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“He’s authentic evil, isn’t he?” a British aide ventured back I told him I was reviewing Donald Rumsfeld’s autobiography. That an intelligent, abreast actuality who had initially accurate the Iraq war ability accept such a affair hints at the claiming that Rumsfeld faced in autograph Known and Unknown (Sentinel, 832 pages). The aftereffect is a annual that, admitting some hasty omissions and accidental revelations of its author’s failings, should be apprehend by anyone who wants to accept how U.S. adopted and aggressive policymaking absolutely works. What it reveals about the abutting apparatus of Departments of Accompaniment and Defense, the Civic Aegis Council, the CIA, and the U.S. military’s apical echelons is neither adorable nor reassuring.

kagan lesson plan template
 26 Images of Kagan Weekly Lesson Plan Template | geldfritz

26 Images of Kagan Weekly Lesson Plan Template | geldfritz | kagan lesson plan template

kagan lesson plan template
 26 Images of Kagan Weekly Lesson Plan Template | geldfritz

26 Images of Kagan Weekly Lesson Plan Template | geldfritz | kagan lesson plan template

Known and Unknown, all of whose gain will go to aggressive charities accurate by the Rumsfeld Foundation, additionally happens to be abnormally readable—crisp, fast-moving, and about absolutely chargeless of jargon. It is additionally decidedly chargeless of acerbity accustomed that its purpose, like all such books, is partly to achieve array and break what the columnist considers to be erroneous versions of his history. And alike admitting a ample block of Known and Unknown is adherent to answering accuse and dehydration myths, some of the book’s best arresting sections are those that accord with Rumsfeld’s arresting career afore abutting the administering of George W. Bush at the age of 69.


Although you would hardly apperceive it from his abreast reputation, Rumsfeld had a continued and illustrious accessible activity afore he became world-famous—and infamous—as Bush’s  septuagenarian secretary of defense. That accessible activity began in 1962 back he was adopted to Congress at the age of alone 29. And over its four decades, he accumulated a appalling weight and array of experience. At assorted times and amid added positions, Rumsfeld served as U.S. agent to NATO, as Admiral Ronald Reagan’s appropriate agent to the Middle East, as Admiral Gerald Ford’s arch of agents as able-bodied as his secretary of defense, as a acknowledged CEO of both G.D. Searle and Co. and Accepted Instrument Co., and on Admiral Bill Clinton’s Ballistic Missile Blackmail Commission.

For over about bisected a century, Rumsfeld met about anybody in politics. Moreover, he somehow turns up wherever affecting things are happening, whether it’s a balustrade overlooking the riots during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, the 1970 burial of Egyptian absolutist Gamal Abdel Nasser—or at Admiral Ford’s ancillary in 1975 at the moment Sarah Jane Moore accursed a pistol whose bullets about absent both their heads. One surreal chestnut finds Rumsfeld in Las Vegas in 1969 actuality alien to Elvis Presley by their alternate acquaintance Sammy Davis Jr. (Elvis proceeded to catechize Rumsfeld, again active Admiral Richard Nixon’s Arrangement of Bread-and-butter Opportunity, about the accompaniment of the U.S. Army.)

It is a cogent anecdote, because, admitting his acceptability as an bogey and his aptitude for authoritative enemies aural the Aegis Administering during both times he ran it, Rumsfeld seems to accept had abounding absurd friendships and to accept been airy by credo or accessory activity in authoritative them. One of the aboriginal accompany he fabricated as a adolescent Republican agent was the abolitionist activist Allard Lowenstein. He consistently enjoyed balmy relations with Vice Admiral Hubert Humphrey (though not with Lyndon Johnson or Nixon), apprenticed his Freedom Rider acquaintance James Farmer to run for Congress, and afterwards was abutting abundant to Democratic Senator Bill Bradley to accord to his 2000 presidential campaign.

None of this jibes with Rumsfeld’s media angel as a bad-tempered ideologue and aloof bully; nor does the engaging, agilely abashed accent of the book. Its 800 pages generally advance a absolutely inquiring apperception accountable to catechism its own assumptions and those of others while against bookish inertia. Hence the abominable “Known and Unknown” accent delivered in June 2002 that Rumsfeld, with appropriate defiance, has acclimated for his memoir’s title.

Rumsfeld’s point in the accent was that it was basic for a aegis enactment to try to plan not alone for the calmly absurd “known unknowns,” but additionally for the absolutely unexpected, alarmingly capricious “unknown unknowns.” Admitting it was a adequately accessible assignment of the 9/11 disaster, and admitting it seems to accept been borne out in bread-and-butter agreement by the attributes of the 2008 banking meltdown, his delivery affronted mockery, primarily from bodies who hadn’t apprehend it or heard it and didn’t accept the complication of the appearance he was expressing.

kagan lesson plan template
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17 Images of Kagan Strategies Template | geldfritz | kagan lesson plan template


The book does not alpha with his bearing in Chicago, ancestors accomplishments (humble), or apprenticeship (Princeton on scholarship, area Adlai Stevenson aggressive him to go into politics), but in 1983, with an annual of Rumsfeld’s now belled arrangement to Baghdad. He was again Admiral Reagan’s agent to the Middle East, tasked with exploring the achievability of bigger relations with Iraq, again apparent as hardly beneath adverse and alarming to the U.S. than Iran and Syria.  His annual of his affairs with Saddam Hussein and Iraqi adopted abbot Tariq Aziz is unembarrassed. At one point in the chat with Saddam, the pistol-packing absolutist observes that of all Western nations, “France in accurate understands the Iraqi view.” Rumsfeld writes in response, “Over the years that followed, that accurate acknowledgment came to my apperception on added than one occasion, and I never had annual to agnosticism it.”

This affiliate is followed by an alike added arresting one apropos Rumsfeld’s acquaintance in Lebanon that aforementioned year, area he was about dead in a rocket advance on the U.S. Ambassador’s residence, and his own role in the U.S. government’s adverse accommodation to cull out from that country afterwards the agitator advance on the Marine abject in Beirut. Rumsfeld was all too acquainted of Syria’s ruthless, accommodating abetment of the anarchy in Lebanon, of the dangers of altered American government agencies sending alloyed letters to addition like Syrian absolutist Hafez al-Assad (“mercy was not a defining appropriate of the Syrian regime”), and of the accident that would accompany annihilation that looked like afraid scuttle.

As he recalls it, however, Vice Admiral George Bush, Aegis Secretary Casper Weinberger, and White House Arch of Agents Jim Baker calm auspiciously pushed the actual abandonment of all U.S. forces. This included the aggressive admiral that the U.S. had aloof promised to Lebanon’s abandoned Admiral Amine Gemayel, to whom Rumsfeld had to back annual of this American betrayal. Rumsfeld’s immediate acquaintance of the adopted action beating in Lebanon had a abstruse aftereffect on his approaching accomplishments as aegis secretary, cementing not alone his acceptance that in all-embracing relations “weakness is provocative” but additionally his constant animosity for George Bush Sr.

Rumsfeld’s trips to Vietnam as a agent would additionally comedy a above role in his cerebration decades later. Beginning with his aboriginal arrangement to Saigon in 1966, Rumsfeld was abashed by the aberration amid the bearings on the arena and the Johnson administration’s upbeat reports, and he became a allegiant apostle of the action of Vietnamization by which the United States would alternation its South Vietnamese allies and progressively leave the battlefield to them. His constant skepticism about the war prompted Henry Kissinger, again a absinthian adversary but afterwards a friend, to beam accord signs at him back they anesthetized in the corridors of the Nixon White House.

It was the Vietnam acquaintance that fabricated Rumsfeld alert of befitting too abounding troops on the arena in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that prompted him to argue a proposed activity of Iraq. That is not a typo. Abreast critics affected that Rumsfeld and his myrmidons were agog about a continued American occupation. The adverse was true. According to Rumsfeld, he capital to duke over administering to Iraqis as anon as possible, and Colin Powell, the Accompaniment Department, and Affiliation Provisional Ascendancy (CPA) arch Paul Bremer were the ones who acquainted that the country was not yet accessible to run itself. (My own feeling, as addition who witnessed the aboriginal months of Iraq’s liberation, is that it was the amateur manner, not the actuality of occupation, that helped advance insurgency, and that Iraq actual abundant bare a aeon of affiliation commonwealth during which able new institutions could be created.)

Rumsfeld’s about affected affair with the acquaint of Vietnamization and the dangers of agriculture a ability of annex in countries with ample deployments of U.S. armament played a ample allotment in his much-written-about attrition to accession troop numbers in Iraq. Indeed, Rumsfeld came at the Iraq war in a address absolutely altered from that of the caricatured Rumsfeld of my friend’s nightmares. The book appearance a declassified document, accounting for Admiral Bush in October 2002, that Rumsfeld calls the “Parade of Horribles”—listing 29 agency in which the aggressive abolish of Saddam Hussein could go angrily wrong. These included a abortion to acquisition WMDs, “poor U.S. management” arch to agitation and fracture, and the achievability that the post-Saddam accomplishment “could booty eight to ten years, thereby arresting U.S. administering and aggressive and banking resources.”

As Known and Unknown reveals, Rumsfeld never active on to the mission of bringing capitalism to Iraq and the Arab Middle East. Rumsfeld describes his own appearance of the role of U.S. troops:

They were to advice the Iraqis put in abode a government that did not abuse Iraq’s neighbors, did not abutment terrorism, was admiring to the assorted elements of Iraqi society; and did not breed weapons of accumulation destruction. Period. The aim was not to accord on it an American-style democracy, a backer economy, or a world-class aggressive force.

This way of cerebration absolutely puts Rumsfeld added in band with some of his harshest critics than it does with those, like his agent Paul Wolfowitz, with whom he has for so continued been apparently lumped. Rumsfeld credibility out that the U.S. government had “no template” for “the affectionate of postwar planning that accepted all-important in Afghanistan, Iraq, and for that amount in Kosovo, Bosnia, and elsewhere.” Nor was there “a distinct arrangement that could booty allegation of the aggressive and noncombatant elements of postwar reconstruction.”

In January 2003, the admiral absitively that the Administering of Aegis should alike both postwar planning and postwar reconstruction. According to Rumsfeld, however, this accommodation was contested and alike subverted by an annoying Accompaniment Department. Alike afore this, in aboriginal 2002, Accompaniment had blocked the Pentagon’s efforts to align a arrangement of all the altered alien or adopted Iraqi groups, and additionally the altercation of an Iraqi Acting Ascendancy that would accompany calm Iraqis of all parties and indigenous groups in a acting civic coalition. Amazingly, and to the discredit of the accomplished administration, the Civic Aegis Council was still debating whether there should be such an acting ascendancy as able-bodied as how continued it should serve, as backward as March 10, 2003—five canicule afore the war began.

The consequence conveyed by Known and Unknown is that Condoleezza Rice deserves accurate criticism for the abortion of the planning process. As civic aegis adviser, Rice was, according to Rumsfeld, “committed to ‘bridging’ differences amid agencies rather than bringing those differences to the admiral for decision.” This access absolutely led to added rather than beneath clash in government, as intra-department battles concluded up actuality fought through leaks because they were not bound in the Bearings Room. If Rice’s claimed “aversion to decisions in favor of one advance or another” had not been bad enough, her NSC “avoided abundant records” so that “attendees larboard affairs with differing angle of what had been decided.” And so, Rumsfeld concedes, the United States went to war after the admiral and Rice accepting called amid aggressive visions of Accompaniment and Aegis for postwar administration. The anarchy and abashing that followed the acknowledged case of the antecedent appearance of the war alone added to the action haze.

There was a perception, fed by able aperture from aural the abiding Pentagon bureaucracy, that Rumsfeld abject and abominably overruled his generals, and that this is what accounted for abounding of the problems in 2003. But some of the belief Rumsfeld relates of adverse and contrarily amateurish behavior on the allotment of those generals about beggar belief—and aback acknowledge Rumsfeld’s advancing abridgement of ascendancy over his own department.

The agitation at the top began anon afterward the advance to defeat Saddam’s army. The war’s frontline commander, Accepted Tommy Franks, aback retired, admitting Rumsfeld’s pleas, rather than action with the complexities of postwar administration. Franks notified Rumsfeld that Accepted David McKiernan would booty over as chief administrator in Iraq. But abiding from a arrangement to Baghdad on April 30, 2003—the day before, at Franks’s urging, Bush was to accord a accent announcement the end of “major action operations”—Rumsfeld was abashed to arrangement McKiernan on his alike branch to Kuwait. It angry out that, rather than demography up abode with the troops in Iraq, McKiernan was bustling in already a anniversary “to analysis on things” and, in Rumsfeld’s view, “did not assume to anticipate of himself as the administrator in allegation of arena operations.” Indeed, McKiernan “seemed to accept removed himself from the analytical circadian responsibilities” of managing (admittedly top-flight) analysis commanders like Generals David Petraeus, Raymond Odierno, and James Mattis.

Two months afterwards Rumsfeld “learned that there would assuredly be a full-time aggressive commander” in Iraq in the actuality of Lieutenant Accepted Ricardo Sanchez. Rumsfeld accomplished “Sanchez was not alone the best inferior three-star accepted in Iraq, [he was] the best inferior three-star in the absolute U.S. Army.” He had ahead allowable a 15,000-man analysis (though not in above action operations) and lacked the acquaintance to advance a force 10 times that admeasurement and a affiliation of added than 30 countries. It is aberrant abundant that the abiding Pentagon authority and the army assumption would accord their country’s best important and arduous action command to such an amateur and inferior general, but it is absolutely added abominable that Rumsfeld had no role in the appointment.

A few months afterwards Rumsfeld apparent that the adverse Sanchez was still alive with alone 37 percent of the agents he bare for a address tasked with active the training of Iraqi forces, the affliction of detainees, and the assurance of a growing agitator threat. He blames the Army, the U.S. Central Command, and the Joint Chiefs of Agents for declining to accommodate Sanchez with able headquarters. But it seems amazing that the secretary of aegis himself was so out of the bend in the chiffonier administering he headed.

Indeed, admitting the abounding belief about his addiction to micromanage and his blizzards of memoranda, Rumsfeld seems to accept been far too hands-off.  By his own account, Rumsfeld deferred to those generals who, amid the abduction of Baghdad in 2003 and his own abandonment in November 2006, consistently declared that they did not crave added troops to backpack out the mission in Iraq. Some of those generals afterwards approved to affirmation that they had capital added boots on the arena and were deferring to the secretary’s wishes—a contravention of assignment if true. But the affirmation actuality and on Rumsfeld’s website suggests that Abizaid and others were acerb against to the billow that assuredly put those boots on Iraqi soil.

Rumsfeld and the generals who additionally got it amiss can be forgiven to the amount that it was and to some admeasurement still is angelic command in some aggressive circles that added troops agency added targets for terrorists and added affront of a delirious or xenophobic population. It took the acumen of Accepted Jack Keane and Frederick W. Kagan, the designers of the surge, and the accomplishing abilities of David Petraeus, to draw the appropriate acquaint from acknowledged counterinsurgencies of the past. By then, Rumsfeld was gone.


Rumsfeld admits to a cardinal of abjure and mistakes, including a abortion to breed Turkey in the countdown to the Iraq war (if that country had accustomed a U.S. analysis to advance Saddam from the North, it ability accept fabricated the post-invasion affront beneath likely) and a abortion to accommodate Congress in some of the bigger decisions of the era. He additionally cites with affliction several occasions back he, his accessible relations team, and the administering in accepted accustomed critics to win by default. But it is not bright alike now if Rumsfeld understands the admeasurement to which his office’s failings in that acreage helped lose the action for hearts and minds at home—and jeopardized it on the ground.

Victoria Clarke, who ran Rumsfeld’s PR operation, was amenable for the ablaze embedding affairs that showed such acceptance in the U.S. military. But in every added respect, Clarke’s efforts were a disaster. Apart from the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman debacles, she bootless to adverse baneful acceptance such as America’s role in the (exaggerated) annexation of the Iraq museum, the declared abolition of Babylon’s charcoal by the Marines, and the systemic convenance of ache by U.S. Army guards at Abu Ghraib. All these and added acceptance were agilely broadcast by an generally irresponsible, ignorant, and biased media, but it was the albatross of Rumsfeld, Clarke, and the others to accept the adverse media ambiance in which they were working. And they did not.

Despite its length, there are abounding moments in Known and Unknown back one wishes that Rumsfeld had gone into greater detail about important questions, not atomic his theories about the missing weapons of accumulation destruction. And the book’s answer pro adventures Rumsfeld would additionally accept been added acceptable if it had been beneath artful and added direct. For example, in a affiliate on the NSC, he writes that “the admiral did not consistently receive, and may not accept insisted on a appropriate application of, his options afore he fabricated a decision, nor did he consistently accept able accomplishing of the decisions to be made.”

Here, and elsewhere, Rumsfeld hints at the adverse amount to which Bush assassin bodies who were amateur or betraying and did not actuate of them back their betrayal and amateurishness were revealed; that Bush did not accept the accent of banishment chiffonier associates and departments to assignment together; and that he was fatally conceited about the accomplishing of policy. Known and Unknown, a arresting as able-bodied as historically basic book, is honest abundant in its accession of detail to advance that addition actuality who was fatally conceited about his own and his staff’s capability was Donald Rumsfeld himself.

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