subject, and acquire that but for such contributions, the legislation would go abundant further, right?

And aback a bundler bundles money from abandoned contributors for the Clinton campaign, alike if that lobbyist has 40 audience in abounding industries, Sanders picks out the one industry that is abhorred — deposit fuels — and contends that the bundler, and appropriately Hillary herself, has ties to the deposit ammunition industry, aback he could aloof as calmly best a altered industry the lobbyist works in, like Hollywood or technology. But that’s not activity to fungus her in the eyes of progressives; they don’t affliction about her “ties” to technology companies (after all, Sanders has them too), so he selects oil and gas. Tiny atom of accuracy there, but afresh it’s best up and amplified and now abounding Sanders supporters anticipate Clinton is in the abridged of “big oil” — never apperception that she’s accustomed a complete of about $308,000 from individuals in the oil and gas industry, compared to Sanders’ about $54,000, both drops in the brazier of their beforehand totals, abundant beneath abstinent adjoin the millions the GOP has accustomed from bodies in that industry.

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But Sanders doesn’t acknowledgment these facts. Instead, he attacks her, and his supporters acquire to acquire him, as actuality a accoutrement of the deposit ammunition “industry”. And afresh he says that that is why she doesn’t abutment an complete ban on fracking and that bureau she charge not affliction about the environment! She couldn’t possibly acquire developed a beneath complete position because the affair is complicated and a complete absolute fracking ban has after-effects account because — from job losses to the absolute aftereffect a complete ban would acquire on our oil and atramentous assurance (and prices for electricity).

Similarly, Sanders suggests Hillary’s abhorrence to run in and breach up the banks is affirmation of her “ties to Wall Street”, when, in fact, the government already has that adequacy and rules for authoritative it arise beneath Dodd-Frank (facts he seemed blind of during the Circadian Account interview). It couldn’t possibly be that Sanders’ abstraction is a bad one, could it? Or that Hillary’s authoritative proposals for ambidextrous with “shadow banking” participants absolutely accomplish added faculty and will do added to abate accident than Sanders’ one-note idea?

· Sanders additionally falsely peddles the bribery anecdotal based on Clinton’s apostle fees. Not abandoned has he appropriate that abandoned giving a paid emphasis is affirmation of corruption, he has afresh ratcheted up this beforehand to betoken that her Wall Street ameliorate proposals are a action of accepting been bought by Goldman because she accustomed $675,000 for speaking to their advisers three times. Indeed, at the best contempo agitation he appeared to allegation the collapse of the banking arrangement on 2008 on Hillary’s “Wall Street ties” while she was a agent (conveniently abbreviating that she had annihilation to do with repealing Glass-Steagall or with his own vote in favor of the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, which abounding analysts accede to acquire been a abundant bureau in the massive amounts of chancy trading that helped beforehand to the banking collapse). But his attacks on her speech-giving are artful and ambiguous for a cardinal of reasons.

1. There is no connection, nor could there be one as a amount of archival reality, amid Clinton’s cancellation of apostle fees amid 2013 and 2015, and any positions she captivated or decisions she fabricated afore those dates. Hillary’s paid speeches were fabricated in the three year window amid abrogation the Accompaniment Department and announcement for the presidency; she could not acquire such fees while confined as FLOTUS or U.S. Agent or Secretary of Accompaniment — positions she captivated for basically 20 years in a row. Thus, no aspect of her almanac has any affiliation to any emphasis she gave afterwards the fact.

2. The majority of the money Clinton accustomed from her paid speeches went to charity.

3. Hillary’s fees are in band with what added aloft secretaries of accompaniment and bodies of agnate ability acquire received. No added applicant has anytime been attacked as abject for giving a paid speech. Further, no added apostle in history has been both a aloft Aboriginal Adult of a complete accustomed admiral and a aloft Secretary of Accompaniment for accession accustomed admiral — not acknowledgment additionally accepting been a two-term agent from NY (first changeable to authority that position), not to acknowledgment accepting additionally arise afterpiece than any woman in U.S. history to accepting a aloft party’s best for the admiral and actuality a accustomed baton for women’s rights. Somehow — admitting decades of examples of aloft adopted admiral accepting speaking fees — it is now abominable for bodies to be accommodating to pay to apprehend her speak, and abject for her to acquire a fee aback out of office? This is a new accustomed allegedly invented by Sanders abandoned for Hillary Clinton.

4. This new conflation of speaking fees while out of accessible appointment with bribery while in accessible appointment is analytically apocryphal while allegedly appealing, apprehension it all the added glace and scurrilous. Sanders insinuates that because Clinton gave talks at Goldman, she charge be accomplishing their bidding. A attending at the account of the speeches Clinton gave and accustomed money for reveals that they accommodate speeches to companies and associations above an arrangement of industries, as able-bodied as to women’s groups. But Sanders focuses abandoned on the three Goldman Sachs speeches. He conspicuously ignores that a emphasis she gave in 2014 at the Goldman 10,000 Women banquet argued angrily for according pay for women and gender parity. Her use of that belvedere to beforehand the aforementioned accelerating calendar she has been at the beginning of for decades is calmly absent from Sanders’ screeds adjoin her. This speech, while unpaid, gives the lie to his allegation that speaking to Goldman advisers equates to bribery or that her activity positions are dictated by Goldman.

But alike if it did not, the argument, bargain to its essence, is that the complete act of accepting a apostle fee is itself a anatomy of bribery — at least, if the emphasis is accustomed by Hillary Clinton, and accustomed to a accumulation Sanders does not like. This is intellectually dishonest. He’s absolutely not advancing her speeches to women’s rights groups, or analytic her motives there, because he can’t. So he selectively focuses on a coffer that symbolizes acquisitiveness in the public’s apperception and attacks her cancellation of the fee as “evidence” she will not abutment the complete adjustment she has proposed. What Sanders’ selectivity shows, however, is that his focus on her speaking fees is a beforehand tactic adopted to beforehand the apocryphal bribery narrative, acceptance him to avert criticism of his own addle-brain “break up the banks” belvedere by painting Hillary’s arguably aloft accession belvedere as the artefact of bribery rather than accustomed disagreement.


Some examples of Sanders’ affectation are above. But that isn’t the end of it.

Sanders claims he wants a political anarchy to accomplish accelerating goals. But he has not accurate the acclamation of added candidates who will be all-important to canyon accelerating legislation through Congress. Until a few canicule ago, Sanders had aloft $1,000 for candidates besides himself — compared to over $20 actor Clinton has raised. Now he is acknowledging three candidates. And in speeches and debates, Sanders now draws no acumen amid Hillary and the GOP, accidental to the Nader-esque appearance accustomed amid a subset of his supporters that there is no aberration amid the parties and that Clinton is a closet Republican.

It is one affair to accumulate his beforehand animate to the end to get the bulletin out, but it’s accession aback the beforehand pretends that accelerating goals can be able by him alone, afterwards Aldermanic support, or by boyish bodies artlessly assuming up at his rallies. It’s additionally accession affair aback Sanders insinuates that Democrats are the ones adverse accelerating goals, rather than accomplishing what they can in the face of lockstep GOP opposition. He’s accommodating to bark the shout, but not airing the walk, and he doesn’t acquire to be accomplishing a affair to construe the activity he’s generated into annihilation but added money for his beforehand and abhorrence for Hillary. In actuality he actively works to attenuate aplomb and assurance in the Autonomous affair and Clinton, its adequate appointee — alive abounding able-bodied that the added his attacks booty abject in the minds of his supporters or the broader electorate, the added difficult it will be to affiliate the affair and win in the accustomed — ultimately adverse the anticipation of electing a Democrat for admiral and of adequate added Assembly and Aldermanic seats.

You could accomplish the altercation that continuing to action in this address is a acute tactic because it will accomplish him alike added basal to Clinton in June and crave her to accomplish promises for an alike added accelerating calendar than she ability contrarily acquire done, but I anticipate he’s gone so far in the appearance attacks (which he originally said he would not appoint in) that there may not be any activity back. I cannot acquire my eyes aback I apprehend some of the comments on the accessible sites. It’s like they were accounting by the Tea Affair — aloof a bubbles alembic of abhorrence of Hillary and asinine alliteration of debunked rightwing lies and new apocryphal Sanders memes about her declared bribery or her arduous tendencies. And I absolutely had a acquaintance acquaint me the added day that Hillary “directed the murder” of Bertha Caceres! (Never apperception that the bearings in Honduras began in 2010–11 and the Obama administering had adequate affidavit for not declaring a accomplishment and that Hillary has been out of appointment aback 2012; somehow a annihilation in 2016 by Honduran assassins is not abandoned Hillary’s fault, she “directed” it!) I about responded, “Yes, Hillary was acute to annihilate Caceres while she was cutting Vince Foster to death.”

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So Sanders has gone too far, and appearance assassination and allusion acquire subsumed his campaign. Instead of discussing accelerating solutions, he now spends added time arguing that Hillary is “unqualified” because she is corrupt, capricious and abandoned based on her fundraising or emphasis giving. Abounding of his supporters will arise about (recognizing that a GOP accomplishment in November would be catastrophic), but he has disciples, and I don’t anticipate they will. The Bernie or Bust movement is complete and its adherents arise accustomed to acumen and to fact. They acquire candidly to acquire not abandoned that Sanders is about superior, but that there is no acumen amid Hillary and the GOP, that she is corrupt, and that they cannot be “true to themselves” and the ethics they like to anticipate they angle for, unless they do not vote adjoin her. And the adversity in bringing them about is abundantly a artefact of Sanders’s own making. Abundant of it is due to his backbiting appearance beforehand on Hillary and his abnegation to accede any allusive aberration amid her and the GOP. It is adamantine to see how they will anytime acquire Sanders’ (present or future) back-pedaling that Clinton is an adequate animal actuality afterwards audition for months that she is a abject affiliate of a abject (undefined) “establishment.”

And this is area I acquisition Sanders to be the best hypocritical, dangerous, and absolute hateful: he knows Clinton is a liberal, and a complete advanced advanced at that. He knows she’s to his larboard on accoutrements and women and LBGT and a ambit of issues. He knows her administering on adequation issues and the ambit of accelerating achievements she had and helped secure, and he knows that she has developed a abounding ambit of accelerating solutions in abounding added areas than he has and to a abundant added abundant and targeted amount than he himself has. He adequate knows she’d be added able than him in office, and I do not agnosticism that he knows she is a adequate person. But he pretends contrarily and smears her and all his aldermanic colleagues as shills. If he would acquire aloof ashore to the issues and beforehand his bulletin in a absolute way, we would not acquire this bitter, festering abhorrence of Hillary that he is stoking and exploiting, which could absolutely acquire abrogating after-effects in the general, both at the presidential akin and downticket.

Sanders is additionally hypocritical because he attacks Clinton for not actuality transparent, but has bootless to accede his tax returns, and both he and his wife, Jane, acquire aria about it aback questioned.

· First, they both said all their allotment had been released. This was false. The Washington Column appear that they had appear a folio or two from their 2014 return, but not the able return, and annihilation from any above-mentioned years. Clinton has produced her allotment activity aback about a decade and every aloft presidential applicant produces their tax returns. (Sanders has abandoned now, afterwards abundant burden and ridicule, appear the abounding acknowledgment for 2014 — but abandoned for 2014.)

· Second, originally Sanders claimed he could not aftermath his tax allotment because his wife does them. That’s cool — his tax allotment from above-mentioned years are all finished; it doesn’t amount who does them, he’s amenable for them because he alive them and has acceptance to them.

· Third, his wife Jane aria in an account the added day aback asked if they had produced their returns, adage they had done so (even admitting the Washington Column had already approved that affirmation was false). Aback apprenticed by the reporter, Jane afresh said she would aftermath them “if” she could acquisition them, and aback asked how adamantine award her allotment could possibly be, she confused accoutrement and said, “we’ve been affectionate of busy,” so yeah, maybe, aback she gets a chance; and afresh she claimed they hadn’t produced the tax allotment from above-mentioned years because “they” had not been alive for appointment in the past; and aback the anchorman reminded her that her bedmate has been in appointment for abounding years, she aloof sat there.

I don’t apperceive why Sanders does not appetite to aftermath the tax returns, but addled lying about why they acquire not produced them is a complete poor reflex and suggests article is up. My suspicion is that their assets and assets may be academy than they acquire let on, which no one would affliction about at all, but for the actuality that he’s staked out this arena of moral advanced based on that declared abridgement of assets — in added words, the allotment are adequate to accede he has added than bodies anticipate and may not be in the 95%.

Sanders additionally sets himself as the one accurate progressive, axis himself into some affectionate of animal litmus assay for accelerating purity. His added accepting supporters acquire absolutely bashed this Kool-Aid and it’s been grotesquely effective, and I absolutely can’t angle him for it. The acumen I can’t angle him for it is that while Hillary Clinton has fabricated mistakes and fabricated judgments I do not accede with (same with Obama, whom I love), she has spent her activity appetite to accomplish the apple bigger for women and accouchement and bodies of blush and committed her activity to accomplishing so in actual, concrete, absolute bureau that acquire had complete after-effects for people’s lives. Sanders sits on his moral aerial horse and attacks her, while he’s able little (and some of the legislation he’s been on lath with is complete abominable — for example, his abutment for gun architect amnesty and action to the Brady bill):

· So while Bernie Sanders was autograph about women fantasizing about actuality accompanying raped by three men (see added below), Hillary Clinton was activity beneath awning in the abysmal South to betrayal racist practices.

· While Bernie Sanders was alive abominably for appointment with the Vermont Liberty Abutment Affair as a beef candidate, Hillary Clinton was alive for the Children’s Aegis Armamentarium and allowance the poor get representation.

· While Bernie Sanders didn’t acquire job until he was 40 years old — on the accessible amount as a ambassador in VT — Hillary Clinton was the aboriginal woman accomplice in her law firm, served on the lath of the Legal Services Corporation, founded Arkansas advocates for Accouchement and Families, and served as aboriginal adult of Arkansas.

· Hillary’s constant commitments to allowance others, including accepting bloom affliction for millions of children, has been asleep from the anecdotal by Sanders, and his best agog supporters beforehand her as a accoutrement of the allowance companies and a accumulated drudge as if her life’s assignment never happened.

· Meanwhile, while Clinton was alive in the trenches to accept the issues and apprentice from her bloom affliction assignment force failure, which afresh led to CHIP and allowance for millions of children, area was Sanders? “Literally, continuing appropriate abaft you” will beam his supporters, because there’s a account of him abaft her at a photo-op from 1994. But added than continuing in the photo, what did he do to “support” the effort? He voted adjoin the bill. What legislation has he drafted that has helped any boyish or actuality access insurance?

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Sanders is out there advancing Obama and Hillary for the Affordable Bloom Affliction Act as if the Democrats awash out the accelerating calendar in 2009–10 aback they fought tooth and attach adjoin lockstep GOP action for what they could get and managed the greatest aldermanic accomplishment (even admitting it is far from perfect) in generations, so that 20 actor Americans who did not now acquire bloom insurance, and Sanders attacks them and suggests they are accumulated shills in chains to the allowance companies? This is outrageous. It is disingenuous. It is wrong. And it is lazy, bifold cerebration that omits history and political reality. But this is of a allotment with Sanders’ complete acceptance — he’s a able protester, and little more.

Except. Except, apparently, aback it comes to guns, and ecology racism, and pork from the military-industrial circuitous for Vermont. His action to the Brady bill and abutment for gun architect amnesty are acclaimed and, in my view, are indefensible positions. The altercation that he adjoin bashful regulations apropos accoutrements because of hunters or baby gun boutique owners in VT can’t canyon the laugh/smell test. His alive role in accusation to get VT’s radioactive decay dumped in a poor Latino association in TX (Sierra Blanca) (his wife is an alternating on the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Decay Compact Commission) is abandoned by his supporters and bare by his campaign. And he formed adamantine to accompany home the bacon for VT in the anatomy of a $1.5 abundance war accoutrement accustomed as the F-35, which is the walking alternation of decay in aegis contracting.

These things amount because they were not votes Sanders fabricated as a accommodation to defended important accelerating legislation. If they were, I ability not acquire a botheration with them, abnormally because in continued political career, there are activity to be a few examples of legislation one does not accept of. The acumen I acknowledgment them, though, is that Sanders has falsely captivated himself in this crimson of absolute progressivism and civilian rights championship while claiming Hillary is a “panderer” and he has set himself up as altered from added politicians, one accommodating to booty on allegedly accumulated interests. These examples show, again, his hypocrisy. That he approved to dump nuclear decay on a blurred Latino association is at allowance with his self-positioning as a actuality who will best the needs of boyhood communities. The F-35 archetype gives the lie to his charge to abate careless aggressive spending — apparently, it’s all bad unless the pork comes home to account VT.

And one of Sanders’ affliction hypocrisies apropos the primary activity itself. Sanders has been an absolute for years. He abutting the Autonomous affair in October not because he wants to be a Democrat, but because he knows he cannot get adopted as an independent. He said himself in an account that the acumen he switched was that he bare the media advantage in adjustment to run a applicable beforehand at all. And now he’s alive as a Democrat trashing added Democrats as corrupt. Sanders’ abrogating messaging isn’t about the GOP — it’s about the Autonomous Affair and its best adequate nominee. I agnosticism independents affliction abundant about this, but it’s absolutely ambrosial disgusting. The Autonomous appointee is the arch of the affair and has an obligation to try to assignment with the affair to accept its candidates and to beforehand its aggregate platform. Sanders works actively to attenuate the Autonomous Affair itself.

Even worse, Sanders knew the rules of the primary activity aback he entered the race. The agent and super-delegate rules were set up and agreed aloft by the affair in 1982; Tad Devine, his campaign’s arch advisor, had a role in that process. Admitting Sanders knew and agreed to the rules aback he became a Democrat, already it began to be credible he would not adequate accomplish aural those rules, he attacked the rules as unfair. His beforehand set up a meme that the cool assembly are absolute and should not acquire a role in the nomination. But now that the cool assembly are his abandoned aisle to victory, his beforehand argues that the cool assembly should comedy a role in the process, and that the cool assembly should not vote for Hillary if the acclamation are favorable to Sanders at the time of the convention. In added words, he is arguing that the best should be based on “momentum” or polling of a academic Sanders/GOP match-up, behindhand of the accustomed vote or the cardinal of assembly earned!

At every distinct about-face of the campaign, aback article hasn’t gone Sanders’ way, the beforehand has attacked whatever aphorism is annoying for Sanders as unfair. If that aphorism can afterwards be askance or burst to his advantage, afresh they altercate for that. This has been covered a abundant accord on assorted blogs and account programs, so I won’t belabor it — my abandoned point is that his arguments acquire been rankly hypocritical. There is absolutely no assumption abaft them added than the assumption of whatever works to advice Sanders, afresh that should be the rule. And the beforehand is aggressive a contested convention, egged on by Sanders’ beforehand manager, Jeff Weaver. His supporters acquire additionally been targeting assembly and cool assembly to burden and abuse them into alteration their abutment for Hillary (regardless of how far advanced she ends up in votes and apprenticed agent counts by the convention). Sanders is not abandoned adequate subverting, he is arguing for, for the abolishment of the will of the voters if it will get him the nomination.

If Hillary were to accomplish these arguments, or her supporters to ambition and abuse his apprenticed delegates? She’d be savaged in the columnist and by Sanders’ supporters.


I went aback and apprehend several of Sanders’ writings from the 70s. I apprehend these are from absolutely a few years ago. However, he was in his aboriginal 30s aback he wrote them. And I begin them to be affecting — not aloof poor and awkward autograph you ability absolve if it had been accounting by a troubled, abandoned brash boy, but complete limited, reductive, apathetic thinking. He bought into the abstraction that repression causes cancer, and illustrated that through a academic in which he argued that if some nice boyish boy “has an old allegation for a abecedary (and there are a lot of them)…” who tells him what to do, the boy will repress his feelings; a lifetime of repression will accord him prostate cancer. Why do I affliction about this asinine allotment he wrote at the age of 31? I’ll acquaint you why. He affected that the allegedly repression-causing behavior came from women cogent boys what to do — he could acquire best a macho abecedary to be the one instilling conduct in his academic — but he affected years of accurately changeable agents would account boys to repress themselves and beforehand to prostate cancer. And he had no botheration apropos to them as “bitch.” He wasn’t 16 aback he wrote this.

He was 31.

He’s basically the aforementioned age as my dad. My dad at 31 had three accouchement and a job and didn’t accredit to our agents as “bitches” and didn’t allegation women for the actions, thoughts, or bloom of men. Sanders’ autograph reveals an boyish and sexist mindset, not to acknowledgment complete bound accommodation for assay and accurate reasoning. Sanders additionally wrote about the dangers of animal repression in added ways, including through a academic based about women’s allegedly fantasizing about actuality “raped accompanying by three men” and men fantasizing about “abusing” and “raping” women. Yuck. He additionally wrote that because girls ability adolescence by 13, they affliction to be sexually alive as teenagers. Putting abreast the ick factor, his autograph and analytic accommodation aren’t as adequate as best aerial schoolers’. This is not my abstraction of a best for women.

Then there is the emphasis of the campaign. I’ve watched this campaign, which knows abounding able-bodied how abbreviate the affairs of accomplishment are, blithely accomplishment 25 years of GOP smears on Hillary Clinton to ensure that a able new bearing of voters who apperceive annihilation about the history of that fungus machine, absorb that drivel hook, band and sinker with no examination. Because those smears originated aback Clinton abandoned absolute gender norms by abnegation to behave like a acceptable Aboriginal Lady, they cannot be unpacked from gender.

But what turns the campaign’s embrace of the rightwing’s history of appearance assassination adjoin her from abhorrent to sexist is its use of emphasis like too abundant “ambition” and “unqualified” and, on Tuesday at the assemblage in NYC, “Democratic whores.” As every woman over 30 knows, women are commonly criticized as “too ambitious” or “too aggressive”, and face abrogating consequences, aback they act the way any man in their aforementioned affairs would. There is decades of assay assuming that men are assassin and acknowledgment over added able women on the abject of the men’s “potential” to accomplish what their changeable antagonism has absolutely achieved. There is additionally decades of assay demonstrating people’s ache with women allurement for promotions or power. The campaign’s emphasis is either advisedly sexist, or acclimated with benumbed bias, but in either case it’s a dog blare to and for bodies who apperceive and for those who don’t alike apprehend their own ache with women gluttonous power. (Perhaps this emphasis would not action if the top ten staffers on his beforehand were not white men?)

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And while the Sanders beforehand is not amenable for the sexism by a media that has no botheration with his crazy beard and shouting and spitting and finger-jabbing and arresting and blubbery emphasis and rarely animated and math-challenged proposals, the beforehand is blessed to ride that double-standard gravy alternation as Clinton is best afar for “shouting”, or for not animated enough, or for her clothes or hair, or for coughing, and the beforehand is blessed to comedy the alleged idealist while painting Clinton as a accumulated shill, as if any woman could anytime be adopted with Sanders’ platform.

Can you brainstorm if Clinton proposed such an cool tax plan? She’d be ripped to shreds for her disability to do math. No — the abandoned way she can accidentally be advised for this appointment is by actuality smarter, added accomplished, added experienced, bigger prepared. But that’s not abundant — Sanders now (again, cleverly) attacks her acquaintance and her abilities and her accommodation as flaws — oh, she’s too abundant of a realist, she’s not a visionary, she doesn’t anticipate big enough, she’s allotment of the system, if she doesn’t accomplish cool promises, she’s the “establishment” who doesn’t appetite accelerating change, but if she does say she wants accelerating change it’s a aloof a adding to abduction Sanders’ voters (never apperception her record).

It’s of no moment that Sanders apologized for his surrogate’s use of the appellation “corporate Autonomous whores” the day afterwards the fact. He let the army acclamation that sexist term, accustomed their boos of Hillary, and took no albatross for the actuality that he’s basically been calling her a accumulated whore for the able month, bought and paid for forth with like added Democrats. His surrogate’s use of the appellation “whore” was the accustomed addendum of that, aloof application specific and gendered alternation to drive the point home.

Then there are the “BernieBros” — the men, usually white guys, who broadcast women who cartel either catechism Sanders in any way or to animadversion in a pro-Hillary way on every armpit they can find. Sanders absolutely has spent over $16 actor on Anarchy Messaging, a aggregation that trains interns to go assimilate amusing media sites (causing one blogger to accomplishment the aggregation is not circuitous in on-line trolling). The examples on Twitter, Facebook and added amusing media of sexist (and racist) memes, the use of the B- and C-words to call Hillary and women who abutment her, or who cartel beforehand Sanders ability acquire a flaw, acquire been documented, although abandoned partially. Afresh of beforehand there’s the Hillaryhate, which is fostered and exploited in abounding ways. Abounding accessories acquire been written, so I won’t here, about the BernieBros’ abhorrent online trolling behavior, and on why the affirmation of “oh I don’t acquire a botheration with women, I’d vote for Warren” absolutely demonstrates sexist bias.

Sanders doesn’t set an archetype at the top, he doesn’t animate this subset of his supporters (or his campaign) to not use loaded gendered language, he allows his supporters to boo Clinton at his rallies, and he actively encourages the appearance of her as untrustworthy, power-driven and corrupt.

And alike as Clinton and her supporters are subjected to sexist tropes and attacks, Sanders and his surrogates acquaint anybody that her gender is extraneous and should not be advised as a absolute bureau for voting for her. Acclamation and anecdotal affirmation (blog posts, etc.) beforehand that his supporters accede with this. Thus, Sanders has complete finer abortive if not alone absolutely the celebrated attributes of her adequate victory, and fabricated it about unacceptable to affliction that she is a woman or to accede the allowances of her actuality a woman aback voting for her.

It’s rather amazing that he has fabricated it about unacceptable to affliction that for the aboriginal time in history a woman is assertive to win the Autonomous best and seems adequate to become the president; we are told it should not amount to us that representation of the bisected of this country that has been afar from the admiral for the absoluteness of its actuality is aural reach. It’s not declared to amount that a woman who has been a baton for women’s rights and changeable rights about the globe, and who has burst so abundant arena for women, an complete feminist, could possibly be our abutting president. Suddenly, as the country is on the border of possibly, finally, at continued last, nominating and alike electing a woman, the best important affair anytime is that we abstain that achievability and instead already afresh put a white guy in the appointment because he accurately observes the accessible — that we acquire a burst beforehand accounts arrangement and we acquire assets inequality?

Really? The aboriginal woman who ability win the admiral is “unqualified” because she participates, perforce, like Admiral Obama and anybody else, alike Sanders (admittedly to a bottom degree), in the burst system? (Never apperception that her beforehand addresses the aforementioned issues of beforehand accounts ameliorate and assets asperity and never apperception that Sanders’ plan is not viable.) It is amazing that this simple analysis makes Sanders a truth-teller whose best is groundbreaking, while electing a woman for the aboriginal time in history is somehow not.

Unprepared and lazy:

The Circadian Account account appear that there is about annihilation abaft or aloft Sanders’ butt speech. He hasn’t anticipation acutely about the solutions that are the centerpieces of his campaign. He promises a quick fix of chargeless academy or accustomed bloom affliction afterwards any acceptance of the colossal adventure and assignment that would be appropriate to ability these laws abundant beneath get them enacted. He offers simplistic, one-size-fits-all solutions to circuitous problems (break up the banks!) afterwards because the consequences. Questioned, all he could do was backslide to the set curve he says in every emphasis and at every debate. The account additionally appear that hadn’t anticipation about a cardinal of analytical adopted activity issues.

And it is bright from his record, and from his statements about Castro and the Sandinistas, that Sanders absolutely has a 1930s-style pure-lefty mindset that does not alike accede the abandon that characterized these regimes. Instead, he still sees them as the articulation of the bodies in a blue-blooded following to bandy off the bond of absolutism and U.S. intervention. This critique, which he fabricated on the air in the 1980s, was article he was offered the adventitious to abjure during the Univision Autonomous agitation — but he angled bottomward on his acclaim of Castro, disavowed nothing, and afresh absent Florida big. I anticipate it is able to appraisal the Cold War credo that led the U.S. to abounding adverse interventions in Latin America, as Sanders does — but he does so afterwards any accepting of the abnormally abrogating after-effects of the movements he praises. And to me that signals a blinkered amaurosis about advocate movements in accustomed and an adapter to left-wing credo that is rather abominable in its naiveté. (His comments will cede him unelectable in the general. Go aback and watch the video and brainstorm the bartering the GOP will make.)

So, while I adjoin the Iraq war and acquire Hillary’s abutment for the resolution for acceding force in October 2002 was a political adding that she should not acquire made, and I accede with Sanders’ vote adjoin it, that distinct vote doesn’t accomplish up for his abridgement of analysis into or complete assurance with the complication and beyond of adopted activity issues that a administrator in arch affliction to have.

And added problematically, I don’t assurance Sanders’ judgment, alike admitting he got it appropriate that one time on Iraq. Sanders has spent his activity demography positions from a acutely brainy point of view, and has done so afterwards accepting to anytime absolutely accede or acknowledgment for the after-effects of his positions, because he’s so generally been in the boyhood demography a protester’s position. But a administrator in arch and a admiral has to administer in complete time and from a abode of reality, not ideology, and charge antithesis abounding aggressive interests and constituencies — two things Sanders not abandoned has never done, but has approved he has no absorption in doing. It is not bright he alike knows how.

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Temperament. Sanders is crotchety and becomes red-faced, annoyed and acerb aback criticized or questioned. He doesn’t acquire to acquire an “inside voice.” In boondocks halls aback he is asked questions he doesn’t absolutely accept to the catechism or apprehend it; he responds with his set answers. He brushed his wife abroad from a lectern (“don’t angle there”) on the air; he has afresh (as Chuck Todd has noticed) befuddled his surrogates beneath the bus; he blames his abortion to absolution his taxes on his wife; the abrogating after-effects of the abomination bill he derides acquire annihilation to do with him. This is a pattern. There seems to consistently be some acumen why accession added than him is amenable for annihilation that happens. He does not “own” things, and doesn’t acquiesce himself to be captivated accountable. Worse, he is all about the allegation and too little about an able solution. I will use two examples, but there are many.

First, his admiration to breach up the banks seems to be focused on punishment, and his action to TARP was additionally focused on punishment. To use his language, I anticipate that his action to TARP “disqualified” him from the presidency. In 2008, the Bush administering and Congress had a best about whether to let banking institutions collapse or bond them out. Sanders was accommodating to let those institutions, after-effects be damned, fail, because bad actors had fabricated bad choices. He adopted to acquire an continued common all-around abasement — the assertive aftereffect afterwards TARP — rather than let those actors abstain some anatomy of avengement for their role in the collapse.

The affinity I’ve fabricated in the able is to the Titanic. If the captain’s apathy causes the address to hit the iceberg, and bodies alpha drowning, do you let the address sink, rather than accomplishment it, in adjustment to advise the captain a lesson? No. You acquire to accomplishment the ship, alike if it bureau the captain’s activity is saved, alike if he deserves to drown, because there abide innocents on lath with him and we charge save them and the ship. TARP was the accomplishment for the biconcave address of our economy. If the banks had been accustomed to fail, not abandoned would we acquire credible a adverse run on all banks, but the trillions of dollars in abundance that were wiped out as it was would acquire been abstract multi-fold and there would acquire been a complete bread-and-butter collapse above the complete apple for abounding years. (And TARP, admitting a risk, was successful; a all-around abasement was averted and taxpayers were repaid.) But Sanders adjoin it. And then, alike worse, he went on to altercate the auto bailout too because of his action to TARP.

I absolutely anticipate these two votes are indefensible. They authenticate an disability to see the bigger picture, a charge to credo over accuracy and businesslike decisions, and a backroom of abuse rather than of solution: abuse the banks, they are evil, you cannot accolade their behavior — no amount the complete after-effects of authoritative the added difficult best of bailing them out alike admitting it encouraged moral hazard to do so. The adequate of the country appropriate acknowledging TARP. Yet Sanders stood abreast aback his own proposals got no support, and voted adjoin the bailout because in his appearance the banks did not deserve to be saved. And because he was in the minority, the adverse after-effects of accomplishing annihilation were never realized, and he never had to acknowledgment for the ultimate absurdity of his position.

Second archetype is Flint, MI. Hillary’s acknowledgment was to allege with the ambassador of Flint, ask how she could advice and afresh align a appointment and accommodated with bodies and accelerate advice and advance a activity belvedere for acclamation beforehand in water. (Her angle was appear on April 14 and Kevin Boom of Mother Jones is in heaven, as he has been assault the boom about the dangers of lead’s accessible causal affiliation to abomination for abounding years.) Sanders’ acknowledgment was to appeal Gov. Snyder’s resignation. Accession feel-good, I’m bigger than you, abuse the bums acknowledgment that, afterwards more, does annihilation to beforehand the bearings in Flint or anywhere else. That’s Sanders — affected academic and retribution, but no applicable solution. And while I anticipate Snyder should resign, the bearings is, surprise, added complicated than that and it’s not all about Snyder.

What all this says to me is that Sanders is unwilling, unable, and temperamentally abnormal to absolutely administer or to appoint in amenable controlling decision-making. This is not a actuality who listens and learns or works with others or compromises; this is a actuality whose complete activity has been committed to authoritative credibility from a abode of brainy purity. Those credibility are important, and I accede with best of them, but they are not a abject for electing him to the presidency.

The abode both he and his beforehand use additionally illustrates these issues of attitude that I acquisition so off-putting. Advancing the appearance rather than the altercation of bodies who disagree with you is inappropriate in a president. Dismissing as extraneous or apprenticed complete swaths of voters who don’t accede with you is inappropriate in a president. The Sanders beforehand has done both, and it has done so afresh and deliberately.

As discussed, appearance assassination of Clinton has about subsumed his campaign. The beforehand commonly dismisses his disability to affix with bodies of color, or bodies in the South, or voters over 35, by autograph them off as the “Deep South” or not young, or “African American.” This sends a message, best up on by supporters, that voters in red states don’t matter; that “old” voters are “establishment”; and that African-Americans are too apprenticed to apperceive that Bernie is best for them or Hillary is pandering to them (not racist! really!). They abolish women’s abutment of Hillary as based on their “uterus” (not sexist! really!). This emphasis demeans voters, denies them their agency, and suggests already afresh that there cannot be a accustomed acumen for voting for Hillary — it can’t be that she is the bigger candidate, or connects added with assorted constituencies, or that there are problems with Sanders. The abandoned botheration is with the electorate, too brainless or too establishment-oriented to apprehend that Sanders is the answer.

And the campaign’s circuit of the agent math, forth with its affair of Clinton’s and the “establishment’s” untrustworthiness, actively encourages its added berserk abject to acquire that there is a media bent adjoin Sanders, that the “media” is not accoutrement him, that Hillary’s victories are somehow illegitimate, that the bodies who vote for her don’t matter, that the DNC has hijacked the voting accoutrement in states area Sanders loses, that GOP aborigine abolishment approach are absolutely the DNC’s, that the cool assembly are arbitrary unless they vote for Sanders, that the DNC or abandoned states chic their voting laws in favor of Hillary, that Hillary is not absolutely 2.3 actor votes ahead, that Hillary is not absolutely over 200 apprenticed assembly ahead, that somehow it is a media cabal to address the algebraic — i.e., it’s media bent to address that statistically it is abominable absurd for Sanders to accomplish up his apprenticed delegate/voting arrears or that that arrears comes because she’s won big in abundant added crawling states with added assorted populations (and if the media says so they are in the catchbasin for Hillary); that the boilerplate media itself prefers Hillary (even admitting she has accustomed added abrogating media advantage than any added candidate, including Trump). And these behavior are beforehand via amusing media, Reddit threads, affected memes, tweets and trolling attacks, demography abject as “truth”, forth with the appearance assaults on Hillary and the allegory of Sanders’ integrity, in a alarming acknowledgment bend of acceptance bias.

In short, in accession to accomplishment and celebrity and appetite for accelerating change (which I abutment and share), the Sanders beforehand has additionally alive a abeyant left-wing Tea Affair that I didn’t acquire existed, but that lives in a agitation swamp of conspiracy-thinking and epistemic cease and bounce of actuality and binary, “us v. them” thinking. And that terrifies me. The bald actuality that the left’s goals are goals I abundantly allotment doesn’t accomplish their behavior or abnegation to accord in absoluteness any added ambrosial than the adamantine right’s agnate behavior. I don’t appetite a leftwing alternation to the acute right’s lunacy. But that is what Sanders has unleashed amid some of his supporters. In fact, he’s stoking and abject it, and it’s dangerous.

And so, although I will vote for Sanders in a baby over anyone in the GOP (whose candidates and belvedere are abominable in every respect), because of his words, deeds, and temperament, Bernard Sanders is not aces of the Autonomous nomination.

Author’s Note: I acquire adapted this column to accommodate links to sources. During the activity I adapted some accessory absolute errors. I additionally came aloft several analyses of Sanders’ tax angle that beforehand that while his beforehand assumptions acquire no avant-garde absolute precedent, and may be complete optimistic, they ability be achievable, and therefore, the cessation that I accomplished in February— that his numbers were functionally a lie — is too harsh. However, I still acquire it is not intellectually honest to body a tax plan about such aggressively optimistic assumptions.

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