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At MacStories, we accept in alive all the little appearance and capacity of the software we use every day. We adore award all the tweaks and hidden tricks that Apple ships with OS X and iOS every year, we adulation to annular them up in a absolute collection. In this post, you’ll acquisition over 60 tips, tricks, and capacity of OS X Yosemite that we’ve calm throughout the summer aback the aboriginal beta absolution of Apple’s above redesign of OS X.

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The absolution of OS X Yosemite was appear today at Apple’s media accident in Cupertino, and the new OS is accessible now as a chargeless advancement on the Mac App Store. Yosemite – adaptation 10.10 of OS X – brings a abolitionist redesign, bigger affiliation with iOS acknowledgment to Continuity and iCloud, and several changes to apps like Safari, Mail, and alike the Finder.

We will accept added accessories on Yosemite today and throughout the anniversary in our Yosemite hub on MacStories. In the meantime, you can adore our accumulating of tips and tricks to get the best out of OS X Yosemite below.

Yosemite comes with a aphotic approach for the card bar and Dock. Go to Arrangement Preferences > General, and accredit “Use aphotic card bar and Dock”.

Don’t like Yosemite’s accuracy effects? Arrangement Preferences > Accessibility > Reduce accuracy will let you about-face them off and adore solid gray windows again.

The architecture of the aggregate and accuracy HUDs has been tweaked to accept a “frosted” attending that blurs the background.

The aggregate acknowledgment complete has afflicted in Yosemite. If you accept it disabled, you can actuate it in Arrangement Preferences > Complete > Complete Aftereffect by blockage “Play acknowledgment aback aggregate is changed”.

The new Dashboard has a clear-cut accomplishments (a blurred appearance of your desktop wallpaper) in Yosemite.

The Dashboard’s old Bury approach is back. Go to Arrangement Preferences > Mission Control and accept to affectation the Dashboard as an overlay. This way, you’ll accept widgets laid on top of your desktop.

Launchpad folders are bigger and they can be paginated.

The blooming “traffic light” button has been tweaked in Yosemite: beat it now turns any app into full-screen approach (yes, alike the Finder). You can Option-click the button to get the old aerate behavior; the glyph central the button changes aback accretion or absolution full-screen mode.

The Mail figure now says “Hello from California” instead of “Hello from Cupertino, CA”.

The old “poof” activity aback removing an figure from the berth is gone in Yosemite (the complete aftereffect is still there, though).

The Energy Saver figure in Arrangement Preferences shows a avant-garde LED ball instead of the old beaming one.

A accumulation renaming advantage has been added to the Finder in Yosemite: if you charge to rename assorted files at once, baddest them, afresh accept “Rename [x] Items…” from the contextual menu. This will accessible a modal chat with three options to accumulation rename files: Alter Text, Add Text, and Format. The aboriginal two are rather self-explanatory: one replaces a cord of argument activate in the filename and the added can adjoin or prepend argument to the filename. Architecture is added advanced, as it lets you aces a architecture name with index, date, or adverse to be placed afore or afterwards the filename with an advantage for a custom architecture as well.

The Finder’s examination console acclimated to be absolute to the Column view, but that’s alteration in Yosemite. You can now appearance the examination console for alleged files in any appearance (such as Figure view) by enabling it beneath Appearance > Appearance Examination (or hitting ⇧⌘P).

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Yosemite’s AirDrop no best needs to be accessible in a Finder window to accept files from added devices, and it additionally works with iOS 8 now.

When in Artists view, iTunes 12 shows a awning angel at the top agnate to the blurred accomplishments of the Anthology view.

The iTunes Store has been redesigned for the barrage of Yosemite and iTunes 12 with a appearance agnate to the iTunes Store on iOS 8. Banner images no best accept a 3D carousel, comedy buttons for previews accept simpler outlines, and Buy buttons are evocative of their iOS counterparts as well.

You can bang on the chase bar in iTunes to appearance Trending Searches and admission them.

You can hover over the anthology art in the appellation bar to appearance an figure to about-face to the MiniPlayer. Closing the MiniPlayer will acknowledgment to the abounding iTunes interface.

Yosemite’s Spotlight can do assemblage and bill conversions (the closing powered by Yahoo data). Simply blazon article like “10 eur” in the Spotlight chase acreage and you’ll get an burning about-face to US Dollars and added currencies on the right. Blazon “10 c” and you’ll get a about-face to Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

If you accredit aphotic approach in Yosemite’s General preferences, Spotlight will about-face to a aphotic blueprint as well.

You can browse folders in the new Spotlight by hitting ⇥ to appearance the capacity of a binder (including sub-folders) and ↩ to appearance a accessible a book or folder. Hit ⇧⇥ to go aback to the annual of after-effects on the left.

Use the arrow keys to cross chase after-effects in Spotlight. Aback a book or binder is selected, authority ⌘ to appearance its aisle at the bottom.

You can punch any buzz cardinal in the FaceTime app and alarm it application an iPhone on the aforementioned WiFi arrangement acknowledgment to Continuity. Bang the chase box in FaceTime, blazon a number, afresh bang the buzz figure and accept to alarm from your iPhone. Your Mac will use your iPhone’s cellular capabilities to accomplish a buzz call.

A new “Default for calls” advantage has been added to FaceTime’s preferences to set up a altered absence app for administration calls, such as Skype.

You can right-click any acquaintance in the Audio or Video tabs of the new FaceTime to appearance options, such as “Remove from Recents”.

A new Capacity button accessible in the top appropriate bend of conversations lets you admission accessories and assorted options for approved and accumulation conversations:

You can now use the aforementioned active tones of iOS in the Messages app for Yosemite.

You can accelerate soundbites in the Messages for OS X by beat the microphone figure abutting to the compose box and talking into your mic.

There’s a new tab appearance in Safari that you can admission by beat the “Show all tabs” figure or by avidity with two fingers. All accessible tabs will be laid out on a birds-eye view, but you can additionally annal angular to appearance your iCloud Tabs at the bottom.

You can abutting iCloud Tabs on added accessories by aerial abutting to their name on the appropriate ancillary and hitting the “x” button.

OS X Yosemite’s Safari can actualize a new clandestine browsing window apart from your absolute windows and tabs from Book > New Clandestine Window (⇧⌘N).

A attenuate alteration accompanies the act of aerial over a tab.

If you don’t like Safari’s new behavior of ambuscade the abounding URL in the abode bar, you can backslide aback in Preferences > Avant-garde > Appearance abounding website address.

DuckDuckGo can now be set as a absence chase agent in Preferences > Search. The new Safari alike supports the abounding DuckDuckGo syntax for chase shortcuts and commands – blazon “!a Oasis DVD” in the abode bar, for instance, and Safari will booty you anon to an Amazon chase acknowledgment to DuckDuckGo integration.

Clicking into the new Safari abode bar reveals an iOS-inspired card for Favorites and Frequently Visited websites. In this view, you can:

The advance bar for the Downloads assemblage in the berth has been adapted with a new attending in Yosemite.

RSS abutment is aback in Safari for Yosemite acknowledgment to Aggregate Links. You can bang any accurate RSS articulation in any webpage and Safari will ask you to add that augment to your Aggregate Links.

A new “Clear History and Website Data” card lets you abolish history, cookies, and added website abstracts for the accomplished hour, day, two days, or aback you’ve started application Safari.

When you accessible absolute angel links in Safari, images are now centered in the average of the screen.

You can now almanac screencasts of your iOS accessories application a Mac active Yosemite and the new QuickTime app. Plug in your iOS accessory with a Lightning connector, afresh accessible QuickTime and alpha a new cine recording. You can set the camera as the ascribe accessory (an iPhone or iPad) to abduction its screen, afresh set the microphone to either the device’s microphone or any added microphone configured with your computer. Already you’re done recording, consign the file, and you’ll get an HD screencast of your iOS device, recorded natively with Yosemite.

QuickTime Amateur automatically cleans up an iOS cachet bar aback recording, assuming abounding signal, abounding battery, and Apple’s archetypal 9:41 AM time in the cachet bar clock. The apple-pie cachet bar is rendered alive on an iOS accessory as well, so you can booty screenshots anon on an iPhone and iPad.

There’s a new advance bar displayed aback OS X is blockage an .app book it’s about to accessible for the aboriginal time (it usually comes up for ample apps, such as Xcode).

You can now comment images with Markup, an activity addendum congenital by Apple to extend Preview. Aback sending an angel adapter from Mail, you’ll see a chevron in the top appropriate bend of the image; bang it, and accept Markup. This will accompany up the Examination comment accoutrement central Mail, absolution you mark up an angel with annotations afore sending it.

Mail has a new affection to accelerate ample adapter that beat the best admeasurement accustomed my email providers alleged Mail Drop. Powered by iCloud, Mail Bead invisibly uploads a ample adapter to iCloud aboriginal and embeds it in a message, autumn it encrypted on the iCloud servers for 30 days. If you’re active into iCloud, Mail Bead is acclimated automatically for ample attachments; if you’re not active into iCloud, OS X will ask you to use it. Mail Bead accessories don’t calculation adjoin your iCloud storage. Mail Bead accessories are displayed inline on Yosemite, but they’re replaced by a articulation to download the book (plus cessation date) on added systems. Interestingly enough, these links use a “digitalhub.com” domain.

You can attenuate Mail Bead with Mail > Preferences > Annual > [your account] > Avant-garde > Accelerate ample accessories with Mail Drop.

The new Calendar app appearance a predictive agent that suggests accident times and locations based on antecedent events. Afterwards beat the “ ” button to add a new event, alpha accounting and Calendar will appearance suggestions for accomplished contest that you can re-use as templates for new events.

Flyover tours are accessible in Maps for Yosemite. Acquisition a burghal that supports Flyover Tours – such as Rome – bang its name, afresh bang Tour.

QuickTime now has an acclimation bar for SloMo videos recorded on an iPhone. SloMo videos comedy aback accurately in QuickTime and you can annoyance the separators at the basal of the amateur controls to actuate area SloMo should activate and end.

The “Software Update” advantage is gone from the  menu. Instead, accessible updates will appearance up with a “new” brand in  > App Store.

A new chat is displayed aback a third-party browser tries to set itself as the new absence app for aperture links.

When a new accoutrement is available, you can add it by beat the “1 New” button at the basal of Notification Center.

Script Editor has been adapted with JavaScript abutment and syntax highlighting.

A annual of contacts you’re afresh aggregate items with is now displayed in the arrangement allotment sheet; you can bang the recipient’s name to bound allotment an account again.

When a new addendum is available, it will be adumbrated with a dejected brand in the allotment sheet.

You can actualize keyboard shortcuts for activity and allotment extensions after application a third-party app. First, acquisition the name of the addendum you charge to activate; to do this, you can accessible Safari, afresh cross to Book > Allotment and see the exact name of an addendum you accept installed. Next, go to Arrangement Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and actualize a adjustment for all apps (or aloof Safari if you want) with this format: File->Share->Add to App (replace “Add to App” with the name of the extension). Give it a shortcut, and you’ll be able to activate an addendum from the keyboard.

You can actualize a signature with your trackpad in accession to the iSight camera from Preview. In the app, appearance the Markup toolbar (⇧⌘A), bang the signature icon, afresh chase the accomplish to actualize a signature with your trackpad.

You can adapt widgets in Notification Center with annoyance & bead by avaricious their appellation bar.

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