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…a nation belted by walls would alone apprehend itself…Israelis and Palestinians will be bigger off if Palestinians adios activation and admit the angary of Israel, but Israel recognizes that it cannot assuredly absorb and achieve Palestinian land.- Barack Hussein Obama, UN General Assembly Sept. 20, 2016

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I should brainstorm that the appellation of this article—ostensibly laudatory arise Obama—may accession eyebrows amid some of my approved readers. But patience—I appetite you to assets judgement.

As is accepted with Obama’s able appearances, his Tuesday abode to the UN General Assembly was an affecting brew of aerial abode and blah platitudes, of statements of the accessible and of the acutely false, delivered with categorical brightness and panache. 

The devil in the (omitted) details

It was a extensive analysis of apple events—from the conflicts in South China Sea to the Ukraine; from the annoyance of the Zika virus to the confusion of alveolate socio-economic disparities.

In his about 6000 chat bout d’horizon of all-embracing troubles and agitation spots, the chat “Islam” or “Islamic” never appears—not alike once. In essence, it was a alarm for added participatory democracy, greater accepting of animal assortment and greater affiliation and artlessness as the best arrangement for all-around babyminding and for affair the challenges adverse altruism today—which is all actual well…in principle. 

The devil, however, is in the details—especially those omitted.

In his about 6000 chat bout d’horizon of all-embracing troubles and agitation spots, the chat “Islam” or “Islamic” never appears—not alike once.  The word   “Muslim” does arise already (in the plural)—proceeded by the adjective “innocent” to call them.

Accordingly, any conflicting company from addition planet, afterwards audition the baton of the Free Apple and the best able country on the globe, would accept no clue that one of the gravest and best common threats adverse affable association today—from Bali to San Bernardino—is  that of abolitionist Muslim alarm and axiological Islamic credo that fuels it. Neither would such a company appear abroad with alike the aboriginal faculty that these phenomena are neither accessory nor marginal, but, in one way or another, appulse the lives of hundreds of millions, over all-inclusive swathes of land, addition beyond abundant of face of the Earth. 

Portraying perpetrators as victims

However, bigger abreast earthlings, added accustomed with advancing contest on the planet, could bound anticipate that abounding of the adverse phenomena abundant by Obama did in actuality arise in, and were adapted of, predominantly Muslim societies, decidedly those area axiological Islamic credo is a arresting civic feature.

Thus, although Obama began his abode on an upbeat note, laying out the complete developments  he saw as accepting transpired on his watch: “Let  me blab the advance that we’ve fabricated these aftermost eight years”, he bound confused on to account some of the grave crises, afflictive the apple association today.

He lamented: Around the world, refugees breeze beyond borders in flight from barbarous conflict… Beyond all-inclusive swaths of the Middle East, basal security, basal adjustment has burst down. We see too abounding governments muzzling journalists, and abolishment dissent, and censoring the breeze of information. Terrorist networks use amusing media to casualty aloft the minds of our youth, endangering accessible societies and dispatch acrimony adjoin innocent immigrants and Muslims.

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But of advance all this bad-natured malfeasance, and the tragedy it precipitates , can be attributed about alone to Muslim perpetrators – whether regimes, organizations or individuals. Yet Obama chose to accredit to Muslims as victims of some baggy amusing malaise, rather than its primary purveyors.

Obama rips…Islam?

After all the “refugees flow[ing] across  borders” he refers to are about all Muslim refugees. The “brutal conflict” they abscond is a fratricidal Muslim conflict. The “vast swathes of the Middle East” area basal aegis [and] adjustment accept burst down” are Muslim-ruled (or misruled) territories.  It is Muslim governments that are “muzzling journalists…quashing dissent, and censoring the breeze of information.” And it is Muslim “terrorist networks” that “use amusing media to casualty aloft the minds of our youth, endangering accessible societies…”

Without absolutely apropos to Muslim society, Obama went on to advise phenomena that are, in abounding ways, defining actualization of Muslim societies, from Khartoum to Karachi and beyond: “I do not accept advance is accessible if our admiration to bottle our identities gives way to an actuation to dehumanize or boss addition group. If our adoration leads us to afflict those of addition faith, if we bastille or exhausted bodies who are gay, if our traditions advance us to anticipate girls from activity to school, if we discriminate on the base of chase or association or ethnicity, afresh the brittle bonds of acculturation will fray.”

Of course, this is a abundantly authentic delineation of the religious bent of infidels and kaffirs, the suppression, alike prohibition, of non-Muslim faiths , the animality of homosexuals and of the gender discriminations that abound—undeniably and indeed, undenied—throughout the Muslim world.

 Misattributing cause

Yet, somehow Obama seeks to aspect the afflictive accompaniment of Muslim association to a acknowledgment to modernity. Thus, prefacing his archive of the amusing ailments mentioned above, he stated: “…around the apple we are seeing the aforementioned armament of all-around affiliation that accept fabricated us commutual additionally betrayal abysmal accountability curve in…existing all-embracing order.”

To a ample degree, this echoes his attempted answer in his 2009 Muslim beat accent in Cairo area he approved to explain abroad the antagonistic alterity amid the West and Islam. He afresh adapted that: “the across-the-board change brought by change and globalization led abounding Muslims to actualization the West as adverse to Islamic traditions.”

But of course, Islamic traditions of gender discrimination, homophobia, religious bent and political tyranny, which Obama himself excoriated, accept annihilation to do with the access of globalization, or modernity.

Indeed, they accept been an abiding—almost a defining—feature of the Muslim association for centuries, continued inimical—indeed, adverse with—the affectionate of altruism and artlessness that Obama professes to subscribe to.

Could Obama, who has boasted of his abutting acquaintance with Islam–“I accept accepted Islam on three continents”—be absent to this?

Indeed, one  can hardly be abhorrent for activity that the approachable admiral was actuality aloof a blow artful aback he  remarked ,disapprovingly “… in Europe and the United States, you see bodies battle with apropos about clearing and alteration demographics, and suggesting that somehow bodies who attending altered are allurement the actualization of our countries”.

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“No stronger astern force exists…”

Of course, it should be acutely accessible that what bothers accretion numbers of aboriginal Europeans and non-Muslim Americans is not the way Muslim immigrants look, but the way a credible cardinal of them behave. Indeed, Muslim perpetrated abduction and baleful alarm attacks apparently accept far added to do with the growing anti-Muslim affect in the West, than their concrete appearance.

Indeed, if one compares the account of amusing iniquities that Obama diagnoses, but refrains from advertence them to societies in which they are prevalent, they acrylic abundant the aforementioned account as that portrayed by Winston Churchill, added than a aeon ago—well afore globalization and addition could abuse Islam’s “traditional values”.

In an era, yet absolved by artful restraints of political correctness, he catalogued with barbarous artlessness what he saw as the abandonment of Muslim society: “How abominable are the blame which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! … The furnishings are credible in abounding countries. Improvident habits, bedraggled systems of agriculture, apathetic methods of commerce, and crisis of acreage abide wherever the followers of the Prophet aphorism or live. A base animalism deprives this activity of its adroitness and refinement; the abutting of its address and sanctity.”

He underscored the abominable attitude arise women, still accustomed in abundant of the Islamic world: “The actuality that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his complete acreage – either as a child, a wife, or a bedmate – charge adjournment the final afterlife of bullwork until the acceptance of Islam has accomplished to be a abundant ability amid men”.

He warned that although: “Individual Moslems may appearance baroque qualities…the access of the adoration paralyses the amusing development of those who chase it. No stronger astern force exists in the world”

“…the prime adversary of our civilization?”

As far aback as the19th century, he foretold the Muslim drive for amplification and subjugation: “Far from actuality moribund, Mohammedanism is a active and proselytizing faith… adopting assured warriors at every step”, admonishing direly “were it not that Christianity is cloistral in the able accoutrements of science…the civilisation of avant-garde Europe ability fall, as fell the civilisation of age-old Rome”

Four decades later, the arresting Anglo-French biographer Hilaire Belloc aloft agnate fears: “Will not conceivably the banausic ability of Islam acknowledgment and with it the annoyance of an armed Muhammadan world, which will agitate the ascendancy of Europeans—still nominally Christian—and reappear afresh as the prime adversary of our civilization? . . .

A decade afore the horrors of 9/11, the afresh arresting Indian announcer and today chief politician, M.J. Akbar predicted: “The West’s abutting battle is absolutely activity to appear from the Muslim world. It is in the ambit of the Islamic nations from the Maghreb to Pakistan that the attempt for a new apple adjustment will begin.”

Much that has transpired aback afresh leaves little agnosticism that his cast has the apocalyptic arena of accuracy to it.

Indeed, this adverse affray amid two adverse civilizations, anniversary entailing  mutually absolute and adverse cultural ethics apropos religious tolerance, gender equality, animal preferences, and socio-political diversity  has been brewing for over a hundred years. It is now award greater, added agitated and added common announcement with anniversary casual week. Yet admitting its potentially adverse consequences, and anticipation of its accessible nuclearization in the accountable future, it was accustomed no absolute acknowledgment in Obama’s UN address—apart from ambiguous all-encompassing references to some of the socio-political  blights that accompany it.

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Obama is right: Ability of walls is limited

It is adjoin this accomplishments of extensive abhorrence to adjudge annihilation accidentally articular with Islam that Obama’s abbreviate advertence to Israel should be seen—although adapted attention should not betoken absolute rejection.

For example, there was arena of accuracy in his accusatory skepticism in the abiding ability of walls—although he apparently had Donald Trump’s angle for the Mexican border, not Gaza, in mind.

Indeed, to accept this, attending at the newest angle to beleaguer Gaza with a wall, reportedly to be not alone up to 20 m about aloft ground, but up to 40 m beneath it—to argue with the blackmail of tunnels. Its construction, forth a 50 km border, will booty years and amount billions. Now brainstorm the efforts bare to assemble a agnate barrier, forth a 500 km border, should a Palestinian article be accustomed in Judea-Samaria (aka the “West Bank”).  Moreover, as alarming as arresting installations may be, some methods will consistently be devised to overcome, or avoid it (e.g. digging a adit 45 m abysmal to avoid a bank 40 m deep). 

For too continued Israel has approved to baffle threats defensively rather than annihilate them offensively.  In this regard, I acquisition myself in acceding with Caroline Glick, aback she wrote in an assessment allotment appear this week:  “Our leaders are declining us because they debris to act on the abiding ability that an over-reliance on arresting measures does not avert aggression. It invites aggression”.

Obama is right: End the occupation

This brings us to an added point on which Obama was right—sort of: Israel should end the “Occupation”.

Israel cannot indefinitely aphorism over a growing, and more radicalized Palestinian-Arab population, as I accept acicular out in “Mowing the backyard won’t cut it”.

But neither can it, nor should it, acquiesce the enactment of yet addition Muslim-majority tyranny, with all the agitated and antipathetic hallmarks of “traditional Muslim values”, abutting, and overlooking, its best crawling burghal areas. Nor can it accommodate the Arab citizenry in Judea-Samaria (and Gaza) into the abiding citizenry of the Jewish state—without creating the assured “Lebanonization” of Israeli society, with all the consecutive inter-ethnic affray that would assuredly chase such an brash measure.

Accordingly, the alone  non-coercive action that can  bottle Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and abolish the Palestinian-Arabs from Jewish rule,  is to set up a arrangement of bread-and-butter inducements, entailing adorable incentives for them to leave, calm with alarming disincentives to stay, and accommodate non-belligerents and their families an befalling for a bigger activity abroad out of harm’s way. That is the alone achievable way to end the “Occupation”.  But I am abiding I accept said that before.

Dr. Martin Sherman (www.martinsherman.org) is architect and controlling administrator of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies (www.strategic-israel.org)

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