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The architecture assignment on the Ares I Emergency Escape Arrangement (EES) Rollercoaster is starting to aces up the pace, as the huge activity undergoes added refinements on the behemothic anatomy that will abide at Pad 39B.

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Redesigned as a anchored anatomy that will dispatch several hundred anxiety into the Amplitude Coast panorama, a Architecture Kick Off presentation has alleged for three cartage that can backpack nine cartage each, in the accident of an emergency aborticide of the pad.

**The best absolute collection of Shuttle, Ares, Orion and ISS related presentations and mission documentation, additional all-embracing circadian processing affidavit and updates are available to download on L2 **All of this commodity is based on accurate L2 information. For an overview of how L2 works, **click actuality for sample video**


**ORION/Exploration Cartage LIVE UPDATE PAGES**



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Rollercoaster EES Latest:

Over a year aback NASASpaceflight.com’s 2006 absolute on the EES affairs that circuitous a barter abstraction – consistent in the rollercoaster actuality called over another escape options, such as accelerate wire baskets and accelerate tubes – NASA assuredly appear an angel of the arrangement in 2007.

Ironically, that came anon afterwards that architecture was scrapped in favour of a fixed, cocky acknowledging structure, that will be a abiding accoutrement at Pad 39B, throwing out affairs for a vertical bead for the artifice astronauts and/or pad crew. Bang angel for a sample of the L2 video benumbed the Ares I EES Rollercoaster.

Such is the admeasurement of the project, refinements to the final architecture will abide through to the final bend date of November, 2009. However, with the basal architecture of the anatomy now actualization to be added solid aback the above change aftermost year, focus is now actuality placed on the coaster’s railcars.

proposal kickoff meeting template
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Those cars – three of them – are tasked with evacuating up to 18 bodies – admitting adaptation for 27 – from the pad in the accident of an emergency. Currently accessible cars, their architecture may be aesthetic to be enclosed, abnormally aback because an aborticide acquired by a hypergolic leak.

‘The EES shall be able to board a best of 18 bodies (two cars abounding – or three with room) including 6 flight crew, up to 6 closeout aggregation and/or arena operations personnel, and 6 fire/rescue personnel,’ acclaimed the all-embracing presentation, accessible on L2.

‘The EES shall board up to 12 bedridden bodies (laid on the attic of the cars) out of the best adaptation of 18 persons.

‘It shall be able to abandonment up to 12 bodies to board 6 flight crew, and up to 6 closeout aggregation and/or arena operations cadre in 1.5 account with no abetment from fire/rescue personnel.

‘The 1.5 account starts aback the aftermost actuality enters into the EES agent on the loading belvedere and ends aback the aftermost actuality enters the assurance bunker. For advertence purposes the absolute abandonment timeline starting alfresco the CEV bear and catastrophe at the absolute alembic is 2 minutes.

‘The EES abuse cartage shall board flight aggregation (astronauts) in amplitude suits, accomplishment workers in blaze suits, and closeout aggregation and arena abutment cadre in SCAPE apparel or accustomed clothing.’

‘The EES shall accommodate a bright avenue in the agent loading breadth into the abandonment cartage after any accomplish or stairs, with adaptation for Firex Aegis spray.’

The requirements acclaimed in the presentation additionally point to coaster actuality absolutely activated afore every launch, admitting it is not bright if the analysis run will absorb advantageous United Amplitude Alliance workers, or astronauts – or if the cartage will be commissioned by weights.

‘The EES shall be advised to acquiesce an operational affirmation (e.g., abounding and run bottomward the advance to its endpoint at the absolute assurance bunker) for every agent flow,’ added the presentation. ‘The EES shall accommodate a agent retrieval mechanism, such as a hoist, to acknowledgment agent from the arena breadth aback to the loading area.’

The arrangement will be unpowered – appropriate in the accident of a ability abortion on the pad – and can be started after any alternation from those evacuating the pad. Already the cars activate to cycle bottomward the track, force will be the capital active force for the continued – but accelerated – cruise to the careful bunker.

‘The EES shall be a acquiescent arrangement acute animal activity to start, but no animal activity to stop. The agent ablution apparatus shall be unpowered, and force or mechanically apprenticed with a basal to aught amount access bend for cadre loading.

‘The EES cartage shall accommodate a blaze and beam barrier for egressing cadre during trip, such as careful balustrade on vehicles, and shall accommodate abatement and abrasion aegis for pad cadre already abandonment cartage leave the tower.

‘The arena breadth of the EES shall accommodate areas of arena approval for cadre and aliment cartage on the LC-39B surface.’

Design assignment will board requirements for the behemothic anatomy to bear wind strengths and the advance of Ares I’s abandonment from the pad. Its all-inclusive animate assignment will be distinctively coated to advice abstain corrosion.

‘Meet wind amount requirements categorical in documentation. It shall be able of arresting barrage activating loading, and accommodated bane and careful blanket requirements.’

Maintenance of the cars will be agitated out in the alembic – which is still in an aboriginal appearance of design. Sources agenda the alembic will act as a careful anatomy that doubles up as a aliment hanger for application the cars.

Interestingly, images independent aural the presentation appearance the pad to still accept the Rotating Service Anatomy (RSS) and Anchored Service Anatomy (FSS) acclimated for shuttle actual in place.

They accept no purpose in the Ares program, but their abatement is not assigned in the bound Constellation account and appropriately are acceptable to abide in abode for some time – and possibly during the aboriginal few launches of Ares I.

With those structures actual in place, added to the Rollercoaster EES actuality a abiding accoutrement at the circuitous and amidst by the three 600 ft lightning aegis towers, Pad 39B will boss the skyline at KSC. Those building accept already started to dispatch out of the arena about 39B.

Pad 39B will host its final shuttle during the STS-400 Barrage On Need (LON) claim this fall, aback Endeavour sits on the pad during Atlantis’ barrage on STS-125 from 39A. Already the standdown has been given, Endeavour will again cycle to Pad 39A for her primary mission – STS-126.

To analysis the latest series of Ares/Orion accessories based on documentated engineering processes actuality agitated out on the cartage at this time. Bang for: **Part 1** – **Part 2** – **Part 3** – **Part 4** **Part 5** – **Part 6** – **Part 7**

Selection of L2 Resources For Ares I, V and Constellation: 

20mb of new Lunar Images of Chariot, Athlete and Lunar Crane. Ares I KSC Processing Master Book – 184 pages. Changes for Ares I-X (Images). PRCB Alteration Presentation (Shuttle to Ares). Ares V (5.5/6xRS-68) Presentation (and more). Orion Parachute Agent Images. Latest Risk Matrix for Ares. SI Unit Directive Document. CxP PMR08 Manifest. PDR and associated addendum from CPCB meeting. Abounding (and actual expansive) account of current Ares/Orion accumulation and cachet report. Ares I ‘Parasorber’ TO migitation accouterments presentation and animation. Orion Parachute Analysis Agent (PTV) Photographs.

110mb account of Ares I-X Weekly Analysis Presentations (Ares I-X, J2-X etc. up to end of April) The Orion LIDS (Low Impact Docking System) Breadth (Images, Videos, Engineering Notes). Hi Res Images of Ares I in the VAB. Ares I-X Integrated Milestone Charts. Ares I Advance Oscillation Focus Team Cachet Presentations (over 50mb – includes DTO on Shuttle missions), Ares I-X Global Buckling Cachet Presentation, Ares I – Barrage Pad Stabilization and Damping Presentation, Ares I: Purge/Vent/Drain and Agent Access Presentation.

Ares Tilt Up Umbilical Arm (TUUA) Analysis – Video, Ares/Orion Comm and Tracking Presentation, Ares I Nozzle Extension Amend Presentation, Ares/Orion Integrated Stack TIM Summary (Major Issues) Presentation, Orion Land vs Water Landing Amend Aggregation Survival (post 36 hrs) Presentations.

Altair Overview Presentation. Ares I Risks and Status. Ares I-X Booster Recovery Images and Video. Ares I-X Pad Images. Ares I-Y Mission Overview Video (50mb – Superb).  Orion Lunar Transit CGI Video. (Several added videos, including aboriginal video of Orion splashdown). 

Orion Rendezvous with the ISS CGI Video, additional AERCam Inspections. Ares I Thurst Oscillation Amend Section.  Images of completed PA-1 boilerplate Command Module at LaRC.  CxP Planning for Architecture Closure – Feb 19. Ares V Overview Presentations. Other Above CxP Updates for Feb (List belted to L2).Orion 607 Overview Presentation (Jan 08), Constellation Affairs Status/Budget and new Apparent to Orion 20 Presentation (Jan, 08). Michoud Alteration to Ares I/V (Jan 17, 08). Several MLAS (Max Barrage Abort System) Presentations. Over 60 Hi Res Images of Orion Mock-up at JSC (Hatch, Seats, Flight Deck) – December.

Lunar Habitat Assembly. PRCB Presentations on accouterments and infrastruction alteration (from Palmdale to MLP Park) ‘Follow live’ Lightning Building Construction images. Latest Mobile Launcher details. Orion/Ares I/Delta IV Heavy NEO Feasibility Abstraction (Video). Constellation EVA Abstraction Presentation. Superb Gene Kranz abode to CxP workforce (Apollo to Orion feature) video. MOD ‘LEO to Mars’ presentations.

Superb Ares I Barrage Ascent, Pad Abort Analysis CGI Videos (three). Integrated Stack (IS) Technical Interchange Affair (TIM) notes – Nov 6 to Nov 15. The abounding ‘8th Attic News’ – Constellation Amend (performance issues) – Nov 5. Ares I Mobile Launcher PMR.

‘Proposed’ Ares I SRBSF (Mini VAB) and graphic. LSAM (LDAC-1) Video and Images. Several Constellation All Easily Videos and Presentations. Ares I Pad Rollercoaster (Old and New presentation and slides – the actual air-conditioned ‘CGI ride on the Ares pad coaster’ video. Ares I VAB ‘In-Line’ Stacking presentation slides.

Presentation of Ares/Orion impacts apropos to Shuttle apparent acceleration. Ares I Interstage diagrams. Ares V Super Crawler. Ares I Barrage Pad images (ML etc.) Hi Res images of Ares I-X Upper Stage. Orion 606-7 Abstracts Updates. Updates Constellation barrage agenda through to Orion 15. Orion Seat analysis photos. New ML Clear and info. New Ares V clear and baseline data. Large accumulating of hi res Orion paracute bead tests. SIX Part Series of Ares I Upper Date Graphical Overviews. DAC-1C DDD All-inclusive Slides on Agent Design. ATK Aboriginal Date Presentation. 39B Lightning Building Slides. DAC-1C Abandonment credibility to DAC-2 Upper Date Graphcs (Many Changes).

Orion/CEV Display Layout Presentation (40 pages). ATK abstracts on the 5-Seg Booster weight for CLV. Weather Shield (Rain Shield) for Orion on the pad. New Super hi-res images of Ares I. ATK Cutaway cartoon of Ares I – angle and axonometric. Ares I/Orion CxP 72031 Requirements Validation Matrix Information. CEV Paracute Assembly Arrangement (CPAS) Presentation.

Orion Barrage Abort Arrangement (LAS) overview presentation. Changes to Ares I Upper Date – all-embracing capacity and data. Ares I/Orion CxP 72031 Requirements Validation Matrix Information. CLV Umbilical Barter Matrix XLS. Agent interfaces for the DAC 1C adaptation of Orion Ares. Ares I-X Analysis Flight Plan (full outline) Presentation. Ares I-X timeline and modification broadcast info. Ares I Advertence Trajectory. Boeing’s STS to Ares – Lessons Learned Presentation. CLV DAC-1C (Changes to CLV Upper Stage).

Ares I-X: Four Seg Dummy ‘Tuna Can’ stage. Ascent Developmental Flight Analysis Presentation. CLV Pad 39B Handover Advice and Latest. New images of CLV on top of new MLP and LUT. Lockheed Martin CEV/Orion Updates. ATK abstracts on the 5-Seg Booster weight for CLV.

90 Minute Video of Constellation all easily meeting. Escape Arrangement Barter Abstraction Presentation. CEV-CLV Architecture Analysis Cycle Analysis (DAC-2) Presentation. Flight Architecture and Dynamics Division CEV update. CLV Mono-propellant RCS system. CEV pressurisation arrangement review. CLV/CEV Configuration Images. The 2×3 Seg SRB Aggregation Barrage Agent Option Presentation…

….plus abundant added (L2 Constellation over 180,000mb in size).

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