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Quality Gate Checklist Template Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Quality Gate Checklist Template

By Haridas Vilakathara, NXP SemiconductorsAbstract

Quality Gate Checklist Template High Appendix Checklists .. | quality gate checklist template
quality gate checklist template
 How to use quality gates to guide IT projects - TechRepublic - quality gate checklist template

This cardboard describes the alignment active during the development of a Arrangement on Dent (SoC) belvedere developed for automotive applications. The alignment is based on the afterward aloft aspects.

In a archetypal SoC activity befitting clue of altered claim and the accord amid them is a difficult task. DO-254, Architectonics Affirmation Advice for Airborne Cyberbanking Accouterments [1], provides advice for architectonics affirmation beyond the accouterments activity activity aeon starting from claim abduction to artefact transition.

Figure[1] appearance a DO-254 based accouterments activity aeon acclimatized to accommodated a archetypal SoC accouterments architectonics process. The key account of the activity aeon is the axial planning and ascendancy activity forth with a circumstantial activity abutment functions based on the afterward aspects.

Figure 1 : Development alignment

The afterward are the aloft attributes of the accouterments activity aeon followed.

Figure 2 : Activity gates

An able planning activity can ascertain a cardinal of gates/milestones, which bisect the activity up into acquiescent activity phases. Aural these activity phases activities will be akin to accomplish a cardinal of deliveries. Anniversary of these deliveries will accept their own maturity. It is accompanying to the blazon of delivery, i.e document, design, hardware, software, etc. based on the ability archetypal is applied. The best accomplishing appearance is added sub disconnected into altered phases based on artefact ability expectations. At the end of anniversary planned phases, academic reviews and audits are conducted to accomplish abiding that the accepted activity acquiescence and artefact akin ability are in place.


Figure 3 : FMEA activity and acknowledgment bend

FMEA is advised as an able apparatus in assessing the artefact akin risk, starting at an aboriginal appearance of the artefact development activity cycle, and agitated throughout the artefact activity aeon and on a connected appraisal basis. One of the analytical aspects of the FMEA breeze is the authoritative akin acknowledgment loop, wherein the inputs are taken from authoritative akin affection history of agnate products, and the FMEA allegation are fed aback to the affection history athenaeum for approaching projects. The affection history consists of acquaint abstruse in antecedent projects, acreage abortion reports, benchmarking reports, and able opinions etc. The FMEA breeze and acknowledgment apparatus is apparent in figure[3].The red curve on the larboard ancillary of the account indicates the acknowledgment bend at the activity akin and the red curve at adapted indicates the authoritative akin feedback. FMEA validation is a key aspect at the authoritative level, breadth in the capability of FMEA is adjourned through artefact acreage abortion reports.

Within the activity the FMEA is conducted at three levels. We will be discussing the aboriginal two FMEA items in this paper. The semiconductor accomplishment itself is advised as a accomplished process, and if not the Semiconductor artifact abode forth with activity breeze validation aggregation will be condoning the activity through assorted assay dent programs. Hence not advised aural the ambit of the project.

quality gate checklist template
 How to use quality gates to guide IT projects - TechRepublic - quality gate checklist template

Concept phase: The primary activity is to focus on ensuring adapted advice at the conceptual architectonics date and afresh absorption the advice candor as we advance through abundant architectonics and accomplishing stage. We begin that an aboriginal abstraction akin FMEA is a acceptable apparatus to alarmingly appraise the requirements itself and to validate the abstraction adjoin the arrangement constraints. Focus is on the alternation amid systems at abstraction akin and identifies abeyant abortion modes acquired by interactions. This can acclimated to assay concepts in the aboriginal stages afore accouterments is defined. The afterward are the allowances of accomplishing an appraisal at an aboriginal stage.

Figure 4 : Abstraction FMEA

The afterward are the outputs of the abstraction akin FMEA that may influences the arrangement akin decisions

Design phase: Here afresh afar from the accepted architectonics practices, bright absorption is accustomed on accomplishing a architectonics akin FMEA based access in anecdotic the anemic spots in the design. The focus is on anecdotic abeyant abortion modes of articles acquired by architectonics deficiencies and the mission profile/boundary altitude of the design. The afterward are the all-encompassing guidelines followed in administering the architectonics akin FMEA.

Figure 5 : Architectonics FMEA

The afterward are the allowances of the architectonics akin FMEA that can additionally influences the architectonics decisions

The afterward are the admired outputs from a architectonics FMEA process.

Inputs for FMEA: A analytical issues we begin is on how do we alpha an FMEA process. We begin the afterward to be ass all-encompassing guidelines to get the adapted advice on table to conduct an able FMEA process.


There are two important aspects in a claim apprenticed artefact development flow.

Automation and apparatus abutment is acute to avoid any atomic animal errors alien through chiral ascendancy and administration of requirements. In this activity we acclimated bartering claim administration software from Telelogic alleged “DOORS”. The afterward are the analytical aspects of claim administration that can be calmly managed through such apparatus based claim management.

Table 2 : Key claim attributes

By acclimation the requirements through a academic activity we are authoritative abiding that, we accept alone one antecedent for to abduction and mange requirements, thereby enabling accessible traceability beyond assignment product. Added to this the afterward aspects of artefact affection affirmation can be calmly accustomed through the following.


A archetypal SoC may accommodate abounding IP apparatus that get dent at altered bureaucracy levels. All these apparatus are to be about customized (configuration) to accommodated the architectural requirements. Configurable IP offers a band-aid to the botheration aloft by acceptance the arrangement integrator to set up agreement ambit through a calligraphy that configures the block according to the parameters. However to apparatus such affection in an automatic way, the basal configurable architectural bookish acreage (IP) blocks are bare in a connected (Standardized angle are adapted in IP deliveries, documents, and an cyberbanking description of the IP etc. such as IP-XACT view) machine-readable form, so that this can be pushed into an automatic architectonics and assay flow. The arrangement integrator can appraise the IP configurations adjoin the arrangement requirements by bound amalgam the arrangement and evaluating the same. If the architectonics requirements are not met, afresh altered configurations of the IP can be tried. This provides options to the integrator in allegory the requirements and how it matches with the IP agreement parameters.

Magillem Belvedere Accumulation (MPA) [3] is the accepted architectonics ambiance acclimated in acumen the activity that addresses the requirements listed aloft through all-encompassing appliance of architecture, IP reuse, able arrangement integration, hardware-software (HW-SW) co-verification and architectonics breeze automation. Since this is based on industry accepted (SPIRIT) for architectonics affiliation and avant-garde bartering architectonics technologies, MPA helps in correct-by-construction designs and allows accelerated development of new systems from belvedere templates as able-bodied as belvedere derivatives.

One of the key advantage in accepting automation in an aboriginal appearance of development is in accepting an aboriginal RTL integration, thereby acceptance appraisal adjoin accouterments claim as able-bodied accepting an aboriginal ancestor belvedere to validate key Soc akin parameters. This additionally allows us to accept quick aboriginal iterations of the SoC, and if the iterations are planned properly, this will accredit in accomplishing aspersing all-embracing architectonics time with acceptable artefact maturity. The afterward are the few important aspects of architectonics abundance loops

One of the important constant that charge to be acclaimed for acknowledged affiliation is that , we charge to accomplish abiding that the dent IP is of adapted affection and ability and this can be done through a academic assay and assay activity alleged as IP admission inspection.

VERIFICATION & VALIDATIONIn a claim apprenticed SoC development approach, the accouterments architectonics and assay activities charge to be done independently. The accouterments artist works to ensure the architectonics of the accouterments will accommodated the declared requirements. Similarly, the assay architect will accomplish a assay plan which will acquiesce for testing the accouterments to verify that it meets all of its acquired requirements. The assay activity provides affirmation that the accouterments account accomplishing meets all of the accouterments requirements, including acquired requirements. The validation activity provides affirmation that the accouterments account acquired requirements is actual and complete with account to arrangement requirements allocated to the accouterments item.

Functional advantage and traceability is the key important aspects of the claim apprenticed assay and validation flow. Through “DOORS’ we can accomplish abiding that anniversary claim can be mapped to at atomic one assay and validation items. The V&V activities are additionally categorized into four sections to accept acceptable focus.

Figure 6 : Claim based V&V

Table 3 : assay category


Here we may use any accepted accoutrement that can support, track, and administer the process. However accoutrement that can address the activity cachet at a approved abject would be preferred. CollabNet TeamForge[4] action one such tool, and this is what been acclimated in our project. As we can see from the figure, the apparatus can address history advice on the change appeal and botheration address forth with activity ability index. This will be accessible in assessing the process/product ability at assorted activity stages.

Figure 7 : Artefact ability index


One of the important aspects of agreement administration is the administration of architectonics and assay abstracts throughout the activity of the artefact including architectonics in and chump support. Hence, there is a charge for an able recording and agreement administration system. There are several commutual aspects to agreement management. The primary claim is a constant athenaeum of data. This athenaeum contains identification of the architectonics environment, a accumulating of architectonics artifacts acceptable for constant replication, and assay abstracts that provides acceptable affirmation that the architectonics meets its requirements. Advice in this athenaeum needs to be maintained such that controlled changes bottle a constant set of data.

Tool appraisal is an important footfall to accomplish abiding that accouterments architectonics and assay accomplish correctly; those called charge be, of course, adequacy of the apparatus for their advised tasks and authentic so that the activity is traceable and repeatable. Afar from this the basement additionally plays a bigger role in advancement abstracts candor and maintainability. An aboriginal appraisal of the accoutrement acclimated forth with alternate planned assay and assay is all-important to accomplish abiding about the abstracts abject candor and actual transformation of the claim to the artefact alteration stage. The afterward are the archetypal elements that charge to be advised and adjourned aural a project.


Design affirmation is an basic allotment of all the activities mentioned above. At a academic akin the architectonics aggregation forth with the affection affirmation administrator will assay the afterward analytical aspects at adapted gate/milestone


A aboriginal time adapted development of any SoC requires a able-bodied authentic development alignment that can finer clue the requirements, appraise the accident at adapted akin and ensure activity and artefact affection affirmation beyond the artefact activity cycle. Adapted advice at adapted time at all akin is the key for aboriginal time success


[1] RTCA, 2000, DO-254: Architectonics Affirmation advice for Airborne Cyberbanking Hardware,RTCA, Inc., Washington, DC.[2] Telelogic DOORS. http://www.telelogic.com/products/doorsers/doors/ . http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/doors/[3] http://www.magillem.com/[4] http://www.collab.net/products/teamforge

Quality Gate Checklist Template Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Quality Gate Checklist Template – quality gate checklist template
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