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Kalen Keegan, a academy apprentice at the University of Nebraska Omaha, anon noticed aback her Twitter annual unleashed a torrent of posts in Chinese. “My added annual got hacked👍🏽,” the soccer amateur acquaint on a backup account. The new columnist tweeting as @Kalenkayyy had able angle on cartography — all accumbent with the Chinese Communist Party. It was bedeviled with the protests in Hong Kong, offered careless acclaim of the Hong Kong badge and accused demonstrators of fomenting a “color revolution” backed by an “anti-Chinese American conspiracy.”

As the coronavirus beginning led to a lockdown of Wuhan and its surrounding cities in backward January, the Hong Kong posts were aback deleted. The annual affiliated to column relentlessly in Chinese, but it now focused on the beginning epidemic. About a ages later, her Twitter contour began to change in added ways. The advertence to her academy abolished and her headshot was replaced by a all-encompassing photo of two bodies kissing. By the end of the week, her Twitter transformation was complete. @Kalenkayyy was now a Chinese propaganda-posting crank annual acceptance to accession purportedly alleged Kalun Tang.

Her new tagline? “When women arm themselves with softness, they are the strongest.”

Later, the annual deleted added of its tweets and unfollowed all of its above friends. It is currently briefly belted by Twitter for abnormal activity.

Since August 2019, ProPublica has tracked added than 10,000 doubtable affected Twitter accounts complex in a accommodating admission advance with ties to the Chinese government. Amid those are the afraid accounts of users from about the apple that now column advertising and bamboozlement about the coronavirus outbreak, the Hong Kong protests and added capacity of accompaniment interest. They included a assistant in North Carolina; a bright artisan and a mother in Massachusetts; a web artisan in the U.K.; and a business analyst in Australia. (It is cryptic whether the accepted affected annual holders afraid the accounts themselves or purchased them from elsewhere.) Doubtable Chinese agents accept stepped up their efforts in contempo days, according to clandestine letters aggregate with ProPublica, alms affecting Chinese-speaking Twitter users banknote for favorable posts.

These efforts arise to be aimed at disparate audiences alfresco the country. Most of the posts we begin are in Chinese and arise aimed at influencing the millions of indigenous Chinese who alive alfresco of China’s borders. Others are in English. The tweets are apparent by few bodies alive in China; the Great Firewall blocks Twitter from the Chinese internet, admitting tech-savvy calm users acquisition workarounds.

Twitter is able-bodied acquainted of China’s admission operations. In August and September, the belvedere arise that it had abeyant added than 5,000 doubtable Chinese state-controlled accounts and arise abstracts about them. Twitter additionally banned about 200,000 accompanying accounts that had been created but were not yet actual active.

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An assay by ProPublica shows that the Chinese government’s buried attempts to apply admission on Twitter accept persisted. Our assay of an chain accumulation of accounts aural our abstracts affiliated the accomplishment to OneSight (Beijing) Technology Ltd., a Beijing-based internet business company. OneSight, annal show, captivated a arrangement to accession the Twitter afterward of China Annual Service, the country’s second-largest state-owned annual agency. The annual annual operates beneath the United Advanced Assignment Department, an arm of the Chinese Communist Affair continued amenable for admission operations in adopted countries. OneSight beneath to animadversion and China Annual Annual did not acknowledge to our inquiries.

We asked Twitter whether it was acquainted of this continuing action from Chinese-backed admission accounts. We articular some of the affected accounts, and beatific a annual of questions about the campaign. A agent beneath to acknowledge specifically, instead accouterment the afterward statement: “Using technology and animal assay in concert, we proactively adviser Twitter to analyze attempts at belvedere abetment and abate them. If we analyze added advice campaigns on our annual that we can anxiously aspect to state-backed action either calm or foreign-led, we will acknowledge them.”

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free photography contract template word
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ProPublica’s assay tracked how the government-linked admission accounts that had targeted political dissidents and the Hong Kong protests angry their focus to the coronavirus outbreak. During the acme of the catching in China, abounding of them became cheerleaders for the government, calling on citizens to affiliate in abutment of efforts to action the catching and advancement them to “dispel online rumors.”

With the catching overextension beyond the world, these accounts accept approved to advance the Chinese government’s angel abroad and coffer up its abutment at home. One archetypal contempo cheep in Chinese proclaimed: “We were not afraid during the beginning because our country was our rearguard. Abounding disease-fighting warriors were advance to the advanced lines. Alike added volunteers helped in acutely atomic yet important ways.”

Another column in English trumpeted aid the Chinese government afresh provided to Italy. It came from the Twitter handle @RNA_Chinese, an annual that appears to accept been an advance to fool the accidental clairvoyant into assertive it was advancing from the U.S. government-funded anchorperson Radio Chargeless Asia (@RFA_Chinese).

Others accounts we begin accept taken a darker about-face in acknowledgment to the pandemic, application it as a agent for bamboozlement and attacks on Beijing’s accepted political opponents.

“We will absolutely clean out the aggressive rioters, aloof like the coronavirus!” declared a user who alleged herself Melinda Butler. Her column airtight Joshua Wong, a baton of the Hong Kong protests who batten out in abutment of a medical workers’ bang in aboriginal February. Accession column by Butler alleged on the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to “clean out” the arresting “black medical workers,” alongside a bright accusing protestors of absent a “color revolution” in Hong Kong.

Yet accession Butler cheep featured a bright accusing adopted politicians of interfering in Chinese calm affairs, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo, U.K. Adopted Secretary Dominic Raab and a cardinal of added U.S. legislators. Additionally included in the calendar was a Accompaniment Administration agent scapegoated by bamboozlement campaigns by Chinese accompaniment media during the Hong Kong protests. “Hong Kong belongs to China,” the bright apprehend in adventurous characters, “Resist meddling by adopted powers!” A logo for the People’s Daily, the official bi-weekly of the Chinese Communist Party’s Axial Committee, was displayed acutely below.

Butler’s annual showed all the signs of actuality a low-quality fake. The annual was new, created in January 2020, and it offered no claimed or biographical details. It followed no one abroad on Twitter and had a distinct addict for its affected posts about the coronavirus beginning and the Hong Kong protests. The annual has aback been abeyant by Twitter.

Butler’s posts were accounting to complete like a Hong Konger — in colloquial Cantonese with the acceptable Chinese characters broadly acclimated in Hong Kong. But whoever was autograph the posts occasionally slipped and included some of the simplified Chinese characters acclimated in acreage China. And admitting the annual was evidently created by a actuality alleged Melinda Butler, the contour photo showed a middle-aged Chinese woman cutting a biscuit baseball cap.

That photo can be apparent all over the internet — ProPublica begin it acclimated on about a dozen user accounts beneath a array of monikers on assorted amusing media platforms. One annual spammed horoscopes and artefact promotions on the amusing networking armpit Weibo. On a Chinese developed e-commerce site, accession annual address that photo larboard a absolute assay for a macho accessory aerosol alleged Blisswater: “After application this annual the aftereffect was abnormally clear. Our bedchamber became abundant added harmonious, and I’m actual satisfied. Thumbs up.”

Many of the affected Twitter accounts that ProPublica identified, such as Butler’s, appeared to accept been automatically generated application a coffer of affected contour photos and usernames. But others, like Keegan’s, belonged to absolute Twitter users at some point, advertence that the accounts had acceptable been hijacked. ProPublica wrote computer programs to certificate millions of interactions amid the 10,000 doubtable affected accounts and trace an commutual arrangement of added than 2,000. The accurate calibration of the admission advance is acceptable abundant bigger; our tracking suggests that the accounts we articular comprise alone a allocation of the operation.

We begin a arrangement of accommodating action amid the affected accounts that appeared to be aimed at architecture drive for accurate storylines. Axial accounts with added legitimate-looking histories such as Keegan’s would accomplish bright posts; for example, a political bulletin accompanied by a adventurous bright or a meme, or a annoying video. An army of accessible affected accounts would again appoint the posts with likes, reposts and absolute comments, apparently to accession their afterimage in Twitter’s algorithms.

Posts additionally acclimated hashtags about trending capacity such as the coronavirus beginning or the Hong Kong protests to accretion afterimage for an annual that had few followers. Added posts would use hashtags altered to the admission network, apparently to try to accomplish them trend on Twitter. Remarkably, some of the affected accounts accumulated hundreds, and, in a few cases, bags of followers (It’s not bright whether the fakes were actuality followed by absolute bodies or added affected accounts.)

Those accounts’ agreeable and behavior carefully mirrored the admission of the Chinese government admission campaigns about apparent by Twitter in August and September 2019. Elise Thomas, a researcher at the Australian Strategic Action Institute, co-authored a address that apparent agreeable and admission that we begin in the activities of the added contempo admission network. In both instances, posts criticized the Hong Kong protests and government opponents such as Guo Wengui and were primarily fabricated during alive hours in Beijing. In addition, accounts with accustomed histories aback began advertisement advertising and bamboozlement in a altered language. Thomas’ assay begin buried Twitter campaigns by the Chinese government action aback at atomic two years: “These actors arise to accept been alive for abundant best than we ahead realized,” she said.

ProPublica baldheaded added affirmation that these accounts operated as allotment of a Chinese government admission campaign. Posts in the arrangement were generally accompanied by a choir of acknowledging comments from acutely affected accounts. The aforementioned comments were acclimated over and over to actualize apocryphal engagement. Animadversion texts were generally aerial exact from accompaniment editorials, which accept continued served as political lodestars for government agencies and affair officials.

While some hijacked accounts deleted old posts and apple-pie affirmation from their profile, hints of their origins sometimes remained. One such archetype is @HKguardian, a Hong Kong annual that claims to be a Twitter handle for a citizens’ alliance absorption the burghal from the protesters.

The Chinese-language annual was created in 2009 but did not arise to accomplish any posts until September 2019. We begin several posts in Portugese from July 2009 aback the annual was aboriginal created. @HKguardian now has added than 4,000 followers and the actualization of a accepted account. It is currently briefly belted by Twitter for abnormal activity.

Some of the bodies banned by Twitter accept popped up beneath new handles. Consider Amanda Chen, a broadly followed annual claiming to accord to the wife of a Hong Kong policeman. Its Twitter posts admiring absorption from pro-Beijing media during the 2019 protests. The persona has tweeted beneath at atomic two added handles (@HKvigilance and @AmandaChen202) ahead abeyant by Twitter. Whoever she is, she now posts with the handle @Nuca12345, an annual that was created a decade ago but had no action afore October 2019. @Nuca12345 has accumulated added than 4,000 followers in its abrupt advertisement history. We accept begin no absolute affirmation that the absolute Amanda Chen exists.

While we cannot admeasurement the exact ability and capability of the campaign, it has admiring apprehension from its ambition audience. Skeptical internet users arise to Twitter doubtable affected accounts that we had additionally identified. Abounding affected accounts aural the arrangement we articular were suspended, but it is cryptic which of these suspensions resulted from users’ reports, and which from Twitter’s automatic systems for audition accommodating inauthentic behavior.

The affirmation bond the admission arrangement to OneSight, the Beijing-based internet business aggregation affiliated to the Chinese government, is circumstantial. In 2019, a scattering of affected advocacy accounts aural the arrangement we articular answer OneSight’s own amusing media business posts with likes. The abstracts arise by Twitter in September 2019 additionally included a cardinal of posts affiliated to OneSight’s Twitter account. Our assay of the abstracts we calm begin no added agnate aggregation benefiting from agnate boosting.

Outside amusing media contractors accept continued been doubtable of accusation Chinese government messaging abroad. Last year, ProPublica acquired a archetype of a 1,244,880 renminbi (around $175,000) arrangement won by OneSight to admission the Twitter afterward of China Annual Service. We additionally begin the admission arrangement advocacy the Twitter annual of China Annual Service, as able-bodied as added Chinese accompaniment media Twitter accounts, including Xinhua and People’s Daily.

The activities of the admission arrangement were constant with the timing of the government’s administration of the catching and the capacity it was about pushing. Discussions of a atypical coronavirus in Wuhan began bouncing on Chinese amusing media in aboriginal January, but the arrangement fabricated no acknowledgment of it, continuing to criticize the Hong Kong protests and advance political dissidents. On Jan. 29, six canicule afterwards the Chinese axial government imposed a lockdown on Wuhan, the admission arrangement aback confused its focus to the coronavirus epidemic. That aforementioned day, OneSight arise a new app that tracked virus-related information. The advertisement was accompanied by a bright declaring that OneSight would “transmit the actual articulation of China” to the world.

OneSight bills itself as the top beyond amusing business aggregation in China. It affairs with calm companies and government agencies to advice them bazaar their brands or appurtenances on amusing media apparent alfresco of China. Its website names arresting Chinese companies such as Huawei, Alibaba and Baidu as clients. Besides China Annual Service, its accompaniment media audience accommodate China Daily, the English-language newspaper, and CGTN, China’s adopted accent TV annual channel, both of which are run by the advertising administration of the Chinese Communist Party. The state-owned annual annual Xinhua Annual Bureau is additionally a client.

CEO Li Lei, who founded the aggregation in October 2017 (about two years afore the Australian report), is a amusing media administrator who, according to media interviews, ahead formed at the Beijing burghal adopted advertising department. In China, government advertising departments abide at assorted levels of government and are amenable for a advanced ambit of activities, including accessible advice and accessible relations, as able-bodied as censorship and propaganda, both online and offline.

OneSight provides its audience amusing media business casework and a amusing media ecology and administration tool. ProPublica’s assay of a chargeless adaptation of the apparatus begin that it can be acclimated to column letters en masse beyond a cardinal of accounts on beyond amusing media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. The apparatus is acclimated by China Daily’s official Twitter account. However, we did not acquisition affirmation of it actuality acclimated aural the admission network.

OneSight’s artefact tutorials actualization a acquaintance with accommodating campaigns and government article clients. One column tells audience how to achieve admission to Facebook if an annual is abeyant for behavior actionable the agreement of service. Accession analyzed Huawei’s Facebook followers, implying that OneSight could accomplish its amusing media admirers attending added accustomed and healthy. It additionally acquaint an assay of how to accomplish the amusing media followings of bounded governments arise added realistic.

The Chinese government’s advice operations are not monolithic. Lotus Ruan, a researcher at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto and an able on Chinese amusing media, explained that calm censorship is “decentralized and fragmented, and the accountability of advice ascendancy is downloaded to clandestine companies.” Government agencies await on clandestine companies for amusing media assignment alfresco of the Great Firewall as well. During 2019, as OneSight won its arrangement with China Annual Service, China’s Cyberspace Administration and Adopted Diplomacy Ministry additionally put out agnate tenders. This follows a all-around trend of internet business companies actuality assassin for political admission campaigns online.

The Chinese government has additionally fabricated an official advance assimilate amusing media in contempo years. Its diplomats are logging assimilate Twitter to advice action its PR battles, developing a combative, Trump-like admission to arresting the administration online. On Twitter, government spokespeople accept unapologetically advance bamboozlement about the coronavirus, alike announcement the cabal approach that Americans brought it to Wuhan. In official amusing media, China about seeks to activity an angel of a well-governed accompaniment and a amenable all-embracing actor, according to Matthew Schrader, China analyst at the U.S.-based anticipate catchbasin Alliance for Securing Democracy. However, Schrader said, “the affair has been dipping its toe into absolute bamboozlement aback it has approved to avert accusation for its own action missteps.”

Schrader says that government admission campaigns on the Chinese internet, aptitude on the accessory of censorship, accept abundantly been successful. But alfresco of its borders, after adjustable platforms and arrogant accompaniment power, agnate buried advertising campaigns, apparently by assorted departments and their contractors, arise to accept agitation accomplishing the aforementioned success.

Despite that, the Chinese government’s efforts abide and advance as the coronavirus spreads beyond the globe. Over the accomplished few weeks, ProPublica acquired annal of propositions to several arresting Chinese Twitter users from what arise to be affected accounts. One clandestine bulletin offered a user with added than 10,000 followers a acquittal to advance a video of Wuhan’s action adjoin the coronavirus “for the accessible benefit.”

Another annual calling itself an “international cultural exchange” aggregation offered 1,700 renminbi (around $240) per column to the Chinese Australian artisan Badiucao. The political agitator has about 70,000 followers on Twitter. Afterwards a day of affected negotiations with the company, he acquired and aggregate with ProPublica a sample of what he would be asked to column — a 15-second advertising clip. The video approved to actualization that the government defeated the coronavirus and aggregate is aback on track. “This is what Chinese propagandists alarm a ‘positive activity wave,’” he said. He didn’t get the name of the company. It ultimately beneath to accommodate a contract, replying: “Upon applicant review, your advertisement appearance does not fit this promotional topic.”

Badiucao is confident, based on their interactions, that the aggregation he was communicating with was alive for the Chinese government. Aback asked why they would acquaintance such an abrupt adversary of the regime, he speculated that the aggregation acclimated amusing media ecology accoutrement to analyze their targets (evidence shows they accomplished out to Chinese-speaking Twitter users accepting added than 10,000 followers). But the aggregation seemed alien with the banishment association on Twitter, he said: “They’re business pros, but they don’t accept a nuanced political understanding.”

Recently apparent to the coronavirus himself, Badiucao batten to ProPublica from self-isolation in Melbourne. “I resettled in Australia because I capital a chargeless and safe environment. I believed in the autonomous arrangement here,” he reflected, “but with the virus, we’re not alike safe if we move away. And aloof like the coronavirus, ethics can be catching as well.”

Daniel Huang and Lexi Campbell contributed research.

Do you accept admission to advice about state-backed online admission campaigns that should be public? Email [email protected] Here’s how to accelerate tips and abstracts to ProPublica securely.

Are you a accessible bloom worker, medical provider, adopted official, accommodating or added COVID-19 expert? Advice accomplish abiding our journalism is amenable and focused on the appropriate issues.

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