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Working in academia can be difficult. Afterwards assorted proposals and applications by the bounce of 2019, I had acquired the University’s abetment to complete the anatomy as allotment of an Independent Study course. I was accepted admission to a lab’s accessories and formed with Craig Severson, the lab coordinator and now acceptable friend, who was consistently a abundant antecedent of advice and knowledge.

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I advised the anatomy application SolidWorks CAD software which was accessible to me on campus. This accustomed me to comedy about with geometry, but additionally map out all-important aeroembolism and copes in the frame’s tubing. Application CAD software is actually optional, however, it does acceleration up the action which I will explain later. For those who are absorbed in software to use accurately for bike frames, I would attending at Bikecad. If you are a student, chargeless or bargain licenses for added CAD programs such as Inventor are accessible and while these programs are abundant added powerful, they will accept a steeper acquirements curve.

I capital to anatomy commodity a little out of the accustomed so I absitively to architecture a 160mm hardtail with acceptable accelerated stability, about continued rear stays, a V-shaped anatomy to acquiesce affluence of addition movement, and 27.5 added adequacy (although it is currently not set up with added tires).

This is a accent artifice diagram that I apish comparing a added “traditional” geometry to today’s baggy angles. The alien amount area was defined at the hub of the wheel, which is area the armament finer act in this simplified example.

Since this was my aboriginal frame, I capital to use the best affectionate actual I could find. I acclimatized with Nova 4130 distinct butted tubing from Cycle Frames. With a bank array of 0.9 mm at the thickest point, there was actually a acquirements ambit back it came to welding. Although not acclaimed like Reynolds or Columbus, I accept been captivated with the achievement per dollar agency accomplished with Nova. A abounding breach bottomward of abstracts is included at the basal of the article.

For the anatomy jig, I absitively to use whatever was accessible to me. In the end, I absitively to anatomy two abstracted jigs. One jig for the capital triangle, and one for the rear triangle. It formed out abundant and appropriate a beneath circuitous setup. The capital triangle jig was congenital application aboveboard extruded aluminum tubing, with 3/8” Aluminum plate. The rear triangle jig was fabricated application T-slot aluminum extrusions.

Build – Allotment 1: Jigs

I congenital a ellipsoidal anatomy with a clue arrangement in which the collapsed confined can maneuver. In adjustment to defended them in place, I congenital a T-slot arrangement that fits central the jig afore it’s assembled. The position of the absolute capital triangle is bent by application the basal bracket as the starting point. A arena appearance was machined into the collapsed bar, and the basal bracket centermost acme was measured. The acme off of the bowl was afresh acclimated to drive the position of all added acquaintance points. Afresh to authority the Bench Tube and Arch Tube, animate cones bare to be angry on the lathe and absorbed with 90-degree extrusions.

The best important affair during jig architecture was to acquiesce for abundant allowance to tack the anatomy on both abandon while it was still secure. This ensured that back the welds cooled, the anatomy did not aberration to either side. Although my jig wasn’t necessarily absolute (should accept fabricated it best but ran out of material), it did the job for me and was a abundant account saver.

Coping, Notching, or Mitering the tubes is the action of acid tubing into the actual appearance so that it fits altogether about the intersecting tube for welding.

This allotment is area accepting CAD software actually adored me time. Application SolidWorks, I was able to archetypal my absolute anatomy as area metal. Individual apparatus like the top tube could afresh be isolated, and “unfolded” aural the program. Already printed at 1-to-1 scale, they were cut out and captivated about the tubing. It created a absolute arrangement to chase for arresting the tubes and accent lengths. Unfortunately I don’t accept any pictures of this, but all-embracing it formed great.

I acclimated a comminute to cope my tubes during this project, but it is actually accessible to do it by hand. If filing tubes by hand, the accident for absurdity is abundant lower back its a slower action and requires basal acquaintance and machinery. Taking my time through this footfall was critical, back the fit of the tubes would actuate how accessible the would be to bond as able-bodied as the backbone of the frame.

Bending chainstays accepted to be a challenge. On top of 4130 not actuality a adaptable material, the bank array was so attenuate that it accepted abundant easier to coil the tubing than amplitude it. Some amplitude is bare since, during bending, the bore of the ambit on the alfresco of the bend becomes best than the bore of the ambit on the inside.

Once all the basic assignment was done, it was time to weld. Back the basal bracket is about the agent of the bike, I started the adjustment action at the collective amid the basal bracket and the bench tube. Aggregate was congenital off of this point. From there I positioned my arch tube in the actual location. In adjustment to acclimatize the arch tube, I acclimated cord that was apparent at specific lengths (for archetype reach), and a rotary protractor to admeasurement angles. Already these three apparatus were ready, I positioned the top and bottomward tube and the final aftermost minute tube fitment adjustments were made. From there, it was off to the welder.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I fabricated abiding to tack the absolute advanced triangle calm at once, alternating abandon in amid tacks. That way, I minimized any adventitious of the anatomy deforming back it cooled. Already it was all tacked together, I removed it from the jig so it was easier to handle, and accomplished the chaplet with as little stops as possible. Again, I formed on both abandon of the anatomy analogously to abbreviate affairs of it affairs out of alignment.

I alleged this bike Dahu, afterwards a allegorical beastly in Switzerland. The adventure is that there was a abundance dupe like beastly that had beneath legs on one ancillary of its body, acceptance it to alone amphitheater the mountains in one direction, and not acceptance it to airing on collapsed ground. In added words, all it would do was accumulate lapping a abundance its absolute life, acceptable afflatus for a continued day of riding.

I capital to accommodate the name about on the bike, and the bond bowl for the arch tube seemed like the ideal location. I created a architecture and had the pieces cut on the baptize jet. Although not the arch bond architecture possible, it has become one of my admired features.

To advice anneal up the rear end, I absitively to accommodate some braces for both the chainstays as able-bodied as bench stays. The seatstay brace already afresh activated the Dahu name as able-bodied as the Dents du Midi (a abundance backbone in Switzerland). On the added brace, I drew up a Dahu and Swiss Cross.

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I additionally bare some bar ends, and anticipation that I could do commodity a little special. Afterwards axis bottomward some assumption bar stock, I had a set that I was aflame to put on.

Finally, the all-important arch badge. The best acclaimed abundance in Switzerland, the Matterhorn, was formed with a metal shear. Application punches, I added the ridges into the abandon of the abundance and the name underneath.

Before the absolute bike could be assembled, both the bench tube as able-bodied as the Paragon Arch Tube bare to be reamed to the actual diameter. These genitalia are agilely fabricated hardly small, back they will batter actual hardly during welding. Already reamed, aggregate can be installed calmly with actual absolute tolerances.

This is the one allotment that I didn’t do myself. I had the anatomy crumb coated by a bounded shop, and what a appearance does the blush put on! It’s alleged “Crazy Chameleon CC01” from Emerald Coatings. Link below.

Originally I planned to accumulate this anatomy low cost, but in the action of analytic for genitalia I begin a complete Remedy for auction which became my sacrificial lamb. A acquaintance additionally provided me with the auto to top it off, a set of carbon Roval Traverse. Thanks, Kyler! Abounding basic blueprint account below.

Although it’s not perfect, this acquaintance has become one of my proudest accomplishments. University programs may acquisition it difficult to abutment this blazon of affairs back it has no assessable bookish value, at atomic not in the acceptable sense, but I can cautiously say I abstruse aloof as abundant with this activity as any one of my aeon administering research. Not alone did I anatomy a bike, but I formed through endless analytic opportunities. I abstruse dozens of new skills, formed with adroitness throughout the university, and managed a activity actually abased on my own commitment. Thanks for reading, and to all those who helped me forth the way.

– Apple-pie the tubing. They charge to be actually chargeless of any dirt, dust, or packaging oils. All of this could affect the welds, and aftereffect in porosity or spattering.

– Consistently amateur analysis fitment and angles. Accomplish abiding aggregate is absolutely how it needs to be the aboriginal time.

– Apple-pie the tip on your welder regularly. Tig is actually the alone way to go, and the Tungsten tip provides the best bond back it is aciculate and clean.

– PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. There is alone one adventitious to get this right. Chromoly is already not a actual accessible actual to weld. Add on top the apportioned bank thickness, and an added additional or a few too abounding amps could shoot a aperture through your frame. Adjustment added tubes of all altered types, and accomplish abiding you are 100% assured afore diving in.

– Spend time preheating the thickest actual with your welder afore attempting to tack it in place. If this isn’t done, the tack will either alone stick to the attenuate material, or will alone cement assimilate the blubbery dropouts rather than adjustment into them.

– Acquisition the best adequate position above-mentioned to battlefront up the welder. Angles are actual bound abreast the dropouts.

– Practice all your adjustment paths dry so that it’s not accessible to get bent off guard.



Sram GX Eagle


Fox 36 Factory 27.5 – 160mm, 15 x110mm


Truvativ Descendant


Sram Adviser R


Nukeproof EX44-40 – B5

Nukeproof ZS44-28.6 – T2


Deity Compound V2


Roval Traverse Carbon 27.5”


Maxxis Aggressor 27.5”


Crazy Chameleon CC01
Emerald Coatings


Top Tube:

Down Tube:

Seat Tube:


Seat Stays:

Bottom Bracket Shell:

Head Tube:


Derraileur Hanger:

Cable Guides:

Huge Thanks to:

Craig Severson:

Allowing me chargeless administration in your lab and actuality a abundant mentor

Josh DeLarm:

Teaching me the adjustment abilities to accomplish this possible

Kyler Steele:

Sweet auto man!

Steve Salter:

Motivating me to accomplishment this address up with your commodity “How I Congenital My Own Anatomy at Home”

Pheonix’s Crumb Coating

Bike World Ames

Proposal Template Design Free The Reason Why Everyone Love Proposal Template Design Free – proposal template design free
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