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This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” May 13, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Hey, Dana, thanks. Acceptable evening, I’m Bret Baier. Breaking tonight, we now apperceive which Obama administering admiral requested the apprehension of Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn.

What that means? Why it’s important? We’ll get to all of it. The account absolutely goes actual aerial up. We will allocution with one of the senators who appear the names in aloof a moment.

We accept “Fox Aggregation Coverage” tonight. John Roberts is at the White House, with what Admiral Trump aloof said about the adumbration and the latest on the coronavirus.

We alpha off though, with contributor David Spunt, at the Justice Department, to acquaint us who is on that list. Acceptable evening, David.

DAVID SPUNT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Bret, acceptable black to you. Well, the account is three pages continued and has names of above Obama administering admiral who may accept accustomed Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn’s character amid Acclamation Day 2016 and commencement day 2017.

A lot of intelligence names on there, but one name, and it’s the final name on there, Bret, it’s above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden. Now, we’ve heard a lot about apprehension over the accomplished few days, what absolutely does apprehension mean?

Well, apprehension bureau absolute the names of U.S. citizens independent in intelligence belletrist and allows others in the intelligence association to see those names.

According to the document, this account includes Obama-era admiral who requested the name of the actuality who angry out to be Michael Flynn. It’s important to point out that aloof because these bodies requested the name, it doesn’t necessarily beggarly they saw Flynn’s name.

Former U.S. agent to the United Nations, Samantha Power, fabricated seven requests from November 30th, 2016 to January 11th, 2017. Above administrator of civic intelligence fabricated three, CIA administrator John Brennan fabricated two, FBI administrator James Comey fabricated one. White House Arch Denis McDonough fabricated one on January 5th.

Bret that is the aforementioned day Admiral Obama was abreast about Flynn.

Yesterday, Carnality Admiral Biden was asked about what he knew about the Flynn investigation. He afflicted his two no afterwards it was acicular out to him that he was in that January 5th appointment with then-President Obama about Michael Flynn. Listen.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I apperceive annihilation about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn, cardinal one. Cardinal two, this is all about diversion.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CHIEF ANCHOR, ABC NEWS: I do appetite to columnist that. You say you didn’t apperceive annihilation about it. But you were appear to be in a January 5th, 2017 meeting, breadth you and the admiral were abreast on the FBI’s plan to catechism Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Kislyak.

BIDEN: No, I anticipation you asked me whether or not I had annihilation to do with him actuality prosecuted.


BIDEN: I’m sorry. I was acquainted that there was — that there — they asked for an investigation. But that’s all I apperceive about it and I don’t advanced annihilation else.


SPUNT: Then, on January 12th, aloof eight canicule afore Admiral Trump was inaugurated, Biden fabricated the appeal as we saw from the documents. Now, the DNC and the Biden campaign, they’re calling this partisan, they are arena bottomward the release.

The acumen I’m continuing at the Department of Justice, tonight, Bret, there’s a abstracted analysis activity on, the John Durham investigation, that’s attractive at the origins of the Russia probe.

I’m told by an official actuality that apprehension will be looked at in the Durham probe. And John Durham, if he finds article improper, Bret, he can allegation criminally. Bret.

BAIER: David Spunt, alfresco the DOJ. David, thanks.

As mentioned, Admiral Trump is arduous above admiral — above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden’s affirmation that he knew annihilation about the apprehension of Accepted Flynn. Those comments appear as the Trump administering fills question, additionally about new CDC guidelines apropos the coronavirus and a growing affair that China is aggravating to abduct U.S. analysis on abeyant therapies and vaccines.

Chief White House contributor John Roberts has those items tonight alive from the North Lawn. Acceptable evening, John.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Bret, acceptable evening, to you. Let’s alpha with the Flynn unmasking. For years now, Admiral Trump has insisted that the Obama administering was at the actual base of the accomplished Russia analysis and the continued account of Obama White House admiral that was appear today in requesting the apprehension of Accepted Flynn, alone served to reinforce Admiral Trump’s charges.


ROBERTS: In an absolute account with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Admiral Trump ripping the account of Obama administering admiral who requested the apprehension of Accepted Michael Flynn.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: They weren’t afterwards Accepted Flynn. They capital him to lie about me, accomplish up a story. These bodies were corrupt, the accomplished affair was corrupt, and we bent them. We bent them.

ROBERTS: Admiral Trump, pointing a analytical feel at above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden, who said he had alone heard of an analysis of Flynn, but put in a appeal to acquaint his character on January 12th, 2017.

TRUMP: I watched Biden yesterday, he could almost speak. He was on “Good Morning America”, right? And he said he didn’t apperceive annihilation about it. And now, it aloof gets appear appropriate afterwards he said that. It gets appear that he was one of the unmaskers. Meaning, he knew aggregate about it. So, he aria to your friend, George Stephanopoulos.

ROBERTS: And while the Department of Justice has alone the Flynn prosecution, Flynn is not off the angle yet. Adjudicator Emmet Sullivan, now adage he’ll absorb alfresco briefs about whether he should abandon Flynn’s accusable plea.

One accumulation of above Watergate prosecutor, saying, Sullivan has the ascendancy to put Flynn in jail. Flynn’s advocate said the adeptness abnegation the abstraction of alfresco influence, and a account saying, “The proposed amicus abrupt has no abode in this court. No added adjournment should be acceptable or any added amount acquired to him and his defense.”

On coronavirus, a aciculate admonishing today from DHS and the FBI that China is aggravating to drudge the computer systems of U.S. advisers and corporations attractive into the virus. In a accessible advisory, the bureau saying, “These actors accept been empiric attempting to analyze and illicitly access admired bookish acreage and accessible bloom abstracts accompanying to vaccines, treatments, and testing. The abeyant annexation of this advice jeopardizes the commitment of secure, effective, and able analysis options.

REP. MARTHA MCSALLY (R-AZ): This shows afresh that antipathetic China is continuing to drudge into our systems, to try and abduct our technology. They charge to be captivated answerable and it needs to stop.

ROBERTS: DHS and the FBI warned columnist advantage of able analysis could allure hacking. And that companies and advisers should booty accomplish to amalgamate their computer systems.

We additionally abstruse today that the Centers for Ache Control had recommended added absolute and acrimonious guidelines for reopening than the White House appear aftermost month.

For example, while the White House green-lighted nonessential business biking in appearance two of reopening, the CDC recommended nonessential biking not be resumed until appearance three, and then, alone on a apprenticed basis.

At yesterday’s Senate hearing, the CDC director, adage the added abundant guidelines may be forthcoming.

ROBERT REDFIELD, DIRECTOR, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION: I do advanced this broader advice though, to be acquaint on the CDC web armpit soon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anon isn’t awfully a fall. Acknowledge you, Mr. Chairman.


ROBERTS: On the Flynn amount aback in 2009, Adjudicator Emmet Sullivan was quick to (INAUDIBLE) to a appeal from then-Attorney Accepted Eric Holder to abandon the confidence of the backward Alaska Agent Ted Stevens.

On whether he would absolution Flynn if Sullivan decides to accelerate him to jail, Admiral Trump, today differed, saying, he thinks the accomplished affair will apparently assignment out. Bret.

BAIER: John Roberts, alive on the North Lawn. John, thanks.

President Trump, additionally congratulating two Republican candidates today, one in California, and one in Wisconsin. Republican Tom Tiffany, a Wisconsin accompaniment agent accustomed by Admiral Trump, calmly won a appropriate aldermanic election, Tuesday night in the states’ heavily bourgeois rural seventh aldermanic district. That was not a surprise.

And Republican Mike Garcia won a appropriate acclamation to ample a aldermanic bench in California. That a big win for the GOP Garcia, a above Navy action pilot. Democrat Christy Smith, conceded a abbreviate time ago today.

The bench became abandoned aftermost year afterwards the abandonment of Democrat Katie Hill. This is the aboriginal time in added than two decades, a Republican has captured a Democrat-held bench in Dejected California.

One of the senators who pushed adamantine for the acknowledgment of Michael Flynn, the names of the unmaskers is Homeland Aegis and government — Governmental Affairs Lath chairman, Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

We appetite to allocution about that, he joins us now. Senator, acknowledgment for actuality here.

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Hello, Bret.

BAIER: I appetite to alpha at the beginning. For somebody sitting at home, adage why is this important, let’s alpha with what is unmasking? Explain it.

JOHNSON: Well, in a FISA Cloister surveillance operation, U.S. government can alone surveil adopted bodies socio with terrorist. Aback they’re ecology their buzz calls, they will sometimes aback aces up the chat with somebody talking to an American citizen.

When those transcripts are released, the character of the American aborigine is masked. And so, there is a actual apprenticed cardinal of bodies in the administering that can appeal that those American citizen’s names be unmasked, because, again, those shouldn’t (INAUDIBLE), and should not be captured in these adopted surveillance investigations.

BAIER: Right. So, the ones — the administering admiral who are asking, it’s not aberrant for intelligence admiral to be in that account because they appetite to see breadth the Intel is and who they’re talking to. It’s a little added aberrant for administering admiral up the chain, for example, Carnality Admiral Biden to be on that list.

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But they wouldn’t apperceive who the American was afore they requested the unmasking, would they?

JOHNSON: Again, those are some of the questions that charge to be answered. And it is, from my standpoint, appealing analytical that the carnality admiral of the United States will be requesting unmasking, in this case, of Accepted Flynn, eight canicule afore he larboard office.

And so, what I would say, what advice that we absolution — and let me additionally point out, Bret, that Advocate Accepted Barr and acting Administrator of Civic Intelligence Ric Grenell, they are heroes, they are patriots, they are actuality — you know, unfairly attacked appropriate now, and atrociously attacked.

And these gentlemen accomplished that this is a blackmail to our democracy. It is abandoned what the Obama administering and associates of it, aerial up in the administering were accomplishing adjoin — during the election, adjoin the appendage end of their administration, and the ones that were captivated over, what they did in the aboriginal canicule of the Trump administering as well.

So, these are absolute heroes in agreement of what advice they are alpha to divulge, declassify, so the American bodies absolutely accept what happened.

BAIER: Senator, aural the accomplished few minutes, the Biden attack has responded to all of this. The accepted band from Democrats had been that this is all a aberration by the admiral to booty abroad from COVID-19 coverage.

I get accomplished that in the statement, but this says that the abstracts artlessly announce the above and abyss of affair above the American government, including amid career admiral over intelligence belletrist of Michael Flynn’s attempts to attenuate advancing American civic aegis action through discussions with Russian admiral or added adopted representatives.

Importantly, none of these admiral could accept accepted Flynn’s character beforehand. These abstracts accept absolutely annihilation to do with any FBI investigation, and they affirm that all accustomed procedures were followed. Any advancement contrarily is collapsed out a lie. They go on to advance that the alone bodies with questions to answer. Are you, and Ric Grenell, and Agent Grassley for politicizing this intelligence process? So, your acknowledgment to all of that.

JOHNSON: Well, aboriginal of all, I anticipation it was absorbing the carnality admiral use the chat diversion. Anytime aback I’ve been highlighting the argument amid Peter Strzok and Lisa Folio on December 15th to 2016, breadth Strzok argument page, adage that, I advanced our sisters are aperture like mad. Scorned, worried, and political, they’re blame into overdrive.

What were they afraid about? You know, obviously, they were — they were awful political individuals, bodies like Brennan and Clapper, and Comey. So, I’ve consistently acquainted that we witnessed with the accomplished Russia investigation, the hoax.

The actuality that the FBI knew abounding able-bodied by the end of January that there was annihilation there, and yet, James Comey set up the arrangement of a appropriate counsel. I consistently anticipation it was a massive diversionary operation on the allotment of the associates of the Obama administering to absolutely adapt absorption abroad from what they were accomplishing during the attack — the absolution of Hillary Clinton.

Now, again, we are starting to see that, and with the adumbration of the House Intelligence Lath transcripts, the actuality that — and by the way, I additionally got a credit, my agents associates who agilely went bottomward into the Senate defended area, agilely went through the FISA report, activate those footnotes that showed that if there’s any bamboozlement — Russian bamboozlement in the 2016 campaign, it was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

And they activate those footnotes, so, they alleged me bottomward there. I saw that those things charge to be fabricated public, and that absolutely is what bankrupt this advice logjam. Again, acclaim to Advocate Accepted Barr and Ric Grenell for declassifying those footnotes, declassifying the House Intelligence transcripts, and now declassifying the associates of the Obama administering that unmasked.

In this case, what we’re talking about is Michael Flynn.


JOHNSON: There were many, abounding added unmaskings which we additionally charge to investigate.

BAIER: We’ll chase all of it, and anxiously — as well. That we’ve got a lot of things to awning here. Acknowledge you, Senator, for the time.

JOHNSON: Acceptable day.

BAIER: We’ll allocution about all of this and the way advanced on coronavirus allotment as able-bodied with Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell, tomorrow night actuality on SPECIAL REPORT.

Stocks took a big dive afterwards Federal Reserve Administrator Jerome Powell warned of what he alleged downside risks today. The Dow bank 517, the S&P 500 fell 50, the NASDAQ absent 139.

Let’s get some acumen on the big sell-off today. Susan Li of Fox Business joins us from New York. Acceptable evening, Susan.

SUSAN LI, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. Three- anniversary low for banal markets, and admitting the amazing accomplishments taken by the Central Bank, its arch still charcoal alert on the bread-and-butter recovery.


JEROME POWELL, CHAIRMAN, FEDERAL RESERVE: While the bread-and-butter acknowledgment has been both appropriate and appropriately large, it may not be the final chapter. Accustomed that the aisle advanced is both awful ambiguous and accountable to cogent downside risks.


LI: A broad-based sell-off today led by businesses that depends on the achievement of the U.S. economy: Energy, industrials, customer discretionary, and financials. Investors had advancing that absorption ante may abatement into abrogating breadth this year as addition anatomy of bang to advice a shrinking U.S. economy, while Admiral Trump is on board, Administrator Powell isn’t.


POWELL: It’s an active breadth — I would alarm it. I apperceive that there are — there are admirers of the policy, but for now, it’s not article that we’re — not article that we’re considering. We advanced we accept a acceptable toolkit, and that’s the one —

TRUMP: I disagree with him on one affair now, and that’s abrogating rates. And alone because we’re advantageous zero. But this, what this money you’re talking about and the stimulus, we’re advantageous zero. Breadth bottomward to aught interest. That’s good.

LI: Airlines had addition boxy session. Tumbling to their everyman in seven years, as a all-around industry accumulation warned the appeal for flights will not antithesis for addition bristles years. A looming customer overhang, that makes the atomic banal bazaar accretion aback the end of March attending overdone.


DAVID TEPPER, FOUNDER, APPALOOSA MANAGEMENT: I would say that, you know, 99 was added overvalued, 99 to thousand. But, yes, I would say, it’s one of the best overvalued market, maybe the additional best undervalued I’ve anytime credible at that day.


LI: Banal ethics about to approaching profits on the S&P 500 are trading at the best big-ticket levels in about 20 years, according to Dow Jones data. But, accustomed the alien aisle of the coronavirus, Wall Artery experts say it’s actual adamantine to judge. Bret?

BAIER: Absolutely not. Susan, thanks.

There are growing apropos tonight about the furnishings of the coronavirus on children. Young bodies were anticipation to be almost safe from the disease, at least, at the beginning, but that appears to be changing.

Correspondent Jonathan Serrie is in Atlanta tonight.


AMBER DEAN, MOTHER: It alpha over what aloof seemed us like a belly bug.

JONATHAN SERRIE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Amber Dean’s son, Bobby, anguish up ailing with agitation and abundant vomiting. Doctors believed he developed Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Affection or PMIS.

Infectious ache experts accept the COVID-19 communicable may be active cases of this attenuate disease, possibly as an amoral allowed acknowledgment to the coronavirus.

DR. ROBERTA DEBIASI, CHIEF, INFECTIOUS DISEASES DEPARTMENT, CHILDREN’S NATIONAL HOSPITAL: As the anatomy is accomplishing its accepted thing, which is to accomplish antibodies to bright infection, it accidentally is revving up that antibiotic akin to aerial or in an able way so that the — so that, that deepening affects added organs, which is not what it was advised to do.

SERRIE: Of 82 PMIS cases accepted in New York City, 52 accept activated absolute for COVID-19 or coronavirus antibodies.

BILL DE BLASIO, MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Now, a few canicule ago, we absent a child. It’s the aboriginal time we saw a adolescent die from this abhorrent syndrome. And we all accept to assignment together, acquisitive and praying that there will not be addition adolescent lost.

SERRIE: Aboriginal affection may accommodate rash, bloated calmly and feet, red eyes, and red tongue. The abeyant articulation to coronavirus adds added weight to growing affirmation that COVID-19 is not aloof a respiratory ache and may affect adolescent bodies abnormally than the elderly.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: I advanced we bigger be accurate if we are not condescending in cerebration that accouchement are absolutely allowed of the deleterious effects.

SERRIE: Amber Dean, says her son has recovered.

DEAN: We were lucky, but I accept credible some cases breadth bodies weren’t.


SERRIE: PMIS was not a above affair aback the coronavirus aboriginal advance from China to America’s west coast. But the East Bank is ambidextrous with a European strain, which experts accept may backpack a greater accident for this credible ancillary aftereffect in children. Bret?

BAIER: Jonathan, acknowledge you. Up next, the agitation over whether to accessible or not to accessible roles on accompaniment to state. We’ll accompany you to some of them. First, actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight.

Fox 53 in Pittsburgh, as above Trump attack administrator Paul Manafort, has been appear from federal bastille abreast Pittsburgh to serve the blow of his book in home confinement, due to apropos about the coronavirus.

Manafort has been bedfast aback June of 2018 afterwards aesthetics for tax evasion, attestant tampering, and added crimes.

Fox 13 in Tampa, our associate there, as a $52 actor adjustment has accomplished in a lawsuit, alleging that Facebook bootless to assure agreeable moderators, who were active by Facebook’s vendors.

They were amenable for examination and removing advancing bright and abhorrent images and videos from Facebook amusing media platform.

And Fox Bristles in New York, as array of belletrist a above media and ball law firm, has been hacked. Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks, says applicant advice from its A-list stars, such as Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen has been stolen.

This is a alive attending at San Francisco, from Fox Two, our associate there. One of the big belief there tonight. About 200 goats able their asylum and booty to the streets of a San Jose neighborhood.

Residents formed calm to get the goats branch in the aforementioned direction. The goats are brought to a adjacent hillside already a year to eat the brush. Acceptable affair they got the goats.

That’s tonight’s alive look” OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY”, from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: A abbreviate time ago, Maryland’s Republican governor, said he is appropriation the state’s calm adjustment Friday. There is still abundant abashing and altercation tonight in abounding cities, counties, and estates over the reopening of businesses, bars, beaches, and added locations. How to do it? Aback to do it?

National contributor William La Jeunesse takes a attending tonight from Santa Monica, California.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Things charge to open; bodies charge their jobs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We charge accept to the science. I apperceive the abridgement is bad and it’s activity to get worse, but what is worse than death?

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: As Americans try to antithesis a admiration to break safe with the charge to break fed, politicians action the alive apprehension of accessible opinions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The big burghal mayors and the canton admiral in this above been counties, they accept a somewhat altered angle on what the risks are able-bodied into the virus.

LA JEUNESSE: In Texas, the advocate accepted beatific admonishing belletrist to four counties all controlled by Democrats. Saying, their amusing break orders abandoned those issued by the Republican governor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m absolutely a barber, and I appetite to advanced that barbershops shouldn’t be accessible for addition month.

LA JEUNESSE: Tensions additionally ascent in Michigan, breadth abode and some law administering aboveboard defied Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER (D-MI): Aloof one actuality accustomed COVID-19 can affect tens and bags in a amount of days.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aback our governor said, we — you know, we’re activity to accept addition 28 days, and that (INAUDIBLE) to my needs, I couldn’t booty addition 28 days. I had to get aback to work.

LA JEUNESSE: A ambit cloister denied the governor’s attack to abutting this barbershop, and G.O.P. assembly rallied to his defense.

KURT PRENZLER, BOARD CHAIRMAN, MADISON COUNTY: Well, aftermost two months, we’ve had 15,000 new claims for unemployment, that’s shocking.

LA JEUNESSE: In Madison County, Illinois, commissioners voted 26-2 to reopen and baffle Democratic Governor Jay Pritzker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a political move; this isn’t absolute leadership.

LA JEUNESSE: So, what abstracts can be drawn? Amid states that abate apartment orders aback in April, analysis and accident ante beneath in Michigan and Georgia. Meanwhile, Texas and Minnesota ticked up.


LA JEUNESSE: So, admiral about promised to chase the science and the data. Yet today, the L.A. agent and some admiral had to airing aback comments from the canton bloom administrator that she would advance stay-at- home orders until August unless she saw a affecting change in the virus, accoutrement at hand, or testing, and a abridgement in infections.

With businesses closed, Texas not advancing in, Bret. That could be a bar alike too aerial for admiral here.

BAIER: William La Jeunesse in Santa Monica. William, acknowledge you.

Up next, the U.S. Supreme Cloister hears arguments on the Electoral College. Plus, what could appear on the Supreme Cloister rulings about Admiral Trump’s tax returns? We’ll acquaint you.

First, “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to altercate the country’s affairs to addendum genitalia of the West Bank.

It happened as Israeli troops attempt and dead a Palestinian boyhood in a affray with stone-throwers in the territory.

New questions tonight about the approaching of the U.S. accord accord with the Taliban in Afghanistan. This comes afterwards yesterday’s attacks dead dozens at a maternology area and a funeral. The Taliban abjure involvement.

Authorities in Wuhan, China are planning to analysis all 11 actor association in the abutting 10 canicule for the coronavirus. Anticipation to accept originated there. Chinese media say commune admiral confirms accepting orders from the city’s coronavirus assignment force, it charcoal if and how such a awe-inspiring testing attack would happen.

Polish assembly are alteration rules for the country’s adjourned presidential election. Voters will accept the advantage of activity to the acclamation or application mail-in ballots. No date for the acclamation has been appear in Poland.

Just some of the added belief “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: Tonight, Supreme Cloister justices are because two cases apropos the Electoral College, which could accept above acceptation in the acclamation year. They are additionally aggravating to adjudge whether to adjustment the absolution of Admiral Trump’s banking records. FOX Account arch acknowledged contributor and ballast of “FOX Account at Night” Shannon Bream has details.


SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: They are the ones who absolutely accept the president. But are associates of the Electoral College chargeless to blade their states’ administering and vote as they accept aback it comes time to casting their ballots? That’s the catechism the nine justices charge now battle with afterward hours or arguments on Wednesday. Justice Ginsburg seemed skeptical.

RUTH BADER GINSBURG, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: It’s somewhat adamantine to accept the abstraction of article I am pledged, apprenticed to do. I accept fabricated a affiance to do something, but that affiance is unenforceable.

BREAM: Added justices catechism what banned there are or should be on the state’s adeptness to absolute what their alleged electors absolutely do.

NEIL GORSUCH, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: What would prohibit them from casual a law, for example, to say that all electors accept to vote for presidential candidates who abutment assertive positions?

BREAM: Today’s cases will arch to a vote in the justices’ clandestine appointment on Friday, breadth they will additionally agitation whether or not the president’s tax and banking annal charge be angry over to House committees and/or the Manhattan D.A.’s office. Justice Kavanaugh was amid those grappling with belief the interests of two branches of government.

BRETT KAVANAUGH, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: How can we both assure the House’s absorption in accepting advice it needs to legislate, but additionally assure the presidency? How can the cloister antithesis those interests?

BREAM: The additional case presents addition bind altogether, whether the banking abstracts charge be angry over in the ambience of a bent admirable lath investigation. Justice Alito asked whether that would attempt the aloofness of the president’s record.

SAMUEL ALITO, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: There are prosecutors who aperture all sorts of information, including admirable lath information, to all sorts of media sources, including accurately “The New York Times.”

BREAM: Justice Sotomayor, already a prosecutor herself, advised in on questions about whether prosecutors above the country may be tempted to use their admiral to annoy a sitting president.

SONIA SOTOMAYOR, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: Don’t we usually assume that accompaniment courts and accompaniment prosecutors act as they should and in acceptable faith?


BREAM: So the justices could adjustment the abstracts absolutely released. They can almost clothier what gets released, or which lath in the House is absolutely activity to get it. Now the D.A.’s arrangement article altogether different, and of advance they could block abstracts altogether. We’ll apperceive by the end of June. Bret?

BAIER: All right, Shannon, acknowledge you.

In tonight’s Capitalism 2020 Report, above rivals advancing calm to booty on their accepted enemy, Admiral Trump. Joe Biden’s attack will assignment with Bernie Sanders’ team, collective assignment armament aiming to appear to a accord on several above issues. Contributor Peter Doocy tells us how that ability work.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Dreams of the Blooming New Accord didn’t die aback Bernie Sanders alone out because he aloof helped Joe Biden put calm a, quote, accumulation of arch thinkers and activists who can and will arrange our affair in a transformational and accelerating direction.” And one official on this a Biden-Sanders accord assignment force for climate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said this about Biden two weeks ago.

REP. ALEXANDRA OCASIO-CORTEZ, (D-NY): I don’t necessarily apperceive if he’s activity to move us forward, but I advanced bodies can see him as endlessly the bleeding.

DOOCY: Now the Trump attack says, quote, “Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are two abandon of the aforementioned left-wing coin. Now with Bernie Sanders and AOC as chief admiral for his action proposals, Biden is the banderole man for the left-wing agenda.”

Biden’s name is missing from AOC’s cheep about the new gig. She writes “After appointment with grassroots activist and altitude allies, I am accepting Bernie Sanders’ choice to cochair the Altitude Change Accord Assignment Force was Secretary John Kerry.” Democratic leaders are acquisitive this helps application up wounds from the primaries, but the advocate isn’t abiding that will appear at an in-person convention.

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I achievement we can. It may accept to be smaller. It may be in a altered venue. I aloof don’t know.

DOOCY: A DNC console voted absolutely to adapt basic assemblage options for delegates, but Republicans still plan to accept endemic in actuality in August in Charlotte, North Carolina.

MICHAEL WHATLEY, NORTH CAROLINA GOP CHAIRMAN: It’s a absolutely big bread-and-butter addition in the arm for the burghal and the accomplished region.

DOOCY: North Carolina’s governor and Charlotte’s mayor, who could adduce accessible bloom apropos to absolute the admeasurement of an accident like a Republican Assemblage are both Democrats. And so far, they are on board.

WHATLEY: At this point in time, we don’t see annihilation that is activity to adapt us off from accepting the greatest political appearance on apple cycle into Charlotte, and accepting a safe, healthy, and actual fun convention.


DOOCY: So with this convention, Republicans are attractive for a leg up in a beat accompaniment breadth Democrats are attractive for out-of-towners to appear and absorb money, which bureau the affair of the assemblage affective advanced ability not be one of red and blue, but green. Bret?

BAIER: Peter, acknowledge you.

Up next, we now apperceive who in the Obama administering alleged for the apprehension of Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn. Why is that important? What’s the big picture? We’ll get acknowledgment from the console aback we return.



JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I was acquainted that there was — that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I apperceive about it, and I don’t advanced annihilation else.

DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And he said he didn’t apperceive annihilation about it, and now it aloof gets appear appropriate afterwards he said that, it gets appear that he was one of the unmaskers, acceptation he knew aggregate about it. This was all Obama. This was all Biden. These bodies were corrupt.

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R-KY): They accept now activate that Carnality Admiral Biden is accusable of application government to go afterwards a political opponent.


BAIER: These are the seven names that accept been declassified, and this includes Carnality Admiral Biden, CIA Administrator John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, afresh Obama Arch of Agents Denis McDonough, and U.N. Agent Samantha Power. They requested to unmask, acknowledge the name of the American who was talking with the actuality that the eavesdrop was focused on, which was the blow of Russian Agent Kislyak at the time.

So what about this, big picture? What does it mean? Let’s accompany in our panel, Matthew Continetti, founding editor of the “Washington Chargeless Beacon,” Katie Pavlich, account editor at Townhall.com, and Jonathan Swan, civic political anchorman for “Axios.” All right, Katie, Democrats are everywhere adage this is a distraction, not a big deal, accustomed effort. Response?

KATIE PAVLICH, NEWS EDITOR, TOWNHALL.COM: It is a actual big deal, and as Agent Rand Paul said, this is about questions of how the Obama administering acclimated government to go afterwards political opponents. And Joe Biden has already denied this. He has added questions to answer. And I advanced aback you attending at the account of names, it’s additionally a attestant account for Senate Republicans to now see who they can alarm to Capitol Hill to affirm about added ambience as to why they were allurement for these unmaskings.

You’ve had Agent Lindsey Graham, who is the administrator of the Judiciary Committee, afresh say he wants these investigations. He is captivation off on U.S. Advocate John Durham to accomplishment his investigation, but there are actual austere questions actuality about what Joe Biden thinks about the bamboozle of the intelligence community, as we’ve seen, the corruption of power.

And we’ve additionally heard a cardinal of bodies central the intelligence agencies say that apprehension has been abused for a cardinal of years now. The rules that were set up originally to assure the civilian liberties of Americans accept been afresh abandoned and there needs to be above reform. So this is a adventitious for Republicans to absolutely booty a adamantine attending at what to do in agreement of attention Americans’ civilian liberties, but additionally it’s a big botheration for Joe Biden as he goes out on the attack aisle and has questions to acknowledgment about what he knew and aback he knew it.

BAIER: Is it a big problem, Matthew, for Joe Biden? Do bodies get it? Do they accept the bandwidth to booty all of this in, including this moment? I apperceive admirers who are focused on afterward every allotment of it, but I’m adage the broader electorate.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI, EDITOR IN CHIEF, “WASHINGTON FREE BEACON”: Right. It’s a actual complicated adventure and tends to amalgamate our already accessory allegiances. I would say it is a political botheration for Biden, Bret, in this sense, which is a George Stephanopoulos asked him about it, and he already gave two altered answers. Aboriginal he said he knew annihilation about the Flynn investigation, and afresh he bound absolved that aback and said, well, I knew there was an investigation. I didn’t apperceive any more. I’m abiding he’s activity to be asked again, and so we’ll see how this acknowledgment changes.

It’s additionally a problem, and Katie kinds of hints at this, for the above Obama admiral who accept already been assemblage as allotment of Congress’ analysis into the Russia probe. And so their answers to the committees will now accept to be compared to the documentary affirmation that’s actuality produced by the DNI and additionally whatever any consecutive statements they make.

And finally, let’s not forget, the abomination actuality was the aperture of the buzz calls to “The Washington Post.” And I advanced this gets us one footfall afterpiece to award some answers about how that abomination occurred.

BAIER: There were a cardinal of leaks throughout this two-and-a-half years of the Russia probe, and that’s absolutely how it got a lot of oxygen. Booty a accept to the Senate boyhood leader, Jonathan, about all of this. Booty a listen.


CHUCK SCHUMER, (D) SENATE MINORITY LEADER: They are advancing up with these antic cabal theories on Obama. And Administrator Johnson wants to go afterwards Biden and this Hunter Biden cabal theory, which came from the Russians of all people. This is amazing to me. What another cosmos they alive in, spending their time on discredited cabal theories adjoin Obama, adjoin Biden?


BAIER: So it’s boxy to accept to all of the cabal theories befuddled out there, Jonathan, because we’re afterwards two-and-a-half years of the Russia bunco breadth Adam Schiff was on abundant networks adage he had audible affirmation of bunco amid the Trump attack and the Russians that never came to be. Breadth do you advanced this ends up?

JONATHAN SWAN, NATIONAL POLITICS REPORTER, “AXIOS”: The way I’m aggravating to access it is with a faculty of proportion, as I’ve approved to throughout the accomplished thing. We’ve taken anniversary allotment of affirmation that we see on its own terms, but additionally aural a above context. So these unmaskings, it’s important to remember, and I advanced Katie fabricated this point, there is article like 10,000 or added unmaskings a year done by the intelligence community, in agreement of if they see intelligence and they appetite to apperceive who the U.S. actuality is that’s complex in the conversation.

What I activate absolutely arresting about the certificate appear today was that best of the unmaskings that were requested absolutely — that complex Flynn — were afore his chat with the Russian agent on December the 29th. So I appetite to apperceive what the basal intelligence was the acquired all of these admiral about mid-December, December 14, 15, 15, 16, to appeal the unmasking. It’s not bright what that is. And afresh —

BAIER: Well, it’s additionally not bright Carnality Admiral Biden requests, the requests eight canicule afore he leaves office, he requests the unmasking.

SWAN: The Biden one is calmly attributable to the Russian agent call. That was January the 12th. But I’m talking about there were a accomplished agglomeration of them that happened in aboriginal to mid-December, not from Biden but from added chief Obama officials, that credible Flynn. And I’m curious, what was the intelligence, what was the amount that accompanying to that?

BAIER: Yes. And the FBI, and those added abstracts appear by the House Intelligence Lath in the transcripts, had already accomplished the Crossfire analysis into Flynn and bent that there was no there there as far as his tie to the Russians. We accept abundant added to awning on this and acutely the Durham investigation, aback we don’t apperceive aback that’s advancing out, but we will chase it as well.

Up next, the latest on the coronavirus, and how the president’s picks are accomplishing in appropriate elections.


BAIER: Breaking tonight, the Wisconsin accompaniment Supreme Cloister has aloof disqualified that the Wisconsin governor cannot extend the calm order. So the Supreme Cloister there in that accompaniment accepting complex as states above the country accord with how to get back, how to do it, how fast.

We are aback with our panel. Katie, this is one state. They are aggressive aback and alternating with what’s right. You see some counties in altered states blame aback and adage we don’t accede with the governor. It’s absolutely a conflict about 50 states.

PAVLICH: Right, and you additionally see the civilian liberties issues of this. You accept the Advocate Accepted Bill Barr advancing bottomward on account of religious alternative and acceptance assertive aggregation to congregate. So one-size-fits- all policies, whether it’s the federal government or the governor, don’t consistently assignment depending on what is activity on in anniversary accurate place. So I advanced you’re activity to see added of this, and it aloof proves that the government does not accept amaranthine ascendancy aback it comes to attached people’s freedoms alike in a pandemic.

BAIER: Maria Bartiromo sat bottomward with Admiral Trump, you’ll see that account on her show, but here’s a allotment of it about aperture schools.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I advanced that we accept to accessible our schools. Young bodies are actual little afflicted by this. We accept to get the schools open, we accept to get our country open. We accept to accessible our country. We appetite to do it safely, but we additionally appetite to do it as bound as possible, we can’t accumulate activity on like this. You’re accepting clamor already in the streets. You can’t do this. We accept to get it open.


BAIER: Jonathan, breadth is the White House cerebration on this and they’re aggravating to acquisition a average arena on these guidelines?

SWAN: Well, Admiral Trump, they’ve array of confused above guidelines. The actuality is the states are accomplishing what they are doing. There are a cardinal of states who are aperture afterwards afterward the letter of the White House guidelines. And Admiral Trump isn’t accusatory about that. In fact, he’s auspicious that. So he’s actual abundant — if you put Anthony Fauci on one end of the spectrum, Donald Trump is appropriate on the added end of that spectrum.

And I will say that the schools, he’s right, it’s a absolutely big issue. There are kids, decidedly poor kids, who absolutely await on academy for their lunch, for nutrition, for childcare, for all sorts of things. So these are not simple. Anyone who tells you this is a simple affair and there is not huge costs complex are badinage themselves.

BAIER: Yes, that’s right, and for parents, too, who charge kids to go aback to school. Matthew?

CONTINETTI: I advanced it’s important appropriate now, Bret, we charge to activate to focus on the best vulnerable. That includes bodies in nursing, seniors in general, and bodies who assignment in bedfast spaces in abutting adjacency to others for continued periods of time. They’re the best vulnerable. That’s breadth our efforts charge to be directed. And some of these added backbreaking measures, I think, abnormally aback they chronicle to the outdoors, can activate to be lifted.

BAIER: All right, panel, acknowledge you so much. Aback we appear back, the brighter ancillary of things.


BAIER: Assuredly tonight, as we consistently do, the brighter side. Twitter user Kelly acquaint this video afterwards her parents threw an un-block affair for their adjacency in Torrance, California. Neighbors danced in the street, safe ambit apart, except from anniversary other. They got a adventitious to acknowledge an capital artisan carrying mail during the party, too.

And Isaiah Whalum was a accommodating at Williamson Medical Center in Tennessee for 53 days. Bygone he was assuredly appear afterwards convalescent from coronavirus, added bloom issues as well. Hospital agents acquisition calm to bless his abandonment and recovery. Congratulations.

Thanks for agreeable us into your home tonight. That is it for this SPECIAL REPORT, fair, balanced, and unafraid.

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