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SHANGHAI — Normality appears to be abiding to China’s eastern metropolis. The anchorage are gridlocked. Metro stations are awash already afresh with commuters. Over the accomplished week, abandoned 13 new COVID-19 cases accept been accepted citywide — all of them imported.

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But for abounding Shanghainese, the crisis feels far from over. The communicable continues to appearance their lives in countless — and sometimes cutting — ways.

To affidavit the absoluteness of activity in a burghal disturbing to appear from lockdown, Sixth Tone asked three bounded association to allotment their adventures over one 24-hour period: March 3. This is their story.

7:20 a.m.: The Daughter 

Bao Wei has a abounding day of appointment advanced of her as a animal assets manager. But first, the 37-year-old stops at the Shanghai Blight Centermost in burghal Xuhui District. She’s there to try — afresh — to defended an operation for her mother, who was diagnosed with thyroid blight this accomplished October.

China’s bloom affliction arrangement has been disrupted by COVID-19 — which had adulterated over 80,000 bodies and dead about 3,000 civic by March 3 — and scheduling nonessential procedures has become difficult. For Bao’s mother, the bearings is alike added complex, because the 64-year-old isn’t a registered Shanghai resident. She’s originally from the northeastern Heilongjiang arena and abandoned confused to the burghal four years ago to abetment Bao with adolescent affliction afterwards she gave birth.

Only patients with a Shanghai ID are able to accomplish accessories at the blight center, but Bao feels she has no best but to try anyway. Aback her diagnosis, her mother’s blight has already advance from her thyroid to the surrounding lymph glands. “My ancestors can’t accord with the risks that a added adjournment of the anaplasty ability bring,” says Bao.

At the advanced door, aegis guards accomplish temperature checks on visitors application bittersweet scanners. Then, there’s addition annular of checks at the outpatient department: a added temperature test, a anatomy account anniversary person’s bloom altitude and biking history, and a analysis of anniversary visitor’s bloom QR cipher — a new surveillance apparatus acclimated by cities to clue whether users accept appear into abutting acquaintance with virus carriers.

Bao insisted on advancing abandoned to the blight center, acclimation her mother to break at home. A ample cardinal of COVID-19 infections accept taken abode axial bloom affliction accessories in Wuhan, the affection of the antecedent virus outbreak, due to the ample crowds of patients. Afterwards her aboriginal arrangement in mid-February — aback the catching in China was at its aiguille — Bao abandoned herself in a alive accommodation for two days, abashed of endangering her 3-year-old daughter.

After commutual the aegis checks, Bao alive to the nurses’ base alfresco the doctor’s office. She explains her situation. Luckily, the nurses are affectionate and assure her she’ll get a adventitious to allocution to the doctor, who abandoned has three accessories appointed this morning.

At 8:15 a.m., the doctor calls Bao into his office. But as anon as the doctor hears Bao’s mother is not a Shanghai resident, he rejects her appeal for an appointment.

A apprehension on a armchair saying, “Please don’t access and alarm for nurses” axial the in-patient administration of the Shanghai Blight Center’s Pudong site, in Shanghai, March 2020. Courtesy of Bao Wei

Bao pleads with the doctor, acknowledgment the coercion of her mother’s situation. The doctor relents hardly and suggests a accessible workaround. He tells Bao to accommodated him at the blight center’s Pudong site, on the added ancillary of town, in the afternoon. Nonlocal patients can annals there. But he advises Bao to accompany abstracts proving her mother hasn’t larboard Shanghai during the accomplished two weeks.

Bao leaves the blight centermost and alive aback to her apartment, to chase for the affidavit she’ll need.

8:30 a.m.: The Alive Mom

A few blocks away, Shen Dongmei is hasty to get accessible for work. The 31-year-old is a abecedary at a primary academy in axial Huangpu District, and today is the added day of classes aback teaching resumed on March 2.

For the time being, Shanghai’s schools are administering all classes online, and this is putting alive mothers like Shen beneath added pressure. She has to booty affliction of her acceptance while additionally authoritative her 4-year-old daughter.

Shen was up aboriginal to accomplish abiding her babe was washed, dressed, and fed by 8:30 a.m. Now, she gets the adolescent acclimatized in her bedchamber with a radio app arena a story, so she can adapt for her aboriginal chic of the day.

“I told her to accept to the belief and comedy with her toys on her own and not accomplish any babble because Mom will be working,” Shen tells Sixth Tone.

In Shanghai, anniversary online chic is breach into two parts. First, a prerecorded 20-minute appointment is advertisement on TV to all acceptance in town, from brand one to brand 12. Then, chic agents like Shen acknowledgment students’ questions about the lesson’s capacity and advice them complete the assigned homework. 

At 9:00 a.m., the aboriginal appointment begins. Today, it’s Chinese — the accountable Shen teaches to a chic of 31 fourth graders. Afterwards the video is over, Shen asks the acceptance to almanac articulation letters of themselves reciting the balladry they’ve aloof abstruse and accelerate them to her via articulation messages.

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“I adapted their mispronunciations and incorrect pauses or emphasis,” says Shen. “For primary academy students, we crave them to be able to recite balladry calmly and accept their basal meaning.”

According to Shen, the acceptance are mostly accommodating actively in the online classes, which booty abode application a appropriate video and messaging app alleged Xiaoheiban. But four of her 31 acceptance didn’t appear the class. “Later, I abstruse from their parents that these acceptance had had their corpuscle phones confiscated and couldn’t use the app,” says Shen.

Shanghai primary academy abecedary Shen Dongmei communicates with her acceptance on messaging app Xiaoheiban, in Shanghai, March 16, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of Shen Dongmei

Shanghai’s apprenticeship authorities accept banned agents from banishment acceptance to abide their appointment online every day, to abstain overstressing the accouchement during the pandemic. Shen, however, says she feels answerable to analysis up on absentees.

“In my class, the kids appear from actual altered ancestors backgrounds — some parents are divorced, and others are artlessly too alive with their businesses,” says Shen. “If their parents don’t affliction abundant about their (the students’) studies, I could be the abandoned one who can advance them forward.”

When the acceptance activate the day’s added video appointment at 10 a.m., Shen hops on a appointment alarm with the added brand four Chinese agents to altercate the day’s homework. These affairs can be time-consuming, but are certain during the pandemic.

“Students in Shanghai accept been accustomed textbooks, but there are no answers provided,” says Shen. “We haven’t been accustomed the answers, either. That’s why we charge to altercate them every day.”

10:10 a.m.: The Daughter

Across town, Bao has accustomed aback at her residential admixture in eastern Pudong New Area. She alive beeline to the arrangement of her bounded adjacency committee, and asks the board associates to accommodate her with some affectionate of affidavit to advice her mother get treatment.

The workers, however, are blah by Bao’s entreaties. “They asked me, ‘How can we acquaint your mom didn’t leave Shanghai during the accomplished 14 days?’” says Bao.

Bao tries a altered approach. She texts her mother’s adaptable carrier, China Mobile, which sends aback a bulletin acknowledging the corpuscle phone’s buyer has been in Shanghai for the accomplished two weeks. 

A mother calls beside a alley in Shanghai, Feb. 27, 2020. Wu Huiyuan/Sixth Tone

Armed with the SMS, Bao allotment to the arrangement and tries afresh to argue the board to accord her a certificate. Eventually, the workers accord her a formed letter advertence that Bao’s mother is a citizen in their compound, area no COVID-19 cases accept been accepted to date.

It’s not absolutely what she needed, but Bao hopes it’ll be enough. At 11 a.m., she assuredly allotment to her apartment, opens her laptop, and starts work.

11:30 a.m.: The Father

Nearby in Pudong New Area, addition ancestor arrives at the gates of the bounded apprenticeship bureau. The man, surnamed Li, has appear to address the agency to acquiesce his babe to accept in a bounded primary school.

Competition for places at Shanghai’s top schools is fierce, and families generally advance huge sums to defended a acreage amid in a acceptable academy district. In 2018, Li — a business controlling at a bunch close — did aloof that, purchasing a 4 actor yuan (then $620,000) accommodation to accord his babe the adventitious to appear a adjacent primary school.

Construction on the new architecture was due to be completed in February, aloof in time for Li’s babe to accept in April. But COVID-19 has befuddled the plan into chaos.

“Because of the pandemic, all architecture sites in the burghal were shut down, including the one area my new home will be,” says Li, who beneath to acknowledge his abounding name due to the acuteness of the matter.

In mid-February, Li and the added acreage owners accustomed a letter from the developer, acknowledging the activity would not be completed on time. The account puts Li’s daughter’s atom in the academy at risk, as able-bodied as those of 30 added kids whose families invested in the new circuitous for the aforementioned reason.

Several of the afflicted parents accept agreed to accommodated at the apprenticeship bureau. The plan is to antechamber admiral to accomplish an barring to the accustomed acceptance procedures if the activity is delayed above April.

“We accept the severity of the communicable and why the government has alien ascendancy measures,” says Li. “But it shouldn’t be us — families with school-age accouchement — who pay the price.”

Li, however, got ashore on a continued appointment alarm at work, and the added parents accept already left. He tries to get a affair with the officials, but no one from the agency is accommodating to see him, citation the pandemic. A aegis bouncer at the aboideau says the added parents submitted a address letter for the authorities’ consideration.

12 p.m.: The Alive Mom

Shen has accomplished her morning acquaint and is now alive advancing lunch. As she cooks, she teaches her babe some new Chinese characters and reads her a few stories.

“I feel like I’m a superwoman, authoritative abounding use of every minute,” says Shen.

The mother is adequate aback 1 p.m. arrives and she can constrict her babe in for a nap. While her adolescent sleeps, she writes up a address for the academy on the day’s lessons. Teaching online is proving to be abundant added time-consuming than classroom-based lessons, she says.

“I accept to echo the aforementioned acknowledgment to altered acceptance as they bulletin me questions individually,” says Shen. “Before, we would break the problems calm as a class.”

1:30 p.m.: The Daughter

While the abecedary composes her report, Bao waits anxiously alfresco the doctor’s arrangement at the Shanghai Blight Center’s Pudong site. She accustomed bisected an hour afore he was due to alpha accepting patients, but there are still 12 bodies advanced of her in line.

At 3 p.m., it’s assuredly Bao’s turn. To her relief, the doctor tells her he’s already talked to the hospital about her mother’s burning charge for surgery. 

Before the hospital accepts her into the inpatient department, however, Bao has to assurance a anatomy advertence that she and her mother do not accept any COVID-19 affection and haven’t larboard Shanghai or had acquaintance with anyone adulterated with the virus in contempo weeks.

Bao Wei’s mother, afterwards ability anaplasty Thursday, has started walking forth the hospital’s aisle for exercise, in Shanghai, March 2020. Courtesy of Bao Wei

“The doctor fatigued that anyone authoritative a apocryphal account would buck acknowledged after-effects — not aloof to me, but to added patients as well,” says Bao. “I absolutely accept the difficulties from the hospital’s ancillary … Honestly, I’m acutely anxious about accessible cross-infections axial the hospital as well.”

By 3:20 p.m., Bao has managed to defended her mother an operation in two weeks’ time. Despite the difficulties she’s endured, she wonders whether the communicable has absolutely fabricated it easier for her mother to get analysis quickly.

“Most patients who don’t charge live-saving anaplasty accept called to adjourn their operations,” says Bao. “But for blight patients whose altitude are bound deteriorating, COVID-19 isn’t about as abhorrent as cancer. And hospitals are prioritizing analysis for them.”

4 p.m.: The Father

Li alternate to the arrangement afterwards his bootless arrangement to the apprenticeship bureau, but in the afternoon he decides to arrangement the architecture site. 

He’s in a babble accumulation with about 400 of the added acreage owners through messaging app WeChat, and abounding of them accept been actual alive in petitioning their cases, calling government hotlines and emailing bounded authorities to complain. Their chain has aggressive Li to accomplish added efforts.

To his disappointment, however, the circuitous looks absolutely as it did in mid-January. “The architecture decay is still laying there. No workers can be seen. No agents with the acreage developer can be reached, alike admitting they accept an arrangement there,” says Li.

4:30 p.m.: The Alive Mom

Afternoon acquaint are assuredly over in Shanghai. The final chic of the day was ethics, allurement acceptance to allotment their thoughts about “learning to appearance respect.” “I asked them to amalgamate the affair with the advancing pandemic,” says Shen.

Normally, Shen would leave the arrangement anon afterwards classes accomplished at 4 p.m. Today, however, it feels like she’s about to alpha addition shift. She prepares some candy for her daughter, turns the storytelling app aback on, and tells her not to arrest her mother for a few hours.

“I gave her some peas — she’ll generally break quiet case peas for as continued as an hour,” Shen laughs.

By 4:30 p.m., Shen has calm all the day’s appointment from the added accountable teachers, accumulated them into one document, and beatific it to her chic via Xiaoheiban.

The acceptance are declared to complete the appointment afore 6 p.m., aback the agents will advertise the actual answers. Then, the accouchement should actual any errors afore sending aback photos of the completed assignments on Xiaoheiban. In reality, though, the abecedary spends best of the 90 account acknowledging to questions from her students.

“Whenever your Xiaoheiban app rings, you accept to analysis the acceptance message,” says Shen. “If the acceptance accept fabricated a mistake, you accept to bulletin them to explain what’s amiss and why.”

Shen is adequate aback her bedmate arrives home from appointment at 6 p.m. and can booty over adolescent affliction and affable duties. “I’m busiest amid 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., aback best of the appointment comes in,” says Shen. “But the latest appointment accustomed at 9:30 p.m.”

10:30 p.m.: The Father and The Daughter

Li doesn’t accomplishment acknowledging to work-related emails until able-bodied afterwards 10 p.m., as he was out of the arrangement so continued during the day. He tells Sixth Tone he’ll apparently charge to booty some time off appointment to abide petitioning the apprenticeship agency over the afterward days.

“Families in Shanghai are advance all they accept to get their accouchement into a adorable academy — abundance is no exception,” says Li. “I accept abandoned one child. We’ll accomplish all efforts accessible to get her enrolled.”

A ancestors rides a scooter in Shanghai, Feb. 12, 2020. Shi Yangkun/Sixth Tone

Bao additionally stays alive backward into the night. Her alive hours are flexible, and so her job isn’t a antecedent of stress, she says. But she’s acutely afraid about her mother’s health. In contempo days, the retiree has been active a low fever.

“Some blight patients accept this issue,” says Bao. “But what if she runs a agitation on the day we accept the hospital acceptance notice? That could be problematic.”


Over the afterward days, Sixth Tone accomplished out afresh to the three interviewees for an amend on their situations.

Li says the acreage developer had promised to complete the new homes by backward April, which ability accomplish it accessible to accept Li’s babe on time.

Teacher Shen is still alive from home. She has beatific her babe to alive with her grandparents in burghal Shanghai for the time being, to accomplish it easier for Shen to cope with her added appointment pressure.

Bao’s mother assuredly had an operation at Shanghai Blight Centermost on March 12. The action was successful, and she is convalescent well.

Editor: Dominic Morgan.

(Header image: Night and day angle of commuters on anchorage in Shanghai, February 2020. Wu Huiyuan and Shi Yangkun/Sixth Tone)

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