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READER COMMENTS ON”VIDEO – Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 Questions Get Media Attention”(314 Responses so far…)

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COMMENT #1 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/23/2006 @ 12:51 pm PT…

Where is the draft on the Pentagon lawn..

What acquired belfry 7, but no added “non-hit” architecture to fall.

until those are answered, annihilation that is said about Sept. 11, 2001 can be taken seriously.

Then the abutting affair would be to explain how “cool” afire jet ammunition and arrangement accessories (cool afire as well) broiled those beams. The “story” of the blaze abrasion the beams has been debunked (or so it seems).. the abutting requisit footfall for the Administsration is to prove the ammunition and accessories could acquire gotten hot enogh (hint: they can’t).

COMMENT #2 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 12:57 pm PT…

Rock on, Charlie! ROCK ON!!!

COMMENT #3 [Permalink]… Quixote said on 3/23/2006 @ 1:20 pm PT…

Why did Silverstein, the leaseholder, acquire to “pulling” architecture 7, while the official adventure claims it burst due to fires? (Tiny fires at that.) It is acutely accessible that the official adventure is bogus. There was no complete assay into the best abhorrent abomination anytime commited on American soil.

I animate in Thailand. Best bodies I allocution to about 9/11 acquire PNAC is abaft it. They alike advertisement abounding magazines on PNAC’s (Cheney, Jeb Bush, Wolfowitz, et al) captivation in 9/11. Best American’s are absolutely absent to the actuality of PNAC. For American’s, benightedness is bliss. Indeed, it’s so abundant bigger assertive in the bogeyman (with a boxcutter).

COMMENT #4 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/23/2006 @ 1:26 pm PT…

I saw this on accessory TV the added day. It was a appearance about the Controlled Annihilation Inc. Company.

The bigger animate anatomy imploded

There is a articulation to the video at the alpha of the article.Watching that video should achieve a accepter out of anyone!

COMMENT #5 [Permalink]… Quixote said on 3/23/2006 @ 1:50 pm PT…

COMMENT #6 [Permalink]… Josh said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:11 pm PT…

I absolutely accede with Quixote (above post).

I acquire never bought the “official” story. I heard about the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) certificate anon afterwards September 11th and I apprehend folio 51 breadth it speaks of defective a “new Fair Harbor” in adjustment to achieve the goals of PNAC. Then, calmly on September 11th we acquire this new “Pearl Harbor,” which took abode aloof 9 months afterwards the Judicial Accomplishment afterwards the 2000 baseborn “election.” As one bounded allocution appearance host has said afresh aback 911 and I quote: Politically speaking, 911 was the best affair to anytime arise to George W Bush.” He’s correct.

Most bodies I allocution with actuality in the States cannot alike accede that “their government” would stoop so low as to artist commodity as abhorrent as a new “Pearl Harbor.” Afterwards the 2000 baseborn “election,” I put annihilation able these algae of the apple bodies of the adulterine Backcountry regime. They will do anything, and I beggarly anything, to achieve their goals.

COMMENT #7 [Permalink]… Ginny said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:22 pm PT…

Please watch Afar Change 9/11 (2nd Edition).


It will advice anybody acquire that these baseborn elections are aloof an accessory aces abridged operation compared to the all-embracing PNAC murder/propaganda/crime of the century/& coverup racket.

COMMENT #8 [Permalink]… Mike J. said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:24 pm PT…

You bodies are absolutely wacko….. in my opinion.

Ok, I’m apprenticed about this PNAC. Never heard of it. So go advanced and acquaint us about your beatnik assembly theories.

I animate in arctic Florida (not Leon County). Jeb Backcountry is my Governor. The abandoned affair that Jeb has to be ashamed about is his daughter’s actionable mistake. His son, George P. Backcountry is in law academy and I’ve credible his speeches. He’s a abundant role archetypal for adolescent men with aplomb and talent. But I forget, you bodies actuality are abandoned absorbed in hate.

Oh, Savanister will get on me for not blockage on topic, alike admitting he gets off affair too, so ok….

Charlie Burnish is a abundant amateur with the aforementioned cool aptitude as his father. I acquire enjoyed abounding movies that they acquire appeared in. But their job as an amateur does not accord them adeptness about explosions, animate structures, blaze temperatures, jet fuel, aeroplane impact, etc.

He has the appropriate to his beatnik opinions, certainly, aloof as abundant as you and me. But some acclaimed bodies use their acclaim to beforehand their opinions, either for the appropriate or the left, which you or I don’t acquire admission to that affectionate of power.

What is your job, Savanister? What are your abilities to adjudicator how the WTC fell? Conceivably you acquire researched something, so amuse accommodate the articulation to complete abstracts on the topic. I’ll be animated to apprehend it.

Since my job is not involving fire, explosions, and jet fuel, I acquire to belive what the experts acquire about said.

Perhaps Charlie Burnish should arrangement actuality too. He adeptness advice to bolster your assembly theories.

The terrorists chose planes apprenticed for California so that they would acquire the bigger ammunition aggregate they could get and not arise suspicion. The architecture did not instantly fall. It took time for that ample aggregate of aerodynamics ammunition to bake to the aerial degrees bare to abate the animate anatomy acknowledging the authentic slabs of ONE floor. Already that one attic fell assimilate the abutting floor, the animate anatomy was attenuated and could not abutment the weight of TWO floors (plus the animate engery of the appulse of the 1st floor), so afresh that animate anatomy bankrupt and the two floors fell assimilate the third floor, and so on and so on. The floors aloft the impacted floors fell alternating with them. Did you not apprehension the agitator pilots dip the accession (turn the alike slightly) in adjustment to aerate the aggregate of draft they would do to the structure’s anatomy and floors.

The abandoned affair that I acquire some acquaintance with is that aback I was in the Navy, I formed in Naval Aerodynamics aliment at NAS bases and onboard aircraft carriers. I was able on how alarming jet ammunition is, added so than gas acclimated in cars.

Again, I’m not a scientist and I’m not bold to be one. I can abandoned echo what I apprehend and heard aback in 2001.

You bodies and Charlie Burnish acquire heard the aforementioned explaination. Any reasonable actuality would acquire what happend. But you bodies are unreasonable. Your abhorrence for the Admiral and his bodies drive you too far from reason.

Have a “nice” day!

COMMENT #9 [Permalink]… sybalant said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:27 pm PT…

This articulation acclimated to be adequate and may still be–to “Loose Change” documentary in which the maker discusses and has the footage on all sorts of gaps in the 9-11 adventure including the architecture “implosion”, etc.

The documentary was chargeless and it runs about an hour. Appearance it online.

I am not assertive by all of it, but the best adverse abridgement of affirmation for me is the Pentagon crash, not the Barter Center.

Anyway, if the articulation is still good–see for yourself.

ANd uh–Good for Charlie.

COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… sybalant said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:28 pm PT…

COMMENT #11 [Permalink]… Perry Logan said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:30 pm PT…

To put it in perspective, let me annual some of the amazing things that Alex Jones believes:

The cardinal aristocratic of the apple adoration Moloch.The abstruse rulers of the apple can animate forever.The aristocratic acquire aboveboard arise that they appetite to annihilate 80% of us.Vicente Fox can morph into a blooming devil. (Alex says he saw him do it. Honest.)The Communist Chinese Army has taken over the Massachusetts Port Authority.Jacques Cousteau wants to annihilate 80% of us. (Jacques, too!)There are animate AIDS bacilli in the corn. (This agency no sex with the corn. Sorry.)91% of Americans are Nazis (Alex says anyone who favors gun ascendancy is a Nazi; 91% of Americans favor bounden blaster registration)The government is spraying us with EVIL CHEMICALS absolute in the contrails of planes (also contagion themselves, I guess)The Affiliated Nations goes about Africa, antibacterial women at accidental (twirling their moustaches & adage “Nya-ha-ha-haa!”)The Founding Fathers were brainless (they were Masonsbut they didn’t apperceive about the abstruse assembly so accessible to Alex & his friends)all our soldiers are brainless (our accustomed comatose were bald fools compared to Alex Jones)Waco was a government plot.Most adeptness outages are government plots.Illegal clearing is a government plot.The counterculture is a government plot.Vaccines are a you-know-what.Thumbscanning is a government plot.Environmentalism is a government plot.The Civic Seatbelt Initiative is a government plot.Feminism is a government plot.Tollroads are a government plot.Antidepressants are a government plot.All calm anxiety attacks are government plots.Arnold Schwartzeneggar is allotment of an Austrian artifice to booty over America.Skull & Bones is allotment of an English artifice to booty over America.The Affiliated Nations is allotment of a (very slow) artifice to booty over America.Children’s cartoons are allotment of a government artifice to adapt us.The abstruse cardinal aristocratic of the apple are putting up barrio that attending like owls (only assembly bodies can see these owls, in case you were wondering)Most aloft badge chiefs are CIA operatives.Gloria Steinham is a CIA operative.The Quakers are all communists.All of Clinton’s chiffonier were Jewish.People acquire tattoos adage “Don’t Annihilate Me” in Holland.Lyndon Johnson had John Kennedy killed.The UN has awash accoutrements of accouchement into bullwork & for snuff films.Gays are actively recruiting in our schools.The government keeps “giant, honeycombed hives abounding of toddlers benumbed on lithium.”The Rothschilds adjourned Hitler.

91% of Americans are Nazis (Alex says anyone who favors gun ascendancy is a Nazi; 91% of Americans favor bounden blaster registration)The government is spraying us with EVIL CHEMICALS absolute in the contrails of planes (also contagion themselves, I guess. Shows you how adamant the aristocratic are.)The Affiliated Nations goes about Africa, antibacterial women at accidental (twirling their moustaches & adage “Nya-ha-ha-haa!”)The Founding Fathers were brainless (they were Masonsbut they didn’t apperceive about the abstruse assembly so accessible to Alex & his friends)Every soldier who died in any war aback the Civilian War was a chump (you anticipation they were heroes; turns out they were annihilation but fools; how’s THAT for patriotism?)Antidepressants are a government plot.The Affiliated Nations is allotment of a (very slow) artifice to booty over America.Mercury beforehand from Africa to Austin on the Jet Stream. That’s why Austinites acquire so abounding allergies.IQ’s are activity down. (IQ’s are activity up.)The blight aggregate is up. (Most blight ante are down.)During his inauguration, Admiral Clinton aboveboard gave the assurance of Satan for all the apple to see. (They all adoration Moloch, don’t forget. I don’t apperceive how we get to Satan from there…but Alex says.)Alex Jones is extenuative humankind with his cable TV show, radio shows, & tapes (available for purchase, by the way).Bad bodies are advisedly putting blight viruses, AIDS viruses, & mercury in our vaccines (twirling their affiliated moustaches & activity “Nya-hahaha!”).9-11 was abandoned the beginning; there are activity to be lots of alike bigger calm attacks (4 years & cat-and-mouse on this prediction, Alex).Most Americans acquire the government was abaft 9-11 (this is based on Alex’s misreading of a Zogby poll; Alex misreads EVERYTHING)They cede babies at Bohemian Grove. (Imagine Richard Nixon sacrificing a baby.)They abandoned appoint bodies with IQ’s beneath 100 to become badge officers. (Like best “Patriots,” Alex Jones is about a cop-hater. He will say annihilation bad about the police.)

Alex Jones can adumbrate the future, because he goes to the SECRET WEBSITES breadth the New Apple Adjustment tells youEVERYTHING IT’S GOING TO DO.Just think: if you can acquisition those websites, YOU can adumbrate the approaching too!

COMMENT #12 [Permalink]… Mike J. said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:31 pm PT…

Ok, while I was accounting my animadversion #8, others acquaint answering what I wondered about, PNAC. I’ll go apprehend those links afterwards tonight.

But you people, alternating with Charlie Sheen, absolutely gotta get a anchor on absoluteness here. Controlled abortion of the WTC? I’ve heard that the aggregate of explosives to accompany bottomward a big architecture is huge, so would be noticed by the bodies who assignment there, I hope.

Anyway, allocution at ya later!

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… bill giltner said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:32 pm PT…

Mike J.

It’s not huge sin to be ignorant. We were all apprenticed once.

Well, now it’s 4 and 1/2 years, and still actuality apprenticed does reflect on your adeptness to appraise affirmation and anticipate for yourself.

Read Webster Tarpleys book: 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Bogus in America

I anticipate I’ve spent over 1,000 hours researching 9/11. The affirmation believability to bone-chilling conclusions. I’m not a Backcountry Basher: I anticipate he’s clueless. On the added hand, Cheney / Rumsfeld, these guys are scarry.

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:35 pm PT…

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… NeilDeal said on 3/23/2006 @ 2:57 pm PT…

On a adapted armpit I saw that there was ample amounts of aqueous metal in the wreckage.How did that happen?Jet ammunition and afire arrangement appliance cannot cook steel. Some were postulating that an atomic like thermite would acquire to be acclimated to cook animate girders like that.

Also, this is the aboriginal time that a “fire” has anytime brought bottomward a architecture like this. Complete a little fishy?

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]… Charlene said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:00 pm PT…

Mike J #8

Read, read, read, my child.

Engineers all over the apple knew appropriate abroad that the adventure of 9/11 was false.That’s the accustomed concensus amid engineers. They say the towers’ huge axial animate beams could not acquire arise bottomward the way they did & for the affidavit given.There’s a accumulation of firefighters that claimed, & were recorded as claiming, at the time, to see & apprehend explosives activity off at the arena akin afore the draft fell. They’ve been told they abandoned anticipation they saw & heard it.Then there are the put options on the banal market….etc. etc.

COMMENT #17 [Permalink]… Ginny said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:24 pm PT…

Perry Logan,

Talk about a arresting wingbat, you absolutely booty the cake.

What is so alarming to you about gluttonous the truth. It is not possible, beneath our accustomed laws, for the South & Arctic towers, nor any tower, to abatement in 10 seconds, except through a controlled annihilation (free fall). GW Backcountry can atom up and piss aloft our laws and the Constitution, abolition Habeas Corpus, and breach every aftermost appropriate in our Bill of Rights, but he can not breach accustomed laws such as force and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Amuse said abreast your camp and baby airs and accessible your mind. See www.loosechange911.com afresh arise aback actuality and acquaint us the acknowledgment to the questions posed. Not abandoned is it cool that jet ammunition acquired a complete chargeless abatement abortion of the architecture and the baffling abortion and chargeless abatement of WT7 (that was never hit by anything), there is no achievability whatsoever that a 757 hit the Pentagon. These are aloof facts, credible and simple. You may acquire some whacked out tin antithesis assembly approach that Muslim terrorists imploded our barrio and torpedoed the Pentagon — able — but what’s your annual for the angled awning up of the implosions by the Backcountry abomination syndicate? Aloof curious.

COMMENT #18 [Permalink]… Doug said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:32 pm PT…

Mike J #8It has been estimated that 4000 pounds of explosives would be bare per architecture thats 40 trips for 10 bodies over a aeon a 3 or 4 canicule thats not that much. As for bodies acquainted go to st911.org theres added than abundant info, articles, videos to accumulate you busy. If you go to the armpit assay out the who we are link, these bodies are not crackpots and I anticipate you will be abashed at the names you see and their credentials.

COMMENT #19 [Permalink]… Sweejak said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:35 pm PT…

Why is this so adamantine to believe? I beggarly it’s like no one anytime heard of the Reichstag Blaze or the “surprise attack” on Fair Harbor….. or Operation Northwoods.

You don’t acquire to be a scientist to beam and criticise the accessible political uses of 9-11. No one remembers if Marinus van der Lubbe acclimated abettor or kerosene or gasoline, No, what is remembered is that it was acclimated to beforehand the Enabling Act and abate democracy.

“This is a God-given signal, Herr Vice-Chancellor! If this fire, as I believe, is the assignment of the Communists, afresh we allegation drove out this annihilation annoyance with an adamant fist!” — Hitler

“God told me to bang at al Qaida and I addled them, and afresh he instructed me to bang at Saddam”– Abbas commendation W.

“Hard to get adequate case. Allegation to move swiftly, Go massive, Sweep it all up. Things accompanying and not.”–Notes from Rumsfeld aide.

Peruse this site, one of many, for 9-11 events.http://www.team8plus.org/news.php

COMMENT #20 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:44 pm PT…

David READ this. Amuse apperceive I acquire a LOT of annual for you and all your adamantine work. I see all you do and you get a HUGE acknowledgment from me.

BUT; You discredited him appropriate off that bat aback all the man did was accompaniment facts and ask some questions.

I am apologetic David, but WHAT is that Banderole about??? That was a Fox Annual Banderole if I anytime saw one. Maybe if you declared a Accuracy as a banderole such as Charlie Burnish Questions Official 9/11 Explanation;

THAT would acquire told the accuracy afterwards a Fox Annual slant. You’ve been watching MSM too long.

Just because you acquire the official adventure beanery fed by the government, doesn’t beggarly you acquire to jump in with MSM and say accession is BUYING into a Assembly theory.

Sheen did not GIVE a approach FYI. He artlessly declared facts. So I am not abiding breadth ANYONE is adage that bodies for 9/11 Accuracy are Theorizing about WTC’s axis to dust, or actuality the abandoned Animate Structured Barrio in History to collapse (in UNDER 2 hours no less)

Where is the “THEORY”? in annihilation he stated?

WHERE is the PLANE at the Pentagon?? Breadth is it?

Sorry to get affronted but DAMN IT, “conspiracy theory” is a appropriate accession talking point and affairs in to application it in IMPROPER sense, JUST supports the accession basics and the antibacterial of America.

NOTHING Burnish said is a theory. He declared facts.

BTW . . . If anyone finds a annual of the alike at the Pentagon, Me who lives abreast there would adulation to see it.

COMMENT #21 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:45 pm PT…

Mike J #8

One of the cogent facts is the acceleration at which the architecture collapsed.

You are absolute – they didn’t collapse instantly – no one has said they did. BUT aback they did collapse it was at the acceleration of chargeless abatement gravity. They took abandoned about 0.75 abnormal best than chargeless abatement if I bethink correctly. The afar change articulation will acquaint you exactly.

For them to pancake one attic assimilate the abutting as you beforehand there would acquire been attrition which would acquire slowed the process.

Also a aloft allocation of the vertical animate anatomy was on the alfresco credible of the architecture and it seems abundant added of it should acquire been larboard continuing as the floors collpsed bottomward aural it. The accumbent structural associates captivation up the floors are abundant abate than the vertical associates captivation up the able architecture and they would acquire sheared abroad from the verticals as the floors pancaked. The videos appearance the able anatomy axis into dust aloof beneath the breadth which is affective down. As abounding engineers acquire declared the activity bare to abrade the authentic and animate in such a abode far exceeds the activity arise by these altar falling.

The top of one of the architecture tips over to one accessory as it starts to fall. If there were resitance acquired by the anatomy beneath this circling would acquire continued. Instead it drops beeline down. This shows there was no attrition from below.

Also the antennae on top of one architecture additionally fell beeline bottomward to the arena like a spear. The firefighters abashed the banderole from it afterwards. Attrition from beneath best adequate would acquire acquired it to tip over.

Although I am not a structural engineer, I do acquire some accomplishments in it and acquire formed in the architecture industry for 30 years. I apperceive how things are put calm and how they arise apart.

Loose Change 2 is a air-conditioned attending at all the things you didn’t apprehend from our government.

Do not assurance the government, catechism aggregate they do or say. The abundant bodies who founded this country believed in those beforehand and bogus all the checks and balances they could anticipate of at the time with those thoughts in mind.

The accustomed government is accomplishing aggregate in it’s adeptness to over-ride those checks and balances and ride roughshod over this country and its constitution.

COMMENT #22 [Permalink]… Ricky said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:48 pm PT…

LMAO! You bodies will never be elected. You abhorrence America.

COMMENT #23 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:50 pm PT…

PS. I am NOT advocating Alex Jones either who I anticipate is over the top (although he does acquire some accordant facts and video footage FROM the 9/11 hearings), but I will apostle David Ray Griffin, Ray McGovern and Sibel Edmonds.

And the Civic Aegis Whistleblowers Coalition

National Aegis Whistleblowers Coalition

AND Charlie Sheen.


COMMENT #24 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/23/2006 @ 3:56 pm PT…

LMAO at you Ricky – you haven’t got a clue and assume to acquire no absorption in acquirements anything.

COMMENT #25 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:01 pm PT…

JP… I anticipate David’s appellation draws added bodies to comment, and, so, they acquire a adventitious to learn. (Except Ricky, who can’t.)

COMMENT #26 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:07 pm PT…

🙂 How about :

Charlie Burnish Questions the Official 9/11 Assembly Theory?

LOL it was all i could do on my own armpit to say.

Bush gives accession accent on Terror

as adjoin to:

Bush Terrorizes West Virginia Again


COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… FormerRepublican said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:11 pm PT…

Perry Logan seems to be absent with Alex Jones. He posts the aforementioned “information” everywhere. Google it. He’s artlessly pissed he doesn’t get airtime.

Yes, if I append argumentation and the laws of physics I can acquire the official story, but I can’t.

Questioning the adventure is acceptable. Accepting babble is not. If you anticipate for one minute the government gives a aerial fuck about citizens you’ll be absolutely happy. If they cared they would acquire responded to Katrina.

Charlie Burnish may acquire cavorted but he’s still advantaged to an opinion.

COMMENT #28 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:26 pm PT…

Oh Also, I was a journalism apprentice aback in the aboriginal 80’s (in college), appropriate afore they did abroad with the Fairness Doctrine and things started activity abatement and the Acceleration of Ricky was facilitated.

Check this out (People acquire abandoned this), but it how I was able to abode in college

The Fairness Doctrine

It was not meant to be abused and that anyone adage it abandoned the aboriginal ammendment is ridiculous. It was meant to assure bodies from the absolute affair that is antibacterial our country today, assessment and misinformation in commodity that is alleged “news”.

Commentary and assessment were allowed, but you had to accompaniment that you were accomplishing so, so as not to misinform the public.

Also, emotionally answerable and animate words were beat from accustomed broadcasts, calling themselves “news.”

Just the facts. Aloof the facts.

COMMENT #29 [Permalink]… Independent_one said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:35 pm PT…

Mike J.

If you’re austere about attractive into 9/11, afresh I admonish you to appraise anxiously aggregate about Architecture 7. For me, architecture 7 is the key to everything.

I acquire a Ph.D. in Physics, and I’m agnostic of about EVERYTHING. Aback abundant affirmation accumulates, I START to become assertive of things.

WTC 1 and 2 conceivably fell because of the airplanes that hit them. Conceivably that ample of a anatomy adeptness abatement in the draft of a massive structural weakening.

Building 7 on the added duke (look at a map) is over a block abroad from 1 and 2. It was far beneath damaged than several added barrio which were RIGHT NEXT to 1 and 2, and yet those adjacent barrio didn’t abatement alike with abundant added damage.

The official abode on 9/11 which investigates the WTC allocation acutely states at the end of the abode that the collapse of architecture 7 ‘warrants added investigation’. Alike the OFFICIAL abode can’t explain its collapse. (you’ll acquire to dig for the articulation apologetic I apprehend the abode a year ago).

Larry Silverstein on PBS, the buyer of the building, acutely says architecture 7 was pulled ‘to anticipate the draft of added life’. Now you’ve been in the military. Do you anticipate architecture 7 could acquire been anxiously chic with explosives during the anarchy of 9/11 in aloof a few hours in adjustment to annihilate it and save lives? Do you anticipate the anatomy of the architecture could acquire been analyzed in abundant detail and the abstracts and adeptness brought on armpit to wire explosives and accompany the architecture bottomward in aloof a few hours at arena zero? No? Afresh accede the alternative. Architecture 7 absolutely adequate was accordingly chic with explosives BEFORE 9/11. This adeptness acquire been done abandoned as a prevenative admeasurement afterwards the bootless 1993 bombing. There were CIA and FBI offices in architecture 7 afterwards all. However, if it WAS chic with explosives (and all of the affirmation believability to the actuality that it was), afresh that agency OTHER WTC barrio adeptness ALSO acquire been animate with explosives. In actuality it would be PROBABLE, aback architecture 7 was not advanced attacked.

Perhaps such accouterment with explosives was done as a bactericide admeasurement afterwards the 1993 attempt. I beggarly had the 1993 beforehand alarmingly attenuated the building, they would acquire had to anguish about how to accompany bottomward the architecture safely. Based aloft that, its not unforseeable that the gov’t secretly chic the architecture in adjustment to save lives in the draft the architecture was damaged in accession agitator attack. Maybe they alike did that exact affair on 9/11. I.e. it doesn’t beggarly the administering planned or colluded in 9/11, but it would beggarly they’re lying to the american bodies (for our own protection? or to awning their butts?).

There are added awe-inspiring things. Bush’s brother, Marvin, not abandoned is on the Lath that insures the WTC, he ran the SECURITY aggregation for architecture 7 and the WTCs. He additionally was allotment buyer of the aggregation that ran aegis at Dulles, breadth one of the flights originated. Coincidence? Its absolutely strange.

I’ll accomplishment with this. Attending into what happened aback Payne Stewart’s aeroplane went off beforehand and didn’t accede to ATC. Aural 20 annual he got a 2-fighter escort. Aback he wasn’t activity to blast into a city, they let the alike run out of ammunition and crash. This was for a button baby jet.

Why weren’t there fighter escorts beatific out on 9/11 aback not 1, but FOUR aloft airliners went afterwards response, affronted off their transponders and alike arise hijackings in some cases? Why for Payne Stewart and why not for 9/11? Was the government animate a drill? Was it an honest mistake? Perhaps, but it STILL agency the government is lying to us about the ‘official’ adaptation of contest for 9/11. Whether its to awning their butts or because accession aerial up aural CAUSED it, I’m not certain. But I’m not affairs the official adventure in any case. Too abundant affirmation believability adjoin the official story.

Also, how affiliated did it booty to acquisition John Malvo the artery ballista or annihilation about him? A month? How arise aural 24 hours we knew aggregate about the hijackers on 9/11 including video and still shots of them? Doesn’t that bang you as a bit pre-packaged to bear ALL that advice aural aloof 1 or 2 days?

COMMENT #30 [Permalink]… FormerRepublican said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:59 pm PT…

Article I found:

Perry Logan is refuted afresh by J.A.


Go abroad Logan.

Google shows you are artlessly a corpuscle with a fictionalized adaptation of Alex Jones. Disagreeing is one affair but you absolutely assemble and aberration advice to clothing your needs; To asperse him.

COMMENT #31 [Permalink]… David Edwards said on 3/23/2006 @ 4:59 pm PT…

JPentz #20

I agree. The banderole paints Burnish in a abrogating way and it’s annoying too.

I can’t absolve it.

Maybe some of these abundant comments and links will advice bodies acquire why Charlie is accepting doubts.

COMMENT #32 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 3/23/2006 @ 5:08 pm PT…

Rev. Griffin covered all this in his Madison speech, I believe. Don’t apperceive if Mike J. saw that speech, but I bethink the base of it. Rev. Griffin said no architecture had anytime burst from calefaction in that abode before, and there was no acumen to acquire the accompanying architecture would have.

Mike J. should additionally explain for us how a jetliner could acquire hit the Pentagon, aback the balance draft was far too baby to acquire been acquired by any ample aircraft. While he’s at it, he adeptness additionally altercate Belfry # 7, which burst afterwards actuality addled by a plane.

I’m no engineer, but Mike hasn’t bogus a case that I can anticipate for accepting the official verson.

COMMENT #33 [Permalink]… bvac said on 3/23/2006 @ 5:09 pm PT…

This is what happens aback a government is secretive, the apple is managed by astronomic clandestine interests through their ascendancy of accessible policy, and absoluteness is shaped by accumulated media and their authentic casting of sophistry.

Was there anytime a time aback analytic the government was commonplace, alike applauded? Of beforehand the 9-11 agency was a antic and they’ve accustomed to awning up or arrest every assay from able crisis to appearance II, but that’s not abundant to set off the anxiety in the accessible consciousness. Ultimately what Charlie Burnish or Alex Jones say won’t matter. History reveals all, and decades from now some certificate will be declassified or some abettor will accede something. Historically speaking, the best affair the 9-11 accuracy affiliation (I don’t calculation myself as a allotment of it) could do is abridge the best authentic information, almanac the best testimony, array out the arrant disinformation, and achieve the best case it can today. I see a lot of films about the subject, abounding recycling the aforementioned information. I’d say its about time to put the theories to the test. I saw a JFK affairs on the assay approach breadth they recreated the complete day application two blur clips and an audio tape. Went to the allowance breadth the attempt was fired, set up microphones all over the basic and recreated the shot. With the arduous aggregate of footage, photos, and added abstracts accessible on 9/11 there’s no acumen why this hasn’t already been done. Do a simulation of the structures collapsing, the animate melting, pulverizing, et c. Until I see a video of this magnitude, I can’t see the movement as annihilation added than a absolute footnote.

Oh yeah. I’ve credible Perry Logan on Huffington Post’s communicable festival. His videos are brainless and he’s a self-promoting goober.

COMMENT #34 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/23/2006 @ 5:48 pm PT…

Oh, poor little pRicky.. what does elections acquire to do with your government killing accoutrements of civilians to atom civic panic?

I’ll ask again, nice and apathetic for pRicky and Mike J…

Where is the wreackage on the Pentagon lawn? A HUGE aeroplane allegedly hit it, and THERE IS NO WRECKAGE.. get it?

Why did belfry 7 abatement if it wasn’t hit by annihilation and abandoned had a baby fire? The government doesn’t altercate that at all.. hmm.. odd, don’t you think?

As for the fires, Mike J. .. I’ve apprehend the “opinions” of the “scientists” who allocution about the “maximum afire temperature” of jet fuel, and the “weakening point” of steel. there’s a few THOUSAND degrees aberration (if I anamnesis correctly.. adeptness abandoned be 1500 or so.. I”d acquire to go attending it aback up).

You can go to reopen911.org and or 911truth.org if you appetite added info. Lots and lots there, and added links from there to point you off in your own directions.

COMMENT #35 [Permalink]… Cyteria said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:02 pm PT…

Oh, fer Chrissakes. I bethink a abode I heard that said aback afresh that the architecture burst the way they did because THEY WERE DESIGNED THAT WAY to abbreviate draft to the surrounding area.Why do we pay any absorption to what celebrities “think?” The Sheenman couldn’t anticipate his way out of a cardboard bag. He appears in the movies (thanks to nepotism) and we are declared to booty his angle on engineering seriously? Get off it.

COMMENT #36 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:02 pm PT…

Oh.. and Mike J.

In addition.. if you watch anxiously as the additional belfry avalanche (I acquire it was the additional one), you will apprehension that it STARTS TO LEAN, afresh CHANGES DIRECTION and avalanche “straight down” in a “free fall” manner. Physics doesn’t acquiesce that to happen.. that is, aloof as the top started to “fall over”, the anatomy beneath it “pulls it beeline down” instead. Not constant with “pankaking”

Then you acquire the “flashes” from the planes credible at several angles aloof afore the planes hit. Sorry, bartering liners don’t “shoot things” from their bellies.. What were those flashes? They were credible NOT to be blaze from the sun (multiple angles agency you can’t get the aforementioned flare, ablaze reflections don’t assignment like that). There is accepting that the planes launched baby missles at the time of appulse to achieve abiding they penetrated completely.

Oh, and for the “heat” of the fire.. there are pictures of bodies STANDING IN THE HOLES breadth the planes went in.. that agency the temperatures were appealing low.. certianly too low to be aggravation steel, unless you acquire bodies can bear added calefaction than metal..

The abandoned bit from the “explinations” I’ve credible so far that I don’t apperceive about yet are the “squibs” acid out from all the windows as the architecture falls. I can concieve of how that would be concussion-driven from a pankaking building, but from some of the info, it would be no breadth abreast as arresting as it is. Aback I”ve never credible a HUGE architecture “pankake” like that (before), I don’t acquire a anatomy of refrence (and not actuality a physicist, not able to actuate the force needed/generated for abstracts to be complete out like that).

As to your catechism of what I do.. I’m a Software Artist (BS in Computer Science). I acquire a accomplishments in science in general, with a LOT of algebraic and physics (I was enrolled with a Physics aloft at one point). Assurance me, I acquire the aggregate of this actuality able-bodied abundant to apperceive that “something absolutely stinks” with the official adventure (like, “where is the alike at the Pentagon?”).

Do some research. You’ll get pissed that our Media has not asked these questions, has not acicular out that ALL THE STEEL from Arena Aught was “hurried off and broiled bottomward with no investigation”.. you will alpha to see aloof how busted up this all was, alike if it WAS a “genuine attack”..

You adeptness additionally run aloft the letters of up to at atomic 7 of the “hijackers” actuality ALIVE AFTER the attacks. And the advice that shows how corpuscle phones don’t assignment all that able-bodied at 20,000 anxiety affective 400 mph, so the calls we heard become doubtable as able-bodied (I still allegation to do added assay on that, I suppose).

Anyway.. to alarm us “nuts” aback you’ve not agitated to “look at any of the facts” aback they are all calmly accessable on the internet is to appearance your abridgement of concerne with the truth. Which is fine, you’re entitled. Aloof don’t be suprised aback you’re continuing there apprehensive why anybody is bedlam at you.

COMMENT #37 [Permalink]… Ginny said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:08 pm PT…


Try Afar Change 911 in case you haven’t credible the latest version. It has all the simulations you’re attractive for.


It’s awful to see the able official adventure debunked in one 80 minute movie. We allegation to archetype and get this blur out to anybody in Congress. Also, it makes you alpha to anticipate about the backroom of the aftermost election. Bethink aback Cheney said bodies had to vote for Backcountry or “this would arise again?” No admiration he was so certain!

COMMENT #38 [Permalink]… bvac said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:14 pm PT…

The adaptation of afar change I saw didn’t acquire that, I’ll assay it out again.

COMMENT #39 [Permalink]… Peg C said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:29 pm PT…

Cyteria –

It’s not WHO is questioning, it’s that it’s assuredly actuality done in public. Please, do some research.

COMMENT #40 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:40 pm PT…

Cyteria, breadth did you apprehend that “in the draft of an off-axis collision, the barrio were advised to abatement beeline bottomward instead of adjoin the hole, as would be the authorization of physics” ?

What -I- apprehend some abode was that afterwards the aboriginal beforehand there was a abstruse arrangement to set the architecture for audience in the draft it was attacked again.. so that if it DID alpha to fall, or looked like it was destroyed aloft adjustment and bare to be demo’d in a bustle to assure people, it could be.

Which seems added plausable.. designing a architecture so it defies physics? or putting audience accuse in super-tall barrio to achieve abiding they don’t abatement over on their neighbors some day?

COMMENT #41 [Permalink]… Jessica said on 3/23/2006 @ 6:48 pm PT…

I kinda anticipation that Mike J. was authentic an accomplishment to apprentice commodity about this….even admitting he did alpha with some aspersing comments.

I’m aloof sayin’….

It can booty time to booty off the sheep’s complete and apprehend what’s absolutely activity on.


COMMENT #42 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:04 pm PT…

David Edwards you rock!!!!

I absolutely do accede you and your adamantine assignment absolute much.

COMMENT #43 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:35 pm PT…

First, acquaint it like it is, Charlie. But, MSM…why do you delay for an amateur to breach the 9/11 questions? Scholars, students, experts, and eyewitnesses acquire been adage this for years…and the MSM breach their blackout because an amateur says it??? That’s because the MSM is “info-tainment”, and an amateur adage it is added important to them than experts adage it.


COMMENT #44 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:38 pm PT…

I’ve been adage this all along, btw…

Where are all the liberals and actors about speaking out about e-vote artifice & 9/11? The Huffington Column could be animate 1-2 accepting a day about e-vote fraud, like Brad does, and with their cartage and all their “Hally-wood” (as Backcountry would say) stars who trampse that site, there would be mega-coverage on e-vote fraud. And they apperceive it’s happening, so why aren’t they adage anything?


COMMENT #45 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:38 pm PT…

Guys, you don’t rig a architecture with C4 in case of accession beforehand because it’s DANGEROUS stuff, could accompany it bottomward into its brand with no attack. That’s aloof brainy gymnastics to try to explain what is CLEAR.

And, if they advised the architecture to abatement into its footprint, it STILL would not arise bottomward in so abreast to chargeless abatement time. Pancaking takes MUCH longer.

If it was in any allotment a agitator beforehand to alpha out with, they got a LOT of advice from VERY able bodies inside. Not a atom of agnosticism about that.

COMMENT #46 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:41 pm PT…

AGENT99: It is so accessible that it was an axial job, that I hardly alike allocution about it. It is ablaze bright according to physics and authentic affirmation that it was an axial job, it’s overwhelming.

Here’s the assembly theory: 19 Arabs with box-cutters brought bottomward the WTC. Abandoned a fool could acquire that. Oh, and who told us this bogie tale? The Backcountry Administration! And we apperceive how authentic they are, right?

COMMENT #47 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:44 pm PT…

Charlie Burnish started a bombshell…opened a pandora’s box…OF THE TRUTH!!!

COMMENT #48 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:45 pm PT…


COMMENT #49 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 7:46 pm PT…

COMMENT #50 [Permalink]… jo said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:17 pm PT…

I accustomed to download “loose change” afresh and it wouldn’t work…maybe my computer doesn’t acquire abundant amplitude or something. Anyway, does anyone apperceive breadth I can hire it or accelerate for it or….? I absolutely appetite to see it. ps. Or maybe there is a ambush to downloading it that I don’t apperceive about. Thanks.

COMMENT #51 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:24 pm PT…

COMMENT #52 [Permalink]… jpentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:26 pm PT…

COMMENT #53 [Permalink]… Swaggs said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:32 pm PT…

Rememeber this too folks, those barrio were congenital to bear aloof such an attack.

Hey Ricky the tool, is that all you got? Yet accession abracadabra GOP talking point. How pathetic.

COMMENT #54 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:38 pm PT…

COMMENT #55 [Permalink]… GWN said on 3/23/2006 @ 8:39 pm PT…

# 41 Jessica. I’m with you on that comment. “I kinda anticipation that Mike J. was authentic an accomplishment to apprentice commodity about this….”There is no allegation to be acerb with those in doubt. It’s a time to brainwash them, not about-face them away.It’s appealing alarming at aboriginal to anticipate that 9-11 may acquire been planned and it takes awhile to get your arch about that, at atomic it did for me.

COMMENT #56 [Permalink]… Floridiot said on 3/23/2006 @ 9:42 pm PT…

Lets see if the wingnuts can get their mindswrapped about this(a little at a time for everybody else)They’ve got this $.25 bottomward to a sciencekinda helps you to acquire a little how the masses are controlled9/11 after-effects is a prime archetype of “this”

COMMENT #57 [Permalink]… Charlene said on 3/23/2006 @ 10:07 pm PT…

I’m activity to try & get Paris Hilton to allocution up the bulk in the Feingold resolution.

COMMENT #58 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 3/23/2006 @ 10:11 pm PT…

Ok guys i acquire an idea,

From now on lets alarm him Ricky “Please Don’t Hurt Me With A Box Cutter”. for his aftermost name.

Charlene “Please Don’t Hurt Me With A Box Cutter”, I assumption if you anticipate Paris is your woman go for it.

COMMENT #59 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/23/2006 @ 10:31 pm PT…

COMMENT #60 [Permalink]… Floridiot said on 3/23/2006 @ 10:46 pm PT…

Good one JPentz, Every time a wingnut posts actuality with their so alleged “reality” based posts, I like to alarm it the “Purple Finger Opportunity”, like how they were all crowing afterwards the voting in Iraq, or mission accomplished… maybe we could alarm it the “Bulging Crotch Opportunity”

COMMENT #61 [Permalink]… Quixote said on 3/23/2006 @ 11:36 pm PT…

COMMENT #62 [Permalink]… governments would never lie to their people, that has never happened in the history of mankind, right? right??? … said on 3/24/2006 @ 4:53 am PT…

COMMENT #63 [Permalink]… Ricky said on 3/24/2006 @ 5:32 am PT…

I anticipate you guys are on to something. I acquire a few theories as well. I anticipate a UFO came from outter-space and took out the aboriginal tower.

The USA government was in cooperation with them and blew the additional belfry to adumbrate the ufo.

Heres complete PROOF!


COMMENT #64 [Permalink]… molly said on 3/24/2006 @ 5:50 am PT…

Trolls are consistently out aback Bushco looks bad. Wayne Madsen and a attendant from one of the barrio who were hit had to go into ambuscade from our govt. to shut them up. That says a lot. Why would a carnality pres. be accomplishing wargames on 9/11? This was not abandoned an axial job..there wasn’t abundant of a coverup. R.Rhodes is talking about it now. Assumption Air America has absent some stations for a reason. On a absolute note…We in the U.S. can’t assurance the media now…which has consistently been a advertising arm of the govt. Goodnight and goodluck could acquire been alleged Deja’ Vu.

COMMENT #65 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:10 am PT…

Applying Occam’s Razor – that one should consistently acquire the approach that requires the atomic leaps of argumentation – I aloof can’t in adequate concience say I still acquire the US government’s accepting based assembly theories about what happened that day.

I don’t absolutely accord a bribery what ANY celebrity says – or any baby-kisser either, for that matter.

I do, however, acquire to scientists, physicists and engineers who acquire laid out abundant affirmation to altercate me that the laws of physics were NOT abeyant in New York Burghal on 9/11/01.

And the affair is, I, like a lot of added Americans, DID acquire it – as abundant as I adulation this country, I WANTED to acquire it – until I apprehend abundant of the affirmation to the contrary. It absolutely took a few years to change my apperception – cerebral antagonism is a powerful, aching force.

And for anyone who says “Our government would NEVER do commodity like that!” – google “Operation Northwoods”.

Never belittle the lengths to which some bodies will go to advanced their own agenda.

That calendar is appealing abundant spelled out at www.newamericancentury.org

COMMENT #66 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:12 am PT…

Ricky – Bless your heart.

COMMENT #67 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:23 am PT…

Ricky: I anticipate you came from a UFO!!!

COMMENT #68 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:25 am PT…

Rickey: Did you anytime apprehend the craziest theory, that 19 astern Arab hijackers with boxcutters outsmarted the Backcountry administering and agape bottomward the WTC?

Ricky: Was Backcountry admiral aback 3,000 bodies died in the WTC? Or was it “some added president”?

Will you at atomic acquire that Backcountry was admiral during 9/11? Or can you not at atomic acquire that fact?

COMMENT #69 [Permalink]… Ginny said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:45 am PT…

Maybe faith-based wingnut reichwing assembly theorists like Ricky anticipate that the laws of physics don’t administer to braindead GOP goobers like Backcountry and his neocon jackboots? I dunno, aloof sorta aggravating to get to the basal of this pattern. Kinda like “their $.25 don’t stink” or something?

COMMENT #70 [Permalink]… Charlene said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:55 am PT…


That was a joke, stupid.

COMMENT #71 [Permalink]… gtash said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:00 am PT…

I acquire acquaintance in designing buildings. I acquire some compassionate of how they go calm and arise apart. I am not an able in all things architecture nonetheless, so with that caveat, actuality is what I anticipate for what it is worth:

1) The appearance of “explosions” above-mentioned the accelerating collapse of the floors aloft attending absolute slight to me. I brainstorm they could be bottle failures attributable to the compression of air beneath the falling masses above. They would artlessly advertise the $.25 and collapse. Intense blaze (for example) can annual the affectionate of credible admission of bottle curtainwalls and while I apperceive that may not be the case here, my point is air abundantly aeroembolism can annual a abnormality of bottle failure.

2) Architecture 7 is a authentic mystery.

3) The Pentagon blast and after-effects are apprehensive and could be calmly explained abroad IF the government would absolution the surveillence tapes they are accustomed to have. The catechism of why they don’t is the alarming question. It is not like the Zapruder film–which did not appearance the killer. The catechism about what adeptness absolutely hit the Pentagon and how is it accessible to do the odd draft that has already been authentic could be addressed absolutely brief if the tapes were released.

4) I don’t buy that cartage were mysteriously commissioned or accustomed new identities or whatever—too abounding aeroplane victims and their families abide to achieve me anticipate there is any abstruseness about blast victims.

5) That so abounding “hijackers” were articular readily afterwards the draft does not abruptness me. That they were not accurately articular (even to this day) is what surprises me.

Tell me: do you feel safer now than 3 years ago?

COMMENT #72 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:13 am PT…

Charlene – Bless your heart.

COMMENT #73 [Permalink]… jpentz said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:15 am PT…

Charlene/Ricky “Please Don’t Hurt Me With a Box Cutter”/”I Flew in via UFO”

FYI Abundance was a antic too. But I am abiding if you offered Paris added money or to pay her corpuscle buzz bill she adeptness do it for you.

COMMENT #74 [Permalink]… Mike said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:23 am PT…

I don’t alike affliction that it took Charlie Burnish for America to alpha animate up to the Backcountry administration’s aboriginal crime.

Just watch the video affirmation for yourself. And do some assay on PNAC.

You apperceive they aria to go to war in Iraq, antibacterial far added lives than were destroyed on 9/11. Do they attending remorseful, or affliction accepting done it? So why would you agnosticism they would cull off 9/11, which basically gave them 3 great, unprecedent goals.

1. Chargeless administering to boodle the complete oil-rich arena of the Boilerplate East.

2. Expand authoritative annex admiral to levels Nixon abandoned dreamed of. Remember, these aforementioned guys (Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) acquire been afterwards this for decades

3. Get chargeless authorization to basically abduct trillions of $$$ from taxpayers. Animate up the arrears on no bid contracts, adopting Aggressive Industrial Circuitous profits, Big Oil profits, etc. Eisenhower warned us this could happen.

COMMENT #75 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 3/24/2006 @ 8:27 am PT…

I disagree with my acquaintance Bob (Cyteria). The affair isn’t “How abundant does Charlie Burnish apperceive about explosives?” it’s “Why, accustomed the broad holes in the official version, does it booty a Hollywood actor’s assessment to draw boilerplate annual coverage?” This should acquire been front-page annual years ago.

Rev. Griffin’s allocution at Madison had a able aftereffect on me. I was a skeptic, too, afore audition the man. He’s no beatnik and no fanatic, and he bogus a absolute able case that Backcountry and Cheney, at a minimum, accustomed 9/11 to arise aback they could acquire prevented it. The argumentative affirmation at the Pentagon and at Architecture 7 in New York are coinciding with this postulate.

COMMENT #76 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/24/2006 @ 8:37 am PT…

COMMENT #77 [Permalink]… Sweejak said on 3/24/2006 @ 8:39 am PT…

March 23,1933 – The Reichstag passes the Enabling Act, authentic Adolf Hitler absolutist of Germany.====================Bush shuns Patriot Act requirementIn accession to law, he says blank rules are not binding.http://tinyurl.com/fplta

COMMENT #78 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/24/2006 @ 8:45 am PT…

What I don’t get, pRicky.. is why don’t you go apprehend some of the evidence? Why don’t you go get some of the facts? THEN try to avert your position?

Oh.. right.. you’re the turd that thinks Shrubby is god and King.. who thinks it’s air-conditioned to annihilate women and accouchement over a few lies that are authentic a few companies cool rich.. who thinks anyone with a agnostic assessment should be killed, or at a minimum acquire their chargeless speach revoked and abandoned lock-steppers should be accustomed chargeless speach, and their abhorrence speach should be classified as “humor” until accession dies..

I truely don’t acquire the actuality that closes their apperception so deeply that it would backfire if a gnat farted in their ear. Allocution about a decay of a animal being. At atomic best of the freeholder animals can be trained, or eaten.. aback bodies act beneath able than the boilerplate ancestry banal rat, it makes you wonder.

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COMMENT #79 [Permalink]… MrBlueSky said on 3/24/2006 @ 9:03 am PT…

You know, people…. over the able 5 years, I’ve anticipation and researched a lot about this… about what absolutely happened on 9/11.

We can brainstorm all we want. But assay is the abandoned way to absolutely ascertain the truth… and I mean… HANDS ON blazon research. (Heck, we alike acquire a man or woman with a Ph.D. in Physics amid us here.)

The botheration is, though… the conspirators had an accomplished “cleaning crew” that took all the affirmation to China for disposal.

We’ll never bulk out what absolutely happened… alike with Independant One, Brad Blog’s aborigine Physicist, on our team… because they disposed of all the evidence.

Remember… these bodies had convenance on JFK’s assassination.

The aberration is… with the JFK case… they will acquiesce bodies of my abode to apperceive what absolutely happened aback I adeptness my astern 60’s… affiliated afterwards anyone can do annihilation about it (remember the “Future Eyes Only” time abridged to be opened in about 35 years from now?)

But, with the 9/11 truth… they never larboard us alike that courtesy.

Mistrust the 9/11 commission’s version? Of Course! (After all, how abundant accuracy can you get from the brand of aloft US Abettor Slade Gorton from actuality in WA State… who today is a affiliate of the 9/11 commission.)

But to altercate what absolutely happened that day… futile.


COMMENT #80 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/24/2006 @ 9:27 am PT…

Y’all are affronted with pigs again.

Ricky’s not actuality to learn, or alike to altercate intelligently.

Of course, I admit, alike I tend to bung him a cartilage now and afresh – I was able that we should consistently be affectionate to animals, children, and those who are aloof not the sharpest knives in the drawer. But please, don’t decay your time demography him seriously.

I anticipate of him as a adamant little two year old arguing at naptime. WE apperceive he’s tired, HE knows he’s tired, but there is NO WAY he is EVER activity to acquire he needs a nap. We will NOT win by argumentation – he is aloof not absorbed in compassionate facts, he abandoned knows he wants what he wants and that’s all that affairs to him.

The best action is to ambush him into actuality quiet (perhaps with a nice story) until attributes takes its beforehand and he avalanche comatose Already he’s anxiously tucked in bed and no best underfoot, the draft of us can agilely go about our work. Aback he wakes up, aggregate will acquire been taken affliction of by the amenable adults. Don’t apprehend him to say accede you, or to alike apprehension – aloof pat him on his little arch and acquire the actuality that he artlessly doesn’t acquire the adeptness or the admiration to accede the apple alfresco of his own little blowhard existence.

Now, that said…

Ricky – arise actuality darlin. Accompany your abstract and your lovey.

Now..once aloft a time….

COMMENT #81 [Permalink]… gtash said on 3/24/2006 @ 9:44 am PT…

Watched the band of the academy at


I activate it interesting. Informative and provocative—and presented with all the glamor and appulse of the affliction academy classes I anytime had. That’s a adequate thing. You don’t like the amaze of Charlie Sheen? You anticipate it’s all tin-hatted, hollow-headed conspiracy?

Sit through the seminar. It’s free. It’s a asperous cut presentation. The guy gets on my nerves. But he makes me think.

COMMENT #82 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/24/2006 @ 9:49 am PT…

Savantster #78

Please don’t bribery rats!

My accouchement acquire several as pets and I’ve activate them to be acutely able and acquisitive to learn. They are absolute amusing and co-operate with ceremony added to get a job done. Consistently acquisitive to analyze and apprentice more.

Unlike our aborigine trolls.

COMMENT #83 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:02 am PT…

I accede with RLM #75

“Why…does it booty a Hollywood actor’s assessment to draw boilerplate annual coverage?”

This affair has been present abounding times in abounding forums and has never to my adeptness fatigued any MSM coverage.

Now that a celebrity has batten apropos it they booty notice, but abandoned to discredit him and alarm him wacko.

But what absolutely affairs in the MSM is: “Exclusive photos of boyhood Angelina Jolie, additional an Oscars preview, Victoria Abstruse bathe shoot, and more!” as we see at the NY Post!

The MSM camouflage continues.

COMMENT #84 [Permalink]… insidejob forsure said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:03 am PT…

What I appetite to apperceive is:

Do bodies (and I use the appellation loosely) like Ricky get paid to arise assimilate forums/blogs like this & cascade off? If so, I appetite a agnate job. If not, what accessible achievement could one acquire from shouting at the ‘ocean’? I acquire abandoned Ricky can acknowledgment that.

I achievement Ricky’s able-bodied affiliated or agnate with the Neo-cons. If not he’ll be in for a absolute abrupt activation aback he realizes that it’s he, who’s been acid the tin-hat.

COMMENT #85 [Permalink]… Charlene said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:14 am PT…


Did you apprehension a new “documentary” that came out re JFK’s assassination?We’ve credible abundant “documentaries” over the years on this accountable that catechism the “magic bullet” and accusation this, that or the added guy & his cousin.But the new one blames Oswald abandoned did it & claims that there WAS abandoned one (magic) bullet, aloof as the Warren Agency said.It’s arise abounding circle.Everything old is new again.

You know, Gerald Ford was a affiliate of the Warren commission.If you anytime wondered how accession of such bashful abilities was alleged for arrangement to the Presidency—guess that was his accolade for a job able-bodied done.

COMMENT #86 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:21 am PT…

Kestrel, You acquire articulate able-bodied why I anticipate of “Ricky” as *’s awning name. We acquire THE White Abode advertisement actuality with us. We should, heh, heh, alarm him Admiral Ricky. It will accord him a thrill. Whiney fascists allegation the love. It’s HARD actuality Preznit! Gotta breach in class, attractive beguiled while Carnality Fuhrer Darth Fudd gets to accord all the orders from his Undiscwosed Wocation.

COMMENT #87 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:29 am PT…

Arlen Spector was on the Warren Commission, too, as a DEMOCRAT. I anticipate that is an alike bigger way to accede the botheration of who attempt JFK and why. Ol’ Spector saw the autography on the wall, and absitively to become a affiliate of the cardinal party. Heroes get asleep by these pukes. There ARE no Republican heroes, and that’s why it’s advised safe anchorage for the Amuse Don’t Hurt Me With Your Box Cutters crowd.

COMMENT #88 [Permalink]… hcocdr said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:29 am PT…

Manifest Destiny, Again?

When we stop appetite for American Ideals we will crumble as a Nation. We knew that afresh but we allegation to be reminded already and a while like 9/11.

Manifest Destiny, Again?

No nation anytime existed afterwards some faculty of civic afterlife or purpose.

Manifest Afterlife — a byword acclimated by US leaders and politicians in the 1840s to explain continental amplification by the Affiliated States — revitalized a faculty of “mission” or civic afterlife for Americans.

The bodies of the Affiliated States acquainted it was their mission to extend the “boundaries of freedom” to others by imparting their celebrity and accepting in autonomous institutions to those who were able of self-government. It afar those bodies who were perceived as actuality butterfingers of self-government, such as Native American bodies and those of non-European origin.

John Osullivan 1839 said

Yes, we are the nation of progress, of abandoned freedom, of accustomed enfranchisement. Adequation of rights is the cynosure of our abutment of States, the admirable archetype of the allusive adequation of individuals; and while accuracy sheds its effulgence, we cannot retrograde, afterwards abandoning the one and abolition the other. We allegation alee to the fulfilment of our mission — to the complete development of the assumption of our alignment — abandon of conscience, abandon of person, abandon of barter and business pursuits, absoluteness of abandon and equality. This is our aerial destiny, and in nature’s eternal, assured decree of annual and aftereffect we allegation achieve it. All this will be our approaching history, to authorize on apple the moral abode and conservancy of man — the abiding accuracy and alms of God. For this adored mission to the nations of the world, which are shut out from the life-giving ablaze of truth, has America been chosen; and her aerial archetype shall agonize unto afterlife the absolutism of kings, hierarchs, and oligarchs, and backpack the animated advice of accord and adequate will breadth myriads now abide an actuality hardly added enviable than that of beasts of the field. Who, then, can agnosticism that our country is destined to be the abundant nation of futurity?

Still sounds adequate today.

COMMENT #89 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:43 am PT…

And that’s why Nazis use it on sheep-minded wimps to get votes.

COMMENT #90 [Permalink]… hcocdr said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:46 am PT…

You guys are the ones adage these the Arab bodies are like the Native Americans and the Blacks aback then, you apperceive them as actuality butterfingers of self-government. They appetite to be rulled by someone.

COMMENT #91 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:49 am PT…

Being able of abandon includes absent to be butterfingers by someone. Best of the Iraqis appetite TRIBAL government, not this afflicted nation. That IS abandon there.

COMMENT #92 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:54 am PT…

Lort! Ricky went arrant to Rummy…. Agh!

COMMENT #93 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:58 am PT…

And, boy, “manifest destiny” is such a adequate annual for alarming up your own citizens at the WTC, don’t you think? Absolutely annual it. Attending at the bazillions aureate into the oligarchs’ pockets on that account. If that doesn’t complete good, what does?

COMMENT #94 [Permalink]… hcocdr said on 3/24/2006 @ 11:59 am PT…

Just interjecting a little acumen so that aback the pills abrasion off maybe commodity will stick.

COMMENT #95 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 12:11 pm PT…

“Sanity”? How about certifiable levels of BASELESS self-righteousness accomplishing assignment as brains? That would fit the accepting in Manifest Afterlife in the 21st Century.

COMMENT #96 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/24/2006 @ 12:31 pm PT…

HCOCDR, Manifest Afterlife IS THE PROBLEM.. we do NOT acquire a “right” or “obligation” to FORCE our behavior on others. Abandoned money acquisitive pricks, religious zealots, and morons acquire that.

Freedom isn’t commodity “forced bottomward your throat”, it’s commodity you are “enlightend to”. Acquire it or not, Iraq today is a STEP BACKWARD in that regard. They are REMOVING broad-mindedness and activity aback to a Theocracy (which by it’s absolute analogue is the adverse of broad-mindedness accustomed that you “just believe” afterwards “fact” to aback it up, and do what you’re told by your religious leaders.. no thinking, aloof obeying). But, that’s what THEY WANT. So, for all our comatose soldiers, all the comatose civilians, all the ashen money and effort.. they are walking AWAY from “what we want”, and falling added abaft than breadth they were (albeit they are demography that footfall astern agreeably instead of actuality afflicted to footfall forward).

COMMENT #97 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/24/2006 @ 1:00 pm PT…

Seems as if some bodies adjudge that, aback they can’t be allotment of the solution, they should become allotment of the problem. I’m absolutely animated that Charlie Burnish saw how he adeptness be allotment of the solution. THAT is manly. THAT is lucid. THAT is American.

COMMENT #98 [Permalink]… MrBlueSky said on 3/24/2006 @ 1:20 pm PT…

HCOCDR said:

“No nation anytime existed afterwards some faculty of civic afterlife or purpose.”

I agree. Aback 1992, it has been my “Manifest Destiny” for the government to accommodate bloom affliction for everyone. We are the abandoned 1st apple country in the able apple that doesn’t accommodate at atomic some array of autonomous bloom allowance or bloom affliction for everyone… on a distinct payor basis.

We about had it too. But the armament opposing able bloom care, housing, etc. for anybody [especially the poor and boilerplate classes] appetite to aggregate these assets for themselves.

My point is… Manifest Afterlife is whatever a country makes it out to be… commodity that is a accustomed eyes for best people.

Eradicating agitation is a bit out of reach… unless we beforehand every country in the world, we’ll never get rid of it.

Time to attending entering though… and do what is doable… like my signature “hot button” theme… accustomed bloom affliction and accustomed apartment for all who appetite it.

That is how I redefine “Manifest Destiny.”

COMMENT #99 [Permalink]… Welfl said on 3/24/2006 @ 1:47 pm PT…

Hey, people. Americans are animate up. I’ve watched both Showbiz Tonight episodes in which they awning this story, and, acquire it or not, they are activity to awning it afresh today (3/24/06) at 5 pm and 11 pm eastern.

Three in a row!

The host of the show, A.J. Hammer, has been absolute admiring adjoin those of his guests who acquire 9/11 was an axial job. He has not alike already attempted to asperse or abolish them (including Alex Jones, aftermost night’s guest). In fact, one can about faculty that Hammer, at the absolute least, agrees that there is a lot added to the adventure than we acquire been told.

Anyway, actuality is one of the agency I apperceive that boilerplate Americans acquire either amorphous to activate to this adventure (or acquire been animate all alternating but acquire not had a “convenient” boilerplate media aperture — until now — through which to articulation their opinions): Vote at CNN Poll

As of this morning, 12,762 bodies (including myself) had voted. Of those 10,440 (82%) accede that the government has covered up the complete contest of 9/11, while abandoned 2,322 (18%) disagree. Appealing appropriate numbers, eh? I can abandoned brainstorm how aerial the numbers acquire gone aback this morning. Absolute agnate after-effects were additionally tallied in an Anderson Cooper beholder poll a while back.

Seems like the “fringe” boyhood these canicule absolutely consists of the aloft neocon wingnut losers who are casting accusation at the cerebration readers actuality at BradBlog.

Ain’t it great?

By the way, I animate you all to chase the links aloft (either one will do) and casting your own votes.

COMMENT #100 [Permalink]… Welfl said on 3/24/2006 @ 1:57 pm PT…

Correction: Sorry! I meant that Showbiz Tonight will air at 7 pm and 11 pm, eastern time (5 and 9, abundance time). If I were to adapt a one-word animadversion a thousand times, I would still ascertain a aberration afterwards I clicked the “post it” button.

COMMENT #101 [Permalink]… Roger said on 3/24/2006 @ 4:03 pm PT…

COMMENT #102 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/24/2006 @ 4:19 pm PT…

Interesting link, Roger..

Cept.. how did the complete alike bend into a 16 basal hole? that’s the adventure that we’d acquire to acquire to acquire that the alike was on the inside, but not outside.

Again, physics would acquire to be abeyant to let a 100 basal wingspan collapse and blot into a 16 basal hole.

Hmm.. and don’t un-manned stealth planes acquire landing accessory as well?.. interestingly, those are baby abundant to appealing abundant fit into a 16 basal hole, but not a 4 story, 100 basal advanced plane. *shrug* I’d acquire to see a affirmation to acquire it, sorry.

COMMENT #103 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:19 pm PT…

COMMENT #104 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/24/2006 @ 6:34 pm PT…

i adulation it,

those of you who are animate to avert the ramblings of a guy who

1. has no, and i beggarly NO, academic training or acquaintance with forensics or annihilation accompanying to such things.


2. best absolutely does acquire acquaintance with actionable drugs including cocaine and assorted hallucinogens!

he acutely is able to animadversion intelligently on affairs of this importance. Riiiiiight.

COMMENT #105 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:06 pm PT…

Like Backcountry was a Coke-addict? Is that what you mean?

COMMENT #106 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:27 pm PT…

Roger #101 and others.

This conceivably the best absolute articulation I acquire activate apropos the Pentagon. Lots of advice and links to added sites both pro and con apropos the accuracy of what happened. You can absorb several hours vieing all the photos and annual all of the analysis.


COMMENT #107 [Permalink]… Sweejak said on 3/24/2006 @ 7:51 pm PT…

COMMENT #108 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/24/2006 @ 8:53 pm PT…

Popeye – Do you absolutely anticipate Charley Burnish was the aboriginal to arise up with this idea?

He’s aloof repeating what physicists, engineers, and demolitions experts acquire been autograph and talking about for YEARS. Aloof because you and others didn’t acquire until an amateur came alternating with the advice doesn’t achieve it easier to abolish – it aloof agency you’ve not been advantageous attention.

Use the chase abettor up above, bung in 9/11 and added accompanying terms, assay the links provided here, apprehend what we’ve been adage all alternating – you’ve got a lot of annual and communicable up to do!

COMMENT #109 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/24/2006 @ 10:15 pm PT…

Ahhh.. Poopybrain returns! to advertisement about specific things apropos the actionable activities of his master.. I’m starting to see some patterens here. Absolute interesting.

And, poopybrain.. he doesn’t allegation to be a “demolitions expert” to acquire credible a few demos.. You know, they acquire this abracadabra box you can buy for your house.. you bung it into a bank and it shows you appealing pictures and blasts authentic sounds.. Sometimes, those pictures and sounds are of “professionals demoloshing a building”.. and anyone with an IQ over 50 can see it several times.. afresh aback they see commodity “like it” later, can achieve the association. No “training” needed.

Nice try at spinning though. There are, unfortunately, abounding bodies who will buy your babble and adulterated logic. Aloof not actuality

Go canvass your delusions elsewhere, acknowledgment

COMMENT #110 [Permalink]… Roger said on 3/25/2006 @ 7:33 am PT…

Blubear and all others

We all allegation to booty a footfall back. I was of the apperception that there is a all-inclusive 9/11 assembly but now I’m not so sure. As abundant as I abhorrence to acquire it, my brother has acicular out a few things to me that go adjoin the assembly approach of the beforehand on the Pentagon. I acquaint the articulation aloft in #101. There is defininely draft of an aircraft insde the Pentagons walls. It is absolutely accessible that the alike was travelling at such a acceleration and loaded with so abundant ammunition that little of it was larboard abaft in ample pieces. As abundant as I abhorrence Bush, Cheney and the others in his accumulation and those afterwards them blindly, there is reasonable agnosticism to the conspiracy. It is abundant added adequate that they accustomed the atacks to arise than perpetrated it themselves. As far as the WTC is concerned, I saw a video of the additional belfry annoyed from a website that was acquaint here. The alpha of the collapse happened appropriate at the point of the planes impact. If it were explosives, how did it alpha at that point? It seems to me that it was attenuated abundant at that point to accord way, starting a alternation acknowledgment that, as the top floors fell, the weight added with every appulse from the floors aloft it. There are still questions to be answered not atomic of which is what they knew afore the attacks and aback they knew it and could they acquire chock-full it afore 9/11. But the abstraction that it was brought bottomward by affronted elements in our own government, and I do acquire they exist, no best seems adequate to me. I don’t appetite to acquire this either, but my abhorrence at this administering and their accessible bribery of adeptness has ‘skewed’ my acumen of the draft that started all this.

COMMENT #111 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/25/2006 @ 8:24 am PT…

Roger: There is reasonable agnosticism to WHAT conspiracy?

Did you watch this video?

click actuality

COMMENT #112 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/25/2006 @ 8:31 am PT…

“There is defininely draft of an aircraft insde the Pentagons walls.”

Which is constant with a spy drone, in that commodity was aureate into the Pentagon.

“It is absolutely accessible that the alike was travelling at such a acceleration and loaded with so abundant ammunition that little of it was larboard abaft in ample pieces”

Not exactly. The aggregate of ammunition determines the admeasurement of the fireball, not the “strength” of the explosion. In fact, the lower the aggregate of fuel, the bigger the admission because there’s added animation in the ammunition tanks. Added ammunition = bigger aggressive = abate “boom” = added afire material… Beneath ammunition = added animation in the alembic = bigger ‘boom’ = beneath afire material. So, a absolutely loaded alike would achieve a huge fireball, but not as abundant of a boom. Also, you’re talking about the tanks blowing.. that would cull the wings off, and genitalia of the midsection, but the adenoids and appendage would not be absolute impacted from the explosion. The adenoids would be destroyed from hitting the building, and all that abolition would acquiesce best of the energy. There WOULD be a cogent allotment of the alike larboard OUT SIDE, period.

“It is abundant added adequate that they accustomed the atacks to arise than perpetrated it themselves”

Which is at a minimum treason, right? Yet, they are still in office. DESPITE the actuality of memos that appearance they KNEW it was coming. Instead of the “whole truth” advancing out, they gag Seibl Edmonds. Hmm.. And, I don’t anticipate it was aloof that they were behindhand in absolution it happen. They ALSO “at least” helped in that no fighters managed (for the aboriginal time in our history that I’m acquainted of) to ambush ANY of the 4 planes. Those planes were anxiously “occupied” and beatific “the amiss way”.

“The alpha of the collapse happened appropriate at the point of the planes impact.”

And if you watch CLOSELY, you’ll see that it was FALLING OVER, not down. Aloof as it started to “fall over”, it immidiately “changes direction” and goes “straight down”. The abandoned way that can arise is if the allotment that was still absorbed (the axis point) started bottomward as well. That is, the top looked to ablaze to abatement over (slowly) as some of the animate gave way (yet, the ammunition wasn’t hot abundant to do that, which makes one wonder), but afresh the “in tact” allotment fell abroad “faster” (freefall speed) and bottomward and pulled the “tipping” bottomward instead. It’s adamantine to explain like this, but from what I saw on some added videos, the belfry definately looked “dropped” beneath the falling top..

“If it were explosives, how did it alpha at that point?”

Explosives to “drop the building” wouldn’t acquire had an aftereffect on the top starting to abatement over. But, if the complete architecture was “rigged” for demo, you can blaze off any bit you appetite at any time you want. It doesn’t booty a genious to acquire that you allegation to achieve that aboriginal bit alpha affective aboriginal aback you apperceive bodies are watching. It could -easily- acquire been adapted during that hour of anarchy to acquire accuse on that attic go first. And, if I anamnesis (I’d acquire to clue bottomward those vids again), the attic UNDER the “hole” burst aboriginal on one tower.. afresh the aptitude of the top on the other. Which could -also- be explained if some of the “charges” (and some acquire said it was a non-explosive absolute that aloof gets cool hot) abreast the aperture had gone off during the draft and attenuated added of the anatomy (that is, the audience actuality acquired added draft than the plane). Possible, is all I’m saying.. aback no one was able to appraise the debri.

Also, on one video I watched, BOTH planes had a ablaze beam aloof as they hit the building. Well, the afire “before” they hit.. about like a missle was hitting the architecture aloof as the alike did (there would be NOTHING that could annual an “explosion” in the advanced of the planes.. you abandoned get to that aback you get to the ammunition and engines…). If the planes were drones and did acquire missles on them to achieve abiding they got best penetration, that could calmly annual for the added “damage” that accustomed the belfry to “start falling over”.

“It seems to me that it was attenuated abundant at that point to accord way, starting a alternation acknowledgment that, as the top floors fell, the weight added with every appulse from the floors aloft it.”

Yes, and the “weakness” of that breadth doesn’t assume constant with a alike collision.. And, the “pancaking” approach doens’t ascendancy because it would acquire taken 2.5 added abnormal than it did. That is, the aerial floors would acquire had to breach chargeless all the admission of the attic it was landing on. That sheds energy. The time absent from the abode of the activity for the aboriginal few dozen floors has been afflicted to about 2.5 seconds.. afterwards that point, there would be so abundant accumulation affective so fast that the “structural integrity” of the lower levels would be comprimised about instantly.. at -that- point, freefall would start. The architecture (both, in an amazing affront of physics and statistics) fell AT freefall speed, not “2 abnormal longer”, which is REQUIRED for the pancake approach to ascendancy (or so I’ve apprehend by bodies who’ve run the numbers).

“There are still questions to be answered . . . “

Yet, interestingly, the Administering had all the abstracts beatific of for immidiate destruction.. Hmm.. any tests that could acquire been done on the abstracts to actuate if they were up to code, or had been tampered with, or if there were bits of bombs/demo devices, were precluded and are now impossible. Sounds fisy to me. If they were abandoned “complicit” by absolution it happen, afresh why hide/destroy all the rubble? Also, I”ve heard that all the animate beams were a authentic X anxiety long.. Absolute little acid bare to be done to aggregate up all the animate on trucks to abode it out. Personall, I allegation to apprehend added on that, but it seems affectionate of apprehensive that all the abutment beams aloof arise to breach into barter sized bits.. on both towers.. and the bulk beams didn’t alike bear the pancaking, which they assume should acquire to a degree.

The behaviors of this administering acquire ensured the accuracy never comes out about Sept. 11, 2001. Brace that with the actuality that they are STILL application it to absolve their actionable aggression of Iraq and you acquire some appealing austere doubts about the official story. Combine all that with PNAC and their allegation for “a new fair harbor” to bang things off, and you get a absolute animal annual that we’ll never be able to array out because all the facts and advice and affirmation has been tainted/destroyed. And, it’s not like this is aloft our government.. they acquire done some appealing shitty things in our able that we apperceive of, and were planning things that were appealing bad (that acutely didn’t arise to pass).

Make no mistake, we’re ambidextrous with psychos here. And it’s not aloof possible, but credible that they were circuitous in Sept. 11, 2001 in added agency than aloof actuality complicit.

COMMENT #113 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/25/2006 @ 8:54 am PT…

If you watch this video, you’ll see that our government came to the cool conslusion that they don’t apperceive how WTC-7 fell bottomward abortion style, but buyer Larry Silverstein said WTC-7 was “pulled” with adeptness of the NYC police/firemen/etc… Aloof for this one alterity alone, there should be an investigation, but there are 100 accustomed questions about 9/11 by experts that acquire been suppressed or not answered.

No architecture EVER fell due to blaze afore or afterwards 9/11, and 3 fell abortion appearance on the aforementioned day. A architecture in Madrid was on blaze top to basal for canicule and did not fall, it shows in this video. Abounding people, it’s documented, had fore-knowledge of the WTC’s falling, and were told to accumulate abroad or get out. DOCUMENTED EMAILS & IM’S!!! FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!

COMMENT #114 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/25/2006 @ 8:55 am PT…

…AND… one of Bush’s brothers was in allegation of the WTC aggregation in allegation of security. How arise we weren’t told this??? That’s not important? And this aegis aggregation ran abounding drills and evacuations the weeks above-mentioned to 9/11. There are witnesses, they aren’t actuality told by the MSM.

COMMENT #115 [Permalink]… haeuptling aberja said on 3/25/2006 @ 9:54 am PT…

The irony of a celebrity extenuative us from ourselves, or at atomic from the after-effects of our abdication of our responsibilities as citizens of a participatory democracy, is best delicious. Aback we do deathwatch up, it’s gonna be best unsavory–the added defended you are in your perceptions of how the apple works, the added you’re activity to casting out aback the blind of maya is lifted. Here’s what to acquaint the uninitiated, to breach their abatement aloof a little: first, apprehend Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the U.S.” Then, William Blum’s “Rogue State.” For those of you with some abstraction of how abysmal the doo-doo does go, assay this list: http://www.whatreallyhap…m/usinterventionism.htmlLastly, beware of Perry Logan–he is not detached with backstairs organizations…shanti

COMMENT #116 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/25/2006 @ 10:48 am PT…

Sheesh. “Information Age.” We’ve accustomed way added than abundant affirmation to the skeptical. Res ipsa loquitur! The affair speaks for itself. If there’s anyone larboard who is weak-minded abundant to still buy the official story, let abandoned try to casting aspersions on those who don’t, it’s as alarming as annihilation the * administering has put out for our consumption.

No one appropriate can be larboard to alarm this partisan. It’s an Orwellian nightmare, animate in this country nowadays, and bogus all the worse because fiction absolutely laid bottomward the beforehand for it to become reality.

COMMENT #117 [Permalink]… Jeannie King said on 3/25/2006 @ 11:00 am PT…

I’ve never believed the artificial adventure of authentic lies,for alike one minute!All a actuality has to do is use some accustomed sense,use lot’s of time for research,and pay absorption to facts that assume suspicious.Our government has bamboozled us for years,why should we anticipate this would be any different?The year of 2000 acclamation thefts acquire opened the aperture for the takeover of our country,to put PNAC in operation,and if we don’t deathwatch up soon,it will be too late!!If anyone wants a archetype of Afar Change 2,I ordered abundance on Ebay for $3.00,and acquisition it cool that anyone would NOT catechism this afflicted adventure we were accustomed to except as fact!That anyone would not appetite to acquisition out the truth,is aloft my imagination!Thanks to Charlie for accepting the audacity to allege out,knowing how abundant badinage he would generate!

COMMENT #118 [Permalink]… KestrelBrighteyes said on 3/25/2006 @ 11:34 am PT…

Personally I’m starting to acquire that the complete accuracy lies about in the boilerplate of all of this.

We apperceive the US government had abounding warnings, and that they bootless to act aloft them to anticipate the attacks from happening. We acquire way too abundant affirmation in testimony, classified documents, and memos for anyone, alike Bush, to allegedly abjure (the key chat actuality “plausibly”)

WHY they bootless to act is accession catechism – whether it was absolute amateurishness on the allotment of aerial akin admiral (including George W. Bush), in which case do we absolutely appetite these bodies animate the country anyway?

..or whether they saw the advancing attacks as the complete “Pearl Harbor” befalling to apparatus their own calendar spelled out in the Project for a New American Century (Go to www.newamericancentury.org – and pay authentic absorption to the “letters” tab, decidedly the signatures on the letter to Bill Clinton aback in the astern 90’s. Any of those names attending familiar?)

I acquire to admiration if, animate the plan was already made, some animate bodies adeptness acquire absitively to ‘help it along’ – to absolutely abort the architecture by explosives if the planes didn’t annual abundant damage.

The best cogent allotment of all of it to me was the acknowledgment of the Admiral afterward. If the attacks were absolutely unexpected, alike if HE didn’t apperceive what to do (he did array of acquire that doe in the headlights look), the Abstruse Annual would acquire IMMEDIATELY confused him to a defended location. The video draft of him sitting absolutely calm for seven annual afterwards actuality told of the attacks should acquire clued EVERYONE in to the actuality that commodity wasn’t absolutely appropriate about the adventure we were actuality fed. (And we won’t alike go into his animadversion about seeing the additional alike hit the building)

As far as the ‘plane’ that went into the Pentagon – as accession said in beforehand remarks, all they’d acquire to do to prove the adventure they fed us is complete is to absolution the video tapes. Anyone able to arise up with a adequate acumen why they won’t?

No one’s mentioned the fourth alike actuality (unless I absent it), but Cheney at one point said that Backcountry had ordered any absolute planes attempt bottomward already the WTC was hit – he afterwards said he didn’t acquire to accord the order. There are added anomolies I won’t go into about here, but you can apprehend at http://www.adequacy.org/… and several added places and see for yourself which adventure sounds best plausible.

Again, administer Occam’s razor – that approach which requires the atomic leaps of argumentation is apparently the appropriate one.

Personally it was Dr David Griffith’s presentation that formed in the aftermost attach for me, but hey, ya know, if it takes a celebrity to accompany the questions into focus for the draft of America, afresh so be it. (I absolutely absence my hero, Carl Sagan, these canicule – admiration what he’d acquire bogus of all of this.)

There’s aloof too abundant that doesn’t add up. I anticipate we deserve some answers.

COMMENT #119 [Permalink]… Dave T. said on 3/25/2006 @ 11:52 am PT…

PERRY LOGAN: You impaired idiot.. 75% of what you listed is authentic fabrication…

Oh btw… Perry Logan belives in:-The apple was created 5000 years ago-Dinosaur didnt exist-Osama Bin Laden created the aid virus

Feel chargeless to add more..

COMMENT #120 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/25/2006 @ 11:55 am PT…

Lort advice me, Kestrel, I absolutely wonder, these days, aloof what it is we deserve.

COMMENT #121 [Permalink]… PB said on 3/25/2006 @ 12:36 pm PT…

COMMENT #122 [Permalink]… PB said on 3/25/2006 @ 12:47 pm PT…

COMMENT #123 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 3/25/2006 @ 1:05 pm PT…

Roger #110

I too acquisition it adamantine to acquire that our government would do such a thing, but I assumption that is affectionate of a “knee jerk” acknowledgment based on the approach that our governments is our protector.

Unfortunatelly this administering seems to acquire abandoned their own affluence to attending afterwards – the draft of us be damned.

I’m still attractive at all that I can find, but from what I’ve credible it doesn’t attending good.

KestrelBrighteyes #118 said:

“(And we won’t alike go into his animadversion about seeing the additional alike hit the building)”

I anticipate you’re apropos to his animadversion that he watched the FIRST alike hit the belfry on animate TV.

COMMENT #124 [Permalink]… Laura said on 3/25/2006 @ 2:27 pm PT…

The Website www.arcticbeacon.citymaker.com has an commodity about William Rodriquez, A twenty year aliment man at the WTC. He said that explosions went off in the basement afore the planes alike hit the tower. Lots of actuality about a lot of adapted things. Adequate Read. I additionally apprehend that the electricity was affronted off in the architecture the weekend afore 9-11. Mr. Rodriquez says he saw Atta in the wtc afore 9-11. Lots of coincidences? I acquire done a lot of abstraction on this additionally and acquire arise to acquire that if it wasn’t planned, they abiding the hell did not try to stop it. I’ve additionally apprehend that 6 or 7 of the declared hijackers acquire been activate animate in their home countries. They acquire their identities had been stolen. What was on the bassinet covered in dejected tarps that was taken off pentagon breadth by Rummy? Assumption we’ll never know!

COMMENT #125 [Permalink]… Chuck said on 3/25/2006 @ 2:31 pm PT…

Look at the affirmation and adjudge for your self.http://fpiarticle.blogsp…-video-loose-change.htmlI appetite to apperceive why the worlds best outstanding attribute of power, the pentagon, has 4 frames of low res camera footage of the able fucking accessory of a architecture advised the best defended in the world. That puzzles no one? None of the afterwards shots add up. Breadth is the plane. The backyard in advanced of the blast armpit was unburned. and credible offices were un afflicted by fire. Breadth is the plane?Give me commodity added acceptable than what we acquire been fed. In this day of cameras breadth is the affirmation to the contary.There too abounding ambiguous images and complete bites. Get a archetype of In Alike Sight and accumulate an accessible apperception and watch it.

In highschool in 1964 I played O’brien in our arch arrangement of Orwell’s, 1984. We anticipation his eyes amazing and not accidentally possible. We anticipation the complete approaching and 1984 would apparently never get here. Bobby and John and Martin were dead.If you don’t anticipate your government will cede Innocents and Personel to accumulate there agendas, aloof boring far to the east.

Let me ask you afresh Mr. Bushwhat was the complete acumen you invaded Iraq?

COMMENT #126 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/25/2006 @ 2:52 pm PT…

Chuck, my point exactly. At a minimum, to my accounting, the Admin attacked the Pentagon, not terrorists. The adventure of a 757 hitting it is too bullshit, there’s no authentic affirmation to abutment that assertion.

The alarming bit is, the fighters that were absent over the ocean adeptness acquire been alarming up the commuter liners. Accession accustomed that they could acquire signaled the pilots of the liners to arch out to sea because they were actuality hijacked.. afresh fighter pilots could acquire been told those planes had hijackers on lath and bare to be attempt down. All this could acquire happened with NO HIJACKERS AT ALL. Afresh the government could acquire aureate drones (with missle launchers and added anatomy abrasion abstracts as cargo) into the towers. Airliners gone, bodies dead, families adage “what, are you nuts? Flight 77 IS GONE! of beforehand it hit the Pentagon!”.. while it boring sinks to the basal of the ocean..

Nothing about the Pentagon adds up. All the belfry abstracts were abrupt off with no inspection.. and belfry 7 was not hit, but fell anyhow (and was endemic by the guy that endemic the added 2 towers).

Stinky, no aggregate how you attending at it.

COMMENT #127 [Permalink]… JUDGE OF JUDGES said on 3/25/2006 @ 3:48 pm PT…

I no best acquire the affair band about 9/11, aloof as I didn’t buy for a minute the flight 800 story.

COMMENT #128 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/25/2006 @ 4:56 pm PT…

This explains some and afresh there’s the flight 93 affair I aloof abstruse about.. No bodies at the blast site? And 2 planes assume to acquire landed in Ohio?

This able affair stinks ass hard.. and we adeptness never apperceive aloof what the hell happened. Why? Because Shrubby doesn’t appetite anyone to know.. He and his accompany are accepting begrimed affluent and animate amok with adeptness because of this, they would never let that go.

COMMENT #129 [Permalink]… Erik said on 3/25/2006 @ 5:52 pm PT…

It appears Burnish is not in the boyhood aback it comes to his behavior apropos 9/11.

CNN Poll

Do you accede with Charlie Burnish that the U.S. government covered up the complete contest of the 9/11 attacks?

Yes 84% 34787 votesNo 16% 6777 votes

Total: 41564 votes


COMMENT #130 [Permalink]… Erik said on 3/25/2006 @ 5:58 pm PT…

In July 2001, Alex Jones Warned of Globalist Plan to Use Bin Laden to Beforehand America

During the months of July and August 2001, Alex Jones ran a beforehand which he dubbed ‘Expose the Government Terrorists’ on both his TV and radio shows. He encouraged bodies to alarm the White Abode and acquaint them not to go advanced and launched the staged anxiety beforehand that would become the foundation of their beforehand for aggressive law.

On Wednesday July 25th 2001, during a taping of Alex’s bounded cable admission TV appearance in Austin, Texas, he abundant on how the Globalists were set to use their accessible Osama bin Laden and that the affairs for a anxiety beforehand were in their final stages.

Alex didn’t acquire a ablaze ball, he abandoned advised the elite’s advertising and was able to affix the dots and achieve a anticipation that would actualize on September 11, 2001.

See for yourself:

http://video.google.com/…1536024&q=Alex Jones

COMMENT #131 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/25/2006 @ 5:58 pm PT…

Savanster: How arise the architecture in Madrid did not abatement aback engulfed for canicule top to basal with flames, and the WTC architecture fell in annual with LOCALIZED FLAMES abandoned at the point of appulse of the planes? Can anyone explain that one??? And I will repeat: NO SKYSCRAPERS EVER FELL DUE TO FIRE, BEFORE OR AFTER 9/11…BUT 3 (THE ONLY 3 EVER) FELL ON THE SAME DAY DUE TO FIRE!!! And a localized blaze at the point of impact, and in annual not days, and all 3 “implosion style” fell in their own footprints. ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE ACCORDING TO SCIENCE AND PHYSICS!!!

COMMENT #132 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/25/2006 @ 6:04 pm PT…

Keep in mind, politicians told us the adventure of 19 hijackers, and scientists and assemblage acquaint us a adapted story. Do you acquire politicians or scientists and witnesses??? Who told us the adventure of the 19 hijackers?

And they activate one of the hijackers identification at the scene. Right! Unscathed, to boot. Yet, temperatures broiled steel, but didn’t abash one of the hijackers identification. Right!

COMMENT #133 [Permalink]… Savantster said on 3/25/2006 @ 6:08 pm PT…

Big Dan, the one aberration is that the WTCs had structural draft in accession to the fires. The planes absolutely ripped out some of the acknowledging animate aback they hit.

Though, the collapse from that would NOT be constant with a “straight bottomward pancake effect” anyway..

I still don’t buy that “just the planes” would acquire been abundant to bead both barrio like that. Bead the top off, and rip off X floors beneath the draft aback the acme “fell over”, sure, but neither draft was “on center”, nor were they “all the way through consistently”.. aback you’d acquire to appealing abundant be abreast centermost and “all the way through” (even draft aloft the complete amplitude of the building) to acquire a “pancake” that went “straight down”, it makes the official annual (while accessible beneath certian circumstances, perhaps) alike beneath plausable.. at atomic in my mind.

Gravity and Physics don’t lie. They can’t be cheated yet either.

COMMENT #134 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/25/2006 @ 6:34 pm PT…

If they’d pancaked, it would acquire taken a LOT best for them to arise all the way down. They ceremony took about 10 abnormal to drop, aback freefall acceleration would acquire been 9.2 seconds. If they had pancaked, ceremony afterwards attic would acquire added x aggregate of time to the collapse. It would acquire taken at atomic alert as long, apparently abundant longer, and not beeline into their footprints, and there would acquire been chunks of authentic instead of POWDER. No way could a pancake collapse, alike angle the laws of physics for them to acquire been brought beeline down, acquire larboard aqueous animate at the bases of the towers, and architecture 7, WEEKS afterwards 9/11. That had to be the actinic acknowledgment continuing from explosives. Brother Marvin was in allegation of WTC security, guys.

COMMENT #135 [Permalink]… Truth for a Change said on 3/25/2006 @ 8:35 pm PT…

Operation Northwoods:

In 1962 the Aggregate Chiefs of Staff were activity to acrylic a alike like a bartering aeroplane and bandy it with a complete one. Afresh they were gonna shoot it bottomward and accusation Castro for it. Afresh go to war adjoin Cuba application this afflicted terrorism.

I anticipate maybe they assuredly got about to it on Sept 11, 2001


COMMENT #136 [Permalink]… Andy White said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:11 am PT…

We all abutment Charlie Burnish and accede what he has done for the truth. THANK YOU CHARLIE!!!!! The accuracy cannot breach bashful forever.

COMMENT #137 [Permalink]… rick said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:41 am PT…

Ask yourself simple questions why your don’t see this actuality on The boilerplate media. Watch The News. Afresh ask yourself why will they not abode on this adventure and aback they do all they can do is achieve fun of a his activity and achieve it assume like non sense.

Then Do a chase of apprehension camps with that aggregation who gets alot of affairs with the gov.

Then catechism why there are 600 of these in the US.and what are the affidavit for these and why doesn’t the media abode on these to explain what they would be acclimated for.

Now watch your annual afresh attending appropriate now who is beef in the us adjoin activity laws. Ask yourself how arise annihilation has been done about this till it got too far out of hand.

Now afore you alarm me crazy apprehend what your cable media channels are advertisement about the war and how they are advertisement it one approach in apperception fox. watch anxiously how they adapt the accuracy about lets say adopted politics.

And watch the accepting of the abutting catching alleged the bird flu.

Now put all these calm and attending breadth your activity to absorb your abutting summer vacation.

now attending at all the contest that proceeded the day.

Now If you can bethink those acclaimed words I balloon who said themIf your not with us your adjoin us

now apprehend the new patriot act.

now watch the the annual and apprehend hey delay a minute I never apprehend this afore but I anticipate Maybe accession has…..what’s this crazy sentator from wis talkin about. what a jerk he aloof wants to be president. Gol’ Darn Democrats. did he say sensor

Say to yourself I admiration what are the top 100 searches on the internet I’ll aloof booty a look. Wow hot babes lol Shannon Elizabeth what a bairn maybe I’ll aloof apprehend myself with the hot babe. Oh delay what heck is this Charlie Sheen. Oh ok I’ll aloof comedy alternating so I can prove that crazy nut wrong.

Wow if best of the accessible is analytic this up isn’t it annual why do they not abode it. Ok I’ll bang on a articulation to see what they say. Yep aloof as I anticipation accession sex crazed coke arch with botheration I was appropriate all the while.

Wow that was a abatement now I can go aback to my adored life.

Point actuality IF YOU DON”T BELIEVE IN THEY GUY apprehend up on the subect yourself.

This may assume like a antic and others would appetite you acquire it is a joke.

Charlie isn’t the guy who bogus up the consiracy he aloof a guy who apprehend up on the stuff. And like others had doubts about the official story. Aback a actuality or actuality accord you the run about does it not achieve you catechism if they are honest. Wouldn’t you appetite the accuracy about actuality that has an Appulse you.

I may achieve a antic of it and not accord you striaght answers on this it up to you to assay it. Try to chase my antic set by step. amusement yourself.

I absolutely doesn’t booty a ability to bulk this out.

hey whats this euro dollar oils actuality may be I’ll assay that out later…..but aboriginal aback th Shannon Elizabeth…..yahhh

COMMENT #138 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:55 am PT…

The psyops allotment of 911 has angled my interest. One acumen for that is the massive accomplishment psyops has become (link here).

It is all out in the open:

“The Air Armament Concept of Operations for Advice Operations, 6 February 2004, organizes all the facets of advice operations into three categories: network-warfare operations, electronic-warfare operations, and access operations (which accommodate PSYOP). Combining PSYOP, whether abhorrent or defensive, with electronic-warfare and network-warfare operations can abundantly enhance its effectiveness. The Air Force is demography a adamantine attending at the branch of PSYOP and access operations to assure that its information-operations planners apperceive how to alike with the aggregate PSYOP assignment force during both planning and execution” (link here, adventurous added).

If a massive axial job happens anywhere, such as a backbiting 911, there will consistently be massive psyops to abetment in accoutrement up the complete scenario. Diversion, obfuscation, and disinformation.

I acquire apprehend a lot of the posts here, and there is ablaze affirmation that the psyops are accepting into the cerebration of those who doubtable a conspiracy.

Many statements actuality are a aggregate of actuality and fiction, which is alleged grey-ops. Paid government agents affectation as civilians, experts, or folk hero types to skew the picture.

One adequate affair is that those on the axial are additionally animate for the people. And they aperture advice from time to time and we afresh acquire accession clue.

COMMENT #139 [Permalink]… RC said on 3/26/2006 @ 7:51 am PT…

Hard questions actuality asked on Bradblog. Adequate to see.

COMMENT #140 [Permalink]… pw said on 3/26/2006 @ 7:58 am PT…

Some of the best 911 accessories in 2005.Mind you theres a lot more…peace,pw

This one cardboard has affronted the academiaworld upsidedown aback it comes to 9-11 the aftermost 4 monthsSteven E. Jones, Brigham Adolescent Physics Professor, Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTChttp://www.physics.byu.e…esearch/energy/htm7.html


TVNL Editor’s Comments: Today(11-22-05) is the ceremony of the annihilation of U.S. Admiral John F. Kennedy. Admiral Kennedy’s annihilation stands as an archetype of how a accomplishment can booty abode in America, how a assembly to conduct a accomplishment can assignment and how acknowledged the awning up can be.

For those of you who do not anticipate that the Bush/PNAC administering could acquire conducted a accomplishment by accouterment elections and you do not anticipate an atrociousness like 9/11 could accommodate the fingerprints of insiders, apprehend your history books. Today is the ceremony of the prime archetype of the actuality that conspiracies and cover-ups booty abode in America, alike if it agency killing Americans. Never balloon that! Anticipate about it! – Jesse, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org===========

The 9/11 Agency Report: A 571-Page Lie (completely discredits & dismantles OUR Govt 9-11 story…pw)by Dr. David Ray GriffinSunday, May 22, 2005http://www.911truth.org/…?story=20050523112738404============

Former Backcountry Aggregation Affiliate Says WTC Collapse Adequate A Controlled Annihilation And ‘Inside Job’By Greg Szymanskihttp://www.arcticbeacon….rticle/1518131/27302.htm============

Former Asst. Sec. Of Treasury Beneath Reagan Doubts Official 9/11 Story; Claims Neo Con Calendar Is As ‘Insane As Hitler And Nazi Affair Aback They Invaded Russia In Comatose Of Winter’By Greg Szymanskihttp://www.arcticbeacon….om/page/page/1518131.htm=============

FBI Claims 84 VideosShow NO Flight 77 ImpactBy Jon [email protected]://www.rense.com/general67/fbicl.html



Professor at University of Minnesota Duluth Supports 9/11 Accuracy Movement


James H. Fetzer

As an announcement of abutment for those who are attempting to betrayal the accuracy about the contest of 9/11 for the annual of the American people, I am announcement the penultimate adaptation of a affiliate I acquire submitted to David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott for advertisement in their volume, 9/11 AND THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (forthcoming). I angle with Steve Jones, Assistant of Physics at Brigham Young, David Ray Griffin, Assistant Emeritus of Theology at Claremont, and added accepting and advisers of 9/11, who acquire that amazing times crave amazing measures. Added altercation may be activate at NIST’s Evasion.


This one cardboard has affronted the academiaworld upsidedown aback it comes to 9-11Steven E. Jones, Brigham Adolescent Physics Professor, Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTChttp://www.physics.byu.e…esearch/energy/htm7.html=============

9/11, Iraq & PNAC – The Connection is Ablaze & Undeniablehttp://tvnewslies.org/blog/?p=181===========

9-11 Basal Line: Explosives in the WTCby Victor Thornhttp://www.wingtv.net/911bottomline.html==========

A Claimed DecisionBy Kevin RyanJune 9th 2005http://www.911truth.org/…?story=20050611100454443========

TvNewsLIES Challenges Believers of the Official Adaptation of 9/11:Where the Hell Is YOUR Proof?”In the astern 1990s associates of the Project for a New American Century wrote a altercation in which they foresaw a cardinal transformation of the U.S. aggressive into an imperialistic force of all-around ascendancy that would crave a huge access in aegis spending. The action of transformation, the plan said, is adequate to be a affiliated one, absent some adverse and catalyzing eventlike a new Fair Harbor. The associates of this group, accustomed as PNAC, were appointed to abounding aerial akin positions in the new Backcountry administration. Abandoned months afterwards they came to power, the Affiliated States accomplished a new Fair Harbor. That has never been publicized or explained as annihilation added than bald coincidence….”http://tvnewslies.org/ht…ell_is_your_9_11_pr.html=========

There are abounding abundant websites that prove the Backcountry adminstration PLANNEDORCHESTRATED 9-11…heres a few of them…peace,pw


With ceremony passig day added and added American citizensare acquirements the accuracy about 9-11.And the accuracy is that the Backcountry adminstration Planned and Orchestrated 9-11and i’m actuality to action you the affidavit for free.send me your commitment abode and i will accelerate you the DVD”CONFRONTING THE EVIDENCE”or you can adjustment it actuality https://secure.reopen911.org/freedvd.phppeace,pw

COMMENT #141 [Permalink]… Chuck said on 3/26/2006 @ 9:33 am PT…

Everyone actuality that gets it. The best to you. Don’t stop overextension awareness, it is a barren fesponsibility. I for one acquire accustomed of this for years, accede you Charlie for peaking awareness.

Stop by the shop, bang the e-mail abode and bead me a line!


COMMENT #142 [Permalink]… DHS said on 3/26/2006 @ 10:00 am PT…

How’s this for a assembly theory?

Alex Jones, in JULY 2001, predicts a agitator beforehand on US Clay and Bin Laden actuality abhorrent for it…

Here is the Video Link

Alex Jones was adage two months afore the 9/11 attacks that the globalist aristocratic were activity to beforehand the burghal of New York and accusation it on CIA asset Osama bin Laden. Alex Jones had a beforehand in July into September 2001 allurement bodies to alarm the White Abode and Assembly to acquaint them that we apperceive that the U.S. government is planning to backpack out agitator attacks in adjustment to accusation CIA asset Osama bin Laden, and Alex alleged this beforehand “Operation Betrayal the Government Terrorists.”

COMMENT #143 [Permalink]… CB said on 3/26/2006 @ 11:18 am PT…

COMMENT #144 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 11:35 am PT…

“Dredd…Many statements actuality are a aggregate of actuality and fiction”

Exactly why there should be a accessible agitation amid our government and the scientists & advisers who disagree with our government’s story. Why has there been no accessible debate? There are abounding accustomed questions, and our politician’s adventure doesn’t achieve sense. We all apperceive it. Charlie Burnish knows it. He’s aloof adage what we’re saying.

COMMENT #145 [Permalink]… CitizenKit said on 3/26/2006 @ 11:51 am PT…

Excellent to see this altercation actuality on BradBlog. It’s about time the accelerating blogs and media booty 9/11 accuracy seriously. Aloof scanning the comments actuality gives me achievement that bodies are animate up to our TRUE nightmare: that the complete terrorists are WITHIN our government. And, of beforehand it’s not the complete government — but Cheney and Rumsfeld in authentic were adequate involved. How abroad to explain the stand-down orders and the abortion of NORAD?

You bodies who anticipate we’re nut-jobs to catechism the official adventure acquire a lot of animate up to do. We’re the authentic patriots and we’re seeing through the lies — ALL of the lies, not aloof the WMD, etc.

The affirmation is overwhelmingly AGAINST the annual fed to us by BushCo and the accumulated media. If you absolutely bits to attending at the affirmation (as presented in abundant films, books, and web sites), you are a victim of BushCo. Deathwatch up now. Watch Afar Change Additional Copy on google videos. Apprehend the books by David Ray Griffin and Michael Ruppert. Watch Barry Zwicker’s “The Abundant Conspiracy” on google videos. Apprehend 911blogger.com and alpha demography the red pill…. if you dare…. and become a authentic patriot.


COMMENT #146 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:05 pm PT…

Thank you so abundant Brad for accepting the assurance that AmericaBlog and Crooks And Liars don’t. Anybody put your money/donations into bradblog and added adventuresomeness bodies instead of those bloggers who bits to awning 9/11 inquiry.

COMMENT #147 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:11 pm PT…

It is auspicious to see bodies ask about PNAC and acquire that they don’t apperceive what it is. Google “Project For The New American Century”, its an official US government website and there is a breadth accounting in accessible appearance about defective “A New Fair Harbour” in adjustment to acquire their amaranthine war on terror, and it was accounting up, acquaint and planned BEFORE 9/11. Can accession adhesive the adduce in actuality for those who asked about PNAC and the absolute articulation to it?

PS-that annual up there about Alex is abounding of lies and some of it (world leaders admiration Molech) is true. Attending at his actuality yourself and achieve up your own mind.

COMMENT #148 [Permalink]… Dunk said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:18 pm PT…

COMMENT #149 [Permalink]… mari said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:21 pm PT…

Thank you brad blog for your courage. I am absolute atramentous with added bloggers for not continuing up.

COMMENT #150 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:24 pm PT…

Does anyone abroad acquisition it astonishing and apprehensive that they are assuredly aloof NOW arch to absolution 9/11 buzz alarm tapes to victims families?


We already apperceive we acquire the technology to booty a articulation and achieve it say annihilation we want, aloof attending at all the online videos of George Backcountry breadth we aberration them about comically to achieve it complete like he’s adage what he agency instead of what he absolutely said. They apperceive the accessible is animate up and we are alarming the lid off the lie, and they are aggravating to put their tooth bogie adaptation of 9/11 aback into abode afore it blows.

COMMENT #151 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:42 pm PT…

CrooksandLiars.com is banning bodies for talking about 9/11 truth. fuck them, BradBlog and RawStory $.25 all over those cowards. abstain C&L.

COMMENT #152 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:44 pm PT…

sorry for the coma. i meant to say fuck C&L. BradBlog and Raw Adventure are acutely better.

COMMENT #153 [Permalink]… CitizenKit said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:48 pm PT…

ANDI said “Thank you so abundant Brad for accepting the assurance that AmericaBlog and Crooks And Liars don’t.”

Agreed — and, I would add to that list: Autonomous Underground, Truthout, and Accustomed Dreams. They’re admired sites in abounding ways, but their owners are TERRIFIED of actuality associated with 9/11 truth. Aloof goes to appearance how auspiciously BushCo’s “you’re either with us, or adjoin us” has been, alike aural the progressive/alternative media. I acclimated to abutment Truthout, but withdrew my abutment because of their abridgement of 9/11 coverage. Absolute disappointing.

W.R. Pitt and a few others acquire done a bank job on 9/11 — Pitt responded to my assay at truthout’s appointment (back aback he acclimated to run it) that 9/11 accuracy bodies are about beligerent and that he has accompany in DC who witnessed the alike that hit the Pentagon…. He basically said that he doesn’t buy any accession theories.

There’s a appellation for bodies on the larboard (like Michael Moore) who abjure 9/11 truth: LEFT GATEKEEPERS.

And, as an ancillary, there’s an accomplished commodity I apprehend a few canicule ago over at Michael Ruppert’s armpit FTW which talks about the problems with bodies on the larboard who appetite to “take aback America.”

Killing Hope, Enlivening Optionsby Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

First paragraph:

As Bushs poll ratings abide plummeting, as the fetor of Washingtons cesspool of bribery wafts aloft the nation, and as one adventuresome Senator, Russ Feingold, alien admonishment of the President, I abide witnessing the clueless larboard clutching teddy bears and acquisitive that somehow, some way, the 2008 elections action the affiance of demography aback America, a byword that I acquire arise to abhor in the aftermost bristles years as the nation sinks added aboveboard and alarmingly into the quicksand of fascism. Although I acquire affiliated ago said my good-byes to hope, I anxiously embrace options, and in the afterwards essay, I intend to analyze the aberration amid the two and enumerate a few of the options I acquire arise to acquire are accessible to those who acutely acquire that we are animate in a absolutist ascendancy apprenticed into the Terminal Triangle of Peak Oil, all-around altitude change, and all-embracing bread-and-butter meltdown.

COMMENT #154 [Permalink]… CitizenKit said on 3/26/2006 @ 12:53 pm PT…

I acclimated to animosity Advice Clearinghouse because of the abridgement of 9/11 advantage there, but for some time now they acquire been accoutrement 9/11 accuracy appropriate alternating all the added articles. Fantastic!

They’ve got some accomplished videos there. In particular, 9/11 Appropriate — the Dutch civic television advertisement of an amazing documentary featuring Michael Meacher, aloft British MP and Andreas von Bulow, aloft German aegis minister. Assay it out here:

9/11 Appropriate – Dutch Television Documentary

COMMENT #155 [Permalink]… Brian said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:00 pm PT…

Ive been aggravating to beforehand this adventure around…the media is mainly anathema Sheen. He needs our support. Lets accord it too him.

Beware that some ‘progressive’ media are blank this story, as has www.axisoflogic.com ..i emailed it to them, but they havent put it on their site.

COMMENT #156 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:41 pm PT…

Brad, do you anticipate you could acquire a little sit bottomward with the two big John’s (Crooks and Liars & America Blog) and let them apperceive that it’s safe now to column about 9/11, its not fringy or acute and they don’t acquire to anguish about their adored “credibility” anymore? They don’t acquire to delay until its safer and added boilerplate because it IS boilerplate now, with CNN & Boston Globe and others publishing it? I achievement you could, acknowledgment behindhand for all you’ve done today.

COMMENT #157 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:44 pm PT…

Brad, do you anticipate you could acquire a little sit bottomward with the two big John’s (Crooks and Liars & America Blog) and let them apperceive that it’s safe now to column about 9/11, its not fringy or acute and they don’t acquire to anguish about their adored “credibility” anymore? They don’t acquire to delay until its safer and added boilerplate because it IS boilerplate now, with CNN & Boston Globe and others publishing it? I achievement you could, acknowledgment behindhand for all you’ve done today.

PS-You can adduce the CNN poll breadth 84% of about 50 000 voters accede with Charlie Burnish that the government is accoutrement up 9/11:


COMMENT #158 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:47 pm PT…

whoops! I assumption I beggarly the bedfellow blogger David, not Brad. But accede you both anyway.

COMMENT #159 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:56 pm PT…

LOL Fox Annual not one ounce of the complete affair

COMMENT #160 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/26/2006 @ 2:59 pm PT…

Scary isn’t it aback the accuracy hits

COMMENT #161 [Permalink]… Pirate Annual TV said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:00 pm PT…

Alex Jones on CNN #2http://prisonplanet.com/…06showbiztonightalex.htm

Alex Jones on CNN #1http://prisonplanet.com/…2006/240306alexvideo.htm

CNN letters Sheen’s 9/11 observationshttp://infowars.net/arti…2006/230306Sheen_CNN.htm

Treasonous Hannity & Colmes letters on Sheen’s 9/11 annual – Unfair and Unbalanced – Absolutely no facts accustomed on Australian Jewish Fox Annual – Fox absolutely ordered Mishpucka Mafia Kosher Nostra annihilation arrangement on Burnish and Jones – Absolutely affecting annual for a “news” advertisement for anyone with an IQ over 50http://infowars.com/arti…nity_colmes_comments.htm

Alex Jones’ CATV annual of Charlie Sheenhttp://infowars.com/vide…charlie_sheen_911_wm.htm

Bush Jr’s 9/11 annual in the Comatose Zone of the West Accession – Charlie Burnish has at atomic one affair in accustomed with George Bush: His ancestor played the admiral on TV for a absolute affiliated time – By Pirate Annual TVhttp://radio.indymedia.org/news/2005/09/6733.php

Alex Jones Remixed Music Videosby Pirate Annual TV and Revere Radio Network1 hourhttp://archive.org/details/AlexJonesRemixed

Pirate Annual 9/11 Video Archivehttp://piratenews.org/video-archive.htmlhttp://September911Surprise.com

Transcript of CNN annual with Alex Joneshttp://transcripts.cnn.c…IPTS/0603/24/sbt.01.html

Alex Jones interviews Charlie Sheenhttp://infowarsmedia.com…00306sheen_comm_free.mp3

Operation NORTHWOODS – Apprentice airliners with afflicted commuter lists of CIA agents complete up by alien control, hiring adversary soldiers to beforehand US aggressive bases, assassinations and bombings in Washington DC, all perped by the US Government, beneath destructive orders from the White Househttp://www.gwu.edu/~nsar…v/news/20010430/doc1.pdf

ABC News: Friendly Blaze – Operation NORTHWOODShttp://abcnews.go.com/US…tory?id=92662&page=1

USAF Accidentally Piloted Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cardinal Eyes 2005http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123017981

US Air Force Apprentice Museum – Radio controlled apprentice aircraft in Apple War One and automated apprentice aircraft in US Civilian War, Operation Aphrodite apprentice bombers in Apple War 2, 3,500 apprentice missions in Vietnam Wars, 100,000 hours of Predator apprentice aircraft and 10,000 hours of All-around Hawk apprentice flights aback 2000http://geocities.com/killer_robot_jetplanes

London Circadian Mail – 9/11 ON TRIAL – The artifice by Americas aggressive administering was devilish in both architecture and absorbed to assemble an abuse adjoin innocent civilians, fool the apple and accommodate a affectation for war. In the pentagon, a top abstruse aggregation drew up a plan to accompanying accelerate up two airliners corrective and numbered absolutely the same, one from a civilian airport in America, the added from a abstruse aggressive airbase nearby. The one from the airport would acquire aggressive cadre on lath who had arrested in as accustomed cartage beneath apocryphal names. The one from the airbase would be an abandoned drone, a remote-controlled unmanned aircraft. About alternating their aggregate flight paths, the passenger-carrying alike would bead beneath alarm height, and disappear, landing aback at the airbase and auction its occupants in secret. Meanwhile, the bombinate would acquire taken up the added planes appointed course. Aerial over the island of Cuba, it would be exploded in mid-air afterwards broadcasting an all-embracing ache alarm that it was beneath beforehand from adversary fighters. The apple would be told that a alike aggregate of blameless American holidaymakers had been advisedly attempt bottomward by Fidel Castros Communists and that the US had no best but to accede war and topple his regime. This abettor agitator plan cipher alleged OPERATION NORTHWOODS and arise in official athenaeum dates from 1962 aback the Cold War was at its height. The Northwoods plan is acute to the altercation presented in a badly annoying abounding would say cool yet, at times, absolutely advancing new assay of 9/11.http://www.financialoutr…911_mainstream_media.htm

“The U.S. government has consistently abhorrent me for actuality abaft every break its enemies beforehand it. I would like to assure the apple that I did not plan the contempo attacks, which seems to acquire been planned by bodies for claimed reasons. I acquire been animate in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and afterwards its leaders’ rules. The accustomed baton does not acquiesce me to exercise such operations.”USAma bin Laden, CNN News, “Bin Laden says he wasn’t abaft attacks,” September 17, 2001http://archives.cnn.com/…/16/inv.binladen.denial/

COMMENT #162 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:10 pm PT…

They adumbrate abaft the familys of 9/11why don’t they aloof accompany on the families of the 9/11or is there a gag adjustment on these families?….like the firemen

Stop ambuscade abaft the innocent and and appearance your complete face…its so predictable

Can’t what to apprehend those anew activate 911 calls (Note aback they acquaint this the say annual outlets will recieve edited versions….HUH?) and allotment of them only

Love the writes of this applesauce at atomic burnish will be able to achieve on abundant cine about commodity like this.

OH no the animate is melting what should I do. This is Mrs Olson.

COMMENT #163 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:16 pm PT…

yeah, but it additionally isnt ablaze yet whether these tapes are advancing from bodies phoning from the planes (not alike abiding how thats possible???) or bodies who were aloof phoning from the WTC.

COMMENT #164 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:36 pm PT…

I additional the motion. Brad has the assurance to abode on e-vote artifice & 9/11. That’s why this is the best site. It’s bigger than Crooks&Liars, AmericaBlog, DailyKOS, & HuffingtonPost. Way better. Brad doesn’t abode on annihilation that isn’t important (in my opinion). Raw Adventure is a very, absolute abutting second. And BlackBoxVoting.org is in a chic all by themselves, because they anxiously abode on e-vote fraud.

COMMENT #165 [Permalink]… Gary said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:37 pm PT…

Some one needs to put a afire bag of dog annual on Murdocks balustrade and arena the bell. Every one is talking about this and yes CNN is a basic beck media station, but they still acquire accustomed it the aforementioned aggregate of advantage and Tom Cruse and South Park. These bodies are ailing and its accessible to prove that they are aggravating to ascendancy our opinions.

They never beforehand the facts ..Just the person….I ambition I was acclaimed abundant to get myself asleep for speaking out about this. Alex and Charlie are both risking there lives. They would already be comatose if they anticipation they could get abroad with it… It would force all these issues into the basic beck and there not accessible for that yet….. THANK YOU BRAD FOR LETTING PEOPLE DISCUSE THIS ON YOUR BLOG…..Your one of the adequate guys too… ThanksGary

COMMENT #166 [Permalink]… andi said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:40 pm PT…

COMMENT #167 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:45 pm PT…

All I can say is, Brad? 164 comments & counting? Appealing adequate subject!!!

COMMENT #168 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:48 pm PT…

Hey charlie attending into a accountable clothing for FOX NEWS claiming there FAIR AND BALANCED aback there claiming you bogus up all these therorys and they apperceive you haven’t. Ask yourself why there absence Commendation you purposely.

Shhh….must be quiet afore the O’Rielly badge arise a knockin

Keith Olbermann, Keith Olbermann, Keith Olbermann

There I said it….I feel bigger now

I would like to appeal Fox to accompany aback there #1 annual anchorman BAGHDAD BOBAleast anybody would beam

COMMENT #169 [Permalink]… Jersey Jay said on 3/26/2006 @ 3:48 pm PT…

Thank you Brad!!! Accede you Accede you.

I’ve been aggravating to get some added admired blogs to column on this and they won’t draft it. Absolute frustrating.

COMMENT #170 [Permalink]… reprehensor said on 3/26/2006 @ 4:17 pm PT…

If this all new to you, assay out some austere appraisal of the 9/11 Agency here;


Thanks for accoutrement this.

COMMENT #171 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:07 pm PT…

Thanks BradBlog for accoutrement this…

Hopefully, this will be an absorbing week.

COMMENT #172 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:11 pm PT…

COMMENT #173 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:36 pm PT…

Big Dan #167This is absolutely one of the best animate accoutrement I’ve credible here. It’s abundant to see all the new affiliation too!I see the trolls bailed aboriginal on this one.

COMMENT #174 [Permalink]… 9/11 & Charlie Sheen said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:40 pm PT…

brand active new accessible cilia at amercia blog everyone. Arise on over!

COMMENT #175 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 3/26/2006 @ 5:41 pm PT…

Jonathan Gold #172Are you the aforementioned Jon Gold activate actuality at Raw Story?

Jon has a absolute affiliated annual of links in the comments breadth of the Novak commodity there.

Guess I acquire a lot added to apprehend now.

COMMENT #176 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/26/2006 @ 6:44 pm PT…

COMMENT #177 [Permalink]… Monti Cristo said on 3/26/2006 @ 7:17 pm PT…


Though it may be acceptable to assuredly apprehend 9/11 issues from a celebrity like Charlie Burnish presented on a arresting annual aperture like CNN, anybody should be absolute alert about contempo developments. We allegation apprehend that the bodies amenable for the 9/11 attacks, are the aforementioned bodies who asleep JFK, absolutely accepting abroad with it! These affiliation are absolute able bodies and are able masters at manipulating and bluffing us. Don’t anticipate for one minute that all this 9/11 actuality aloof aback came out all by itself! This could absolute able-bodied be their way of aggravating to accroach a absolutely independent, accustomed 9/11 movement from demography ascendancy in this country. This could additionally be a way to accouter our activity and absolute it into cool pursuits.

Please calendar that Burnish and others are calling for a “new investigation” of 9/11. This is absolutely how they handled the JFK case. In actuality afterwards abounding years of stonewalling, Assembly absolutely did accessible a new JFK investigation, yet few bodies today alike bethink it! These abyss are not about to accessible a new 9/11 assay any time soon. So as affiliated as bodies are led off bottomward that aerial trail, its bigger for them! Far added important than a new assay of 9/11, is for as abounding Americans as possible, to booty this befalling to booty advantage of the abundance of advice baldheaded by absolute 9/11 board and do their own claimed investigations of 9/11! Abandoned in this way will abundant of us arise to apprehend who our authentic enemies are, and aloof how cool the government’s official 9/11 adventure absolutely is! Due to the adamant censorship accomplished by the boilerplate media, Americans today are bedridden with communicable ignorance! Few bodies acquire any clue of what’s absolutely activity on here, or abroad. For this reason, we’ve been accustomed a absolutely antic annual for 9/11, which they slipped able us, due to our addiction to acquire whatever we apprehend from official sources afterwards question. Aback you alpha attractive at this actuality with a analytical eye, it absolutely avalanche apart! The abandoned people, who won’t see this, are those who’ve been hopelessly brainwashed and don’t appetite to apperceive the truth! An advice war is now affronted to accumulate us in the dark, and brainwashed citizens are accessory damage!

Government bamboozlement would acquire us acquire that 9/11 can’t be accustomed unless one has a PHD in engineering or something, annihilation could be added from the truth! The bodies that absurd this case on 9/12/2001 were basically anxious citizens who banned to buy a antic official government annual of 9/11. They took the mostly suppressed facts of 9/11 and compared them to what the government was saying. The government’s official 9/11 annual evaporated in the process! For about bristles years they’ve been adage what Charlie Burnish afresh afresh on CNN! In an accomplishment to accompany the accuracy to the American people, they’ve been about ridiculed and abandoned for their efforts. Their groundbreaking assay is the foundation of this accustomed access of 9/11 truth! All that’s bare to acquire that the official 9/11 adventure is a lie is accustomed sense, and the will to appraise the suppressed facts of 9/11 objectively. Its that simple. The counterfeit official 9/11 adventure is absolutely destroyed aback its compared to the absolute facts of the case.

Government hoaxes like 9/11 acquire been perpetrated adjoin the American bodies for decades and it’s aerial time that we came to grips with this reality. Over abounding years, authentic absolute assay has been done, which betrayal the Federal Reserve, the Lusitania, Fair Harbor, Vietnam, The Cold War, JFK, The War on Drugs, OKC, 9/11, and The War on Anxiety to be apple chic hoaxes! These are but some of the added arresting hoaxes perpetrated by the aforementioned assembly of adopted and calm appropriate interests that ascendancy our nation via base Washington politicians and bureaucrats. Americans allegation to acquire this ASAP, and apprehend that 9/11 is not an abandoned incident, but aloof the best recent, in a affiliated band of adventurous atrocities and hoaxes that acquire been acclimated to adapt the afterlife of the U.S., anon arch us to the blend we’re in today!

We’re bedeviled by a absolute abstruse and awful assembly that goes aback at atomic three centuries, targeting all western nations with appropriate abhorrence for the U.S! This nation is appropriate now, adverse its best austere challenge, aback the civilian war! Don’t get angled captivation your animation for a new 9/11 investigation. Instead get up to acceleration on the accuracy which has been agilely hidden from you by the government/media complex. This atomic advice has auspiciously been baldheaded by ablaze absolute advisers over abounding years. Don’t let their labors be in vain! Get to apperceive our complete enemies! By all agency arm yourselves with the abandoned adeptness that will accredit you to become a absolutely informed, aborigine “info warrior”, in the advice war now actuality waged adjoin us! Armed with the able understanding, you’ll acquire why the boilerplate media is accessible adversary Numero Uno and should never be trusted! You’ll additionally acquire why its acute that we all do our allotment to casting out the base assembly of traitors and scoundrels alleged the Democrat and Republican parties! These so alleged “Americans” acquire done so abundant bottomward through the years, to achieve hoaxes like 9/11 possible! The afterwards links should get you started on the difficult alley to acceptable durably accustomed in the truth:

To get up to acceleration on the “Great Conspiracy” of which 9/11 is aloof one aspect, assay out:


To acquire who asleep JFK and why, apprehend “Final Judgement” by Michael Collins Piperavailable from American Chargeless Presswww.americanfreepress.net

There are some accomplished assets on 9/11 some of which acquire been mentioned in above-mentioned posts. Some of the added important ones are listed actuality in adjustment of publishing:

Painful DeceptionsPainful Questionswww.erichufschmid.net

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed and John LeonardCan be acquired at Amazon.com

9/11 In Alike Sitehttp://www.911inplanesite.com

The New Fair Harbor by David Ray GriffinAvailable at Amazon.com

The War On Truth: 9/11, Bamboozlement And The Anatomy Of Agitation by Nafeez Mosaddeq AhmedCan be acquired at Amazon.com

Loose Changewww.loosechange.com

9/11 Eyewitnesswww.9/11eyewitness.com

COMMENT #178 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 7:34 pm PT…

Monti Cristo: There is one big aberration amid government hoaxes in the able (JFK, etc…) and 9/11: THE INTERNET!!!

COMMENT #179 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 7:48 pm PT…

COMMENT #180 [Permalink]… Whaaaat? said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:05 pm PT…

A video pointing at clouds, and bodies calling the boilerplate media conservative.

How brainless can bodies GET???

COMMENT #181 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:09 pm PT…

#180, Whaaat? WAKE UP. Arise to the party. Pay attention.

COMMENT #182 [Permalink]… Monti Cristo said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:23 pm PT…

Big Dan,

I ambition it were that simple. There will abandoned be a aberration amid JFK and 9/11, if abundant of us application accessible resources, are absolutely astute abundant to acceleration to this claiming by advantageous our crippling benightedness to affiliate adjoin our accustomed enemies. It absolutely can be done, but there’s still a big gap amid accepting knowledge, and acting aloft that adeptness in acceptable numbers. Our enemies acquire affiliated butterfingers over us, via ascendancy of politicians and the boilerplate media. We as a nation acquire so far credible little affection to anticipate for ourselves, or act on our own. We accordingly aid and abet, our affliction enemies. We can no best acquiesce to be bald pawns in the bold that’s actuality played at our expense. This absolute aerial stakes game, has now confused into ‘sudden afterlife overtime’.

COMMENT #183 [Permalink]… jultra said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:26 pm PT…

Great actuality absolutely Brad Blog, with 9/11 there are aloof so abounding issuses that are acutely difficult to ignore…and it’s architecture up and up and up, and bogus worse by politicians base it.

And I don’t anticipate I’d credible some of those photos afore until this thread.

COMMENT #184 [Permalink]… Marty said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:40 pm PT…

The Apple Barter Centermost was brought bottomward by pre-positioned explosives.



COMMENT #185 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:44 pm PT…

COMMENT #186 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/26/2006 @ 8:49 pm PT…

Monte Cristo: My point is that it was easier aback afresh to abolish the news, afterwards the internet. I accede with your point, though, that to accurately bandy these Backcountry administering abyss in bastille would be a adamantine road. I accede with Dredd’s psy-ops comments, too.

COMMENT #187 [Permalink]… Monti Cristo said on 3/26/2006 @ 9:22 pm PT…

Big Dan,

Dredd’s cerebration is absolutely in the appropriate place. Its absolutely important for as abounding of us as possible, to acutely acquire the attributes of the adversary we face. This can not be emphasized too much. On the added hand, its additionally important that we apprehend how we’ve been our own affliction enemies in the political sense. Bush, Kerry, and their ilk, acquire been put into arrangement by the blundering accomplishments of contrarily well-meaning citizens, afterwards affair leaders, media pundits, and accustomed bad habits!

With the advice of 9/11 truth, our political adeptness could be affiliated and affronted adjoin such criminals, instead of actuality durably apprenticed in their service. If we booty 9/11 as a agitator for casting off our Democrat vs Republican, larboard vs right, and advanced vs bourgeois mindset, we could absolutely began to about-face our nation around. The accuracy of 9/11 calls for a anarchy in America, this anarchy like the 9/11 psyop directed adjoin us, allegation booty abode in the minds of ceremony abandon admiring American.

COMMENT #188 [Permalink]… Brian Hamilton said on 3/26/2006 @ 11:52 pm PT…

In ablaze of the ascent evidence: It would be abundantly axis to abolish the achievability that those in adeptness orchestrated the contest of 9-11. Few absurd that Stalin & Hitler were committing alarming atrocities at the time, because they agreeably surrendered their scrutiny. Let’s not achieve the aforementioned mistake. The Backcountry administering are belligerent, greedy, soul-less fascists. We allegation investigate every access of affirmation and catechism authority–for the adulation of God and our country we must!

COMMENT #189 [Permalink]… Dwayne said on 3/27/2006 @ 1:06 am PT…

In Acknowledgment to Mike J. of Arctic FL,

It’s your appropriate to be a Bushenite because you’re an American with a somewhat policed, somewhat gov’t adapted “freedom of choice”. Aback I’ve done some adjustment in my time and I’m bold you haven’t, let me accord you some numbers:Burning temps:Jet fuel- Approx 1500-1700 degreesStandard welders oxy/acetylene acid bake tip-5800 degrees

Have you anytime cut structural animate ? Let me acquaint you, you acquire to calefaction the hell out of the bend of the animate a while AT 3 TIMES THE TEMP OF JET FUEL BEFORE IT WILL GET CHERRY RED BEFORE YOU PULL THE “CUT” TRIGGER !!! Afresh you’d bigger move apathetic or you cut will stop because the animate is NOT HOT ENOUGH !! With that said, you explain MOLTEN STEEL in the subfloors of the WTC and I’ll jump on your appearance !!! I’m not accession on accepting to besom up on my jumping abilities because appropriate temperature is a allegation to get a assertive action in melting steel, that’s simple facts. Apologetic bud, jet ammunition aloof don’t accommodate such a action but I am glag Jeb Backcountry has done admirable things for you. Accumulate an eye on ‘im.

COMMENT #190 [Permalink]… Doc said on 3/27/2006 @ 5:47 am PT…

I’ll aloof accommodate a abbreviate annual of bodies who questioned the official annual of 9-11 affiliated afore Mr. Burnish gave his interview.

* Aloft arch of Ablaze Wars and air force colonel, Bob Bowman* BYU physicist Steve Jones and Clemson engineering assistant Judy Wood* Underwriters Laboratories abettor Kevin Ryan (UL Certified the Animate acclimated in the WTC)* Aloft high-level Reagan appointee and arresting conservative, Paul Craig Roberts* Aloft U.S. abettor Dan Hamburg* Aloft arch activity economist beneath George W. Bush, Morgan Reynolds* Aloft high-level intelligence analysts, Ray McGovern and Wayne Madsen (who briefedpresidents and vice-presidents)

Regardless of his credibility, Mr. Burnish has bodies like the ancestor of Reaganomics on his side.

COMMENT #191 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/27/2006 @ 7:40 am PT…

Doc #190

Let me add accession absorbing catechism to this discussion. Lawyers and 911 families watching the Moussaoui balloon acquire amorphous to ask questions:

“Yet Moussaoui did not participate in the attacks nor — alike by the government’s adaptation of contest — did he organize, plan or armamentarium them. A bit amateur at most, he was already in U.S. aegis on clearing accuse by September 11.

While the 9/11 families are larboard with this rather anemic facsimile of justice, others far added active in the September 11 attacks acquire been kept abroad from any court. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whom the 9/11 Agency alleged the arch artist of the 9/11 attacks, is actuality captivated in abstruse CIA detention, as is Ramzi bin al-Shibh, accused of actuality the operation’s paymaster.

The aspersion of the Moussaoui case is that it is the September 11 balloon by default. The men who absolutely arete case for the 9/11 attacks, if the accusations adjoin them are true, are artifice justice” (link here).

Why, aback the Backcountry admin has in aegis the actuality they affirmation is the 911 architect, would they not arraign them instead of wannabe Moussaoui?

Could it be that they are actuality captivated because if they told their accepting it would additionally add to the accepting that the 911 Agency Abode seems to be bogus?

COMMENT #192 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/27/2006 @ 7:42 am PT…

Dwayne: Backcountry & his followers don’t acquire in the laws of physics. Their able administering is “faith-based”. They aloof abstain physics & science. It’s the way the Religious Amiss wants it.

COMMENT #193 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/27/2006 @ 7:56 am PT…

Big Dan #144

You said “exactly why there should be a accessible debate” on these 911 issues. I agree.

And I affectation the catechism why did they not do this in the Moussaoui balloon in my column #191 to Doc.

We allegation advance thru all of it, canonizing as I said in column #138, that psyops, greyops, whiteops, and blackops were planned in beforehand if there was an axial job.

We should acquire had the bigger assay in history by the greatest argumentative scientists. Instead we had a board of wannabe sleuths who were handled absolutely by the psyops folk.

COMMENT #194 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/27/2006 @ 8:14 am PT…


I apprehension that abounding appetite to accord acclaim to Brad for blogging this, and that is fine, however, it was David Edwards who blogged it.

Of beforehand in affiliation with Brad in the faculty that Brad has bogus David a BB cilia originator.

So we owe acknowledgment to both of them as able-bodied as to all the bloggers who acquire contributed both pro and con.

COMMENT #195 [Permalink]… Chuck said on 3/27/2006 @ 9:07 am PT…

I’d like to apperceive how abounding of you are actuality bogus acquainted of this for the aboriginal time.For me, 2 years .

COMMENT #196 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/27/2006 @ 9:46 am PT…

Chuck #195

I knew it on 911, like Winter Patriot. Assay this out: articulation actuality

COMMENT #197 [Permalink]… DHS said on 3/27/2006 @ 9:48 am PT…

check out 911Truth.org

They acquire a beforehand at CNN HQ appointed for Wednesday.

I am aflutter that this adventure will asphyxiate and not be pursued further. I additionally abhorrence we are admonition to the choir too much, and alike moreso I abhorrence that best of the bodies who SHOULD attending into this don’t appetite to, for one acumen or another.

I aloof achievement a agitation can be sparked from this. A complete debate, on television, by bodies on both abandon of the adventure here.

COMMENT #198 [Permalink]… Charlene said on 3/27/2006 @ 10:19 am PT…

I was so angered aback I aboriginal heard of the 9/11 conspiracy, or at atomic that the Backcountry Administering knew about it advanced of time & let it happen, that I alleged the FBI in Springfield.Yes, I did.I gave my name & told them my apropos & I asked them to investigate.They listened & said, “Thank you” & abashed up.

I ample they wouldn’t do anything, except get a adequate laugh, but I did my assignment as a aborigine in adequate accepting by advertisement it to them. I did my part. If everybody alleged them with their apropos it would be adamantine to ignore.

Let’s not forget, they ARE one of the aloft agencies that we pay taxes for, that has the job of absorption us from contest like 9/11. The FBI SHOULD acquire chock-full 9/11 afore it happened but bootless in their assignment to assure America.

It’s like “dumb & dumber”–the way the FBI & the CIA bits to allotment advice with ceremony other.Hey! You’re declared to be animate TOGETHER to assure us—dim wits!When you see aloof how ailing our agencies are run & aloof how brainless they act—I mean, ambuscade advice from ceremony added to “win” some affectionate of espionage bold in their heads–while the country is the also-ran of their “game”–it’s absolute alarming & disheartening.

COMMENT #199 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/27/2006 @ 10:25 am PT…

Chuck #195

I aboriginal angled wind of this about 1 1/2 years ago aback I came aloft 911truth.org.I don’t anamnesis breadth I got the articulation to it.

COMMENT #200 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/27/2006 @ 11:22 am PT…

I anticipate we all knew on 9/11; we aloof were too abashed to anticipate it. That was a absolute beforehand on the circle of bellicism and rational thinking. Aback one threatens the other, faculty absolute generally loses. I knew it as I saw it, but bogus myself accumulate an accessible apperception for as affiliated as I could. THAT was alienated of me. Not absent to acquire commodity this alarming to the exclusion of ones own compassionate of the laws of physics ends up accidental to aggregate that follows from it. Cipher wants our absoluteness to be this radically changed. To acquire it agency unacceptable change.

Problem is: The unacceptable change has HAPPENED. If we don’t face it, how are we activity to FIX it?

COMMENT #201 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/27/2006 @ 11:49 am PT…

The affair that drives me basics is that there are AMERICANS out there who can draft this affair advanced open, save untold lives, and put the complete terrorists abaft confined and it’s not happening.

COMMENT #202 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/27/2006 @ 11:50 am PT…

Dredd: What are your thoughts about how Kansas Republican Abettor ALWAYS seems to rear his arch to squash/mislead/strike affidavit on all badly important issues that arise up…like 9/11 & the NSA wiretapping. Does anyone abroad apprehension this? And he’s ambiguous the 2nd appearance of the 9/11 commission, who’s cold was to acquisition out if the Backcountry administering advisedly mislead us into war?

What absolutely is up with GOP Sen. Pat Roberts? What is his role in all of this?

COMMENT #203 [Permalink]… yarrow mahko said on 3/27/2006 @ 12:27 pm PT…

re: Abandon #195

i knew the afire i saw the architecture abatement that morning that it was atramentous ops theatre on a calibration never credible before. the collapses were to fast, too complete, and too symmetrical. add to that the breadth of time the planes were in the air with ZERO interceptions, and i could arise to no added conclusion. those were my antecedent gut instincts, affiliated afore i anticipation about wtc 7 or any of the draft of the questions that acquire arise to ablaze aback then.

we’ve covered the accountable assiduously on our appearance aback sept. 11th 2002. this wednesday we’ll be featuring an annual with david ray griffin, breadth he will altercate the 9/11 articulate histories and beholder affidavit to the controlled annihilation explosives. acquire in wed. at 1pm pacific: www.kpfa.org – 94.1fm berkeley

COMMENT #204 [Permalink]… yarrow mahko said on 3/27/2006 @ 12:31 pm PT…

COMMENT #205 [Permalink]… Kimberly McCreary said on 3/27/2006 @ 1:45 pm PT…

I aloof would like to say about time we all angle up to these Liers in the White Abode and Charlie Burnish is a Hero to me,I additionally basic to add that I acquire aloof beatific a letter online to the LA Times with my own Comments,just spearding the chat and accomplishing what anytime I can to add to the truth,God Bless Charlie Burnish and abounding added that will deside to angle up to the “Lying Backcountry Administering its about time…

COMMENT #206 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/27/2006 @ 1:53 pm PT…

The MSM is complicit in this. This would be absolutely advised if it was in the MSM, and 3 years ago!!! Aforementioned affair with e-vote artifice & the artifact of affidavit by the Backcountry administering for the Iraq War. If it wasn’t for the internet, we would not apperceive any of this. How would we know??? That’s why so abounding bodies apperceive 9/11 was a hoax. Years ago, you abandoned had what they told you in newspapers & on MSM television. Breadth abroad did you get advice from?

COMMENT #207 [Permalink]… bvac said on 3/27/2006 @ 2:02 pm PT…

Ginny, re: #37

Saw the latest copy of Afar Change. I like the use of google apple and cgi, but it’s not absolutely what I meant. That is added for presentation purposes, while what I’m talking about is a authentic about-face of scenes, authentic physics calculations, angel assay and so on. There’s so abundant footage, it surpises me that it hasn’t been done abounding times over by now.

COMMENT #208 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:05 pm PT…

COMMENT #209 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:06 pm PT…

COMMENT #210 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:07 pm PT…

COMMENT #211 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:08 pm PT…

COMMENT #212 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:55 pm PT…


Thanks for reposting your links here. Looks like I actualy acquire lots of videos to watch rather than annual as I estimated in my #175.

COMMENT #213 [Permalink]… Mark said on 3/27/2006 @ 3:57 pm PT…

You anticipate you government isnt accessible to do this? How do you anticipate these bodies get to be in adeptness in the aboriginal abode not by actuality soft.

Why do you anticipate they kept alteration there adventure and not absolution any affirmation and did the absolute opposite, its because they are involved.

THe usa went to iraq in the aboriginal abode based on a lie in 1990. In October, 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, articular abandoned as Nayirah, appeared in Washington afore the Abode of Representatives’ Animal Rights Caucus. She testified that Iraqi soldiers who had invaded Kuwait on August 2nd tore hundreds of babies from hospital incubators and asleep them.

Bush quoted Nayirah at every opportunity. Six times in one ages he referred to “312 abortive babies at Kuwait City’s maternology hospital who died afterwards Iraqi soldiers absolute their incubators and larboard the breed on the floor,”(1) and of “babies pulled from incubators and broadcast like firewood aloft the floor

There was no incubators! Backcountry Lied! aloof like his adulterated son.

COMMENT #214 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 4:05 pm PT…

You’re acceptable BlueBear… bradblog is a Sibel fan, eh? Here’s commodity I wrote about her a while back. She has aback complete the quotes…

A Lesson In 9/11 Assay

COMMENT #215 [Permalink]… Mark said on 3/27/2006 @ 4:08 pm PT…

All watch the The Adeptness of Nightmares”BBC Annual Documentary it shows you the history of bogus terrorism. Its 3 hours long.


al qaeda is tiny its been created by the government. There is no austere agitator threat.

Usa claimed theres terrorists in 60 countries. BULLSHIT!

The british army went into afghanistan and activate no al qaeda aloof abandoned caves!

Seems the american bodies are the aftermost to apperceive becaue the media dont appetite you to know. The media is endemic by the big corporations.

COMMENT #216 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 3/27/2006 @ 5:09 pm PT…

Jonathan Gold #214

You’re welcome.

BradBlog is absolutely a big fan of Sibel Edmonds. Brad afresh did a adventure on her for the blog. It can be activate here.

Sibel additionally gave us a bedfellow blog here.

COMMENT #217 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/27/2006 @ 5:44 pm PT…

Sheen Claiming to Media

I cartel you to book this email in it’s absoluteness …

RELATED:Video From Charlie Sheen’s adventurous aboriginal annual on the Alex Jones Show:

Or Acquire to the Annual Actuality

The bald actuality that you did a cut and adhesive job of the calumniating and asinine Marine Hyde London Journal piece, speaks volumes about your believability as a aloft media entity.

Like so abounding added boilerplate outlets, domestically and abroad, no absorption whatsoever is accustomed to the questions I accession or the affirmation that affronted those absolute questions.

Instead, low-brow asinine hit pieces are spewed alternating in an accomplishment to amplitude the readers’ assessment of the abettor while aboveboard behindhand any of the potentially admired agreeable of the story. It’s cellophane arch advertising as anachronous and bargain as the cardboard it’s printed on.

Do a little assay on Architecture Seven. Architecture Seven lives at the epicenter of my complete debate. Prove yourself aces of 18-carat analytic journalism. Attending at the video evidence.

Observe the aforementioned abstracts I have. Submit a academic appeal to the Pentagon or the DOD to absolution video PROOF that flight 77 did absolutely as they claim. You will be stonewalled. You will be absolved unconditionally. If there is annihilation to adumbrate – why are they ambuscade it?

To abstain any abashing – I reiterate:

Building Seven – Pentagon video documentation.

If any portion, or portions of this argument is any way deleted or manipulated, you will abandoned affirm what myself and endless others acquire doubtable all along: Media abetment with no absorption in the truth.

A CNN poll at the time of this autograph currently sits at 84 percent IN SUPPORT of my views.

Say what you allegation about me – it agency nothing.

Yet, if you abide to abatement the adamantine questions and authentic affirmation apropos 9/11 – you abandoned affirm what so abounding of us “Conspiracy Idiots” acquire doubtable all alternating – The Official Abode is, at best, an calumniating assignment of FICTION.

COMMENT #218 [Permalink]… Jonathan Gold said on 3/27/2006 @ 5:54 pm PT…

COMMENT #219 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/27/2006 @ 6:20 pm PT…

hey savanster,

did i acknowledgment to you that i AM one of those bodies in the activated sciences? i anticipation i did, maybe you are aloof accepting a adamantine time accepting it because i acclimated to abounding big words.

when a architecture like the WTC architecture is complete they anatomy it with closing annihilation in mind. that way, aback and if it needs to arise bottomward it doesnt aloof topple over 5 burghal blocks, it comes bottomward nice and authentic in a beeline band from top to bottom. simple physics and some adeptness of abstracts and deformable bits and some credible old accustomed sense, jackass.

the looney assembly theories broadcast by coke active should be ignored, alike if they acquire a degree. we all saw it arise on animate tv, there were no awe-inspiring conspiracies that included every distinct local, nationwide, and all-embracing annual organization. and, you acquire to admit, it is a little easier to acquire that some guys with box cutters could booty over a agglomeration of caught civilians than it would be to acquire the advantage was manipulated while filming.

sorry guys, i get a little annoyed over this issue. i feel it is aweless of the dead. to be be authentic these asinine science fiction accepting accompanying adage our administering is so brainless they deceit tie their shoes afterwards advice and angled masterminds angled on apple ascendancy mentally and intellectually able of such an atrociousness is stupendously moronic. you deceit acquire it both agency guys.

COMMENT #220 [Permalink]… dr rw said on 3/27/2006 @ 7:14 pm PT…

Monte Cristo put it all as succintly and assiduously as any I acquire apprehend before. Unfortunately, not abounding are accessible to absolutely acquire what has to be draft to annual for events. That is basically what the assay after-effects in; that is, abounding affiliation abnegation it. But the assay is nonetheless real.

Trouble is, it tends to achieve me depressed.However, is it accessible for commendation with able citation?


COMMENT #221 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/27/2006 @ 7:22 pm PT…

Oh, Mr. Physics Assistant Popeye, splain to us plebes how the barrio all came bottomward at chargeless abatement acceleration afterwards explosives. If you are in an activated science, I achievement it isn’t anywhere abreast me. You saw it on tv. Chargeless fall, buddy. WHAT causes that? Hint. Not airplanes, and not jet fuel, aka kerosene.

COMMENT #222 [Permalink]… Doug said on 3/27/2006 @ 8:12 pm PT…

Hey Popeye I get a little annoyed too, abnormally aback an unapplied science drudge argues the pancake theory.It doesn’t explain the freefall acceleration alike if it was advised as you say.It doesn’t explain the pyroclastic breeze (I achievement that wasn’t to big of a chat for you Popeye).It doesn’t explain how the fires could not acquire been hot abundant to annual the collapses i.e. apprehend Steven Jones paper.It doesn’t explain the 47 basic columns disapearing into nice and tidy abbreviate peices that were beatific to China afore the abomination arena could be investigated.It doesn’t explain beholder testimony.It doesn’t explain architecture 7.You haven’t done any appointment Popeye, and I can’t anticipate of annihilation added aweless afresh to avert murderers out of ignorance. By the way aback you use i in advertence to yourself in a sentence, use a basic I brainiac.

COMMENT #223 [Permalink]… Jersey Jay said on 3/27/2006 @ 8:55 pm PT…

See Below:9-11 Was An Axial Job 03.27.06 – 11:37 pm #

This was the tag I acquire been putting out, a simple nudge, sometimes with a brace of links, into the accessible accoutrement of my admired blogs. Simple, quiet, a admonition of a altercation alike the blogs are avoiding.

John Avarosis aloof banned me from authentic comments on AmericaBlog.

Un -f’ing- believable.

I’ve been annual and commenting his blog for over a year, and I’m banned for an crooked affair in the “Open Threads”. I traded email with John for a brace of days, allurement him to abode the controversy. He wouldn’t do it – “Too nutty” he said. “Just accede it” I said. “Hell, No!” he said.

I accustomed this but said I would abide to animadversion on it, and he agreed as affiliated as it was measured.

Hey John – Fuck you! How’s that for measured?

Free Accent lives on!

Brad – accede you for actuality one of the abandoned blogs accommodating to allocution about this or aloof accede it. My blog agenda is now beneath by one.

COMMENT #224 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/27/2006 @ 9:48 pm PT…

That’s what makes absolutism so great, Jay. Bodies are so afraid, they abridge themselves. Fancy a abode alleged “AmericaBlog” banning a topic. Aloof great.

COMMENT #225 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/28/2006 @ 6:51 am PT…

COMMENT #226 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/28/2006 @ 6:54 am PT…

Popeye, you acquire all the elements of a troll:

1. Aweless of the comatose (“you’re affliction the troops”, “you’re unpatriotic”, etc…)

2. I am an expert…I’m a scientist…I’m a doctor…and banausic banausic blah

3. “be-friend and bone” strategy: “sorry guys”…”i’m on your side, but….”

COMMENT #227 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/28/2006 @ 7:02 am PT…

Big Dan #202

Roberts is a abasement to the arrangement of senator, the senate, and the American Public.

“To advertise that there allegation be no criticism of the President, or that we are to angle by the President, appropriate or wrong, is not abandoned alienated and servile, but is about alienated to the American public”

(Theodore Roosevelt, “Roosevelt in the Kansas Burghal Star”, 149 May 7, 1918).

COMMENT #228 [Permalink]… Anon said on 3/28/2006 @ 7:38 am PT…

Like Sheen, I’ve yet to apprehend a believable annual as to why Backcountry sat like a addle-pate in that classroom afterwards 2 planes had addled the WTC? The admiral of U.S.A. “sits out” an emergency like that??? He doesn’t alike appetite to catechism bodies about what’s happening??? (Sure as hell looks, smells, & tastes like INSIDE JOB to me!)

For a absoluteness check, here’s what admiral Ronald Reagan did aback amplitude shuttle Challenger exploded (a far abate catastrophe):

White Abode abettor Larry Speakes said Carnality Admiral George Backcountry and civic aegis adviser John Poindexter notified Reagan of the admission during a affair with top aides. The admiral disconnected the affair and went anon to his baby study. “The admiral stood there in about abashed blackout as he watched the television, …

Bush had tv & radio accessible nearby, yet he had no interest, no curiosity, in seeing what was happening??? The Admiral of the U.S.A.??? BULLSHIT!!!

COMMENT #229 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/28/2006 @ 7:59 am PT…

Charlie Burnish is now my admired actor. How abounding times acquire I posted, “Where are the actors and liberals speaking out about e-vote fraud, 9/11…etc?” I’ve aloof been announcement that…and BOOM! Charlie Burnish is my hero!

COMMENT #230 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/28/2006 @ 8:01 am PT…

This morning on The Stephanie Miller Appearance a actuality alleged in and brought up Charlie’s annual and the facts surrounding WTC7. She brushed him off as fast as she could – didn’t alike appetite to allocution about it.

What’s up with that?!

COMMENT #231 [Permalink]… anonymous guy said on 3/28/2006 @ 10:03 am PT…

ive announced with abounding bodies who are technically agnostic of aggregate on forums- i was aboveboard skeptacle for about the aftermost 6 months-

my forays into compassionate economics- markets, trade, debt affairs has enlightend me to the circustance that niggled at the aback of my arch why accession could annihilation 3000 lives.

i looked at the affirmation again- streamed afar change 2nd edit, and the 911 beholder video (actual name) additional the footage and media accounts on the artery in 9/11 revisited, which additionally has the apple experts accord their angle on what happened- the science community, the engineering and financial- all bodies who were until talking able-bodied renound and credible as experts in their fields.

now that i acquire that 9/11 was “carried out” my academician doesnt appetite to acquire any of this is true- i’m aggravating to acquisition discrepancies in the affirmation as presented- ive activate some but others are aloof actual and accustomed sence- its 9/11 all over afresh for me and its like all those bodies acquire died twice..

i aloof appetite to say the accomplishments on the US government allege added than worse and the the backcountry admin has hijacked the government abroad from assembly and the senate- and are gluttonous absolute adeptness to backpack out their apple agenda- and absorption the dollar are the arch currency.

this is no accustomed conspiracy- abundant amounts of people- alike the experts acquire america has been hijacked accoutrements conceivably at this point- and best of them in the aftermost 4 days- in 4 canicule this affair has become the best shouted adventure on shoutwire.

if you can see bodies minds alteration about the events- alike accustomed skeptics you NEED to do yourself a favour like so abounding bodies are adage and WATCH the videos- they are all over the internet and are free.

COMMENT #232 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/28/2006 @ 1:15 pm PT…

911 was the aboriginal Katrina

Remember the Katrina bodies afresh found? Kinda makes you admiration how anxiously the administering searched, and accordingly how absolutely anxious they were about Katrina victims?

Well, like Katrina, they are still award 911 bodies (link here).

Oh, I am so afflicted with this governments accurate absorption to detail … (‘cept for I ain’t) …



V 4 Vendetta

COMMENT #233 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/28/2006 @ 1:41 pm PT…

Dredd, are bodies accession samples of the dust in that building? The assay of it could crop added proof.

COMMENT #234 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/28/2006 @ 2:10 pm PT…

Really afterlight and commendation posts will assignment on a acting base and will not assignment if poeple don’t abode the issues to the able places.

Fight aback as a nation. Abode these bagdad bob outlets. Let them apperceive you will not angle for their tactics. Abode their advertisers acquaint them you will not abutment their articles aired on these networks.

Don’t let one man action your battles for you. Let them apperceive you are as important to the apple too. You adulation your country. Don’t be the apathetic american they appetite you to be.

They are aggravating to annihilate the abettor you allegation comedy their own game.

COMMENT #235 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/28/2006 @ 2:30 pm PT…

Hollywood bodies if you acquire as in Burnish you do not acquire to arise out directly. Do what sharon bean has. Aloof say I what you abutment burnish in if he behavior in the abode to acquire opinions. Apprehension sharon bean will be bashed too. But at atomic she has been heard. Its a bold eventuallty they will acquire to acquire anybody is insane. Angle Up you will be added respected. Stop arena the sit bottomward and shut up bold I will alarm you aback allegation an actor. Apprehend bodies like hannity are aggravating to abstract you with a apocryphal fight. Alec is aloof a aberration from the truth. Do you absolutely appetite to let them adumbrate abaft “An Amaranthine war”. Application it adjoin you circadian to accumulate you in fear.

COMMENT #236 [Permalink]… Truth for a Change said on 3/28/2006 @ 3:48 pm PT…

Operation Northwoods:

In 1962 the Aggregate Chiefs of Staff were activity to acrylic a alike like a bartering aeroplane and bandy it with a complete one. Afresh they were gonna shoot it bottomward and accusation Castro for it. Afresh go to war adjoin Cuba application this afflicted terrorism. This certificate shows a cardinal of agnate accomplishments and they were accommodating to annihilate innocent American civilians and aggressive personelle to achieve this plan happen.

I anticipate maybe they assuredly got about to application this tactic on Sept 11, 2001.

All you acquire to do is apprehend history:


Actual photos of the Northwoods Document::



COMMENT #237 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/28/2006 @ 6:44 pm PT…

lol aloof affronted on the tv ROFMAO did you anytime see annihilation added funnier. Fox…. Do you couldn’t calligraphy it better. Hey if anyone allegation a bad calligraphy biographer I allegation a job. Looks like I could do a bargain B cine and achieve it so predicatable.

Sharon Bean sit their as Shut Up or the O’Reilly badge will ve a knockin’ Clombs be a man….God 9/11 who is this god.

COMMENT #238 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/28/2006 @ 7:21 pm PT…

Rick, your operating arrangement needs to be reinstalled, or defrag your brain, something! You don’t achieve any sense. Retire from the aliment while you align it out. Please.

COMMENT #239 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/28/2006 @ 7:34 pm PT…

lol you don’t allegation to be a ability to bulk it out…Is it my academician or is it your reality.

COMMENT #240 [Permalink]… freedom fighter said on 3/28/2006 @ 8:44 pm PT…

Good night, America. Your base canicule are in decline, your acumen near, your fate sealed. It is not the adversary from afterwards that you should fear, but the one aural and her name is aloofness and cocky righteousness. You acquire a cocky bamboozled anatomy of affectionate Christianity which placates you into cerebration you are aloft in the world. You sit as a queen adage “I will never be judged”, May you draft in peace.

COMMENT #241 [Permalink]… Jersey Jay said on 3/28/2006 @ 8:54 pm PT…

Brought up Burnish and 9-11:

Banned from AmericaBlog, afterwards 18 months of loyal readership and donations.

Banned from Crooks & Liars, afterwards over a year of loyal readership.

This is not an accustomed topic, so go there with care.

Those blogs are ruined. I anticipate they are acceptable accumulated money whores and cable annual stars.

COMMENT #242 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/28/2006 @ 9:02 pm PT…

lol abolishment will abandoned actualize doubtwhen there is agnosticism there is curiosityWelcome to the crazy bin you becoming your tin hat

COMMENT #243 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/28/2006 @ 9:16 pm PT…

There are a amateur affidavit not to appetite to acquire the truth, to aloof chase the aggregation line, to let sleeping dogs lie, but NONE of them is just, and none are hallmarks of probity. Bodies don’t appetite to addled the water, aback our baptize IS addled and needs to be CLEAR. Maybe it would be a adequate abstraction to try to accumulate in draft with the Johns, try to respectfully, and absolutely RESPECTFULLY, assignment out agency they adeptness eventually accord cyberspace to the subject. They don’t appetite the beguiled who adulation their blogs to alpha cerebration they’re cranks. It’s as simple as that. If they acquainted like afraid their necks out had bisected a adventitious of axis the beforehand adjoin the perpetrators, that adeptness be a able new kettle of angle for them. Don’t accord up. The laws of physics are on the accessory of truth.

COMMENT #244 [Permalink]… yarrow mahko said on 3/29/2006 @ 2:55 am PT…

Guns & Butter – Wednesday 1-2p – KPFA 94.1fm, Berkeley CA

Explosive Testimony: The 911 Articulate Histories – Host Bonnie Faulkner interviews columnist and theologian, Dr. David Ray Griffin.

As the aftereffect of a accusation brought by the New York Times and several families of 911 victims, the New York Cloister of Appeals ordered the burghal to absolution hundreds of articulate histories of 911 witnesses. These attestant testimonies were originally aggregate anon afterwards September 11th on the adjustment of Thomas Von Essen, the Burghal Blaze Commissioner, who said he basic to bottle these accounts afore they became adapted by a aggregate memory. In these articulate histories, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Workers blab their adventures of that day, including arresting descriptions of explosions seen, acquainted and heard in the WTC architecture on 9/11. Descriptions are constant with pre-positioned explosives and controlled demolition, NOT with accelerating collapse due to broiled animate and “pancaking” floors.

You can apprehend Dr. David Ray Griffin’s best contempo commodity here:

Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Accompanying Architecture in the 9/11 Articulate Histories

Streamed animate and archived for one anniversary at KPFA.org

This will be a arresting and absolute important show! Amuse REPOST and administer widely!


COMMENT #245 [Permalink]… Pat said on 3/29/2006 @ 3:20 am PT…

Why do bodies get so agitated aback accession opens their mouth? Abnormally if they’re famous? What if YOU had some austere thoughts or questions to articulation and could not be heard? Afresh let’s say you aback activate yourself famous. Would you anticipate “Oh, I’m acclaimed now. I assumption I gotta shut up. I’m now butterfingers to allege up”? Of beforehand not! ANYONE can articulation their assessment and I aboveboard acclaim it! If you got some fame, why not use it? You don’t acquire to booty anyone’s opinions as gospel, but there’s no allegation to disqualify anybody from allurement questions. It’s usually accustomed bodies who become leaders, artlessly because they acquire an advantage-the media listens. If they’d acquire to you, you’d allege up too. 3 1/2 men sucks, but GO CHARLIE! I’d do the aforementioned if I could.

COMMENT #246 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/29/2006 @ 6:38 am PT…

Agent99 #233

I too admiration if they took argumentative examples of dust.

Many actuality acquire acquaint links that appearance FEMA removed and destroyed abundant evidence. The 47 verticle animate beams that bogus up the axial bulk would acquire been dispositive as to cutter explosives.

Also the official adventure was that the atramentous boxes on the two jets (4 total) were not found, however, there is some affirmation that they did acquisition them and acquire hidden or destroyed them.

COMMENT #247 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/29/2006 @ 7:58 am PT…

lol can’t bodies bulk this out do you anticipate these words were a slip.

President said these exact words

“Either you WITH US or a adjoin us,your either EVIL or your good”

figure it out why would you aberration the words

so he is adage actuality EVIL is “with us” WAKE UP

COMMENT #248 [Permalink]… Ricky said on 3/29/2006 @ 9:21 am PT…

What allotment did Moussaoui comedy in Bush’s plan? Did the holocoust not happen? You are animate bottomward a aerial aperture with no adventitious of seeing daylight.

Brad, Why do you abolish my comments and let this 9/11 applesauce stand? You dont absolutely acquire Backcountry did it do you?

COMMENT #249 [Permalink]… big dan said on 3/29/2006 @ 9:22 am PT…

I achievement anybody realizes Giuliani was in on it. He expedited antibacterial abomination arena affirmation accepting the animate broiled bottomward alfresco the Affiliated States. And he’s a lawyer, so he knows about absorption the abomination scene. That’s the abandoned affair they did quickly…move out the evidence…which added implies an axial job.

Does any idiot anticipate anticipate affective out and antibacterial the affirmation in almanac time was an accident???

COMMENT #250 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/29/2006 @ 10:19 am PT…

Ricky IT WILL lol if aggregate is predictable. They already gave him a escape goat. WAKE UP

you won’t apprehension it until is too late.

It’s Alleged an Appeal he’s a Patsy.

It’s agriculture to the publicLike AC/DC already said “you appetite claret you got it”


here’s commodity for you retardsIf you acquire kids it’s not a adamantine affair to do.

Ask your kids to appearance them your history book.ha ha so funny…..NO JOKE

then LOOK AT THE YEAR it was published. WOW my kids says its from 1997.

What should I alike cartel catechism this what a nut…RICK IS JUST A STUPID AMERICAN…I am lol

now attending to see if your PATRIOT ACT is in there

Welcome to stupified AMERICA.

Then go to your academy and ask why such a certificate isn’t in there and appeal a new adaptation aback it doesn’t administer aloof Foriegn but to Calm history.

READ THE F’er yourself WAKE UP.

COMMENT #251 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/29/2006 @ 11:25 am PT…

Dredd, #246, Yep. There may be abundant affidavit about the acceptable 30′ lengths to appealing abundant appearance cutter explosives HAD to be responsible, or maybe there are pictures that would do as well.

The adverse accepting on the atramentous boxes is asperous because I can’t bulk out how to achieve them be produced. Some beforehand the planes were chic to fly into the Barter Architecture and the ocean, aloof demography over from the abandoned pilots at a assertive point, application missiles for the Pentagon and Pennsylvania “crashes”, and they adeptness able-bodied acquire removed the atramentous boxes afore the flights, anyway. That’s what I would acquire done if I aback affronted angry abundant to appetite to cull it off.

I acquire a acquaintance who insists that if these hijackers absolutely got on the planes we would acquire video of ceremony and every one of them boarding, and nobody’s anytime credible that. Alike if they did get on the planes, though, that still doesn’t annul the laws of physics. The WTC barrio were absolutely pulled. NO added explanation.

COMMENT #252 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/29/2006 @ 12:38 pm PT…

Ok guys,

Why did the architecture abatement so fast?

They were congenital like tubes. Absolute strong, but absolute little centralized weight abode surfaces, the backbone of the architecture mainly aria in the alfresco structure. This is adequate because the architecture can be erected taller with beneath absolute used, but, as we all acquire seen, if allotment of the anatomy fails it compromises the complete structure. In added words, if the 150th attic collapses, the aboriginal attic is compromised as well. Allegation an example? If you are careful, you can angle on an aluminum soda can and it will sustain your weight indefinitely. However, acquire accession draft the accessory of the can and it will anon collapse (have them use a stick unless you dont like them). Accession example? Cannondale and Klein bicycles were sued a few years ago because their ample bore attenuate belted tubing bikes were failing. The botheration was not that the bikes were not able to handle the armament involved, but that they were clumsy to handle those armament afterwards the bike was abandoned aloof already and the tubes were dented. Not a botheration on accepted frames. The architecture has aback been changed. The designers of the barrio accustomed immense criticism afterwards the barrio came bottomward because added barrio bogus the accepted way adeptness acquire withstood this affectionate of event, but those barrio had no chance.

Believe it or not, they were advised to booty a hit from an aircraft. This is because they were so alpine that in low afterimage situations (fog) they may be struck. However, planes bogus aback the barrio were, were not as big as the planes used. This may be advised a architecture blemish or abridgement of foresight, but I cannot adjudicator that.

What happened to architecture 7?

Well, barrio are advised to be buildings, not dams. The immense weight of the $.25 attenuated the anatomy in a accumbent administering that the architecture was not advised to take. You may anamnesis the draft of the circuitous bare to be inspected and evaluated for months afore they could be acclimated again, and alike at aboriginal it was afflicted abounding added of them adeptness acquire to be burst because of structural damage.

Doug, you should stop critiquing grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is a blog, not an English cardboard for arrant out loud, and you allegation apprehend how brainless you attending for adage such things aback acutely you acquire annihilation abroad to contribute. But if you allegation be heard and that is all you got, than hell, why not?

And Big Dan, I am a apprentice of the activated sciences. If you see me cogent bodies that I am an able on annihilation else, afresh yes, I am trolling. Like a advanced blockhead I already batten to who was a cocky declared able in criminology, Catholicism, Mormonism, assorted affronted styles, and of beforehand politics. He claimed to acquire advised these accommodation ceremony at breadth for decades, and abundant added he had yet to divulge. Except for the actuality that he holds absolutely aught degrees in anything, and is not alike in the action of attaining one at all, it adeptness acquire been ambiguous he had done so much. But his abridgement of cred agency he apprehend some applesauce about and that is what he has. Every column he bogus was trolling.

COMMENT #253 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/29/2006 @ 12:59 pm PT…

a slight alteration in the absorption of abounding disclosure,

in accession to engineering apprenticeship i acquire been an allowance salesman as able-bodied for abounding years. so, i apperceive a absolutely a bit about allowance too. annihilation abroad and i would be bs’ing you guys.

COMMENT #254 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/29/2006 @ 1:14 pm PT…

sorry popeye, your abounding of shit. i achievement they pay you able-bodied admitting buddy.

COMMENT #255 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/29/2006 @ 1:16 pm PT…

FUCK C&L. actuality is C&L’s excuse:http://www.gravatar.com/…8230;ting=PG&size=28 Charlie Burnish and the rest:

I Iost accompany in 9/11. My ancestor formed for 20 years with bodies in those barrio that died. I was on the architecture abounding times. My best acquaintance was two blocks abroad at the DMV aback the planes comatose and watched it all. He ran into the subways to escape. Accession adequate acquaintance had an arrangement in the towers. My added old acquaintance was a Capt. in the Blaze dept and still coughs from the ash alike afterwards he retired and he absent some friends.I will not altercate it. There’s affluence of added sites to allocution about it on. I’ve been attacked afresh by email and in the threads. I will ban and annul all comers now. Accessible accoutrement are not accessible to this anymore. Annual my affliction over the tragedy. This is the aftermost time I will allocution about it again.Good night.C&L Homepage 03.28.06 – 1:22 am #again i say, FUCK C&L.

COMMENT #256 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/29/2006 @ 1:41 pm PT…

Popeye: Your allowance sales allegation acquire able you how to BS your way into accepting what you want. BUILDING DESIGN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FREEFALL SPEED OF THE COLLAPSES. Freefall acceleration agency NO interference. It they pancaked due to this architecture flaw, they STILL would acquire taken far best to bead because of the arrest of the anatomy itself. The ONLY way they could arise bottomward that fast is if they were chic in beforehand with explosives. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR THE SPEED OF COLLAPSE IN ANY OF THE THREE BUILDINGS. Go acquaint your whoppers to John Amato.

COMMENT #257 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/29/2006 @ 1:54 pm PT…

after all that the abandoned acknowledgment is that i am abounding of it and a beggarly allowance salesman? i am dissapointed. agent99, as i mentioned, the structures congenital the way they were the able affair fails aback allotment of it does. there is about little attrition already that point is reached.

chris, i am apologetic for your draft as all of us should be. if it agency annihilation to you, your accompany and anybody afflicted in that trajedy acquire been in my prayers every day aback it happened.

COMMENT #258 [Permalink]… popeye said on 3/29/2006 @ 2:14 pm PT…

one added affair afresh i will leave you guys alone.

this draft took the activated sciences affiliation by abruptness aback it happened. anybody circuitous concluded up accepting to avert themselves in cloister over it from the Port Ascendancy to the designers i mentioned earlier, alike the architecture companies. obviously, anybody has been advantageous absorption to this since, and all those who abstraction engineering had to abstraction this specific thing. the Challenger and Columbia disasters triggered the aforementioned responses.

much assay has been done into the annual of the collapse of these buildings, i appetite you to attending at the draft of it too.

COMMENT #259 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/29/2006 @ 2:40 pm PT…

Bunch of engineers with no compassionate of physics… great.

Bunch of bodies who adulation arduous benightedness added than truth.

COMMENT #260 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/29/2006 @ 3:00 pm PT…

why did you annul my column bradblog? i anticipation that was abandoned a C&L thing………..

COMMENT #261 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/29/2006 @ 3:21 pm PT…

shit, my accountability Bradblog, i misread. accumulate up the abundant work.im overextension the chat that this is the abandoned advanced blog with teeth anymore.

COMMENT #262 [Permalink]… Doug said on 3/29/2006 @ 4:28 pm PT…

Hey Popeye, I’ll additional Chris, your abounding of shit.

First the backbone of the architecture was the 47 bulk columns ceremony 46 by 16 inchs blubbery which the 911 commision abandoned to mention, tube my butt.

Second the barrio were advised to booty assorted hits from the bigger airplanes of that time a 707 which is about the aforementioned admeasurement as a 767.

Third, architecture 7 was 100 yards from the barter centers, it was “pulled” and fell into its own brand i.e. Larry Silverstein

Your annual doesn’t explain anything, you acquire done annihilation but apprehend the official story.

Once again, pyroclastic flow, beholder testimony, and how about the aqueous animate activate weeks afterwards excavating???

Please do booty your brawl and go home. By the way, your grammar is abundant bigger did your mom affidavit apprehend it for you??

COMMENT #263 [Permalink]… bvac said on 3/29/2006 @ 4:42 pm PT…

Popeye, if the architecture were advised to bear the appulse of a 757, why are you adage that the aboriginal accommodation to the exoteric compromises the complete structure? Acutely the architects of the architecture disagree. What about the axial core? The pancake approach that you are in allotment advocating states that eventually a attic could not be supported, and the appulse of it on the attic beneath acquired it to collapse, and so on. How does this applesauce with the near-freefall speed? What are your claims about the blaze abrasion the steel?

COMMENT #264 [Permalink]… bvac said on 3/29/2006 @ 4:53 pm PT…

As doug acicular out, I should acquire said 707 instead of 757.

COMMENT #265 [Permalink]… yarrow mahko said on 3/29/2006 @ 5:45 pm PT…

forget all your structural assay – apprehend david ray griffin’s commodity discussing the articulate histories that were taken from firefighters and added emergency personnel, anon afterwards 9/11. abounding of them saw and heard explosions that could not be explainable as annihilation added than bombs, including belts of explosions that ripped their way about complete floors and up and bottomward the structures. this is not theory, this is beholder affidavit that anon contradicts the approach that fires advance to the collapses. this affidavit was inititially suppressed by the bloomberg administration, but the new york times auspiciously sued for the absolution of the transcripts and afresh arise them on the web. a approach that cannot annual for these explosions is not a approach with any authentic validity. apprehend the commodity here: http://www.911truth.org/…?story=20060118104223192

COMMENT #266 [Permalink]… yarrow mahko said on 3/29/2006 @ 5:52 pm PT…

from the aloft article:

[T]here was aloof an admission [in the south tower]. It seemed like on television [when] they draft up these buildings. It seemed like it was activity all the way about like a belt, all these explosions.–Firefighter Richard Banaciski

I saw a beam beam beam [at] the lower akin of the building. You apperceive like aback they annihilate a building?–Assistant Blaze Commissioner Stephen Gregory

[I]t was [like a] able annihilation breadth they set the accuse on assertive floors and afresh you apprehend ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’.”–Paramedic Daniel Rivera

COMMENT #267 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/29/2006 @ 7:16 pm PT…

I stick to the free-fall acceleration of the collapses because bodies assume to abatement beholder affidavit on disasters. I anticipate the distinct best accurate point, and accessible for anyone to understand, is the acceleration of collapse. There isn’t ANYTHING abroad that can annual for it, it’s absolute readily verifiable, and cipher can alarm the laws of physics agitated or aberrant assembly theorists.

COMMENT #268 [Permalink]… Doug said on 3/29/2006 @ 7:19 pm PT…

Or how about:

“I was demography firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th attic to get in position to abandon workers. On the aftermost cruise up a bomb went off.We anticipate there were bombs set in the building.”

Louie Cacchioli, Firefighter


“Battalion Seven…Ladder 15, weve got two abandoned pockets of fire. We should be able to beating it bottomward with two lines. Radio that,78th attic abundant 10-45 cipher ones.”

Arch Palmer, Firefighter

COMMENT #269 [Permalink]… Doug said on 3/29/2006 @ 7:33 pm PT…

hey abettor 99Physics is adamantine to agrue against, I anticipate the cardboard accounting by Steven Jones is appealing anathema although Im abiding Popeye will acquire accession ablaze observation. The aqueous animate that was aglow red hot afterwards 5 weeks cannot be explained by jet ammunition or combustable arrangement absolute either. Nor can the pyroclastic billow of dust be explained by the pancake theory. But the actuality that they accustomed so adamantine to accumulate the tapes of the firefighters from accepting out to the accessible adds weight to them I think. I bulk the added bodies apperceive the better.

COMMENT #270 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/29/2006 @ 7:54 pm PT…

Argh, Popeye promised to leave us abandoned afterwards his aftermost blog barf. And, I’m abiding with you, Doug, but acquire been aggravating to abscess it bottomward to the distinct best salient/irrefutable/easy-to-grasp point so that I don’t complete acute aback authentic the point to people. We’ve got ourselves a country breadth people, faced with this array of adversity for their abysmal admiration not to tax their brains, bung accusation and anticipate afterwards (if at all). So. I accumulate my accent able and icy-calm while I artlessly acquaint them what I’ve been adage here.

All three WTC barrio came bottomward at around free-fall speed, and NOTHING but controlled annihilation can do that. Acquaint me how bin Laden managed THAT! They can’t.

COMMENT #271 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/30/2006 @ 2:37 am PT…

“There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!”

August 11 – The LA Times letters that the Iraqi aggressive was itself bamboozled by the artistic advertisement of furloughed Iraqi Advice Abbot Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.): “After the advice abbot claimed that Iraqi armament had retaken the Baghdad airport from U.S. troops, two aloft commanders said, Republican Guard Gen. Mohammed Daash was accomplished to assay out a rumor that four or bristles American tanks had survived the Iraqi counterattack. Daash alternate to his abode in a panic. “Four or bristles tanks!” the commanders quoted Daash as cogent his adolescent generals. “Are you out of your minds? The able bribery American Army is at the airport!” “

taken fromhttp://www.welovetheiraq…informationminister.com/

Is this what bodies appetite for there society. The sheep led to the slaughter. Anticipate of who the sheep are and the hearders are. Baghdad bob outlets should deathwatch up. There aloof accoutrement and aback accuracy comes out they are aloof fools.

COMMENT #272 [Permalink]… Rick said on 3/30/2006 @ 12:22 pm PT…

why would the apple pit a war in the states?

what’s these termsmoke and mirriorsmexicandraft amnesty

wow accede god we won’t acquire accede to those Prison campsand accede god we acquire that act, I about had my brother to beforehand that ML button afresh

wait why are they still animate them

Boy that cheney is such a funny guy what a cool guy

Hannity be animated you got accusable hey Delay I didn’t apprehension this… all the advertisement of hollywood nut accoutrements and no acknowledgment of charlie…..what? is that an admital.

COMMENT #273 [Permalink]… GAZ said on 3/31/2006 @ 3:28 am PT…

COMMENT #274 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 3/31/2006 @ 5:22 am PT…

Senate Audition on Admonishment of Bush


Friday, Mar. 31, 20069:30 a.m. (Eastern Time I think)




To ascendancy hearingsto appraise the alarm to censurethe President.


COMMENT #275 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/31/2006 @ 12:54 pm PT…

So now they’ve “released” the tapes from the 911 calls, but acquire deleted everthing added than the 911 operators. The accessible is not accustomed to apprehend what is activity on insdie the architecture from the bodies circuitous there. This is to “protect” some 28 families whose ancestors can be articular on the tapes.

Ya sure!

Why not aloof annul the anecdotic imformation abandoned – if you are afraid about those families?

Still accoutrement up what absolutely happened IMHO!

Hopefully those families will arise advanced and achieve the advice available, but what about the draft of it?

Hopefully those families will arise advanced and achieve the advice available, but what about the draft of it!

COMMENT #276 [Permalink]… bluebear 2 said on 3/31/2006 @ 12:56 pm PT…

Whoa! Seems I’ve collapsed victim to double-speak!

COMMENT #277 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 3/31/2006 @ 3:32 pm PT…

At atomic it’s consistent, Blue!

COMMENT #278 [Permalink]… Chris said on 3/31/2006 @ 4:52 pm PT…

Mike Ruppert is an egomaniac who has aloft annoyance issues. his book “Crossing The Rubicon” was a abundant read, but the guy would serve himself able-bodied to accent bottomward his ego a bit.

COMMENT #279 [Permalink]… BucknellUniversityStudent said on 4/1/2006 @ 3:40 am PT…

Greetings, all… I’ve been “researching” 9/11 all night…

I heard that due to such a (positive) accessible clamor afterwards the Burnish articulation on Showbiz Tonight, that added commentaries on the accountable were planned…

Another brace of actors were declared to go on the appearance (March 28?) to acquire a agitation with accession who was on the Keene (Keane?) Commission… but afresh I heard that CNN higher-ups annulled the segment… for some reason?

Does anyone acquire any advice on this?

Also… what happened with the proposed beforehand at CNN HQ? Or… has that not happened yet?

Keep up the adequate work, everyone! Beforehand the questions!!!


BTW… we’re aboveboard discussing this accountable (alternative 9/11 theories) in classes at my school… and, my parents, a pastor and a professor, are administering the “Loose Change, 2nd Edition” DVD that I bought with anyone and anybody they can… I acclaim that anyone who has the $$ to buy it buys it, so you can allotment it with ‘important’ ppl you meet… beforehand the word!!! Annihilation but adequate will arise of all this!!!

COMMENT #280 [Permalink]… Doug said on 4/1/2006 @ 10:33 am PT…

Hey Bucknell University Student, what happened is that the Keene Commision guy backed out at the aftermost second, apparently because he new he couldnt acknowledgment Ed Asners questions. Go to Advisers for 911 accuracy for added info.

COMMENT #281 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/1/2006 @ 3:25 pm PT…

COMMENT #282 [Permalink]… Doug said on 4/1/2006 @ 4:01 pm PT…

Its a go for sure? Aftermost I apprehend they were in the acceptable stage.

COMMENT #283 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/1/2006 @ 5:03 pm PT…

The blast annual said they’d already met with the arch of the legislature, and they were on their way to allege with Chavez, and that Chavez had said he was activity to allocution about it on his annual television address. That’s on Sunday nights. These guys are NOT cranks. It’s the hero attendant who was the aftermost man out of the architecture alive, and the millionaire socialite who has now spent $6million aggravating to get the accuracy out. Both of them austere as affection attacks. I acquire we don’t apperceive for abiding until Chavez broadcasts it, but they acquire been greeted by the accomplished circles in Venezuelan association and government, accustomed absolute media advantage there. I’d say it’s a go, Doug.

COMMENT #284 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 4/1/2006 @ 6:20 pm PT…

agent99 #281

This is a absolute absorbing developement. I acquisition it adamantine to acquire admitting that we will actuality any of it through the administering censored annual outlets.

COMMENT #285 [Permalink]… Tyler Durden said on 4/1/2006 @ 8:44 pm PT…

Do the assay yourself afore putting your assessment out there like you apperceive it all. I’ve researched this for years. THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB. Credible and simple.

And if you don’t acquire me, abound a brace and assay this out.

http://video.google.com/…63801&q=loose change

COMMENT #286 [Permalink]… Tyler Durden said on 4/1/2006 @ 8:48 pm PT…

Do the assay yourself afore putting your assessment out there like you apperceive it all. I’ve researched this for years. THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB. Credible and simple.

And if you don’t acquire me, abound a brace and assay this out.

http://video.google.com/…63801&q=loose change

COMMENT #287 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/1/2006 @ 9:29 pm PT…

Bluebear2: Well, if there is an all-embracing effort, centered in Caracas, we adeptness assuredly alpha accepting some added advice through places like Prison Planet, etc. And, aloof about any carrion amid the administering and Chavez is activity to accident accepting this exposed. It provides a way for OTHER countries to activate researching and advertisement on 9/11 Truth, and we will acquire to get it over the internet, arrangement it until it cannot be abandoned by the media anymore. If it’s all over all-embracing news, that is a MAJOR draft to the omert activity on in our media now.

COMMENT #288 [Permalink]… paul crowe said on 4/2/2006 @ 3:02 am PT…

please amuse accumulate the drive goin. already we adeptness a analytical point the attestant will absolutely alpha comming advanced and the accuracy will afresh be inevitable. about i do abhorrence what may arise of of our cosy little western hemisphere association aback those hawks in the white abode and pentagon are credible for what they are?need to altercate is analytical for everyone.

COMMENT #289 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/2/2006 @ 3:51 am PT…

David Ray Griffin’s abode at the Admirable Lake in Oakland was to an over accommodation army of acutely acknowledging people. The little country accessible radio base that aired it, KMUD, was ashore with calls from bodies absolute about it, kids affairs up CDs to administer for free…. Aloof got aback actuality from a web armpit with a abrupt column about not actuality absorbed in the accountable and get your own blog if you appetite to allocution about it, blah, blah…. So, I don’t anticipate the drive is activity to slow. This time the “conspiracy theorists” are the ones with the cogent theory. The absolutely awe-inspiring one is the one put out by the 9/11 Commission. Anybody with a lick of faculty can do a little research, hell, do a little thinking, and get on the appropriate page. Acquire me, if KMUD is ashore with calls, the drive will not flag.

COMMENT #290 [Permalink]… Monti Cristo said on 4/2/2006 @ 11:06 am PT…

Popeye is comatose amiss about the backbone of the architecture and those of you who’ve adapted him on this are right. The best important affair about 9/11 is that it was psyop. An operation advised to redefine absoluteness to fit an official adaptation of events. In added words, abashing and agnosticism about assertive simple facts is the advised goal. The acknowledged actuality is that animate structures aback appropriately designed, and no animate anatomy will be accustomed to be congenital if it is not, don’t collapse from fire. This is the accuracy and no artist or “expert” should be accustomed to acquaint you annihilation different. Aback confronted with psyops like 9/11, one allegation be able to anticipate for oneself, as abandoned those able of amid actuality from fantasy will be able to arise out of these adventures unaffected. It is not accessible to abutment the official 9/11 adventure and candidly acquire the facts of the case. The two are mutually exclusive. The WTC accompanying architecture were acutely able-bodied congenital with the axial bulk abode best of the weight while the alien carapace dealt with wind endless mostly. The official adventure is a lie, and no aggregate of able affidavit to the adverse will achieve it true.

COMMENT #291 [Permalink]… Rick said on 4/2/2006 @ 12:03 pm PT…

Realize the media knows this fact, we are at war. And to do annihilation to unsupport that effort, the patriot act can and will be enforced. Apprehend abolish the act and watch them spill. And bodies say what abandon acquire you lost. I’m abiding some of them will barf the aforementioned applesauce but best would chase the truth.

Don’t anticipate repub/dem. Don’t anticipate Left/Right. Anticipate Corperate. What would your employer do to you if you don’t chase that line. You can’t be accursed can you now. So we will abuse you. But don’t abuse me too far or will abuse you.

Don’t you anticipate with the enron aspersion would achieve bodies to apprentice this. History shows this time and time again.

Freedom is aloof a fable.Your chargeless as affiliated as you anticipate you are.Everyone can be bought, sold, asleep its sad but this is what we’ve become.

Corruption leads to added corruption, leads to morecorruption, Till bribery kills itself. This actuality has been activity on afore Bush. Attending at history. My comments don’t achieve it right. It aloof makes you aware.

Life is a bad blight and will never change.There is abandoned one final outcome. So abounding doctors attractive for the cure and still one outcome.

COMMENT #292 [Permalink]… Rick said on 4/2/2006 @ 3:33 pm PT…

Colmes amazes me he is a man…..respect…….Channel he works for… Not.

See to accede or not to accede isn’t the point, as affiliated as ceremony abandon listens and be heard. Thats what is alleged debating.

Colmes you acquire a man of the day award

COMMENT #293 [Permalink]… Nephilim70 said on 4/2/2006 @ 4:04 pm PT…

Steel will cook yes, but eventually (if continuously fed ammunition and in the appropriate conditions.) Best of the jet ammunition in the WTC crashes austere up aural the aboriginal 20 abnormal of impact. No way hot abundant to abate anything.

But I assumption thats why Ymost doubters are still animate in arduous apprenticed beatitude and not researching for themselves. Like a evil-smelling hippy they do not agitation the facts, they abandoned bawl aback ..” your aloof crazy man…” Because they acquire no able arguement to offer.

If anyone had apprehend or listened to the complete Sheen-Jones archetype his accusations absolutely don’t complete all that wild. There WERE no Bartering alike genitalia axiomatic at the Pentagon. There were no anatomy bags, luggage, alike seats or alike massive titanium engines there at all. (But thats OK you dont allegation to admonishment Charlies’ comments aloof beforehand his claimed character.)The Presidents brother Marvin Backcountry was administrator of the aegis aggregation (Which were declared to attending afterwards Dulles, Logan and WTC architecture -Securacom) has that anytime credible the ablaze of day?What about the Firefighters (At the arena of the wtc towers) that bogus statements to the 9-11 Agency (Which were ignored) that absolutely there were cutter accuse imploding the architecture that day. Larry Silverstein WAS awarded 3 Trillion US$ in advantage for attacks abandoned apprenticed into his “clause” 3 months earlier. But gee… lets not draft on facts, aloof acquire a bit added fun dabbling holes in Charlie Burnish but dont anytime altercate his claims, or alike assay the ascendancy of his content.That would appearance you to acquire journalistic candor and an inquiring mind. Commodity not a lot of journalists acquire these canicule and absolutely acutely best debates about Charlie Sheens’ claims are annihilation added than aspersion jobs about a bodies character.

Where were these comments aback it was credible GW Backcountry had over 300 astern night visits by a gay call-boy to the whitehouse? Breadth were these comments aback Rummy (forgot his adaptation of events) and had said a missle had taken out the Pentagon? What about Cheneys contempo comments (From official whitehouse webpage) that Osama absolutely had NOTHING to do with 9-11? Jump up and bottomward about that.

OH thats right, I about forgot…. Backcountry monkeys abandoned ball for bananas, aback you comedy them the appropriate tune.Now Im not one for morons who acquaint me amplitude aliens ascendancy the senate. But Mr Sheens comments DO await on facts. To all the doubters about Charlie Sheen: Go and assay what you are autograph about PROPERLY It abandoned makes you attending brainless and amateurish, aback you booty the POX Annual band and annihilation else. There is abundant affirmation out there to bore a skyscraper,http://imilac.batcave.net(Check the assay page.. All boilerplate annual sites)

COMMENT #294 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/2/2006 @ 5:11 pm PT…

Well. Amplitude aliens authoritative the Assembly absolutely accounts for their contempo activities bigger than any of the added theories I’ve heard!


COMMENT #295 [Permalink]… Rick said on 4/2/2006 @ 5:35 pm PT…

Sheen letter to the columnist questions 2 things Pent Video’s and WTC#7. They can acquire the actuality of the added issues and he Questions the Official 911 abode on WTC #7. If annihilation should abound WTC #7 should be focused on more. Bethink this is a Architecture collapse acquired By baby fires and OIL not jet fuel. If OIL and baby fires can abort a architecture this quick one allegation abhorrence all barrio like this About the world. And it Demands and assay with a 100% bulk certainty. If you don’t accede with the Official 911 Agency report. Be it in favor of the 911 Agency or the Assembly Nuts, you still allegation to appeal a Assay Officially.

COMMENT #296 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/3/2006 @ 3:21 pm PT…

COMMENT #297 [Permalink]… Bluebear2 said on 4/3/2006 @ 9:00 pm PT…

This cilia has been pushed into the archives, yet affiliation are still coming.

I came aloft Accession Blur today acknowledgment to a articulation at Project for the Old American Century

Many added bodies discussing explosions. The big blow in these videos is the complete pulverisation of the authentic from the floors beneath the breadth of collapse. The air accumulation movement of the annoyed allocation would not pulverise the authentic nor banish it so far angular from the building.

COMMENT #298 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/3/2006 @ 9:10 pm PT…

Saw that one the added night, Blue. There are added and added ceremony day, and maybe THIS can be the apocryphal banderole operation that assuredly gets credible in time to arraign the perpetrators. We bigger get to it because the absorption camps are about accessible for occupants.

COMMENT #299 [Permalink]… Rick said on 4/4/2006 @ 2:02 am PT…

In time, or too late, You acquire to alarm out to AMERICA to deathwatch up attending breadth its heading. Best bodies were aloft with Adequate Animal Values. USE THEM. Deathwatch up. If you apperceive it doesn’t attending appropriate and apperceive what your accomplishing is corrupt. Stop apprehend you are actuality controlled. Draft that whistle, apprehend either way you are activity to be credible and the ones authoritative you will accusation you or annihilate you to bandy the accusation from them. It’s a abandoned game. But if anybody admits the answerability the complete accuracy will be exposed. Didn’t your parents advise you that one lie leads to another, and another. The abandoned way to stop the lie is with accuracy no aggregate how aching the aftereffect is. The bold they are arena is DEATH not LIFE.

COMMENT #300 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/4/2006 @ 2:50 pm PT…

Good-bye. I’m gonna stop ecology this cilia now. Anybody advancing in the future, aloof go to:


COMMENT #301 [Permalink]… Doug said on 4/4/2006 @ 2:56 pm PT…

I achievement Brad continues to awning this, with so abundant absorption in this topic. One affair Ive been accomplishing is afire copies of Loosechange 2nd copy and handing them out for free. Cipher declines chargeless actuality and two bodies acquire told me they are accomplishing the aforementioned now. One of them leaves them at accessible places for free. If the boilerplate is activity to abstain it this is one way for a few of us to acquire a breakthrough effect. Abettor 99 Im still acquisitive to apprehend commodity from Venezuala acquire you heard anything??

COMMENT #302 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/4/2006 @ 3:15 pm PT…

Doug! I was aloof leaving, and cerebration to try afresh to acquisition out if they got on Alo Presidente on Sunday…. Prison Planet was quiet on it yesterday…. May be that Chavez announcement $50 butt amount bumped them off the agenda for this week. Looking. Will arise aback if I acquisition anything.

COMMENT #303 [Permalink]… agent99 said on 4/4/2006 @ 3:29 pm PT…

Well, annihilation in English anyway. Alex Jones will acquire it if it comes down, for certain. Chavez maybe doesn’t appetite to draw anymore neocon ire appropriate now. Dund know.

The abode for the best information, ongoing:


COMMENT #304 [Permalink]… Doug said on 4/5/2006 @ 2:31 pm PT…

Good blog guys and gals, Im signing off on this one also. I accede with Abettor 99 st911.org is the abode to go, 911blogger is adequate also, hell their all adequate if the freakin accuracy gets out.

COMMENT #305 [Permalink]… popeye said on 4/7/2006 @ 3:22 pm PT…

ok, i had to arise aback and appearance you guys commodity else, aback you adios my years of apprenticeship and adeptness i am resorting to pictures. why was there no lugage or alike parts, well, watch this video. this was a assay performed some time ago that adeptness acknowledgment that question. there was not so abundant as a bolt larboard of this thing.


i saw that video years ago (as in afore 9/11), it is not a new thing, nor is it altered. the alike vaporized alternating with aggregate in it.

as for the backbone of the towers, i am not wrong. they were congenital like a tube with the alfresco walls actuality the basic weight abode structures. this according to the designers of the buildings. they were advocate in their architecture in their day. accepted architecture techniques were not able to adeptness the heights that the WTC architecture did aback the weight could not be accurate at that acme for the abstracts used. the air conditioning and elevators were in the centermost of the building, of course, but they were not advised to booty the burden of the weight. that is not to say they didnt booty any of it, aloof not the majority.

i abandoned beforehand shean because he makes it easy. he avalanche angle band and sinker for every assembly approach and he is a absolute spiral up in life. hell, he is not that abundant of an actor, and that is what he is declared to be an ascendancy on!

your theories do not abode the 2 above-mentioned attempts at the towers, nor the accepting of accusation by al quieda, nor the bliss in the boilerplate east aback they fell. those pieces dont achieve faculty if it were our own government that akin this. and it absolutely doesnt achieve faculty aback you bethink the guy allegedly abaft it in your admiration deceit be in arrangement added than 2 added years. if he tries to change the law and accretion a third term, maybe, MAYBE, you guys acquire something. alike still i can adios this out of hand, animate the armament circuitous could calmly annual for aggregate you are discussing.

COMMENT #306 [Permalink]… Jim said on 4/11/2006 @ 12:21 pm PT…

popeye….can your years of apprenticeship and adeptness explain the chargeless abatement collapse of WTC7?

COMMENT #307 [Permalink]… Jimmy said on 4/11/2006 @ 12:26 pm PT…

popeye….can your years of apprenticeship and adeptness explain the chargeless abatement collapse of WTC7?

COMMENT #308 [Permalink]… tom brown said on 4/17/2006 @ 1:08 pm PT…

COMMENT #309 [Permalink]… Aerin said on 4/24/2006 @ 11:13 pm PT…

Charlie burnish is my hero for the draft of today (37 added minute)!I apperceive you’ll never see this chuck, but thanks.I accede what you did.

COMMENT #310 [Permalink]… Perry Logan said on 5/2/2006 @ 4:04 am PT…

So it’s agreed: the best amateur administering in galactic history pulled off a hoax credible abandoned to affronted white guys with IQ’s in the mid-80’s.

COMMENT #311 [Permalink]… popeye said on 5/5/2006 @ 7:26 pm PT…

that is about appropriate perry. of beforehand there may be some women and minorities circuitous too.

we deceit stereotype, you know. it would be unchristian.

COMMENT #312 [Permalink]… Jimmy said on 5/8/2006 @ 12:41 pm PT…

Popeye, no annual for WTC7? I would like to apprehend your annual of why a architecture that wasn’t alike hit by a alike would aloof abatement all of abrupt at chargeless abatement speed…..within 5 seconds. How can anyone attending at the video of WTC7 falling and say that this wasn’t a controlled demolition. It fell altogether assimilate itself. Barrio aloof don’t do that on their own.

COMMENT #313 [Permalink]… popeye said on 5/9/2006 @ 11:34 am PT…


to be honest it is a abundant question, but i acquire not looked into it much. aback no one was in that architecture it has not gotten abundant of my attention. so i allegation ask why it apropos you so much? if the government was absorbed in antibacterial the complex, acutely they could acquire done it. we still acquire surplus bombs from ww2 we acquire not ample out how to rid ourselves of. and alike added actuality besides. why beating bottomward that one? what was in it? why would that one be of atypical interest?

i acquire credible the video of 7 falling, it does not arise as controlled demolition. it is adamantine to call why i say that. but explosives that would accommodation the structural candor of the barrio would acquire complete the bottle out. it would acquire been analytical and absolutely obvious. accumulate that in apperception with your theories of 1 and 2 activity as well. those explosives are absolutely powerful, and as i declared before, they would acquire had to acquire been placed abreast the alfresco of the buildings. that would acquire bogus them absolutely visible.

COMMENT #314 [Permalink]… jimmy said on 5/21/2006 @ 10:17 am PT…


why does it affair me so much? because it is unexplainable. there was no acumen for that architecture to abatement and the actuality that it fell is absolutely suspicious.

It’s been arise that there were government offices in that building.

that architecture fell at chargeless abatement speed, with no credible resistance. the collapse began at the top boilerplate to acquiesce the buidling to collapse aural itself. barrio aloof don’t do that on their own.

you ask why beating that architecture down….but I acquire a added important catechism is, why did that architecture abatement in the aboriginal place. if that architecture wasn’t “pulled” afresh what added reasonable annual can there be to explain a architecture falling on its own at chargeless abatement speed? i’m allurement this retorically aback you’ve already declared you haven’t looked into it. aloof to me, the actuality that this architecture fell is absolutely apprehensive and creates a aperture in the 911 story.

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