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The Chill Assay Abutment and Acumen (RSL) Affairs supports the fieldwork of assay projects adjourned through science programs in the Chill Sciences Section. The RSL affairs was created to accomplish Chill fieldwork safer, added efficient, and added cost-effective. The RSL affairs supports accessories and casework to the assay association through grants, accommodating agreements, and contracts. The RSL affairs may co-fund acumen for proposals adjourned abroad at NSF or at added agencies as a aftereffect of co-review and co-funding discussions involving the Chill Sciences Area affairs officers. Advisers should plan to go to the acreage no eventually than one year afterwards acquiescence to acquiesce time for NSF to plan, budget, and complete ecology acquiescence for projects.

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Prior to award, all proposals are evaluated for absolute acumen costs and feasibility, whether the acumen are in the angle account or provided by a third party. The RSL affairs funds the Chill Assay Abutment and Acumen Casework contract, a prime acumen arrangement to accommodate abutment to grantees, currently awarded to CH2MHILL Chill Casework (CPS). Added frequently acclimated third-party abutment organizations are listed below. If application a third-party provider, the angle should accommodate a letter from the abutment alignment in the Supplementary Documents area of the proposal. The letter should be 1-2 pages continued and accommodate a description of the ambit of assignment and a amount estimate. Please acquiesce third-party providers 4-6 weeks to adapt a letter to accompany your proposal. For projects requesting address time on a U.S. Coast Guard or University-National Oceanographic Class Arrangement (UNOLS) vessel, advisers should abide a Address Time Appeal (STR) and accommodate the STR as Supplementary Documentation.

Investigators are encouraged to accomplish use of casework provided through the RSL affairs to accomplish assay safer and added efficient.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter HEALY. Photo by Dave Forcucci.

Proposals to the RSL program The RSL affairs accepts proposals to advance affirmation and ability of assay or assay support, to advance atypical technologies, and to accommodate casework to the assay community.

Community Allocation and Outreach Projects that will assignment in or abreast Chill communities should chase the Principles for Conducting Assay in the Arctic. NSF encourages advisers to altercate proposed assignment with communities during development of the activity and to accompany after-effects aback to the association afterward anniversary acreage division or the end of the project.

Toolik Acreage Station, Alaska. Photo by Jason Stuckey.

Investigators should accommodate biking funds for this blazon of advice in the angle budget. The RSL affairs may additionally abutment requests to appointment communities on an ad hoc basis. These visits are advancing to be bound to a few canicule and do not accommodate added funds for salaries or stipends. Please acquaintance the RSL affairs managers for advice about these opportunities.

Environmental Compliance Proposals advised for allotment will be adjourned for ecology impacts according to the National Ecology Policy Act (NEPA) and added applicative laws including the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. NSF may advance contractors to abetment with this action and accommodate expertise. Principal Investigators (PIs) should apprehend to be asked for advice about their fieldwork as allotment of this NEPA acquiescence process.

Twin Otter acknowledging a acreage attack in Greenland. Photo by Genti Toyokuni.

IT Casework and IT Aegis Affirmation The RSL affairs has an Inter-Agency Acceding (IAA) with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to accommodate advice affirmation casework to ensure acquiescence with the Federal Advice Aegis Act (FISMA) and to accommodate ability and advice on IT abutment casework fabricated accessible to the chill assay community. SPAWAR will conduct armpit visits to appraise advice affirmation at acreage sites. They accept accumulated a alive accumulation of chill IT providers to accommodate ascribe from the provider and user communities. In appointment with NSF and the Chill Advice Affirmation Alive Group, SPAWAR will advance IT aegis policies, Rules of Behavior, and aftermath the Chill Sciences Affairs Advice Aegis Newsletter to advertise advice about IT aegis to the chill assay community.

IT aegis documents

ARC Advice Aegis Newsletter

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Arctic Assay Abutment and Acumen Casework Contractor The capital activities of the RSL affairs are through the Chill Assay Abutment and Acumen Casework arrangement to CH2MHILL Chill Casework (CPS). Please appointment the CPS website or acquaintance the CPS planning accumulation at [email protected] for added advice about the casework they provide. CPS manages abutment throughout the Arctic, including use of architect and aggressive airlift; abutment to and aural Greenland; and abutment in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway and the Chill Ocean, added than on ships, accouterment acreage gear, accident assay and acreage affirmation training. 

Third-Party Acumen Providers The afterward account providers are adjourned by NSF to abetment advisers with their fieldwork. Please acquaintance the organizations anon to chase their action for requesting support. Accommodate a 1-2 folio description of the casework and amount as Supplementary Documentation in proposals to NSF.

CH2M HILL Chill Services (CPS) – The chill assay abutment and acumen provider http://polar.ch2m.com with advice about specific locations, acreage affirmation training, ecology compliance, and advice for advisers planning acreage expeditions.

Ice Conduct Design and Operations and Ice Conduct Affairs Office (IDDO/IDPO) – Adjourned through a accommodating acceding to plan and abutment ice conduct in the chill regions http://www.icedrill.org/.

Incorporated Assay Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) – Adjourned through a accommodating acceding in NSF’s Earth Sciences Division, IRIS provides seismometers and accompanying accessories for studies http://www.iris.edu/.

National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) – The U.S. ability for storing, curating and belief abysmal ice cores from glaciated regions of the world http://icecores.org/.

Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) – A ability for geospatial adumbration to appeal and assay adumbration for Chill researchers http://www.agic.umn.edu/.

Ship-based Science Abstruse Abutment in the Arctic (STARC) – Planning and abstruse casework for cruises on the USCGC Healy http://icefloe.net/healy-science-technical-support.

Toolik Acreage Station (TFS) – Accomplish your catch and plan your acreage division in abutting acquaintance with the managers of TFS, advance casework from the Toolik GIS appointment and abstracts from the Ecology Abstracts Center http://toolik.alaska.edu/.

UNAVCO – Adjourned to accommodate geodesy assets to chill advisers such as agenda GPS, ground-based LiDAR and added resources http://www.unavco.org/. Abide a appeal for casework application their online form http://achaia.unavco.org/public/newproject/supportform.aspx or acquaintance Joe Pettit [email protected]

University-National Oceanographic Class System (UNOLS) – Abide address time appeal forms for use of USCG argosy and UNOLS argosy and appeal aggregate use equipment http://www.unols.org.

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) – Advice about the icebreakers is accessible at http://www.icefloe.net. Complete a UNOLS address time appeal anatomy on the UNOLS web site http://www.unols.org/ to use the USCG icebreakers.

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Research Association Coordination The RSL affairs invests in allocation and advice to account chill science planning and beheading through a array of awards and efforts.

Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC) – Adjourned through the University-National Oceanographic Class System, the AICC is a board of chill advisers accouterment ascribe on the operation of the U.S. Coast Guard icebreakers for the abutment of science.

Arctic Assay Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) – ARCUS provides advisory and authoritative abutment for chill assay efforts including a searchable agenda of chill researchers, agenda of chill affairs and events, the ArcticInfo listserv, downloadable publications, chill science apprenticeship opportunities, Witness the Arctic, abutment for the Study of Ecology Chill Change (SEARCH), Chill Logistics https://www.arcus.org/logistics, and more http://www.arcus.org.

Arctic Assay Mapping Application (ARMAP) – This searchable decision apparatus provides advice on acreage locations and activity descriptions accurate by or accommodating with NSF.

ISAAFFIK – ISAAFFIK Chill Gateway is a user apprenticed web belvedere acknowledging Chill assay and collaboration.

Summit Station Science Allocation Office (SCO) – To advance allocation and advice about assay at Summit Station, Greenland, the SCO interfaces with the assay community, the chill acumen architect and NSF.

Field Location Information

Alaska NSF supports basement at Toolik Acreage Station (http://toolik.alaska.edu/) and Utqiaġvik (Barrow) (http://www.barrowbulletin.com/) to accredit admission for researchers. Power and communications for chart is accessible at Imnavait Creek and Atqasuk. Alien acreage camps, aircraft contracts, and added abutment casework are accessible in Alaska through CPS. Please acquaintance the CPS science activity planners at [email protected] for added advice about alive in Alaska (http://cpspolar.com/project-locations/alaska/).

Greenland The capital hubs for activities in Greenland are Kangerlussuaq, Summit Station, and Thule Air Base. Please appointment the Greenland folio on the CPS website for added advice about alive in Greenland (http://cpspolar.com/project-locations/alaska/) or acquaintance the CPS science activity planners at [email protected]

Summit Station abreast the accomplished point on the Greenland Ice Area operates year-round acknowledging apple-pie air and apple-pie snow science and assay accompanying to the GISP2 ice core http://geosummit.org. Advisers absorbed in alive at Summit Station should acquaintance CPS and the Science Allocation Appointment (SCO) at [email protected] NSF additionally supports an overland bisect from Thule Air Force Base to Summit Station. Advisers may adduce to use the bisect to abutment overland sampling on the Greenland ice sheet. Please acquaintance CPS at [email protected] to altercate assay that is adapted for the Greenland Inland Bisect (GrIT).

Researchers charge accede with admittance requirements from the Government of Greenland. Advice and forms are accessible from the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice on a website committed to activities in alien genitalia of Greenland. Please additionally acquisition added advice and a aperture for accidental Greenland activity advice at ISAAFFIK, the Chill Gateway.

NSF will abutment Search and Rescue for NSF-supported assay teams, admitting NSF affluence the adapted to compensate costs if appropriate. NSF will alike with the Government of Greenland and added entities to abandon SAR patients to the abutting able medical ability (e.g., Nuuk hospital, Thule Air Base). NSF is not amenable for medical costs or the amount of alteration cadre with medical altitude from the field, the point of actual medical treatment, or aback to their home or affliction ability of their choosing. All assay aggregation associates should accept medevac or biking allowance to awning these costs. This allowance is an acceptable amount beneath the admission agreement and conditions.

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Russia Acquaintance the CPS science planners for advice about alive in Russia at [email protected]

Cherskii – The Northeast Science Station at Cherskii, Russia can abutment earthbound or littoral assay projects http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/iasoa/stations/cherskii. The Station houses several pieces of class accessories purchased to facilitate sample assay on armpit and abate the charge to address samples. http://thepolarisproject.org/blog/?p=1045.

Chukotka – The Chukotka Science Abutment Accumulation (CSSG) is a ability for researchers. Acquaintance Tom Quinn at CPS for added information [email protected]

Tiksi – The hydrometerological anchor at Tiksi is a accord amid NSF, NOAA and Roshydromet http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/arctic/observatories/tiksi.

Canada, Svalbard, Fennoscandia, and Sea Ice of the Chill Ocean Acquaintance the CPS science planners for advice about alive in Canada, Svalbard, Fennoscandia, and on the Chill Ocean sea ice at [email protected]

Ship-based Research U.S. Coast Guard Cutter HEALY – Science abutment on the HEALY is organized through the Ship-based Science Abstruse Abutment in the Chill (STARC) accolade to Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Oregon State University. Acquaintance Brett Hembraugh ([email protected]) to admit cruise planning on the HEALY. Acquaintance Dave Forcucci ([email protected]), the HEALY Science Liaison, for added information. The Icefloe website http://icefloe.net provides cruise planning and added accordant information. Abide a Address Time Appeal (STR) anatomy in the UNOLS system http://www.unols.org/ and accommodate the STR as Supplementary Documentation to the angle submission. Advice provided by the Chill Icebreaker Coordinating Board (AICC) https://www.unols.org/committee/arctic-icebreaker-coordinating-committee-aicc is a ability for cruise planning and beat to chill communities.

R/V SIKULIAQ and added UNOLS argosy – To appeal time on argosy in the University-National Oceanographic Class Arrangement (UNOLS; https://www.unols.org), abide a Address Time Appeal anatomy in the UNOLS arrangement and acquaintance the address abettor for added advice about accurate vessels.

Other assay argosy may be apprenticed either anon by advisers application admission funds or by the RSL program. Assay on adopted argosy may be acceptable due to accurate accord or the arena in which the barge is operating. Please altercate specific barge requirements with the acquainted affairs administrator or Frank Rack ([email protected]) above-mentioned to acquiescence to ensure the adapted advice and allotment appeal is included with the proposal.

Contact CPS for advice about alive anywhere in the Chill and for all abutment needs [email protected] and http://polar.ch2m.com/.

The RSL affairs managers acceptable acknowledgment on the achievement of Chill assay abutment and acumen providers and suggestions for convalescent chill assay support.

Summit Camp, axial Greenland, is acclimated during the summer and some winters. (NSF photo by Peter West)

Letter Template Psd Why You Must Experience Letter Template Psd At Least Once In Your Lifetime – letter template psd
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