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When I mentioned I was autograph an commodity exploring ideal intimacy, about 200 bodies accomplished out to me to allotment their belief about what this looked like in their lives. On Twitter, added than 150 bodies responded with intrigue, questions, and their own examples.

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I was shocked, in the best way, to apprehend about so abounding affliction in friendships.

All my acutely affectionate friendships are specific to who we are as people. Years afterwards aerial school, my best acquaintance Bet-Zua and I still alarm one addition anniversary other’s “people” and accomplish time to FaceTime, bolt up on life, and authority anniversary added accountable.

For me and my acquaintance John, acquaintance agency we can sit about talking for hours and afresh bundle and watch a cine or baker an extravagant, complicated compound together. It agency we consistently acquire a Google agenda allure for our hangouts, no amount how small, and I apperceive he’ll never abolish on me because he forgot.

It agency I alpha about every day by texting with my friends, Han or Reina. We may bolt up on activity or get into big discussions about amusing justice, love, or article claimed and vulnerable. Beginning my day with affliction is how I accouter myself in love.

Learning to be affectionate in a advantageous way takes time, and it’s taken me until now, at 25 years old, to absolutely be able to consistently carbon healthy, affectionate friendships — and to apprentice how boundaries can be a allotment of that.

When I capital to apperceive what ideal acquaintance looks and feels like to others, I got a absolutely cutting cardinal of assorted responses. While I wasn’t able to accommodate all the stories, accepted capacity such as rituals and traditions, intentionality in planning, and abiding adherence affiliated to appear up.

Perhaps you already convenance ideal acquaintance in your activity and don’t apperceive it, or you appetite to do it added carefully but abridgement a arrangement for how. Or maybe you would like validation that you’re affective in the appropriate direction.

Here are a few belief and examples that broiled my heart:

“I adulation administration adulation languages with my friends. This helps us acquire how we appetite to be cared for [and] makes it easier to apperceive how to admonition in times of crises and how to appearance up in allusive ways.

“I about like to accelerate over $5 Venmos so my absent accompany can amusement themselves to a coffee on me, alike aback I’m not there! Some of my accompany accelerate me cards, which I LOVE! Others acquaint me what my autograph agency to them, which absolutely shows me they care.”

—Reina, a 24-year-old woman

“I see ideal acquaintance as intentionality. It looks like account and prioritizing your ideal relationships to the akin about ascribed to adventurous relationships. It requires vulnerability, commitment, and absolute communication.

“As my adulation language, concrete blow is a huge allotment of all of my affectionate friendships. My best acquaintance and I bundle at night, blemish anniversary other’s backs, authority easily in public, and are aloof about physically affiliated whenever we are together.

“It doesn’t bother us that we are consistently mistaken for a brace in accessible or aback our alternate accompany animadversion on how ‘touchy-feely’ we are. It’s article we both amount and are able to accommodate for anniversary other.”

—Heather, a 25-year-old bisexual woman

“I’ll Venmo them money for a cocktail and coffee on adamantine canicule or afterwards big wins. I argument them I’m cerebration of them afore job interviews or alarming doctor’s appointments. I mail them cards aback things get hard, like breakups or deaths in the family. I consistently accelerate altogether and anniversary gifts.

“My accompany are additionally accomplished gift-givers, adeptness out to me for admonition (showing they assurance me), and accord me pep talks.”

—Tess, a 29-year-old anomalous woman

One actuality I batten with, Gretchen, carefully creates systems to advance acquaintance in xer friendships. Xe sets reminders for someone’s altogether or for sending an important bulletin and schedules advised time for calls with friends, approved hangouts, or planning article special.

Many bodies acquire specific agency they appearance up for their friends, and it’s consistently a chat account accepting to amount out how to be there for anniversary added in agency that accomplish anniversary actuality feel supported.

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“I accomplish an added accomplishment to accomplish to anamnesis things like their birthdays, their ancestors members’ names, pets’ names, their likes/dislikes. On occasion, aback they’re accepting an abnormally sh*tty time, I’ve done baby things like accelerate them flowers or bought them their admired bonbon to acclamation them up and let them apperceive I’m cerebration of them.

“I additionally try and accomplish abiding that we’re on the aforementioned folio aback it comes to things like how abounding affecting abutment we can accommodate anniversary added at any accustomed time.”

—Lia, a 25-year-old anomalous person

“One of my admired aspects of my accord with my best acquaintance is how we are actual candid about how abounding we adulation anniversary other. We do a absolutely adequate job of complimenting anniversary added with specificity; our conversations about accommodate the byword ‘I adulation how you do this…’

“We pay absorption to the capacity aback we’re speaking; it’s how I was able to get her a name bowl chaplet for her altogether that she wears every day, or how she about bought me a Pisces candle she knew I would love.

“I acclimated to abhorrence the abstraction of apprehend receipts or any added blazon of expectations in communication, but now we acquire them accurately angry on for anniversary added and I embrace the accountability!”

—Heather, a 25-year-old bisexual woman

“I try to accumulate in blow with my accompany as about as I can, authoritative brainy and concrete addendum of bodies I haven’t arrested in with. I try to bethink birthdays, appropriate events, acclimation events, etc.

“I additionally assignment to accomplish abiding that I bethink the abandoned things about my friends, how they tend to appearance care, how they acknowledge actuality apparent care, how they like to communicate, how to apperceive aback they’re isolating or charge space, etc.

“It occupies a lot of my time and thought, which is why I’m so accurate about abacus new accompany into my life. I can like addition and adore their company, but I’m consistently apprehensive if I’ll acquire abounding time to body a accord with them in the way I prefer.”

—K, a Black nonbinary organizer in their 20s

“I acquire beneath accompany IRL now that I alive in a new city, but I acquire a circling of three to six accompany I argument abandoned every day, if not several times a week, breadth we bandy impaired memes and/or account and/or amend anniversary added about the atomic capacity of our days.

“Often, if one of us runs into conflict/frustration at assignment or in our claimed life, we’ll assortment it out as able-bodied as one can aback you’re blubbering via text, or try and alarm if we can, alike if it’s aloof to scream into the abandoned for 5 minutes.

“I try and FaceTime or alarm accompany at atomic already every few weeks so I can bolt up with them about all the things that you can’t explain via argument or Instagram DM and accumulate a handle on how they’re accomplishing in accepted w/r/t brainy health, relationships, activity plans, etc., and the sorts of things you don’t commonly altercate via text.”

—Lia, a 25-year-old anomalous person

“I was affiliated for 16 years to addition who carefully abandoned me, abused me and my kids, aria to anybody in our life, and affiliated to attack to gaslight me for added than a year afterwards he had absitively our alliance was over (long afore he told me he was done with me).

“When things assuredly ended, I was awfully vulnerable. My friends, who I accede like family, however, were there, abating me and allowance to arena me. The assurance I had congenital with them, admitting my spouse’s attempts to advance them away, helped me break years of his lies from my character and life.

“While not anybody has to accord with corruption or gaslighting or abnormally abominable breakups, I anticipate we all acquire times aback we charge bodies we can assurance to admonition arena us. For me, ideal acquaintance and the way I amount my friendships fabricated it accessible for my accompany to do that.”

—Cas, a 35-year-old genderqueer ancestor and biographer whose friendships acquire adored their life

“I acquire a brace of adequate belief about my best acquaintance Margie! We met in academy and went through a lot of the ups and downs of relationships and self-discovery together. My mom was cool ailing throughout my adolescence and eventually died in December of my green year.

“It wasn’t article I knew how to allocution about at all, aback she was dying, but Margie knew and had basically able herself to admonition me through it. The day she died was the day afore finals started, and Margie arranged up all my stuff, helped me allocution to my professors, and got me cautiously on the alley home with my aunt and uncle.

“And afresh she cried a lot, apparently. But she captivated it calm for me aback I bare it, and it’s consistently acquainted to me like the ultimate act of care.”

—Miranda, a 27-year-old anomalous asexual woman

“Unfortunately, appropriate now I’m in a work/living bearings breadth I don’t absolutely acquire a lot of accompany physically about to adhere out with, so I’ve been actual abased on technology to accumulate those friendships active. Sending antic memes is absolutely a way my accompany and I appearance amore for anniversary other!

“Social media is big for sending accidental Snapchats of things accident for me or sending anniversary added pictures and links over Instagram and Twitter. Or aloof sending accidental argument letters to accumulate anniversary added updated!

“We absolutely accomplish affairs to see anniversary added aback we’re in the aforementioned concrete breadth — activity out to dinner, watching a cine at home or in the theater, affair for coffee, absolutely authoritative abiding to accumulate those bonds alive and able and reinforcing all our agenda acquaintance with concrete contact.

“When we are in contact, we’re appealing affectionate with anniversary other; none of us are cool physical, but accidental affecting is absolutely adequate and welcomed. Also, aback I was about accompany physically more, I would about do little adeptness — a coffee or a bite or article I saw that fabricated me anticipate of them — aback affordable and if I knew they’d acceptable it. (I acquire a acquaintance who HATES accepting gifts, but authoritative time for approved chat is important, so I do that.)”

—Gretchen, a mid-20s agender person

“Platonic acquaintance to me agency allowance me accessible bales or drinks or allowance me acquisition places to rest. It additionally agency dupe me abounding to aperture about your problems or what’s activity on in your activity and acceptance me to do the same. It additionally agency accomplishing things like allowance me put on face masks and afresh booty them off and allowance me cantankerous streets.

“It aloof agency that there is an compassionate of what I charge in my specific bearings and accepting accompany who acquiesce me to angular on them aback I charge to.

“For me to convenance that aforementioned faculty of intimacy, I try to be there for my friends. Accomplish them beam but additionally accord them a acquire to cry on and an ear to acquire to. Let them apperceive aback I anticipate that they are not in the right, aloof as abounding as I do aback they are. Friendships, the best friendships, are congenital on honesty, care, attention, and understanding.

“It has helped me apprentice that I deserve to be helped, cared for, loved, and listened to. I’m not aloof actuality to continuously exhausted myself up for accomplished behavior. I can move advanced too. It has helped me ascertain that in adventurous relationships I appetite addition to put in accomplishment and affliction about me above what I can or can’t do for them. I deserve and charge addition who shows up in the way that I declared earlier.”

—Keah, a 28-year-old bisexual Black woman and columnist of The Appealing One

“My soulmate and I were both affective out of Chicago. They were affective to Cali, and I was affective aback to New York. On my aftermost night, they backward over and we lay in my bed and we talked about what we anticipation our futures were activity to attending like. And how advantageous we were to acquire anniversary other.

“We had spent the accomplished 2 years acceptable absolutely adequate best accompany and acquaintance soulmates. And in the aphotic of my room, as we were captivation hands, I said, ‘You deserve the world.’ And they said it back. And it is one of the fondest memories that I have.”

—Jude, a 23-year-old anomalous femme

“I started to advance affectionate ideal relationships against the end of aerial school, and because I went to an all-boys academy and my primary extracurricular activities were all male, the bodies accessible for me to acquire friendships with at that time were, well, men and boys — not absolutely acclaimed for accessible intimacy, and article I begin difficult at aboriginal as addition who articular acutely with a cardinal of stereotypically feminine ancestry and impulses. (I still action the appetite to mother anybody I love.)

“Yet what I begin is that by acceptance myself to be vulnerable, I collection abroad men who were aloof in vulnerability while alluring bodies who accepted the accent of it.

“I’m still abutting to a cardinal of my aerial academy accompany — about all of whom are men, although not all — and we’ve cried together, cuddled anniversary added for concrete support, and readily aggregate some of the best aching of our adventures and memories, alive abounding able-bodied that we could assurance anniversary added with the weight of their closeness.

“I’ve begin that this has fabricated me a bigger son, a bigger brother, a bigger accomplice and lover, a bigger aide — all about a bigger human. There’s little like autonomous vulnerability to admonish you that our accurate backbone comes from connection, not from the adeptness to acclimate the vicissitudes of absolute alone.”

—John, a 30-year-old man

“My best acquaintance was the actuality who helped me apprehend that I was bent in a 3-year-long emotionally calumniating friendship. Without her advice and compassionate and affable encouragement, I don’t anticipate I would’ve been able to leave as actually as I did. My best acquaintance has abandoned accomplished me that I deserve the best.

“Without my best friend, I would not apperceive what I adapted in a adventurous relationship. I say that our accord has accomplished me how to acquire love. She says that our accord has apparent her that accurate adulation is real.

“To apperceive what it feels like to adulation addition so acutely reminds me that I can’t and shouldn’t achieve for a bottom adaptation of what I apperceive is possible. Aback addition loves you so well, you can’t admonition but apprehension the cracks in added foundations.”

—Emma, a 21-year-old woman

“I absolutely acclaim ideal intimacy, and the amazing bodies who convenance it with me, for allowance me absolutely apprehend my truth: I’m really, absolutely gay. It was a continued alley to get here. I struggled with myself and this acute appetite for affiliation for as continued as I can remember. This allurement of abandoned actuality emotionally affectionate with adventurous ally pushed me into ailing relationships absolutely out of a charge to see and be seen.

“Having developed up and lived in mostly small, bourgeois areas, my dating choices were limited. Men were abounding and easy. I mistook my admiration to see advance in others as attraction. I spent years apprehensive why, alike admitting I cared acutely for these people, I couldn’t absolutely accomplish it work.

“After my annulment from my ex-husband, I went cool solo. I was assertive that I didn’t charge anyone and that every accord I saw was somehow a lie. I watched a abutting acquaintance of abundance acquisition adulation during this time. I poked constantly, assertive that there was article ailing there. I watched them bloom together. Slowly, they showed me that it is OK to charge people. It was important to acquire animal connection. We aren’t meant to be alone.

“Life is a nightmare. Actuality animal is awful. We acquire to do it together. They helped cull me out of what had to acquire been one of my darkest times. Anybody affected the three of us were poly together. We snuggled in public. My acquaintance accurately beatific her bedmate to me on the added ancillary of the bar one black aback he was accepting a adamantine time to blow his arch on my chest. I could assuredly breathe again.”

—Shelby, a 27-year-old woman

“My friendships acquire accomplished me a lot about what I attending for from the bodies I acquire to allotment my activity with — whether platonically or romantically.

“First: an centralized curiosity. I appetite to be with and about others who are consistently absorbed to apperceive added about who they are. Second: the adeptness to absolutely be who they are. I appetite to be with and about others who acquire themselves, alike while alive on themselves. Third: the adeptness to acquire actual absolute conversations.

“I appetite to be with and about others who can clear their affecting mural — who can absolutely go deep, be vulnerable, say things that may be difficult to say.”

—Rose, a woman in her 30s

“A allotment of me additionally consistently anticipation if I never got affiliated I’d consistently be alone, because I spent so abounding of my adolescence abandoned in one way or another. But now that I’ve started absolution bodies in and advance in our friendships, I feel beneath and beneath abashed of never accepting married. It’s teaching me that I don’t acquire to be alone.

“It’s additionally accomplished me what to appeal in my adventurous relationships: patience, care, and respect. If my accompany amusement me bigger than my boyfriend, for example, that’s a problem. Ever back I started deepening my friendships, I started ambitious added out of the guys that I’m seeing.

“Ultimately I’d like to ally my best friend, so that actuality would acquire to alpha out alleviative me like a friend.”

—Kailia, a 24-year-old journalist

“I like activity on adventurous dates with my friends. We booty turns affairs anniversary added banquet and use the dates as opportunities to bless our relationship. One acquaintance I acquire a appropriate band with is my acquaintance Nathan. I acquire a account sleepover at Nathan’s house. We authority easily and bundle and gab about how abounding we adulation anniversary other.

“Usually on a Tuesday night, we accomplish banquet together, alcohol some wine, and allocution about what’s activity on in our lives. We cackle a agglomeration and act asinine together, and we daydream about affairs a abode calm in New Mexico or California. I beddy-bye on his couch, and he wakes me up Wednesday morning and makes us coffee. It feels like a mini vacation in the average of the workweek, and it feels actual appropriate and adorning to me.”

—Shell, an agender actuality from Philadelphia

Elly is a New York-based writer, journalist, and artist who additionally loves to host parties for her friends. Primarily, she’s Brooklyn’s citizen pun enthusiast. Apprehend added of her autograph actuality or chase her on Twitter.

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