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WASHINGTON, D.C.-(WTAP, Associated Press) – Update: 2/27/2020

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The Ohio EPA said Thursday it has amorphous testing for PFAS chemicals in added than 1,500 baptize systems above the state.

The accompaniment EPA says it will accommodate analysis after-effects to anniversary accessible baptize arrangement and broadcast abstracts it gets on its website.

Update: 12/3/2019

The Ohio Ecology Protection Bureau says testing of baptize systems statewide for PFAS chemicals should appear during 2020.

An EPA backer said Tuesday it wants to actuate whether filters installed in baptize systems to abolish the actinic C8 are able abundant to amusement accessible baptize for PFAS as well.

“If there’s one or two of the six (chemicals) that we are attractive for, breadth they’re not currently actuality sampled, again we will sample that,” says Heidi Griesmer, Deputy Communications Director. “If we acquisition something, we will accord that to U.S. EPA, and they will assignment with the aggregation to accommodate the funds to get the able treatment.”

The PFAS ancestors includes C8 as able-bodied as “GenX” and added perflouriated chemicals.

The Ohio EPA says DuPont and Chemours, who helped install clarify systems at baptize plants in Belpre, Little Hocking and added towns forth the Ohio River, would be accepted to assignment with those systems in the accession of PFAS filters.

Update: 12/2/2019

The Ohio Ecology Protection Bureau and the accompaniment Administering of Bloom accept appear a statewide activity plan to assay the prevalence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in Ohio’s bubbler water.

The OEPA will alike testing for about 1,500 accessible baptize systems, confined communities, schools, day affliction centers and adaptable home parks.

The accompaniment bloom administering will assignment through bounded bloom departments how to get their baptize tested, abbreviation acknowledgment to PFAS and accession of filters.

Belpre and Little Hocking in Washington County installed filters a decade ago with the advice of DuPont to abolish C8, a PFAS chemical, from their baptize systems.

In a account Monday, the EPA said it was directed by Governor Mike DeWine to advance a plan for the apprehension and analysis of PFAS chemicals in bounded baptize systems.

Updated: 6/20/2019

A bipartisan admeasurement aimed at ambience new standards for PFAS chemicals has been anesthetized by a U.S. Senate committee.

The amendment, accurate by added than 30 U.S. Senators, is allotment of a aegis bill accustomed Wednesday by a Senate committee.

It additionally directs the federal EPA to set rules attached uses of the actinic chic that includes C8.

West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, one of the bill’s sponsors, acknowledges while the bill is not aloof about C8, she adds the about 20 year altercation surrounding the actinic locally advancing it.

“What, unfortunately, has happened in Parkersburg over two decades has accomplished acquaint learned,” Capito said Wednesday, “and we charge to accomplish abiding we’re advancing here, with the broadcast ancestors of PFAS chemicals here, to accomplish abiding we’re allowance our bounded baptize systems be able to test, and we’re remediating back we charge to.”

The Aegis Authorization Act, which includes the PFAS amendment, requires the aggressive to appearance out the use of PFAS chemicals in firefighting cream by 2023.

The measure, however, has been criticized by ecology groups for not anecdotic PFAS as a chancy chemical.

Updated: 5/23/2019

Congressional hearings were captivated Wednesday on legislation alien by Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito and Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

The admeasurement would crave the U.S. EPA to set minimum standards on PFAS contagion in bubbler water.

Both Capito and Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio batten on the affair Thursday.

Capito says her measures are about testing and cleanup as able-bodied as regulation.

Brown said the legislation is continued overdue.

“We are blame the EPA to appear up with a added all-encompassing agreement to analysis for these chemicals, to remediate for the chemicals, and to ascertain breadth they are that they ability not accept been detected yet,” Capito says.

“The companies knew what they were putting out there,” said Brown. “We accept to get complex bound and do a cleanup, and abutment bodies who, in some ways, ability accept had their bloom compromised by this.”

The PFAS chemicals accommodate those acclimated by bounded manufacturers DuPont and Chemours in the accomplish of non-stick surfaces. C8 was the accountable of years of lawsuits and cloister cases.

Capito and Brown disagreed on the Trump Administration’s role in the process.

Capito said the administering has amorphous to booty accomplish on cleanup and remediation, abnormally in Martinsburg, breadth it was begin in baptize supplies.

Brown said the administration’s behavior favor ample corporations.

Updated: 5/16/2019

Environmentalists say a bill acute the EPA to set a acknowledged complete for PFAS chemicals is continued overdue.

A affiliate of the Ecology Working Accumulation Thursday commented on a admeasurement alien Wednesday by two U.S. senators, including West Virginia Republican Shelley Moore Capito.

Similar legislation afresh was alien in the House of Representatives.

Current science credibility to a best PFAS akin of one allotment per trillion.

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“Though EPA, back they’re ambience what is alleged a best contaminant level, will additionally set a best contaminant akin goal,” says EWS Legislative Attorney Melanie Benesh. “And whenever there is affirmation a actinic causes cancer, EPA usually sets that ambition at zero. So that may be why a cardinal of groups say that ambition should be zero, which we would support.”

Updated 5/15/2019

Two associates of the Senate Environment and Accessible Works Committee-one of them from West Virginia-have alien legislation acute the EPA to authorize an acknowledged accepted for PFAS chemicals in bubbler water.

U.S. Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Wednesday alien the Assure Bubbler Baptize from PFAS Act of 2019.

Senator Capito said. “By acute EPA to set a civic bubbler baptize accepted for PFAS, we can ensure West Virginians and others can accept acceptance in their admission to safe, apple-pie bubbler baptize and advice assure the bloom and wellbeing of Americans above the country.”

Sen. Gillibrand, a Democratic presidential candidate, was added analytic in her comments.

“It is the EPA’s job to assure Americans from awful baneful chemicals like PFAS, but they accept bootless to do what is all-important to advice ensure our families in New York and above the country are no best apparent to alarming levels of PFAS in their bubbler water,” Senator Gillibrand said.

PFAS accept been affiliated to cancers and added austere bloom and adorning effects. A new abode shows potentially 19 actor Americans are application accessible baptize systems apparent to PFAS contamination. However, no authoritative standards currently abide to assure from this bloom hazard.

Updated: 3/6/2019

Three weeks afterwards the federal EPA appear an activity plan on perflorinated chemicals, assembly on Capitol Hill are gluttonous activity on their own.

Late aftermost week, a bipartisan accumulation of senators, including Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia, and Sherrod Brown from Ohio, alien a bill administering the U.S. EPA to acknowledge PFAS chemicals as chancy substances.

The appellation would appear beneath the federal Superfund law.

Sen. Manchin appear a account Monday criticizing the EPA for not demography actual activity on the issue.

“It is the obligation of the EPA and our government to ensure that the accessible has as abounding assets and as abundant advice as possible,” Manchin said. “While I am aghast that Ambassador Wheeler has not taken added activity to abode this issue, I’m animated to acquaint this legislation to accomplish abiding the PFAS is appropriately labeled as a chancy actuality and accountable to CERCLA ascendancy from now on.”

A bounded activist told us afresh the latest activity on the affair is continued overdue.

“People are sick; bodies are afraid to afterlife of this stuff,” said Wood County citizen Joe Kiger, a adversary in a 2001 accusation filed over then-DuPont Washington Works use of C8. “And they appetite commodity done now; not in a year, not in two years. They’re absent commodity done now in the valley.”>

Sen. Brown says the Superfund appellation would acquiesce federal funds to be acclimated for cleanup of groundwater contagion from PFAS chemicals.

Similar legislation had already been alien in the House of Representatives.

Updated: 2/14/2019

Chemours issued a account Thursday afternoon on the EPA’s Activity Plan on PFAS, appear Thursday morning:

“Chemours is committed to demography a administering role in ecology administering and supports the development of a science and risk-based access to authorize standards and guidelines for PFAS compounds. We accept accord and accuracy are analytic to accomplishing this.

Chemours does not use PFOA, PFOS or C8 in any of its accomplishment processes.  In fact, no Chemours bulb armpit had anytime acclimated PFOS in its accomplishment processes, and all Chemours bulb sites had accomplished application PFOA at atomic two years afore the aggregation was established. 

Chemours has been decidedly advance in discharge ascendancy technologies at our fluoroproducts sites and has advanced appear our all-around accumulated albatross ambition to abate air and baptize discharge of fluorinated amoebic chemicals by 99% or greater. We accept additionally collaborated with university advisers and bartering laboratories to amalgamate over ten accurate advertence standards and actualize analytic methods for PFAS byproducts, as no commercially accessible analytic standards or methods were accessible for free absorption of these compounds. ”

We are reviewing the EPA PFAS Activity Plan in greater detail to actuate how best we can accord to the accomplishment based on our cogent ability in developing analytic methods, administering air and baptize sampling and anecdotic able analysis technologies.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Latest on the Ecology Protection Agency’s plan for ambidextrous with abiding chemicals accepted as PFAS (all times local):

1:05 p.m.

Environmental groups are criticizing the Trump administration’s plan for ambidextrous with awful baneful chemicals in bubbler water, adage it’s too little and too slow.

Food & Baptize Watch controlling ambassador Wenonah Hauter says it’s a “non-action plan brash to adjournment able regulation” of the chemicals accepted collectively as PFAS, which are begin in nonstick pans and added domiciliary items.

The Ecology Protection Bureau on Thursday in Philadelphia appear its “action plan” for ambidextrous with PFAS in bubbler water. The EPA calls the plan “comprehensive” and says it includes short- and abiding actions.

But the Sierra Club ecology alignment says it will booty years to backpack the accomplishments out.

Environment America clean-water apostle Bart Johnsen-Harris says the EPA plan lacks a clear, health-based complete on PFAS compounds in baptize supplies.

The Civic Ground Baptize Association industry accumulation says the plan is an important footfall against accouterment administering on PFAS.


10:35 a.m.

The ambassador of the Senate Environment and Accessible Works Board says a plan categorical by the Ecology Protection Bureau is alone a aboriginal footfall against attention the accessible from awful baneful chemicals in bubbler water.

GOP Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming says the console will conduct a audition this bounce on the adapt appear Thursday by Acting EPA Ambassador Andrew Wheeler.

Barrasso says the bureau charge “speak clearly” about risks airish by a chic of chemicals accepted as PFAS and charge be accommodating to booty “decisive action” breadth warranted.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire says the plan “falls abbreviate of carrying the certainty” that bodies apparent to PFAS contagion deserve. She says it lacks a charge to advance acknowledged bubbler baptize standards.

The Ecology Protection Bureau says it will move advanced this year with a activity that could advance to ambience a assurance beginning for a accumulation of awful baneful chemicals in bubbler water.


9 a.m.

The Ecology Protection Bureau says it will move advanced this year with a activity that could advance to ambience a assurance beginning for a accumulation of awful baneful chemicals in bubbler water.

Acting EPA Ambassador Andrew Wheeler on Thursday in Philadelphia was advertisement the agency’s aboriginal civic plan for ambidextrous with abiding contaminants accepted as PFAS.

The contaminants accept been detected in abounding accessible bubbler baptize systems and clandestine wells about the country. The chemicals are acclimated in firefighting cream and a array of nonstick, water-repellent products.

Wheeler is proposing “a authoritative determination” for two accepted forms of the compounds. That’s a aboriginal footfall against a beginning at which analysis to abolish the contaminants would be required.

Update: 2/14/2019

The U.S. EPA issues what it calls an “Action Plan” for ascendancy of chemicals, including one that’s been a affair to this breadth for about two decades.

The five-step plan includes angle of a Best Contaminant Akin for PFO chemicals by the end of 2019.

Also included: allocation on administering actions, with the advice of the U.S. Administering of Defense, amplification of ecology for PFAS, including in bubbler and groundwater, as able-bodied as amplification of analysis efforts, which accommodate the furnishings of GenX.

Finally, development of a plan to explain the risks of PFAS to the accepted public.

An ecology able says there is little that’s new about the activity plan.

“Really, it’s no action,” says Dr. David Andrews, Chief Scientist with the Ecology Working Group. “It’s aloof a assiduity of what (former EPA administrator) Scott Pruitt appear a year ago, but no bright accomplishments that are activity to assure health. That’s what Americans absolutely charge and deserve at this point.”

Dr. Andrews says the Best Contaminant Akin for C8 in bubbler baptize food should be bargain to .01 genitalia per billion. It is now at .07 ppb.

Update: 2/13/2019

An advertisement Thursday is accepted to outline what the U.S. EPA affairs to do about the accumulation of chemicals that accommodate C8.

At a account appointment Thursday, the agency’s civic and bounded administrators are set to advertise a plan of activity on perflourinated substances.

A account from the EPA says it will abode the “maximum contaminant level” process, monitoring, analysis and a clean-up strategy.

When notified of the awaiting announcement, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia), said those issues should accept been addressed continued ago.

“Safe and apple-pie bubbler baptize is an complete claim for our country; we shouldn’t alike be accepting these questions,” Capito said Wednesday afternoon. “So I attending advanced to seeing what the EPA comes up with, and it’s way overdue.”

C8, in particular, has been the accountable of abundant lawsuits and acknowledged cases.

DuPont Washington Works, now accepted as Chemours, acclimated it to accomplish non-stick coatings.

It was discontinued several years ago, but the backup for C8 has additionally been the accountable of apropos about its safety.

We’ll accept added on the EPA’s advertisement and acknowledgment Thursday.

Update: 1/24/2019

Concern over perflourinated chemicals, and their effects, is added adequate a civic issue.

“If you can’t accord your adolescent a bottle of baptize afterwards the accident of accepting them sick, if you can’t angle the rivers your grandfathering fished, or eat the venison that beat about that river, that is a blackmail to your way of life,” Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D- Michigan) said at a account appointment Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

“Bring the PFAS into the open, appraise it, armamentarium it, and annihilate it,” acclaimed Michigan Republican Jack Bergman.

A bi-partisan accumulation of federal assembly appear accumulation of a assignment force to abstraction and advance activity to adapt what are now the additional bearing of fluorinated chemicals.

Also a concern: persuading the EPA to set what is alleged an “enforceable standard” for safe levels of those chemicals.

Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says she agrees, abacus she has alleged on the EPA for accuracy on the issue.

“And to accomplish abiding whatever is brash an adequate level, that we in West Virginia accept the accoutrement to accomplish abiding our baptize meets those standards.”

“Last Congress, I alternate in hearings at the Energy and Commerce Board that looked into the abstruse and bread-and-butter barriers that communities face back ambidextrous with PFOA and PFOS contamination,” said Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH 6h District) in a account Thursday, “and discussed means to advance how federal agencies and accordant stakeholders can assignment calm to anticipate ailing exposures. I achievement this assignment force continues that work, and that it becomes a reliable antecedent of advice for association ambidextrous with these issues forth the Ohio River and throughout our state.”

The affair goes above C8, acclimated for years at what is now Chemours Washington Works.

The Ecology Working Group, an alignment additionally absorbed in the issue, believes added bodies than appear are afflicted by the chemicals.

“We anticipate that cardinal is afterpiece to 110 actor Americans that accept some affectionate of PFAS actinic in their bubbler water,” says Melanie Benesh, Legislative Attorney for the EWG. “It does go above the C8 or PFOS from the aboriginal bearing of these chemicals.”

Chemours Thursday issued a account on the accumulation of the assignment force.

“The class generally alleged PFAS is actual ample and covers added than 3,500 fluorinated compounds. Aftermost year Chemours appear new Accumulated Albatross Goals which accommodate our charge to abate all PFAS emissions common at atomic 99% by 2030.”

UPDATE: 06/21/18 8:45 A.M.

A affliction federal abode raises new questions about the assurance of your bubbler water.

Turn on your faucet, and in abounding genitalia of the country, you could be apparent to a ancestors of alarming chemicals. Accepted collectively as PFAS and abundantly the byproduct of Teflon accomplishment and a cream acclimated to activity jet ammunition fires, they alloy baptize sources from the East Coast to Alaska.

Prolonged acknowledgment carries the accident of blight and added bloom problems. And now, scientists with the Ecology Working Accumulation said a new federal abode appear Wednesday suggests safe levels may be 10 times lower than accepted Ecology Protection Bureau standards.

West Virginia assembly from both abandon of the alley afresh accepted the study’s absolution afterwards media letters alike advertence the White House approved to coffin it.

“I’m animated it’s out in the open,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., “we can analyze it, and hopefully accomplish abiding that we’re preventing any affectionate of bloom incidences from too abundant of this actinic in the water.”

Capito said she needs to dig added into the abode afore ambitious action.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said if his aggregation alcove the aforementioned cessation as ecology watchdogs, and the Trump administering won’t amend what’s safe, Congress will.

“We’ve got to accomplish abiding that the animal aspect of this, assurance to all bodies is the aboriginal and foremost affair in consideration,” he said.

Congressman David McKinley, R-W.Va., represents arctic West Virginia in Congress.

Asked about the advancement that this ancestors of chemicals could be baneful at levels 10 times lower than accepted standards, he said he hasn’t apprehend the abounding 852-page abode yet, but fabricated his skepticism clear.

Just over a year ago, the aggregation that took over the above DuPont ability in Parkersburg, West Virginia acclimatized lawsuits with near-by afflicted association for added than $650-million. A abstraction surrounding that case ample decidedly in the abode accounting by the Bureau for Baneful Substances and Ache Registry.

The assurance levels in this abode are brash to adviser bloom professionals and not to “support authoritative action.” But, Congress or the White House could use it as a adviser carbon the requirements for testing bubbler water, and charwoman up contagion back it’s found.

UPDATE: 6/20/2018

A abode on the furnishings of C8 and accompanying chemicals, appear Wednesday at the advancement of federal lawmakers, references, amid others, a abstraction done of bounded association about a decade ago.

It included the allegation of the C8 Science Console amid 2007-2012, that PFOA, or C8, forth with PFOS, is angry to alarmist damage, increases in cholesterol levels, thyroid ache and an added accident of abundance declines.

The report, by the Bureau for Baneful Substances and Ache Control, additionally includes agnate findings, including decreased antibiotic acknowledgment to vaccines, for a cardinal of accompanying chemicals.

And it acclaimed abstracts from a contempo abstraction by the International Bureau for Analysis on Cancer, which assured that PFOA and PFOS apparently causes blight in humans.

In essence, the abode is a arbitrary of several studies that accept been fabricated locally and in added genitalia of the country, on the furnishings of perflourinated chemicals during the accomplished decade.

One added notable award is that the serum levels of PFOA and PFOS in bodies activated accept beneath badly back 2000.

It says that’s a absorption of the decreased use of those chemicals in accomplishment during that time.

Dr. Paul Brooks, who oversaw testing for the Science Panel’s studies, said he had not apparent the abode back contacted Wednesday afternoon.

There had been no acknowledgment as of Wednesday from Chemours, which now operates the assemblage breadth C8 was acclimated by DuPont Washington Works in the accomplish of non-stick articles such as Teflon.

An ecology accumulation says the abode shows the minimum accident akin for C8/PFOA should be bargain essentially from .07 genitalia per billion, a akin set by the U.S. EPA aloof two years ago.

“This abstraction confirms that the EPA’s guidelines for PFAS levels in bubbler baptize woefully belittle risks to animal health,” said Olga Naidenko, Ph.D., chief science adviser at the Ecology Working Group. “We appetite EPA to aggregate and broadcast all baptize after-effects assuming PFAS contagion at any level, so Americans above the country can booty actual accomplish to assure themselves and their families.”

UPDATE: 6/20/2018, 12:49 P.M.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Administering of Bloom and Animal Services Bureau For Baneful Substances and Ache Registry appear a federal abstraction on bubbler baptize contagion in the U.S. acquired by Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), including substances like C8, already produced at DuPont Washington Works, and still accepted to be present in the Ohio River.

The absolute 852-page report, blue-blooded “Toxicological Profile for Perfluoroalkyls,” can be beheld in a .PDF certificate in the “Related Links” area of this story.

UPDATE: 6/10/2018

Ohio’s two U.S. Senators accept abutting those from West Virginia in calling for the absolution of a abstraction on perflourinated chemicals.

A letter active by Ohio Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, forth with Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito, choir affair the EPA has reportedly approved to block the report’s release.

All four abutting Senators from added states in signing a letter addressed to EPA Ambassador Scott Pruitt and Dept. of Bloom And Animal Services Secretary Alex Azar.

The letter cites contempo media letters adage the abode states acknowledgment to levels of PFAS chemicals lower than advanced accepted affectation a bloom risk.

The actinic ancestors accepted as PFAS includes substances such as C8, already produced at DuPont Washington Works, and still accepted to be present in the Ohio River.


West Virginia’s senators are calling on the Trump administering to absolution a abstraction on baneful chemicals that DuPont acclimated to accomplish Teflon and added non-stick articles at a branch in the state.

A Politico commodity this anniversary says the government is block the abstraction because it would be a “public relations nightmare.” DuPont is already adverse bags of lawsuits from bodies active abreast the company’s Washington Works bulb abreast Parkersburg.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail letters that the abstraction by the Administering of Bloom and Animal Services suggests bodies can be afflicted by abundant lower levels of PFAS than the EPA has brash before.

Sens. Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito are acute Trump chiffonier associates to absolution the data.

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