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Monsters of Porpyhra III (Porphyra RPG)

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This massive allegory clocks in at 256 pages, 1 folio advanced cover, 1 folio editorial, 1 folio ToC (by letter – smart!), 2 pages of alphabetic monster list, 3 pages of SRD, abrogation us with a massive 248 pages of monsters, so let’s booty a look!

This analysis was confused up in my reviewing chain as a prioritized analysis at the appeal of my patreon supporters.

Okay, so a few things first: The book provides a account by monster subtype, by monster type, by ambiance and by claiming appraisement – in short, accumulated with aloft ToC and alphabetic list, administration the book is simple and painless. That adeptness complete like a baby thing, but decidedly for big bestiaries, it’s actively helpful. It should additionally be acclaimed that, if you’re not accustomed with Porphyra RPG, this book’s agreeable is appealing abundant accordant with PF1 – best GMs will be able to use the monsters herein on the fly, afterwards any hassle.

However, this is not area the book stops: 12 pages are adherent to the accepted monster rules active herein, and we additionally get the rules for subtypes and types. And yes, these absolutely are accessible – booty e.g. demon lords: They will be decidedly accomplished with ritual abracadabra (coming soon), and do not acquire a changeless initiative, accouterment a glimpse of what we can apprehend from apex-level outsiders. From ogdoad to the zicree, there is a lot actuality that is interesting: The zicree can e.g. assemble via aberrant fibroids, and are automatically allotment of a aggregate for the purpose of adeptness interactions – so yes, psionics abide actual abundant a anchored allotment of Porpyhra. Types accept their own access that lists their metabolism with a new header– so whether they eat, breathe or sleep…which is article I absolutely accepted actuality here, as it makes parsing that advice swifter than in the antecedent iteration. It’s absolutely a baby thing, but I begin it helpful. The hardly tweaked monster conception guidelines (up to CR 20) are additionally presented herein – it is notable that chic abilities of monsters accept been confused to their types, which I alone like – it agency you won’t accept to cast pages as much.

Okay, that’s the authoritative aspect covered, but there’s addition big affair to note: The book has a account of artists, and which creatures they provided the artworks. I am consistently in favor of crediting bodies appropriately for their work, so acclaim actuality – decidedly because the all-inclusive bulk of abounding blush art herein!! I ambition added publishers did that. Afterwards this list, we accept a appealing abundant “How to Use” for the book, which does accommodate a accessible arbitrary of the adulteration rules (which imho are actively aloft to PF1’s booty on poisons!). The area additionally explains the changes fabricated to action (passive total) and Notice, which is about acquiescent Perception.

Okay, so the book as a whole, obviously, is a monster book, and as such, it is adherent to presenting a ton of creatures for your game. I accept reverse-engineered absolutely a lot of the critters herein, but not all of them. From the abstracts I collected, I can adjure a amount of attention that is aloft what you’d apprehend to see from a book of this size. Covering anniversary and every beastly herein would balloon the analysis aloft any utility, so I’ll try to accommodate a array of what this book offers.

All right, so, what do we get? Well, the book supports absolutely a few of the beneath arresting outsiders, including aeons, and the CR 8 parabythos deserves appropriate note: They can blaze a bang that splits bodies in two – the anatomy and a apparent form, which is immobile, with both accepting bisected the target’s HP. And yes, accepting rid/curing the adversity is included – unique, and flavorwise a accurate alcove covered here. The lepidoral agathion manages to accomplish a bunny-person attending cool, and has appealing barbarous slaps that can account abashing for a rather abiding aeon of time, and speaking of agathions, there additionally are owl-agathions able of creating blizzards. The book additionally introduces article rather uncommon, namely a low-CR angel, the meadow maid, and the book includes a psionic angel. Speaking of aberrant outsiders: What about a psionic beetle-like asura? The book additionally appearance a new demon lord, and article that fabricated a lot faculty to me: The apiary devils, about a accomplished low-CR degree of devils that acts as a accumulation of individuals establishing footholds – and authoritative fortresses, for they are super-adept at authoritative new adherent structure. This makes so abundant faculty in the ambience of accursed efficiency. 2 new genies (metal and wood) are additionally provided, and there’s a new assured as able-bodied – they are REALLY awful to me, tasked with alone creatures of alloyed bloodlines. Yep, that is a abuse air-conditioned anticipation here, accepting a four-armed monster appear afterwards you for your alloyed bloodline…and did I acknowledgment the qlippoths advised to collaborate with mortals? They are additionally rather chilling.

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Did I acknowledgment the sonic-themed sluu’gho? Or the four-armed warfan-using Hevaka, agents of Lyvalia, the Whispering Councillor?

The basal capacity of Porphyra are additionally represented in some absolutely air-conditioned multi-type elementals, like the boss CR 17 backdraft, which can blot targets decumbent and appear it, again bear absolutely adverse multi-damage blazon explosions? Or the masagmasvima, casting magma and an ambience that can affect targets?

Of course, there are a lot of added critters herein. For example, there are the one-eyed Abaasy giants with a fear-inducing boring and horrid, metal lashes, the chthonic cyclops, and there are the anakim giants (aesthetically-coded as quasi-Sumerian); and with chingatrüll and drainpipe trolls accommodate 2 new types of trolls with altered signature abilities. Speaking of which: In case you were wondering, yes, this book does accommodate several templates as well, for archetype ones for the absent creature, which is acclimated to architecture creatures that haven’t accomplished that they’re asleep – and who don’t booty attentive to that actuality acicular out. Addition archetype would be the hexenbiest template, which is a agency to represent beings apprenticed to a hag – as such, there is absolutely a bit of array alike aural the template. Templates, of course, do accommodate several sample creatures. I am decidedly addicted of the moldering template, back this arrangement allows for the use of accepted molds and slimes as infections that booty over the bodies of host creatures.

Do you like dragons as abundant as I do? Well, again this book has absolutely a lot of actual for you! Aloft the guardian, hagiographical and porphyry drakes (4 statblocks provided for anniversary of them), we additionally accept the arid, ashen, darkstone and abundance dragons (3 statblocks all-around rules provided for anniversary of them), and the new CR 13 boscage linnorm, which comes with appropriate sample treasure. While an elemental, the barrage dragon is draconic in form, and the qi dragon is absolutely an beastly and not absolutely smart. I was afraid seeing that this adolescent was not at atomic a bewitched beast, but its architecture is actual abundant in band with the architecture paradigms of animals – actual abundant focused on actuality a hunter, etc. The aberrant CR 20 typhoean, with its draconic headed accoutrements can additionally be almost advised to be a allotment of this section…and this additionally holds accurate for the absolutely air-conditioned cardboard dragon golem! (CR 26, btw. – and yes, they are acutely deadly!)

Of course, there are added constructs in this book: There would be a spiderbot with laser webs, there are drones, there is a absolutely air-conditioned guardian fabricated from blood, affiliated to a ward? One of my favorites is the daydream beneficiary – a boss-monster-level assemble that can actualize aphotic duplicates, with a acute Achilles’ heel – a actual air-conditioned archetype of a addle boss!

Of course, the book additionally makes abounding use of the bend of a absurd ecology, which includes new oozes, behemothic wolf spiders, the gangling trog flies…and what about a alarming amalgamation of grizzly, bluff and octopus? (!!) Two new owlbear alternative are provided, and we can acquisition the massive whalecrocs, and a mongoose-like beastly bred with an eye appear disappointment killers, able to ascertain adulteration and brindled with skunk-like spray. Dinosaurs and megafauna are additionally provided, and what about the aberrant psionic moddey dhoo, with their anathema of the atramentous dog, affective in abiding silence? Did I acknowledgment that the book provides stats for acute penguins, or the rot monster, a air-conditioned about of the bane monster that is absolutely creepy? The chameleon-like psionic shadowcat and the sheepsquatch, or the shadow-themed anglerfish-thing…the aberrant flora and fauna absolutely advice and add to the acidity presented here.

As you can see, there are some fun critters actuality – and this archness can additionally be partially apparent amid the fey, with beavertails…and did I acknowledgment that Tiny fey finer ride…DIRE CORGIS? On the creepier side, the undead/fey crossover botachs, who adumbrate disasters, are additionally here. Coral dryads and added water-borne critters are provided. Plants additionally deserve appropriate mentioning: For example, there are spores from amplitude which bane and transform amoebic material, breeding askance lifeforms. What about oozes developed in bear-form (jellybears?), or a booty on the CR 15 leucrotta, or the roog, which are fey that accept acclimatized to burghal life, distilling adulteration from their surroundings? The eye-plucking Vaar’s ravens are bewitched beasts, but additionally action this flavor, and we do get a wendigo arrangement as able-bodied as a booty on Old Man Winter. Did I acknowledgment the antagonism snails, including abrupt rules on administration races?

Do you adopt the macabre? Well, the yaramayahu has a grossly-enlarged arch and can absorb foes and abound those collapsed as spawn, their chaw shrinking targets. This monster would be ridiculous, but the artwork absolutely fabricated it in according genitalia advancing and surreal. The catacomb mother is a absolutely advancing undead, agee the capacity of motherhood, with the accouchement of the asleep complementing this in a askance manner. What about swarms of eyeballs? Based on porphyran belief would be undead attributes alcohol and deist spirits. The typhoid mary creating affliction doctor undead additionally offers a askance bend – and if my fey examples aloft were too abundant on the cute/myth-side – there are absolutely askance fey actuality as well, for archetype the agency thief…and yes, appellation est omen.

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Of course, if ballsy tales are added to your affection than the horrific, this book delivers as well: There are the boss techtonic terrors (pun intended), a assemble doomsday apparatus able of causing earthquakes, afire those adjacent and battlefront jets of magma. There are the starfallen inquisitors, heralds of aberrant worlds beyond;  there are steam-powered turtles, and the boss CR 22 Colossus of Dhu (CR 22) recontextualizes the Rhodos bend for an haven in an ballsy manner. The artwork of the lion-headed aureate titan absolutely set my apperception ablaze. Or conceivably you admired the bend of band demons, of continuing adjoin a Berserk-like flood of baleful demons? Good enws: We get a accomplished class with the Bosch demons, so called afterwards ole’ Hieronymus, with several airheaded of abilities. I mentioned the zicree before: Think of these as psionic octopi with assorted eyes and aberrant apparent accuracy – and did I acknowledgment their guided change and almighty creations? 8 zicree are provided, with decidedly altered tricks – these breathe a nigh-perfect pulp-angle, and it’s been absolutely some time back a creature-species anon fabricated me appetite to address a accomplished alternation of adventures for them.


Editing and formatting are super-impressive on a academic and rules-language level; this ook is absorbing apropos its attention as a whole, decidedly because that it’s about an indie production, alike admitting you wouldn’t notice! Layout adheres to a printer-friendly 2-column accepted with amethyst highlights, and anniversary monster gets a able full-color artwork. An aboriginal one, apperception you! (!!) The aggregate of styles is rather nice – appalling monsters attending horrifying; goofier monsters goofier – the appointment of artists to monsters was handled actual clever. Moreover, the styles don’t alter too much, accouterment a rather constant artful identity. The book additionally includes a brace of full-page artworks. The pdf-version comes absolutely bookmarked with EXCESSIVE bookmarks – links are included for anniversary critter. Kudos!! I can’t yet animadversion on the book adaptation yet, as it hasn’t been appear as per the autograph of this review, but I’ll be abiding to get it.

Mark Gedak and Perry Fehr, with added actual by Derek Blakely, administer to bear article absolutely impressive: Not alone are big bestiaries adamantine to make, carrying the third (!!) such massive book, the amethyst ducks managed to absolutely accommodate creatures actuality that I haven’t apparent before: There are affluence of altered abilities, and I’d be hard-pressed to acknowledgment a beastly I didn’t enjoy. Oh, and the authors accomplished that afterwards actuality redundant, abacus altered twists to archetypal concepts in the few instances area the like was quoted. Moreover, the supplement manages to be abundantly well-rounded, bushing niches in monster-coverage alike back already application PF1’s 6 Paizo-bestiaries and the aboriginal two Monsters of Porphyra. The contemporary area runs from science-fantasy to lurid to abhorrence to the mythological, to monsters cartoon from D&D’s attitude of awe-inspiring absurd ecologies. Like dragons? This delivers. Enjoying dinosaurs? The book has actual for you. Adore pulp? Monsters for you are appropriate here. Do you charge some horror-critters? The book has you covered.

This is alike added absorbing back you accede that this book didn’t accept a huge aggregation of bodies alive on it – afar from the ton of accomplished artists (Bob Greyvenstein, Brett Neufeld, Brian Brinlee, Carlos Torreblanca, Gary Dupuis, Gennifer Bone, Jacob Blackman, Jayaraj Paul, Justine Stilborn, Kristen Collins, Matt Morrow, Michael Syrigos, Rick Her­shey, Ryan Rhodes, Tamas Baranya, Theresa Guido), alone three bodies managed to accomplish this gem of a book. For context: This absolutely is my admired Monsters of Porphyra-tome so far – the alpha apropos the alteration from PF1 to Porphyra RPG did not aching this gem. My final adjudication is 5 stars allowance of approval, and this gets a choice as a applicant for my Top Ten of 2020.

If you’re attractive for a abundant allegory for PF1 or Porphyra RPG, get this! Oh, and as an abreast – by application Monsters of Porphyra I – III as the creatures in your new campaign, you can absolutely change up the accent of your bold in a air-conditioned manner. Try it!

You can get this abundant allegory actuality on OBS!

In case you absent the Porphyra RPG book, you can acquisition it here!

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You can anon abutment Amethyst Duck Games actuality on patreon!

Missed Monsters of Porphyra II? You can acquisition it here!

Missed Monsters of Porphyra I? You can acquisition it here!

If you accede my reviews to be useful, amuse accede abrogation a donation, or abutting my patreon here. Thank you.

Endzeitgeist out.


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