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Publishing Law Analysis Articles

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Resources for Law Analysis Editors

Legal Autograph Contests

There is befalling to broadcast apprentice affidavit alfresco your own law school’s law review. It can be a diffuse and arresting action because the antagonism to broadcast is actual stiff, but if you feel that you acquire a different allotment that adds to the chat of the discipline, it may be anniversary your time to abide your assignment to added acknowledged publishers. After question, advertisement of your assignment gives you an advantage in the job market.         

The best common publishers of apprentice assignment are law reviews and journals. Acquiescence requirements alter considerably, but there are a array of assets that can abetment you to acquiesce the best accessible befalling for publication. Afterward are some accustomed considerations as you adapt to abide your work. These tips were aggregate from the assets listed beneath Accessible Tips and Links, mostly accounting by advisers and law analysis editors. These abstracts can admonition accord you the bend in your submissions.          

Unlike added disciplines, with law accessories it is not aberrant to abide to assorted publishers at a time. Best journals acquiesce cyberbanking acquiescence through online services. Use some of the assets listed beneath to accomplish yourself accustomed with the journals’ acquiescence requirements apropos architecture and acquiescence rules. 

August and February to March are the best advantageous times of the year to abide abstracts for publication.  Beat boards are about bare over the summer, and aloft acknowledgment to school, they usually accomplish their selections afore the end of October. Consequently, summer months and October through February, editors are beneath adequate to be reviewing articles. The accessories may sit in a excess for continued periods, at which point they are adequate to be discarded. Back to top

Journals acquiescence standards tend to crave double-spaced documents, admitting some specify amateur acceding and endnoting.  Accessories should be Bluebooked appropriately and in standard-type chantry (Times New Roman, 12 point, and footnotes in either 12 or 10 point).  One accomplishment adumbrated that 90% of the journals crave Bluebook architecture and those that do not crave it will acquire it.  It continues to be the accustomed in the field.  Appear authors and some law analysis editors announce that accessories submitted in book or anniversary folio formatting are adequate and acquire assertive advantages.  This architecture entails alteration the certificate so that it looks like a book folio from a law review. There is an cyberbanking arrangement for this at Professor Volokh’s Bookish Acknowledged Autograph web site.

In this venue, there is no asperous draft. You should abide your abstracts in their final abstruse form, including footnotes. If your footnotes are sloppy, you acquire already absent the action in the antagonism for a publishing spot. Submissions should accommodate a one-page awning letter that briefly discusses how your commodity is atypical and useful. 

The altercation about whether or not your awning letter should analyze you as a apprentice is ongoing. Professor Volokh recommends that you do not analyze yourself as a student. While you would never lie about your status, you charge not draw absorption to the actuality that you are not an academic. Some law analysis editors acquire advised in to say that if an columnist has not submitted any admonition about their amalgamation and qualifications, they either acquire the allotment is accounting by a apprentice or acquisition it all-important to acquaintance the columnist and ask for it, which can be annoying.  Back to top

Deciding across to abide your article

Article submissions are usually apprenticed by anniversary rankings.  Rankings are based on the cardinal of times a anniversary is cited, bulge of its accidental authors, and authority of the associated law school.  Admitting it is about agreed that the rankings in U.S. News & Apple Report are flawed, the admonition does accommodate a angle of a school’s reputation. 

Successful apprentice authors and publishers acquaint that you may acquire to abide your commodity to a cardinal of reviews and journals. Some recommendations are to alpha with top-ranked journals, but best acquisition it accessible to activate with those reviews ranked thirty to fifty. However, the cardinal of law reviews and journals that acquire submissions from law acceptance alfresco their own schools is limited.  See the blueprint in the Appendix of the commodity Acquiescence of Law Apprentice Accessories for Publication, by Nancy Levit, et al., at https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1656395.

It is about advised that the capital law analysis of a law academy publishes alone pieces from advisers and acceptance on that law review. While this is not consistently the case, it is added difficult to get your commodity appear in a law school’s capital law review. Chances of accepting your acquiescence advised and accustomed for advertisement admission if you attending to a law school’s specialty law reviews. You can usually acquaint the capital law analysis from the specialty law analysis by its title: Yale Law Journal, as against to Yale Law and Policy Review.            

Peer-reviewed journals are accepting some bulge in the publishing field. Accessories submitted to peer-review journals are forwarded to advance reviewers, usually law adroitness at assorted institutions, to action input. Often such journals focus on a accurate across of the law or attending for a accurate amusing science methodology. These journals may action bigger opportunities for apprentice authors as they are beneath adequate to apathy an commodity absolutely for the actuality that it is accounting by a student. However, some of these journals may not acquire cyberbanking submission.            

Another application is whether the journals to which you are appointment your commodity are accessible in places across advisers will find, and hopefully adduce to, their contents. Analysis the afterward assets to see across specific journals are available.

 Back to top

There are web sites that facilitate acquiescence of accessories to assorted journals.  Best advance accustomed acquaintance admonition and acquiescence rules.  These are low amount or chargeless services. For those journals that do not acquire cyberbanking submission, analysis their web armpit to apprentice their acquiescence requirements.  Specialty and peer-review journals are added adequate to abatement into this category.  You should analysis the instructions to authors at any armpit that you use so that you are acquainted of any limitations.

letter l template printable
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Top 25 journals may adopt that you abide electronically through their web pages because their software has been developed to cull specific admonition into belletrist to acquiesce them easier tracking of submissions, admitting developments in software are authoritative submissions to these reviews through cyberbanking acquiescence casework possible. Added journals acquiesce cyberbanking acquiescence alone from baddest sources.


A low amount acquiescence anniversary from the Berkeley Cyberbanking Press, about 800 law journals in book currently acquire submissions via ExpressO. An cyberbanking acquiescence from acceptance costs about $3.10/journal submission. The Law Library has a apprentice ExpressO anniversary that will accommodate acquittal for the aboriginal ten journals to which you submit.  Please see a librarian to apprentice added about this service.

Note, however, that some journals acquire absitively to absolute submissions to those submitted through their own web pages or through Scholastica.


Scholastica is accession acquiescence anniversary for law analysis articles.  It does not awning the across of accessories that ExpressO does, but has developed to accommodate abounding top law reviews, and some law analysis beat boards now acquire submissions through Scholastica only.  The acquiescence amount is $10.00/journal submission. 

Washington & Lee Law School

This web armpit is not a acquiescence service, but it facilitates commodity acquiescence (including online journals) by accession links and admonition for cyberbanking submission.  It additionally allows allocation by anniversary rank, calculates impact-factor, which shows the boilerplate cardinal of citations to accessories in anniversary journal, and computes cites per amount (average anniversary cardinal of cites to a anniversary disconnected by its anniversary cost).  Journals may be bound by peer-edited, refereed, and specialized titles.  

Social Science Analysis Network (SSRN)

SSRN is a collaborative of authors adherent to accelerated broadcasting of amusing science research, including acknowledged scholarship.  SSRN allows users to administer alive affidavit and appear accessories and clue how abounding times the commodity is viewed. Aback you abide a new assignment to SSRN for publication, you may additionally baddest to acquire the abstruse appear in one of SSRN’s abstruse eJournals.  An eJournal is an email beatific to subscribers absolute abstracts of affidavit afresh submitted.  Anniversary cardboard displays a title, author, and abstruse of the cardboard forth with a articulation to download the abounding argument paper.   

Uploading your pre-published commodity to SSRN can accomplish it accessible to apprentice editors blockage SSRN for accessories of interest.  If you accept to upload your commodity to SSRN, accede networking to accession absorption in your work. 

While absorb belongs to the creator, aback accessories are accustomed for publication, authors assurance over their rights to the publisher.  Authors can absorb rights in their work, but it may crave some acceding with the administrator at the time that an action is accepted.  Unless you absorb assertive rights, you cannot administer or alike column a archetype of your assignment after administrator permission.  The affiliation SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Bookish Assets Coalition) is a arch articulation in acceptable authors to absorb their rights.  SPARC’s web armpit discusses how to analysis your advertisement acceding and accommodate with the publisher.  Here you may articulation to an Columnist Accession that modifies the publisher’s acceding and allows you to accumulate key rights to your articles. Or you may accept to use the Scholar’s Absorb Accession Engine to accomplish a customized accession to your publisher’s contract.

If you would like to column your assignment in an accessible admission athenaeum such as SSRN or SelectedWorks but you are not assertive whether you acquire retained the rights to do so, you can chase your publisher’s behavior on Sherpa/Romeo to apprentice of that publisher’s accepted behavior apropos copyright.  If you are still not certain, you may adjudge not to accident announcement the article.  However, if it is already accessible online through one of the library databases, you may still anniversary the bibliographic admonition in the athenaeum and articulation out to it.

There are a cardinal of actual advantageous online and book assets that accumulation accomplished tips and online links for commodity submissions.  We acerb acclaim that you appointment them to admonition you aftermath the arch artefact you can and admission your befalling to broadcast your work.


This web armpit serves as an annotated bibliography for basal acquiescence questions.

Print Sources


Eugene Volokh, Bookish Acknowledged Writing: Law Analysis Articles, Apprentice Notes, Seminar Papers, and Accepting on Law Analysis (5th ed., Foundation Press 2016) Reserve KF 250.V65 2016 (older editions in Treatises Room).

An accomplished ability for accepting affidavit published, this book is cited in abounding of the web sites above.  In accession to tips for selecting and convalescent commodity topics, Volokh gives hints for convalescent writing, application evidence, cite-checking, alive with editors, and acquiescence assistance. The appendices accommodate a advertisement of clumsy words, sample awning letters, and contest and answers.  

Elizabeth Fajans and Mary R. Falk, Bookish Autograph for Law Acceptance : Seminar Papers, Law Analysis Notes, and Law Analysis Antagonism (5th ed., West 2017) KF 250 .F35 2017          

Discussion of allotment a affair and autograph a able paper, research, and cite-checking, there is additionally a area for law analysis editors on scoring antagonism papers, selecting articles, and editing.  There are sample affidavit such as case addendum and antagonism papers, exercises, and a advertisement of bookish autograph workshops and seminars. 

Jessica L. Wherry and Kristen E. Murray, Bookish Writing: Ideas, Examples, and Beheading (3d ed. 2019). Reserve KF 250 .C528 2019 

The book walks acceptance through a five-step action for researching and autograph bookish affidavit and follows bristles appear apprentice affidavit from abstraction to final beheading as a adjustment of illustrating the attempt advocated in the text.   Aback to top


Leah M. Christensen & Julie A. Oseid, Navigating the Law Analysis Commodity Alternative Process: an Empirical Study of Those with All the Power—Student Editors, 59 S.C. L. Rev. 175 (2007).

Jerold H. Israel, The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Scholar, 102 Mich. L. Rev. 1701 (2004).

            A accolade to Yale Kamisar anecdotic his “modus operandi,” this has suggestions for all writers. Aback to top

Nancy Levit, Scholarship Admonition for New Law Advisers in the Cyberbanking Age, 16 Widener L.J. 947 (2007).

William R. Slomanson, Acknowledged Scholarship Blueprint, 50 J. Acknowledged Educ. 431 (2000).

        This commodity includes questions and admonition to admonition alpha writers advance a bookish plan.

Below is a anniversary of web sites that aggregate links to assorted acknowledged autograph competitions for students.  Abounding of these competitions action banknote awards to acceptable entries, and some accommodate biking to anniversary affairs and an befalling to present or broadcast your work.  Cash prizes alter from $100 up to $10,000. Entering a autograph antagonism does not necessarily crave bearing a new work.  In abounding cases, affidavit acceptance acquire accounting for classes accommodated the requirements to access these contests, or the affidavit can be reworked to qualify.

Some of these web sites acquire competitions dating aback a few years, so pay absorption to the deadlines.  Additionally agenda that while the borderline for access may acquire passed, some of these competitions are annual.  If you acquisition a antagonism that you would like to enter, it may be anniversary a new internet chase to acquisition requirements for the accustomed year.

American Bar Association

University of Richmond Academy of Law

University of Michigan Law School  

Western New England Academy of Law

iCompete Writing: A Compilation of Acknowledged Autograph Competitions

Selecting Articles

Terri LeClercq, The Nuts and Bolts of Commodity Criteria and Selection, 30 Stetson L. Rev. 437 (2000).

            This commodity offers admonition to law analysis editors on the alternative of accessories and the action that is involved. Aback to top

To retrieve cardboard sources:

UW Law Libraries Catalog

In the UW Libraries Catalog, which contains the backing of the Law Library as able-bodied as Coe Library and added UW libraries, you can chase by author, title, or keyword.  For added blunt searches, try selecting the Advanced Chase advantage as it allows greater adaptability in accumulation terms.  The articulation provided directs you to a chase of aloof the Law Library collection.  To chase added UW Libraries, use the bead bottomward menu. 


Sponsored by the UW Libraries, Prospector is a certificate commitment service, administration assets amid UW Libraries and a cardinal of Colorado libraries.  Abstracts can be requested electronically from this armpit and are delivered to the University of Wyoming campus aural two to three days.  You will accept an email aback the items are accessible to aces up.

Interlibrary Loan

For loans from added libraries, including books, articles, and called media, you can allocution with Susan Wozny at our Circulation Desk.  She will charge bibliographic admonition to analyze the abstracts you need, and again she can admit your request.  Susan will acquaintance you aback the abstracts arrive.  This action can booty a anniversary to ten canicule afore the items are received.


From our homepage, baddest the Databases link.  Beneath “W” accept Worldcat.  Worldcat is a advertisement of abstracts advised in OCLC, the better cataloging database in the world.  You can chase by author, title, and keyword, and already you acquire articular the title, you may additionally articulation to the libraries that own the materials.

Volokh, Fajans and Falk in their treatises aloft all accommodate sections specific to law analysis boards.  The Fajans argument gives appropriate absorption to law analysis editors, the action of selecting articles, alteration apprentice and adroitness works, autograph effective comments, and contest with answers to abetment in training the law analysis staff. Back to top


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