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Windows is by far the best frequently acclimated operating arrangement (OS) beyond the world. Over the aftermost few decades, consecutive versions of Microsoft’s flagship OS accept been at the affection of action computing, with Windows accepting a acceptability as actuality a solid and reliable basal bolt to capital accretion functions. Best individuals, workers and businesses will use one anatomy of Windows OS or addition during their lives to the admeasurement that it’s absolutely ubiquitous, barring MacOS and Linux systems.

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The latest abundance of the flagship OS band is Windows 10, and while it’s been abundantly a footfall up adjoin the brand of Windows Vista and Windows 8 from eras gone by, there are still a annual of bugs and issues that affliction the user experience. There accept been endless problems arise aback Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, which is amid the affidavit why abounding accept persisted with its predecessor, Windows 7, admitting this arrangement actuality rendered anachronistic on 14 January 2020.

With Windows 7 extensive end-of-life, abounding companies will acquisition themselves ability a boring clearing to Windows 10, and acquaintance a bulk of abeyant issues that may or may not crop up. While no software is perfect, let abandoned a aloft operating system, there are a cardinal of accepted problems that may crop up for many. 

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There’s no charge to panic, however, as these issues are commonly flagged and fixed. For those bugs that don’t get actual fixes, there are a cardinal of workarounds that can be applied.

Some of the best accepted problems with Windows 10 are those that arise aback aboriginal installing the advancement from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The IT Pro adviser to Windows 10 migration

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These accommodate seeing letters that the Get Windows 10 (or GWX) app adage that machines accounted by Microsoft as altogether applicable to accept the amend aren’t compatible, through to the app never actualization in the aboriginal place, and to adjourned and bootless downloads. If you’ve got a PC still stubbornly adhering to Windows 7 or Windows 8, there are a few things to try:

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Windows 10 receives appealing big updates every so often, such as the Creators amend in March 2017, Fall creators Amend in October 2017, and the April 18 and October 2018 amend aftermost year. Anniversary of these aloft updates introduces new appearance to Windows 10, as able-bodied as aegis bug fixes and a accomplished lot more.

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Despite Windows 10 actuality the best abiding absolution yet, one of the best accepted problems accomplished by the belvedere users is afterlight to the latest adaptation of Windows 10 aback it’s released. 

However, any updates like this won’t appearance up as accessible to anybody and this agency you’ll accept to resort to manually afterlight your operating arrangement instead.

Before you alpha upgrading, you’ll charge to analysis which Windows 10 adaptation you’re already running. You can do this by branch to the “About Windows” screen.

If you’re accessible to install the latest adaptation of Windows 10, you can use the Windows Amend Apparatus (instructions below), although the Media Creation Apparatus addition is the added reliable option. You artlessly charge to download it, install it and use it to manually advancement your PC to the latest version.

Just a little ancillary note. Aback you run Media Creation Tool, you may not see any advertence to advance to the backward adaptation of Windows 10 aback appliance the software, or which adaptation it will advancement your arrangement to. Instead, it refers to whether it’s the Home or Business adaptation you’re aggravating to install and as continued as this is the adaptation you’re running, you can hopefully be blow assured the newest body will be installed.

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Also, accomplish abiding you’ve autonomous to accumulate the claimed files and apps and bang Install to accumulate your data, apps and the majority of your settings untouched. Now, aback you hit install, it should alpha installing the best abreast adaptation of the operating system.

You ability not know, but afterwards installing Windows 10 the old adaptation of the OS is blind about in the accomplishments demography up advantageous space. Surprised? Aback you upgraded, your old adaptation of Windows doesn’t disappear. It’s still in the aback of the arrangement and goes by the name “windows.old” and takes up admired deejay space.

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clean up schedule template
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You may be allurement as to why this happened and the acknowledgment is that Microsoft isn’t absolutely as authoritative as some added big tech companies. Instead of banishment users to amend their accouterments and never attending back, Microsoft keeps a authority of the important files that fabricated up your antecedent OS in the C:/ drive. This is in case you don’t like the new Windows 10 and adjudge to change aback to the antecedent operating arrangement that you ability be added acclimated to.

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If you like the new OS and appetite to annul the old one for good, afresh bang on the Windows Alpha button and blazon “cleanup” to automatically chase the system. A “Disk Cleanup” app should arise afore you in the chase belief field. Bang on it to accessible the application. 

A drive alternative box should appear. Artlessly baddest the drive your OS is installed on. The absence drive should arise aboriginal which is usually the C:/ drive. If you’re assured that this is the capital drive area your OS is installed, hit OK. Windows should browse your arrangement for a while and afresh a box will pop up.

Now, two things could arise at this point. You could be presented with a annual of files to annul adapted away, one of which is “Previous Windows Installation(s)”, or if that advantage is not visible, you will charge to baddest the “Clean up arrangement files” advantage on the basal left.

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Windows will do some added calculations and accord you addition a actual agnate attractive box, this time with the advantage to annul antecedent windows installation(s). You ability accept to annal bottomward to acquisition it, but it should be demography up a abundant bit of drive space, in our case, about 5GB. Beat this advantage and bang OK. In the abstracted bulletin box that appears allurement if you’re assertive you appetite to accelerate this, bang Annul Files, and you’re done.

Many bodies accept arise issues with Windows Amend in Windows 10. Analysis aboriginal that you’ve upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall amend (see above, cardinal 2). If you’re still accepting problems, download and run the Windows Amend Troubleshooter, afresh reboot and try to amend again.

If the problems remain, you ability charge to get a bit added ashore in. First, analysis that Arrangement Restore is configured (see below, cardinal 7) and actualize a restore point. With this done, use Win x and baddest Command Prompt (Admin), afresh blazon ‘net stop wuauserv’ (without the quotes) and hit Enter, followed by ‘net stop bits’ and Enter. You should see confirmations that anniversary annual was either chock-full or wasn’t running. Next, accessible Explorer, cross to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution, and annul its capacity including any sub-folders. Now reboot, accessible Windows Amend and bang Analysis for updates.

If you’re annihilation like us, you set up antecedent Windows releases so that they wouldn’t install updates automatically – one afflicted reboot is one too many. To be fair to Microsoft, Windows 10 handles post-update reboots abundant added elegantly, but we’d still rather be in ascendancy from the outset.

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There is a workaround for users active Windows 10 Pro: from the Alpha Menu, chase for ‘gpedit’ and run the Group Policy Editor. Expand Computer Configuration in the left-hand pane, and cross to Administrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows Update. Double-click Configure Automatic Updates in the list, baddest the Enabled radio button, and in the left-hand box baddest 2 – Acquaint for download and acquaint for install. Now bang OK, and you’ll be notified whenever there are updates – unfortunately, they’ll be a circadian affliction if you’re appliance Windows Defender.

The Group Policy Editor isn’t accessible on Windows 10 Home, but we’d acclaim you at atomic accessible Windows Update, bang Avant-garde options and baddest Acquaint to agenda restart from the Accept how updates are installed list. While you’re here, all Windows 10 users ability appetite to bang Accept how updates are delivered and ensure that Updates from added than one abode is either off, or set to PCs on my bounded network.

Windows 10 alien Action Centre, a console positioned to the ancillary of the affectation which aggregates all the notifications your arrangement makes so you can accord with them all at once. It’s a accessible affection but it can additionally become chock-full with notifications bound if they’re not frequently addressed.

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Notifications can alter from the awful important systems letters to assorted amusing media of software updates. There is, however, a way to clarify out the letters you accept no absorption in.

You can accessible Settings, arch to notifications & actions, and you’ll be greeted with a cardinal of toggle buttons which you can customise on an app-by-app basis. You can additionally aloof arch beeline to the settings awning by analytic ‘notification and actions’ in the chase bar.

We’re not a fan of some of the data-sharing defaults in Windows 10, and we’d acclaim all users analysis them periodically. Use the Alpha Card to chase for and run the Settings app, afresh bang Privacy. In the left-hand pane, you’ll see abounding areas area your computer ability be administration data. It’s annual spending time blockage that you’re adequate with acceptance apps to use your computer’s camera, microphone, annual advice and so on, and area you are, blockage that no abruptness apps arise in the lists. Note, too, that the absence Feedback & affection ambience is to accelerate added abstracts to Microsoft.

If you use Windows Defender, bang the aback arrow and baddest Amend & Security, afresh Windows Defender. Analysis that you’re blessed with the absence behaviour, which is to accredit Cloud-based apprehension and Automatic sample submission.

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Many bodies are afflictive with the abstraction of Wi-Fi Sense, which is advised to get you assimilate wireless networks added quickly. On a accessory with Wi-Fi, bang the aback arrow, baddest Arrangement & Internet, bang WiFi and baddest Manage WiFi Settings. We’d acerb acclaim axis off Connect to adapted accessible hotspots, Connect to networks aggregate by my contacts, and disabling the button beneath Paid WiFi casework if it’s present.

Additionally, Wi-Fi Sense ability aftereffect in the administration of your network’s wireless accreditation amid accessories you don’t control: acquiesce a bedfellow to log in and their contacts – and potentially endemic in about-face – may additionally be able to. Ridiculously, the alone fix is to rename your network’s SSID so that it ends with “_optout”. We’d acclaim circumscribed guests to a bedfellow wireless network, configuring your own accessories not to use Wi-Fi Sense, and allurement agents to do the aforementioned afore acceptance their Windows 10 accessories assimilate the capital wireless network.

Nothing gets you out of Windows agitation like Safe Mode, which is why it’s baffling that you can no best admission it by acute F8 or Shift F8 at boot. Although it’s still accessible in Windows 10, you accept to cossack into Windows first, afresh either restart captivation the larboard Shift key or via an advantage aural Amend & Aegis in the Settings app. Neither adjustment is accessible if your PC can’t cossack into Windows in the aboriginal place. 

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You can’t get about this, which is why it’s accessible to actualize a cossack time Safe Mode advantage afore agitation arrives. Hit Win x and baddest Command Prompt (Admin), afresh blazon bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 10 Safe Mode” and hit Enter. From the Alpha Card blazon msconfig, run Arrangement Configuration in the results, and cross to the Cossack tab. Highlight the Windows 10 Safe Mode advantage you aloof created, beat Safe cossack and baddest Minimal beneath Cossack options and – if all-important – abate the Timeout bulk so you won’t be inconvenienced – the minimum is three seconds. Beat Accomplish all cossack settings abiding (in actuality you can artlessly acknowledgment actuality to annul the Safe Mode entry) and bang OK.

You can echo these steps, substituting acceptable names in quotes at the Command Prompt, to actualize shortcuts for Safe Mode with Networking (tick Arrangement rather than Minimal in Arrangement Configuration) and Safe Mode with Command Prompt (Alternate shell).

Another baffling best in Windows 10 is that Arrangement Restore isn’t enabled by default; we wouldn’t alternate to about-face it on. Chase for ‘Create a restore point’ in the Alpha Card and baddest it in the results, afresh highlight the arrangement drive, bang the Configure button and baddest About-face on arrangement protection. Use the slider to set an adapted bulk of best deejay amplitude – about 5GB care to be enough. Agenda that, annoyingly, the advancement to Windows 10 adaptation 10586 turns this off afresh – you’ll charge to about-face it aback on.

Windows 10’s localisation options assume needlessly convoluted, and we’ve had assorted letters of incorrect localisation alike in computers that were upgraded from accurately localised Windows 7 or Windows 8 installations. The best accepted affair seems to be arrangement dates set in the American architecture MM/DD/YY, but Windows can additionally abode that Cortana isn’t available, alike in regions area it is.

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From the Alpha Menu, chase for ‘region’ and accept Arena & Accent settings. Analysis that the United Kingdom is called beneath Country or region, and analysis that your called language(s) arise beneath Languages. Baddest your primary language, bang Options and bang Download beneath the accent pack, and accent options if they’re present. Analysis on this folio that the keyboard is additionally actual – if it isn’t, add the actual one afresh baddest the amiss one and abolish it.

Click the aback arrow and baddest Additional date, time & bounded settings. Beneath Language, bang Change ascribe methods, baddest your called language, move it to the top of the annual if it isn’t there already, and bang Options. Beneath Windows affectation accent you ability see either Enabled or Accessible – if the latter, bang Accomplish this the primary language. If you don’t see either, download and install the accent pack, afresh accomplish it the primary language.

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Click the aback arrow to acknowledgment to the accent preferences, and in the left-hand area bang Change date, time, or cardinal formats and analysis that the architecture is set to the actual language. Analysis the Home area on the Area tab, and assuredly use the Administrative tab to analysis the Arrangement locale, and use the Copy settings button to administer the settings to the Welcome awning and new user accounts.

Like Windows 8 afore it, Windows 10 uses a amalgam cossack to accredit fast cossack times. Aback you shut the arrangement down, apps and app processes are terminated, but the Windows atom itself is hibernated to acquiesce for a faster restart. In theory, it’s great, but it seems to still be actual apathetic for some Windows 10 users.

Disable it by analytic for Ability Options in the Alpha Card and active the analogous Ascendancy Console applet, afresh in the left-hand area bang Accept what the ability buttons do. Bang Change settings that are currently unavailable, annal bottomward and un-tick About-face on fast start-up, afresh bang Save changes. This should anticipate actual apathetic starts on afflicted PCs. Some users abode that if they after reboot, re-trace their accomplish and re-enable fast start-up the botheration charcoal cured.

If you’re dual-booting amid Windows 10 and Windows 7, switching fast startup off will additionally fix the botheration area Windows 7 checks the disks anniversary time you cossack it: With fast start-up enabled, the beforehand operating arrangement doesn’t recognise that the disks accept been appropriately shut bottomward by Windows 10.

Return to a bound Windows 10 accessory and you’ll see a appealing picture. That’s nice, but it’s a causeless obstacle in the way of logging in. If you’re as abrupt as we are, attenuate the lock awning by analytic the Alpha Card for regedit, and active the Registry editor.

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Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows. If you don’t already see a key called ‘Personalization’, baddest the Windows key, right-click it, accept New>Key and rename this new key to Personalization (sic). Right-click the Personalization key, accept New afresh afresh baddest DWORD (32-bit) Value. Baddest New Bulk #1 in the right-hand area and use F2 to rename it NoLockScreen, afresh double-click it, change the bulk abstracts to 1 and bang OK. Afterwards a reboot, the lock awning will be gone.

Windows 10 alien after an app to comedy DVDs on. Which isn’t abundant if you like to watch movies on your PC. 

Luckily, Microsoft has arise an app as a download. Agitation is it costs 11.59. It additionally has garnered an all-embracing appraisement of aloof two stars. Alternatively, you can download VLC, which is chargeless and works aloof as able-bodied if not better.

Windows 10 generally uses your internet bandwidth invisibly in the accomplishments which can comedy calamity with your abstracts allowance if you’re appliance a carriageable hotspot.

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To stop Windows 10 blaze your cellular abstracts allowance in the background: 

Oddly, this tip doesn’t assignment if your PC connects to the internet via Ethernet.

Bizarrely, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 web browser can’t currently save web pages as an HTML file. The alone workaround is to accessible the web folio in Internet Explorer 11 (which is still included as accepted with Windows 10) and save from there. 

To do this:

If you acclimated Microsoft Edge, you may acquisition that pop-up ads will get in the way of the websites you absolutely appetite to visit. You can attenuate pop-ups by beat on the figure with three dots on the right-hand ancillary of the abode bar and afresh beat on “Settings”, afresh “View avant-garde settings”. Beneath “Block pop-ups” accomplish abiding this is set to “On”. 

Windows 10 has a awful addiction of reverting all the book associations aback to absence settings aback it updates. This agency that alike if you accurately set assertive types of files to accessible with assertive apps, they may about-face aback to the Windows defaults.

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This isn’t ideal, abnormally accustomed that the absence Windows apps for abounding tasks are inferior to third-party alternatives. Luckily, there’s a actual simple fix for this, acceptance you to restore your adopted associations.

Open Windows 10’s Settings app, and beneath the Arrangement tab, you should acquisition a class apparent ‘default apps’. From here, you’ll be able to aces what affectionate of app opens altered kinds of media. For example, you change it so that music is played in Windows Media Player rather than Groove Music.

You can alike get adapted bottomward to the accomplished details, alteration which apps handle specific book extensions. This agency that you can set altered programs to accessible specific angel or video files, for instance, while still accepting the majority handled by a altered application.

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