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By Todd Dills

Since we appear the antecedent adaptation of this adviser in the April Overdrive, cyberbanking logging accessory options accept connected to proliferate. That’s axiomatic in our best attack at a absolute accumulating in the quick-comparison blueprint beneath and in the best accepted adapted anatomy at this link.

There are now dozens added options from vendors alms a array of accouterments and software to owner-operators and fleets. Abounding of them are new to trucking.

Weighing options for acknowledging with the Federal Motor Carrier Assurance Administration’s ELD authorization that takes aftereffect Dec. 18 won’t absolutely be an accessible bolus for anti-mandate partisans. But it adeptness be a little easier to absorb aback seeing that whatever your needs, there’s a bell-ringer alms it, abounding of them at a decidedly reasonable aggregate point.

Since April, new players accept emerged that advertise accouterments and activity ELD functionality afterwards the account fee, amid abounding others that activity a array of accessory functions. Most accessories booty the adverse access to pricing. They lock users into account cable fees, about adjourned on a per-power-unit basis.

As new players in the ELD bazaar abide to emerge, we’ll abide afterlight a adaptation of the blueprint that you can acquisition online at this link.

Exemptions from the authorization are few. Some changes to the best cogent exemption, for trucks active pre-2000 engines, are explored below. Otherwise, you’re absolved alone if you don’t run above the brief air-mile ambit for added than eight canicule in any rolling 30-day period. A 90-day administration adjournment for agronomical haulers — aimed principally at livestock haulers but potentially applying to a greater subset of trucking operations — had been appear at columnist time. Added capacity were pending. Stay acquainted for updates.

Among ELD-capable systems with different added account for baby agile owners is iGlobal’s Edge MDT bore with a congenital scanning accessory and a cellular mic that functions like a CB in a clandestine arrangement amid a fleet’s users able with the device.

By Todd Dills

If you’re an absolute owner-operator with alone one truck, you’re acceptable to approach to a baseline-compliance cyberbanking logging device afterwards a lot of the accretion and whistles that are accessible in fleet-management-focused systems.

Still, you can account from some added functions such as IFTA abstracts collection, authoritative breadth tracking added automated and calmly reportable. If you administer added than one barter or are assertive for growth, simplified celerity accoutrement in some programs adeptness advice you calibration your operation.

As you’re authoritative your decision, concern any bell-ringer about these issues:

SUPPORT. The final aphorism specifies an eight-day timeframe for repairing/replacing a adulterated ELD. Does the provider banal the affectionate of accouterments account to accommodated such a quick turnaround? How are replacements/repairs handled? Who’s amenable for aircraft charges?

For carriers defective added than eight canicule to alter any ELD, the aphorism additionally spelled out a activity for requesting added time. It involves contacting your state’s Federal Motor Carrier Assurance Administration division appointment and authoritative your case.

FMCSA REGISTRY. The ELD aphorism requires appliance an ELD self-certified by the architect as affair the rule’s specs and listed on FMCSA’s ELD registry. Aback our April guide, best makers old and new to the bazaar accept certified. For any that haven’t, ask about their affairs for acceptance afore advance in their product. If they don’t accept a plan, be agnostic of the adeptness to use the accessory above the end of 2019.

To adjourn ELD acquiescence for two years, you could instead advance in current-generation Automated Onboard Recording Accessories (AOBRDs). These accommodated the abundantly basal requirements (compared to the ELD specs) of CFR 395.15, which are grandfathered through Dec. 16, 2019. AOBRDs activity some key differences from ELDs, decidedly in the aggregate and specificity of abstracts adapted to be calm and rules on edits. Generally, AOBRDs acquiesce ambassador accounts to adapt logs afterwards disciplinarian approval, and do not crave a almanac of edits to be displayed at roadside — admitting they are still adapted to bottle a back-office aisle of edits.

Some providers, Gorilla Assurance amid them, activity the advantage to run a accessory in AOBRD mode, which grants aggregation back-office agents the adeptness to adapt logs afterwards disciplinarian approval. Also, that approach doesn’t abutment the cyberbanking abstracts alteration options adapted of ELDs, amid added differences.

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 J.J. Keller Publishes Timely Top 12 HVUT Filing Tips

To use an AOBRD through 2019, you allegation install the accessory above-mentioned to the ELD administration borderline of Dec. 18, 2017.

Pa.-based Landis & Sons owner-operator Mike Landis retired a 1988 Peterbilt cabover this year in favor of this 1999 362, afterwards he purchased the assemblage from a retired owner-operators who’d ordered it aboriginal – it fetched $17,500, a acceptable price, Landis says, because its agent was an all but aboriginal factory-reman 1999 Detroit Series 60, and absolved from the ELD mandate. The rig is pictured actuality on Constitution Ave. amid the White House and Washington Monument, breadth Landis abutting a accumulation of demonstrators in adherence with protests adjoin the ELD mandate.

By Todd Dills

Owner-operator Randy Carlson of Minnesota was backward to apprehend the account of the Federal Motor Carrier Assurance Administration’s activity changeabout of sorts apropos the pre-2000 absolution to the cyberbanking logging accessory mandate.When a allocution with Overdrive abreast him of a cogent change fabricated in July – that administration would attending at the agent year rather than the barter anatomy archetypal year – Carlson said it “sounds like it’s a acceptable day for me.”

Carlson’s 2001 Freightliner Classic anatomy is powered by an older, absolutely automated Caterpillar. With the pre-2000 model-year absolution angry alone to the archetypal year of the truck, he’d accept been adapted to advance in an ELD workaround to accumulate that barter in acquiescence or back-fit his cautiously acquainted automated agent aural a pre-2000 cab/chassis to accumulate active it accurately afterwards the mandate.

Even with his acceptable fortune, there’s been a aggregate for Carlson. It comes from the agnosticism the bureau has apparent on the exemption, decidedly with this contempo move afterwards so connected – a abounding year and a bisected – captivation that the truck’s archetypal year would actuate the exemption.

In bounce this year, Carlson amid a 1996 Freightliner powered by a same-year Detroit Series 60. He paid $4,500 for it, afresh added to get it in shape.

“I was activity to maybe drive that one,” he adds, in the acting until he could acquisition a pre-2000 cab/chassis to go with his automated Caterpillar engine. “I’m apparently not activity to do that now” in animosity of the abreast $7,000 advance he’s fabricated in the 1996 unit.

He can blow a little easier, he says, but not so anyone out there who “had a 1999 barter who bought a 2003-’04” agent to put in, Carlson says.

The FMCSA website’s FAQs (frequently asked questions) agenda that drivers are not adapted to backpack affidavit in the barter that confirms the engine’s archetypal year, but addendum that federal regulations crave motor carriers to accumulate all affidavit on agent changes “at the arch abode of business.”

Nevertheless, to abstain disproportionate abiding red band with law enforcement, owner-operators condoning for the absolution by advantage of agent archetypal year would do able-bodied to backpack such affidavit if it’s not visibly, acutely formed on the engine. That’s the bearings for Carlson, who says he’s acceptable to get a printout from Caterpillar to carry, abnormally because his barter is a 2001 model.

Other anti-ELD authorization owner-operators amid Overdrive’s admirers were sitting analogously appealing afterwards the midsummer advertisement of the change. The multitudes of owners who’d bought trucks from Fitzgerald Glider Kits or accession maker in the aftermost several years stood a acceptable adventitious of now actuality absolved from the authorization as well.

Mike Crenshaw, a adumbrative at a Western Star dealer, told of a chump who’d bought a glider congenital abroad and artlessly could not actuate from the architect the aboriginal consecutive number, which would accredit accessible lookup of the accomplish date.

Fitzgerald genitalia adumbrative James Hawn, however, said his aggregation hadn’t run into agnate snags. He said aftermost ages he’d been accepting calls circadian for some time about this issue, decidedly aback the aboriginal consecutive cardinal on a factory-reman agent wasn’t accessible to the owner.

But with the agent VIN in hand, he said it’s an accessible lookup activity for his company, decidedly on trucks congenital in the aftermost several years by the maker.

A Nashville, Tennessee-based account rep for accustomed Detroit benefactor Clarke Adeptness Casework additionally acclaimed in October he’d put in abounding a alarm on account of glider owners to Fitzgerald himself, attractive for an agent consecutive number. “I advice bodies every day” with this issue, he says.

“When Fitzgerald builds the truck, they attach a tag for a bright consecutive number. They can additionally aloof alarm me with that, and there’s no affair at all. I book out the basal breadth on the motor and appearance the in-service date and aloof browse it and shoot it over to them.”

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 Heavy vehicle use tax Form 12 is due... - J. J. Keller ...

Then, they’ve got the affidavit they allegation to prove they’re absolved from the ELD mandate.

For others, it’s not been so easy. Emissions rules crave agent makers to re-serial the block of any remanned agent not congenital especially to alter accession already-running engine. In that process, aboriginal consecutive annal are about destroyed, and reman consecutive numbers issued appearance alone the date of remanufacture.

For owners of such anchored engines, accustomed an alien aboriginal in-service date for the block, the safe comedy may be to run ELDs if the reman date shows year 2000 or later. If you’re accommodating to cycle the dice to abstain them and accept you accept adapted affidavit added than the consecutive number/build breadth to prove the authentic aboriginal archetypal year of the block, apperceive that in situations breadth agent year is not clear, FMCSA is instructing roadside to bang those cases aback to the bureau for added investigation.

Owner-operator Dave Marti’s 2015 389 glider.

Dave Marti, a baby agile owner-operator carriage ammunition in tankers in and about an Illinois home base, owns a 2015 Peterbilt 389 powered by a branch remann Detroit Series 60, a glider put calm by Fitzgerald. While he’s already active e-logs accustomed the aggregation his baby agile is busy to requires them of its contractors, he amid the bolted-on bowl Fitzgerald absorbed to his agent assuming the aboriginal consecutive number. He had no abstraction from what year absolutely the agent came, aloof that it was congenital per the reman branch advice bowl to 1998 EPA emissions specifications.

The Clark Adeptness rep, who adopted not to be quoted by name, looked the cardinal up in Detroit’s system. “The aboriginal in-service date for that agent was December 28, 1999,” he said, three canicule avant-garde of the ELD absolution cutoff. “That adeptness be account a little article added to somebody” should Marti anytime plan to advertise it, he added. “I’ve been on both abandon of the bold on this thing. [The ELD mandate] is activity to be a cephalalgia for everybody in the connected run – a all-important angry that we’ve all got to accord with.”

Here’s acquisitive added weren’t in the bearings that’s now a about-face of Carlson’s above-mentioned quandary. Early this year in his chase for an ELD-exempt unit, Carlson ran beyond a clandestine affair in Missouri affairs a 1997 or ’98 model-year “Freightliner Classic connected awning like my 2001.” But the for-sale rig, which would’ve been absolved according to FMCSA’s aboriginal terms, was powered by “a newer Detroit in the 2003-’05 range. If anybody’s” bought that barter cerebration they’d abstain the ELD mandate, “they’re not activity to be blessed campers” accustomed FMCSA’s change.

A aerial aggregate for authoritative agnosticism indeed. Beneath the new policy, the allegation to use an ELD or not would chase the agent archetypal year, not the truck’s, and they’d allegation to run electronic.

Owner-operator Tim Klaus’ 1997 e-log-exempt International – one of two absolved trucks he owns, in accession to a2009 Freightliner Cascadia he utilizes for semi-frequent runs to California carriage aggregate rock. For those attractive to run beforehand units, he suggests advancement two to ensure all-important appliance – “one to run, and one for a spare.” And: Maybe alike a third “for parts” if you can afford/store it.

Since the December 2016 affair of Overdrive, breadth we aftermost advised abstracts from TopBid.com’s analysis of bargain prices for truck-tractors about the nation, trends apparent afresh accept connected as appraisement for pre-2000 models on boilerplate has held. A allegory amid 1995-1999 archetypal year trucks’ boilerplate bargain prices against the aforementioned for 2000-2004 archetypal years showed both averages accepting afterpiece calm aback the ELD mandate’s announcement.

Looking all the way aback to October 2014, afore the ELD authorization and its pre-2000 absolution (now angry to the agent year, not the barter anatomy archetypal year) was appear in December 2015, there was aloof a distinct ages in which the 1995-1999 boilerplate bargain aggregate exceeded that for 2000-2004 models. In the two years since, that’s happened three times, and several months accept been actual abutting in boilerplate bargain aggregate for the archetypal groupings.

High aberration according to accessories activity is the absoluteness in the bargain and private-party markets for trucks of that age. Wagner, Okla-based absolute owner-operator Buck Hartley in October was assessing abeyant for “upgrading” his 2009 Kenworth to a 1994 Peterbilt that a coffer in his breadth “had beneath a repo,” he said. “The admirer at the coffer administration it is declared to be calling me.” The Peterbilt, powered by a absolutely automated engine, anticipation by the pictures Hartley had apparent aback we talked “looked abominable rough. They’re alone allurement $5,000 for it.”

As others in agnate situations accept done, Hartley estimated he adeptness put as abundant as $20,000 admirable in it if he went that route. “It’d pay for itself eventually,” he said.

Conversely, Landis and Sons owner-operator Mike Landis of Pennsylvania beforehand this year begin what adeptness be the barter of his dreams in a 1999 Peterbilt 362 cabover powered by an “all but aboriginal reman Detroit engine,” he says, aloof as it came time to added or beneath retire his 1988 362. The 1999 rig, with hardly added than 1 actor afar on the odometer, had been beneath the buying of a distinct owner-operator for the absoluteness of its life, a man who maintained it well. Landis did put some assignment into it on its own, though, sandblasting the anatomy and accomplishing “some anchor work,” rebuilding the avant-garde end and more, including affluence of cutting and acrylic buffing.

Missouri-based owner-operator Tim Klaus suggests that to get appliance out of a agent with such age for adapted profitability, an owner-operator adeptness do able-bodied “to accept two — one to run, and one for a spare. And one for genitalia if you can abundance it.”

Along comes the ELD mandate, additionally California’s diesel-emissions regs – with which Klaus bare to accede to abundantly serve a absolute bulk-rock chump in the state. “I best up a 2009 Cascadia,” a above Walmart agile truck, “in the slump of the barter auctions for a song,” he says. “I paid beneath for this barter than I paid for my aboriginal cabover in 1984. Shined it up, new tires, anchored the accessory problems and six months after put it on the road. All I accept to do is bung up the ELD and its ready” appear abutting month. “All this time I was switching aback and alternating from the International to the Freightliner to get the use out of my investment.

“I’m a lot afterpiece to the end of my trucking career than the beginning” in 1978, Klaus notes. “I’ve apparent a lot of changes — hours of service, biologic testing, CDL — and fabricated it through. This ELD authorization is aloof accession bang in the road. If they annul the ELD mandate, I’ll still accept a nice barter to drive , with two added trucks. If not, oh well.”

By Todd Dills

In accession to logging, the electronic logging accessories listed in the blueprint beneath acquiesce for cyberbanking disciplinarian agent analysis reports. Best accommodate options for messaging and back-office assemblage tracking. Accessory appearance listed are not comprehensive in best cases. Some appearance may crave further investment in casework and/or hardware. Many systems accommodate appearance enabled by the affiliation to the engine’s electronic ascendancy module, including the capability of affiliation with a variety of busline administration software systems.

Unless contrarily noted, costs in this chart administer to a one-truck operator independent of a beyond fleet, buying aftermarket. Volume discounts often apply. Abounding providers activity charter options for accouterments with prices arranged into account packages.

Some systems are “bring your own device” (BYOD) products, breadth smartphone or book software is commutual with a accessory that connects to the ECM. For such systems, associated costs exclude the aggregate of the adaptable accessory unless contrarily noted. Associated abstracts plan accuse additionally are not included.

> > > > > Scroll the blueprint adapted to appraise the abounding ambit of devices. > > > > >

By Dean Smallwood

BigRoad DashLink ELD

Over 480,000 drivers and 30,000 fleets assurance BigRoad to accomplish authoritative compliance.

The plug-and-play DashLink ELD connects to the BigRoad Adaptable App on the driver’s accessory via Bluetooth, authoritative it transferrable amid drivers and trucks. Together, these solutions affectation real-time blow notifications and actualize logs that inspectors love.

DashLink is an AOBRD and ELD in one! Booty advantage of the AOBRD addendum by installing DashLink afore December 18, 2017. AOBRDs activity added flexibility, giving drivers time to get adequate with engine-connected logging afore affective to ELDs. Transitioning to an ELD is as simple as a chargeless software update.

1-2 barter fleets that acquirement a DashLink by December 18, 2017 on a one-year arrangement get an added 3 months free! If purchased via the articulation provided below, they’ll additionally get a $25 allowance card.

Purchase your DashLink online here: BigRoad.com/3Free

Compliance Assurance Casework TruLog

Compliance Assurance Services’ TruLog is a adaptable app for cyberbanking logging accessory acquiescence that meets all FMCSA requirements. The ELD calmly plugs in to the cyberbanking ascendancy module, which communicates with the app on a smartphone or book and transmits adapted abstracts to amend hours of account advice that is stored deeply and aggregate calmly with assurance board and authoritative agencies. The acceptable app has a glassy architecture that’s simple to use and accessible to apprehend for both the disciplinarian and the assurance investigator. The advice includes easy-to-understand updates on mileage, ammunition and GPS location. The app’s accoutrement accommodate avant-garde functionality such as cyberbanking DVIRs, automated aliment assignment orders and blow reporting. It is advised for fast angel and book uploading, including bills of burden and photos. The app’s multi-user adequacy allows owner-operators to administer two accounts, one as a disciplinarian and one as a supervisor.

Compliance Assurance Services, TrulogELD.com

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 J.J. Keller Publishes Timely Top 12 HVUT Filing Tips

Connected Holdings’ HOS Reporter

HOS Reporter is a two-in-one driver-friendly acquiescence accessory for owner-operators and baby fleets. It includes cyberbanking logging accessory and abounding AOBRD options that accommodate e-logs beneath beforehand regulations that acquiesce for editable logs and beneath abstracts beatific afterward stops, acceptation added aloofness and possibly beneath citations. It additionally offers cyberbanking DVIRs and automated IFTA abstracts logging. The cable includes an easy-to-install GPS accessory for the truck’s 6-pin, 9-pin or Volvo-Mack abstracts connector. To use the software, download a archetype from HOS-Reporter.com. Options accommodate HOS Reporter-Bluetooth, the lowest-cost advantage that sends advice appliance the driver’s smartphone and abstracts plan; HOS Reporter-Bluetooth/Cellular, which sends advice over cellular networks appliance the driver’s smartphone; and HOS Reporter-Bluetooth/Cellular and Tablet, which sends advice over cellular networks appliance the company’s committed tablet. The antecedent aggregate is $0, with an advancing account fee of $15 (two years prepaid) or $18 (one year).

Connected Holdings, HOS-Reporter.com

Continental VDO RoadLog

VDO RoadLog has a congenital thermal printer that provides an burning adamantine archetype that resembles a acceptable cardboard logbook filigree for an analysis administrator to review. A cardboard printout eliminates abstruse issues involving appointment log abstracts that contrarily adeptness advance to drivers handing over their claimed corpuscle phones to an administrator or accepting the administrator ascend into the cab to analysis an cyberbanking logging accessory screen. VDO RoadLog ELDs assignment with VDO RoadLog Office, an online agile administration apparatus for automated acquiescence advertisement advised for fast, defended abstracts transfers and automated online almanac backup. The artefact additionally helps automate IRP and IFTA reporting, as able-bodied as pre-and post-trip inspections.

VDO RoadLog is advised for accessible accession and use and is accessible afterwards account fees or contracts. Optional appearance accommodate Driver/Vehicle Clue & Trace, Load & Trip Management, VDO RoadLog Appointment Avant-garde and VDO RoadLog Appointment Premium.

VDO Commercial Vehicles, VDORoadLog.com


DriveELD’s bargain adaptable appliance and web dashboard is advised for complete binding FMCSA affidavit of hours of account compliance. DriveELD maximizes drive time and reduces fines and animal absurdity by eliminating paperwork and befitting drivers and fleets adapted from auto to drop-off, which leads to faster DOT inspections, bargain analysis times and abolishment of violations. Appearance accommodate accessible HOS logging; assignment cachet recording; log creation, alteration and certification; and DVIR reports. The bunched adapter installs anon to the J1939 anchorage and connects wirelessly to the DriveELD app to interface with adaptable accessories via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth afterwards interfering with cellular connectivity. The adapter comes in assorted versions to abutment customized needs, and all accouterments is absolutely activated afore it leaves the branch to accommodate cloud-based accumulator for all cyberbanking logging accessory data. The arrangement costs $99 per year.

DriveELD, Drive-ELD.com

Geotab Drive

Geotab Drive is a FMCSA-compliant band-aid for ecology hours of service, DVIRs and disciplinarian identification. The app syncs abstracts amid the Geotab Go constituent accessory and a book to accommodate automated assignment cachet changes, abuse alerts and end-to-end analysis workflow, all in one acceptable platform. Geotab Drive is accordant with the company’s Go 6 and Go 7 devices, IOX-USB and Android or iOS. In accession to cyberbanking logging, Go’s capabilities accommodate IFTA abstracts collection, agent diagnostics, disciplinarian scorecards, safety/risk administration functions and abstracts affiliation for management; added custom additions are accessible from the Geotab Marketplace. The antecedent aggregate for the FMCSA-registered accessory is $170, and the advancing charter or account fee per barter is about $20 to $30 per month.

Geotab, Geotab.com

Omnitracs MCP, XRS

The Omnitracs Enterprise Casework belvedere on the Intelligent Agent Gateway is accordant with all MCP models and Omnitracs applications, with adjustable affiliation and affiliation options. The artefact offers agent diagnostics, mobile-based weigh-station bypass, IFTA accounting, in-cab scanning, barter navigation, geofencing, custom adaptable forms, idle-time tracking and affiliation with busline administration software systems. Driver-friendly appearance accommodate a ample self-dimming screen, automatic alerts and hands-free functionality.

The company’s BYOD (bring your own device) band of XRS articles is accessible on Android and Windows Adaptable accessories and, in accession to cyberbanking logging accessory compliance, is customizable for agile administration functions, dispatch, forms, maintenance, IFTA accounting and more. The XRS belvedere is accordant with Omnitracs applications and best TMS platforms.

Omnitracs, Omnitracs.com

Pedigree Technologies Cab-Mate One

Pedigree Technologies launched Cab-Mate One as the best affordable and easiest plug-and-play cyberbanking logging accessory to install (five minutes). The Cab-Mate One is the third accession to the company’s FMCSA-certified ELD Chrome offering, congenital on the award-winning, automatic and reliable OneView platform.

The offerings are developed appliance chump acknowledgment and real-life applications, not aloof acquiescence restrictions. This agency Android-ready ELD Chrome offers FMCSA acquiescence with options for expandability into a abounding apartment of absolute business administration tools, from basal ELD to accessories tracking; and annoy pressure, catchbasin akin and temperature monitoring, aloof to name a few.

Monthly fees are as low as $22. The Cab-Mate One runs as low at $399 anniversary aback purchasing 100 or added units; $0 with lease. In accession to the ruggedized all-in-one plug-and-play Cab-Mate One, ELD Chrome additionally offers a BYOD Android option, the Cab-Mate Open; and a committed unit, Cab-Mate Connect.

Pedigree Technologies, PedigreeTechnologies.com

Pegasus TransTech Transflo ELD T7

Pegasus Trans-Tech’s Transflo ELD T7 packs a lot of adeptness in one affordable punch. It’s a BYOD band-aid – smartphone or book – that is accessible to use and accessible for Android and iOS. At beneath than 3 inches, the accessory is abiding and compact. Bung in and actuate in account afterwards a artisan or adapted tools.

The Standard ELD Plan includes hours of account compliance, DVIRs and IFTA reporting. The exceptional Agile Telematics plan adds abundant barter aliment and agent achievement data, as able-bodied as disciplinarian behavior insights. The accouterments is accessible for beneath than $99, with account subscriptions starting at $18. The accessory is accessible for acquirement from Transflo, Transflo approach ally and Pilot Flying J, Love’s and TA Petro biking stops.

The artefact integrates with the blow of the Transflo Adaptable suite. You can administer not alone HOS but additionally loads, celerity chat, acclimate and routing, certificate scanning, adjustment statements and more.

Pegasus TransTech, Transflo.com

2290 form jj keller
 12 Printable jj keller 12 Forms and Templates - Fillable ...

PrePass ELD

From the providers of PrePass counterbalance base bypass account comes PrePass ELD, a streamlined, simple band-aid to accede with the cyberbanking logging accessory mandate. PrePass ELD is certified to clue hours of account and annal alone the abstracts adapted by law. It can be acclimated with absolute adaptable accessories and takes abnormal to install: Download the application, bung the OBD accessory into the truck’s affection port, and PrePass ELD begins tracking movement and disciplinarian hours-of-operation metrics. It additionally includes web-based advertisement through a acceptable cloud-based axial administration portal.

As allotment of the PrePass ancestors of services, PrePass ELD includes the aforementioned aerial standards for abstracts aloofness and chump abutment that has fabricated PrePass one of the industry’s best trusted providers. The aggregate of the PrePass ELD app per barter is $14.99 per ages and $12.99 per ages aback added to the counterbalance base bypass service.

PrePass, PrePass.com


TruckX XELD is a simple and affordable belvedere advised for owner-operators and fleets. The plug-and-play accessory takes abnormal to install. It connects to a barter and talks via Bluetooth to a driver’s buzz or tablet. The TruckX XELD app requires about no training. Use of phones or tablets allows adaptability and portability amid trucks.

The app makes it simple to handle roadside inspections, DVIRs and log updates. It displays hours of account information, and with alerts and notifications, drivers can booty adapted activity to abstain cher abuse fines. They additionally can upload abstracts through the app, such as bills of lading.

The arrangement takes affliction of all the authoritative tasks for baby fleets, acceptance them to clue trucks and contrarily administer vehicles. IFTA letters are generated every quarter.

There is no allegation for the hardware; aloof a baby account fee. TruckX will awning the accessory throughout its service.

TruckX Inc., TruckX.com

UTech GPSTab ELD Edition

GPSTab ELD Edition provides a able apartment of accoutrement to advice you administer your agile and accede with the latest FMCSA regulations (AOBRD advantage advancing soon). The aggregation offers a 30-day money-back agreement with no arrangement and an “If Repealed” buy-back affairs and chargeless software advantage for 2017.

Features accommodate alive GPS tracking, area sharing, certificate scanning, disciplinarian scorecards, IFTA accounting, messaging, adjustable reporting, apprehension hours tracking and telematics. Appearance will be added always based on chump feedback.

The adeptness to allotment alive addition locations with barter reduces accidental tracking-related correspondence. Tracking intervals from bristles abnormal to one hour accumulation agile owners with accurate, accordant advice for bigger management. Users can adviser accepted location, speed, afar traveled, avenue alternative and added disciplinarian activities. Alerts accommodate drivers with advice all-important to anticipate violations. Proof of apprehension time and document-scanning functions advice drivers get paid faster.

GPSTab ELD Edition, GPSTab.com

Zed Affix Zed ELD

Zed Connect’s Zed ELD is a BYOD Bluetooth-ready acquiescence band-aid for the iOS and Android operating platforms. Zed’s Bluetooth adapter is accordant with 9-pin J1939 analytic ports – both Type 1 (black/gray) and Type 2 (green) – and uses assorted levels of aegis to affix to Zed’s adaptable app to abduction the adapted cyberbanking logging accessory abstracts for FMCSA compliance. For drivers, Zed ELD offers circadian certification, hours of account tracking, assignment cachet annal and DVIR advertisement for DOT inspections to advance compliance. It additionally offers acquisition and navigation, including real-time updates on alley conditions, closures and construction. For fleets, the band-aid additionally offers avenue management, GPS tracking, DVIR affidavit and a dashboard. ZED intends to use its accessible belvedere to advance added services. The accessory is advised for accessible installation, and the antecedent aggregate is $200 with no advancing account fee.

Zed Connect, Zed-ELD.com

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