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SUMMARY: The address that follows will prove that Catholic Relief Casework created a bloom barometer arrangement which includes “sexual and changeable health” as a component. In affiliation to this, CRS’s activity partnered with accession project, creating a absolute barometer arrangement with an alignment alleged RENATA, a accumulation which promotes and dispenses contraception and alike takes girls to accept abortions. At atomic three added organizations included in this arrangement (created by CRS as the advance on the project) advance and/or accommodate condoms and contraception. This arrangement was advised to aftermost above CRS’s accord in the project, burying seeds of bribery which will alone buck base fruit.

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March 20, 2020 (Lepanto Institute) — For the aftermost two weeks, we’ve been absolution segments of a 100-page address that is the aftereffect of a year continued analysis of Catholic Relief Casework programs in Africa. In our first segment, we showed CRS-copyrighted abstracts that advance condom use. In our second segment, we baldheaded the actuality that CRS is the freeholder of a website alleged OVCSupport.org, which is an internet library for abstracts that advance abortion, contraception and condom use.

In this report, we’re activity to booty a abutting attending at one of CRS’s own projects in Cameroon, and we’ll prove to you that CRS was anon and foolishly amenable for the conception of a bloom barometer arrangement that that complex sending teenaged girls to Planned Parenthood appearance clinics for animal and changeable bloom services.

Below is the abounding video answer this report, or, if you adopt to apprehend it, afterward that is the transcript.

From June of 2014 to June of 2019, Catholic Relief Casework was in allegation of a $7.6 million, USAID-funded activity called Key Interventions to Develop Systems and Casework for Orphans and Accessible Children, or KIDSS, for short.

In a one-page flyer on the project, CRS adumbrated that the three primary goals of the activity were to

CRS afresh explained in its flyer what all that means. It said:

“KIDSS facilitates admission to absolute casework for OVC through case management, assessing families for their strengths and needs, creating case plans, and linking families and accouchement to adapted casework to accomplish their case plans. The activity additionally ensures that all those articular as HIV-positive are affiliated to analytic affliction and analysis casework and supports community-based activities to absorb accouchement and adolescents in care.”

What you will anon see is that the “linking of families and accouchement to adapted services” is a barometer network, but the catechism actuality is what actually are the casework accouchement and families are actuality referred for?

Well, on the aback ancillary of this flyer, CRS created a blueprint giving an overview of the casework provided. As you can see at the basal of the blueprint are the belletrist SRH, which agency animal and changeable health. And appropriate beside the blueprint is a set of “key results,” and amid them is “HIV abrogating accouchement account from HIV blockage activities, including animal and changeable bloom education.”

This isn’t the alone time Animal and Changeable bloom casework is mentioned by CRS as a allotment of the KIDSS project. In September of 2017, CRS captivated a appointment alarm on OVC programming, and during the call, CRS adumbrative Carl Stecker discussed the KIDSS project. About 20 account into his presentation, Dr. Stecker acutely adumbrated that SRH was included as a allotment of CRS’s own action aural the KIDSS project. Here’s what he said:

“At the year 3, FY17, we’re advancing to the abutting of which now, we started all of our added casework which accommodate Aboriginal Adolescence Development, Scholarships (especially for babe accouchement ages 10-17), our Animal and Changeable Bloom Behavior Change and gender-based abandon blockage programs …”

In accession to this, in the Spring of 2018, CRS acquaint a job announcement that adumbrated it was attractive for a SRH/GBV specialist for its KIDSS project. This job advertisement said:

“An all-embracing altruistic based in Yaoundé is gluttonous a awful qualified Adolescent and Adolescence Animal and Changeable Health (AYSRH) and Gender-Based Abandon (GBV) Specialist to abutment the accomplishing of AYSRH and GBV blockage and acknowledgment Programming targeting adolescents and youth. The SRH/GBV Specialist will be amenable for ensuring the affection of AYSRH and GBV activities implemented by bounded ally and promote integration with added orphans and Accessible Accouchement (OVC) services.”

Clearly, CRS is not apprenticed of the admittance of animal and changeable bloom casework in the KIDSS project. But this is aloof the alpha of the concern. We bare to apperceive actually what animal and changeable bloom meant in this case, and who CRS’s ally were. What we apparent was that CRS was partnered with pro-abortion, contraception-providing agencies who are no altered than Planned Parenthood, for the barometer of those animal and changeable bloom services.

The organizations included by CRS for this barometer arrangement are: RENATA, Horizons Women, SWAA Littoral, and Merenso.

One affair to buck in apperception as you appraise the affirmation I’m about to appearance you is that the ambition of this activity is sustainability, so that the bounded organizations will eventually booty allegation of the activity as a whole. And accustomed the organizations CRS chose to include, this agency that organizations as rotten as Planned Parenthood will be included in administering the project, which will ultimately accept an appulse on the affiliation as a whole. In fact, one of the organizations itself is alive in aggravating to change the country’s pro-life laws so that aborticide can be legalized.

Do you bethink how, in our aftermost video, we mentioned that CRS had removed a agglomeration of abstracts from the OVCSupport website, and afresh reinstated best of them? One of the abstracts CRS did NOT reinstate was a USAID certificate titled, Addressing Accouchement of Key Populations. We weren’t alike acquainted of this certificate until we began investigating KIDSS and its partners, and afresh it started assuming up on internet searches. But aback we clicked on it (this is the aboriginal link), every adumbration was that it had been deleted.

Well, aback CRS deletes a document, we accept to ask if there is commodity in the certificate CRS doesn’t appetite us to see. As it turns out, there’s a actual acceptable acumen CRS wouldn’t appetite us seeing this document, which you’ll accept in a moment. Fortunately, the internet never forgets and we begin a buried adaptation of this certificate about abroad [the accumulation is now gone as well. We have saved the buried certificate to our website, altering it alone to fix the formatting, so that it is readable].

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On folio 13 of Addressing Accouchement of Key Populations, USAID explained that in September of 2016, KIDSS (under the administration of CRS) partnered with accession affairs alleged Continuum of Prevention, Affliction and Analysis of HIV/AIDS with Most-At-Risk Populations (CHAMP). The purpose of the affiliation was to pilot “an chip access to advance HIV outcomes and all-embracing abundance amid accouchement of [female sex workers] FSWs.” USAID explained that CHAMP would accredit HIV absolute accouchement of changeable sex workers for accepting in the KIDSS program. From there KIDSS would appraise the accouchement as case managers and put calm an appraisal of needs for anniversary child, allotment assorted services. USAID afresh explained the casework that would be provided by KIDSS, including the barometer of boyish females to an alignment alleged RENATA. The certificate says:

The KIDSS card of casework includes: aboriginal adolescence development, domiciliary bread-and-butter strengthening, animal and changeable bloom (SRH) apprenticeship and accident avoidance, column gender-based abandon (GBV) affliction package, educational abutment (school block grants and scholarships), comestible appraisal including counseling and referrals for diet supplementation, bond to ART and assimilation support, and age-appropriate adherence counseling and psychosocial support. In addition, adolescent girls are referred to a CHAMP sub-partner, RENATA, which is a civic arrangement of boyish mothers with all-encompassing acquaintance accouterment casework to women and girls who accept accomplished violence.

The actual abutting band provides a bright account as to why CRS would appetite to adumbrate this document. After advertence that CRS’s activity is apropos boyish girls to RENATA, USAID afresh says:

RENATA provides absolute SRH services (including condoms), GBV blockage and a absolute post-GBV affliction package. (emphasis added)

On 22 May 2018 a PEPFAR solutions arrangement was submitted by Maury Mendenhall of USAID. The alpha of the certificate asks what the botheration was, so Mendenhall explained that “most” changeable sex workers were not activated for HIV above-mentioned to childbirth, which agency that a ample cardinal of accouchement could be adulterated and un-diagnosed. Articular in the band-aid allocation is the affiliation amid CHAMP and KIDSS that we aloof identified. As with the USAID document, this band-aid arrangement explains that referrals are fabricated to RENATA, which “provide GBV blockage and full-spectrum SRH services.”

On folio 7 of this PEPFAR address is a blueprint answer the accord amid KIDSS and RENATA. In short, the alive barometer accord amid CRS’s activity and RENATA is actually undeniable.

As can be apparent in the chart, KIDSS is articular as accouterment animal and changeable bloom (SRH) apprenticeship and accident avoidance. KIDSS is apropos boyish girls to RENATA, RENATA is accouterment “comprehensive SRH,” and RENATA is apropos girls aback to KIDSS.

Explaining the accord amid RENATA and KIDSS alike further, Mendenhall states that KIDSS case managers “facilitated bond to analysis for all HIV-infected accouchement (providing accessory as needed) as able-bodied as community-based affliction and abutment services.” It additionally explained that “Older boyish girls are additionally referred to RENATA,” anecdotic it as a “national arrangement of boyish mothers with all-encompassing acquaintance accouterment casework to women and girls who accept accomplished abandon and comprehensive SRH services.”

Another absorbing affair to agenda is that in collective visits to accouchement and their mothers by CHAMP and KIDSS workers, “RENATA’s Peer Educators (Tantines) accommodate GBV blockage and comprehensive SRH services; absolute post-GBV affliction is provided via one-stop shops.”

What this indicates is that KIDSS affliction managers aren’t aloof authoritative referrals to RENATA, but are in point of fact, including RENATA for the admittance of “comprehensive animal and changeable bloom services” at in-home visits. The acumen for RENATA’s admittance in these in-home visits is fabricated abundantly bright on folio 6, area it says:

The ambition citizenry is biological accouchement (age 0-17 years) residing with HIV-infected FSW. Motherhood is accepted amid changeable sex workers (FSWs) and with low contraceptive use and aerial accountability of adventitious pregnancy, they accept poor changeable outcomes and preventable mother-to-child HIV manual risk.

In short, KIDSS is bringing RENATA to changeable sex workers in adjustment to advance and accommodate contraception for the purpose of preventing “unintended pregnancy.”

But the bright intertwining of RENATA with KIDSS doesn’t end there. In fact, the affiliation to CRS appears to be alike added direct. A man named Gael Ekobono indicates on his LinkedIn profile that he is a case administrator for “Catholic Relief Services/RENATA/KIDSS”.

Given that Ekobono started his assignment for CRS/RENATA/KIDSS in 2018, it is reasonable to achieve that he was assassin as a aftereffect of the job advertisement we mentioned earlier. If this is the case, afresh the absolute ties amid CRS and RENATA are as absolute as they are undeniable.

And while the abstracts we’ve already mentioned allegorize RENATA’s role as accouterment animal and changeable bloom casework in the KIDSS project, added admonition on RENATA reveals that it poses an actual crisis to the lives of preborn accouchement and the souls of their mothers.

In May of 2018, RENATA placed a job announcement for three advance positions for the KIDSS activity on account of CRS. The advertisement says:

As allotment of the accomplishing of the Catholic Relief Casework (CRS) KIDSS activity in Douala RENATA wishes for its charge for activity accomplishing agents to recruit for the afterward positions …

At the alpha of the job announcement, RENATA provides some accomplishments admonition on the organization, giving greater capacity on the Animal and Changeable Bloom casework that it provides.

Founded in 2005, RENATA (Aunties Civic Network) is an a-politic and non-profit alignment whose eyes is a affiliation after gender-based abandon and after HIV/AIDS. This ample civic belvedere was founded by the victims of aboriginal abundance and GBV to acknowledge to the ever-increasing accident of rape, aboriginal abundance and breast bed-making in Cameroon estimated at 5 , 2% afterward a abstraction conducted by an anthropologist and the accord of GIZ in 2005. RENATA’s mission is appropriately the action adjoin aboriginal pregnancy, adverse acceptable practices and gender-based abandon through its capital attack accepted in Cameroon “Rape is a crime, Break the silence”. The capital activities agitated out are as follows:

Prevention of aboriginal abundance and promotion of Family Planning methods

The aim is to accouter girls and adolescent women with the causes of aboriginal pregnancy, changeable health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, adverse practices such as abortion. In contempo years, 4728 girls accept been accomplished in the arctic regions. 84% of these girls were buried with a 97% abatement rate. The aftereffect training agitated out appear a amount of accepting of Family Planning of 59.4% with a amount of 94.8% of use of the reliable methods (IUD, Jadelle, Depo, Pill) and 5.2% of male and/or changeable condoms.

As allotment of the E2A activity implemented in affiliation with MSH and USAID, RENATA has contributed to the promotion and accretion of the affection of RH and FP services (at the affiliation and FOSA akin in 5 bloom districts). of the axial arena (Djoungolo, Biyem-Assi, Green City, Nkolndongo and Efoulan).

In accession to this, RENATA is actively complex in the advance of alleged “safe abortion” in Cameroon and calling for the decriminalization of abortions. In May of 2018, the actual aforementioned ages in which it was recruiting for CRS’s KIDSS project, RENATA took allotment in a “Needs Appraisal on Safe Aborticide Advocacy.” On folio 17 of the Assessment, beneath the branch “Advocacy and measures to anticipate alarming abortions,” it states:

Various organisations in Cameroon, such as women for change, IPPF, PSI, RENATA are advocating for safe abortion services, alteration the amends altitude and accouterment of contraceptives.

In May of 2017, the Independent appear an commodity with the headline, “Renata: Cameroon’s ‘army of aunties’ affiliate to assure accessible girls from animal abuse.” In the article, the Independent appear how RENATA, whose acronym translates as “National Arrangement of Aunties Associations,” provides chargeless contraceptives to prostitutes:

At night some of the aunties can be begin in the aphotic alleyways and brothels of city Yaounde’s red-light district, talking to sex workers and distributing chargeless contraceptives.

In 2011, RENATA appear a certificate titled, “‘Aunties’ for animal bloom and non-violence How austere adolescent mothers become advocates, agents and counsellors in Cameroon.” On folio 31 of the document, beneath a altercation on RENATA’s appulse in the community, RENATA advisedly admits its allotment in allowance some girls access abortions:

The Aunties’ admonition generally focused on the allowances of appliance condoms and how to use them properly. Some girls were accustomed “morning-after” pills and others accustomed abutment in bringing their abundance to aboriginal and safe termination, usually with the cooperation of the boy or man involved. In a few instances, the absolute affiliation had accurate girls in accepting safe abortions and alike in laying accuse adjoin rapists.

There’s a lot added I could acquaint you about RENATA, and it’s all bad, but RENATA isn’t the alone abhorrent alignment that CRS included in the KIDSS project. In fact, four out of the all-embracing bristles Affiliation Based Organizations (or CBOs) alive with CRS on the KIDSS activity are complex in the advance and/or the administration of contraception and condoms.

We apparent the identities of the CBOs that CRS recruited because one of them mentioned all bristles in an commodity that it wrote about a three-day event they all alternate in for the KIDSS project. Originally appear in French, the English adaptation says:

The Codas Caritas appointment allowance has accomplished abnormal action back October 24, 2018. Such action is justified by the captivation of the admission affair of the KIDSS activity activity for the 2019 budgetary year which runs until Friday 26 October 2018. Beneath the advocacy of the Catholic Relief Casework (CRS), the 5 Affiliation Based Organizations (CBOs) implementing the activity fabricated the cruise to booty allotment in the activities. These are Horizons Women , Renata , SWAA Littoral , Merenso and Codas Caritas. In total, about 66 bodies abounding the appointment allowance amid at the belt of Terminus in Douala.

We’ve already told you about RENATA, so let’s allocution about SWAA Littoral. SWAA stands for “Society for Women and AIDS in Africa.” Bearing in apperception that SWAA is one of the Affiliation Based Organizations in CRS’s KIDSS Project, all you actually charge to apperceive about it is that it appear this trifold brochure that answer all address of avant-garde contraceptives, including abortifacients.

The advanced of the advertisement identifies that it is a advertisement of SWAA, and on this side, you can see the description of spermicides, changeable condoms, macho condoms, and injectable contraception.

On the added side, you can see contraceptive pills, implantable contraception, the diaphragm, cervical caps, vaginal rings, IUDs, and the contraceptive patch.

Horizons Femmes is accession CBO alive with CRS on the KIDSS project. In fact, it’s the alignment which articular all bristles CBOs accommodating in the KIDSS project, and a quick assay through its website reveals that it is an alignment that easily out condoms and gives condom demonstrations.

In January of 2018, Horizon Femmes captivated a workshop as allotment of what it calls the “Trusted Partners” activity as allotment of its efforts to action gender based abandon and HIV/AIDS. The declared purpose of the branch was to “mobilize ally of sex workers and women active with HIV to allocution about attitudes to HIV and GBV prevention.” The altercation on HIV blockage included “two affirmation sessions of macho and changeable condom wearing were fabricated appropriately by a actor and a agents of the association.”

A few weeks later, Horizons Femmes captivated another workshop on “HIV and nutrition.” The declared purpose of the branch was to “inform participants about the accent of counterbalanced eating, about the charge to abstain boundless alcohol, and about the appulse that adherence to hours of medication can have,” and included in this was a affirmation on condom application. Horizon Femmes said:

Since we apperceive that blockage is bigger than cure, the educational allocution was able by the traditional affirmation of macho and changeable condom wearing.

In August of 2018, Horizon Femmes hosted accession “Trusted Partners” workshop which already afresh provided information on “correct and constant cutting of condoms.”

In an April 2016 commodity on CamerounWeb, a agent for Horizon Femmes discussed the access of their condom distributions. From the article:

Michelle Mbiaga of Horizon Femmes, an NGO in Yaounde says, “We acclimated to accord out two condoms per bartering sex bell-ringer per day and we accept added the cardinal to 4, which is still not abundant for over 20 ladies we accept in our centre daily”.

“The appeal is accretion and annually about 9000 changeable condoms are distributed.”

MERENSO is accession accomplice in the KIDSS activity that is complex in the advance of abortion, contraception and condoms. The aboriginal affair we begin about MERENSO was a blog it ran which has no new entries back 2009. What is important to agenda is that an entry from January 2009 provides examples of what MERENSO does in affiliation to animal and changeable health. This access is a archetype of MERENSO’s Anniversary Activity Address for 2008. In area II.4, MERENSO adumbrated that it alternate in a activity absorption on “good animal health,” and “the advance of macho and changeable condoms.

In area II.4.1, MERENSO adumbrated that amid the fourteen capacity it counseled on were “sexual life,” “abortion,” “sexual and changeable rights,” “contraceptive methods,” and “correct condom use.”

In area II.4.4, MERENSO provides specific capacity on its condom distributing activities:

But that was 2009. We bare to accomplish abiding MERENSO was still complex in the advance of grave moral evils afore we included them in this report. On MERENSO’s page regarding its accord in the 2nd Civic Appointment on PMTCT from 10–12 September 2019, it acquaint a account of its affectation at the appointment itself.

Of accurate agenda is the woman circled in red in the angel on the left. The woman circled in the account is captivation a archetypal of a vagina and is affairs a changeable condom out of it, as can be apparent in the blown-up angel on the right.

What this proves is that alike as afresh as September 2019, MERENSO is complex in the advance and affirmation of changeable condoms. It additionally serves as added affidavit that MERENSO maintains the advance of condom use as a agency of educating bodies in animal and changeable bloom alike now, as it did in 2009 with its anniversary report.

Another activity MERENSO is accommodating in currently is titled, “Scaling up HIV blockage to advice abate bloodshed and anguish by 2020.” The activity is adjourned by The Global Fund for the year 2019–2020. Beneath the branch “Activities,” MERENSO acquaint a photograph of several bodies sitting at a table with a ample phallus (circled in red) anchored in the middle.

Let’s review. Catholic Relief Casework is the advance on a USAID-funded activity in Cameroon alleged KIDSS. One of the purposes of the activity was to actualize a bloom barometer network, accurately including animal and changeable bloom as a component.

In affiliation to this, CRS-KIDSS partnered with CHAMP and created a barometer arrangement with an alignment alleged RENATA, which promotes and dispenses contraception, and alike takes girls to accept abortions.

Other Affiliation Based Organizations included in the CRS-led KIDSS activity accommodate the contraception and condom announcement Horizons Femmes, SWAA Littoral, and MERENSO.

There can be actually no agnosticism that CRS has created a barometer arrangement in Cameroon that includes organizations absorbed aloft allurement the behavior of adolescent bodies by announcement and accouterment contraception and condoms.

What charge be remembered is that this barometer arrangement will aftermost able-bodied above CRS’s accord in the project. So, by establishing a barometer arrangement that includes four organizations that are actively complex in the advance and administration of contraception, CRS has fabricated itself a accommodating actor in the advance of activities that base the behavior of the youth.

In our abutting report, we’ll prove to you that this isn’t the alone time CRS has set up a barometer arrangement that included Planned Parenthood–style organizations.

Published with permission from the Lepanto Institute.

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