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The USA’s Arrangement of Checks, Balances and Reality Crumbles as it Seeks War with Iran: Send in Pope Francis, Not the Marines

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“Any Muslim who denies #JesusChrist’s and #SaintMary’s accuracy is alone by #Islam. This is how Islam respects Jesus and Mary (pbut).The annual #Muslims aspect to #JesusChrist (pbuh) is no beneath than his position and arete in the eyes of the Christian believers in Christianity. Today, abounding who affirmation to chase Jesus Christ, booty a altered aisle than that of him. The advice of #Jesus, the son of #Mary (peace be aloft our Prophet and her) is advice arise adherent #God and adjoin the Pharaohs and tyrants. Afterward #JesusChrist requires adherence to appropriateness and abhorrence of anti-righteous powers, and it is hoped that #Christians and #Muslims in every allotment of the apple will attach to this abundant assignment from Jesus (pbuh) in their lives and deeds.” Ayatollah Khamenei, Absolute Leader

Yes, boys and girls, he did say that and if you appointment Khamenei’s Twitter armpit you’ll acquisition him sitting abutting an an aged woman and to the appropriate of her a Christmas timberline adorned with ornaments including one of Santa Claus. And did you know, kiddies, that Iran’s Majles, the agnate of the UK’s House of Commons or the US House of Representatives (one hates to accomplish that allegory to asperse the Majles) has reserved, by built-in decree/law—dating to 1906, bristles seats for the afterward minorities: two Christian Armenians, one Assyrian-Chaldean Christian, one Jew and one Zoroastrian. The Ayatollah Kohmenei preserved activity afterwards the Iranian anarchy of 1979. This according to the United States Institute for Accord (USIP—link above).

It is absorbing to agenda what USIP has to say about the Majles/Parliament and its relations with the Iranian presidency, the Absolute Baton and the Guardian Council. “The 290-member assembly is anemic compared with the presidency, as able-bodied as with the non-elected institutions such as the 12-member Guardian Council and the absolute leader’s office.”

The US House of Representatives and the US Senate are, indeed, anemic compared with the US admiral and let us acting “non-elected institutions” with the Department of Defense, lobbyists, advance financiers and the two-party accumulated media monsters (reflecting Democrats and Republicans) run by Disney, Comcast, NewsCorp, and so on.

Supreme Leader’s Veto = US President’s Veto

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And it turns out, according to the USIP, that the Majles has its own troubles with the Absolute Leaders use of a veto to baffle its aldermanic power. Though not arising out of the Iranian president’s office, it is in aftereffect veto of parliament’s legislation or proposed legislation. “Parliament has faced added obstacles. The absolute leader’s appointment has intervened in the aldermanic activity through a apparatus alleged the “state order.” The absolute leader’s best arguable activity was in mid-2000, back he ordered a bill proposing to ameliorate Iran’s backbreaking columnist laws be removed from the docket.”

Oh, what a chiffon comparison! But wait. Trump’s Guardian Council (Secretary of Aegis Mark Esper, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley) afresh told two US Republican senators that they should not agitation legislation to absolute Admiral Donald Trump’s ability to go to war with Iran. The US admiral were beatific to the House and Senate on Wednesday to abrupt legislators on the annual for killing Iranian General Soleimani.

“GOP Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Rand Paul (Ky.) ripped the administering over a closed-door conference on Iran on Wednesday, advertisement they will now abutment a resolution reining in Admiral Trump’s aggressive powers. Lee, speaking to reporters afterwards a almost hourlong closed-door affair with administering officials, characterized it as ‘ the affliction conference I’ve seen, at atomic on a aggressive issue. Lee said the admiral warned that Congress would activate Iran if assembly debated Trump’s war powers. ‘I acquisition this calumniating and analytical … to the appointment that anniversary of the 100 senators in this architecture happens to hold. I acquisition it calumniating and analytical to the Constitution of the United States.’ Lee did not say which briefer fabricated the affirmation but defined that no administering adumbrative contradicted them.”

On cardboard the United States Constitution, accurately the checks and balances arrangement adopted by the framers (from Montesquieu) was advised to accumulate the three branches as co-equals. It seems that James Madison, at least, was amiss about authoritative factionalism. Polarization/factionalism, in the anatomy of the besmirched US two affair system, has about destroyed the Republic. The controlling annex is overpowering—no amount what affair holds appointment (at atomic back George W. Bush)—the US Congress seems alone as able as the affair that holds the admiral and the attorneys is loaded up with whatever bourgeois or advanced ideologues the admiral sees fit to appoint. (For an absorbing apprehend on how the US political activity should be afflicted see UK’s charge to be change, see A.C. Grayling: Democracy and Its Crisis.)

Trump’s Response to Iran’s Missiles Hitting US Bases in Iraq

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Looking at a still photo of Trump giving his “morning afterwards speech” on the Iranian missile bang I wasn’t abiding if I was hallucinating or not. There was Trump abaft the belvedere dressed up like Mussolini. On one ancillary of Trump was Vice Admiral Mike Pence dressed in a Nazi uniform. The bean faced associates of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, proving that the United States is way advanced in the development of Artificial Intelligence appeared to me as Terminators. I had wondered if addition ashore a pin into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he would collapse like a balloon.

Well, the Apple Socialists hit the attach on the arch in anecdotic the alarming arena and the content, or abridgement thereof, in his remarks.

“Much of what Trump had to say was recycled from antecedent speeches and tweets accusatory and abuse both Iran and General Qassem Suleimani. But added important than annihilation that Trump said was the way in which his accent was staged. In an aberrant abuse of built-in protocol, Trump addressed the nation belted by the absolute uniformed Joint Chiefs of Staff as able-bodied as Vice Admiral Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Aegis Mark Esper. On all antecedent occasions, the advertisement of a above crisis or a aggressive assurance has been fabricated by a president, built-in at his board in the Oval Office. This angel was advised to present Trump as the baton of a aggressive junta…

Why did Trump abort to act on his threats? It is added than acceptable that the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned Trump that abrupt activity could aftereffect in a aggressive disaster.

The Pentagon needs time to adapt the aegis of some 70,000 US troops deployed on Iran’s borders from Afghanistan to Turkey, forth with tens of bags added aggressive contractors and argosy cadre stationed in the region. The aggressive knows that the abutting annular of US attacks will apparently be answered with a rain of Iranian missiles on US bases, airfields, battleships and aircraft carriers. In the countdown to the US wars adjoin Iraq in 1990 and 2003, Washington bare several months to adapt adjoin a far beneath almighty enemy.

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There are additionally political considerations by Washington’s war planners. Added time is bare to advance pro-war advertising and psychologically activity the citizenry for levels of abandon alien back the end of Apple War II. This advertising will accommodate efforts to activity the American bodies to acquire the use of nuclear weapons by the United States, with the abetment of the adjustable accumulated media. The accumulation protests in Iran and throughout the Middle East, affronted by Suleimani’s killing, provided an adumbration of the upheavals that will be unleashed by an absolute US war…”

In attractive at the video as Trump absolved bottomward a aisle to bear his animadversion was that the two US generals abutting to the aperture were adverse anniversary other. As anon as Trump absolved by they angry and faced the camera’s. Conceivably aggressive protocol, but in these alarming times with a agitator in the Oval Office, it was nonetheless unsettling.

OK Boys and Girls: Why the US Can’t Win a Conventional War with Iran

Let us allocate anon with who has added claret on their hands, The United States or Iran. Well, there the Iran-Iraq War during which the US accurate Iraq alike as it acclimated actinic weapons on Iranians. There is the Saudi advance in Yemen, which the US supports, which has acquired one of the affliction altruistic disasters of the aftermost decade. Again there is that little allotment of history from 1953 during which the United States and the UK overthrew the Iranian government. And bethink this: No amount what the circumstance, United States is the victim, it’s consistently the victim; in fact, it is aberrant in its victimhood accepting never been the blackmailer or accepting acquired any accumulation or nation to seek avengement or recompense.

The aboriginal amount to agenda is that Iran has eyewitness cachet in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is an accord amid China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. As the Wiki access noted, “In 2017, SCO’s eight abounding associates annual for about bisected of the world’s population, a division of the world’s GDP, and about 80% of Eurasia’s landmass.” As Iran charcoal beneath US sanctions, it is banned from acceptable a abounding affiliate adds addition accessory acumen why Iran is beneath abiding bread-and-butter sanctions by the USA.

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Iran is anon belted by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran has amphibian borders with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The ambit amid the capitals of Iran and Saudi Arabia, afar by the Persian Gulf, by air, is almost 788 miles, able-bodied aural ability of anniversary other’s ballistic missiles. Iran is alert the admeasurement of Texas with added aeriform terrain.

Relations amid Iran and its neighbors are up and down. According to the CIA Factbook (which accurately addendum Iran’s non-compliance with animal trafficking standards), “Iran protests Afghanistan’s attached breeze of dammed Helmand River tributaries during drought; Iraq’s abridgement of a amphibian abuttals with Iran prompts administration disputes above the aperture of the Shatt al Arab in the Persian Gulf; Iran and UAE altercation Tunb Islands and Abu Musa Island, which are active by Iran; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia ratified Caspian seabed bonds treaties based on equidistance, while Iran continues to assert on a one-fifth allotment of the sea; Afghan and Iranian commissioners accept discussed abuttals cairn densification and resurvey.”

Iran and Azerbaijan accept a annoyed accord with one another. Armenian analyst Tevan Poghosyan said afresh that that,”Against the accomplishments of US-Iran conflict, Azerbaijan has become a belvedere for burden on Iran from the US and Israel, from which unmanned aeriform cartage are actuality launched adjoin the Islamic Republic.”

Armenia and Iran arise to accept affable mutual relations and assisting tourism and barter amid anniversary other. Armenia has said it will abide aloof in the Iran-US conflict. The aforementioned appears accurate of Turkmenistan and Iran. It is no abruptness that Iran and Afghanistan accept afterpiece relations than one would commonly accessory with a US boob regime. But Afghanistan and Teheran are able trading ally admitting the arrival of Afghani immigrants and refugees into Iran due to the advancing US-Iraqi aggressive operations adjoin the Taliban and Islamic State. This haas acquired abrasion amid the Iranian and Afghanistan governments.

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Iran and Turkey’s relations are bent abundantly by the United States. Though barter and tourism continue, Turkey no best purchases oil/gas from Iran due to bread-and-butter sanctions.

Iran and Pakistan relations are aggress with problems. According to TRTWorld’s Tom Hussein, “For Afghanistan and Pakistan, the alarming accretion of tensions amid their accepted neighbour Iran and the US, their aggregate geopolitical overlord, could not accept appear at a worse time.Since the Islamic revolution, however, Pakistan has accumbent itself with Saudi Arabia, while at the aforementioned time argumentation neutrality in the abhorrence amid Riyadh and Tehran. Unsurprisingly, this access has backfired repeatedly, with abhorrent consequences…Pakistan flatly banned to accompany the Saudi-led aggressive affiliation that invaded Yemen in 2015, afterwards Iranian-backed Houthi rebels bedeviled best of the country. This affronted Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, but the allowances to Islamabad’s accord with Tehran were short-lived. Shortly afterwards Imran Khan took ability as prime abbot in August 2018, Pakistan approved to adjustment the accident to its relations with the Gulf Arabs and arrive the Saudis to set up an oil refinery circuitous at the Chinese-operated anchorage of Gwadar, amid abutting to the Iranian border. Back then, cantankerous bound attacks by active separatists on both abandon accept been on the rise. Fear of a austere accretion prompted talks amid Iran’s political leaders and Pakistan’s able aggressive in November.”

Stir it all Up and What Do You Get?

There are artlessly too abounding aggressive fronts for the US/NATO to handle simultaneously, decidedly on the ground. Alike with the Saudi’s and Kuwaiti’s as allies, one has to agnosticism those two nation’s angry capabilities in any arena conflict. US aggressive units can’t calculation on the Saudi’s or Kuwait’s axis adjoin them during combat.

The US Army and Marines would face arena attacks from aural Syria and Iraq and, of course, aloft entering Iran they’d acquisition it’s not Iraq about 2003. US troops in Afghanistan would additionally acquisition themselves, if not in retreat, again beneath connected attack. Who knows what new “terrorist” alliances would be made. A neo-Islamic State perhaps, abutting up with added anti-US forces.

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Refugee camps forth the Pakistan-Afghnistan-Iran borders would be a axis for militias recruiting for the advance agains the Abundant Satan. The Iranian’s accept abstruse able-bodied that the United States and its aggressive are actual anticipated in adjustment of attack: massive, apple advanced advertising campaigns to accommodate trumped up cyberattacks on US bartering interests; air-land-sea-space assets redeployed; cruise missile strikes, followed by aircraft bombing runs. US Action Controllers will accept already Halo Jumped into alien portions of Iran to bureaucracy staging areas afore any aggression starts.

The Navy and Air Force charge accomplish quick assignment of their Iranian equivalents because airpower will be bare to assure US arena troops in multi-theaters of operation from accepting beat from abounding admonition by militias (Pakistan, Afghanistan) or Iranian troops affiliated with those who will appear to its defense. The SCO will accept article to say about the amount too. Will Russia and China accommodate abutment to the Iranians? Will Russia and China amount that they ability as able-bodied go toe-to-toe with the US now afore it completes nuclear addition (and in ablaze of the new aggressive action of Abundant Ability Competition).

The US Marines and Army will accept it the toughest. They may try a WWII style-beach landing assimilate Iranian shores from the Persian Gulf application US Marines and US Army paratroopers may attack to appear from the sky into Iranian territory. As with any war amid the US and North Korea, appropriate nukes will accept to be advised by the United States. Abandon will be called and it will be a bloodbath, aloof as overtaking North Korea would.

Time to alarm Pope Francis. Given how crazy the times are, it’s a acceptable idea.

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