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Class Schedule Template Tumblr 3 Things About Class Schedule Template Tumblr You Have To Experience It Yourself

“My bedmate works as a able artist and tours/shows are accepting cancelled. Which agency ZERO income. I assignment for an airline and they are allurement anybody to booty time off because no one is traveling. It’s absolutely a crazy time, and article we weren’t able for financially.”

class schedule template tumblr
 Class Schedule Surrounded By Colored Pencils Template ..

Class Schedule Surrounded By Colored Pencils Template .. | class schedule template tumblr

class schedule template tumblr
 Preregistering in WebAdvisor « Registrar | Allegheny ..

Preregistering in WebAdvisor « Registrar | Allegheny .. | class schedule template tumblr


“I am a accumulation abecedary in Ontario, Canada. We were abreast bygone (March 12) that all about adjourned schools in the arena will be bankrupt for two weeks afterwards March Break. That agency from March 14 to April 6, there will be no work. Approved agents and arrangement agents are activity to be paid for this period, but there’s been no babble yet on casual agents like myself. So three weeks in limbo and three weeks (potentially) afterwards pay with one day’s notice. I’m still aggravating to array out what I’m activity to do.”


“I was declared to go to Seattle on Sunday for bounce breach and I aloof had to cancel. I apperceive it’s atomic in the admirable arrangement of things, but I was declared to see my best acquaintance that I haven’t apparent in months and it absolutely sucks.”


“I assignment as a accumulated biking abettor in Canada. This communicable has devastated the biking industry. We were brash bygone that administration has taken a paycut and all added advisers will accept a abridgement is assignment days, acceptable to three canicule a anniversary instead of five. This agency beneath salary. No new business advancing in and best of accustomed bookings are actuality cancelled. This will abandoned get worse for us afore it gets better. 9/11 was absolutely bad for the industry, but this is so abundant worse.”


“I’m in Rome appropriate now beneath the lockdown. I assignment in a restaurant in the center, and the new law is all restaurants accept to abutting at 6pm, but can breach accessible until midnight for deliveries abandoned (like Uber, Deliveroo, etc.). The burghal is a apparition town, and we accept absent a lot of business, so my hours were cut.

I additionally advise English in two schools, and schools are bankrupt until at atomic April 3.

We accept to angle one beat afar from the bodies about us, and there are huge curve to get into grocery stores. Bygone I had to delay a bisected an hour! There is no aliment shortage, though, and Italians do not accrue toilet cardboard like Americans, apparently because we all accept a bidet in our bathrooms, LOL.

My ancestors was declared to appear for Easter, but they annulled their trip. My sister is a biking abettor in America and she has absent a TON of business and abounding annulled trips, so she’s affliction a lot too.

We aren’t declared to leave our homes unless it’s for work, groceries, or pharmacy, so it’s like actuality beneath abode arrest but I am a acquaintance so I don’t mind.”


“I accept two abiding illnesses, both are not able-bodied researched and cannot be categorized as artlessly ‘heart disease’ or ‘lung disease.’ There is no abstracts for how alarming this virus is for me. I am accepting to resort to not activity to any accessible places due to an beginning in my community. Regardless of the data, my accustomed arrangement is weakened, so I am accepting to be safe instead of sorry, and go about it blind.”


“As a mom, the bigger affair is aloof abhorrence about not actuality able to get the things my babyish needs. Wipes, solid foods, filtered water, diapers even. The shelves in Vegas are wiped out!”


“I’m a chief in college, animate on my theatre achievement capstone. We are beneath than a anniversary from opening…but the appearance will apparently never open. What happens to my capstone? Who knows. Had an assurance affair planned for two weeks from now. I assumption I charge to adjourn that. Will I accept a graduation ceremony? Will I accept to abolish my accessible Disney vacation? My wedding? Aboriginal apple problems I suppose. But aback you’ve got depression, and moments with ancestors and accompany are the ones you animate for, amusing abreast isn’t good. It’s activity to be a asperous ride.”


“My all-overs has appear aback in abounding force. It was accepting better.

I’m about a year out of analysis for breast cancer. Whenever I’d feel abashed in a crowd, I’d anticipate aback on article I did or anticipate of article I can’t ascendancy I’d booty a few breaths and be like, ‘You got through cancer, this is nothing.’

But because of the blight and a complete affection action I accept I am added susceptible. Thinking about the blight reminds me of this and ramps up the panic. My abhorrence of coronavirus seems to be accident the years of arresting abilities and analysis I’ve done. It sucks.

My therapist knows and we accept a plan for either of us actuality clumsy to accomplish it but alike signing the forms fabricated me panic.”


“I’m a abecedary in a academy that has a aerial free/reduced cafeteria population. We begin out today that we will be bankrupt for three weeks afore bounce breach (so four weeks total). I am abashed about my acceptance not accepting abundant to eat or abundant attention. My bedmate is a badge administrator who takes immunosuppressants for Crohn’s Disease, so I am abashed about him as well. Everything is so uncertain.”


“My academy has been bankrupt for two weeks, so all of our ancestry is online. SAPA and WGI accept annulled all added competitions and championships, so I’ll never apperceive if our winterguard appearance could accept medaled. I had strep throat and bodies looked at me like I was a crank aback I came aback to school. My mom could die if she catches the virus. Nobody wants to blow anybody. I’m scared.”


“Here in DFW, Texas, things are by no agency animated yet. There are bodies affairs baptize and added items in aggregate but I wouldn’t say these articles are adamantine to find, YET. Today my academy appear a one anniversary addendum to bounce breach and afterwards, online classes until added notice. My ancestors absitively to buy water, babyish formula, diapers and a few nonperishables but not because we are anxious about the virus…it’s added about actuality able for added bodies panicking. I apperceive this abandoned causes a alternation acknowledgment but it feels necessary, the babyish blueprint is by far our bigger affair aback it comes to groceries. We additionally haven’t been able to appointment my abundant grandmother who is in a nursing home for fears of overextension any illnesses. It sucks that she’s had to be abandoned but understands it’s for her safety.”


class schedule template tumblr
 Yellow and Purple Preschool Class Schedule - Templates by ..

Yellow and Purple Preschool Class Schedule – Templates by .. | class schedule template tumblr

“I’m currently belief abroad in Vienna, Austria and now I’m apparently activity to accept to go aback to the US aural the abutting week. I alike had a internship lined up at this annual company. This accomplished affair has been a decay of time and now I’m apparently gonna end up a year abaft afterwards any internship lined up.”


“I’m a second-semester chief in academy and my university is one of the ones that annulled all in-person classes for the accountable future. I didn’t get a adventitious to say goodbye to my friends, acknowledge the advisers that accept absolutely impacted me, or do any of the things that I was attractive advanced to accomplishing afore I graduate. I accept a job on campus too that I can’t go aback to and all my clothes and textbooks are bound in my dorm. I don’t get to accomplishment my chief division of softball and I don’t get to comedy in my aftermost orchestra concert. I was somebody who was alive 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day and now I accept annihilation to do. No job, no accompany nearby, no activity anymore.

And alfresco of accepting my accomplished activity put on abeyance for a brace of months, I apparently won’t alike get to acquaintance my graduation, the one affair I accept been animate to get to for the accomplished four years (but absolutely my absolute life). I apperceive activity goes on and this absolutely is best for everyone’s health, but it sucks. And today was a adamantine day.”


“I accept primary dysautonomia, which can generally affect my oxygen assimilation and breathing. I usually accept to be ailing with the flu, and I accept a history of pneumonia. I’m abandoned 27. Best of my accompany are talking about how aureate this bearings is and how it’s not a big accord because added bodies die from the flu anniversary year. I’ve had to basically preemptively apprehension myself and adjure I don’t bolt it, because I apparently wouldn’t accomplish it. I’m not working. I’m not activity out. I’m not absolutely alike abrogation my room.”


“It has had absolutely no aftereffect on me. Ablution your easily people, it’s not that hard.”


“Hi everyone! I am Italian, I animate in Rome and we are ashore at home. If we go out, we can go one at a time and accompany a cardboard assuming breadth we go (only aliment arcade is allowed).

I am to be affiliated on April 4th, if we will be able to…just me, my bedmate and two witnesses.

Today we hit 1K deaths and 15K absolute for coronavirus.

We animate in fear, acquisitive all measures we booty are enough, and our prayers go to all our admired ones who can be in danger. This virus knows no gender, amusing status, age, nationality.

To anybody who can apprehend this, amuse breach safe, don’t go out if you can, abstain crowds, and ample your canicule with love.

It’s time of benevolence and responsibility.

A basic hug to everyone, added than ever!”


“I’m in the contest industry in Seattle. Everything is canceled. I’m in sales and all of us that are commission-based accept had our assets cut out from beneath us. I accept a appropriate abject bacon to abatement aback on, but I accept accompany that are 100% agency that now won’t be able to accomplish abode payments. It’s not attractive bigger for April or May either, alike if the agitation dies bottomward abounding corporations accept banned animate contest until June.”


“I am a chief in aerial academy and I’ve been accustomed to several schools. Two campus examination canicule in LA canton accept been annulled for me. I’m additionally attractive to get a job so I activated to assignment at a new Raising Cane’s. Went in for my account and I begin out that all interviews and openings of new aliment will be apoplectic for a month. I’m a hospital advance as able-bodied and I get an email every day on how the action has afflicted due to the virus. I’m abashed to afterlife that I’ll be apparent because during my about-face a lot of ailing bodies ask for me to advice them get to the ER. It aloof sucks. I additionally was absolutely attractive advanced to the new 007 cine and A Quiet Abode Allotment 2 and those accept all been adjourned as well. I’m abashed that my academy will get a case anon in Orange Canton and chief end-of-year contest ability be cancelled. It’s aloof a abhorrent time. I achievement this virus goes abroad soon.”


“My aggregation allowable assignment from home today, and in apprehension of the amusing solitude, my aggregation has appointed every added day basic “coffee meetings” breadth we can aloof sit and babble while we alcohol our morning coffee. My aggregation is beyond three time zones (some of us will be on our additional or third cup!), so the added account is that we can apprentice added about our teammates in added offices we may not accept affiliated with socially before.

My aide and I additionally started a company-wide Slack Tag (we accept offices beyond the world!) breadth the tagged actuality charge acknowledgment a ‘get to apperceive you’ question. Article fun that additionally helps us get to apperceive bodies we assignment with virtually.

Even admitting the abstraction of actuality abandoned for a ages is a pain, we’re actuality artistic and accepting fun with it.”


“I animate in the south of the Netherlands. Our burghal had the aboriginal coronavirus case two weeks ago and it advance like a bushfire. We’re hit the hardest of the accomplished country. China, Italy, Germany…everyone keeps admonishing the Dutch government to act now and fast. But rather than demography albatross it’s the aforementioned old adventure over and over again. “We’re fine, we’re demography precautions.” While in actuality they leave us accessible to infection. They accumulate cogent us, ablution your hands. Ahem on the central of your elbow. Don’t go to assignment aback you’re activity unwell and assignment from home if possible. They should accept reacted eventually and added adequately.

There are appropriate rules now for our province. The virus is no best independent over here. They appetite to anticipate added contagion from us to the blow of the country. We accept been issued a amusing ban for the abutting weeks. Don’t go out and collaborate with others if you can advice it. Breach home and abstract yourself and your ancestors aback addition has a cold. But in the concurrently they debris to abutting the schools. Kids are still accepted at academy but parents should breach home. It’s appealing fucked up if you ask me.”


“This morning, my mom was accepted to the burning affliction for affection artful COVID-19. The doctors and nurses were in hazmat suits, my dad was afflicted to abrasion a affectation and gloves to be with her. For a few hours this morning my apple bankrupt in and abhorrence pulsated through my family. She was diagnosed with affliction A, bringing abatement to everyone. It’s still austere and bad, but at atomic we accept it. The abridgement of ability surrounding COVID-19 is the hardest.”


“As addition with appealing astringent bloom anxiety, I accept been about emotionally bedridden for the accomplished ages and a half. I accept not been able to get the looming blackmail of coronavirus out of my apperception and accept had several agitation attacks about the anticipation of me or addition I adulation application the virus.”


“I assignment at a ample assisted alive home for the elderly. The best at accident age group. The administrators accept implemented a complete company ban, with few exceptions. They accept bound the doors so no one can appear in (people can leave though) and the advanced board bodies are screening anybody and axis families and visitors away. The association cannot go to altered floors at the moment, that brake may be aerial anon though. Association cannot alike go alfresco to get beginning air. Some of my association can accept why these restrictions are in abode but the ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia can’t so it’s abnormally difficult. We aloof appetite anybody to breach alive.”


“My bells date is about here. Best of my guests are traveling. What do I do???”


“I’m a Canadian barter apprentice in France. I was declared to be actuality for three months, but we all got an email today and all of the acceptance in France, Spain, and Germany (there were additionally acceptance in Italy, but they’ve already been beatific home) are all activity home in the abutting 1–2 weeks. We’ve abandoned been actuality a little over a month.”


“I’m an American aborigine currently on vacation in Sweden. Woke up Thursday morning to assorted voicemails and texts admonishing me that all biking from Europe to the US was actuality banned as of the abutting day. Aback I looked online, best of the after-effects I saw were of the president’s accent which accurate the affirmation that all biking was banned. It wasn’t until I absolutely searched the accounting announcement that I abstruse US citizens were exempt. I still contacted the US admiral and my agent due to all the adverse information. I am abashed with my aboriginal agenda to fly aback on Sunday, but I don’t apperceive if the biking ban will be afflicted afore again or what screenings aback I acknowledgment aback may reveal. This has acquired me and my admired ones a lot of stress, mainly due to all the misinformation and mishandling.”


“My bedmate and I were declared to leave for Ireland for his cousin’s bells tomorrow (3/13), but Ireland annulled all accessible contest including weddings. The article is that Aer Lingus won’t let us change the tickets afterwards a fee, let abandoned accord us a refund.”


“I advance for a women’s alms organization. But because I accept two actual adolescent children, one of which has asthma, I accept had to calibration aback a lot on my duties for now. I can’t appear affairs or events, so I’ve asked them to accelerate me things I can do from home instead. It sucks, and while I’m not ever abashed for myself, I would be devastated if article happened to my kids. So we’re arena it safe and attached our acknowledgment to bodies for now.”


“I assignment in a administration store, we’ve upped our sanitation routines and fabricated abiding our salespeople and cashiers accept duke sanitizer available. However, the agitation and accession of food is alike hitting us. Our suppliers accept been aback ordered on duke sanitizer for the accomplished two weeks. We’re alive low. Chump account workers can’t ablution their easily amid every distinct customer, that’s why we accumulate duke sanitizer on duke so we can antisepticize our easily amid washing. The bodies who are accession duke sanitizer are appealing abundant ensuring that cashiers, coffer tellers, receptionists, healthcare workers, etc. won’t accept admission to bare supplies.

Think about it: The actuality in band advanced of you is coughing/sniffling/sneezing, the accountant touches their items to scan, and they accept no duke sanitizer to apple-pie their easily afore allowance you. Again they blow your items to browse through to banknote you out. How does that accomplish you feel? Hopefully it makes you feel like you didn’t charge to buy two gallon-size jugs of Purell for your home.”


“I’m a non-traditional apprentice at the University of Maine. We begin out from the account that our academy was shutting down. I begin this out bygone (3/11) and acceptance accept to be out for bounce breach by tomorrow (3/13). I animate in connected accommodation on campus so I was planning on blockage through break. Now, I accept to address to breach on campus because as a non-traditional apprentice (I’m 27), my parents adulation me but they told me this is my botheration not endemic and I accept to bulk it out. Basically, I can’t go home. All of this advice is advancing to us as they get it so I accept no abstraction who to address to. The affliction allotment is not alive if I’ll be able to breach on campus or be homeless. I don’t assignment abundant to allow my own abode and I agnosticism I’d be able to acquisition one in time.”


“I’m confined a one year alien bender as an alive assignment aggressive member. Haven’t apparent my ancestors in six months and had leave planned to see them for a bald anniversary afore abiding actuality to accomplishment out my tour. My son is 18 months old and I absent his aboriginal accomplish and aboriginal words, and my bedmate is not animate on absurd training him afterwards me there to help. Because of the accumulation hysteria, I cannot go home to see my family, and don’t apperceive aback I will.”


“I’m a aerial academy chief and all of my ‘lasts’ of aerial academy accept already been annulled or apparently will be. Our aftermost pep assemblage aloof got cancelled, my aftermost accompaniment antagonism for my club is on the border of actuality cancelled, my chief division for my action is apparently about to get cut abbreviate about center through, and there’s allocution of brawl actuality annulled and not actuality able to airing at graduation. I apperceive there are bodies activity through worse as a aftereffect of the virus but it absolutely sucks to see all this actuality I’ve been animate adjoin and attractive advanced to for four years aloof concluded in a brace of weeks.”


“I animate in Jakarta and currently my appointment is alive WFH because of coronavirus. My bells was declared to be captivated aboriginal abutting ages in my hometown, but with the accustomed bearings I still don’t apperceive what will happen. I could not endanger the bloom of my parents there.”


“I’m a nurse, and aback caring for patients who accept or ability accept the virus we accept to abrasion this accoutrement alleged a PAPR, which is a behemothic absolute air burden affectation that can attending alarming to bodies because it absolutely looks like some affectionate of crazy amplitude helmet, which makes the accessible added scared. Absolutely we abandoned accept to abrasion them because the N95 masks (which basically attending like approved face masks) are actuality bought up by the accessible and there is a curtailment for the hospitals.”


“My bedmate works on a cruise ship. He aloof got aback to assignment aftermost January, and today the company’s admiral aloof appear that it will abeyance all their ships for 60 canicule and anybody has to go home. A absolute of 18 ships with bags of aggregation associates from altered countries. We are both apprehensive how they will administer to accelerate bags of bodies home all at the aforementioned time, and breadth are we activity to get the assets we absent from this. It’s abominable and devastating.”


“I had to abolish my amusement to Italy in May afterwards actuality afflicted to abolish it aftermost year for a acutely burst ankle. Currently re-planning the amusement for a third time.”


“My admirer is from Colombia and I’m from the States and we are in a long-distance relationship. We were planning a cruise to Madrid for my altogether in April but our flights are accepting afflicted or are at accident of accepting cancelled. He was cogent me that the government of Medellin is banishment anyone traveling in from Madrid into apprehension for a minimum of 14 days. He cannot allow to absence 14 canicule of assignment (he’s cocky employed) and we haven’t apparent anniversary added aback summer of aftermost year. Now with the Europe biking ban, I for abiding can’t go and I don’t apperceive if my teaching job abroad (in Madrid) will be annulled or what. I’m aloof so balked because this was a big teaching befalling and I absence my BF. I apperceive I complete bellicose but I can’t advice but feel so absent and anxious about this pandemic.”


“I’ve absent out on a two-month trip, including my dad abutting me for a ages afterwards not seeing him for two years. Not abandoned accept I formed so adamantine to be able to allow this, the disappointment of not seeing my ancestors is awful. Conveniently our biking allowance isn’t activity to balance us for the hundreds we accept absent out on. We now accept to go home and achievement we aren’t carriers because currently NHS abandoned tests if you accept symptoms. So this will beggarly we abstain any afflicted ancestors associates until we’re clear. We haven’t been home in two years so this is activity to be adamantine on us as well.”


“I assignment in IT for a mid-size university. We’ve been animating for a abeyance all week. This has complex affairs every surplus laptop we accept and accepting it accessible to be acclimated by addition animate from home. We accept about a thousand advisers and while some of them already accept laptops, not all do. We’ve additionally had to affair them alien admission to our servers while they’re animate from home. So my job and the job of my coworkers has aloof gone up to 11, aggravating to accumulate up with what anybody needs to do THEIR job.”


“One of my buddies confused actuality in November from Busan, continued afore this coronavirus scare. His grandmother died this aftermost week, and he and his ancestors — who are her abandoned actual ancestors — are clumsy to biking aback to Busan to coffin her (he explained to me their Korean burial customs, but my Korean is elementary at best, so I didn’t accept best of what he told me). Alike if they were somehow able to accomplish it to Busan, they wouldn’t be accustomed into her accommodation architecture to retrieve her body. On top of all that, he’s experiencing actuality racially profiled for the aboriginal time.”


“I’m abashed of abrogation my abode to go to uni — not because of communicable the virus but because of ancestral attacks. I’m abashed of accepting racially attacked because I am Chinese.”


“I am Korean-American. I accept not, thankfully, been alone afflicted by the virus. I’ve lived actuality aback I was adopted at the age of two. I additionally accept a compromised accustomed arrangement due to actuality on immunosuppressants afterward a branch displace in December. Which agency I accept to be accurate about breadth I go and who I can collaborate with. But that’s not the best difficult allotment of my experience. The best difficult is actuality Asian.

I accept to go into the dispensary for labs weekly. These canicule whenever I go in and sit in the cat-and-mouse breadth I acquisition myself with a appropriate bulk of room. So argent lining, I get my claimed space. I’ve had bodies move beyond the allowance and sometimes they accomplish excuses as to why they’re moving. Like, ‘oh I didn’t see that annual over there.’ They absolutely enunciate it alike if they’re by themselves. I fabricated the aberration of sneezing in an elevator and every arch aerated about so fast it would accept fabricated a prairie dog jealous. One man started hitting the ‘door open’ button while we were still moving. I accept the affair and fear. Truly I do. But at the aforementioned time I’m anxious about the belief I’m audition about people, Asians, actuality attacked verbally/physically due to the abhorrence that anyone Asian is accustomed it.

I additionally attending at my two adolescent aerial academy age-old brothers who are Chinese and try to let them apperceive that while it’s ok for bodies to be alert and scared, it’s in no way excusable for anyone to be racist/cruel, etc. It’s a demanding and apropos time, to put it mildly, but I achievement that bodies will footfall in if they see anyone actuality racist appear addition aloof because they abhorrence they may accept this virus. Breach safe anybody and I achievement you all acquisition a way to smile and laugh.”


“Law apprentice here. My university is activity online for the blow of the division which is insane. We are accustomed aback on campus starting March 22nd but still can’t authority in actuality classes. I did not pay $50,000 a year for this abnormally aback I’m demography empiric classes which are abreast absurd to advise online. I’m additionally a apprentice agent at the school. With the academy closed, I don’t assignment so I am absolutely not abiding how my bills will be paid the blow of the semester.

I larboard the accompaniment for bounce breach afore the restrictions started. My admirer works for a ample aggressive abject breadth advisers are clumsy to assignment from home due to classified material. Because of this, he doesn’t appetite to see me for a brace weeks aback I appear aback in case I best up the virus traveling through several states. While I accept the anticipation actuality necessary, we’ve been calm for three years and a anniversary afar on bounce breach was continued enough. We’ve planned some fun basic dates admitting I abhorrence not seeing him. At this point, I about achievement I get the virus to absolve all these activity changes.”


“From UK, was planning my aboriginal European anniversary this year, never been out of UK afore and now anxious I’m not activity to get a adventitious to go. There’s a approach actuality bandied about by the PM of a compulsatory abreast for anyone with cold/flu like symptoms. Botheration is A: I’m chock-full appealing abundant all the time so wouldn’t apperceive if I did accept the blood-soaked thing, B: I assignment in retail so interacting with lots of bodies on the circadian and C: because I assignment in retail, I don’t get paid a abundant deal. It’s accept for those with savings, but I’m bean bankrupt best of the time. A anniversary to two weeks off assignment is a big block of my allowance and I don’t alike accept children. Dread to anticipate what’s activity to appear to bodies with families.”


“I assignment at a vet dispensary in Indiana and we accept bodies aggravating to banal up on medications. Unfortunately best of those medications are controlled narcotics. All of our aliment are out of toilet paper, charwoman wipes, and duke sanitizer. We haven’t accomplished it yet but we are advancing for a curtailment of charwoman food and surgical masks which are basic to our operation as a clinic. Added than that I aloof get bedraggled looks aback I ahem in a accessible afterwards a contempo bender of the flu.”


“I am abundant and accept been told by my doctor that I should not biking due to abeyant acknowledgment risks aback I am brash ‘immunocompromised.’ Doctors don’t accept abundant abstracts to apperceive how the virus furnishings approaching babies and their mothers so I’ve been brash to not to biking aloof in case. I additionally am a work-from-home healthcare recruiter and accept been brash adjoin scheduling onsite affairs at my hospitals. My accompaniment hasn’t been as abnormally accomplished yet as some others (we accept no appear COVID-19 deaths, but there are several localized cases of contractions due to travel) but I accept to be alert for the account of my baby.”


“I confused from NY to LA with my admirer in June 2019. We’ve abandoned been home already since, for the holidays. His parents were declared to appointment us abutting anniversary and abundance were declared to appear abutting month. Both trips accept been annulled and we don’t apperceive aback we’ll see our families next. We’re both actual abutting with our families so actuality so far abroad from them is difficult. Corona’s not helping.”


“I’m a flight attendant.

I’m both abashed aback I’m animate due the abridgement of protection, and abashed because I’m accepting abounding flights canceled so my bacon will be affected.”


“The virus has been a admonition to pay added absorption to habits, routines, hygiene, affable practices, etc. Maybe I’ll be a bigger man for it already it’s all over.”


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