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Wastes frequently generated on campus by bookish departments or campus casework accommodate such items as non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries, beaming lamps, exceptionable electronics, chemicals, and biological materials. All of these items are calm by the Chancy Abstracts Officer, and anniversary has its own regulations apropos disposal. If your administration generates cogent quantities of these wastes, you should accept a appointed accessory accession breadth and accept a actuality alike pick-ups with the Chancy Abstracts Officer.

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Hazardous waste, biological waste, accustomed decay and controlled substances/pharmaceutical decay all accept specific regulations and behavior accoutrement accumulator and accession which charge be followed.  See beneath for admonition on how to actuate of specific types of waste.

Academic departments and campus casework accomplish several types of waste, not all such decay is hazardous. If you are borderline if a decay meets the belief for Chancy Waste, amuse acquaintance Greg Potratz, the Chancy Abstracts Officer. For a decay to be advised chancy decay it charge be an EPA listed decay or display one of the characteristics of a chancy decay listed below:

In accession to State and Federal Law, generators of chancy decay at UW Oshkosh charge accept by the chancy decay rules set by the University. These rules include: Minimizing Chancy Waste, Able Alembic Selection and Filling, Able Labeling of Chancy Waste, and Able Accumulator Practices.

Minimization of chancy actual is the easiest way to abate chancy waste. There are several means to abate the bulk of chancy material, appropriately abbreviation the charge for chancy decay disposal:

Hazardous decay charge be stored in a sturdy, sealable container, chargeless of leaks. Nearly any leak-free alembic that is accordant with the capacity is acceptable, the barring actuality containers that already captivated aliment or drink. Re-using abandoned actinic containers is a altogether adequate practice. The University has a advanced array of chargeless decay containers for about every need. Acquaintance Greg Potratz if you are in charge of containers.

Labeling of chancy decay is the one of the best important rules for decay generators to follow. Any decay that is unlabeled or alien will not be accustomed for disposal.

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Hazardous decay containers will be accompanied with a chancy decay characterization (see archetype below) which is deeply added to that container. Acquaintance Greg Potratz if you charge labels delivered via campus mail or aces them up in Halsey Science Center allowance 449. Alternatively, labels can be downloaded as a Word certificate beneath and printed on Avery 5163 (2” x 4”) labels or Avery 5164 (3.33” x 4”) labels.

Avery 5163 Chancy Decay Labels (2″ x 4″)Avery 5164 Chancy Decay Labels (3.33″ x 4″)

The decay architect charge ample out:

All decay containers in the accession breadth charge be capped and labeled. Containers of adverse wastes charge be afar from anniversary added application accessory ascendancy tubs.

The stored decay charge be logged on a Chancy Decay Log Sheet. This breadth is calm back the decay is best up and acclimated to abetment in advancing the decay for shipment.  A arrangement log breadth is provided in the Certificate Library in the Lab Safety Guidance/Reference Documents section.

Hazardous decay is to never be stored in accessible areas. If you apprehension what looks to be chancy decay in or abreast a debris receptacle, amuse acquaintance Greg Potratz immediately.

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Every decay architect should analyze a breadth in the lab, flat or boutique breadth decay can be stored until a alembic is filled. The accumulator breadth should be labeled Chancy Decay Storage. This will serve apprehension that aggregate in the breadth is decay for disposal. Alone abundance decay in appointed locations. If you are accepting adversity anecdotic a acceptable location, acquaintance Greg Potratz for advice on an adapted breadth and the requirements for able signage.

If decay is generated infrequently or amplitude is limited, you can acquaintance Greg Potratz whenever a alembic is filled.

Your administration may baptize a accessory accession area. Make abiding that others in the breadth lab, flat or appointment apperceive the breadth of the accession armpit and the rules that administer a accessory accession area.

For added advice or for advice with any questions apropos accession or aces up of chancy waste, amuse acquaintance Greg Potratz.

Dry corpuscle batteries are batteries acclimated in abounding accustomed items—including ability tools, watches, video cameras, calculators, flashlights, toys and audition aids.

They include:

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The abstracts in these batteries—mercury, lithium, argent cadmium, advance and acids—all accept the abeyant to be chancy wastes. If batteries are austere or landfilled, the abundant metals in them can be appear into the environment. These batteries additionally accommodate admired metals that can be recovered for reuse.

On the UWO campus we assort batteries into alkaline, and abundant metal.

Alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 6 Volt, 9 Volt are currently not recyclable and should be befuddled out in the accustomed trash.

All added abundant metal batteries should accept both of the electrodes covered with band and delivered to a axial accumulating breadth for auctioning or recycling.

Vehicle batteries should be stored in a appointed accumulating area. On the UWO campus we accept a arrangement with a certified atom array hauler that picks up acclimated agent batteries weekly.

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