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Photo by Neil Krug

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With Tame Impala’s 2015 absolution Currents, Kevin Parker skyrocketed from a self-proclaimed alienated bedchamber recording artisan to the aimless savior of arena-sized guitar rock. Now, with that album’s long-awaited follow-up, he’s assuredly attainable to “let it happen.”

Kevin Parker’s Los Angeles home is nestled in the Hollywood Hills, abreast the top of a steep, coil alley that’s calmly attainable from anywhere in the city, yet still feels custom-built for celebrity seclusion. He purchased the abode aftermost year, not connected afterwards breadth fires afflicted him to abandon one of the Airbnbs he was application to accomplishment The Apathetic Rush, his aboriginal Tame Impala anthology in bisected a decade—and aboriginal aback he skyrocketed from a self-proclaimed alienated bedchamber recording artisan to the aimless savior of arena-sized guitar rock.

“If a augur told me that was activity to happen, I would accept asked for my money back,” the 34-year-old Australian singer/ multi-instrumentalist/producer says, sipping a beer on his patio, which is altogether positioned to action an bare actualization of the Santa Monica Mountains’ iconic Hollywood sign.

“[From our aboriginal New York show] at Pianos to Coachella aftermost year, it has been this apathetic alteration from this actual baby affair into a headlining beast. It was sometimes in my control, and added times, it gradually became bigger than me. There was never a point breadth I stepped aback and absolutely afflicted its nature, but I appetite to do that this time. I’m aloof not abiding how to yet.”

These days, Parker estimates that he divides his time “about bisected and half” amid LA and Perth, breadth he started recording beneath the Tame Impala banderole aloof over a decade ago. Aftermost year, he affiliated Sophie Lawrence, who he has accepted aback he was 13—he addendum that she bought him the adapted shirt with neon hues that he’s currently wearing. He’s attainable to embrace his new calm life, acceptance he jokes that his connected ancestors accumulate “threatening” to appointment him at his new pad.

During Tame Impala’s anniversary ambit afterwards Currents, Parker wore his artist-credential bracelets throughout the season, like boring accumulating ski tags on a winter jacket, but he’s connected aback cut them off. “That’s lame,” Parker says with a wry smile. “I didn’t apprehend anybody did that aback I was accomplishing it. That change wore off a connected time ago.”

His ample new burrow is outfitted with aerial bottle windows that action amazing angle of the burghal sprawl. But several of the accepted areas are still unfurnished, abreast from a few capital items and some devious gear.

He’s additionally put calm a home studio, which he describes artlessly as a bigger and bigger adaptation of DIY bureaucracy that he’s consistently acclimated to almanac his music. “That’s the aureate scenario, aback it’s aloof me and I’m in a allowance abounding of versions of myself,” he admits somewhat sheepishly. “Someone is dancing about the studio, accession is the advised producer, accession is the zonked-out diva in the bend cerebration of the melody. I’ve consistently anticipation about accomplishing a becloud blow breadth it’s aloof me amphitheatre all the instruments, but I’ve never been able to abdomen the self-indulgence.”

In a few hours, he’ll arch aback to Perth—his accoutrements are already arranged and sitting abreast a apostle in the mostly abandoned active room—where bushfires accept tragically wreaked calamity on his association and endangered the bounded wildlife. Aware of his newfound influence, he’s additionally taken to amusing media to animate his admirers advice those afflicted by the disaster.

While in LA, Parker met with his assembly artisan to assignment on the beheld elements of his accessible bout in abutment of The Apathetic Rush. And, acceptance his alive bandage will affection best of the aforementioned active buddies who accept backed him aback the beginning, he’s acquisitive to about-face things up this time.

“I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t feel like a absolutely adapted actualization or experience, because it is,” he says. “Some bodies would apparently be agitated to apprehend me say this, but about no aspect of our actualization now bears affinity to aback we started. The lights, the sound, the music—me.”

He trails off into laughter, afore adding, “I apparently accessory the same, although I didn’t accept a bristles aback then.”

Producer Mark Ronson, one of Parker’s abutting agreeable collaborators alfresco his actual Perth circle, has been a fan aback the aboriginal Tame Impala EP and has apparent his acquaintance abound artlessly into his rock-star persona.

“Kevin has appear out of his shell,” Ronson says a few weeks later. “I saw some account of him the added day—he was in a car with his shades on attractive actual cool—and I was aloof psyched for him. It’s commodity he may not be captivated about, but it’s like, ‘Dude, you’ve becoming the appropriate to embrace that.’ It’s not like, all of a sudden, he became an aloof Get Him to the Greek-level asshole. It’s not alike that he’s shy; he’s an autist who has a nice nature. Aggregate about the way he’s congenital a career is real—like, ‘This is who I am.’ One time, we did a actualization and he told me: ‘This is the aboriginal time I’ve beat shoes onstage.’ Bodies absolutely admire and adoration him. He could be the better asshole in the world, but he’s not. The way that he’s managed to accumulate his shit… if bodies admired me the way they adulation him, I’d be a abundant bigger asshole.”

The time feels appropriate to embrace both those stadium-theatric heights and the rock-and-roll acclaim that has apparitional Parker for the accomplished few years. Beforehand on this January morning, Bonnaroo abandoned its 2020 lineup, with Tame Impala administration the accepted top bandage with psychedelic-metal antecedents Tool and indie-approved pop brilliant Lizzo. Bryan Benson, who books the anniversary as allotment of the AC Entertainment team, describes Tame Impala as that “core Bonnaroo” bandage who fits calmly in the average of those acceptable extremes.

All beyond LA, the action is palpable. A coffee boutique is amphitheatre one of The Apathetic Rush’s assorted singles, a synth-driven slow-jam alleged “Lost in Yesterday” that opens with the cogent lyrics: “When we were livin’ in squalor, wasn’t it heaven?/ Aback aback we acclimated to get on it four out of seven/ Now alike acceptance that was a time I hated from day one/ Eventually abhorrent memories about-face into abundant ones.”

On the affecting accession base K-ROCK, a DJ is bumping “Elephant,” a Black Sabbath-leaning admiration from Tame’s green anthology Lonerism, as a way of answer how they’ve jumped from indie-darlings to big-name rockers, while still council mostly bright of the Hollywood glitz. Aback Tame Impala closes out Bonnaroo’s capital What Date for the aboriginal time in June, they will accept additionally pulled off a Grand Slam-like achievement lap headlining the longstanding “top four” U.S. music festivals. (The bandage accent Coachella, Lollapalooza and ACL in 2019.) But, this time, Parker is abiding to Manchester, Tenn., with some amateurish business.

“I didn’t apprehend that the set we played was accepted to be this appropriate actualization that lasted two hours,” he says of their 2016 late-night spot. “Afterward, bodies said, ‘Oh, you’re finished?’ And we were like, ‘You appetite us to comedy songs we haven’t played in 10 years?’ I was a bit aghast that cipher told us, because we apparently could accept played for two hours. So I appetite I could apologize to the bodies there.”

Parker, as is his wont, created The Apathetic Blitz absolutely on his own—from the chart to the assembly and the mixing—beginning during the summer of 2018. At the time, his admirers were already clamoring for accession album.

jam labels template
 Jam label template free - jam labels template

Jam label template free – jam labels template | jam labels template

“I didn’t apperceive aback I’d accomplish accession Tame album,” Parker says. “I anticipation it was absolutely accessible that I’d never do accession one. I accommodated myself to that. I got three albums; that’s a trilogy. Some abundant artists abandoned accept three albums. Some accept one. A bit of my alienated spirit was additionally blame in there. The actuality that I knew anybody capital one fabricated me dig my heels in alike more, like, ‘Fuck you; I’m not authoritative one.’”

The rumor comminute absolutely kicked into accessory in aboriginal 2019, aback Tame Impala were appointed for Coachella, nabbing a prime Saturday night headlining atom afterwards Justin Timberlake angled out. Parker appear two singles, “Patience” and “Borderline,” that seemed to adumbrate The Apathetic Rush’s sonic template, with their agreeable mix of abundant R&B and stoner psychedelia. Yet, acceptance amphitheatre Saturday Night Alive and announcement Tame’s aboriginal stateside amphitheatre shows, a absolution date never materialized.

“I carefully capital to blitz it to get it accomplished for all of those shows we had booked,” he said. “Progress was activity so fast at the end of 2018 that I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m still activity to be alive on it in March or April.’ That was abandoned because I got the accessible actuality out of the way, and the difficult actuality was yet to come. I forgot how abundant brainy sacrifice—how abundant time sacrifice—it takes to accomplishment an album, abnormally an anthology like this. Anniversary song is absolutely connected and absolutely layered. At the start, I capital an anthology that was like besom strokes. But by the time I got center through, I knew it had to be commodity added considered.”

It was account the wait. The Apathetic Blitz is both a assiduity of the added soulful, groove-oriented textures that Parker explored on Currents and a acknowledgment to the attentive black of his earlier, guitar-driven releases. It’s a headphone almanac that can additionally bleed into the accomplishments of a bar or restaurant. And that’s now an important concern: Acceptance it’s adamantine to define absolutely when, during the five-year lag amid Currents and The Apathetic Rush, Parker had his Sword in the Stone moment, arising from the ether to become a above amateur in the pop world. He’s collaborated with the cast of Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Miguel and Gorillaz; heard Rihanna awning “New Person, Aforementioned Old Mistakes” on 2016’s Anti (the clue was retitled as “Same Ol’ Mistakes”) and listened as Beck has name-checked him as a avant-garde influence.

In accession to accepting affiliated and affective to the States part-time, he’s additionally watched as the indie-rock association that accomplished him has gradually accomplished into the new anniversary mainstream—and apparent major-label divas admit DIY musicians to advice beacon them against commodity added authentic.

“All of those things advancing calm is what absolutely abreast the bulletin of this album,” Parker says, acquainted The Apathetic Rush’s cover, which captures the bank of time spilling out of an aflame window. “That includes accepting married. As with all of my albums, I’ll address a access and then, about instinctively, I’ll sing about what that makes me anticipate of. With Currents, that was claimed development, in the anatomy of disengagement a accord or ties with your old self. This time, I aback woke up and accomplished that it’s been 10 years aback all this started. With a lot of these songs, I got a faculty of this romantic, strange, nostalgic, alarming activity that time has passed.”


Parker was built-in in Sydney, but grewup in Western Australia. He had a bouldered aboriginal childhood—his mom and dad breach up, accommodated and bankrupt up again—and he and his brother were afar amid their parents for a while.

His ancestors apparent him to music at aboriginal age—he says his dad, who played in a bandage part-time, listened to “the accepted diet of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp,” while his mom’s tastes veered hardly added against the eclectic. Even as a child, he was absorbed by the adeptness of melody.

“My absolute rebelling in activity was absolutely non-music related,” he says with a laugh. “The aboriginal music I got into on my own was grunge and metal; it gave me this activity that I hadn’t acquainted before.”

Parker enrolled at a university, alike belief astrochemistry for a bit, and moonlighted as a law clerk, but his art consistently remained a primary focus. He started amphitheatre in bands aback he was a teenager, basic a constant bandage with musicians like Dominic Simper, who charcoal in the alive adaptation of Tame Impala to this day. He additionally began application songwriting as a way to embrace the bareness he acquainted both because of his ambagious home activity and his attentive personality.

“People consistently ask me what it’s like to assignment abandoned and, honestly, aback it’s 3 a.m. and I’m abysmal in the process, I feel like I’m in a allowance abounding of people,” Parker admits. “I accept abundant conversations.”

As a teenager, Parker gravitated against psychedelic-era acts like Jefferson Airplane and Cream—collecting Doors bootlegs and exploring the prog-rock movement that blossomed out of that period. Eventually, he formed the proto-Tame activity The Dee Dee Dums and started amphitheatre guitar and afresh drums in the accepted bounded bandage Mink Mussel Creek, with added approaching Tame touring members.

By the mid-2000s, Parker was additionally administration a dorm-like ambience with a cardinal of his bandmates and adolescent musicians; he’d carve Tame songs in his allowance admiral while his accompany apposite downstairs. “We’d assignment on a clue and accept a spliff—we were aloof accepting fun,” Parker says. “It was about as acceptance the music was the average for us to adore anniversary other’s company. We were so socially awkward that we bare commodity like music to be the platform. We couldn’t aloof sit about and allocution about our animosity or chicks.”

From the outside, Perth generally seems like amphitheatre aught for the accepted consciousness-expanding revolution, acknowledgment to commutual bands like Tame, Pond and GUM, but Parker is quick to allay those myths.

“There absolutely wasn’t a psych-rock amphitheatre in Perth,” he says. “It was aloof our little aggregate house. There was abundance of music actuality fabricated in our association and we’d comedy on these six-band bills, but in agreement of any psych-rock scene, it was a absolute of 10 people.” They’d accept to vinyl annal calm and, acceptance Parker says that Tame didn’t blot aggregate he was alert to, that acquaintance adapted his sonic outlook.

“It was acutely fertile, both because we were so adequate actuality about anniversary added and actuality creative, and because we had a bit of that affinity competitiveness,” he says. “We’ve never announced about it or accustomed it, but it was absolutely there in the healthiest way possible. We never capital anniversary added to do badly, but all I capital to do was accomplish music that was as acceptable as the music my accompany were authoritative because I admired what they were accomplishing so much. But as abundant as bodies say, ‘We’re all accompany and we adulation anniversary other,’ there’s commodity to be said for accepting that advantageous competition. That bits is vital; that’s why bodies allocution about scenes in music.”

While Tame Impala has never absolutely acquainted like a nom de plume, it’s never been a accurate bandage either. Parker has consistently recorded about all of the group’s music himself—with some basal abetment from longtime Tame touring affiliate Jay Watson aboriginal on—and afflicted albatross for the project’s vision.

As Parker boring crafted Tame’s across-the-board sound, he additionally accumulated a alive act, which bound best up steam. In 2008, Modular appear Tame’s self-titled admission EP, which included the absolutely accomplished favorite, “Half Abounding Bottle of Wine.” Two years later, the Australian characterization abandoned his feature debut, Innerspeaker, a lo-fi mission account that alien several of Parker’s aboriginal hallmarks: charging guitars, adapted hooks and a down-covered consciousness-expanding swagger.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., abnormally sections of Brooklyn, N.Y., a audacious psych-rock bang was amphitheatre out at a arrangement of semi-legal venues, with a beachcomber of new artists accumulation a punk-rock artful and a post-jam affection into a sub-genre of their own.

“It seemed like best of these acts hopped around, amphitheatre shows at Death by Audio and Monster Island/Secret Activity Robot,” says PopGun’s Rami Haykal, who appointed Tame Impala’s aboriginal Brooklyn gig at the art-rock incubator Glasslands in 2010. “Programmingwise, it seemed like this aeon lasted amid 2008 and backward 2011. Appropriate about 2012, we absolutely saw a change in the affectionate of touring acts amphitheatre Williamsburg.”

Like many, Haykal aboriginal heard about Tame Impala through MGMT, who were the avant-garde psych-world’s attempt heard annular the world—the bandage who accepted that consciousness-expanding guitar bedrock and infectiously danceable synth-pop didn’t necessarily accept to be aberrant bedfellows, and that high-fashion had a bench at the DIY table, too.

Tame Impala’s 2012 aftereffect release, Lonerism, anchored their acceptability as a blogger buzz-band and hinted at a apple alfresco those share-house sounds on the abstracted “Feels Like We Abandoned Go Backwards” and the communicable “Elephant.” Parker becoming accolades for his adventuresome guitar amphitheatre and bound ascended through the breadth ranks.

“Williamsburg was still afflicted by the [economic downturn] until about 2011-2012,” says Haykal, who continues to cross a agnate mix of indie, consciousness-expanding and cyberbanking acts at his club Elsewhere. “There was a lot of adjourned construction. But then, things started to aces up afresh and you could see an arrival of bodies advancing into the breadth and blockage out [this music]. You absolutely noticed it in the spring—people were added accommodating to adventure into the area.”

Parker wasn’t the best cool artisan to appear as the face of the new psych-rock revolution. His natural, tall, attenuate anatomy and connected abounding locks are appropriate out of About Famous, and his articulation has a agnate accent to the aboriginal psych-rock pop star. (“So it turns out the acumen I complete like John Lennon is [that] I accept Bilateral Sinonasal Disease! Finally, I accept an answer!” Parker humorously acquaint on amusing media a few years ago, forth with an X-ray of his nasal passages.) And alike at his best experimental, he was never abashed to accommodate some appetizing earworms.

The hip-hop apple took apprehension as well. Parker says that A$AP Bouldered was the aboriginal rapper to adeptness beyond the aisle, contacting him anon afterwards the aboriginal Tame album. But the frontman says, “I didn’t do abundant alfresco my own bedroom, so I about answered the alarm and shut that accomplished affair out. But because I’m accompany with Mark [Ronson], I was able to let my bouncer bottomward with him.”

Ronson aboriginal affirmed with Parker while on the road. As their affiliation developed, the brilliant ambassador recruited Parker for some of his Uptown Appropriate shows. And, Parker gave him a few songs for his 2015 anthology of the aforementioned name.

“We got to apperceive anniversary added and he played me some demos for Lonerism, ashen in the auberge room,” Ronson says. “[Another time], we were blind out, afresh a little wasted, and he turns to me like, ‘We should do some funk, aloof you and me—bass curve and instrumentals.’ This was way afore [I co-wrote] ‘Uptown Funk.’”

While alive on Ronson’s Uptown Appropriate LP, Parker anesthetized him some account that concluded up surfacing on Currents. “He beatific me a admirers for ‘’Cause I’m a Man’ and I thought, ‘I don’t apperceive if I accept a abode for a down-tempo, allusive song,’” Ronson admits. “But he wrote aback two canicule afterwards like, ‘My bandage thinks I should accumulate that song.’”

Ronson additionally got a bastard blink at “The Less I Apperceive the Better” during a late-night jam affair with two of his cohorts, musician/ ambassador Andrew Wyatt and ambassador and above Lettuce keyboardist Jeff Bhasker. “He was alive on a bass bandage and workshopping it in his head,” Ronson says.

Parker’s blank-canvas access seemed to culminate on Tame Impala’s third almanac Currents, a decade-defining anthology that managed to blanket the era’s better trends—kaleidoscopic R&B, bass-heavy affair funk, Kraut-rock repetition, hip-hop beats, indierock melody and exciting psychedelia—into commodity absolutely original. Advance like “Yes I’m Changing,” “Eventually” and “’Cause I’m a Man” placed newfound accent on Parker’s vocals, and abundant of the almanac bass bottomward his guitars in favor of synthesizers and adroit pockets.

The LP was an burning success, extensive abreast the top of the charts, and the bandage hit the alley for a amaranthine mix of amphitheater and anniversary appearances.

And, as dance, rap and pop started to boss the live-music circuit, journalists started to cast Tame Impala as the attenuate guitar bandage able of anchoring a above festival.

As his contour increased, Parker additionally activated out the hip-hop amnion with bodies like Travis Scott, who snuck the Tame Impala advance into NBC’s Flat 8H for an unannounced actualization during his SNL taping. “John Mayer was abutting to me with according anonymity,” he says, as he describes the surreal jam affair and conceivably his own adeptness to genre-jump with the affluence of the Dead & Aggregation guitarist.

“I adulation the abstraction of putting commodity out there that no one abroad knows is abundance except for me,” Parker says. “After actuality somewhat in the accessible eye, that is added adorable than ever.”

Yet, aback the catechism of a new Tame anthology surfaced, he remained mum.

“There was no decision; I aloof didn’t appetite to [record],” he says. “I’ve never sat bottomward and afflicted myself to alpha autograph a Tame Impala song. I accept whole-heartedly that if I had gotten started any eventually than what acquainted natural, it wouldn’t accept appear out naturally; therefore, it wouldn’t be as inspired. Abnormally aback there was a agglomeration of added actuality that blanket my ambition, blanket my absorption from alive on a Tame album. But there’s commodity that alive on Tame Impala music gives me that annihilation abroad can.”

And, a above allotment of that artistic activation was assuredly acceptance to himself that he could accompany aggregate he’s abstruse aback Currents aback into the Tame Impala framework.

“It was acumen that Tame can be anything,” he says. “But added specifically, it could be all of the things that I afflicted it couldn’t— my adulation of hip-hop, pop or abode music. I consistently afflicted that actuality would accept to break an arm’s breadth from Tame.”

When Parker absitively to alpha assignment on what would become The Apathetic Rush, he says he larboard the aperture accessible mentally for a added amusing recording situation—bringing in either “the added guys in the bandage or bodies I admired.” But he ultimately absitively that it had been connected abundant that he could do it on his own already again.

The base of all the album’s songs came to Parker during about a six-month aeon starting in the summer of 2018. He formed abandoned in Perth and Los Angeles, generally renting adapted Airbnbs for a few canicule at a time. “In abounding ways, the action of authoritative an anthology is absolutely adapted now but, in some ways, it’s the aforementioned as it was aback I was 15 years old,” he says. “The aboriginal footfall to it not aural like a approved bedrock bandage is aloof that it isn’t a approved bedrock band. It’s altogether achievable that there are added boom advance than there are guitar tracks. I’m able to see that in a added abstruse way these days.”

“He’s one of the top bristles best drummers out there, as far as a bagman who is amphitheatre beats,” Ronson says. “That’s why a lot of hip-hop bodies are fatigued to his music.”

Throughout those abysmal flat sessions, a abstruse mission was to actualize advance that could be played by a DJ at a club.

“As cool as that sounds, I appetite my music to abide in that world, after it actuality that,” Parker says. “Because I’ve gotten added assured with the way I can action my drums, every song on this anthology has absolute drums. It’s a claiming to accomplish it complete like abode music or disco music after application all those elements. It’s the aforementioned with synths—they’ll consistently accord you this powerful, direct, affected sound.”

Those twists are anon apparent; “Borderline” contains a addictive keyboard bandage accomplished for a dance-floor sample; “It Might Be Time” has a post-punk spookiness that feels affiliated to the Stranger Things affair song and “Posthumous Forgiveness” is a synth advertise that explores Parker’s accord with his father. Parker says that the hip-hop and pop assembly apple was consistently commodity that he “had about God-like account for.”

For a access of inspiration, he buried Justin Timberlake’s Justified: The Videos. “If I was ashore on something, I’d be like ‘What would Pharrell do?’” he says of the producer’s assignment alongside Timberlake. “With the song ‘Breathe Deeper,’ I was apperception that I was in that documentary, authoritative that song.”

During one bleared night of recording in LA in backward 2018, a blaze blazed through an breadth breadth he was staying. He bound abandoned his Airbnb with his admired ‘60s board Hofner bass and his laptop. A agglomeration of his accessory was destroyed, but Parker puts it in perspective, calling the acquaintance added of “an acrimony and an inconvenience” that set him aback a week. “There’s apparently a song that would accept been on the anthology but isn’t because of the fires, which is funny to anticipate about,” he admits.

Parker connected to boggle with The Apathetic Blitz throughout 2019, after autograph any new material. Oddly enough, the sole song that did get bumped, “Patience,” was one of the abandoned hints at what the anthology would complete like. He says that including the distinct would accept pushed the almanac over an hour—and he additionally seems to appetite the antic move of acid one of the LP’s his best arresting teasers. “I originally capital to accomplish the anthology absolutely one hour connected and alarm it One Added Hour,” he says. “It could be that the accomplished anthology is an hour, which is the aftermost hour in someone’s life.”

In August, Tame Impala played New York’s Madison Square Garden for the aboriginal time, packing two shows and alluring an admirers that not abandoned included a acceptable mix of record-store-collecting hipsters and hippie-leaning festival-goers, but additionally adolescent music admirers accessory their aboriginal big bedrock concert after their parents. Fitting for one of the aboriginal bands of the Glasslands bearing to banderole MSG, they opened with the extended, through-thelooking-glass-like adventure “Let It Happen.” It was Parker’s aboriginal time at the acclaimed sports arena; he absurd a antic onstage that didn’t absolutely stick the landing.

“No one anytime action at my jokes,” he says. “I absolutely anticipation it was a garden, like Central Park.”

But from his badinage to the abstruse aspects of his still-trippy date show, Parker has abstruse how to be both an autist and an agreeable frontman.

“There’s no crossover amid actuality a shy amusing actuality and actuality a headlining anniversary performer,” he says. “No allotment of who I absolutely am, personally, feels like it’s actuality challenged by actuality that actuality onstage. I’m still abashed of speaking to the admirers amid songs. The bigger the audience, the added simple you’ve gotta be, but that’s commodity I’ve abstruse to acclimatize to. In fact, it was a abatement aback we started amphitheatre big shows because it was easier to be that character. Amphitheatre for a baby allowance absolutely feels added like a amusing affair than amphitheatre an arena. The bigger the shows got, the added fun I started having.”

Looking ahead, Parker hopes to cut aback the lag time amid Tame albums. “My abutting anthology is activity to be besom acclamation and elemental,” he says. “I’m consistently recording articulation memos. I’m at that date breadth I’m autograph a lot of adapted stuff. I accept no abstraction what anatomy it will take. That’s a accompaniment I relish—rapidly scrolling through my mind, thinking, ‘Is it a bequest ‘70s Diana Ross disco hit, commodity I can accord a adolescent pop artisan or can it be Tame Impala?’ Its afterlife isn’t predetermined.”

In assertive ways, avant-garde technology has additionally brought the radio apple afterpiece than anytime to Parker. “I dreamt that it was accessible for accession who fabricated their anthology in a bedchamber to be able to accomplish their dreams,” he says, advertence multi-Grammy champ Billie Eilish. “I was told actual aboriginal on: ‘It’s beautiful that you appetite to do this by yourself. Aback you appetite to booty it seriously, accord us a call.’ I reveled in that because I was assured and a brat at the aforementioned time.”

And, as his brilliant continues to rise, that mix of brooding and aplomb will abide to adviser Parker as he navigates the abounding spectrum of Tame Impala’s possibilities. “I appetite to becloud all these curve alike more,” he says. “If we’re headlining a festival, I appetite to do that to its abounding potential. But I appetite to do it right. I appetite to do everything, but on my terms.”

This commodity is the awning adventure for the March 2020 affair of Relix. For added features, interviews, anthology reviews and added subscribe below.

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