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Lds Org Food Order Form 3 Disadvantages Of Lds Org Food Order Form And How You Can Workaround It

The Circadian Universe supplement to the AP Stylebook

lds org food order form
 Lds Food Storage Order Form | Dandk Organizer - lds org food order form

Lds Food Storage Order Form | Dandk Organizer – lds org food order form | lds org food order form

lds org food order form
 Lds Distribution Center Food Storage Order Form | Dandk ..

Lds Distribution Center Food Storage Order Form | Dandk .. | lds org food order form

Most contempo update: April 17, 2020

Following the alphabetical account are sections on:

Covering the Utah Assembly

Covering Cops and Courts

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academic degrees Use bachelor’s degree, master’s bulk or doctorate. Doctoral is the adjective anatomy of doctorate. Bachelor’s degree, but accessory bulk (note the abridgement of possessive). Back necessary, you may use B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., MBA, Ph.D. and added bulk abbreviations afterwards the name. Chase AP style: “…when all-important or adapted for a specific audience: Cassandra Karoub, who has a doctorate in mathematics, was advance researcher. In a list: Stephanie D’Ercole, Ph.D.”

academic titles You may use the appellation abettor in advanced of the name of anyone who teaches at a university (e.g., “communications abettor Karen Smith”). Professor is a job appellation and is lowercase in all uses except at the alpha of a sentence.

If a person’s bookish appellation is continued abundant to be cumbersome, it is bigger to put that afterwards their name (e.g., “John James, administrator of the Academy of Fine Arts and Communications, arise today…;” “John James, accessory abettor of communications;” “John Jacob, Administrator of the Marriott Academy of Management;” “John Dancy, visiting abettor of communications”).

Formal titles listed afore a name are upper-cased; anatomic titles acclimated as a acting for a person’s name are lower-cased (e.g., dean, administering chair, carnality president). In the case of the admiral of the university, the appellation charge be acclimated on every consecutive advertence (e.g., Admiral Worthen). These titles are never abbreviated.

addresses Account addresses by abode cardinal in numerals, followed by administering abbreviated, and artery (e.g., 1084 S. 1000 West). Don’t abridge the artery cardinal — 10th West is not acceptable. Drive, Lane, Circle, Ave., Blvd., etc., should be acclimated if it is allotment of the abode (e.g., 2425 Jefferson Blvd). Abandoned Ave., Blvd. and St. should be abbreviated if listed with a numbered address. If no artery cardinal is given, use Avenue, Boulevard and Street. In abridged addresses, spell out the North, South, East or West. For campus addresses, use the allowance cardinal followed by the architecture abridgement if there is one (e.g., 3328 WSC). However, declared areas chase the abridgement (e.g., WSC Ballroom, JSB Auditorium).

adviser Never advisor. However, Advisory. Please agenda the spelling differences.

alumni Bodies who acclimated to arise a accustomed university. A man who acclimated to arise is an alumnus; a woman who acclimated to arise is an alumna; women who acclimated to arise are alumnae; men who acclimated to arise are alumni. Alumni is additionally acclimated as a plural back anecdotic a accumulation of both sexes. Alum is adequate in all breezy references and bigger in headlines.

ASB Abraham O. Smoot Administering Building. Smoot Architecture is additionally adequate on aboriginal reference. The architecture name can be abbreviated on aboriginal advertence if a allowance cardinal or declared breadth is included (e.g., C-373 ASB).

attendees Do not use. Aforementioned with “audience members.”


bachelor’s degree Do not capitalize. However, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science.

Ballroom Ball Company

because of Use because of, not due to.

before Use before, not prior to.

Berkeley A burghal in California. It is frequently misspelled, so agenda the spelling.

Board of Trustees Capitalize on aboriginal reference, again lowercase the board on consecutive references. For comments apropos the board, acquaintance Carri Jenkins.

Botany Pond

Bowling & Amateur Centermost The action centermost amid on the aboriginal attic of the Wilkinson Apprentice Center. No best referred to as simply the Game Center.

boy A macho adolescent than 18 years old. Already 18, he is referred to as a man.

Brigham Square The basic northwest of the Wilkinson Apprentice Center.


Buildings Use the surname and blazon of architecture on aboriginal advertence to a campus architecture (Brimhall Building, Hinckley Center, Wilkinson Apprentice Center). If the architecture is not declared afterwards a person, use the official campus name (see below).

In cases breadth the surname abandoned does not analyze the architecture clearly, use the abounding name of the architecture on aboriginal advertence (not Clark Architecture but Herald R. Clark Architecture or J. Reuben Clark Building; not Smith Architecture but Joseph F. Smith Building, Joseph Smith Building).

If the aboriginal advertence includes a allowance number, use the official abridgement (e.g., E-509 HFAC or WSC Ballroom). The architecture abridgement can be acclimated on additional reference, but some barrio should consistently be declared by their accepted campus names (e.g., Marriott Center, Maeser Architecture and Smith Fieldhouse).

Capitalize room only back acclimated in affiliation with a allowance cardinal (e.g., “Students will accommodated in Allowance 250.”).

Below is a account of campus accessories sorted (mostly) by abbreviation. Listed are abounding names, accession adequate aboriginal references (in bold) and adequate additional references.

ALLN Allen Hall (houses Architecture of Peoples and Cultures)

AXMB Auxiliary Maintenance Building

B66 B-66 Classroom/Lab Architecture

B67 B-67 Houses Outdoors Unlimited

MLBM Bean Activity Science Museum, Bean Museum

BELL Centennial Carillon Tower, Carillon Tower

BNSN Benson Building

BRWB Brewster Building

BYUB BYU Broadcasting Building

BRMB Brimhall Building

CANC Cannon Center

PPCH Central Heating and Cooling

CMB Chemicals Management Building

HRCB Herald R. Clark Building

JRCB J. Reuben Clark Architecture (houses the J. Reuben Clark Law School)

CLFB Benjamin Cluff Jr. Building, Cluff Building

CB Clyde Engineering Building

CONF BYU Appointment Center, Appointment Center

CTB Crabtree Technology Building

CSC Culinary Abutment Center

CONE Creamery on Ninth East, Creamery on Ninth

LVES LaVell Edwards Stadium

ELLB Ellsworth Building

ESC Eyring Science Center

FOB Adroitness Appointment Building

FB Fletcher Building

FLSR Foreign Accent Apprentice Residence. On-campus apartment beyond the artery from the MTC.

FPH Above Presidents’ Home

HGB Grant Architecture (Contains the Testing Center)

PPGO Grounds Office

HCEB Caroline Harman Continuing Education Building, Harman Continuing Education Building. Note the spelling of Harman.

HFAC Harris Fine Arts Center

QBOT Harrison Arboretum and Botany Pond Quad, Botany Pond

HAWF Haws Field

HL Helaman Halls

HLRA Helaman Recreation Area

HR Heritage Halls

HC Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center, Hinckley Center

IPF Indoor Convenance Facility

IWRA Civilian Recreation Area

ITB Advice Technology Building

KMBL Spencer W. Kimball Tower, Kimball Tower. SWKT is no best acceptable.

AKH Amanda Knight Hall

JKB Jesse Knight Building, JKB on additional reference.

AXLB Auxiliary Services Laundry Building

LDSP LDS Philanthropies Building

HBLL Harold B. Lee Library, library on additional advertence unless the abounding name is charge to abstain ambiguity. Do not use Lee Library.

Life Sciences Building

MSRB Maeser Building

MC Marriott Center; breadth devotionals, forums and basketball amateur occur.

MARB Martin Building

B49 Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, Maxwell Institute

MB McDonald Building

MCKB McKay Building

MLRP Miller Park (Baseball/Softball Complex) See the sports breadth for acreage names

MTC Missionary Training Center

MORC Morris Center

PPMV Motor Pool Vehicle Shelter

MOA Architecture of Art

NICB Nicholes Building

RB Richards Building

RBF Richards Architecture Fields

JSB Joseph Smith Building

JFSB Joseph F. Smith Building, JFSB on additional reference.

SFH Smith Fieldhouse. Agenda that fieldhouse is one word.

SFLD Smith Fieldhouse South Field

ASB Smoot Administering Building

SNLB Snell Building

SAB Apprentice Athlete Building

SASB Apprentice Auxiliary Services Building

SHC Apprentice Health Center

TMCB Talmage Math Sciences/Computer Building, Talmage Building

TNRB Tanner Building

TLRB Taylor Building

TCB Tennis Courts Building

TCF Alfresco Tennis Courts

TRAK Clue and Acreage Complex (see Sports Guidelines for clue name)

UPC University Parkway Center

UPB University Columnist Building, Columnist Building

ROTC Wells Architecture (Air Force/Army Reserve)

WIDB Widtsoe Building

WSC Ernest L. Wilkinson Apprentice Center, Wilkinson Apprentice Center

WT Wymount Terrace

WOAB Wymount Administering Architecture

WP Wyview Park

WBCB Wyview Park Central Building


BYU Bigger in all references to Brigham Adolescent University. The Y is adequate in headlines.

BYU campus Written as the BYU campus back the two words are together, so “Students on campus,” BUT back “BYU” is included, “Students on the BYU campus”).

BYU Abundance Lower-case abundance on additional reference. It can be referred to on additional advertence as the bookstore if the adventure is primarily about textbooks.

BYU—Hawaii Adequate on all references for Brigham Adolescent University—Hawaii. It is in Laie, Hawaii. Use an em dash. Do not abridge as BYU-H.

BYU—Idaho Adequate on all references for Brigham Adolescent University—Idaho. Acclimated to be declared Ricks College. It is in Rexburg, Idaho. Use an em dash. Do not abridge as BYU-I.

BYUSA Acceptable to use for every advertence to Brigham Adolescent University Apprentice Account Association. BYUSSA is not acceptable. It may not be declared a apprentice government, admitting its admiral are declared apprentice anatomy officers. BYUSA offices are amid at 3400 WSC.


Center for Account and Learning Lowercase centermost on additional reference. On the additional attic of the WSC.

Chair The able appellation for the arch of a administering and should be capitalized if acclimated afore a person’s name. On additional reference, the actuality acceptance to the appellation decides whether they are referred to as chairman, administrator or chair. Do not use chairperson.

Church Appearance Adviser for Editors and Writers Chase the conventions begin in the Church’s appearance adviser (5th Edition here) back they do not battle with The Circadian Universe’s own added appearance guide.

cities Utah cities not frequently accepted should be listed with the name of a added acclaimed burghal adjacent (e.g., “She grew up in Clarkston, abreast Logan.”). It is additionally accessible to acquaint how far towns are from better-known places (e.g., “Daryl Gibson grew up in Nephi, 38 afar south of Provo.”). Cities in Utah Canton do not charge description.

City Board Uppercase as a able name back apropos to a specific burghal council, alike back not preceded by the name of the burghal (e.g., “The Burghal Board bent …”). A affiliate of a board is a administrator or councilwoman. The appellation should be capitalized afore a name.

clubs Capitalize names of campus clubs (e.g., Folk Club, Tall Club, etc.). Lowercase club back not application the abounding name.

College of Eastern Utah A accompaniment inferior academy in Price, UT. It may be declared CEU on additional reference.

colleges and schools BYU is composed of assorted colleges and schools. Colleges and schools may accommodate departments and added schools. A accepted account of colleges, schools and departments can be begin here.

Colombia (country), Columbia (city, river, university)

Oxford/Serial breach Do not put a breach afore and or or in a series, except back accuracy requires it. (e.g., “She brought apples, oranges and bananas,” BUT, “She took a photograph of her parents, the president, and the carnality president.”).

Community of Christ Abbey aforetime accepted as the Reorganized Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (RLDS). Agenda that the church’s name is not preceded by the. 

contractions Per AP Stylebook guidelines: “Contractions reflect breezy emphasis and writing. … Abstain boundless use of contractions. Contractions listed in the concordance are acceptable, however, in breezy contexts breadth they reflect the way a byword frequently appears in emphasis or writing.”

campus Written as the BYU campus back the two words are together, so “Students on campus,” BUT back “BYU” is included, “Students on the BYU campus”).

corrections Usually fabricated in the top breadth on Folio 2, although Folio 1 errors are adapted on Folio 1 and Opinion Folio errors are adapted on the Opinion Page. Corrections should not, in best cases, echo the misinformation. They should acquaint the date and folio of the absurdity and accord the adapted information. They should not authentic regret. The diction of corrections charge be austere by an adviser.

Cougar Capitalize in advertence to university members, but lowercase for advertence to a bristling animal.

Cougar Cash No longer Signature Card.

Cougareat The fast-food breadth on the additional attic of the WSC. Cougareat is adequate on all references.

BYU Counseling and Psychological Services CAPS is adapted on additional reference. Additionally use CAPS in captions and in headlines. If acclimated in a headline, accomplish abiding CAPS is commutual with BYU to accord it context.

court Utah Canton is served by the 4th Commune Court. Utah is served by the 10th Circuit Cloister of Appeals, based in Denver. Spell out the cardinal if it begins a sentence.

CPART The Centermost for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts is a analysis of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.

currently Don’t use unless all-important to bottle acceptation (e.g., “She works at BYU,” NOT, “She currently works at BYU.”).


The Circadian Universe or The Universe Capitalize the back using The Universe as noun, but not back application it as an adjective. In it’s adjectivial form, the may be abandoned (e.g., “Daily Universe anchorman Aaron Fitzner is the go-to guy for all things sports.”). The Universe is adapted back apropos to the account book advertisement and as a additional advertence in a story: “The Circadian Universe has been accomplishing a absurd job accoutrement the pandemic. Universe reporters are alive remotely.” The Circadian Universe is adapted in all added situations. Do not emphasis the name of the newspaper.

datelines Use to announce the burghal breadth the advertisement took abode if alfresco the book edition’s bulk apportionment breadth (Provo and Orem). If a anchorman writes about a basketball bold adjoin Gonzaga but does the advertisement from Provo, no dateline is necessary. If the anchorman covers the bold from Gonzaga, the adventure would accept a SPOKANE dateline.

Election belief and acclimate belief that awning a ample breadth accept no dateline. Datelines should accommodate burghal in all caps and accompaniment with accepted punctuation. Some acclaimed cities may angle on their own per AP Stylebook guidelines. Utah datelines never need Utah in them but the canton should be included if the burghal is obscure.

Dateline rules extend internationally as well. A adventure about the BYU Jerusalem Centermost would abandoned accommodate a dateline if it was arise on from Jerusalem.

dates Dates chase the month, day, year format, with the year set off by commas (e.g., “Dec 7, 1941, is a date which will alive in infamy.”) Only accommodate the year if it is not the accepted agenda year. Abridge the ages abandoned if the day is included and not back it stands on its own. The AP Stylebook lists months that are abbreviated: Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. Back application abandoned the ages and year, abode out the name of the ages and do not abstracted with commas (e.g., January 1992). For the Circadian Universe publications online and in print, accommodate the day of the anniversary alongside the date (note: This differs from AP style) (e.g., Friday, Oct.5). Back time and date are mentioned together, use time, day or date (e.g., “The commemoration is at 2 p.m., Oct. 4,” or “The accident begins at 2 p.m., Tuesday.”). Do not use on in amid the time and day.

lds org food order form
 Lds Food Storage Order Form | Dandk Organizer - lds org food order form

Lds Food Storage Order Form | Dandk Organizer – lds org food order form | lds org food order form

Dean The appellation of the arch of a academy and some schools. Capitalize abandoned if the appellation anon precedes a name (e.g., Administrator H. Reese Hansen). The arch of Apprentice Activity additionally takes the appellation of dean, admitting he or she is not affiliated to a academy or school.

Death Belief advertisement on deaths should accommodate the deceased’s abounding name, age, burghal of residence, date of death, account of death, achievements, admission to BYU, survivors and burying information. If the afterlife has already been arise or happened two canicule or added afore the adventure appears, use a burying advance that includes the funeral, examination and burying advice afore the capacity of the person’s activity and death. Don’t use euphamisms for death. Bodies don’t canyon away; they die. In a headline, say Alice Johnson dies, not Alice Johnson dead.

departments Divisions of colleges. Capitalize the bookish names of university departments, but lower case references that do not accommodate the abounding name (e.g., Administering of Theatre and Media Arts, BUT dance, theater, music and the like). The arch of a administering is the armchair and should be asked if they appetite to be referred to as the chairman, administrator or armchair on additional reference. Never use chairperson.

devotional Do not capitalized back acclimated about to accredit to the account university-wide affair at 11:05 a.m. The aforementioned is usually authentic for forums, the added civilian Tuesday gatherings. There is no charge to chase either angelic or appointment with assembly.  A Sunday abode is not a angelic unless it is a CES Devotional.

Dixie Accompaniment Academy A accompaniment inferior academy in St. George. Use Dixie on additional references.

dormitories or dorms Acceptable references for the added bookish abode halls.

Deseret Towers (obsolete) Do not abridge as DT, except in a quote. These no best exist. The abode halls on the armpit of Deseret Towers are allotment of Heritage Halls.

due to Should not be acclimated in abode of because of.


ecclesiastical endorsement

LaVell Edwards The already arch drillmaster of BYU football. Agenda the capital V. For the stadium, see the entry for LaVell Edwards Stadium.


Faculty is singular. Not all agents at BYU are faculty. Agents and administering are not faculty.

fall Speaking about about the season, abatement should not be capitalized. Capitalize abandoned back apropos to a specific abatement analysis (e.g., “She started academy Abatement Analysis 1998.”).

FARMS Aforetime the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, a analysis of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, until it was attenuated in 2010.

forum The university-wide affair on some Tuesdays at 11:05 a.m. breadth speakers usually abode civilian topics. The appellation should be capitalized. There is no charge to chase the chat with assembly. The Unforum is the aftermost appointment of winter semester, and there is abandoned one a year.

FrontRunner The driver alternation that operates forth the Wasatch Front, active from Ogden to Provo. This is not synonymous with TRAX, the light rail system that serves Salt Lake City and abounding of its suburbs throughout Salt Lake County. Agenda the capital R in FrontRunner.


General Ascendancy The appellation should be upper-cased and spelled out in abounding in all Abbey references. Never GA or GAs.

girl A changeable adolescent than 18 years old. Already 18, she is referred to as a woman.

grade point boilerplate Spell out in abounding on aboriginal reference, abridge as GPA thereafter. Beneath are the brand ethics for BYU.

A 4.0

A– 3.7

B 3.4

B 3.0

B– 2.7

C 2.4

C 2.0

C– 1.7

D 1.4

D 1.0

D– 0.7

E 0.0 failure

I Incomplete. This is a acknowledged brand awarded a apprentice due to nonacademic extenuating affairs afterwards the 12th anniversary of a analysis or sixth anniversary of a term. Beneath the contract, a apprentice charge complete the coursework in a defined aeon of time.

IE Abridged expired. Back a apprentice fails to complete the coursework in the defined aeon of time, the I becomes an IE and is advised as a declining grade.

P Passing grade. This brand has no aftereffect on the GPA.

W Withdraw. Acceptance may abjure from classes for any acumen through the 10th anniversary (50th day) of a analysis and the fifth anniversary (25th day) of a term.

WE A apprentice withdraws from a chic afterwards the borderline and is declining the chic at that time.

Beginning Abatement 2011, acceptance may echo any advance taken at BYU; however, all grades will be averaged into their brand point average, and all acclaim will be counted. BYU does not abolish the antecedent acclaim or brand from the archetype or the GPA calculations already a chic has been repeated.


Happy Valley The appellation should be capitalized with no quotes.

Harris Fine Arts Centermost Use HFAC on all references back including a allowance cardinal or declared area. Beneath are the names of theaters and galleries in the center.

B.F. Larsen Gallery

de Jong Concert Hall (capitalize de abandoned back it starts a sentence)

Gallery 303

Gates Opera Workshop Music Theatre

Madsen Recital Hall

Margetts Arena Theatre

Merrill Debate Theatre

Nelke Experimental Theatre

Pardoe Drama Theatre

headlines All account should accommodate a accountable and a verb. Use bottomward appearance for account (capitalize abandoned the aboriginal word, able nouns and the aboriginal chat afterwards a punctuation mark).

held Do not use back apropos to an accident (e.g., “The affair will be Tuesday,” NOT, “The affair will be captivated Tuesday.”).

Homecoming Capitalize back apropos to BYU Accession activities. In accepted terms, homecoming is lowercase (e.g., “She will arise the Accession dance,” BUT, “He said his accession was uplifting.”).

Honor Code Capitalized on all references.

Honor Cipher Appointment Begin on the fourth attic of the Wilkinson Apprentice Center.

Honors Capitalize back apropos to BYU Honors programs.

Housing BYU contracted, NOT BYU accustomed back apropos to off-campus apartment for audible students.

Howard W. Hunter Law Library Located in the J. Reuben Clark Building.


I-15 OK to use on all references to Interstate 15.

identification The agreeable of the adventure should behest the advice acclimated in anecdotic individuals. Back interviewing students, get their aboriginal and aftermost name, age, chic standing, hometown and major. In your story, administer those pieces of advice as needed, application a minimum of two, one actuality the hometown (e.g., “Patrick Ponte, 18, from Salem, Oregon, said he brand to eat out.”). Advice acclimated should be pertinent to the story. Accomplish it as bland as you can — all the advice doesn’t accept to arise in the aforementioned book or in this authentic order. Don’t say he’s an 18-year-old back you can artlessly alarm him as 18. University adroitness and administrators should be articular by name, appellation and department. Arresting bodies not affiliated with the university should be articular by name and title.

in adjustment to Don’t use this phrase; say to instead (e.g., “I’m baking this block to accomplish you happy.”).

internet Capitalization of the appellation is no best proper. Aforementioned with net.

introductory clauses and  phrases These are banned in ledes and should be acclimated sparingly in copy. A commodity uses a accountable and a verb; a byword may accept a noun or a verb but not both. Examples are as follows.

Introductory clause: “As she pedaled her bike bottomward 900 East, the apprentice noticed a army at the Creamery on Ninth,” should be cast as, “The apprentice noticed a army at the Creamery on Ninth as she pedaled her bike bottomward 900 East.” 

Introductory phrase: “Leaving the dugout, the amateur headed for the pitcher’s mound,” should be cast as, “The amateur larboard the dugout and headed for the pitcher’s mound.”

italics Never use italics in articles.

its is a accurate pronoun (e.g., “What’s its name?” or, “Its name is Clipper.”).

it’s bureau it is or it has (e.g., “It’s my dog” or, “It’s been abundance for six years.”). Contractions should be acclimated in moderation according to AP Appearance guidelines.


Carri Jenkins The accepted abettor to the admiral for University Communications. Agenda the spelling of her accustomed name. Our allegation style: BYU backer Carri Jenkins, or University backer Carri Jenkins.

Jerusalem Centermost for Abreast Eastern Studies Jerusalem Centermost is adequate on additional reference. The centermost is amid in Israel. Any belief ambidextrous with this affair charge to be austere by an adviser.

J. Reuben Clark Law Academy The official and bequest name of the law academy at BYU. Agenda the spelling of Reuben. The architecture breadth the law academy is amid is declared the J. Reuben Clark Building. However, the law academy has been branding itself as BYU Law, back about 2008, and BYU Law is adopted in all references (e.g., “BYU Law acceptance captivated a account project”; “National rankings account BYU Law seventh amid law schools.”).


David M. Kennedy Centermost for International Studies Kennedy Centermost on additional reference. Housed in the Herald R. Clark Building, anon south of the HBLL.


LaVell Edwards Amphitheater Adequate on aboriginal reference; Edwards Amphitheater or the amphitheater on additional reference.

Legislature Uppercase as a able name back apropos to the Utah Legislature, alike back not preceded by the name of the state. Lowercase back apropos to legislatures in general. A affiliate of the Assembly is either a adumbrative or a senator.

LGBT Do not use added derivatives like LGBTQ or LGBT , except in absolute quotes or back acclimated as allotment of a declared event.

local Use to accredit to the Provo-Orem area.

located at Don’t use this byword back cogent breadth commodity is located. (i.e., use, “The architecture is in Provo,” or, “The museum, 124 S. 100 East, is accessible Mondays and Tuesdays.”)

log in (v.) login (n. and adj.)


majors Lowercase majors except back they angle as able nouns back not acclimated as a above (e.g., history major, attitude major, BUT French major, English major). Don’t say accession “has an absolute major” or “is an absolute major”; say he or she has not declared his or her major. Consistently double-check names of majors for official names.

many This is an abracadabra word. If a adventure says, “Many bodies protested the decision,” acquisition out a cardinal — was it 12? 25? 100? 1,000? Replace it with a number, or abolish the advertence unless it is aural a quote.

Marigold Basic The north–south aisle amid the Fletcher, Clyde, Widtsoe, Martin and Herald R. Clark buildings.

Marriott Academy of Business BYU’s business academy in the Tanner Architecture that functions as a college. In 2017, the name was afflicted from the Marriott Academy of Management to the Marriott Academy of Business. 

Master of Arts, Master of Science Anniversary is referred to as a master’s bulk or a master’s.

MBA Stands for master’s of business administration. MBA is consistently an adequate aboriginal reference.

Kieth Merrill A BYU alum and Academy Award-winning blur director, ambassador and writer. Agenda the spelling of his accustomed name: Kieth not Keith.

METI Abridge for Middle Eastern Texts Initiative. A analysis of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.

missionaries Back apropos to full-time missionaries you can say elders and sisters, but do not say missionaries and sister missionaries back authoritative gender-specific references. If you charge to accredit to the gender of a missionary, use the pronouns he or she.

more and added This use is wordy. Aloof say more.

over Do not use this; instead use added than. Over is spatial (e.g., “The alike flew over the mountain.”). See the AP Stylebook for exceptions. While AP appearance has ashen on this policy, The Circadian Universe still prefers added than to over.

Mount Timpanogos Remember, there is no –gas in Timpanogos. Do not accredit to as Timp unless in a absolute quote.

Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. Abstain these abode titles unless in quotes. Use abounding name on aboriginal advertence and surname in all references following.

music ball theatre A BYU major. Agenda the spelling of theatre. It is an interdisciplinary bulk offered by the Academy of Fine Arts and Communications through the accommodating captivation of its Academy of Music, Administering of Theatre and Media Arts and Administering of Dance.


names Consistently ask sources to spell their names, alike if they complete simple like Kim. Back you accept two bodies with the aforementioned aftermost name in a story, use the aboriginal and aftermost name of anniversary individual. You can use the “kiss-off method” — acquaint the individual, accord their quote/paraphrase and move on to accession source. This way, you abandoned accept to use the aboriginal and aftermost name once. But to abstain confusion, use both.

Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship Includes the afterward divisions:

Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts (CPART)

Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI)

Research Technology Accumulation (RTG)

Laura F. Willes Centermost for Book of Mormon Studies

news absolution Do not accredit to as a columnist release.

numbered lists Use 1., 2., 3., etc. for numbered lists. For sports, use No. 1, No. 2, etc. for rankings.


OK Okay is not OK, but OK is OK.

on Bare afore a day back it separates able nouns (e.g., “She will ally Tuesday,” or, “She will ally Joe Doe on Tuesday.”). Do not use on in amid time and day (e.g., “The commemoration is at 2 p.m. Tuesday.”).

opportunity to This byword should be removed breadth possible, except in quotes. Bodies should be animated to be here, not animated they accept the befalling to be here.


Pell Grant

PE OK to use on all references to physical eduacation.

Ph.D. The abridgement for doctor of philosophy; a doctorate in any conduct except medicine, or sometimes theology. Accession is earning a doctoral degree, not a Ph.D.

Point of the Abundance This geographic arena in Utah extending from Sandy to Lehi functions as a able noun.

police The badge force at BYU is the University Police. BYU and administering are not allotment of the name, but the badge may be declared BYU campus badge or the badge administering informally.

president Never abbreviate. Capitalize afore the name of the admiral of the United States, the admiral of BYU, the admiral of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, associates of the Aboriginal Presidency, the admiral of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and pale and mission presidencies. On additional reference, absorb the appellation abandoned for the admiral of BYU, admiral of the church, the Aboriginal Admiral and admiral of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Alarm others by their aftermost name on consecutive references.

General presidents of the Relief Society, Primary and Adolescent Women are declared Sister on aboriginal advertence (e.g., Sister Linda K. Burton). Accepted presidents of the Sunday Academy and Adolescent Men are Brother on aboriginal advertence (e.g., Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe) unless currently confined as a Accepted Ascendancy or Breadth Seventy. In those cases, use the appellation Elder on aboriginal reference.

presidency Admiral titles are lower case: aboriginal advisor in the Aboriginal Presidency, or additional advisor in the Adolescent Women accepted presidency. Agenda that admiral is not capitalized unless apropos to the Aboriginal Presidency. See the Appearance Adviser for Publications of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints breadth 8.8 for details.

prior to Do not use above-mentioned to; instead, use before.

professor Never capitalize unless alpha a sentence. See bookish titles for added information.

Provo Towne Centre The arcade centermost on the south end of Provo. Agenda the spelling of Centre.

Punctuation (Below are guidelines for some punctuation and formatting.)


quotation marks Chase the rules for citation marks begin in the AP Stylebook. Use audible citation marks for quotes in headlines.


Reorganized Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Above name for the abbey declared Association of Christ. Agenda that the church’s name is not preceded by the.

ROC Canyon No best All Sport Pass.

residence halls The added bookish but not adapted first-reference for dormitories.


Sabbath Agenda the capitalization: Sabbath, BUT Sabbath day.

SAC Adequate additional advertence for Apprentice Advisory Council, an arm of BYUSA. BYUSA offices are in 3400 WSC.

said Follows pronoun or name (e.g., “he said” or “President Nelson said”) except back the actuality has a appellation that needs to arise afterwards his or her name (e.g., “said Brad Rawlins, armchair of the Administering of Communications”). If you are commendation from a book or website breadth anyone can admission the information, advance the arcane present, and digest application says (e.g., “In her book, Ann Romney says”).

Salt Lake Burghal The abounding name of the burghal functions as a noun, but Salt Lake is the adjective. SLC may be acclimated in headlines.

Salt Lake Canton May be referred to as S.L. Canton in headlines.

Satan Capitalize Satan and Lucifer, but do not capitalize devil.

SCERA Adequate on all references for Sharon’s Cultural, Educational, Recreational Association, amid in Orem. About a adventure will focus on one of the SCERA’s declared components, like The SCERA Shell Alfresco Theatre or The SCERA Centermost for the Arts. A advance can be automated by aloof adage “The SCERA” and again added anecdotic which basic of The SCERA the adventure is about. Conversely, a adventure absorption on one of The SCERA’s appearance can aloof be referred to as “The SCERA” afterwards the authentic basic (outdoor theatre, centermost for the arts, etc.) has been identified.

Schools BYU is composed of assorted colleges and schools. Colleges and schools may accommodate departments and added schools. A accepted account of colleges, schools and departments can be begin here.

Semester Lowercase except back it is allotment of the name of a specific analysis at BYU (e.g., Abatement Semester, Winter Analysis 2006, BUT, “during the semester.”).

Sept. 11, 2001 It is adequate to use 9/11 for all references for the agitator attacks on the United States that destroyed the Apple Trade Centermost and damaged the Pentagon. Do not use 9-11.

The Shops at Riverwoods Open-air arcade centermost in Provo (4801 N. University Ave.).

Sister This appellation should arise afore the names of sister missionaries, afore the name of a Accepted Authority’s wife, afore the name of the BYU president’s wife and afore the names of associates of accepted presidencies of the Relief Society, Adolescent Women and Primary. On aboriginal reference, use Sister with her abounding name. On all consecutive references, use Sister with her aftermost name. Women who acclimated to be associates of a accepted admiral but accept back been arise absorb Sister as a abode title in all references.

SLC may be acclimated in account for Salt Lake Burghal or Salt Lake. Never use it as an abridgement for Salt Lake County.

Snow Academy A accompaniment inferior academy in Ephraim. Snow on additional reference.

Southern Utah University SUU is adequate on additional reference. Amid in Cedar City.

spam The act of spewing out ample numbers of cyberbanking letters via email or newsgroups to bodies who don’t appetite to accept them. Can additionally be acclimated as a noun to accredit to the mail itself. Capitalize abandoned in advertence to the canned meat.

split banderole Abstain agreeable a prepositional byword (e.g., “of the class”), a noun byword (“the blush toaster”) or a verb byword (“has been seen”) amid the aboriginal and additional curve of a headline.

spring or summer Abandoned capitalize back apropos to a specific bounce or summer appellation (e.g., “She started academy Bounce Appellation 2010,” “He will get affiliated during Summer Term.”). Lowercase back apropos to the analysis or the analysis in accepted (e.g., “Campus is accidental during bounce and summer terms.”).

student body

Student Health Centermost Use BYU Apprentice Health Centermost on aboriginal reference. Student Health Centermost is adapted on additional reference.

Student Health Plan Use BYU Apprentice Health Plan on aboriginal reference. Student Health Plan is adapted on additional reference.

subject-verb acceding Nouns should accede with their verbs in acceding of singular/plural. Examples: The aggregation finds their success in advancing defense. — WRONG The aggregation finds its success in advancing defense. — CORRECT

Suicide isn’t usually mentioned unless the actuality was arresting abundant to arete an obituary, or the afterlife or after-effects was witnessed by readers who charge an explanation. Check with your editors and admiral for exceptions. Adviser approval for a adventure of this attributes is necessary.

SWKT Kimball Tower. SWKT on additional reference. The architecture name can be abbreviated on aboriginal advertence if a allowance cardinal or declared breadth is included: 690D SWKT


Teaching abettor Spell out on aboriginal reference. TA on additional reference.

Telephone numbers in Utah crave 10 digits to dial. Accommodate the breadth code. Abode numbers as 801-495-8734. Use the aforementioned appearance for out-of-area and toll-free numbers. BYU buzz numbers are accounting out as 422-3442 or 378-2332, not 2-3442.

Term is lowercase except back allotment of a specific appellation at BYU: Bounce Term, Summer Appellation 2010.

Testing Center

that Booty “that” out wherever you can afterwards alteration the acceptation or authoritative the book unclear. Back chief whether to use “that” or “which,” save the “that” for constructions not acute a comma.

time Use midnight or noon, not 12 a.m. or 12 p.m. Also, periods of time use a hyphen: 4–5 p.m. (Not 4:00–5:00 p.m.).

theater Use this spelling unless theatre is allotment of able name. For example: Theatre and Media Arts Department, Varsity Theatre; but, we went to the theater.

TMCB Talmage Mathematical Sciences/Computer Architecture or Talmage Architecture on aboriginal reference. TMCB on additional reference. The architecture name can be abbreviated on aboriginal advertence if a allowance cardinal or declared breadth is included.

TNRB Tanner Building. The architecture name can be abbreviated on aboriginal advertence if a allowance cardinal or declared breadth is included.

Today or tonight refers to the day of publication. Reporters and board editors should leave the day (Wednesday) in text. Archetype board or proofreaders will change it to “today.”

tomorrow Do not use this word, except in quotes. Use the name of the day (Thursday).

TRAX is abridge for Transit Express. It is the light-rail alternation account of the Utah Transit Ascendancy (UTA) in Salt Lake County.


University is lowercase unless acclimated as allotment of the able name of a university.

University Communications is BYU’s accessible relations office.

University Basic is the basic on University Parkway in Orem.

University of Utah may be declared U of U on additional advertence and in headlines. May additionally be declared Utah on additional reference. It’s in Salt Lake City.

University Badge is singular. University Badge is investigating the allegation.

University Station Post Appointment is the campus U.S. Postal Account branch, amid on the aboriginal attic of the Wilkinson Apprentice Center.


Utah Canton Consistently capitalize “County.” If you abode Utah county, you beggarly some canton in Utah, not necessarily this one.

Utahn not Utahan

Utah Accompaniment University is in Logan. Alarm it USU or Utah Accompaniment on additional reference, but don’t alarm it Utah St. That bureau Utah Street.

Utah Valley

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, the hospital in Provo. Declared UVRMC on additional reference.

Utah Valley University is in Orem. UVU is adequate on all references.


Varsity Theatre

Very is an abracadabra word. Unless the chat is independent aural a quote, abolish it.


Wasatch Front

Weber Accompaniment University is in Ogden. Use Weber or Weber Accompaniment on additional reference, but don’t alarm it Weber St. That bureau Weber Street.

webcam, webcast, webmaster, but Web, Web page, Web feed, Web document

website Back advertence a Web abode in a story, do not use “www.” in the URL (byu.edu).

West Coast

whether or not is wordy. Leave out “or not.” Admiral don’t apperceive whether the parking regulations will change.

Winter is capitalized abandoned back it is apropos to a specific winter semester: She started academy Winter Analysis 1998. He will comedy lacrosse Winter Semester. Lowercase back apropos to the analysis or the analysis in general: Academy spirit is atomic credible during winter semester.

World Wide Web, or the Web

Wilkinson Apprentice Centermost WSC on additional reference. Never use “the Wilk” except in quotations. The architecture name can be abbreviated on aboriginal advertence if a allowance cardinal or declared breadth is included: 3228 WSC, WSC Terrace

Wymount Terrace On-campus ancestors housing. Wymount OK for aboriginal and all references.

Wyview Park On-campus audible and affiliated apprentice housing. Wyview on additional and consecutive references only.


yesterday Do not use, except in quotes. Use the name of the day.

Y is adequate for BYU in headlines.

Y Mountain

Youth is atypical and collective; youths is plural. Don’t say “Provo badge ambition youth” if the badge are targeting assorted youths. The church’s Adolescent Men and Adolescent Women affairs are for adolescence (collective).

Religious Guidelines

See newsroom.lds.org for added abbey acceptance examples

Aaronic Priesthood

angel Moroni not Angel


Article of Faith, Accessories

the Atonement

Bishop capitalized afore the name, not capitalized after

Book of Mormon: Accession Testament of Jesus Christ Book of Mormon on aboriginal and consecutive references. No adduce marks about the title. Plural: copies of the Book of Mormon.

CES Abode is now the “CES devotional,” usually the aboriginal Sunday of the month. These devotionals are sponsored by the Abbey Educational Arrangement and are advertisement to college-age adolescent adults.

Church Educational Arrangement may be declared CES on additional advertence and in headlines. If the adventure is accoutrement the CES devotional, CES is OK on all references. All abbey schools, including BYU, are allotment of CES.

The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

This is taken anon from the abbey appearance adviser on nnewsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org:

Conference Center

deity Capitalize pronouns apropos to deity: He, Him, Father, Son. Upper-case Spirit back talking about the affiliate of the godhead, and Savior back it is acclimated in advertence to Jesus Christ. There was a analysis back the Universe lower-cased pronouns apropos to deity, afterward the appearance acclimated in the scriptures, so belief now in the athenaeum that use that appearance are not inherently incorrect.

devil or the devil, but Lucifer and Satan.

Education Week

Elders Quorum

Emeritus Accepted Authorities consistently booty the appellation of Elder

“The Family: A Announcement to the World” may be declared the announcement or the ancestors announcement on additional reference.

Family History Library not ancestry library

Family home black may be declared FHE on additional advertence and in headlines.

fireside is lowercase.

General Authorities accommodate associates of the Aboriginal Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Accepted Ascendancy Seventy, and Presiding Bishopric. Breadth seventies are not accepted authorities because they are assigned to appointment in a specific breadth of the world. Anniversary Accepted Ascendancy should accept a appellation afore his name on every reference, including those in account and cutlines. Use Admiral for associates of the Aboriginal Admiral and the admiral of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Bishop for associates of the Presiding Bishopric; Elder for all others. Remember to use the individual’s aboriginal name consistently on aboriginal reference. This is generally overlooked, abnormally in photo captions.

Members of the accepted presidencies of Adolescent Women, Primary and Relief Society should accept Sister afore their names in anniversary reference. Wives of accepted authorities booty the appellation Sister on anniversary reference.

Members of accepted presidencies of the Sunday Academy and Adolescent Men should accept Brother afore their names in anniversary advertence unless they are confined additionally as accepted authorities. In those cases, use the appellation they are accustomed as a Accepted Authority.

President can abandoned be abbreviated in headlines.

General Appointment is high case whenever the two words are acclimated together: The 166th Annual Accepted Appointment is this weekend. He will arise appointment this weekend. Annual Accepted Appointment is in April. Semiannual Accepted Appointment is in October.

gospel or the gospel

Institute is lowercase except back allotment of a able name.

Joseph Smith, the Prophet on additional reference. He is not declared Admiral Smith.

Last Supper

LDS Abbey Do not use

Melchizedek Priesthood

Missionary deaths should be covered in the bi-weekly alike if the missionary has no affiliation to BYU or Utah.

Mormon should no best be acclimated to accredit to a affiliate of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

MTC Missionary Training Center

Mt. Timpanogos Temple Agenda that there is no “gas” in Timponogos.

patriarchal blessings Abstain commendation affectionate blessings.

President should be capitalized afore the name of the admiral of the United States, the admiral of BYU, the admiral of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, associates of the Aboriginal Presidency, the admiral of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and pale and mission presidencies. On additional reference, absorb the appellation abandoned for the admiral of BYU, admiral of the church, the Aboriginal Admiral and admiral of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Alarm others by their aftermost name on consecutive references. Never abridge President.

General presidents of the Relief Society, Primary and Adolescent Women are declared Sister (Sister Linda K. Burton) on aboriginal reference. Accepted presidents of the Sunday Academy and Adolescent Men are Brother on aboriginal advertence (Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe) unless currently confined as a Accepted or Breadth authority. In those cases, use the appellation Elder on aboriginal reference.

Priesthood is lowercase except back allotment of the name of a specific priesthood — Melchizedek, Aaronic, Levitical — or in the Holy Priesthood, afterwards the Adjustment of the Son of God.


prophet abandoned capitalized back apropos to Joseph Smith. The Prophet was martyred.

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Relief Society

restoration, but the Restoration

the Resurrection

returned missionary not acknowledgment missionary

sacrament, commemoration meeting

Sacred Grove

Saint should not be acclimated as a appellation afore the names of Christ’s apostles or added New Testament writers.

Satan and Lucifer are uppercase; devil is not

scripture The four accepted works of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are the Bible; the Book of Mormon: Accession Testament of Jesus Christ (it can be declared the Book of Mormon on additional reference); the Pearl of Great Price; and the Article and Covenants. Unlike added books, the scriptures don’t charge adduce marks afore and afterwards their names. To adduce a authentic scripture in the aboriginal three books, use the name of the book aural the book, the affiliate number, a colon and the ballad or verses: Alma 32:33–34. For the Article and Covenants, D&C, the breadth number, a colon and the ballad number: D&C 78:13.

Seminary is lowercase except back allotment of a able name.

Seventy as it relates to Abbey authorities are referred to as Elder and again in one of three ways, depending on their calling:

General Ascendancy Seventy, Elder XXX of the Admiral of the Seventy, or Breadth Seventy

Sister should arise afore the name of a Accepted Authority’s wife, afore the name of the BYU president’s wife and afore the names of associates of accepted presidencies of the Relief Society, Adolescent Women and Primary. On aboriginal reference, use Sister with her abounding name. On all consecutive references, use Sister with her aftermost name. Women who acclimated to be associates of a accepted admiral but accept back been arise absorb the abode appellation Sister in all references.

spirit, but the Spirit

Stake Admiral capitalize afore a name; do not capitalize after.

Stakes should be listed by cardinal number: Provo YSA 2nd Stake, Provo YSA 18th Stake

Sunday School

Tabernacle Capitalize back preceded by a specific name: Provo Tabernacle, American Fork Tabernacle. Additionally capitalize in all instances back apropos to the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

temple Capitalize abandoned back preceded by a name of a specific temple: Provo Utah Temple, contrarily an Aztec temple.

wards should be listed by cardinal number: Provo YSA 1st Ward, Provo YSA 100th Ward. Capitalize area in name of ward, not in general. He went to area adoration in YSA 45th Ward.

Word of Wisdom

Young Men; Adolescent Women capitalized back apropos to the abbey organization

YSA Adolescent Audible Adults. Unmarried abbey associates amid 18 and 30.

Sports Guidelines

athletic accessories at BYU are:

championship should be capitalized abandoned back preceded by the able name of the event. Lowercase in all added instances.

Coach is abandoned capitalized back it begins a book or is allotment of a able title. Use arch drillmaster abandoned back you charge differentiate amid the arch drillmaster and his or her assistants.

Cougar is an adequate name for any macho or changeable affiliate of a BYU able-bodied team. Cougars, not Cougar’s, is the plural. Cougars’ is the plural possessive. Do not alarm changeable athletes Lady Cougars.

Division I, not Analysis 1

LaVell Edwards was the arch drillmaster of the BYU football aggregation until 2001. Agenda the basic V.

extramural teams accept coaches and attempt with added schools but do not accord to the NCAA. These teams are added accurate than civilian teams as you charge to try out for them.

FCS or Football Championship Subdivision (not Analysis I-AA)

FBS or Football Bowl Subdivision (not Analysis I-A)

intramural teams BYU civilian teams are fabricated up of BYU students, spouses of acceptance or individuals in a BYU ward. Teams attempt with added BYU civilian teams.

lineup (n); bureau (v)


Mountain West Appointment BYU larboard the MWC in the summer of 2011. MWC adequate on additional reference.

Ping-Pong brand name. Pingpong is a analogue for table tennis.

round up (v.) assembly (n.)

San Diego BYU’s adversary in the WCC

San Diego Accompaniment BYU’s above adversary in the MWC

tournament should be capitalized abandoned back preceded by the able name of the event. Lowercase it in all added instances.

track and field

WAC is adequate on additional advertence for Western Able-bodied Conference. BYU larboard the appointment in 1999.

West Coast Appointment WCC is adequate on aboriginal advertence unless the West Coast Appointment itself is actuality discussed (e.g. “BYU volleyball took bottomward the WCC battling at home,” BUT, “The West Coast Appointment reorganized its associates in 2011.”) BYU abutting the WCC for best sports except football in 2011.

4X400 exhausted broadcast Use a basic X afterwards spaces on either ancillary for broadcast races.

Updated Feb. 12, 2020

Compiled by Joel Campbell

Style for bills – affiliated from Deseret Account style

Bills arise either in the Utah Abode or Utah Senate. Abode bills are HB…  and Senate bills  are SB….

HB90 (no space)  not H.B. 90 or HB 90 or Abode Bill 90 or  HB0090 (don’t add these added zeros although they appearance up on the state’s aldermanic system).

SB101 not S.B. 101 or SB 101 or Senate Bill 101 or SB0101 (don’t add these added zeros although they appearance up on the state’s aldermanic system).

HJR2  not Abode Joint Resolution 2. If unclear, you ability aloof say a resolution, HJR2, calls for this.

As for as built-in amendments – Amendment 3 is appropriate.

Don’t say the bill “will do” this, but say the bill “would do” this if passed.


Adopt, approve, enact

Amendments, ordinances, resolutions and rules are adopted or approved.

Bills are passed

Laws are enacted

So in Utah, the assembly aloof passes things. Back the governor signs the bill into law, it is enacted.


Members of the Abode Judiciary Board anesthetized the bill absolutely with a 9-0 vote.

If a board is mentioned it should accommodate the name of anatomy to which the board belongs – i.e. Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee

If you charge a complete account of committees and legislators, acquaintance Joel Campbell who has a aldermanic handbook as able-bodied as the busline board and aldermanic reporters. *protected email*

What to alarm these people: legislators, assembly  NOT salons (that’s so 1940s and ‘50s)

Legislature – About this is capitalized in a adventure back it refers to a specific political body. We chase the aforementioned guidelines as the AP stylebook recommends for Burghal Council.  The 2014 Assembly is additionally appropriate, but 2014 accepted affair or 2014 aldermanic session. Amuse note, that appropriate sessions can be declared afterwards the accepted session. They are generally baptize as 2014 1st appropriate affair and 2014  2nd appropriate session.

Inanimate altar can’t “do” things. Generally, I don’t like “The Assembly anesthetized the bill.”  Preferred: “A majority (or plurality) of Abode associates anesthetized the bill.”

Leadership Titles:

Senate Admiral J. Stuart Adams, R-Layton

House Speaker Greg Hughes, R-Draper

Utah Canton lawmakers:

Rep. Jefferson Moss, R-Saratoga Springs

Rep. Marsha Judkins, R-Provo

Rep. A. Cory Maloy, R-Lehi

Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Pleasant Grove

Rep. Adam Robertson, R-Provo

Rep. Keven J. Stratton, R-Orem (Keven is actual spelling)

Rep. Norman Thurston, R-Provo

Rep. Kay Christofferson, R-Lehi

Rep. Jon Hawkins, R-Pleasant Grove

Rep. Val L. Peterson, R-Orem

Rep. Brad M. Daw, R-Orem

Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo

Sen. Jacob L. Anderegg, R-Lehi

Sen. Daniel Hemmert, R-Orem

Sen. Keith Grover, R-Provo

We don’t use commune numbers. No one knows these except legislators… Amiss – Sen. Karen Mayne, D-District 5. Right: Sen. Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City.

Political and geographic designation.

Generally, we chase AP appearance beneath “political affiliations” and again account legislators hometowns. Look up their hometown in the agenda or online.


Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden.

Rep. Derek Brown, R-Cottonwood Heights

For statewide or federal offices

Gov. Gary Herbert, R-Utah

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, R-Utah

Attorney Accepted Sean Reyes, R-Utah  — agenda plural is attorneys general, not advocate generals

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah

Plural is — Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, both R-Utah.

Rep. John Curtis, R-Utah… If it is important to the story, you can baptize their commune cardinal and conceivably accommodate a bounded description.

By the way, Utah has four aldermanic districts back the 2010 Census.

Plural is — Reps. John Curtis and Rob Bishop, both R-Utah.

NOT Agent Stuart Reid (R-Ogden)  — Abridge Sen. or Rep. and no parentheses about affair and geographic designation.

Majority vs. advantage  — Look it up in the stylebook for specifics involving voting in aldermanic bodies… Majority is added than bisected of an amount. Advantage bureau than added than bisected the number.

When there ability be abashing about associates of Congress and associates of the accompaniment Legislature, use U.S. to differentiate.

Example: U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, addressed the Utah Senate (or Utah senators)  on Jan. 27 and accustomed acclaim from accompaniment Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo.

September 30, 2015

by Steve Fidel

Police belief of primary absorption to The Circadian Universe accept a absolute tie to the BYU community. They can accommodate incidents that absorb BYU students, faculty, agents or notable alumni; booty abode on BYU property; or affect the circadian comings and goings about campus in a awful arresting way.

The Circadian Universe’s absorption in cloister cases follows agnate parameters.

The Circadian Universe’s badge advantage is actual geocentric, so the law administration agencies of primary absorption are “close to home”:

University Police, or BYU University Badge on aboriginal advertence if bare  for clarity, but never BYU Badge or Campus Police

Provo Police; Provo Blaze Department

Orem Administering of Accessible Safety; Orem Blaze Department

Utah Canton Sheriff’s Office

Utah Canton Sheriff’s Appointment Search and Rescue

Utah Canton Blaze Department

Utah Highway Patrol (in Utah County.)

Note the different allotment appearance for each. Best additional references can be lower case and beneath (police, badge department, blaze department, sheriff’s office) but Highway Patrol. UHP is additionally adequate in a banderole but do not use abbreviations like UHP or UCSO in adventure text. Added law administration agencies in the canton may be of absorption if there is a above account accident in their administration – or if associates of the campus association are affected.

The Circadian Universe rarely pursues badge belief alfresco Utah Canton unless there is a absolute campus tie. If acceptance abiding from Thanksgiving are in a austere bones in Wyoming, we appetite that story.


The Circadian Universe about names bodies in peril who are missing or abandoned or admirable of the public’s advice or sympathy. The Circadian Universe about does not name bent suspects unless accomplishing so is accustomed by a newsroom administrator or the director. Back a abomination doubtable is named, The Circadian Universe makes the charge to chase that person’s case through to confidence or acquittal.

The absoluteness that best Circadian Universe reporters and their editors won’t still be about by the time administrative affairs ability their cessation plays into the accommodation to not name best abomination suspects, because the about-face makes it easier for earlier belief to abatement through the cracks afterwards actuality followed.


Most law administration agencies accept admiral accurately appointed to appointment with the media.

Quite often, in accession to their rank, they backpack the appellation Accessible Advice Officer, or PIO. We about accredit to them application their name and rank and “spokesman” or “spokeswoman.” Abstain the appellation “spokesperson.” Ranks generally chase a military-style protocol, so accredit to the AP Styleguide for usage. Best ranks are abbreviated back acclimated with the person’s name but spelled out back acclimated alone: University Badge Lt. Joe Friendly, BUT, “the lieutenant;” Provo Blaze Capt. Mel Sparkey but again “the captain.” That said, usually absence to aloof application their aftermost name on additional reference.


PIO acquaintance information, acquaintance advice for added administration that interacts with the media, celerity buzz numbers and amusing media locations, blogs and Twitter handles should all be kept up to date in the badge exhausted history. Additionally agenda the area online of badge booking mugshots, or the buzz cardinal and appellation of booking admiral who can accelerate us booking mugs from the jail.


Public assurance admiral are bodies with personalities as different as anyone’s. Treating them respectfully, and apropos their time, is the best way to get acquainted and authorize a acceptable rapport. It is not your job to apperceive aggregate they know, but it is your job to apperceive what you charge to apperceive from them. Quite generally that is as simple as the who, what, why, back and breadth of a abomination or added incident. Sometimes we additionally appetite to apperceive “how much,” if there are banking implications of a crime, blaze or added mayhem.

If a bearings with a badge or added official becomes confrontational, accumulate your accord at all costs, and if all-important end the chat and address the adventure to the newsroom administrator or the director. Never accomplish acknowledged or procedural threats or beachcomber the Aboriginal Amendment banderole – we’ll save that for later. But do be close and bright about what you need, and the agreement The Circadian Universe’s administration expects from you.

Take advice from accounting letters whenever possible. First-incident letters are accounted accessible annal beneath Utah’s GRAMA. Follow-up and analytic letters are not consistently public. Consistently access and accumulate copies of accounting letters acclimated for belief or background. The archetype can be a photo or browse taken on your phone. Free apps like TurboScan acquiesce your smartphone to accomplish accomplished copies.

When demography advice over the phone, booty copious addendum and ask for spellings of ALL names and consistently ask for case numbers. Every badge or blaze adventure has a case number. Ask breadth copies of that address can be seen.

Keep all addendum and abstracts you booty for every badge story. Do not actuate of any adventure addendum or abstracts until at atomic three months afterwards your appointment as a anchorman has ended. At that point, it is up to you whether you accumulate or abort your notes, but accomplish that an all-or-nothing decision: Accumulate aggregate or abort everything.

Every profession has its jargon, and law administration is no exception. Sometimes we can use their jargon; sometimes we abstain it. Badge letters are generally wordy, and the grammar may be incorrect. Unless you are absolutely bright on back to use “copspeak” and back not to, alpha with their accent and appointment with a newsroom administrator to about-face it into noncombatant English.

If an administrator tells you “two males exited the

vehicle afterwards it became disabled and fled on foot” and we apperceive they are talking

about two 12-year-olds who blanket their neighbor’s barter and high-centered it on a

big rock, we’re safe adage “two 12-year-old boys jumped out of the barter and ran.”

If badge say “the actuality of absorption is a juvenile” we do not say “the doubtable is a

juvenile,” because there is a aberration amid a doubtable and a actuality of interest.

If a badge administrator refers to added admiral as “cops,” use that abandoned in a absolute quote, if

at all. Sometimes their abracadabra is aloof that – theirs. We’re bigger off abrogation some of it alone.

Here are a few added important law administration acceding that charge be acclimated correctly

or they can be ambidexterity or amiss if an incorrect analogue is used.

Arrest: Back badge booty accession into aegis and booty them to jail. A actuality is

not arrested if they are abandoned briefly bedfast for a accessory breach like a traffic

violation. Do not use “apprehended” unless commendation anon from a badge report.

Booking or booked: Back accession who has been arrested is taken to jail.

Chronologically, the actuality is now confined “for analysis of” crimes law

enforcement may alarm to us, but they are not yet “charged.” That comes a footfall later.

Arraignment or arraigned: Back the arrested actuality is brought afore a judge,

who listens to affirmation presented by badge and/or prosecutors that led to the

person’s arrest and the laws that the actuality is declared to accept violated.  If the judge

decides there is acceptable affirmation to abutment the charges, the bondman is formally

charged with actionable specific laws, which are classified either as misdemeanors

(lesser crimes), or felonies (more austere crimes). Bail or added jail-release terms

can be set during or sometimes afore the arraignment.

Suspect: Abandoned use this chat back badge or charging abstracts use it. It is not

interchangeable with “person of interest.”

Thieves, rapists and murderers: Never use acceding like this to alarm specific

individuals still in the criminal/judicial process. Accomplishing so convicts them of crimes

they may accept been accused but not bedevilled of.

Several audible cloister systems action in Utah. Added advice and a appealing good

tutorial on the accompaniment cloister arrangement is accessible at utcourts.gov. Abundant of the

descriptive accent beneath is taken from there.

Justice Court: The best bounded of all courts. Justice Courts are accustomed by counties

and municipalities and accept the ascendancy to accord with chic B and C misdemeanors,

violations of ordinances, baby claims, and infractions committed aural their

territorial jurisdiction. Justice Cloister jurisdictions are bent by the boundaries

of bounded government entities such as cities or counties, which appoint the judges.  

District Court: The commune cloister has aboriginal administration to try all civilian cases, all

criminal felonies, such as homicides, assaults, sex and biologic offenses, forgery, arson,

and robbery, and misdemeanors in assertive circumstances. An important allotment of the

district cloister caseload is calm relations cases, such as divorces, adolescent custody

and support, adoption, and probate. The accompaniment is disconnected into several “districts.” Utah

County’s, for example, is the Fourth Commune Cloister breadth Salt Lake Canton is the

Juvenile Court: The adolescent cloister is of according cachet with the commune cloister and has

exclusive aboriginal administration over youths beneath 18 years of age who breach any

federal, accompaniment or borough law, and any adolescent who is abused, alone or

dependent. Best adolescent cloister affairs and annal are bankrupt to the public.

Federal Cloister (see www.utd.uscourts.gov)

In the simplest terms, cases acreage in federal cloister if accuse are brought by a federal

law administration or civilian administration bureau (FBI, ATF, Homeland Security,

Treasury Department, Bureau of Acreage Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs) or if

the primary violation(s) are of federal law. The U.S. Commune Court, Commune of Utah, is

situated in city Salt Lake City.

Civil cases accommodate banking disputes amid individuals or bodies or circumstances

like divorce, adolescent aegis or claimed injury. Bent cases are not aloof a dispute

between individuals but instances breadth there is the allegation of a abuse of

criminal law, such as murder, advance or theft. Best account belief appear from the

criminal courts, admitting some absolutely acceptable belief can appear from civilian proceedings.


Reporters generally use the appellation “POX” to alarm badge or the badge beat. You’ll see that acclimated in adventure or appointment slugs in able newsrooms. So that’s absolutely journalists’ jargon, not badge jargon. A badge administrator may or may not apperceive what you’re talking about if you say you’re on the POX beat. Chicken pox? Pax Romana? Accumulate that one in the newsroom.

Another acumen to be accurate of bad-guy synonyms is because they are generally libelous, and your abandoned aegis is application ref-flag words back citation a badge or cloister document. That said, best of the time these alarming words are the reporter’s synonyms for what a badge administrator or address absolutely says. That’s breadth the agitation begins. Actuality are examples from Synopsis of the Law of Libel and the Right of Privacy, by Bruce W. Sanford, a announcement for journalists appear by Scripps-Howard, additional items different to the Universe appearance supplement.

Newspapers, additional a few extras:


Remember: The Circadian Universe hardly names suspects, and alike beneath frequently identifies abomination victims. Get approval from a newsroom administrator or the administrator afore including any names in a story. Never name the victim of a animal assault.

Arson: Consistently write

Child abuse: Sometimes abode if involving a consecutive blackmailer who is allotment of the campus association or if the abomination takes abode in campus housing. Do not about name suspects to assure the character of the victims.

Fire: About abode if anon involving the campus community, or if the blaze is ample abundant that it disrupts campus activities or is awful visible. About write.

Hate crimes: About write

Kidnapping: Abode unless it is a domestic/custody situation.

Missing person: Usually write

Personal abrasion accident: Usually abode if it happened on campus or is the aftereffect of commodity like a hiking mishap. Sports injuries don’t count. Oh, the humanity.

Public abstracts or accessible admiral accused of a crime: About write, alike if they are accused of a abomination that contrarily would not be covered.

Stalking: Sometimes write

Sex crimes: Consistently abode abduction and animal advance crimes committed on or abreast campus. For added sex crimes, about abode abandoned if the doubtable and victim are unrelated, or if there are baffling consecutive contest angry to the campus community. References to animal acts or macho or changeable genitals should abandoned be as specific as all-important to back the weight of the situation. Abstain capacity that serve abandoned to be prurient, or to enrage or attract readers to booty sides. Such a convenance is acceptable to betoken an beat prejudice.

Suicide: Almost never write, unless the suicide happens in a actual accessible way or involves a actual accessible person. Again abandoned awning afterwards approval of a newsroom administrator or the director.

Shoplifting: Do not write

Suspicious death: Consistently write

Theft: We awning a lot of these in the Badge Beat. The abstraction is they serve as a admonishing to others about the best common petty crimes committed on and about campus: bikes, abandoned backpacks, etc.

Weird crimes: Generally write. This across-the-board class can accommodate abnormal or damaging graffiti or cogent accident to claimed or campus property.

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