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How Pennsylvania Accompaniment Badge and the Erie County Coroner’s Appointment unraveled a abstruseness and articular Joy Bartlett.

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Craig Bartlett absent acquaintance with his beforehand sister, Joy Bartlett, aback he said she “just affectionate of went off on her own” abounding years ago.

“I alarm it, she absolved off into the forest,” he said from his home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Craig Bartlett said he and his brother, Marc, had already “gotten a little bleep of something” that Joy, to whom Craig was already actual close, ability be in Pennsylvania.

They would eventually apprentice that Joy was active in Erie aback authorities bankrupt the annual beforehand this ages that their sister had died.

The annual came afterwards weeks of analysis by the Pennsylvania Accompaniment Badge and the Erie County Coroner’s Appointment to try and put a name to a woman whose anatomy was begin by father-and-son avoid hunters on Presque Isle Accompaniment Park three canicule afterwards Christmas.

Investigators had no identification or a missing actuality address to assignment from, no fingerprints on book or tips from the accessible that would pan out.

What eventually apparent the riddle was a address of mail axle up; a passport; a alternation of buzz calls based on a analysis of a rental application; and dental annal from California.

State badge Trooper Sue Edelmann, a capital amateur in allowance to analyze Joy Bartlett, said there are still questions that charge to be answered in her death.

Authorities still don’t apperceive how, aback and why she concluded up in Presque Isle Accompaniment Park’s Marina Lake, which sits due arctic above Presque Isle Bay from Bartlett’s baby accommodation at West Additional and Liberty streets in Erie.

But Edelmann said she is admiring that she and others who formed the case were able to breach abundant of the mystery.

“It was absolutely not article I was activity to let go,” Edelmann said. “She has a family, friends. I absolutely did not appetite to accept her go bearding or be a Jane Doe.”

“She was somebody special,” Edelmann said.

A abstruse discovery

Edelmann and Erie County Chief Deputy Coroner Nick Rekitt were alive weekend assignment aback anniversary was summoned to Presque Isle on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 28.

A man avoid hunting with his son had little luck that morning, so the two took a canoe forth Marina Basin and went attractive for decoys, Edelmann said. The two spotted article they anticipation was a brace of hip waders. They looked a little afterpiece and anticipation they saw boots. They got afterpiece and saw it was a person.

She said the ancestor and son went aback to their avoid dark and alleged the authorities at about 9 a.m.

The anatomy was in the baptize in a alien breadth with close besom abreast the East Pier, Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook said. Rekitt said he had to lath a canoe to be taken to breadth the anatomy was found.

Rekitt fabricated the afterlife advertisement at 9:56 a.m.

The woman was dressed for the weather, Cook said. She was cutting assorted layers of thermal underwear; a dejected Nine West hooded jacket; Itasca ankle-high boots, advanced zip, admeasurement 7; gloves and a scarf.

The woman had no identification on her, but she was cutting a silver-colored arena with a burst stone, Cook said.

He said he and Erie County’s argumentative pathologist, Eric Vey, M.D., advised the woman’s anatomy and begin no affirmation of trauma. They additionally abstruse that the woman had all-encompassing dental work.

An dissection was not performed. Cook disqualified the annual of afterlife as ecology acknowledgment due to amphibian immersion.

“We would accept done an dissection if there was annihilation suspicious,” Cook said.

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Because of how the woman was dressed, Edelmann visited the abandoned shelters in the breadth and provided a description of the woman and her accouterment in hopes that addition would admit her.

“I affectionate of based it on all of the accouterment she had on. I affected she was homeless,” Edelmann said. “Her teeth were not in a absolute acceptable state, so I anticipation she had no admission to dental care.”

No one accustomed the actuality Edelmann described, she said. The trooper additionally addled out aback she arrested with abundant agencies in a 100-mile ambit of Erie to see if any of their missing bodies belletrist akin the woman’s description.

State badge issued a annual absolution afterwards in the day on Dec. 28 that included a description of the woman. Board asked anyone who ability accept advice to alarm Troop E address in Lawrence Park Township.

Edelmann said board had apparently a dozen or so bodies alarm to address a missing person. Board were able to annual for all of those people, she said.

At one point, board anticipation they ability accept an character based on advice they accustomed that seemed to bout the description of the woman, Cook said.

“It all seemed to fit,” he said. “We begin a cardinal and alleged it, and the woman we anticipation was in the basin answered the phone. So we had to alpha from scratch.”

The chase for answers

Fingerprints were taken from the anatomy and were beatific to the accompaniment badge lab. Board were told the prints weren’t acceptable abundant to be beatific out for allegory testing, Edelmann said.

She went aback to the Coroner’s Appointment on Dec. 31 and met with Deputy Coroner John Maloney.

“John Maloney and I acclaimed New Year’s Eve there,” Edelmann said.

They acquired addition set of fingerprints. The woman’s anatomy was additionally arrested for any appropriate marks, and a boom was found.

The additional set of prints was acceptable abundant to run through an automatic fingerprint identification system, but no allegory prints were begin during the search, Edelmann said.

The aboriginal big breach in the case happened on Jan. 6, aback Erie badge were alleged to an accommodation in the 700 block of West Additional Street.

Officers were beatific to the accommodation to do a abundance analysis on a woman alleged Joy Bartlett, 72, who lived there. The freeholder had apparent mail axle up and was anxious because Bartlett had not yet paid her hire for January, which was abnormal for her, according to investigators.

An administrator went into the apartment, which was unlocked, saw Bartlett’s belongings, including her wallet, and did not apprehension annihilation out of place, said Erie badge Detective Patrick Ginkel, who assisted in the investigation.

“Nothing seemed to be abhorrent play. It aloof seemed like she was not home,” he said.

The accommodation was advised as a abomination scene, however, because board did not apperceive breadth Bartlett was or what happened to her, Ginkel said.

Edelmann alternate to assignment on Jan. 7 afterwards actuality off for a few days. She abstruse from Cook that Erie badge had chock-full by his appointment and alone off a U.S. authorization for a woman Cook said looked like the woman begin at Presque Isle.

The passport, which Cook said was issued out of Texas, belonged to Bartlett and was begin in her apartment. Accompaniment badge did a accomplishments analysis based on advice from the authorization and abstruse that Bartlett had lived in a cardinal of places about the country, Edelmann said.

Closing in on an identity

Edelmann, Ginkel and an Erie badge Identification Unit detective fabricated arrange with the freeholder to chase Bartlett’s accommodation and visited it on Jan. 11. The accommodation was acutely accurate and orderly, and backing such as Bartlett’s laptop and corpuscle buzz were still there, Edelmann said.

There were three bales at the apartment. One package, which was in the door, was delivered on Dec. 15, Edelmann said.

Also begin in the apartment, Edelmann said, was a picture, which about appeared to her like it was an old laminated abode mat. The picture, which afraid in one of the doorways of the apartment, had an angel of Marina Basin on it, she said.

Investigators begin no addendum or annihilation abroad advertence breadth Bartlett ability accept gone. Ginkel said he talked to neighbors who declared Bartlett as affable but affectionate of a loner.

“One said she was a absolutely candied lady, absolutely nice, consistently adage hi and talking,” Ginkel said.

Investigators went through Bartlett’s wallet and begin grocery cards and coffer cards. Edelmann said she went to the places associated with the cards to see if anyone had apparent Bartlett recently. She bent that Bartlett had visited one grocery abundance on Dec. 4, and a lot of the items she bought were begin in her refrigerator. Edelmann abstruse from addition grocery abundance that Bartlett was aftermost there on Dec. 6.

Edelmann arrested with Bartlett’s physician and abstruse that she had not visited the appointment back 2017. She abstruse that Bartlett, whom her brother Craig Bartlett said admired appliance the library, had aftermost visited the Erie County Accessible Library in October.

Investigators abstruse that Bartlett did not accept a agent and took the bus everywhere. Edelmann alleged the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority in an accomplishment to clue Bartlett’s bus pass, but abstruse it couldn’t be tracked because seniors ride the bus for free, she said.

The abutting big breach in the analysis occurred afterwards Edelmann advised Bartlett’s rental appliance for the West Additional Street apartment, breadth she had lived for several years. The advertence band on the appliance independent the name and buzz cardinal for a woman in Carmel Valley, California.

The cardinal was no good. Edelmann again alleged the sheriff’s appointment in Monterey County, California. Officials there were able to accord her a buzz cardinal for the woman.

Edelmann said she abstruse from the woman that Bartlett had formed as an in-home abettor and catholic about the country caring for people. The woman said she aftermost saw Bartlett in 2008 or 2009, aback Bartlett larboard California.

Edelmann asked the woman if she knew of any dentists Bartlett had gone to in California. The woman provided a name of a dentist. Edelmann alleged the office. Within canicule the Erie County Coroner’s Appointment had copies of Bartlett’s dental records.

Mystery solved

Cook said board took a besom and a beard besom from Bartlett’s accommodation on the abbreviate adventitious that they could do a DNA allegory to analyze the anatomy begin at Presque Isle.

The botheration with DNA testing, he said, is that board charge accept a DNA sample to analyze with whatever samples were taken from the besom and beard brush.

“We didn’t accept annihilation like that,” Cook said.

Dental annal can additionally aid in anecdotic a person. But unless board accept specific advice about the person, there is no way of award the person’s dentist, Cook said.

That wasn’t the case with Bartlett. Vey, the argumentative pathologist for the Erie County Coroner’s Office, acclimated the dental annal from California to analyze with the woman’s body.

“Within two days, we had what Dr. Vey declared as the best dental annal he has anytime seen, forth with X-rays,” Cook said.

Edelmann said she was “on pins and all-overs all day” as Vey did a dental comparison. Edelmann accustomed a alarm afterwards that day that the dental annal accepted the anatomy was Joy Bartlett’s.

“I was actual blessed to apprehend that assuredly we gave her a name,” Edelmann said.

State badge issued a annual absolution on Jan. 20 announcement that the anatomy had been identified. Edelmann said she started attractive for Bartlett’s family.

A buzz cardinal that Bartlett’s acquaintance had accustomed Edelmann for one of Bartlett’s brothers was no good. Accompaniment badge intelligence admiral had accustomed her a lead, and through that advice Edelmann contacted a sheriff’s appointment in Oregon.

“They absolutely had addition there in bristles minutes,” she said. “They talked to her brother and he alleged me.”

Edelmann said the brother, Marc Bartlett, told her he hadn’t heard from his sister in some time. The brother was able to affirm that Bartlett had a tattoo, she said.

Finding Joy

Craig Bartlett said his sister was “always appetite for a college consciousness, as it were.”

He said Joy advised the assignment of Caroline Myss, an columnist and apostle in the fields of animal consciousness, adherence and mysticism, health, activity anesthetic and medical intuition, according to advice on Myss’ website.

“She was absolutely absorbed in her assignment a lot, consistently aggravating to get to a college akin of alertness to the point breadth she aloof affectionate of went off on her own,” Craig Bartlett said.

Joy accelerating from aerial academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, abounding Colorado Accompaniment University, served in the Volunteers in Service to America, and at one time ran a accumulation home for afflicted adolescent women. She had been affiliated three times, Craig Bartlett said.

He said his sister afterwards confused to California and at one time cared for a woman for several years afore the woman died. Joy again “just affectionate of bounced about a little bit,” traveling to Switzerland and at one point blockage with him in St. Paul afore she “just disappeared,” Craig Bartlett said.

“She was a biographer aloft and above annihilation else,” he said. “She began every day by accomplishing what she would alarm the ‘morning pages.’ She would address at atomic three pages every morning of whatever popped in her head. She was a writer. That was absolutely her affection for many, abounding years.”

Investigators who had searched Bartlett’s Erie accommodation said they begin a lot of airy verses that she had accounting bottomward and acquaint in books.

Craig Bartlett said he and his brother were aggravating to acquisition their sister aback they accustomed advice that she ability be in Pennsylvania. They knew annihilation abroad until acquirements that she was begin in Erie.

Marc Bartlett said he appreciates the efforts of anybody who was complex in anecdotic his sister, decidedly Edelmann.

“Everybody has been actual nice to us,” he said.

Cook said the accompaniment badge did a “yeoman’s job” in tracking advice down. The case illustrates the amazing accomplishment complex in aggravating to analyze an alien person, he said.

“It’s like putting calm a jigsaw puzzle,” Cook said.

Edelmann said she accord “a lot of kudos” to the Coroner’s Appointment for allowance to dig up advice and for actuality so accommodating.

Cook and Edelmann both said they plan to address belletrist to the dentist in California to acknowledge the appointment for records.

The case isn’t over for Edelmann.

She said it is arresting to not apperceive for abiding how continued Bartlett was missing, and she would like to apperceive breadth Joy Bartlett fell into the water.

Edelmann suspects that Bartlett ability accept concluded up in Marina Basin afterwards afloat above Presque Isle Bay.

She said she thinks board can aphorism out that Bartlett was absolutely on Presque Isle. She wouldn’t accept admission to get out there, because the bus doesn’t run to Presque Isle Accompaniment Park at this time of year and it was not accustomed for Bartlett to accept accompany aces her up, Edelmann said.

Edelmann said board are additionally still aggravating to actuate aback Bartlett came to Erie. She believes Bartlett accustomed in Erie to affliction for a actuality who died a few years ago. Edelmann has been clumsy to acquaintance anyone accompanying to that person.

“I don’t like it aback I don’t accept answers,” Edelmann said.

Tim Hahn can be accomplished at 870-1731 or by email. Follow him on Cheep at www.twitter.com/ETNhahn.

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