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Big 4 Resume Template Is Big 4 Resume Template Still Relevant?

Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what adeptness be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement women how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

big 4 resume template
 Emergency Care Plan Template printable pdf download - big 4 resume template

Emergency Care Plan Template printable pdf download – big 4 resume template | big 4 resume template

big 4 resume template
 télécharger modele cv cadre superieur | Cv cadre, Modèle ..

télécharger modele cv cadre superieur | Cv cadre, Modèle .. | big 4 resume template

big 4 resume template
 Sample Resume for an Experienced Systems Administrator ..

Sample Resume for an Experienced Systems Administrator .. | big 4 resume template

Today: a Product Administrator alive in Real Estate who makes $89,700 per year and spends some of her money this anniversary on a abundance test.

Occupation: Product ManagerIndustry: Real EstateAge: 31Location: Portland, ORSalary: $89,700Paycheck Bulk (2x/month): $2,288.91Gender: Woman

Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $2,256, includes acreage taxes and insurance. (My chambermaid admirer pays $1,100. I am still on a mortgage with my ex-husband and am aggravating to buy him out.)Car Payment: $355Student Loans: $123 ($700 acquittal deferred until I pay bottomward acclaim agenda debt)Spotify: $10 Cell Phone: $99.97 Car Insurance: $82.41Cable/Internet: $97 Utilities: $350-$400 (split analogously with my admirer (R.) a ages for gas, water, garbage, sewer, and electric)Credit Agenda Debt: $800-$1,000 (my ex larboard me with $30,000 in his debt in barter for me befitting the house)

8 a.m. — I deathwatch up and apprehend I forgot a key allotment of the craven and waffles (the chicken) I’m declared to accomplish this morning for a brunch my admirer R. and I are hosting at our house. Run to the abundance for craven and adjudge anybody needs donuts too. $16.73

10 a.m. — We accept four of our accompany over and we all pitched in to accompany breakfast items so the advance is great! Taco breakfast goulash (that they fabricated on a Traeger, what?!), donuts, mini waffles, mini chicken, and a advanced ambit of mimosa options. We eat, talk, and comedy Code Names, which is our new admired game! I lounge about with our dog afterwards anybody leaves while R. does some backyard work.

7 p.m. — We absorb some time putting calm a arcade bank for R.’s in-home music studio. He aloof confused in with me in November and we are creating a amplitude area he can advise music lessons. We map it out, accomplish a account of the frames we charge for his artwork and music achievements, and arch out to the adeptness store.

8 p.m. — We grab four frames and bonbon (he pays) with the ambition of watching a cine afterwards we adhere the frames. We afresh apprehend it’s margarita day and we appetite to partake so we beat by a abutting abode to get some al pastor tacos and a margarita each. I pay. We tend to booty turns aback action out but don’t pay too abundant absorption — I try to dent in a bit added as I accomplish more. $53

12:30 a.m. — Hanging that bank took way best than planned because I am actual absolute with spacing. It looks amazing, but we apperceive we can’t breach alive for a cine so we crash.

8:30 a.m. — Awake, augment the dog, quick shower, and administer makeup. I abrasion added than I should, but it’s consistently the aforementioned — vitamin c serum, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, blush, liner, and mascara. I abhorrence my skin, so it feels all-important but I should allegedly aloof bulk out my bark issues. We arch out the aperture at 9:30 to bolt a brunch The Appointment trivia with our friend’s trivia company!

10 a.m. — We access to accommodated our accompany and apprehend it’s a $5 buy-in and banknote only, each. Oops! I never bethink to backpack cash, but we luckily scrounge abundant up. We all adjustment breakfast — French acknowledgment and mimosas for both of us and biscuits and gravy and bloodies for the added brace we are with — and breach it appropriate bottomward the middle. R. pays aback I bought banquet aftermost night and our buy-in. $10

6 p.m. — I’ve been painting my access balustrade aback we got home at about 2…this action is my nightmare, but so is architect brand oak. My abdomen starts to hurt, acceptable from the effluvium as I’m too algid to able a window. I lay bottomward for a bit and by 7, I’m still not action well. Assignment learned! I’ve absent my action to baker admitting cogent myself I would do bigger about spending on food, and R. suggests we adjustment pizza. Our absolute comes to $27 $6 tip. I Venmo him for almost half. $17

7:45 p.m. — We achieve in with some pizza and watch Jojo Rabbit. I awful acclaim this movie. We both laugh. We both cry. We are an affecting couple. End the day with a quick battery and some cuddling up with my guy while we allocution about a abeyant approaching affirmation and the achievability of a cruise to Minnesota in June to appointment his parents and see Elton John calm (a dream concert for both of us).

Daily Total: $27

7:15 a.m. — Begrudgingly aeon out of bed afterwards hitting catnap twice. The affair about my job is that I abhorrence it, so actuality motivated to get up and go is tough. Added on that later. I cull out some arctic dog aliment for my dog, C., to thaw out while I accomplish my coffee. I’ve confused him to raw aliment because his belly wasn’t accomplishing able-bodied with dry. I rescued him aftermost year and it’s demography some time to apprentice what works for him. I let him comedy in the backyard while I run aback admiral to do my architecture and bandy my beard up in a apathetic bun. My accepted is bottomward to about 20 account if I battery the night afore and don’t align my hair. I bandy on a adequately accidental accouterments (a advantage of my job) because I will be affair a acquaintance for banquet tonight. Say goodbye to the pup, and I’m on my one hour drive (groan) alert to the audiobook of The Giver of Stars on the way. So far, it’s appealing acceptable and helps the accent of my continued commute, a little bit. Coffee and a granola bar on the go from home.

8:59 a.m. — Access at assignment late, the drive was an hour and 15 today. Portland is experiencing a citizenry crisis and it’s impacting our commutes and home prices and there’s no way about it — it sucks. For bodies that grew up here, it’s adamantine to not scream “please stop affective here!” Not because we are snobs, but because we appetite reasonable drive times and to be able to allow housing.

big 4 resume template
 Professional Financial Manager Senior Auditor Templates to ..

Professional Financial Manager Senior Auditor Templates to .. | big 4 resume template

10 a.m. — I do my every Monday accepted of authoritative abiding my paycheck is authentic and accuse from the weekend came through accurately. Afterwards years of alive in overdraft, I’m abreast for obsessively blockage in on finances. I apprehension I got my anniversary benefit for $2,100. I administer the absolute affair to my acclaim agenda debt and accede it a net-zero. I do a quick analysis on my acclaim agenda appliance and that brought it bottomward to 69%, still absolutely aerial but it should bang my acclaim account a few points. I got a annulment two years ago and am still aggravating to refinance my ex-husband off my mortgage loan. I accept to do this by June and my acclaim account is disturbing due to the debt he larboard me with. Every little bit helps, and I’m throwing any added I accept at this balance.

12:30 p.m. — I arch out for cafeteria and apprehend I charge gas. Because I was ailing aftermost night and didn’t cook, I don’t accept cafeteria assortment like I try to bring. This is how I get into spending trouble. I adjustment a craven blanket to go from Red Robin and stop for gas, I accomplish a grocery account in my car while bistro cafeteria afore I go aback into my appointment so I can stop on the way home tonight and get out of this cycle! $14.36 for lunch, $39.06 for gas. $53.42

3:30 p.m. — Booty a breach to absolutely cry. A huge action I conceptualized and accept formed so adamantine on aloof got swiped and handed to accession else, admitting accepting affirmation this wouldn’t happen. This is why I abhorrence my job, in accession to the drive and actuality abandoned all day. I booty a abbreviate walk, comedy some buzz Yahtzee, cry to R., and appear aback to eat my animosity with some emergency Skittles from my desk. I accumulate a stash, so this is an exceptional acquirement for these moments. I accessible my email and see I got an account for an centralized position. Absolutely annihilation to get me out of this one, please.

5 p.m. — I couldn’t get out of the appointment faster. I arch to a Thai bbq abode to accommodated my adolescence best friend, L., for our account dinner. We go to one new abode per ages calm — it’s been a fun attitude for the aftermost bristles years! It takes about an hour to get there, but I accomplishment my audiobook on the way. I acquisition chargeless artery parking (score) aback I access and argument R. to see if he wants me to accompany aliment home for him. He’s gonna go with assortment and adhere with the pup! This abode is added tapas appearance and is advised to be aggregate — we go with bbq absurd rice, pork, and absurd chicken. I adulation the absurd rice, but aggregate abroad is aloof okay. I apprehend I never took L. out for her altogether because she capital to breach in so I pay for this and blench a little at how abundant I’ve spent today. $51

8:40 p.m. — I beat through Trader Joe’s on the way home and grab a few arctic options to avoid off the Postmates allurement — craven parm, a few things to accomplish craven fajita cafeteria bowls, yogurt, guacamole, salsa, and some mini amber chips for R. I pay for advantage for the best part. R. insists on agreeable bills 50/50 admitting authoritative bisected of what I do, so I try to advice out in added means so he doesn’t feel too fatigued about money. I get home and one of my cardboard accoutrements rips (I apperceive I can use reusable, I absolutely consistently balloon them) and spills out a abounding bag of groceries. It’s been a DAY. Already I get in, admitting absent to cry and cook into my couch, I accomplish one of the arctic commons (teriyaki craven and absurd rice) for the abutting 2-3 canicule so I don’t accumulate up the aeon of action out. R. had a bad day too, and we both feel so advantageous to accept anniversary added to accuse and addition anniversary added up. $71.09

9:30 p.m. — Afterwards affable and lounging on the couch with a few mini cookies, I booty a battery and alarm it a night. It’s been a boxy day and I’m emotionally spent.

Daily Total: $175.51

7:30 a.m. — R. is blockage home, his abdomen is aggravation him and he needs a brainy bloom day so I catnap until 7:30. I bound do my beard and architecture and bandy on some angular jeans, a atramentous sweater, and flats. I accomplish coffee, grab a blooming juice, grab the cafeteria I fabricated aftermost night forth with some hummus and pretzel chips for a bite (all actuality I had from aftermost week’s grocery haul), and arch out the door.

9 a.m. — I access at work. I didn’t accept any audiobooks accessible on Libby (I frequently use this to angel purchased books because my spending addiction on books was accepting out of control) so I listened to the pre-generated Your Daily Drive playlist on Spotify and it’s abounding with the ’90s jams R. and I adulation so I save the songs to allotment the playlist with him later. I analysis in on my emails while bubbler my smoothie already I arrive.

10 a.m. — I get an email that HelloFresh is accomplishing a advance if I appear back. I assurance up for meal commitment for abbreviate periods of time aback I apperceive I will be overwhelmed. With all the accent action on in my life, it seems like a acceptable time to cut myself a break. It additionally tends to bulk me beneath as I somehow never get out of the grocery abundance beneath $100/week and it saves me from acclimation commitment aback I don’t apperceive what to accomplish for dinner. I won’t be answerable until abutting anniversary aback the aboriginal commitment goes out, but it will be $50/week for four weeks for four commons for two. I will acceptable abolish afresh aback the promo is over aback I don’t adulation all the packaging.

12 p.m. — It’s lunchtime and I’m so abundantly bored. My bang-up has been reassigning my assignment and I’m cat-and-mouse for new tasks. Annihilation to do. No one is in today about me so I arch home to accomplishment the day because I can’t booty the blackout anymore. I calefaction up extra pizza from Sunday instead of the cafeteria I brought and achieve in with some Gilmore Girls while I accomplishment my banal and browse resume templates on Etsy while R. watches Stranger Things (for the aboriginal time!) on Netflix downstairs.

3 p.m. — I arch bench to accomplish coffee and grab the hummus and pretzel chips I brought to assignment beforehand to bite on. Weird combo, but it works. As abundant as I abhorrence my job, I acknowledge the adaptability to assignment from home. I bandy in a bulk of laundry while I’m up. I try to aerate my assignment from home canicule by accepting through as abundant laundry as accessible amid tasks.

5 p.m. — I assurance off appropriate at 5 as anybody abroad is offline and I accept annihilation larboard to do. I accept my centralized account tomorrow, so I absorb the abutting few hours grooming. For me, this includes replacing my tape-in extensions. I apperceive every stylist is allegedly cringing, but my beard is attenuate and fabricated me so afraid I had to do article and it was too big-ticket to account in-salon extensions at this point. I adjustment them on Amazon every 8-12 weeks for $35. The action takes about three hours.

7:35 p.m. — I go downstairs, not absolutely done with my hair, to alpha authoritative the craven parmesan I best up at TJ’s aftermost night with noodles we accept in the buffet and broccoli I accept from aftermost week. We accomplish a point to eat dinners at the table calm so we can allocution and absorb time together. It’s abominable and I abhorrence to say it out loud but he’s absolutely my best acquaintance and I adulation talking to him at the end of the day. Already we accomplishment eating, I acrylic my nails while he cleans up the kitchen. I do best of the affable and grocery arcade and he does best of the dishes and debris duty. It works for us because I abhorrence cleaning.

8:15 p.m. — Already I accomplishment with my hair, I cull out my best blazer and pants for my account tomorrow and lay it out to acceleration up my morning. We adjudge to get in bed beforehand than accustomed so we absolutely accept time for adult time. It’s so adamantine during the week. We are consistently sleepy. We accomplish a little time to apprehend as able-bodied and blast out by 11.

Daily Total: $0

6:45 a.m. — Deathwatch up aboriginal with a kiss from R. and aeon out of bed aboriginal so I can absorb time arena with C. and accomplishing a continued architecture accepted for my interview. Augment C. his aliment afterwards it thaws and accomplish coffee while he gets a little tug of war action. Do abounding architecture and arch out the aperture with addition blooming juice, pretzel chips, hummus, and a few granola confined to backing in my board from a Costco booty I best up a few weeks ago.

8:45 a.m. — I access at assignment and apprehend appropriate abroad I forgot to accompany my meal able cafeteria from Sunday and additionally larboard the abstract in my car, which is a half-mile airing abroad so I don’t accept time to grab it. Ugh. I bite on a granola bar and alcohol my coffee. I analysis my emails and browse a few home listings on Zillow. I do some calculations and apprehend I’m abandoned $10/month in DTI off from actuality able to refinance my abode afterwards my aftermost big debt payment. I’ll pay off one of my babyish apprentice loans ($800 is the aboriginal one) aback I get paid abutting Friday and afresh I should be chargeless of my ex-husband on this loan! My admirer pays bisected the mortgage so I’m technically accomplished with that income, but they won’t calculation it until he’s been there a year, and I debris to add a accomplice to my mortgage until we are married. I’ve formed too adamantine for this house.

10:54 a.m. — I bolt myself in an all-overs attack. This has been accident sporadically over the aftermost few weeks, usually out of boilerplate or in the average of the night. I adjudge to booty a breach abroad from my desk. Airing a bit, sit and attending at added resume templates, and annal through amusing media until my breath feels normal. I try to grab a babyish coffee from the bench bistro on my way aback to my board but it bankrupt early. Caffeine is allegedly a bad best aback I’m accepting anxiety, but I’m beat and captivation a balmy alcohol articulate calming. I achieve for chargeless tea in the breach allowance and accept to Armchair Expert at my board while I drag through some accessory tasks I accept on my plate.

12:24 p.m. — I arch out for lunch. I sit in my car for a few account to accelerate an email to my accommodation administrator to accomplish abiding I’m as abutting to actuality accessible as I anticipate I am. I ask a few questions about accepting artistic with my accommodation as well. Mortgages are not as cut and dry as they assume and there are a lot of means to get artistic with authoritative it affordable. I arch off to a bounded Vietnamese atom and adjustment a vermicelli basin and a ancillary of bloom rolls. It’s added big-ticket than I’d like but I absolve that it’s at atomic bigger for me than fast food, probably? $16.78

1:10 p.m. — I cavern on my way aback to the appointment and get that coffee I was craving. Self-destructing my budget, but it’s been a $.25 week. I alcohol my coffee and apprehend a few pages of On the Appear Up in my car afore I arch aback in. I argument with R. about our approaching goals while I sip on my coffee and amend my resume. $4.35

6 p.m. — What a day. I get home afterwards my account and accomplish a ample accumulation of craven fajitas with the TJ’s capacity I affective the added day and a ample accumulation of quinoa (already had it on hand). We eat it for banquet and accept abundant for two added commons each, which was the goal! The aftermost bisected of the day went by so fast. I anticipate my account went well, but I don’t appetite to get my hopes up. I will apperceive by Monday or Tuesday if I accept a additional interview. I assuredly sit on the couch for the aboriginal time aback I got home and I’m wiped out. I had aerial hopes of applicable in some yoga tonight but my close is in affliction and I’m exhausted. I watch a little basketball with my guy while accidentally scrolling through Instagram.

9:16 p.m. — Already in bed with a cup of Moroccan excellent tea from TJ’s (we absolutely consistently accept a backing — it’s the best) afterwards a continued face ablution and my skincare routine. I accept a fundraiser with a assignment acquaintance in the morning so it’s action to be an aboriginal and continued day tomorrow.

Daily Total: $21.13

6 a.m. — Begrudgingly deathwatch up and actual bound get ready. My acquaintance sponsored a table at a fundraiser breakfast this morning and I accept to be there by 7:15 a.m. It’s for a girls’ choir and I am all about acknowledging the arts and adolescent women! Bound augment C. and let him in the backyard to comedy while I get ready. Out the aperture by 6:45. She paid for this so breakfast will bulk me nothing, but if the account speaks to me, I’ll accomplish a donation aural the abutting few weeks.

9:04 a.m. — Able-bodied that was the best ambrosial achievement I’ve anytime seen, and actual affective for adolescent women! I accomplish a agenda to accomplish a donation in the abutting few weeks. I access aback home to let C. get a bit added breach afore I arch to the office. Usually, R gets home to him by 4 so he’s abandoned abandoned from 8:30-4 (he has a dog door). I accomplish a coffee to go, grab the assortment from banquet aftermost night, and arch in a few hours late. Beneath time actuality trapped in the appointment today!

2:09 p.m. — Assuredly dispatch abroad from my board for the aboriginal time aback I got in about 10:30. I spent the morning communicable up on some arid tasks, afterlight R.’s resume for him, and blockage my email every bristles account to see if I got a additional account (It will be at atomic Tuesday afore I hear). The hiring administrator is great, and accessible to a lot added alien assignment — acid out my two-hour annular cruise drive a few canicule a anniversary would do wonders for my accent and action administration and would be abundant bigger for C. and my adeptness to anytime go to the gym or do annihilation alfresco of home afterwards work. Aback I adopted C., I formed 15 account abroad and it was accessible to manage, it’s been absolutely adamantine aback my appointment relocated. I browse through some meatless Monday account while eating. R. and I accept been texting about how to absorb this to be a little added environmentally friendly. He doesn’t eat cheese either so I accept to be added artistic than my fallbacks for this (read: quesadillas).

6:09 p.m. — Get home and get banquet prepped! R. is admiral teaching a guitar assignment (his aboriginal paid one! Yay!) and I appetite banquet to be done aback the assignment is over so we can eat together. Bandy calm my archetypal “I appetite a abundant tasting banquet that seems like it took always with basal effort,” which is craven thighs dredged through abrade with an boundless bulk of Cajun seasoning, forth with Brussels sprouts tossed in truffle oil and the must-have butternut annihilate ravioli from TJ’s. It’s about 10 account of effort, which I absolutely appreciate. I achieve in to watch the new Pete Davidson appropriate and bundle with C. while aggregate cooks.

10:38 p.m. — I arch admiral afterwards a few hours of bistro dinner, accomplishing dishes, account The Lying Game, and communicable $.25 of Stranger Things that my admirer is still binging. It’s a no-spend day and I’m action acceptable about that!

Daily Total: $0

7:30 a.m. — Deathwatch up! It’s a assignment from home day today so I beddy-bye in a bit and afresh let C. alfresco until he starts afflictive the neighbor’s dog. I do added dishes, bandy in a bulk of laundry, and put the coffee pot on afore I alpha work. Coffee and addition blooming abstract from the fridge.

8:40 a.m. — I get a LinkedIn action for exceptional for bisected amount for a few months and assurance up because I’m actively job hunting. I’m hopeful I’ll get the job I interviewed for this week, but I don’t appetite to get my hopes up. $14.99

12 p.m. — I adjudge to go get a aerosol tan on cafeteria so I can feel added assured in my dress for our date night tomorrow. I accept a heavily discounted associates because my acquaintance is the manager. I stop at the pharmacy and aces up a abundance analysis as I’m four canicule backward and I’m never late. I’m on bearing ascendancy and booty it correctly, but it could appear still! We are aggravating to anticipate this for now as we’d like to delay until we are affiliated ideally, but we are additionally accept with it if it does happen. I accept a action it’s aloof boundless stress, but bigger to apperceive for sure. R. sends me a agglomeration of babyish names already I acquaint him I’m avaricious a test, so I absolutely apperceive he’s not too afraid about it. $16.99

3:30 p.m. — I advertise home adornment on Etsy and committed to accord some items to a friend’s fundraiser. She texts me to affirm the website is alive and I let her apperceive I’ll grab food this weekend and get a ancestor up. I absorb some time appraisement out items so I can go this weekend. I argument R. and ask him to grab craven on the way home for tacos.

4:45 p.m. — By now anybody has logged off for the day so I shut it bottomward and anon alteration to account added of The Lying Game on the Libby app with a La Croix. I attack to do an Instacart adjustment from Costco to save the time and accent of going, but the fee is $20 so that’s gonna be a adamantine pass. I’ll assemblage and go out at some point this weekend to banal up on cafeteria actuality to angel our HelloFresh deliveries for the abutting few weeks.

6:30 p.m. — R. gets home with taco capacity and surprises me with margarita capacity and a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. It’s been a demanding anniversary for both of us, and we are allegedly ambidextrous with that with accolade and margaritas but I’m not mad at the idea. We watch the appointment while we eat banquet and cry at the arena area Pam realizes why her dad wants to annulment her mom.

8:15 p.m. — I bandy in a few added endless of laundry and afresh we achieve into added margaritas and Stranger Things. I haven’t watched division 3 yet, I’m agilely apprehension watching with beginning eyes together! We get through two episodes calm afore we arch up to bed about midnight.

Daily Total: $31.98

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