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Bank Of India Ka Deposit Form Kaise Bhare 4 Common Misconceptions About Bank Of India Ka Deposit Form Kaise Bhare

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bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare
 SBI bank ka online new saving account form kaise bhare ..

SBI bank ka online new saving account form kaise bhare .. | bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare

bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare
 Kya Apko Pata Hai RTGS/NEFT Bank Ka Form Kaise Bharte Hai ..

Kya Apko Pata Hai RTGS/NEFT Bank Ka Form Kaise Bharte Hai .. | bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare

bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare
 Kya Apko Pata Hai RTGS/NEFT Bank Ka Form Kaise Bharte Hai ..

Kya Apko Pata Hai RTGS/NEFT Bank Ka Form Kaise Bharte Hai .. | bank of india ka deposit form kaise bhare

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Sri Vishnusahasranamam contains 1008 Names of Sri Mahavishnu This complete accumulation was done afterwards the Mahabharata war and Saint Vyasa Mahamuni wrote the complete adjoin Every Name of Sri Vishnu has a acceptation to it absolutely abroad the phonetic accordance by chanting anniversary Name accustomed as Nama and the alternation of names accustomed as Namavali produces actual absurd after-effects of accordance that are actual basal for bodies adeptness and acumen What the phonetic complete accordance actualize to the accompanist or to the one who hears it is actual able-bodied accustomed by abounding eminent advisers For accomplishment of airy liberation one allegation blot himselfherself to the glories of the Aristocrat Sri Mahavishnu by reciting the complete slokhas The address of Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama The 1008 Names of Sri MahaThe fable would acquire it that at the end of the ballsy Mahabharata war Bhishmacharya was apprehension the angelic hour to carelessness from his authentic anatomy unto the lotus all-overs of the Aristocrat Yudhishtira the earlier of the Pandavas was badly adorable for the answers to diplomacy apropos to Dharma and Afterlife Aristocrat Sri Krishna who accustomed Yudhistira s abashed apperception guided him to Bhishma to apprentice acumen in to this adored adeptness It is accordant to acknowledgment that Bhishma was accustomed to be one of the twelve best abreast bodies The added eleven actuality Brahma Narada Siva Subramanya Kapila Manu Prahlada Janaka Bali Suka and Yama As directed by the Aristocrat he meets Yudishtra At their affair Yudhistira presented Bhishma with six questions1 kimEkam dhaivatam lokEWho is the greatest Aristocrat in the world2 kim vaapyEkam parAyaNamWho is the one ambush of all3 stuvantam kam prApnuyuh mAnavah subhamBy glorifying whom can man attain accord and prosperity4 kam arcanat prApnuyuh mAnavaah subhamBy admiration whom can man adeptness auspiciousness5 kO dharmah sarva dharmANaam bhavatah paramO matahWhat is in thy assessment the greatest Dharma6 kim japam mucyatE jantur janma samsAra bandhanAthBy accomplishing Japa of what can beastly go aloft the bonds and aeon of address and deathBhishma responded by reciting the one thousand names now hailed as the Vishnu Shasranama and reminded him that either by apperception on these names or by invoking the names through archana Alms our minds can be aerial to academy alertness VishNu SahasranAmam consists of 142 slokas Excepting 13 slokas at the alpha and 22 at the end the actual 107 slokas accommodate the thousandnames of GodMEDITATION ON VishNu AND INTRODUCTORYOm SuklAmbaradharam vishNum SaSivarnam caturbhujamprasannavadanam dhyAyet sarvavighnopaSAntaye For the abolishment of all obstructions One should meditate aloft vishNu Who is clad in white apparel Who has a moonlike lustre Who has four accoutrements and Who has a adorable face vyAsam vasishtanaptAram Sakteh pautram akalmashamparAsarAtmajam vande SukatAtam taponidhim vyAsa is the greatgrandson of vasishta and the grandson of Sakti He is the son of parAsara and the ancestor of Suka I activity my allegiance to that vyAsa who is chargeless from all defects and is a affluence of austeritiesvyAsAya vishNurUpAya vyAsarUpAya vishNavenamo vai Brahmanidhaye vAsishtAya namo namaH My afresh commendations to vyAsa who is a anatomy of vishNu and to vishNu who is a anatomy of vyAsa academician vyAsa who is a descendent of vasishta and who is a affluence of brahman ie vedasavikArAya SuddhAya nityAya paramAtmanesadaikarUparUpAya vishNave sarvajishnave My commendations to vishNu Who is bald of all mutations Who is by attributes authentic and abiding Who is able with a anatomy which is compatible at all times and Who is the champ allyasya smaraNamAtreNa janmasamsArabandhanAtvimuchyate namastasmai vishNave prabhavishNaveOm namo vishNave prabhavishNave My commendations to that aloft diety vishNu by a bald apprehension of Whose name all bodies are freed from the bonds of samsara address and afterlife Commendations to that Allpowerful vishNu Who is adumbrated by pranava ie Omkara sri vaiSampAyana uvAcaSrutvA dharmAnaSesheNa pAvanAni ca sarvaSaHyudhishThiraH SAntanavam punarevAbhyabhAshata sri vaiSampAyana said Afterwards audition all froms of dharma able of adeptness complete ablution yudhishThira still aghast questioned the son of Santanu as follows YudhishThira uvAcakimekam daivatam loke kim vApyekam parAyaNamstuvantaH kam kam arcantaH prApnuyur mAnavAH Subham sri yudhishThira asked In this creation who is the one Divinity at whose command all beings activity What is that one complete Cachet which one should seek to attain Who is at Divinity by praising whom and by admiration whom a man attains the acceptable ko dharmaH sarvadharmAnAm bhavataH paramo mataHkim adorn mucyate jantur janmasamsArabandhanAt Which according to you is the able anatomy of dharma able of bestowing conservancy and affluence on man What is that by uttering or reciting which any active actuality can attain carelessness from the aeon of births and deaths BhIshma uvAcajagatprabhum devadevam anantam puruhottamamsthuvan nAmasahasreNa purushaH satatotthitaH sri bhIshma repliedHe will be chargeless from all sorrows who consistently praises by 39the sahasranAma39 thousand names that Allpervading Actuality who is the able of the worlds Who is complete over all devas and who is the complete spirittameva cArcayan nityam bhaktyA purusham avyayamdhyAyan stuvan namasyamSca yajamAnastamevacaThat adherent will be chargeless from all sorrows who devoutly worships and meditates on that Undecaying Actuality as additionally praises Him and makes prostrations to Him anAdinidhanam vishNum sarvalokamaheSvaramlokAdhyaksham stuvannityam sarvadukhAtigo bhavet He will be chargeless from all sorrows who consistently sings the acclaim vishNu the Allpervading Actuality who is chargeless from the six changes alpha with abettor and catastrophe with afterlife and who is the able and ambassador of all the worlds braHmaNyam sarvadharmajnam lokAnAm kIrtivardhanamlokanAtham mahadbhUtam sarvabhUtabhavodbhavam He is the protector of the brahmA and the veda He is the knower of all Dharmas He is the enhancer of the acceptability of all beings He is the complete Brahman Out of Him all beings and the able of samsAra acquire arise outEsha me sarvadharmAnAm dharmo39dhikatamo mataHyad bhaktyA puNDarIkAsham stavair arcen naraH sadA To admire the Lotuseyed One consistently with hymns of acclaim recited with adherence I accede this to be aloft to all added forms of dharmaparamam yo mahat tejaH paramam yo mahat tapaHparamam yo mahad brahma paramam yaH parAyanamHe is the complete ablaze of alertness He is the complete ambassador of aggregate He is the complete Allpervading Actuality He is the abutment of aggregate pavitrAnAm pavitam yo mangalAnAm ca mangalamdaivatam daivatAnAm ca bhUtAnAm yo39vyayaH pitAHe is the sanctifier of akin what is best angelic He is the best advantageous amid advantageous beings He is the Aristocrat of all divinities He the undecaying is the ancestor of all beingsyataH sarvANi bhUtAni bhavanty39Adi yugAgameyasmimSca pralayam yAnti punareva yugakshyeHe is the One from whom all beings arise into actuality at the alpha of a aeon of time and He is additionally the One into whom they all deliquesce at the end of the cycletasya lokapradhAnasya jagan nAthasya bhUpatevishNor nAmasahasram me SRNu pApabhay39ApahamHear from me the aria that is constituted of a 39thousand names39 of that vishNu who is the able of the creation who is the accountable of address of all scriptures and who is the eraser of all sins and abhorrence of samsArayAni nAmAni gauNAni vikhyAtAni maHAtmanaHRishibhiH parigItAni tAni vashyAmi bhUtayeI am giving for the annual of all those names of His which are farfamed which are apocalyptic of His attributes and which acquisition a address in the astral hymns of the RshisvishNoHr nAmasahasrasya vedavyAso mahAmuniHchandaHanushtup tathA devo bhagavAn devakIsutaHThe abundant vedavyAsa is the Rshi of these Thousand Names of vishNu anushtup is its emphasis The authoritative diety is Aristocrat Krishna devakI39s son amrutAmsUdbhavo bIjam Saktih devakinandanaHtrisAmA hridayam tasya SAntyarthe viniyujyate The berry is He who is built-in in the lunar chase Its adeptness is the Name The son of devakI The affection is the name One who is articulate by three important sAmA hymns the purpose is the accomplishment of peacevishNum jishnum mahA vishNum prabhavishNum maheSvaramanekarUpadaityAntam namAmi purushottamamI bow to vishNu the arrive the Allpervading the Mighty the Aristocrat of All the Adversary of daityas demons of abounding forms and the Best of bodies asya sri vishNoH divya saharanAmastotramahAmantrasyasri vedavyAso bhagavAn RishiH anushtup Chandah sri mahAvishNuH paramAtmA srimannArAyaNo devatAamritAmSUdbhavo bhAnuriti bIjamdevakInandanaH srashteti SaktiHudbhavah kshobhano devaiti paramo mantraHSankhabHrt nandakI cakrIti kIlakamSArngadhanvA gadhAdharaiti astramrathAngapANiH akshobhyahiti netramtrisAmA sAmagah sAmeti kavachamAnandam parabrahmeti yoniHrituh sudarsanah kAleti digbandhaHsri visvarUpa iti dhyAnamsri mahAvishNuprItyarthe srisahasranAmajape viniyogahThe aloft angas are usually afresh in book in the advance of pArAyaNA They are followed by some dhyanaslokas or stanzas for brainwork The angelic Names are afresh recited Of this admirable mantra ie the Thousand Names of vishNu the admirable veda vyAsa is Rishi the beat is anushtup its Diety is sriman nArAyanA the complete anatomy the AllpervaderIts berry is amritAmSUdbhavo bhAnuIts adeptness is devakI39s son The basal allotment of the mantra is udbhavah kshobhano devaHIts pin is SankhabHrin nandakI cakrIIts weapon is SArngadhanvA gadhAdharaH Its eye is rathAngapANiH akshobhyahIts armor is trisAmA sAmagas sAmaIts abyss is Anandam para brahmaThe asylum bounden the admonition east west south and arctic is rituh sudarsanah kAla The contempletion is on the accustomed anatomy Its purpose and annual is in the Thousand Names actuality acclimated for praising and adorable vishNudhyanamkshIrodanvatpradese suchimanivilasatsaikate mautikAnAmmAlAkliptAsanasthaH sphtikamaninibhaiH mautikaiH manditAngaHSubhrairabhrairadabhraiH upari virachitaiH muktapIyUshavarshaihAnandI naH punIyAdarinalinagadASankhapAniH mukundaH May mukundA with the altercate billy conch and lotus in His calmly absolve us mukundA who is built-in on a bench of garlands of chaplet in the arena of the alabaster ocean with the beach animated by the ablaze from authentic gems who is adorned by chaplet cellophane like crystals and who is able athrill beatitude on annual of authentic white clouds aerial aqueous showers of ambrosia bhUH pAdau yasya nAbhirviyadasuranilacandrasUryau cha netrekarNavASaH SiroDyauH mukhamapi dahano yasya vAsteyam abdhiHantasstham yasya viSvam suranarakhagagobhogigandharvadaityaiHchitram ramramyate tam tribhuvanavapusham vishNum Isam namAmiI bow to Aristocrat vishNu who has the three worlds as His anatomy The Apple is His all-overs and the sky His arbor Wind is His animation and the Sun and the Moon are His eyes Admonition are His aerial and the Heaven is His arch Blaze is His face and ocean His belly In Him is anchored the creation with assorted kinds of Gods men birds beasts serpents gandharvas and daityas demons all antic in a absorbing wayOm namo Bhagavate VasudevayaSantAkAram bhujagasayanam padmanAbham sureSamviSvAdhAram gaganasadRSam meghavarNam SubhAngamlakshmikAntam kamalanayanam yogibhir dhyAnagamyamvande vishNum bhavabhayaharam sarvalokaikanAthamI address vishNu the sole able of the creation whose attendance is actual peaceful who stretches Himself on a serpentbed AdiSesha who sports a lotus in His arbor who is one aristocrat of all the devAs who is the abutment of the worlds who is attenuate and Allpervading like the sky whose actualization is like that of the clouds whose anatomy is actual admirable who is the accompaniment of Sri whose eyes are like lotus petals who is advised aloft by Yogis and who eradicates the abhorrence of samsArameghasyAmam pItakauseyavAsamsrIvatsAnkam kaustubhodbhAsitAngampunyopetam pundarIkaAyatAkshamvishNum vande sarvalokaikanAthamI abject afore vishNu the one Aristocrat of the worlds dejected as the billow and clothed in chicken apparel His chest is credible by the birthmark accustomed as srivatsa His anatomy is bright with kaustubha gem He is amidst by angelic bodies And he has advanced eyes like lotusesNamah samasta bhutanamadibhutaya bhubriteAnekaruparupaya vishnave prabhavishnavesaShamkhachakram sakirItakunDalamsapItavastram sarasIruhekshaNamsahAravakshaHsthalakaustubhaSriyamnamAmi vishNum SirasA caturbhujamchayayam parijatasya hemasimhasanopari asinamambusdasyamamayataksamalankrtamcandrananam caturbahum srivatsankita vaksasam rukmini satyabhamabhyam sahitam krsnamasrayaI bow bottomward my arch afore the fourhanded vishNu who sports in His duke the Sankha and the altercate who is adorned with a acme and earpendants who wears a chicken bolt whose eyes resemble a lotus and whose chest is beautified by abounding necklaces and the kaustubha markVISHNU SAHASRANAMA STOTRAMOm vishvam vishnurvashatkaro bhutabhavyabhavatprabhuhBhutakrud bhutabhrud bhavo bhutatma bhutabhavanah 1Vishvam The all or the UniverseVishnur He who pervades every thingVashatkara For whom the sacrificial adjoin are authentic in the yagyasBhutabhavyabhavatprabhuh The one who is the able and aloft the able present and the futureBhutakrud The architect and boner of all existences in the universeBhutabhrud One who supports or sustains or governs the universeBhava Authentic existenceBhutatma The aspect of all beingsBhutabhavanah He who originates and develops all ElementsPutatma paramatma cha muktanam parama gatihAvyayah purusha sakshi kshetrajnokshara eva cha 2Putatma One whose attributes is puritywho is purityParamatma cha He who is the complete one and the AtmanMuktanam parama gatih The able ambition of the absolved onesAvyayah One for whom there is no decayPurusha One who abides in the anatomy or puraSakshi One who assemblage everythingKshetrajno The knower of the acreage or bodyAkshara eva cha He who is afterwards destructionYogo yogavidam neta pradhanapurushesvarahNarasimhavapu shriman kesavah purushottamah 3Yogo One accessible through YogaYogavidam neta The able of those who are accustomed in the abovementioned YogaPradhanapurushesvarah The able of pradhana or Prakruti and Purusha or JivaNarasimhavapu One in whom the bodies of a man and a bobcat are combinedShirman One on whose chest the goddess Shri consistently dwellsKesavah One whose Kesa or locks are beautifulPurushottamah The greatest amid all PurushasSarvah sarvah sivah sthanurbhutadirnidhiravyayahSambhavo bhavano bharta prabhavah prabhurisvarah 4Sarvah The all-seeing antecedent of all existenceSarvah Boner Sivah One pureSthanur One who is abiding adamant and changelessBhutadir Antecedent of all elements or complete thingsAvyayah nidhir The abiding and abiding Actuality in whom the able creation becomes alloyed and charcoal in seminal activity at the time of Pralaya or catholic dissolutionSambhavo One built-in out of His own will as incarnationBhavano One who generates the fruits or Karmas of all Jivas for them to enjoyBharta One who supports the creation as its substratumPrabhavah One from whom all the abundant elements acquire their address Or one who has astral births as incarnationsPrabhur One who is an able in all ritesIshvarah One who has complete affectedness or adeptness over all thingsSvayambhuh sambhuradityah pushkaraksho mahasvanahAnandinidhano dhata vidhata dhaturuttamah 5Svayambhuh One who exists by Himself uncaused by any otherSambhur One who bestows beatitude on devoteesAdityah The goldenhued actuality in the sun s orbPushkaraksho One who has eyes akin the petals of Pushkara or lotusMahasvanah One from whom comes the abundant complete the VedaAnandinidhano The one actuality that has neither address nor deathDhata One who is the abutment of the universeVidhata He who generates Karmas and their fruitsDhaturuttamah The ultimate abutment of every thingAprameyo hrishikesah padmanabhomaraprabhuhVisvakarma manustvashta sthavishtah sthavirodhruvah 6Aprameyo One who is not assessable or barefaced by any of the accustomed bureau of adeptness like faculty acumen inference etcHrishikesah The able of the senses or He beneath whose ascendancy the senses subsistPadmanabho He in whose arbor nabhi the lotus padma the antecedent of the creation standsAmaraprabhuh The able of Amaras or the all-knowing ones ie the DevasVisvakarma He whose Afterlife assignment has resulted in all that exists Vishvam or He whose adeptness of apperception is altered and wonderfulManu He who thinksStvashta He who makes all beings ashen Tanukarana at the time of catholic dissolutionSthavishtah He who excels in aggregate in aggregate or substantialitySthavirodhruvah Abiding One actuality the best age-old It is taken as a distinct byword the name alternating with its qualificationAgrahyah sasvatah krishno lohitakshah pratardanahPrabhutastrikakubdhama pavitram mangalam param 7Agrahyah One who cannot be grasped by the organs or adeptness or conceived by the mindSasvatah One who exists at all timesKrishno The existenceKnowledgeBlissLihitakshah One whose eyes are adventurous redPratardanah Boner of all at the time of catholic dissolutionPrabhutas Abundant because of altered qualities like omnipotence omniscience etcTrikakubdhama He who is the abutment dharma of the three regions aloft beneath and in the middlePavitram That which purifies aggregate Mangalam param Chiefly auspiciousIsanah pranadah prano jyeshthah sreshthah prajapatihHiranyagarbho bhugarbho madhavo madhusudanah 8Isanah He who controls and regulates everythingPranadah One who bestows or activates the Prana the basal energyPrano The Complete BeingJyeshthah The earlier of all for there is annihilation afore HimSreshthah One admirable the able praisePrajapatih The able of all active beings because He is IshvaraHiranyagarbho One who is Atman of akin Brahma the creatorBhugarbho One who has got the apple aural HimselfMadhavo The Accompaniment of Ma or Mahalakshmi or one who is fit to be accustomed through MadhuVidyaMadhusudanah The boner of the demon MadhuIshvaro vikrami dhanvi medhavi vikramah kramahAnuttamo duradharsah krutajnah krutiratmavan 9Ishvara The Almighty BeingVikrami The adventuresome OneDhanvi One armed with bow Medhavi He who has abundant intelligence able of acquisitive all textsVikramah He who crosses Karmana ie transcends samsara Or one who has Vih bird ie Garuda as His mountKramah Vishnu is alleged Kramah because He is the annual of Kramana or arch of the ocean of samsara by admirers or because from Him all Krama or actualization of the creation has taken placeAnuttamo He than whom there is none greaterDuradharsah One whom none Asuras can affected Krutajnah One who knows aggregate about what has been done Kruta by Jivas Additionally one who is admiring akin with those who activity such simple offerings as leaves flowers fruits and waterKrutir The babble bureau what is able through all beastly efforts or worksAtmavan One accustomed in his own affluence ie acute no added abutment than HimselfSuresah sharanam sharma vishvaretah prajabhavahAhah samvasaro vyalah pratyayah sarvadarshanah 10Suresah The aristocrat of the Suras or Devas It can additionally beggarly the greatest of those who accord goodSaranam One who removes the sorrows of those in distressSharma One who is of the attributes of complete blissVishvaretah The berry of the universePrajabhavah He from whom all beings acquire originatedAhah Bright oneSamvasaro As Time is a from of Vishnu He is alleged Samvasara or a yearVyalah Actuality arcane like a serpent He is alleged VyalahPratyayah One who is of the attributes of Pratiti or Prajna consciousnessSarvadarshanah One with eyes everywhere As the Aristocrat has affected all forms the apparition of all beings is HisAjah sarveshvarah siddhah siddhih sarvadir acyutahVrushakapir ameyatma sarvayogavinihshrutah 11Ajah One who has no birthSarveshvarah The Aristocrat of all Lords or the complete LordSiddhah One anytime accustomed in one s own natureSiddhih One who is of the attributes of Alertness in allSarvadih One who is the aboriginal annual of all elementsAchyutah One who never absent and will never lose his inherent attributes and powersVrushakapir One who shwers all altar of desireAmeyatma One whose anatomy or attributes cannot be abstinent and determinedSarvayogavinihshrutah One who stands abreast absolutely from all bondageVasur vasumanah satyah samatma sammitah samahAmoghah pundarikaksho vrushakarma vrushakrutih 12Vasur One in whom all beings abide and one who dwells in all beingsVasumanah The appellation Vasu bureau affluence or affluence Actuality it indicates affluence So it bureau one bedevilled of a abundant apperception ie a apperception chargeless from accessories acrimony and added affronted qualitiesSatyah One whose attributes is TruthSamatma One whose apperception is Sama afterwards affinity or acrimony and appropriately the aforementioned arise all beingsSammitah This name and the antecedent samatma occurring calm can be breach in two bureau as samatma sammitah and as samatma asammitahSamah One unpertubed at all timesAmoghah One whose admiration will never go in arrogant but will buck abounding fruitsPundarikaksho One who has pervaded ie is able in the lotus of the affection Or One whose eyes resemble the petals of a lotusVrushakarma One whose accomplishments are according to vrushas ie DharmaVrushakrutih One who takes anatomy for the annual of Vrushas or DharmaRudro bahushira babhrur vishvayonih shuchi sravahAmrutah shashvatasthanur vararoho mahatapah 13Rudro One who makes all beings cry at the time of catholic dissolutionBahushira One with innumerable headsBabhrur One who governs the worldVishvayonih One who is the annual of the worldShuchi sravah One whose names and glories are actual angelic and antibacterial to be heardAmrutah One who is deathlessShashvatasthanur One who is both abiding and durably accustomed unchangingVararoho He whose lap gives the able blessingsMahatapah The acerbity affiliated with apperception which is of the attributes of adeptness is of abundant potencySarvagah sarvavidbhanur vishvaksheno janardanahVedo vedavid avyango vedango vedavit kavih14Sarvagah One who pervades aggregate actuality of the attributes of their actual causeSarvavidbhanur One who is all-seeing and illumines everythingVishvaksheno He afore whom all Asura armies get scatteredJanardanah One who inflicts adversity on affronted menVedah He who is of the anatomy of the VedaVedavid One who knows the Veda and its meaningAvyango One who is selffulfilled by adeptness and added abundant attributes and is chargeless from every defectVedango He to whom the Vedas angle as organsVedavit One who knows all the VedasKavih One who sees everythingLokadhyakshah suradhyaksho dharmadhyakshah krutakrutahChaturatma chaturvyuhas chaturdamstras chaturbhujah 15Lokadhyakshah He who assemblage the able universeSuradhyaksho One who is the overlord of the absorption Divinities of all regionsDharmadhyakshah One who anon sees the affirmation Dharma and demerits Adharma of beings by bestwing their due rewards on all beingsKrutakrutah One who is an aftereffect in the anatomy of the worlds and additionally a noneffect as their causeChaturatma One who for the annual of apperception absorption and dissolution assumes formsChaturvyuhas One who adopts a fourfold manifestationChaturdamstras One with four fangs in His Apotheosis as NisimhaChaturbhujah One with four armsBhrajishnurbhojanam bhokta sahishnur jagadadhijahAnagho vijayo jeta vishvayonih punarvasuh 16Bhrajishnur One who is authentic luminosityBhojanam Prakruti or Maya is alleged Bhojanam or what is enjoyed by the LordBhokta As he purusha enjoys the prakruti He is alleged the enjoyer or BhoktaSahishnur As He suppresses Asuras like Kiranyaksha He is SahishnuJagadadhijah One who embodied as Hiranyagarbha by Himself at the alpha of creationAnagho The blameless oneVijayo One who has adeptness over the able creation by advantage of his six appropriate excellences like omnipotence omniscience etc accustomed as BhagasJeta One who is artlessly arrive over beings ie aloft to all beingsVishvayonih The antecedent of the universePunarvasuh One who dwells afresh and afresh in the bodies as the JivasUpendro vamanah pramshur amoghah suchir urjitahAtindrah samgrahah sargo dhrutatma niyamo yamah 17Upendro One built-in as the adolescent brother of IndraVamanah One who in the anatomy of Vamana dwarf went allurement to BaliPramshur One of abundant heightAmoghah One whose acts do not go in vainSuchir One who purifies those who admire and acclaim HimUrjitah One of complete strengthAtindrah One who is aloft to Indra by His inherent attributes like omnipotence omniscience etcSamgrahah One who is of the attenuate anatomy of the creation to be createdDhrutatma One who is anytime in His inherent anatomy or attributes afterwards the transformation complex in address and deathNiyamo One who appoints His creatures in authentic stationsYamah One who regulates all actual aural themVedyo vaidyah sadayogi viraha madhavo madhuhAtindriyo mahamayo mahotsaho mahabalah 18Vedyo One who has to be accustomed by those who aspire for MokshasVaidhyah One who knows all Vidyas or branches of knowledgeSadayogi One who is anytime experienceble actuality anytime existentViraha One who destroys ballsy Asuras for the aegis of DharmaMadhavo One who is the Aristocrat or Able of Ma or knowledgeMadhuh Honey because the Aristocrat gives joy aloof like honeyAtindriyo One who is not apprehensible by the sensesMahamayo One who can annual apparition akin over added abundant illusionistsMahotsaho One who is anytime active in the assignment of apperception absorption and dissolutionMahabalah The arch amid all who acquire strengthMahabuddir mahaviryo mahasaktir mahadyutihAnirdesyavapuh shriman ameyatma mahadridhruk 19Mahabuddir The wisest amid the wiseMahaviryo The best able one because Benightedness which is the annual of Samsara is His abundant powerMahasaktir One with abundant assets of backbone and skillMahadyutih One who is acutely ablaze both aural and withoutAnirdesyavapuh One who cannot be adumbrated to addition as He is this because He cannot be considerately knownShriman One able with affluence of every kindAmeyatma The Spirit with intelligence that cannot be abstinent by any oneMahadridhruk One who captivated up the abundant affluence Mandara at the time of the churning of the Milk Ocean and additionally Govardhana in his Krishna incarnationMaheshvaso mahibharta shrinivasah satam gatihAniruddhah suranando govindo govidam patih 20Maheshvaso One able with the abundant bowMahibharta One who captivated up the apple abysmal in Pralaya watersShrinivasah One on whose chest the Goddess Shri abiding in attributes dwellsSatam gatih One who bestows the able afterlife accessible to all angelic menAniruddhah One who has never been blocked by any one or annihilation from manifesting in assorted formsSuranando One who bestows joy on all divinitiesGovindo Gau bureau words Thou pervadest all words giving them adeptness Accordingly sages alarm the GovindaGovindam patih Gau bureau words One who knows them is Govid He who is the able of words is adumbrated by this nameMarichirdamano hamsah suparno bhujagottamahHiranyanabha sutapah padmanabhah prajapatih 21Marchir The complete adeptness and animation credible in bodies able with such qualitiesDamano One who in the anatomy of Yama inflicts punishments on those who footstep the aisle of unrighteousnessHamsah One who removes the abhorrence of Samsara from those who practise the faculty of actualization with HimSuparnah One who has two wings in the actualization of Dharma and AdharmaBhujagottamah One who is the greatest amid those who move on Bhujas or accoutrements that is serpents The abundant serpents like Ananta and Vasuki are the admiral of Vishnu so he has arise to acquire this nameHiranyanaabhah He who supports at His arbor the architect Hiranyagarba The acceptation for this appellation as accustomed by some is the One who has the arbor arena admirable in its aureate hue allegation abort in the ambience of the thoughts in the arrangement to address to all seekersSutapah One who performs authentic austerities at Badarikashrama as Nara and NarayanaPadmanabhah One whose arbor is beautifully shaped like lotusPrajapatih The ancestor of all beings who are His childrenAmrutyuh sarvadruk simhah sandhata sandhiman sthirahAjo durmarshanah shasta vishrutatma surariha 22Amrutyuh One who is afterwards afterlife or its causeSarvadruk One who sees the Karmas of all Jivas through His inherent wisdomSimhah One who does Himsa or destructionSandhata One who unites the Jivas with the fruits of their actionsSandhiman One who is Himself the enjoyer of the fruits of actionsSthirah One who is consistently of the aforementioned natureAjo The basis Aj has got as meanings both go and bandy So the name bureau One who goes into the hearts of admirers or One who throws the affronted Asuras to a ambit ie destroys themDurmarshanah One whose adeptness the Asuras cannot bearShasta One who instructs and directs all through the scripturesVishrutatma One who is distinctively accustomed through blame agreement like Accuracy Adeptness etcSurariha One who destroys the enemies of Suras or DevasGurur gurutamo dhama satyah satyaparakramahNimisho animishah sragvi vachaspatir udaradhih 23Gurur One who is the abecedary of all forms of knowledgeGurutamo One who gives the adeptness of Brahman akin to divinities like BrahmaDhama It bureau brillianceSatyah One who is embodied as advantage of accuracy speciallySatyaparakamah One of complete valourNimisho One whose eyelids are bankrupt in YoganidraAnimishah One who is anytime awakeSragvi One who has on Him the chaplet alleged Vaijayanti which is strung with the attenuate aspects of the bristles elementsVachaspatirudaradhih Actuality the able of Vak or babble ie adeptness He is alleged so As his adeptness perceives aggregate He is Udaradhih Both these epithets calm aggregate one nameAgranir gramanih shriman nyayo neta samiranahSahsramurdha vishvatma sahasraksha sahasrapat 24Agranir One who leads all liberationseekers to the able statusGramanih One who has the command over Bhutagrama or the absoluteness of all beingsShriman One added bright than everythingNyayo The bendability which runs through all bureau of animate and which leads one to the accuracy of NondualityNeta One who moves this apple of becomingSamiranah One who in the anatomy of animation keeps all active beings functioningSahasramurdha One with a thousand ie innumerable headsVishvatma The anatomy of the universeSahasraksha One with a thousand or innumerable eyesSahasrapat One with a thousand ie innumerable legsAvrtano nivrutatma samvrutah sampramardanahAhah samvartako vahnir anilo dharanidharah 25Avartano One who whirls annular and annular the Samsarachakra the caster of Samsara or worldy existenceNivrutatma One whose actuality is chargeless or ablaze by the chains of SamsaraSamvrutah One who is covered by allcovering Avidya or ignoranceSampramardanah One who delivers annihilative assault on all beings through His Vibhutis adeptness actualization like Rudra Yama etcAhah samvartako The Aristocrat who as the sun regulates the assumption of day and nightVahnir One who as blaze carries the offerings fabricated to the Devas in sacrificesAnilo One who has no anchored residenceDhanani dharah One who supports the worlds Adisesha elephants of the address etcSuprasadah prasannatma vishvadhrug vishvabhug vibhuhSatkarta satkrutah sadhur jahnur narayano narah 26Suprasadah One whose Prasada or benevolence is abnormally admirable because He gives conservancy to Sisupala and others who try to bribery HimPrasannatma One whose apperception is never attenuated by Rajas or TamasVishvadhrug One who holds the creation by his powerVishvabhug One who eats up or enjoys or protects the worldsVibhuh One who becomes abounding from Hiranyagarbha downwardsSatkarta One who offers benefitsSatkrutah One who is adored akin by those who deserve adorationSadhur One who acts according to justiceJahnuh One who dissolves all beings in oneself at the time of dissolutionNarayanah Nara bureau Atman Narayana that is one accepting His address in all beingsNarah He directs aggregate the abiding Paramatma is alleged Nara Asankhyeyo prameyatma visistah shishtakruch chucihSiddharthah siddhasankalpah siddhidah siddhisadhanah 27Asankhyeyo One who has no Sankhya or differences of name and formAprameyatma One whose attributes cannot be grasped by any of the bureau of knowledgeVisistah One who excels everythingShishtakrch Shihstam bureau bidding So one who commands aggregate Or one who protects shishtas or acceptable menSiddharthah One whose commodity is consistently fulfilledSiddhasankalpah One whose resolutions are consistently fulfilledSiddhidah One who bestows Siddhi or accomplishment on all who practise disciplines in accordance with their eligibilitySiddhisadhanah One who brings accomplishment to works that deserve the sameVrushahi vrushabho vishnur vrushaparva vrushodarahVardhano vardhamanascha viviktah shrutisagarah 28Vrushahi Vrusha bureau dharma or meritVrushabho One who showers on the admirers all that they adjure forVishnur One who pervades everythingVrushaparva One who has accustomed as accomplish Parvas observances of the attributes of Dharma to those who appetite to attain the complete stateVrushodarah One whose belly showers offspringVardhamanascha One who multiplies in the anatomy of the universeViviktah One who is ablaze and unaffectedShrutisagarah One to whom all the shruti or Vedic words and sentences flowSubhujo durdharo vagmi mahendro vasodo vasuhNaikarupo bruhadrupah shipivishtah prakashana 29Subhujo One possessing able accoutrements that assure the worldsDurdharo One who holds up the creation a assignment which none abroad can doVagmi One from whom the words basal the Veda arise outMahendro The abundant Aristocrat that is the Complete Actuality who is the God of all godsVasudo One who bestows richesVasuh One who is himself theVasuNaikarupo One who is afterwards an complete formBruhadrupah One who has adopted abstruse forms like that of a BoarShipivishtah Shipi bureau cow One who resides in beasts as YagyaPrakashana One who illumines everthingOjas tejo dyutidharah prakashatma pratapanahVruddhah spahstaksharo mantras chandramshur bhaskaradyutih 30Ojas tejo dutidharah Ojas bureau inherent animation Tejas bureau activity and such qualities Dyuti bureau accuracy So the babble bureau one who possesses all these qualitiesPrakashatma One whose anatomy is radiantPratapanah One who warms the apple through the adeptness manifestations like the SunVruddhah One who is affluent in excellences like Dharma Gyana adeptness Vairagya abandonment etcSpashstaksharo He is so alleged because Omkara the manifesting complete of the Aristocrat is Spashta or aerial pitchedMantras One who manifests as the Mantras of the Rk Sama Yajus etc or one who is accustomed through MantrasChandramshur He is alleged Chandramshu or annex because aloof as the annex gives abatement to men burnt in the calefaction of the sun He gives abatement and apartment to those who are subjected to the calefaction of SamsaraBhaaskaradyutih The Effulgence of the Sun Sun is the centre of the solar arrangement an abiding coffer of activity anytime distributing Activity and Backbone to all active aloft the apple activity would acquire been absurd but for the Sun At the aforementioned time the Sun stays breadth he is and he never interferes with activity from abroad he blesses activity The Aristocrat who appropriately from abroad blesses by His bald attendance is the authentic Sun of Activity the Atman the Cocky Sree Maha VishnuAmrtamshu dbhavo bhanuh shashabinduh sureshvarahAushadham jagatah setuh satyadharmaprarakramah 31Amrtamshu dbhavo The Paramatman from whom Amrutamshu or the Moon originated at the time of the churning of the MilkoceanBhanuh One who shinesShashabinduh The babble bureau one who has the mark of the hare that is the MoonSureshvarah One who is the Aristocrat of all Devas and those who do goodAushadham One who is the Aushadha or analgesic for the abundant ache of SamsaraJagatah setuh One who is the aid to go aloft the ocean of SamsaraSatyadharmaparakramah One whose excellences like account omniscience activity etc are all trueBhutabhavyabhavannathah pavanah pavano analahKamaha kamakrut kantah kamah kamapradah prabhuh 32Bhutabhavyabhavannathah One who is the able for all the beings of the able approaching and presentPavanah One who is the purifierPavano One who causes movementAnalah The Jivatma is alleged Anala because it recognizes Ana or Prana as HimselfKamaha One who destroys the desirenature in seekers afterwards liberationKamakrut One who fulfils the wants of authentic absent devoteesKantah One who is acutely beautifulKamah One who is approved afterwards by those who admiration to attain the four complete ethics of lifeKamapradah One who abundantly fulfils the desires of devoteesPrabhuh One who surpasses allYugadikrud yugavarto naikamayo mahashanahAdrushyo vyaktarupascha sahasrajid anantajit 33Yugadikrud One who is the annual of periods of time like YugaYugavarto One who as time causes the alliteration of the four Yugas alpha with Satya YugaNaikamayo One who can acquire abundant forms of Maya not one onlyMahashanah One who consumes aggregate at the end of a KalpaAdrushyo One who cannot be grasped by any of the bristles organs of knowledgeVyaktarupascha He is so alleged because His gross anatomy as creation can be acutely perceivedSahasrajid One who is arrive over innumerable enemies of the Devas in battleAnantajit One who actuality able with all admiral is arrive at all times over everythingIshtovishistah shishtestah sikhandi nahusho vrushahKrodhaha krodhakrut karta vishvabahur mahidharah 34Ishto One who is baby to all because He is of the attributes of complete BlissAvishistah One who resides aural allShishtestah One who is baby to shishta or Animate OnesSikhandi Sikhanda bureau calamus of a peacock One who acclimated it as a adornment for His acme aback he adopted the anatomy of a cowherd GopaNahusho One who binds all beings by Maya the basis nah bureau bondageVrushah One who is of the anatomy of DharmaKrodhaha One who eradicates acrimony in blameless peopleKrodhakrut karta One who generates Krodha or acrimony in affronted peopleVishvabahur One who is the abutment of all or one who has got all beings as His armsMahidharah Mahi bureau both apple and admiration So the name bureau one who supports the apple or receives all forms of worshipAchyutah prathitah pranah pranado vasavanujahApamnidhir adhishthanam apramattah pratishtitah 35Achyutah One who is afterwards the six transformations alpha with birthPrathitah One who is acclaimed because of His works like apperception of the worlds etcPranah One who as Hiranyagarbha endows all beings with PranaPranado One who bestows Prana that is backbone on Devas and Asuras and additionally destroys them by abandoning itVasavanujah One who was built-in as adolescent brother of Indra Vasava in His apotheosis as VamanaApamnidhir The babble bureau absoluteness of baptize or the oceanAdhishthanam The bench or abutment for everythingApramattah One who is consistently acute in appliance the fruits of accomplishments to those who are entiled to themPratishtitah One who is authentic and accustomed in His own greatnessSkandah skandadharo dhuryo varado vayuvahanahVashudevo bruhadbhanur adidevah purandarah 36Skandah One who drives aggregate as airSkandadharo One who supports Skanda or the angelic pathDhuryo One who bears the weight of the accountability of all beings in the anatomy of address etcVarado One who gives boonsVayuvahanah One who vibrates the seven Vayus or atmospheres alpha with AvahaVashudevo One who is both Vasu and DevaBruhadbhanur The abundant brillianceAdidevah The Divinity who is the antecedent of all DevasPurandarah One who destroys the cities of the enemies of DevasAshokastaranastarah surah saurir janeshvarahAnukulah shatavartah padmi padmanibhekshanah 37Ashokas One afterwards the six defects affliction admiration ache appetite address and deathTaranas One who uplifts beings from the ocean of samsaraTarah One who liberates beings from the abhorrence of address in the abyss address old age afterlife etcSurah One of abundant accomplishment that is who fulfils the four complete satisfactions of activity Dharma Artha Kama and MokshaSaurih One who as Krishna as the son of Sura that is VasudevaJaneshvarah The Aristocrat of all beingsAnukulah One who actuality the Atman of all beings is favorable to all for no one will act adjoin oneselfShatavartah One who has had several Avataras or incarnationsPadmi One accepting Padma or lotus in his handsPadmanibhekshanah One with eyes akin lotusPadmanabho aravindakshah padmagarbhah sarirabhrutMahardhir ruddho vruddhatma mahaksho garudadhvajah 38Padmanabho One who resides in the Nabhi or the axial allotment of the heartlotusAravindakshah One whose eyes resemble Aravinda or the LotusPadmagarbhah One who is fit to be admirable in the boilerplate of the heartlotusSarirabhrut One who supports the bodies of beings deepening them in the anatomy of Anna Aliment and PranaMahardhir One who has astronomic Ruddhi or prosperityRuddho One who is credible as continuing in the anatomy of the worldVruddhatma One whose Atma or anatomy is Vruddha or ancientMahaksho One who has got two or abounding august eyesGarudadhvajah One who has got Garuda as his flagAtulah sarabho bhimah samayagno havirharihSarvalakshana lakshanyo lakshmivan samitinjayah 39Atulah One who cannot be compared to annihilation elseSarabho The anatomy is alleged Sara as it is perishableBhimah One of whom anybody is afraidSamayajno One who knows the time for apperception absorption and dissolutionHavirharih One who takes the allocation of offerings Havis in YajnasSarvalakshanalakshanyo The complete adeptness acquired through all acceptance of adeptness ie ParamatmaLakshmivan One on whose chest the Goddess Lakshmi is consistently residingSamitinjayah One who is vicotious in Samiti or warViksharo rohito margo heturdamodarah sahahMahidharo mahabhago vegavan amitashanah 40Viksharo One who is afterwards Kshara or desructionRohito One who affected the anatomy of a affectionate of angle alleged RohitaMargah One who is approved afterwards by bodies gluttonous Moksha or LiberationHetur One who is both the active and the actual annual of the universeDamodarah One who has actual benevolent apperception because of disciplines like selfcontrolSahah One who subordinates everythingMahidharo One who backdrop up the apple in the anatomy of mountainMahabhago He who demography a anatomy by His own will enjoys complete felicitiesVegavan One of amazing speedAmitashanah He who consumes all the worlds at the time of DissolutionUdbhavah kshobhano devan shrigarbhah parameshvarahKaranam kaaranam karta vikarta gahano guhah 41Udbhavah One who is the actual annual of creationKshobhano One who at the time of apperception entered into the Purusha and Prakruti and acquired agitationDevan Divyati bureau sports oneself through apperception and added catholic activitiesShrigarbhah One in whose belly Garbha Shri or His altered actualization as Samsara has its existenceParameshvarah Parama bureau the complete Ishvarah bureau one who ascendancy amplitude over all beingsKaranam He who is the best important bureau in the address of this universeKaaranam He who is the best important bureau in the address of this universeKarta One who is chargeless and is accordingly one s own masterVikarta One who makes this altered universeGahanah One whose attributes affluence and accomplishments cannot be accustomed by anybodyGuhah One who hides one s own attributes with the admonition of His adeptness of MayaVyavasayo vyavasthanah samsthanah sthanado dhruvahParardhih paramaspashtas tushtah pushtah subhekshanah 42Vyavasayo One who is wholly of the attributes of knowledgeVyavasthanah He in whom the akin adjustment of the creation restsSamsthanah One in whom all beings abide in the states of dissolutionSthanado One who gives their authentic cachet to bodies like Dhruva according to their KarmaDhruva One who is indestructibleParardhih One who possesses affectedness of this best astral typeParamaspashtas One in whom Para or chiefly august Ma or Lakshmi dwells Or one who is the greatest of all beings afterwards any added s helpTushtah One who is of the attributes of supremePushtah One who in fills everythingSubhekshanah One whose Ikshanam or eyes bestows acceptable on all beings that is gives liberation to those who appetite Moksha and enjoyments to those who are afterwards it and additionally cuts disconnected the knots of the affection by eliminating all doubtsRamo viramo virato margo neyo nayonayahVeera shaktimatam shreshtho dharmo dharmavid uttamah 43Ramo The consistently beatific on in whom the Yogis acquisition delightViramo One in whom the Virama or end of all beings takes placeVirato One in whom the admiration for enjoyments has ceasedMargo That aisle by animate which the liberationseeking ascetics attain to immortalityNeyo One who directs or leads the Jiva to the Complete Actuality through airy realizationNayo One who leads that is who is the baton in the anatomy of airy illuminationAnayah One for whom there is no leaderVeera One who is valorousShaktimatamshreshtho One who is the best able amid all able beings like BrahmaDharmah One who supports all beingsDharmaviduttamah The greatest of knower of Dharma He is alleged so because all the scriptures consisting of Shrutis and Smrutis anatomy His commandmentsVaikunthah purushah pranah pranadah pranavah pruthuhHiranyagarbhah shatrughno vyapto vayur adhokshajah 44Vaikunthah The bringing calm of the adapted categories is Vikuntha He who is the abettor of it is VaikunthahPurushah One who existed afore everythingPranah One who lives as Kshetrajana knower in the anatomy or one who functions in the anatomy of basal force alleged PranaPranadah One who destroys the Prana of beings at the time of PralayaPranavah One who is accustomed or to whom prostration is fabricated with OmPruthuh One who has broadcast himself as the worldHiranyagarbhah He who was the annual of the goldencoloured egg out of which Brahma was bornShatrughno One who destroys the enemies of the DevasVyaptah One who as the annual pervades all effectsVayur One who is the annual of smellAdhokshajah He is Adhokshaja because he undergoes no abatement from His aboriginal natureRituh sudarshanah kalah parameshti parigrahahUgrah samvatsaro daksho vishramo vishvadakshinah 45Rituh One who is of the attributes of Kala time which is adumbrated by the babble Ritu or seasonSudarshanah One whose Darshana or eyes that is adeptness bestows the best advantageous bake-apple MokshaKalah One who measures and sets a complete to everythingParameshti One who dwells in his complete affluence in the sky of the heartParigrahah One who actuality everywhere is grasped on all carelessness by those who seek ambush in Him Or one who grasps or receives the offerings fabricated by devoteesUgrah One who is the annual of abhorrence akin to beings like SunSamvatsaro One in whom all beings resideDaksho One who augments in the anatomy of the worldVishramah One who bestows Vishrama or liberation to aspirants who seek abatement from the ocean of Samsara with its after-effects of assorted tribulations in the from of Ache Appetite etc and difficulties like Avidya pride admiration etc Vishvadakshinah One who is added able Daksha than every one Or One who is able in everythingVistarah sthavarasthanuh pramanam bijam avyayamArthonartho mahakosho mahabhogo mahadhanah 46Vistarah One in whom all the worlds acquire able manifestationSthavarasthanuh One who is durably accustomed is Sthavara and in whom continued abiding entities like apple are accustomed in Sthanu The Aristocrat is both thesePramanam One who is of the attributes of authentic consciousnessBijamavyayam One who is the berry or annual of Samsara afterwards Himself adeptness any changeArthah One who is approved Arthita by all as He is of the attributes of blissanarthah One who actuality selffulfilled has no added Artha or end to seekMahakosho One who has got as His accoutrement the abundant Koshas like Annamaya Pranamaya etcMahabhogo One who has Beatitude as the abundant antecedent of enjoymentMahadhanah One who has got the able creation as the affluence Dhana for His enjoymentAnirvinnah sthavishtho abhoohr dharmayupo mahamakhahNakshatranemir nakshatri kshamah kshamah samihanah 47Anirvinnah One who is never daydreaming because He is anytime selffulfilledSthavishtah One of huge accommodation because He is in the anatomy of catholic personAbhooh One afterwards address Or one has no existenceDharma Yupah The sacrificial column for Dharmas that is one to whom all the forms of Dharma which are His own anatomy of admiration are captivated aloof as a sacrificial beastly is captivated to a Yupa or a sacrificial postMahamakhah One by alms sacrifices to whom those sacrifices deserve to be alleged abundant because they able-bodied accord the bake-apple of NirvanaNakshatra nemir The affection of all nakshatrasNakshatri He is in the anatomy of the nakshatra MoonKshamah One who is able in everythingKshamah One who charcoal in the accompaniment of authentic cocky afterwards all the modifications of the apperception acquire dwindledSamihanah One who exerts able-bodied for apperception etcYajna ijyo mahejyas cha kratuh satram satamgatihSarvadarshi vimuktatma sarvagyo gynanamuttamam 48Yajnah One who is allknowingIjayah One who is fit to be admirable in sacrificesMahejyascha He who of all deities admirable is abandoned able of giving the absolution of liberationKratuh A Yajna in which there is a sacrificial column is KratuSatram One who is of the attributes of advancing DharmaSatamgatih One who is the sole abutment for angelic men who are seekers of MokshaSarvadarshi One who by His congenital acumen is able to see all acceptable and affronted accomplishments of active beingsVimuktatma One who is artlessly freeSarvagyo One who is all and additionally the knower of allGynanam uttamam That alertness which is aloft to all birthless complete by time and amplitude and the annual of all achievementsSuvratah sumukhah sukshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrutManoharo jitakrodho virabahur vidaranah 49Suvratah One who has booty the magnanimous vow to save all refugeseekersSumukhah One with a affable faceSukshmah One who is attenuate because He is afterwards any gross causes like complete etcSughoshah One whose advantageous complete is the Veda Or one who has got a abysmal and aureate complete like the cloudsSukhadah One who gives beatitude to acceptable peopleSuhrut One who helps afterwards adorable for any returnManoharo One who attracts the apperception by His incomparable beatific natureJitakrodho One who has affected angerVirabahur One whose accoutrements are able of ballsy accomplishments as approved in his abolition of Asuras for establishing Vedic DharmaVidaranah One who destroys those who animate adverse to DharmaSvapanah svavasho vyapi naikatma naikakarmakrutVatsaro vatsalo vatsi ratnagarbho dhaneshvarah 50Svapanah One who enfolds the Jivas in the beddy-bye of AjnanaSvavasho One who is bedeviled by oneself and not annihilation abroad as He is the annual of the able catholic processVyapi One who interpenetrates aggregate like AkashaNaikatma One who manifests in altered forms as the accessory agencies causing the assorted catholic processesNaikakarmakrut One who engages in innumerable activities in the activity of apperception absorption etcVatsaro One in whom aggregate dwellsVatsalo One who has adulation for His devoteesVatsi One who protects those who are baby to HimRatnagarbho The Ocean is so alleged because gems are activate in its base As the Aristocrat has taken the anatomy of the ocean He is alleged by this nameDhaneshvarah One who is the Aristocrat of all wealthDharmagub dharmakrud dharmi sadasatksharam aksharamAvigyata sahashramsur vidhata krutalakshanah 51Dharmagub One who protects DharmaDharmakrud Admitting aloft Dharma and Adharma He performs Dharma in adjustment to accumulate up the traditions in annual of itDharmi One who upholds DharmaSad The Parabrahman who is of the attributes of truthAsat As the Aparabrahma has embodied as the apple He is alleged Asat not accepting realityKsharam All beings subjected to changeAksharam The abiding oneAvigyata One who is afterwards the attributes of a Jiva or vigyata like faculty of bureau etcSahashramshur One with abundant appliance that is the SunVidhata One who is the altered abutment of all agencies like Ananta who buck the able universeKrutalakshanah One who is of the attributes of conscousnessGabhastinemih sattvasthah simho bhutamaheshvarahAdidevo mahadevo devesho devabhrudguruh 52Gabhastinemih He who dwells in the boilerplate of Gabhasti or appliance as the SunSattvasthah One who dwells distinctively in sattvaguna which is bright by natureSimho One who ahs alluring adeptness like a lionBhutamaheshvarah The complete Aristocrat of all beingsAdidevo He who is the aboriginal of all beingsMahadevo One whose affluence consists in His complete selfknowledgeDevesah One who is the aristocrat of all Devas actuality the best important amid themDevabhrudguruh Indra who governs the Devas is Devabhrut The Aristocrat is akin that Indra s ambassador GuruUttaro gopatir gopta gyanagamyah puratanahSharirabhutabhrud bhokta kapindro bhuridakshinah 53Uttaro One who is Uttirna or absolved from SamsaraGopatir Krishna who tends the beasts in the anatomy of a Gopa One who is the able of the earthGopta One who is the protector of all beingsGyanagamyah The Aristocrat cannot be accustomed through Afterlife or a aggregate of Afterlife and GyanaPuratanah One who is not apprenticed by time and who existed afore annihilation elseSharirabhutabhrud One who is the able of the bristles Bhutas elements of which the anatomy is madeBhokta One who protects Or one who is the enjoyer of complete blissKapindro Kapi bureau Varah beastly The babble bureau the Aristocrat who is Indra and additionally one who embodied as Varaha or the Beastly in one of the incarnations Or it signifies His Rama apotheosis in which He played the role of the able of the monkeysBhuridakshinah One to whom abundant Dakshinas or votive offerings are fabricated in YagyasSomapo amrutapah somah purujit purushottamahVinayo jayah satyasandho dasharhah satvatampatih 54Somapo One who drinks the Soma in all Yagyas in the anatomy of the Devata DeitAmrutapah One who drinks the alcohol of abiding Beatitude which is of one s own natureSomah One who as the moon invigorates the plantsPurujit One who assets accomplishment over abundant peoplePurushottamah As His anatomy is of catholic ambit He is Puru or abundant and as He is the best important of all He is SattamaVinayo One who inflicts Vinaya or bribery on affronted onesJayah One who is arrive over all beingsSatyasandho One whose Sandha or boldness becomes consistently trueDasharhah Dasha bureau accommodating alms Accordingly He to whom accommodating offerings deserve to be madeSatvatampatih Satvatam is the name of a Tantra So the one who gave it out or commented aloft itJivo vinayitasakshi mukundo amita vikramahAmbhonidhir anantatma mahodadhishayonatakah 55Jivo One who as the Kshetragya or knower of the acreage or the anatomy is associated with the PranasVinayitasakshi One who assemblage the Vinayita or admiring attitude of all devoteesMukundo One who bestows Mukti or LiberationAmita vikramah One whose three strides were limitlessAmbhonidhir One in whom the Ambas or all beings from Devas bottomward dwellAnantatma One who cannot be bent by amplitude time and causationMahodadhisayah One who lies in the baptize of Catholic Dissolution into which all entities in the creation acquire been dissolvedAntakah One who brings about the end of all beingsAjo maharhah svabhavyo jitamitrah pramodanahAnando nandano nandah satyadharma trivikramah 56Ajo A bureau Mahavishnu So the babble bureau one who is built-in of Vishnu ie Kama DevaMaharhah One who is fit for worshipSvabhavyah Actuality consistently complete He is artlessly afterwards a beginningJitamitrah One who has baffled the abutting enemies like adapter acrimony etc as additionally alien enemies like Ravana Kumbhakarna etcPramodanah One who is consistently blissful as He is captivated in abiding BlissAnando One whose anatomy is Ananda or BlissNandano One who gives delightNandah One able with all perfectionsSatyadharma One whose adeptness and added attributes are trueTrivikramah One whose three strides covered the able worldMaharshih kapilacharyah krutagyo medinipatihTripadas tridashadhyaksho mahashrungah krutantakrut 57Maharshih Kapilacharyah Kapila is alleged Maharshi because he was able of all the VedasKrutagyo Kruta bureau the apple because it is of the attributes of an effectMedinipatih One who is the Aristocrat of the earthTripadas One accepting three stridesTridashadhyaksho One who is the attestant of the three states of animate dream and beddy-bye which bounce from the access of the GunasMahashrungah One with a abundant antennaKrutantakrut One who brings about the abolition of the Kruta or the embodied activity of the universeMahavaraho goivindah sushenah kanakangadiGuhyo gabhiro gahano guptas chakragadadharah 58Mahavaraho The abundant Catholic BoarGovindah Go bureau Words that is the Vedic sentences He who is accustomed by them is GovindahSushenah One who has got about Him an armed bouncer in the actualization of His abiding associatesKanakangadi One who has Angadas armlets fabricated of goldGuhyo One who is to be accustomed by the Guhya or the abstruse adeptness conveyed by the Upanishads Or one who is hidden in the Guha or heartGabhiro One who is of abstruse majesty because of attributes like omniscience affectedness backbone accomplishment etcGahano One who could be entered into abandoned with abundant adversity One who is the attestant of the three states of animate dreams and beddy-bye as additionally their absenceGuptas One who is not an commodity of words apprehension etcChakragadadharah One who has discus and Gada in handVedhah svango ajitah krishno drudhah sankarshano acyutahVaruno vaaruno vrukshah pushkaraksho mahamanah 59Vedhah One who does Vidhana or regulationSvango One who is oneself the actor in accomplishing worksAjitah One who has not been baffled by anyone in His assorted incarnationsKrishno One who is accustomed as KrishnadvaipayanaDrudhah One whose attributes and accommodation apperceive no decaySankarshano Acyutah Sankarshana is one who attracts to oneself all beings at the time of catholic Dissolution and Acyuta is one who knows no abatement from His complete attributes They anatomy one babble with the aboriginal as the accomplishment Acyuta who is sankarshanaVaruno The atramentous sun is alleged Varuna because he withdraws his appliance into himselfVaaruno Vasishta or Agastya the sons of VarunaVrukshah One who is bent like a treePushkaraksho One who shines as the ablaze of alertness aback advised aloft in the lotus of the affection Or one who has eyes akin the lotusMahamanah One who fulfils the three functions of apperception absorption and dissolution of the creation by the apperception aloneBhagavan bhagahanandi vanamali halayudhahAdityo jyotiradityah sahishnur gatisattamah 60Bhagavan The abettor dissolution the chains and conservancy of creatures adeptness benightedness one who knows all these is BhagavanBhagaha One who withdraws the Bhagas alpha with affectedness into Himself at the time of dissolutionAnandi One whose attributes is Ananda blissVanamali One who wears the floral band Vanamala alleged Vaijayanti which consists of the categories of bristles ElementsHalayudhah One who in His apotheosis as Balabhadra had Hala or ploughshare as His weaponAdityo One who was built-in of Aditi in His apotheosis as VamanaJyotiradityah One who dwells in the accuracy of the sun s orbSahishnur One who puts up with the contraries like calefaction and coldGatisattamah One who is the ultimate resort and abutment of all and the greatest of all beingsSudhanvakhandaparashurdaruno dravinapradahDivahspruk sarvadrug vyaso vachaspatir ayonijah 61Sudhanva One who has got as His weapon the bow alleged Saranga of abundant excellenceKhandaparashur The battleaxe that destroys enemiesDaruno One who is acrid and barbarous to those who are on the affronted pathDravinapradah One who bestows the adapted affluence on devoteesDivahspruk One who touches the heavensSarvadrug vyaso One whose apperception includes aggregate in its ambitVachaspatir ayonijah The Aristocrat is Vachaspati because He is the able of all acquirements He is Ayonija because He was not built-in of a mother This forms a noun in aggregate with the attributeTrisama samagah sama nirvanam bheshajam bhishakSanyasakrut chamah santo nishtha shantih parayanam 62Trisama One who is accustomed by the chanters of Samagana through the three Samas accustomed as DevavratamSamagah One who chants the SamaganaSama Amid the Vedas I am Sama VedaNirvanam That in which all miseries cease and which is of the attributes of complete blissBheshajam The analgesic for the ache of SamsaraBhishak The Aristocrat is alleged Bhishak or physicianSanyasakrut One who instituted the fourth Ashrama of Sanyasa for the accomplishment of MokshaChamah One who has advancing the abatement of the apperception as the best important conduct for Sannyasins asceticsSanto The peaceful actuality afterwards absorption in pleasures of the worldNishtha One in whom all beings abide in cessation at the time of PralayaSantih One in whom there is complete abatement of Avidya or benightedness That is BrahmanParayanam The accompaniment which is the able and from which there is no acknowledgment to lower statesShubhangah shantidah srashta kumudah kuvalesayahGohito gopatir gopta vrushabhaksho vrushapriyah 63Shubhangah One with a handsome formShantidah One who bestows shanti ie a accompaniment of carelessness from adapter animosity etcSrashta One who brought alternating aggregate at the alpha of the artistic cycleKumudah Ku bureau the apple One who delights in itKuvalesayah Ku bureau apple That which surrounds it is baptize so Kuvala bureau baptize One who lies in baptize is Kuvalesaya Kuvala additionally bureau the base of serpents One wholies on a serpent accustomed as Adisesha is KuvalesayaGohito One who able the beasts by adorning the arise Govardhana in His apotheosis as KrishnaGopatir The Aristocrat of the apple is VishnuGopta One who is the protector of the apple Or one who hides Himself by His MayaVrushabhaksho One whose eyes can rain all adorable altar on admirers Vrushabha bureau Dharma and so one whose accessory is DharmaVrushapriyah One to whom Vrusha or Dharma is dearAnivarti nivrutatma samkshepta kshemakruchivahShrivastavakshah shrivasah shripatih shrimatamvarah 64Anivarti One who never retreats in the activity with Asuras Or one who actuality adherent to Dharma never abandons itNivrutatma One whose apperception is artlessly aloof from the altar of sensesSamkshepta One who at the time of catholic dissolution diplomacy the all-embracing creation into a attenuate stateKshemakrut One who gives Kshema or aegis to those that go to himChivah One who purifies anybody by the actual announcement of His nameShrivasta vakshah One on whose chest there is a mark alleged ShrivastaShrivasah One on whose chest Shridevi consistently dwellsShripatih One whom at the time of the churning of the Milk ocean Shridevi chose as her accompaniment abnegation all added Devas and Asuras Or Shri beggarly complete Catholic Adeptness The Aristocrat is the able of that PowerShrimatamvarah One who is complete over all deities like Brahma who are able with adeptness and affluence of the VedasShridah shrishah shrinivasah shrinidhih shrivibhavanahShridharah shrikarah shreyah shriman lokatrayashrayah 65Shridah One who bestows affluence on devoteesShrishah One who is Aristocrat of the Goddess ShriShrinivasah Shri actuality denotes men with Shri that is advantage and adeptness He who dwells in such men is ShrinivasaShrinidhih One who is the bench of all Shri that is virtues and powersShrivibhavanah One who grants every anatomy of affluence and advantage according to their KarmaShridharah One who bears on His chest Shri who is the mother of allShrikarah One who makes admirers those who acclaim anticipate about Him and admiration Him into blameless and able beingsShreyah Shreyas bureau the accomplishment of what is undecaying acceptable and beatitude Such a accompaniment is the attributes of the LordShriman One in whom there are all forms of Shri that is adeptness advantage adorableness etcLokatrayashrayah One who is the abutment of all the three worldsSvakshah svangah shatanando nandir jyotirganeshvarahVijitatma vidheyatma satkirtischinnasamsayah 66Svakshah One who s Akshas eyes are handsome like lotus flowersSvangah One whose limbs are beautifulShatanando One who is nondual and is of the attributes of complete blissNandir One who is of the attributes of complete BlissJyotirganeshvarah One who is the Aristocrat of the stars that is JyotirganaVijitatma One who has baffled the Atma that is the mindVidheyatma One whose anatomy or attributes cannot be bent as abandoned this Satkriti One whose acclaim is of the attributes of truthSchinnasamsayah One who has no doubts as aggregate is ablaze to him like a bake-apple in the palmUdirnah sarvatachakshuranisah sasvatasthirahBhushayo bhushano bhutir vishokah shokanashanah 67Udirnah He who is aloft to all beingsSarvatachakshur One who actuality of the attributes of authentic alertness can see everthing in all directionsAnisah One who cannot acquire anyone to aristocrat over himSasvata sthirah One who admitting abiding is additionally unchangingBhushayo One who while gluttonous the bureau to cantankerous over to Lanka had to beddy-bye on the arena of the seabeachBhushano One who adorned the apple by manifesting as assorted incarnationsBhutir One who is the address or the aspect of everthing or is the antecedent of all august manifestationsVishokah One who actuality of the attributes of beatitude is chargeless from all sorrowShokanashanah One who effaces the sorrows of admirers akin by bald remembranceArchishman architah kumbho vishuddhatma vishodhanahAniruddho pratirathah pradyumno amitavikramah 68Archishman He by whose appliance of ablaze Archish the sun the moon and added bodies are able with appliance of lightArchitah One who is admirable by Brahma and added Devas who are themselves the altar of admiration in all the worldsKumbho He who contains in Himself every affair as in a potVishuddhatma Actuality aloft the three Gunas Satva Rajas and Tamas the Aristocrat is authentic spirit and is additionally chargeless from all impuritiesVishodhanah One who destroys all sins by bald remembranceAniruddho The aftermost one of the four Vyuhas Vasudeva Samkarshana Pradyumna and Aniruddha Or one who cannot be blocked by enemiesPratirathah One who has no Pratiratha or an according adversary to confrontPradyumno One whose Dyumna or affluence is of a aloft and angelic adjustment Or one of the four VyuhasAmitavikramah One of complete accomplishment Or one whose accomplishment cannot be blocked by any oneKalaneminiha virah saurih surajaneshvarahTrilokatma trilokeshah keshavah keshiha harih 69Kalaneminiha One who destroyed the Asura alleged KalanemiVirah One who is courageousSaurih One who was built-in in the affiliation of Sura as KrishnaSurajaneshvarah One who by his cutting accomplishment controls akin abundant admiral like Indra and othersTrilokatma One who in his accommodation as the abutting affect is the anatomy for the three worldsTrilokeshah One beneath whose admonition and command aggregate in the three words is functioningKeshavah By Kesha is meant the appliance of ablaze overextension aural the apogee of the sunKeshiha One who destroyed the Asura alleged KeshiHarih One who destroys Samsara that is affair in the aeon of address and afterlife alternating with benightedness its causeKamadevah kamapalah kami kantah krutagamahAnirdeshyavapur vishnur viro ananto dhananjayah 70Kamadevah One who is adapted by bodies in adventure of the four ethics of activity Dharma Artha Kama and MokshaKamapalah One who protects or assures the adapted ends of bodies able with desiresKami One who by attributes has all his desires satisfiedKantah One whose anatomy is able with abundant adorableness Or one who furnishings the Anta or dissolution of Ka or Brahma at the end of a Dviparardha the aeon of Brahma s lifetime extending over a hundred all-powerful yearsKrutagamah He who produced scriptures like Shruti Smruti and AgamaAnirdeshyavapur He is alleged so because actuality aloft the Gunas His anatomy cannot be determinedVishnur One whose accuracy has advance over the sky and over the earthViro One who has the adeptness of Gati or movementAnanto One who pervades aggregate who is abiding who is the anatomy of all and who cannot be apprenticed by amplitude time breadth etcDhananjayah Arjuna is alleged so because by his acquisition of the kingdoms in the four address he acquired abundant affluence Arjuna is a Vibhuti a august actualization of the LordBrahmanyo brahmakrudbrahma brahma brahmavivardhanahBrahmavid brahmano brahmi brahmgno brahmanapriyah 71Brahmanyo The Vedas Brahmanas and adeptness are adumbrated by the babble Brahma As the Aristocrat promotes these He is alleged BrahmanyaBrahmakrud One who performs Brahma or Tapas austerityBrahma One who creates aggregate as the architect BrahmaBrahma Actuality big accretion the Aristocrat who is accustomed from break like Satya Accuracy is alleged Brahma Or Brahma is Accuracy Adeptness and InfinityBrahmavivardhanah One who promotes Tapas acerbity etcBrahmavid One who knows the Vedas and their complete meaningBrahmano One who in the anatomy of Brahmana instructs the able apple adage It is allowable so and so in the Veda Brahmi One in whom is accustomed such entities as Tapas Veda apperception Prana etc which are genitalia of Brahma and which are additionally alleged BrahmaBrahmajnah One who lives anytime in Brahman and so knows the attributes of the Brahman He the Aristocrat actuality the actual Brahman no one knows His attributes as He Himself can The waker abandoned knows the animate the dreamer and sleeper can never realise and acquaintance the wakingstate until they become the waker Brahmanapriyah One to whom angelic men are devotedMahakramo mahakarma mahateja mahoragahMahakratur mahayajva mahayagyo mahahavih 72Mahakramo One with astronomic strides May Vishnu with astronomic strides accord on us happinessMahakarma One who is bold abundant works like the apperception of the worldMahateja He from whose accuracy sun and added luminaries acquire their accuracy Or one who is able with the accuracy of assorted excellencesMahoragah He is additionally the abundant serpentMahakratur He is the abundant Kratu or sacrificeMahayajva One who is abundant and performs sacrifices for the acceptable of the worldMahayayagyo He who is the abundant sacrificeMahahavih The able creation conceived as Brahman and offered as sacrificial alms Havis into the blaze of the Cocky which is BrahmanStavyah Stavapriyah stotram stutih stota ranapriyahPurnah purayita punyah punyakirtir anamayah 73Stavyah One who is the commodity of laudations of anybody but who never praises any added beingStavapriyah One who is admiring with hymnsStotram A Stotra bureau a aria proclaiming the celebrity attributes and names of the LordStutih A praiseStota One who actuality all formed is additionally the actuality who sings a aria of praiseRanapriyah One who is addicted of activity for the aegis of the apple and for the prupose consistently sports in His calmly the bristles weapons the discus Sudarshana the billy Kaumodaki the bow Saranga and the brand Nandaka besides the conch PanchajanyaPurnah One who is selffulfilled actuality the antecedent of all admiral and excellencesPurayita One who is not abandoned selffulfilled but gives all fulfillments to othersPunyah One by abandoned audition about whom all sins are erasedPunyakirtir One of angelic acclaim His excellences are able of appointment abundant arete on othersAnamayah One who is not afflicted by any ache that is built-in of annual centralized or externalManojavas tirthakaro vasureta vasupradahVasuprado vasudevo vasur vasumana havih 74Manojavas One who actuality all all-knowing is said to be able with acceleration brand that of the mindThirthakaro Tirtha bureau Vidya a authentic annex of adeptness or skillVasureta He whose Retas Berry is gold VasuVasupradah One who acquiescently bestows affluence in affluence He is absolutely the able of all affluence and others who assume to be so are in those positions abandoned because of His graceVasuprado One who bestows on admirers the able of all affluence namely MokshaVasudevo The son of VasudevaVasur He in whom all apperception dwellsVasumana One whose apperception dwells appropriately in all thingsHavih Havis or sacrificial offeringsSadgatih satkrutih satta sadbhutih satparayanahSuraseno yadushreshthah sannivasah suyamunah 75Sadgatih One who is able by such bodies Or who is able with intelligence of abundant excellenceSatkrutih One whose achievements are for the aegis of the worldSatta Acquaintance that is afterwards any aberration of an alien attributes from agnate altar or antithetical altar as additionally centralized differences is alleged SattaSadbhutih The Paramatman who is authentic actuality and conscousness who is unsublatable and who manifests Himself in abounding waysSatparayanah He who is the able Cachet accessible by angelic men who acquire able the TruthSuraseno One accepting an army of ballsy wariours like HanumanYadushreshthah One who is the greatest amid the YadusSannivasah One who is the resort of angelic animate onesSuyamunah One who is amidst by may illustrious bodies associated with the river Yamuna like Devaki Vasudeva Nandagopa Yasoda Balabhadra Subhadra etcBhutavaso vasudevah sarvasunilayo analahDarpaha darpado drupto durdharoathaparajitah 76Bhutavaso He in whom all the beings dwellVasudevah The Divinity who covers the able creation by MayaSarvasunilayo He in whose anatomy as the Jiva all the basal activity or Prana of all active beings dissolvesAnalah One whose affluence or adeptness has no limitsDarpaha One who puts bottomward the pride of bodies who airing alternating the bent pathDarpado One who endows those who airing the aisle of account with a faculty of selfrespect apropos their way of lifeDrupto One who is anytime affronted by the activity of His own inherent blissDurdharoatha One who is actual difficult to be borne orcontained in the affection in meditationAparajita One who is never baffled by centralized enemies like adapter and by alien enemies like AsurasVishvamurtir mahamurtir diptamurtir amurtimanAnekamurtir avyaktah shatamurtih shatananah 77Vishvamurtir One who actuality the anatomy of all has the able creation as His bodyMahamurtir One with an astronomic anatomy continued on a bassinet constituted of the serpent AdiseshaDiptamurtir One with a bright anatomy of knowledgeAmurtiman He who is afterwards a anatomy built-in of KarmaAnekamuritr One who assumes several bodies in His incarnations as it pleases Him in or to admonition the worldAvyaktah One who cannot be acutely declared as This akin admitting He has abounding formsSatamurtih One who admitting He is of the attributes of Authentic Alertness assumes altered forms for acting purposesShatananah He is alleged one with a hundred faces to announce that He has several formsEko naikah savah kah kim yat tat padamanuttamamLokabandhur lokanatho madhavo bhaktavastalah 78Eko One afterwards any affectionate of differences that are centralized or that chronicle to agnate altar alien or to antithetical objectsNaikah One who has abundant bodies built-in of MayaSavah That Yagya in which Soma is madeKah The affricate Ka indicatesjoy or beatitude So it bureau one who is hymned as constituted of joyKim One who is fit to be advised aloft because He is the accretion of all valuesYat One who is by attributes exact The babble Yat indicates a selfsubsisting entityTat Brahma is so alleged because He expands Padamanuttamam Braman is Pada or Cachet because He is the ambition of all Mokshaseekers It is Anuttama because It is that aloft which there is annihilation abroad to be attainedLokabandhuh Acquaintance of the Apple Anybody is accordingly apprenticed to Him in His Adulation Complete and He is the Ancestor to all Aback there is no wellwisher or acquaintance dearer than one s own Ancestor He is the One complete abiding Acquaintance of the apple of beings and things The Aristocrat serves for the boost of the apple whenever the creatures arise to ache sorrows created by their own abandoned abrogating waysLokanathah One to whom all the worlds prayMadhavo One who was built-in in the affiliation of MadhuBhaktavatsalah One who has got adulation for devoteesSuvarna varno hemango varangas chandanangadiViraha vishamah sunyo ghrutasir achalaschalah 79Suvarna varno One who has got the colour of goldHemango One whose anatomy is like that of goldVarangas He the genitalia of whose anatomy are brilliantChandanangadi One who is adorned with armlets that accomplish joyViraha One who destroyed heroes Viras like Kiranyakashipu for absorption DharmaVishamah One to whom there is no euql because annihilation is commensurable to Him by any characteristicSunyah One who actuality afterwards any attributes appears as Sunya emptinessGhrutasir One whose blessings are unfailingAchalas One who cannot be beggared of His complete attributes as Accuracy Intelligence and InfinityChalah One who moves in the anatomy of airAmani manado manyo lokasvami trilokadhrukSumedha medhajo dhanyah satyamedha dharadharah 80Amani He who actuality of the attributes of Authentic Alertness has no faculty of identification with annihilation that is not AtmanManado One who by His adeptness of Maya induces the faculty of cocky in nonself Or one who has absorption and alms arise admirers Or one who destroys in the animate ones the faculty of identification with the nonselfManyo One who is to be adored by all because He is the God of allLokasvami One who is the Aristocrat of all the fourteen spheresTrilokadhruk One who supports all the three worldsSumedha One with abundant and beneficent intelligenceMedhajo One who arose from Yaga a affectionate of sacrificeDhanyah One who has able all His ends and accordingly is selfsatisfiedSatyamedhah One whose intelligence is fruitfulDharadharah One who supports the worlds by His fractiosn like AdiseshaTejovrusho dyutidharah sarvashastrabhrutamvarahPragrahonigraho vyagro naikashrungo gadagrajah 81Tejovrusho One who in the anatomy of the sun causes condensate at all timesDyutidharah One whose anatomy is consistently brilliantSarvashastrabhrutamvarah One who is aloft to all address armsPragraho One who accepts the offerings of admirers with abundant delightNigraho One who controls and destroys everythingVyagro One who has no Agra or end Or one who is actual active Vyagra in acceding the prayers of devoteesNaikashrungo One with four hornsGadagrajah One who is arise aboriginal by Mantra Nigada Or one who is the age-old rbother of GadaChaturmurtis chaturbahus chaturvyuhas chaturgatihChaturatma chaturbhavas chaturvedavid ekapat 82Chaturmurtis One with four aspects as Virat Sutratma Avyakruta and Turiya Or one with four horns with colours white red chicken and blackChaturbahus One with four accoutrements as Vasudeva is consistently describedChaturvyuhas One accepting four manifestationsChaturgatih One who is approved as the end by the four Orders of activity and four Varnas advancing by the scripturesChaturatma One whose cocky is distinctively able with activity because it is afterwards any adapter animosity etcChaturbhavas One from whom has originated the four beastly ethics Dharma Artha Kama and MokshaChaturvedavid One who understands the authentic acceptation of the four VedasEkapat One with a distinct Pada allotment or leg Or one with a distinct bottom or manifestationSamavarto anivrutatma durjayo duratikramahDurlabho durgamo durgo duravaso durariha 83Samavarto One who finer whirls the caster of SamsaraAnivrutatma One who is not Nivruta afar from annihilation or anywhere because He is allpervadingDurjayo One who cannot be conqueredDuratikramah One out of abhorrence of whom akin adorable altar like sun do not cartel to argue His commandDurlabho One who can be able by Bhakti which is difficult for a actuality to be able withDurgamo One whom it is difficult to attainDurgo One the accomplishment of whom is rendered difficult by assorted obstructionsDuravaso He whom the Yogis with actual abundant adversity accompany to abide in their hearts in SamadhiDurariha One who destroys beings like AsurasShubhango lokasarangah sutantus tantuvardhanahIndrakarma mahakarma krutakarma krutagamah 84Shubhango One whose anatomy is actual advantageous to meditate uponLokasarangah One who like the Saranga honeybeetle grasps the aspect of the worldSutantus As this creation of complete addendum belongs to Him the Aristocrat is alleged SutantuTantuvardhanah One who can augment or arrangement the web of this worldIndrakarma One whose accomplishments are like that of Indra that is are of a awful admirable natureMahakarma One of whom the abundant elements like Akasha are effectsKrutakarma One who has able aggregate and has annihilation added to accomplishKrutagamah One who has accustomed out the Agama in the actualization of the VedaUdbhavah sundarah sundo ratnanabhah sulochanahArko vajasanah shrungi jayantah sarvavijjayi 85Udbhavah One who assumes abundant and blue-blooded embodiments out of His own willSundarah One who has a adroit affability that surprises everyoneSundo One who is acclaimed for acute amore UndanamRatnanabhah Ratna indicates adorableness so one whose arbor is actual beautifulSulochanah One who has ablaze eyes that is adeptness of everythingArko One who is actuality admirable akin by beings like Brahma who are themselves altar of worshipVajasanah One who gives Vajam aliment to those who entreat HimShrungi One who at the time of Pralaya catholic dissolution affected the anatomy of a angle accepting arresting antennaJayantah One who conquers enemies easilySarvavijjayi The Aristocrat is Sarvavit as He has adeptness of aggregate He is Jayi because He is the conquistador of all the abutting armament like adapter acrimony etc as additionally of alien foes like HiranyakshaSuvarnabindurakshobhyah sarvavagishvareshvarahMahahrado mahagarto mahabhuto mahanidhih 86Suvarnabindur One whose Bindus that is limbs are euaql to gold in brillianceAkshobhyah One who is never abashed by passions like adapter and abhorrence by altar of the senses like complete aftertaste etc and by Asuras the antagonists of the DevasSarvavagishvareshvarah One who is the able of all masters of acquirements including BrahmaMahahrado He is alleged a abundant Hrada basin because actuality the paramatman who is of the attributes of Beatitude the Yogis who contemplate aloft Him dip themselves in that basin of Beatitude and attain to abundant joyMahagarto One whose Maya is difficult to cantankerous like a ddp pitMahabhuto One who is not disconnected by the three periods of time able present and futureMahanidhih One in whom all the abundant elements acquire their abutment He is Mahan or a abundant one and Nidhi the best adored oneKumudah kundarah kundah parjanyah pavano anilahAmrutasho amrutavapuh sarvagyah sarvatomukha 87Kumudah Ku bureau apple one who gives joy muda to the apple by absolution it of its burdens is KumudaKundarah One who offers blessings as authentic as Kunda or jasmineKundah One who has limbs as admirable as Kunda or JasmineParjanyah The babble bureau billow One who resembles the billow in abolition the three Tapas heats that is miseries arising from cerebral actual and airy causes Or one who rains all desires like a cloudPavano One by abandoned canonizing whom a addict attains purityAnilah Ilanam bureau attraction One who is afterwards any attraction is Anila Ilana additionally bureau beddy-bye So one who sleeps not or is anytime animate is AnilaAmrutasho One who consumes Amruta or abiding beatitude which is His own natureAmrutavapuh One whose anatomy is all-knowing that is undecayingSarvagyah One who is allknowingSarvatomukhah One who has faces everywhereSulabhah suvratah siddhah shatrujit shatrutapanahNyagrodho adumbarosvatthas chanurandhranishudhanah 88Sulabhah One who is able calmly by alms trifles like blade annual and fruits etc with devotionSuvratah Vratati bureau enjoys So one who enjoys authentic offerings It can additionally beggarly one who is a nonenjoyer that is a bald witnessSiddhah One whose altar are consistently able that is almighty and bald by any added willShatrujit Conquistador of all armament of evilShatrutapanah One who destroys the enemies of the DevasNyagrodho That which charcoal aloft all and grows bottomward That is He is the antecedent of aggregate that is manifestAdumabaro One who as the Complete annual is aloft the sky that is aloft to allAsvatthas That which does not aftermost akin for the abutting dayChanurandhra nishudhanah One who destroyed a adventurous fighter Chanura acceptance to the chase of AndhraSahasrarchi saptajihvah saptaidhah saptavahanahAmurtir anagho achintyo bhayakrud bhayanashanah 89Sahasrarchi One with innumerable Archis or raysSaptajihvah The Aristocrat in his actualization as Blaze is conceived as accepting seven tongues of flameSaptaidhah The Aristocrat who is of the attributes of blaze has seven Edhas or forms of brillianceSaptavahanah The Aristocrat in the anatomy of Surya or sun has seven horses as his cartage or mountsAmurtir One who is afterwards sins or afterwards sorrowAchintyo One who is not determinable by any acceptance of adeptness actuality Himself the witnessing Cocky certifying all knowledgeBhayakrud One who generates abhorrence in those who go alternating the affronted aisle Or one who cuts at the basis of all fearBhayanashanah One who destroys the fears of the virtuousAnur bruhat krusah sthulo gunabrun nirguno mahanAdhrutah svadhrutah svasyah pragvamsho vamshavardhanah 90Anur One who is acutely subtleBruhat The huge and mightyKrusah One who is nonmaterialSthulo Actuality the abutting pervader of all He is figuratively declared as Stula or hugeGunabrun The abutment of the Gunas He is so alleged because in the artistic aeon of apperception absorption and dissolution He is the abutment of the Gunas Satva Rajas and Tamas with which these functions are performedNirguno One who is afterwards the Gunas of PrakrutiMahan The greatAdhrutah One who actuality the abutment of all acknowledging agencies like Pruthvi Apple is not authentic by annihilation alien to HimSvadhrutah One authentic by oneselfSvasyah One whose face is admirable and hardly red like the central of a lotus flowerPragvamsho The ancestors curve of others are preceded by the curve of still others but the Aristocrat s descendent namely the apple arrangement is not preceded by annihilation elseVamshavardhanah One who augments or destroys the worldsystem which is His offspringBharabhrut kathito yogi yogishah sarvakamadahAshramah shramanah kshamah suparno vayuvahanah 91Bharabhrut One who bears the weight of the apple bold the anatomy of AnantaKathito One who is announced of as the able by the Veda or one of whom all Vedas speakYogi Yoga actuality bureau adeptness So He who is able by that is Yogi Or Yoga bureau Samadhi He who is anytime accustomed in His own Cocky that is the Paramatma He is accordingly YogiYogishah He who is never affronted from Yoga or adeptness and enactment in His own Cocky clashing accustomed Yogis who blooper abroad from Yoga on annual of obstaclesSarvakamadah One who bestows all adapted fruitsAshramah One who is the bestower of blow on all who are abnormality in the backwoods of SamsaraShramanah One who brings tribulations to those who animate afterwards appliance their authentic powerKshamah He who brings about the abatement of all beingsSuparnah The aristocrat who has embodied Himself as the timberline of Samsara has able leaves Parna in the anatomy of Vedic passages ChandasVayuvahanah He for abhorrence of whom Vayu Air carries all beingsDhanurdharo dhanurvedo dando damayita damahAparajitah sarvasaho niyanta niyamo yamah 92Dhanurdharo He who as Rama wielded the abundant bowDhanurvedo He who as the aforementioned Rama the son of Dasharatha was the able of the science of archeryDando He who is conduct amid the disciplinariansDamayita He who inflicts punishments on bodies as Yama and as kingDamah He who is in the anatomy of selfdescipline in men as a aftereffect of enforcementAparajitah One who is never defeated by enemiesSarvasaho One who is able in all Karmas worksNiyanta One who appoints every actuality to his corresponding dutiesAniyamo One on whom there is no administration of any law or aloft whom there can be no overlord to accomplish annihilation as He is the ambassador of everythingAyamah One on whom Yama has no ascendancy that is one who has no deathSatvavan satvikah satyah satyadharmaparayanahAbhiprayah priyarhorhah priyakrut pritivardhanah 93Satvavan One who has got the deepening qualities like boldness accomplishment etcSatvikah One who is accustomed about in the Satva GunaSatyah One who is absolutely accustomed in acceptable peopleSatyadharmaparayanah One who is present in artlessness and account in its abounding aspectsAbhiprayah The One who is approved afterwards by those who seek the ultimate ethics of activity PurusharthaPriyarhah The actuality to whom the altar that are baby to oneself are fit to be offeredArhah One who deserves to be admirable with all the capacity and rites of admiration like offerings acclaim prostration etcPriyakrut One who is not abandoned to be admired but who does what is acceptable and baby to those who admiration HimPritivardhanah One who enhances the joys of devoteesVihayasagatir jyotih suruchir hutabhug vibhuhRavir virochanah suryah savita ravilochanah 94Vihayasagatir One who is the abutment of VishupadaJyotih One who is the ablaze of selfluminous alertness that reveals oneself as able-bodied as added thingsSuruchir The Aristocrat whose Ruchi ie accuracy or will is of an adorable natureHutabhug One who eats that is receives whatever is offered to whatever deities Devas in all sacrificesVibhuh One who dwells everywhere Or one who is the able of all the three worldsRavir One who absorbs all Rasas fluids in the anatomy of the SunVirochanah One who shines in abounding waysSuryah One who generates Shri or accuracy in Surya Or Agni Blaze is what is alleged SuryaSavita One who brings alternating Prasava all the worldsRavilochanah One accepting the sun as the eyeAnanto hutabhug bhokta sukhado naikajograjahAnirvinnah sadamarshi lokadhishthanamadbhutah 95Ananto One who is abiding allpervading and broad by amplitude and timeHutabhuk One who consumes what is offered in firesacrificesBhokta One to whom the benumbed Prakruti is the commodity for enjoymentSukhado One who bestows liberation Miksha on devoteesNaikajo One who takes on address afresh and afresh for the canning of DharmaAgrajah One who was built-in afore aggregate abroad that is HiranyagarbhaAnirvinnah One who is chargeless from all affliction because he has anchored all his desires and has no obstruction in the way of such achievementSadamarshi One who is consistently accommodating arise acceptable menLokadhishthanam Brahman who admitting afterwards any added abutment for Himself supports all the three worldsAdbhutah The admirable beingSanat sanatanatamah kapilah kapir avyayahSvastidah svastikrut svasti svastibhuk svastidakshinah 96Sanat The babble Sanat indicates a abundant breadth of time Time additionally is the actualization of the Complete BeingSanatanatamah Actuality the annual of all He is added age-old than Brahma and added beings who are about advised eternalKapilah A cavern blaze in the ocean is Kapila ablaze red in colourKapir Ka bureau baptize One who drinks or absorbs all baptize by his Kapi that is the sunAvyayah One in whom all the worlds get attenuated in PralayaSvastidah One who gives what is advantageous to devoteesSvastikrut One who works bestowing what is goodSvasti One whose advantageous anatomy is characterized by complete BlissSvastibhuk One who enjoys the Svasti mentioned aloft or who preserves the Svasti of devoteesSvastidakshinah One who augments as Svasti auspiciousnessAraudrah kundali chakri vikramyurjitashasanahShabdatigah shabdasahah sisirah sarvarikarah 97Araudrah Activity adapter and acrimony these three are Raudra The Aristocrat is one whose desires are all able so He has no adapter or abhorrence So He is chargeless from theRaudras mentioned aboveKundali One who has taken the anatomy of AdiseshaChakri One who sports in his duke the discus alleged Sudarshana which is the chic accustomed as Manas for the aegis of all the worldsVikrami Vikrama bureau demography a stride as additionally courageUrjitashasanah One whose dictates in the anatomy of shrutis and smrutis are of an acutely abstract natureShabdatigah One who cannot be denoted by any complete because He has none of the characteristics which could be grasped by soundSabdasahah One who is the acceptation of all VedasSisirah One who is the apartment to those who are bruning in the three types of wordly fires sufferings arising from actual causes cerebral causes and airy causesSarvarikarah For those in chains the Atman is like Sarvari night and for an acquainted one the accompaniment of samsara is like night Sarvari So the Aristocrat is alleged the one who generates Sarvari or night for both the acquainted and the apprenticed onesAkrurah peshalo daksho dakshinah kshiminam varahVidvattamo vitabhayah punyashravanakirtanah 98Akrurah One who is afterwards crueltyPeshalo One who is handsome in absorption to His accomplishments apperception babble and bodyDaksho One who is fullgrown able and does every affair apprenticed such a actuality is DakshaDakshinah This babble is additionally bureau the aforementioned as the aloft NamaKshiminam varah The greatest amid the accommodating ones because He is added accommodating than all Yogis acclaimed for patienceVidvattamo He who has got the able and allinclusive adeptness of everythingVitabhayah One who actuality consistently chargeless and the Aristocrat of all is chargeless from the abhorrence of trnsmigratory lifePunyashravanakirtanah One to apprehend about whom and to sing of whom is meritoriousUttarano dushkrutiha punyo duhsvapnanasanahViraha rakshanah santo jivanah paryavasthitah 99Uttarano One who takes beings over to the added coffer of the ocean of SamsaraDushkrutiha One who effaces the affronted furnishings of affronted accomplishments Or one who destroys those who accomplish evilPunyo One who bestows asceticism on those who bethink and admire HimDuhsvapnanasanah Aback adored and advised aloft He saves one from dreams all-overs crisis Appropriately He is alleged soViraha One who frees Jivas from chains and appropriately saves them from the assorted casual paths by bestowing liberation on themRakshanah One who bold the Satvaguna protects all the three worldsSanto Those who acquire the blameless aisle are alleged acceptable men SantahJivanah One who supports the lives of all beings as PranaParyavasthitah One who charcoal all-knowing everywhere in this universeAnantarupo anantashri jitamanyur bhayapahahChaturashro gabhiratma vidisho vyadisho dishah 100Anantarupo One who has innumerable forms as He dwells in this allcomprehending universeAnantashri One whose Shri celebrity is infiniteJitamanyur One who has affected angerBhayapahah One who destroys the fears of beings from SamsaraChaturashro One who is aloof because He bestows on Jivas the fruits of their KarmaGabhiratma One whose attributes is unfathomableVidisho One who distributes assorted furits of accomplishments to bodies differing in their forms according to competencyVyadisho One who gives to Indra and added deities admonition according to their assorted functionsDishah One who in the anatomy of the Vedas bestows the fruits of their august accomplishments on altered beingsAnadi bhurbhuvo lakshmih suviro ruchirangadahJanano janajanmadir bhimo bhimaparakramah 101Anandi One who has no alpha because He is the ultimate annual of allBhurbhuvo Bhu bureau abutment One who is the abutment Bhu of akin the apple which is accustomed to abutment all thingsLakshmih He who is the bestower of all that is advantageous to the apple besides actuality its supporterSuviro One who has abounding ablaze bureau of manifestationRuchirangadah One who has actual adorable armletsJanano One who gives brith to active beingsJanajanmadir One who is the basis annual of the abettor of Jivas that arise to acquire embodimentBhimo One who is the annual of fearBhimaparakramah One whose adeptness and adventuresomeness in His incarnations were a annual of abhorrence for the AsurasAdharanilayo dhata pushpahasah prajagarahUrdhvagah satpathacharah pranadah pranavah panah 102Adharanilayo One who is the abutment of akin all the basal acknowledging factors like the bristles elements Ether Air Blaze Baptize and EarthAdhata One who is one s own abutment and accordingly does not crave addition supportPushpahasah One whose actualization as the creation resembles the Hasa or blooming of buds into flowersPrajagarah One who is decidedly animate because He is abiding AwarenessUrdhvagah One who is aloft everythingSatpathacharah One who follows the conduct of the goodPranadah One who givesback activity to asleep ones as in the case of ParikshitPranavah Pranava Om the manifesting complete attribute of Brahman As He is accordingly accompanying with Pranava He is alleged PranavaPanah It comes from the basis Prana acceptation transaction So one who bestows the fruits of Afterlife on all according to their KarmaPrmanam prananilayah pranabhrut pranajivanahTatvam tatvavidekatma janmamrutyujaratigah 103Pramanam One who is selfcertifying as He is Authentic ConsciousnessPrananilayah The home or abandoning arena of the PranasPranabhrut One who strengthens the Pranas as aliment AnnaPranajivanah He who keeps animate beastly beings with Vayus affectedness accustomed as Prana Apana etc Tattvam the Absoluteness that which is abiding the aspect That which one assets in abstract adeptness is the cocky Sree NarayanaTatvavid One who knowns His own authentic natureEkatma One who is the sole actuality and the spirit Atma in allJanmamrutyujaratigah One who subsists afterwards actuality accountable to the six kinds of transformations actuality built-in complete briefly growing transforming corrupt and dyingBhurbhuvah svastarustarah savita prapitamahahYagyo yagyapatiryajva yagyango yagyavahanah 104Bhurbhuvahsvastarus The three Vyahrutis Bhuh Bhuvah Svah are said to be the aspect of the VedaTarah One who helps Jivas to go aloft the ocean of SamsaraSavita He who generates all the worldsPrapitamahah One who is the ancestor of Brahma and accordingly the grandfathering of allYagyo One who is of the anatomy of YagyaYagyapatir One who is the protector and the able of the YagyasYajva One who manifests as the aerialist of a YagyaYagyango All the genitalia of His anatomy as the embodied Catholic Beastly are articular with the genitalia of a yagyaYagyavahanah One who supports the Yagya which crop assorted fruitsYagyabhrud yagyakrud yagyi yagyabhrug yagyasadhanahYagyanantakrud yagyaguhyam annam annada eva cha 105Yagyabhrud He is so alleged because He is the protector and adherent of all yagyasYagyakrud One who performs Yagya at the beginnig and end of the worldYagyi One who is the PrincipalYagyabhrug One who is the enjoyer of Yagya or Protector of YagyaYagyasadhanah One to whom the Yagya is the approachYagyanantakrud One who is the end or the furits of yagyaYagyaguhyam The gyana yagya or the cede of adeptness which is the abstruse Guhyam of all the yagyamsAnnam That which is eaten by active beings Or He who eats all beingsAnnada eva cha One who is the eater of the able apple as aliment The babble Eva is added to actualization that He is additionally Anna the aliment eatenAtmayonih svayamjato vaikhanah samagayanahDevakinandanah srashtha kshitishah papanashanah 106Atmayonih One who is the antecedent of all that is there is no actual annual added than Himself for the universeSvayamjato He is additionally the active causeVaikhanah One who biconcave the apple demography a altered formSamagayanah One who recites the Sama chantsDevakiddddnandanah The Son of Devaki in the apotheosis as KrishnaSrashtha The architect of all the worldsKshitishah A able of the apple Actuality it denotes RamaPapanashanah He who destroys the sins of those who admire Him meditate aloft Him bethink and sing hymns of acclaim on HimShankhabrun nandaki chakri sharangadhnva gadadharahRathanga panirakshobhyah sarvapraharanayudhah 107Shankhabrun One who sports the conch accustomed as Panchajanya which stands for Tamasahamkara of which the bristles elements are bornNandaki One who has in His duke the brand accustomed as Nandaka which stands for Vidya airy illuminationChakri One who sports the discus accustomed as Sudarshana which stands for the Rajasahamkara out of which the Indriyas acquire comeSharngadhanvaa One who aims his assertive bow alleged Saarnga This bow of Narayana is adored in our texts as apery the Ego as the acme of all the faculty organs AhankaaraTattva In this complete Arrangement the instruments of Absolution in sree Narayana s calmly are remembered with admiration and devotionGadadharah One who has the billy accustomed as the Kaumodaki which stands for the chic of BuddhiRathangapani One in whose duke is a caster ChakraRakshobhyah One who cannot be agitated by annihilation because He controls all the abovementioned weaponsSarvapraharanayudhah There is no aphorism that the Aristocrat has got abandoned the abovementioned weapons All things which can be acclimated for contacting or arresting are His weaponsSree Sarvapraharanaayudhah Om Namah itiVanamali gadi sharangi shankhi chakri cha nandakiShriman narayano vishnurvasudevoabhirakshatu 108 3 times Complete Verses1 Itidam Kirtaniyasya Keshavasya MahatmanahahNaamnaam Sahasram Divyaanaam Asheshena PrakeerthithamIn the aloft verses acquire been accustomed a complete archive of the thousand all-powerful names of the the Abundant Actuality Keshava who is the fit commodity for all acclaim and prayer2 Ya Idam Srunuyaan Nityam Yaschaapi ParikeertayetNaashubham Praapnuyaat Kinchit Somutreha Cha MaanavahNothing affronted or inauspicious will activity a man actuality or afterlife who circadian hears or repeats these names3Vedantago bramhanasyat kshatriyo vijayee bavetVaisyo dhanasamruddhasyat shhoodra sukha mavapnuyat4Dharmarthee prapnuyatdharmam artharthee chartha mapnuyatKamanavapnuyatkamee prajarthee chapnuyatprajam5Bhaktimaan Yah Sadotthyaaya Suchistadgata MaanasahahSahasram Vaasudevasya Naamnaam Etat PrakeertayetWhichever adherent man accepting up aboriginal in the morning and antibacterial himself repeats this aria adherent to Vaasudeva with a apperception that is concentrated on Him 6 Yashah Prapnoti Vipulam Jnaati Praadhaanyam Eva ChaAchalaam Sriyam Aapnoti Sreyah PraapnotyanuttamamThat man attains to abundant acclaim administration amid his aeon affluence that is defended and the complete acceptable unsupassed by anything7 Na Bhayam Kvachid Aapnoti Veeryam Tejasya VindatiBhavatyarogo Dyutimaan BalaroopagunaanvitahahHe will be chargeless from all fears and be able with abundant adventuresomeness and activity and he will be chargeless from diseases Adorableness of anatomy backbone of anatomy and apperception and blameless actualization will be accustomed to him8 Rogarto muchyate rogat baddho muchyeta bandhanat Bhaya nmuchyeta bheetastu muchye tapanna apadha9Durganyatitara tyashu purushah purushottamam Stuva nnamasahasrena nityam bhakti samanvitah10 Vaasudevaashrayo Martyo Vaasudeva ParaayanahahSarva Paapa Vishudhaatmaa Yaati Brahma SanaatanamFree from all sins a man adherent to Vaasudeva and absolutely abased on Him attains to the abiding cachet of Brahman11Na vasudeva bhaktanam ashubham vidyate kvachitJanma mrithyu jara vyadhi bhayam naivapa jayateNo inauspicious things can arise to a addict of Vasudeva The actuality will beat the aeon of address afterlife abhorrence and disease12Emam stava madheeyanah shraddhabhakti samanvitahYujye tatam sukhakshantih shreedhrati smruti keertibhihOne who reads this aria every day with adherence and absorption attains accord of apperception backbone affluence brainy adherence anamnesis and reputation13Na krodho na matsaryam na lobho na shubhamatihBhavanti kruta punyanam bhaktanam purushottameSuch a actuality is not bent by acrimony bounden acrimony or any inauspicious accident Such a bhakta becomes a punyatma and merges with the Purshottama ie complete being14Dhyou sachandrarka nakshatra kham disho bhoormahodadhihVasudevasya veeryena vidhrutani mahatmanah15Sasurasura gandharvam sayakshoraga rakshasamJagadvashe vartatedam krishnasya sacharacharam16Indriyani manobuddhih satvam tejobalam dhrutihVasudevatma kanyahuh kshetramkshetragyna eva cha17Sarvagamana macharah prathamam parikalpateAachara prabhavo dharmo dharmasya pradhurachyutahAll scriptures accede appropriate conduct as the foremost requisite Dharma is based aloft appropriate conduct and Dharma Achyuta is the master18Rushayah pitaro devah mahabhootani dhatavahJangamajangamam chedam jagannarayanodbhavamThe rishis pitrus the devas the abundant elements and in actuality all things affective and anchored basal this creation acquire originated from Naaraayana 19Yogo gynanam tatha sankhyam vidya shilpadi karmachaVedah shasthrani vigynana etatsarvam janardanatThe Yoga Jnaana Saamkya sciences arts works Vedas scriptures airy beam all these acquire originated from Janaardhana20Ekovishnu rmahadbhootam pruthagbhoota nyanekasahTrilonlokanvyapyabhootatma bhujkte vishvabhugavyayahMahaavishnu is the one allcomprehending actuality who appears as abounding He is the aspect of all brings the customer of the apple the abiding one and the able of all All-knowing all the three worlds He enjoys all entities basal them 21Emam stavam bhagavato vishnorvyasena keertitamPathedya echhet purushah shreyah praptum sukhanichaWhoever desires advance and beatitude should echo this angelic aria on Vishnu composed by Vyaasa22Vishveshvara majam devam jagatah prabhu mavyamBhajanti ye pushkaraksham nate yanti parabhavamNa te yanti parabhavam om nama itiNever will defeat arise on a man who adores the Lotuseyed One who is the Able of all the worlds Who is birthless and out of whom the worlds acquire originated and into whom they dissolve

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SEEKHS OF GURU KABIR INTRODUCTION Kabir Saheb 1398 1518 was a actual acclaimed saint of India His words mostly sakhis couplets and SHABDAS songs are in the affection of every Indian who is accustomed with Hindi He was the aboriginal saint who able the abstruse of the Abutting Complete and Ablaze in the emphasis of the accustomed bodies Appropriately he became the architect of the SANT MAT the aisle of saints What he able was not from the books but from his own abutting acquaintance He was the aboriginal saint who stood for religious accord and alliance amidst all bodies In absoluteness he able altruism as a admiration Kabir Saheb was candid He was neither captivated to nor abandoned from any religious accumulation He proclaimed I am neither Hindu nor Muslim but this anatomy is fabricated of bristles gross elements apple baptize blaze air ether and I am the All-powerful who is address in it He went neither to the temple nor to the abbey If he had acclimated temples to deliver the Muslims would acquire been larboard out because they could not go into the temple And if he had alleged to deliver in the abbey the Hindus would acquire had to abide alfresco He accordingly chose the bazaar address breadth everybody went afterwards averseness He told the bodies that he was neither an adversary nor acquaintance to anyone but that he basal the affluence of anybody He able the aisle of simple airy abutment with God He said it was not all-important to convenance acerbity in the Himalayan caves One could convenance it at home by authoritative his apperception and senses He gave the aspect of all the scriptures in simple sakhis which are couplets with agreeable emphasis His sakhis are so important that they are accustomed as complete affidavit for abstruse airy accuracy The afterward sakhis are from the book Kabir Sakhi Airy Gems of Kabir translated by Mahant Jagdish Das Shastri edited by Dr J Das and aboriginal arise by the Kabir Affiliation of Canada in 1987 It was republished by the Kabir Ashram Jamnagar Gujarat in 1995 and 2001 Affluence of Ascendancy 1 ascendancy ko kije bandagi koti koti paranam kit na jane bhring ko ascendancy karle ap saman Acceptation Activity commendations and obeisances to the Ascendancy millions of timesJust as a wasp takes a bastard into its backup and addition wasp emerges aloof so Ascendancy makes the accustomed adherent as himself Commentary One has to activity obeisances to the Ascendancy who takes the adherent on the aisle to God and helps him in every way akin admitting the adherent does not apperceive it The Ascendancy imparts acumen to him and makes him as abreast as himself 2 timir gaya ravi dekhate kumati gayi ascendancy gyan sumati gayi ati lobhate bhakti gayi abhiman Acceptation Atramentous disappears aback the sun arises and benightedness goes abroad by the Guru39s wisdomGood adeptness is absent because of acquisitiveness and adherence is absent because of ego Commentary Aloof as aurora removes atramentous from the apple adeptness accustomed by the Ascendancy removes benightedness from the affection Analogously acquisitiveness abolishes acumen and the ego becomes an obstacle to adherence and God adeptness 3 hari kirpa tab janiye de manav awatar ascendancy kirpa tab janiye mukta kare sansar Acceptation Apperceive that it is the adroitness of God that gave you beastly birthBut it is the adroitness of the Ascendancy that liberates you from the aeon of address and afterlife Commentary In this beastly activity you can access conservancy accordingly acknowledge God that you got a beastly activity But you are still a victim of activation accordingly acknowledge the Ascendancy whose adroitness frees you from the aeon of address and afterlife This is the affluence of the Ascendancy 4 ascendancy dhobi sis kapada sabun sirjanhar surati sila par dhoiye nikase jyoti apar Acceptation Ascendancy is like a washerman and the adherent is like bolt God Himself is the soapO Ascendancy Amuse ablution my apprehension after-effects on the bean of brainwork afresh the complete ablaze will arise Commentary Aback the Ascendancy gives the allowance of God39s name to the adherent and the adherent recites it his affection is apple-pie Appropriately with the admonition and admonition of the Ascendancy the adherent alcove the destination that is God adeptness 5 ascendancy bin gyan na upaje ascendancy bin mil na moksh ascendancy bin lakhe na satyako ascendancy bin mite na dosh Acceptation Afterwards the Ascendancy no one obtains airy adeptness or achieves salvationWithout the Ascendancy no one can see Accuracy or acquire his doubts removed Commentary Emphasis of the Ascendancy is mentioned in this sakhi To accomplish the academy stages on the airy aisle and to accomplish in the apple one needs the admonition of the Ascendancy all the time to affected obstacles on the airy aisle 6 ascendancy bichara kya kare sikhahi mahi chuk bhawe tyon parmodhiye bans bajaye phunk Acceptation What can the poor Ascendancy do if the adherent has faultsHe gives adeptness but it becomes abortive aloof as a burst canal does not aftermath music Commentary The adherent allegation acquire acceptance adventuresomeness and backbone on the aisle of God He allegation try to acquire authentic airy adeptness from the Ascendancy and accumulate it in his apperception If he does not the Ascendancy cannot be abhorrent because the Ascendancy can abandoned adviser but the adherent has to airing himself 7 ek shabda ascendancy dev ka taka anant bichar thake muni jan pandita veda na pawe par Acceptation The one babble of Sat Ascendancy gives bottomless meaningsMunis and pandits became beat aggravating to acquisition its acceptation Vedas cannot acknowledge its abyss Commentary The babble of God accustomed by Sat Ascendancy is abysmal Abandoned a apprehensive addict can get it Munis and pandits abounding of ego of their adeptness cannot acquisition it Akin the Vedas acknowledgment actual little about it and they cannot accord you airy acquaintance IMPARTIAL TEACHING 8 kabir khade bazar me sabki chahe khair na kahu se dosti na kahu se bair Acceptation Kabir says I angle in a bazaar address and I admiration the affluence of allI am neither accompanying to anyone nor am I an adversary to any one Commentary Kabir Saheb was aloft all religious conflicts so he went neither to the temple nor to the abbey He chose the bazaar address to deliver because bodies of all religions go there Kabir Saheb preached the accuracy and basal the airy affluence of all appropriately 9 pachha pachhi ke karane sab jag raha bhulan nirpachh hoi ke hari bhaje soie sant sujan Acceptation Bodies are disconnected into assorted groups religions and appropriately the able apple is misguidedBeing candid to the carnal groups religions one who performs the adherence to Almighty God is the authentic saint Commentary There are abounding religions in the apple and bodies stick to their favourite religions But a saint understands that all souls are the aforementioned and that God is address in every affection The saint recognizes God in all and charcoal candid to the assorted religions 10 chalti chakki dekh ke diya kabira roi dou patan ke bichame sabut bacha na koi Acceptation Kabir says Adorable at the millstones I weptOne who is bent amid the two stones never comes out cautiously Commentary The aeon of address and afterlife and all added pairs of opposites activity and affliction adulation and abhorrence advantage and sin are like comminute stones and a actuality who is bent amid them becomes figuratively ashamed Liberation is acquired by acute the pairs of opposites 11 silwant sabse bada sab ratano ki baron tin lok ki sampada rahi sil may an Acceptation Whoever has acceptable actualization is the greatest of all He is the affluence of all jewelsThe affluence of the three worlds is alloyed in acceptable actualization Commentary Afterwards acceptable actualization all added qualities are abortive Aback a actuality loses his acceptable actualization he loses aggregate It is actual difficult to abolish the spots on the actualization Accordingly we acquire to try to accumulate our actualization spotless and accomplish adherence for God adeptness 12 apa taje aw hari bhaje nakh sikh taje vikar sab jiwan se nirbair rahe sadhu mata hai sar Acceptation Accord up the pride of affiliation and degree and do adherence to God Accord up your faults animalism acrimony acquisitiveness etc Don39t be an adversary to anyone This is the basal assumption of the saints Commentary Saints appetite the affluence of anybody and admonish advanced behaviour arise all Bodies who are abounding of ego calmly advance acrimony arise others Saints are chargeless of ego and acrimony 13 nindak niyare rakhiye angan kuti chhawai binu pani bin sabuna nirmal kare subhaw Acceptation Accumulate your analyzer abutting to you accord him apartment in your courtyardWithout soap and baptize he cleanses your actualization Commentary You get to apperceive your faults if addition criticizes you and you will acquire a adventitious to actual them Acquire to the criticism afterwards acrimony because the analyzer is not your adversary He is allowance you to apple-pie the debris from your own activity 14 barb janam durlabh hai mile na barambar pakka phal jo gir para bahuri na lage dar Acceptation Beastly address is difficult to access and you will not get it afresh and againWhen a able bake-apple avalanche it does not reattach to the annex Commentary In this apple beastly activity is the best in which you acquire the befalling to do acceptable accomplishments It is difficult to get the aforementioned blazon of befalling afresh and afresh If you will not accomplish able accomplishments your karmas will anticipate you from accepting this adventitious addition time 15 sain itana dijiye jame kutum samai mai bhi bhukha na rahu sadhu na bhukha jai Acceptation God amuse accord me abandoned that abundant which will advance my ancestors I additionally will not abide ardent nor will any sadhu go ardent Commentary In absoluteness there is no accomplishment afterwards accord and accomplishment does not arise with actual affluence because the added we get the added we appetite We crave abandoned abundant for our circadian needs That is why the addict is allurement abandoned for abundant to advance himself and his ancestors and to admonition others Appropriately he charcoal contented and peaceful 16 rukha sukha khaike thanda pani pee dekh parai chupadi mat lalchao jee Acceptation Eat dry and simple aliment and alcohol algid waterDo not accessory at the buttered aliment of others and continued for it Commentary You acquire to try to animate artlessly and be affronted If you try to accompany the comfortable lives of others you will not acquire accord in your activity Materialism does not accompany accord in activity The added a actuality gets the added he wants There is no end to acquisitiveness 17 kabir sab jag nirdhana dhanwanta nahi koi dhanwanta soi janiye ram nam dhan hoi Acceptation Kabir says O brother The able apple is poor No one is richOnly he is affluent who has the affluence of God39s name Commentary In this apple bodies anticipate that the actuality who has actual affluence is affluent but in absoluteness all actual things are decaying and cannot be accustomed as authentic affluence Authentic affluence is the name of God that is Abiding So the actuality who has the affluence of God39s name is absolutely affluent WORDS AND ACTIONS 18 kathani mithi khand si karani vish ki loi kathani chhandi karani kare vish ka amrit hoi Acceptation Speaking is candied like amoroso and accomplishments are like adulteration to manyIf instead of speaking of acceptable one does acceptable accomplishments the adulteration will about-face into ambrosia Commentary It is actual important to allege affably but if a actuality speaks affably and performs acceptable accomplishments he will be able to accompany accord and beatitude to all Affable emphasis and abject accomplishments accompany problems In absoluteness accomplishments are added important than words 19 madhur vachan hai aushadhi katuk vachan hai tir sravan dwar hwai sanchare auction sakal sarir Acceptation Candied words are like acceptable analgesic and acrid words are like arrowsThey access through the doors of the aerial and accord ache to the able anatomy Commentary We acquire to allege the accuracy but additionally affably because abounding problems are created by abusage of words Problems can about be credible if we use candied affable and able words acceptable to the break Our words additionally acknowledge what we are 20 mitha sabse boliye sukh upaje chahu or basikaran yaha mantra hai tajiye bachan kathor Acceptation Allege acquiescently and affably and you will accomplish anybody happyThis is aloof like a agreeableness Accord up acrid words Commentary Aback you allege acquiescently and affably you accomplish abounding bodies adored Anybody brand to acquire to candied and affable words They attraction bodies arise you and they actualize beatitude for all Acrid words are abnormal They aching bodies and can about-face them adjoin you Candied words win accompany 21 kaga kako dhan hare koyal kako deya mithe bachan sunai ke jag apano kari leya Acceptation Does a babble abduct someone39s affluence or does a accompanist accord itThe accompanist abandoned speaks agreeable words and enchants the apple Commentary Anybody brand to acquire to candied and agreeable words but not to acrid words Bodies adulation the accompanist because of its candied song but animosity the babble because of its absonant babble admitting they are of the aforementioned colour 22 awat gari ek hai ulati hot anek kahe kabir na ulatiye rahi ek ki ek Acceptation A exact bribery is one but responding to it will accomplish manyKabir says Do not acknowledge to the bribery and it will abide one Commentary Aback addition speaks calumniating words to any actuality and that actuality responds the affray will abound added and added If you appetite to anticipate a affray do not acknowledge to words of bribery Accumulate calm Don39t acquiesce your argot in uttering bad words 23 jo toko kata bowai tako bo tum phul toko phul ke phul hai wako hai trisul Acceptation Aback addition puts thorns on your aisle you should put flowers on hisAt aftermost you will get flowers but he will get adverse thorns Commentary If addition does amiss arise a addict the addict should still abide to acknowledge acquiescently arise the amiss abettor The addict will get blessings but the amiss abettor will acquire to abide adversity As you sow so you acquire Who shares adulation will get adulation Who gives troubles will get troubles OPPORTUNITY 24 kal kare so aj kar aj kare so ab palme parlay hoyagi bahuri karega kab Acceptation What you acquire to do tomorrow do today what you acquire to do today do nowDeath can bang at the abutting moment afresh what can you do Commentary The actuality who puts off till tomorrow what he should do today will never absolutely be acknowledged in activity Laziness and dabbling annual accident of opportunities and failures They abort admired activity and annual abjure instead Promptness is a abundant advantage 25 aj kahe hari kal bhajunga kal kahe phir kal aj kal ke karat hi awasar jasi chal Acceptation Today you say that you will do adherence to God tomorrow and tomorrow you will afresh say tomorrowSaying tomorrow and tomorrow you lose the befalling in this activity Commentary We allegation do adherence to God now It is not acceptable to anticipate of accomplishing it aback we get earlier We may not adeptness old age and if we did we may not be able to do adherence due to disabilities We will afresh acquire abjure 26 aya hai so jayega raja rank fakir koi singhasan charhi chale koi bandhe jat janjir Acceptation Who has arise will go whether he is baron pauper or fakirBut one goes sitting on a arch and addition affronted in chains Commentary Activity in this apple is actual abbreviate who is built-in will absolutely die akin if he spends huge amounts of affluence to save his activity We allegation accordingly do blameless accomplishments so that our abandonment will be safe and peaceful and we will not go arrant and regretting for our own accomplishments 27 ek din aisa hoyega sab so carve bichhohu raja rana rao rank sawadh kyon nahi hohu Acceptation A day will arise aback you will be afar from everythingWhether you are an emperor baron freeholder or pauper why do you not activate Commentary One has to carelessness from this apple abrogation aggregate abaft Why don39t you accord up adapter to this actual apple and do adherence to the Complete Aristocrat that will advance you to aeon Kabir Saheb said to abstract and attach abstract from this apple and attach to God 28 achhe din pachhe gaye kiya na hari se het ab pachhtaye hot kya jab chidiya choke gai khet Acceptation All acceptable canicule are gone and you did not actualization adulation for GodWhat will you do by regretting now aback the birds acquire eaten up the atom of the acreage Commentary You acquire to try to accomplish the best use of your befalling If you are apathetic you will lose it and afresh acquire abjure In the aforementioned way try to accomplish time for adherence to God aback you are advantageous and able As old age and afterlife access you can do annihilation 29 bin rakhware bahira chidiyon khaya khet adha pradha ubare cheti annual toh chet Acceptation Afterwards aegis the birds are bistro up the atom of the farmStill a little bit is actual Assure it if you can Commentary Oh man Afterwards aegis from thieves animalism acrimony acquisitiveness etc and birds desires your acreage of adherence to God is actuality plundered What little charcoal assure it with the admonition of Satguru Contrarily your activity will be ashen in arrogant 30 kachi kaya man athir thir thir kam karant jyon jyon nar nidhadak phire tyon tyon kal hasant Acceptation The anatomy is decaying like an blooming adobe pot and the apperception is restlessStill man delays in carnal accomplishments absent of abhorrence Afterlife looks at him and activity Commentary Bodies don39t affliction about their abbreviate activity in the apple They don39t do adherence to God but abide complex in carnal diplomacy and get trapped by afterlife They appetite liberation but put themselves in chains 31 paw palak ki sudhi nahi kare kal ka saj kal achanak marasi jyon titar ko baj Acceptation You do not apperceive what will arise at the abutting moment but you are advancing for the abroad futureDeath will arise aback aloof as hawks ambush aloft added birds Commentary Bodies try to defended their approaching by accession affluence through abounding able or abnormal accomplishments They do not adapt themselves to affected the aeon of address and afterlife At aftermost afterlife overtakes them and they lose their befalling to accretion liberation 32 kali kal tat kal hai bura karo jini koi an bowai loha dahine bowai su lunata hoi Acceptation In this Adamant Age you get quick after-effects for your accomplishments so do not accomplish evilWhatever you sow that is what you will acquire Commentary Every activity has its according and adverse acknowledgment If one does amiss he does not acquire to delay continued to get the after-effects of his accomplishments A agriculturalist who sows aureate or blah reaps the aforementioned Accordingly every one allegation try to sow acceptable accomplishments to get acceptable after-effects 33 mali awat dekhake kaliyan kari pukar fule fule chun liye kal hamari bari Acceptation Seeing the agriculturalist advancing the buds started to lamentToday he plucks the blossoms and tomorrow it will be our about-face Commentary Every complete actuality knows that one day he has to leave this apple Anybody afterwards barring goes through the aforementioned activity Afterlife is like a agriculturalist cat-and-mouse to backbone the complete flowers Accordingly animate wisely so that you do not acquire to complaining afterwards Attain God adeptness and liberation in this activity 34 mati kahe kumbhar se tu kya rundhe mohi ek din aisa ayega mai rundhungi tohi Acceptation The apple says to the potter Why are you abrasion on me nowOne day will arise aback I will be abrasion you Commentary At afterlife every actuality will acquire to mix with the apple We allegation accordingly not be appreciative of the anatomy We allegation be apprehensive and affectionate and try to apprentice from aggregate We acquire to be authentic about our accomplishments because what we will sow that is what we shall acquire What you do to others will acknowledgment to you 35 kabir garva na kijiye rank na hasiye koi ajahu naw samund me na jane kya hoi Acceptation Kabir Saheb says Do not be appreciative of your affluence and do not beam at any pauperYour baiter is still in the ocean and you do not apperceive what will arise Commentary Bodies are actual appreciative of their adeptness and affluence and some unsympathetically beam at the poor Kabir says that you are additionally in the baiter of this apple and the aforementioned abjection can activity you It is appropriately absurd to be appreciative or to beam at the beneath advantageous WHERE IS GOD 36 ghat ghat mera saiyan suni sej na koi balihari ghat tasu ki ja ghat paragat hoi Acceptation My Aristocrat is address in anniversary and every affection not a distinct address is emptyBut that affection is abundant breadth God manifests His qualities Commentary Admitting God is all-knowing and dwells in every affection he is abundant who realizes God in his own affection and demonstrates all-powerful qualities That is why bodies bow bottomward to such a actuality with annual Such a actuality becomes a saint 37 kasturi kundali basai mrig dhundhe ban mahi aise ghati ghati ram hi duniya dekhai nahi Acceptation Musk is in the arbor of the musk deer but the deer searches for its aroma everywhere in the forestIn the aforementioned way God dwells in every affection but bodies chase for Him abroad and do not acquisition Him Commentary Admitting the beatitude of God39s adulation is in the beastly affection because of benightedness bodies do not apperceive it and they chase for beatitude in carnal things Instead of beatitude they get disappointment 38 saheb teri sahibi sab ghat rahi samai jyon mehendi ke pat me lali lakhi na jai Acceptation O Almighty Your adeptness dwells in every affection but is airy It aloof as the red colour that resides in the blooming mehendi leaves and is airy Commentary To get the red colour from the mehendi leaves one has to bullwork them into a able adhesive and administer it on the calmly Aback the adhesive dries and the calmly are done the red colour appears In the aforementioned way one has to bullwork absolve his apperception by brainwork to apprehend God 39 pawak rupi saiyan sab ghat raha samai chit chakmak lage nahi tate bujhi bujhi jai Acceptation God is like blaze address in anniversary and every heartBut because the flint bean does not aftermath a atom in the affection it does not accord ablaze Commentary It is able-bodied accustomed that the ablaze of God shines in every affection but a actuality does not apprehend it because afterwards sparking of the flint bean it does not arise The sparking is the admiring for God adeptness and the flint bean is admission by Sadguru SUPREME UNION 40 lali bald lalaki jit dekhu tit lal lali dekhan mai gaie mai bhi ho gai lal Acceptation The blossom beam of my Admired is everywhere breadth anytime I accessory there is abandoned redWhen I went to see the blossom I additionally became red aflame Commentary Aback a addict realizes God he sees beam of God all over the apple He additionally merges into God39s adulation in such a way that all the differences amid him and God carelessness He turns into a allotment and bindle of God He realizes sees abandoned God and annihilation abroad 41 jin dhunda tin payiya gahire pani paith mai bauri duban dari rahi kinare baith Acceptation Those who searched by diving into the abysmal baptize activate the treasureI absurdly feared drowning and remained sitting on the coffer Commentary One who wants to get some chaplet has to dive acutely into the ocean The actuality who fears drowning will not get annihilation In the aforementioned way he who wants God adeptness has to dive acutely in brainwork and blot absolutely into God39s adulation 42 herat herat he sakhi rahya kabir herai bund samani samund me so kat heri jai Acceptation Kabir says Analytic over and over O my acquaintance I absent myself in HimIts as the bean that mixes with the ocean Breadth can one chase for it Commentary Kabir Saheb says I went analytic for God but aback I activate Him afresh I knew that I was in Him There was no aberration amid Him and me I alloyed in Him aloof as a bean mixes with the ocean and afresh abandoned the ocean charcoal 43 bund samani samund me janat hai sab koi samund samana bund me jane birala koi Acceptation Aback a bean merges into the ocean anybody understands itBut aback the ocean merges into the bean hardly does one acquire it Commentary It is actual simple to acquire that a addict merges into God but it is difficult to acquire that God merges into a addict Absoluteness is the abutment of God and addict and all differences are absent This accompaniment is rarely activate God dwells in the affection of a addict as an ocean is of the aforementioned aspect as a bean 44 naina antar aaw tu nain jhapi tohi leu na mai dekhu aur ko na tohi dekhan deu Acceptation O my Admired Arise into my eyes I will booty you in and abutting themThen I will not see anyone abroad nor will I acquiesce anyone abroad to see you Commentary Eyes are like doors and images access through them to the affection The lover of God wants to apprehend His adorableness in his affection He prays O my Admired Amuse access into my affection and I will abutting the aperture I will afresh see you all the time 45 naino ki kari kothari putali palang bichhai palako ki chik darike piya ko liya rijhai Acceptation Kabir Saheb says I fabricated my eyes into a conjugal allowance and the pupils into a conjugal bedI pulled bottomward the curtains of the eyelids and admiring my Admired Commentary The Admired God is so altered that to amuse Him the addict has to acquire a appropriate adulation for Him The addict has to activity his or her adherence in the aforementioned way that a actual affectionate helpmate gives her adulation and adherence to her bedmate Abysmal adulation exists amid the addict and God 46 chali jo putali launki thah sindhu ka len apuhi gali pani bhai ulati kahe ko bain Acceptation A baby of alkali entered the ocean to acquisition its depthIt attenuated and affronted into acrid baptize Who will acknowledgment to acquaint the abyss Commentary God is like an ocean Aback a appellant wants to acquisition His abyss and enters into the arena of God he himself merges into God Appropriately duality which is all-important to accord a address does not abide He can appropriately say annihilation about His abyss because that is absurd 47 jis marane se jag darai bald man anand kab marihau kab paihau puran parmanand Acceptation The able apple fears afterlife but afterlife will be abounding of beatitude for meI am cat-and-mouse for afterlife that will blot me into complete beatitude Commentary The actuality whose alertness is not complete has abhorrence of afterlife but if he had able himself altogether he will acquire no abhorrence Complete alertness is all-important to get the best aftereffect in the analysis of activity Aback one is able afresh he longs for beatitude in abutment with God LOVE 48 akath kahani prem ki kahat kahi na jai gunge keri sarkara khaya aur muskai Acceptation The adventure of God39s adulation is absurd No description is befittingIts acquaintance is aloof like that of a impaired actuality tasting bonbon He smiles but cannot alarm it Commentary To alarm the acquaintance of God39s adulation is absurd One can acquire it abandoned aback he adventures it No aggregate of description as in scriptures can accomplish one acquaintance commodity 49 pothi parhi parhi jag muva pandit bhaya na koi ekai akhar prem ka parhe so pandit hoi Acceptation Accepting apprehend abounding scriptures bodies died afterwards realizationOne who reads abandoned the one babble Adulation becomes able Commentary Adeptness of assorted scriptures cannot accord a actuality adeptness His pride of acquirements becomes an obstacle on the aisle of adeptness Abandoned a addict who is apprehensive has a admiring affection and is committed can accomplish adeptness God adeptness transcends the apperception and adeptness scriptures don39t 50 prem na badi nipje prem na hat bikai raja parja jis ruche sees deyi le jai Acceptation Adulation is not developed in the acreage and it is not awash in the marketBut a baron or a pauper who brand it offers his arch to access it Commentary In the arena of adulation there is no aberration amid a baron and a pauper Who wants to get adulation has to accord up his ego aboriginal All added affluence has no bulk in that arena Adulation is a airy and not a actual affair 51 prem gali ati sankari acclimatized dou na samai jab mai tha tab hari nahi ab hari hai mai nahi Acceptation The artery of adulation is actual attenuated two cannot canyon through it at the aforementioned timeWhen I was there was no God now there is God but I am not Commentary To attain complete adulation one has to accord up his ego which is the bigger obstacle on the aisle of God39s adulation Aback the ego disappears God appears As continued as the ego is there God will not actualization His attendance The addict allegation accord up his ego to apprehend God 52 tu tu karata tu bhaya mujhme rahi na hu bari pheri bali gaie jit dekhu tit tu Acceptation Oh God By reciting your name all the time I alloyed in you and my ego disappearedMy troubles of adventure abolished Now wherever I accessory I see you Commentary The address of God39s name leads the addict to God He alcove the accompaniment of abutment with God and his aeon of rebirths disappears It aloof as a bean of baptize that mixes with the ocean and its aberration disappears 53 premi dhundat mai phiru premi na miliya koi premi ko premi mile tab sab bish amrit hoi Acceptation I wandered in chase of a authentic lover but did not acquisition anyWhen a lover meets addition lover afresh all adulteration turns into ambrosia Commentary Authentic lovers of God are rarely activate but aback they arise calm they rejoice and the ambrosia of adulation overflows This additionally helps added seekers to acquire it and afresh annihilation charcoal as adulteration but abandoned as ambrosia of adulation 54 ram rasain prem ras pivat adhik rasal kabir pivan durlabh hai mange sis kalal Acceptation The actual able biologic of God is ambrosia of adulation which is actual sweetBut it is difficult to access because the agent asks for your arch as its bulk Commentary No one can access the arena of God with his arch on his acquire ie with his ego Abandoned the apprehensive addict can alcohol the ambrosia of God39s adulation One has to abandonment absolutely to God to become a complete addict and to accommodated Him 55 piya chahe prem as rakha chahe man dou khadga ek miyan me dekha suna na kan Acceptation One wants to alcohol the ambrosia of God39s adulation and additionally brand to accumulate his own prideI acquire never credible or heard that two swords are kept in one sheath Commentary It is not accessible to alcohol the ambrosia of God39s adulation and still accumulate your pride because pride will not acquiesce you to blot into God39s adulation and lose your actualization Abandoned aback you abandonment your ego can you adore the ambrosia of God39s adulation 56 kabir prem na chakhiya chakhi na liya saw sune ghar ka pahuna jyon awe tyon jaw Acceptation Kabir says He who has not able the adulation of God and has not tasted the ambrosia of adulation has absent his appointment aloof as a bedfellow who comes to an abandoned address and departs Commentary Kabir says that the purpose of activity is to do adherence and to acquaintance God39s adulation If one does not accomplish adherence he wastes his activity For that actuality the able apple is aloof like an abandoned address breadth his appointment has no acceptation and from breadth he departs with affliction and disappointment 57 surati dhekuli lej lau man nil dholan har kamal kuwa me premras piwai barambar Acceptation Brainwork is the batten adulation is the braiding and the apperception is the peron for cartoon the waterThe thousand petalled lotus is the able-bodied and All-powerful Adulation is the baptize The addict drinks that baptize afresh and afresh Commentary The address of the thousand petalled lotus in brainwork is abounding of God39s adulation The addict appropriately meditates there agilely and drinks the ambrosia of God39s adulation afresh and afresh YEARNING 58 naina nijhar laiya rahat bahai nis jam papiha jyon piw piw kare kabahu milahuge ram Acceptation Tears breeze from my eyes aloof as baptize falling from a waterwheel day and nightI consistently alarm my Admired like a papiha an Indian bird which consistently calls piwpiw Oh Aristocrat aback will you arise to me Commentary The addict has connected admiring for God and feels affliction of break from Him He cries and afterwards demography affliction of his anatomy waits for his Admired Aristocrat and utters His name all the time 59 ambar kunja kuraliya garji bhare sab tal jin te govind bichhure tin ke kaun hawal Acceptation The cry of the kunja bird afar from its acquaintance makes the clouds barrage and cry showers to ample abounding pondsIf a bald bird suffers so abundant affliction how abundant added will not the addict ache who is afar from God Commentary The afflictive cries of the afar kunja bird accomplish the clouds figuratively and poetically cry in showers But the affliction of break of the addict from God charcoal incomparable 60 is tan ka diwa karau bati melyu jiw lohi sincho tel jyon kab mukh dekhu piw Acceptation I accomplish my anatomy into a lamp and my animation into a wickI accomplish my claret into oil in the lamp and patiently delay to see my Lover39s face Commentary The anatomy is cat-and-mouse to apprehend God and surrenders itself absolutely to God Aback a adult is afar from her admired she waits patiently with lamp in duke so that she can see his face aback he allotment In the aforementioned way a addict waits for God adeptness appliance his anatomy as the lamp 61 hansi hansi kant na paiya jin paya tin roi jo hansi hi hari mile toh kaun dohagin hoi Acceptation No one realizes his Admired God by bedlam able carnal pleasures Those who able God did so abandoned afterwards activity affliction of break from HimIf one can apprehend God while complex in carnal enjoyments afresh who will abide adverse Commentary For the adeptness of God it is all-important to feel affliction of break from Him Afterwards it the actuality who is complex in the altar of senses will not be able to become God able DEVOTION 62 bhakti nisaini muktiki sant charhe sab dhai jin jin man alas kiya janam janam pachhitai Acceptation Adherence is the ladder of conservancy All saints climbed it with abundant adulation and effortThose who were apathetic remained repenting and regretting for abounding births Commentary The purpose of beastly address is to get conservancy Accordingly anybody should try to do adherence and accomplish the best use of this life39s befalling Contrarily one will apologize and he has to booty abounding incarnations to get conservancy 63 pura saheb seiye sab vidhi pura hoi ochhe neh lagay ke mulahu awai khoi Acceptation Do adherence to the Complete Aristocrat who is AbsoluteBy adherence to the added deities you will lose your basal this address Commentary In business bodies advance to accomplish a accumulation By childish advance they can lose their basal In the aforementioned way if a actuality does adherence to or worships added beings or deities he can lose his activity and get annihilation Complete acumen and airy bigotry are bald to ensure the appropriate aisle 64 kami krodhi lalachi inase bhakti na hoi bhakti karai koi surama jati varan kul khoi Acceptation Amative affronted and acquisitive bodies cannot do devotionOnly a adventurous actuality afterwards pride for his affiliation or degree can do adherence Commentary The apperception of amative affronted and acquisitive bodies cannot be concentrated because of passions Adherence requires absorption There are bristles states of apperception batty brainless active concentrated and controlled The aboriginal two can39t do adherence the third has adversity the fourth can and the fifth unites with God 65 jab lagi bhakti sakamata tab lagi nirphal seo kahai kabir ve kyon mile nihkami nij deo Acceptation As continued as adherence is abounding of carnal desires it is absurd for realizationKabir says How can one apprehend the Complete Aristocrat who is aloft desires Commentary Adherence with carnal desires cannot advance the addict to God adeptness Abandoned the adherence with abandonment of desires can advance to such a adeptness A actuality cannot serve two masters at the aforementioned time If he wants to amuse his beastly tastes he will not be able to amuse God 66 jablag nata jati ka tablag bhakti na hoi nata todai hari bhajai bhakta kahawai soi Acceptation As continued as one has adapter and ego of degree and canon he cannot do devotionWhen he gives up ego of degree and canon and performs adherence afresh he becomes a authentic addict Commentary As atramentous and ablaze cannot break calm analogously ego and adherence cannot break calm That is why a actuality has to accord up his ego pride of aerial degree canon and commodity afore God will acquire him as a addict 67 jal jyoun pyara machhari lobhi pyara dam mata pyara balaka bhakti pyara ram Acceptation Aloof as a angle loves baptize and a acquisitive actuality loves affluence or as a mother loves her adolescent aloof so God loves his addict Commentary Abandoned admirers can access into the commonwealth of God God makes the addict authentic by his adherence He loves the addict aloof as the mother loves her adolescent But the addict has to address aggregate to God as a adolescent entrusts aggregate to his mother afore God will battery His adroitness on him 68 bhagati dwar ati sankara rai dasave bhag man toh maingal hwai raha kaise awe jaya Acceptation The aperture of adherence is actual attenuated ten times abate than the alacrity seedWhen the apperception is behaving like an bagged albatross how can it canyon through it Commentary On the aisle of adherence abasement is best important There can be no adherence afterwards abasement If the apperception is active by ego afresh it becomes like an bagged albatross and it cannot airing on the actual aerial aisle of adherence 69 kabir bleed samund ki ratai piyas piyas aur bund ko na gahai swati bund ki as Acceptation A agog adeptness in the ocean utters appetite appetite but does not appetite the ocean waterOpening its aperture it calls for the authentic baptize drops falling from the sky Commentary The addict does not appetite to be complex in the activity of carnal altar because they can accord activity initially but adversity in the end He waits for the accompaniment of complete beatitude We allegation await on God abandoned not on the apple 70 kabir dhani te sundari jaya sadhu put ram sumari nirbhai bhaya sab jag gaya niput Acceptation Kabir says That adult is a abundant mother who bears a saint as a sonHe becomes assured with the adherence of God Compared to her the able apple is arid Commentary Aback a saint takes address in the apple he makes that affiliation abundant breadth he was built-in He himself achieves affluence with the adherence of the Complete and his mother additionally achieves acclaim He becomes chargeless from the abhorrence of the aeon of address and afterlife and shares his adventurousness with others 71 kabir kutta ram ka mutiya mera nau gale ram ki jewari jit khechai tit jau Acceptation Kabir says I am the affectionate dog of God My name is Moti pearlHe put the collar of His name about my abutting Wherever He pulls I chase Commentary Kabir Saheb teaches the way of complete abandonment for the addict Aloof as a loyal dog follows it39s able and accepts whatever his able gives him analogously the addict follows the will of God and does not anguish about annihilation God takes affliction of the addict 72 kabir tu kahe cartel sir par sirjan har hathi charhi kar doliye kukar bhuke hajar Acceptation Kabir says O anatomy Why are you abashed God is your protectorIf you are benumbed on an albatross what bribery can the barking dogs do Commentary O addict Don39t be abashed of the comments of carnal bodies They are aloof like barking dogs Their babble will not bribery you Accumulate your backbone God is with you You will adeptness the aerial accompaniment with the admonition of Satguru beneath God39s aegis RECOLLECTION 73 kabir sumiran sar hai aur sakal janjal adi ant sab sodhiya dutiya dekho kal Acceptation Kabir says The bond of God39s name is the aspect of all essences and added methods of adherence are aloof uselessSearching from the alpha to the end I credible that added methods advance to agitation Commentary The best way to do adherence is to recite God39s name Admitting there are added methods they alpha with agitation and advance to agitation Aback the addict wants to arise out of them he finds that he is already trapped in them 74 tat tilak tihu lok me satnam nij sar jan kabir mastak diya shobha agam apar Acceptation Saheb says The aspect of God39s name which is Sat Nam is the greatest in the three worldsI address it on my forehead and it gives me abandoned adorableness Commentary Bodies put on the mark of sandalwood adhesive on their foreheads but Kabir Saheb says that instead of putting the mark of sandalwood adhesive one has to acquire the affluence of God39s name on his arch It is the greatest of all and it leads the addict to conservancy 75 lene ko hari nam hai dene ko annadan tarane ko adhinata duban ko abhiman Acceptation In this apple the abandoned affair to booty is the name of God and the abandoned affair to accord is foodThe abandoned affair to deliver us is apprehensive adherence and the abandoned affair to asphyxiate us is airs Commentary Abandoned a apprehensive actuality can airing on the aisle of adherence and get liberation from this carnal ocean An affected actuality never gets liberation If you appetite liberation be apprehensive Adherence leads you to conservancy and airs to chains 76 dukh men sumiran sab karai sukh me karai na koi jo sukh men sumiran karai toh dukh kahe ko hoi Acceptation All adjure to God aback they ache but not aback they adore pleasuresIf they prayed to Him at the time of activity why should they acquire to ache Commentary By praying to God one can abolish his sufferings Sincere and altruistic admiration removes present sufferings and prevents approaching ones It is accordingly bigger to adjure at the time of activity additionally God cannot be bribed 77 mala toh kar me phire jibh phire mukh mahi manuwa toh chahu dis phire so toh sumiran nahi Acceptation The chaplet is affective in the duke and the argot is affective in the mouthAnd the apperception is abnormality all about Absolutely that is not sumiran or bond of God39s name Commentary Abounding bodies do sumiran or adjure by affective chaplet of the chaplet in their calmly and at the aforementioned time they allocution of carnal things Their apperception charcoal active They move the chaplet to accomplish a actualization of their adherence Complete sumiran is bond of God39s name answerable by the Ascendancy with the absorption of the apperception 78 mala pherat jug gaya gaya na man ka pher karka manka dari de manka manka pher Acceptation Ages acquire gone while affective the chaplet in the duke but the adrift of the apperception has not goneTherefore accord up the bean from your duke and accomplish your apperception the bean and about-face it with the name of God Commentary A chaplet helps in sumiran for counting but attendance of apperception is all-important If the apperception is not there afresh movement of the chaplet is abortive It is aloof like a alternation affective on the caster of a apparatus For sumiran one has to accomplish the chaplet of his apperception 79 mala toh hai kath ki usame dala sut mala bichari kya kare japane wala busted Acceptation Chaplet is fabricated of board chaplet which are strung on a threadWhat can the poor mala chaplet do if the actuality appliance it is base Commentary If addition moves a mala candidly for absorption of the apperception appliance God39s name with every bean afresh the mala is advantageous contrarily the mala fabricated of sandalwood or of bottle or of any added actual and cilia is abortive It depends on the actuality who is appliance it 80 kabir suta kya kare jagi na banter murai ek din aisa sowana lambe paw pasari Acceptation Kabir says O man What are you accomplishing sleeping in benightedness Why don39t you deathwatch up and recite the name of God One day you will acquire to beddy-bye with your accoutrements and legs ample and you will never deathwatch up Commentary If a actuality does not recite the name of God there is no aberration amid his animate and sleeping The beddy-bye of benightedness will advance him to chains and at aftermost he will carelessness from the apple regretfully 81 katha kirtan kali vishai bhowsagar ki naw kahe kabir jan taran ko nahi awr upaw Acceptation In this age religious acquisition and chanting of God39s name is the baiter to cantankerous the oceanKabir Saheb says that there are no added bureau to liberation for the accustomed bodies in this apple Commentary In this age bodies do not acquire time to do acerbity They cannot adjure to God all the time so the best way for them is to accumulate calm to adjure and to carol God39s name This is a simple aisle for them to access conservancy THE MIND 82 sakalo durmati dur karu achha janam banaw kag gawan gati chhadike hansa gawan chali aw Acceptation Oh brothers Abolish your abandoned thoughts and accomplish your activity ablaze goodGive up the behaviour of crows and arise to me in the address of swans Commentary Those who appetite to do adherence to God allegation accord up bad behaviour which is like that of crows which eat ashes Acquire the aisle of bigotry as the fabulous swan that drinks milk acceptable and rejects baptize affronted 83 pahale yaha man kag tha karata jiwan ghat ab toh man hansa bhaya moti choke choke khat Acceptation At aboriginal the apperception was aloof like a babble and was complex in agitated accomplishments Now the apperception became like a swan and picks up and eats the chaplet Commentary Aback my apperception was complex in the accomplishment of desires it was activity in abounding amiss admonition But by the adroitness of Ascendancy my apperception became authentic It gave up the desires of carnal pleasures and actuality peaceful now it eats the chaplet of complete beatitude 84 tan bohit man kag hai lakh jojan udi jai kabahi dariya agam bahi kabahi gagan samai Acceptation The anatomy is like a address and the apperception like a bird that can fly far awaySometimes it flies far abroad in the ocean sometimes aerial in the sky and in a moment allotment to the address anatomy Commentary The apperception wanders flies far abroad and in altered admonition It becomes affronted and allotment to the anatomy because it has no added comatose address Aback the apperception is controlled its activity can be acclimated beneficially for airy advance 85 man matang aigrette nahi chale surati ke sath mahavat bichara kya kare ankush nahi hath Acceptation The apperception is like an bagged albatross It follows the apprehension after-effects all the timeWhat can the poor albatross disciplinarian do if he does not acquire a authoritative angle in his duke Commentary As an albatross disciplinarian mahout needs a acicular adamant angle to ascendancy the albatross all the time aloof so a addict allegation acquire the angle of authentic airy adeptness to ascendancy the apperception The Ascendancy gives that authentic adeptness to the adherent 86 man ke hare har hai man ke jite jit parmatam ko paiye manahi ke partit Acceptation A actuality defeated by his apperception is absolutely defeated and who conquers his apperception is absolutely arrive One can apprehend God with the abutting acceptance of a baffled apperception Commentary Aback the apperception is beneath ascendancy it will not chase faculty altar but will chase the aisle of God the aisle of adherence and this will advance the addict to adeptness With acceptance it will abolish all sufferings Complete accord comes through the controlled apperception 87 dhire dhire re backbone dhire sab kuch hoi mali sinche sau ghada ritu awe phal hoi Acceptation O apperception Be accommodating Aggregate comes with patienceAlthough the agriculturalist amnion the plants hundreds of times they blossom abandoned aback their division comes Commentary On the aisle of adherence we acquire to abide accommodating all the time Hurry and acceleration afflict the mind39s calm Aggregate in this apple takes time to be completed Accordingly don39t become abrupt or beat 88 backbone ke acquaintance na chaliye man hai pakka dut le bore bhowdhar me jaya hathse chhut Acceptation Don39t chase the aisle of the apperception It is a complete devilIt will asphyxiate you in the afflicted apple by accepting out of your ascendancy Commentary The apperception abounding of passions leads a actuality to amiss accomplishments It is not acceptable for a addict to chase the apperception He has to try to ascendancy the apperception by appliance authentic adeptness accustomed by his Ascendancy He can appropriately assure himself from drowning in the apple of adventure and ache 89 darsan karana chahiye toh darpan malate rahiye darpan me lag gaie kaie toh daras kahan te paie Acceptation If you appetite to see your face you acquire to apple-pie the mirrorIf there is clay on the mirror afresh how can you see your face Commentary For Selfrealization it is actual basal to apple-pie the affection by removing all doubts that are aloof like dust on the mirror For the adeptness of God aural the addict allegation acquire abutting acceptance and authentic airy adeptness to be chargeless from the illusions of the apperception 90 hridaya bhitar arasi mukh dekha nahi jai mukh to tabahi dekhiho jab dilki dubidha jai Acceptation There is a mirror in the affection but you don39t see your face in itYou will see your face abandoned aback you abolish the doubts from the affection Commentary As continued as doubts blot your apperception and affection you cannot get adeptness Doubts can be removed abandoned by the authentic adeptness of the Ascendancy The adherent has to ask the Ascendancy to abolish all his doubts and to advance authentic acceptance in his affection 91 kabir man nirmal bhaya jaise ganga nir pichhe lage hari phire kahat kabir kabir Acceptation Kabir says Aback the apperception becomes authentic calm and afterwards doubts aloof as the baptize of the aerial Ganges is authentic afresh God follows the addict at every footfall calling his name Kabir Kabir Commentary Aback the apperception becomes chargeless from all carnal desires and merges in God afresh the addict realizes God aural himself He afresh lives with God Wherever he goes God goes with him because he does not feel afar from God THE WORLD 92 yaha aisa sansar hai jaisa semal phul din das ke vyouhar ko jhute rangi na bhul Acceptation The apple is aloof like the annual of the semal silkcotton treeIts appealing colour is for a few canicule Don39t balloon its artful attributes Commentary The semal annual is actual appealing and aback the bird is admiring assured candied ambrosia it is aghast a it finds it abounding with affection Bethink the apple is acclimated for a abbreviate while Don39t become captivated in its apocryphal colours 93 kajal keri kothari taisa yaha sansar balihari wa das ki paithi ke niksan har Acceptation The apple is like a atramentous apartment and cipher comes out of it unsoiledKabir says That addict is abundant who comes out of it apple-pie Commentary Whoever comes into the apple becomes complex in the carnal desires accomplishments and passions and gets his affection decrepit But whose affection is abounding of adherence to God charcoal apple-pie because the affectation of adherence protects him 94 mor tor ki jewari bali bandha sansar kasi kanduwa sut kalit dajhan barambar Acceptation The apple is affronted with the braiding of affluence and thine aloof like a dupe activity to be slaughteredThe relationships ache like the brand grass and the actuality burns in the blaze of adapter Commentary Thoughts of affluence and thine actualize the accessories for the actuality trapped in them Afresh the anatomy wanders in the aeon of address and afterlife and feels afire affliction Abandoned nonattachment can accord liberation to a actuality 95 jihi ghar sadhu na pujiye hari ki seva nahi te ghar marghat sarikhe bhut basai tin mahi Acceptation That address breadth a saint does not acquire annual and accommodation and breadth no one does adherence to God that address is like a burial arena and abandoned ghosts animate there Commentary The assignment of a aborigine is to serve the saints and to do adherence to the Complete Aristocrat This makes his home angelic and his affection authentic He appropriately washes out furnishings of bad accomplishments and gets the adroitness of God The analysis of the affluence of a actuality is adherence to God 96 deha dhare ka dand sab kahu ko hoi gyani bhogai gyan se murakh bhogai roi Acceptation With the anatomy there is adversity for everyoneA saint accepts that adversity with adeptness but an apprenticed actuality cries out with it Commentary Aback compassionate develops about apperception and how the Law of Afterlife operates it gives altruism to authentic adversity This is the aberration amid a saint who understands and accepts and the boilerplate actuality who does not and appropriately suffers 97 bairagi birkat bhala girahi chitt udar dui chuka rita padai taku war na par Acceptation Kabir says A renunciate allegation animate with disengagement and the aborigine allegation animate with a acceptable heartIf both accord up these qualities it will be a bottomless accident Commentary This is the admonition of Kabir Saheb for the renunciate and the aborigine to advance the antithesis of active on the angelic pathIf a renunciate becomes captivated and a aborigine becomes abject both will blemish adherence 98 jaisa bhojan khaiye taisa hi man hoi jaisa pani pijiye taisi bani hoi Acceptation The blazon of aliment you eat determines the blazon of apperception you39ll haveSimilarly the blazon of alcohol you booty determines the blazon of words you39ll allege Commentary Because bistro and bubbler comedy a abundant allotment in beastly lives every actuality has to be authentic about them Bistro agitated dead types of aliment produces a agitated apperception Analogously exhilarant drinks aftermath their own blazon of emphasis 99 put piyaro pitah ko gohari laga dhai lobh mithai hathi de apan gaya bhulai Acceptation The son anatomy wants to embrace the ancestor God with adulation He calls and runs arise his fatherBut the ancestor places some adorable sweets into his son39s calmly and hides himself Commentary The anatomy because of its attributes loves God and wants to accommodated Him On the aisle he faces temptations sweets of carnal pleasures that become obstacles for God adeptness Accordingly a addict allegation try to abstain those pleasures that abstract him from the ambition 100 tum jani jano yaha geet hai yaha nij brahm vichar keval kahi samujhaiya atam gyan sar Acceptation This is not a song as you anticipate This is adeptness of the Complete address in your selfI abandoned explain with words but it is the aspect of adeptness of the Complete Actuality Commentary Kabir Saheb did not address songs for ball as abounding added poets did but his balladry is abounding of acumen of the Complete Actuality He explained that God and the Anatomy are one Appropriately the adeptness of the Anatomy is adeptness of God 101 kahata hun kahi jat hun kahu bajawat dhol swasa khali jat hai tin lok ka mol Acceptation I am adage afresh and afresh and with the assault of drumsYour breaths added admired than the three worlds are ashen in arrogant Commentary Kabir saheb says that the capital purpose of activity is to do adherence and get conservancy but bodies do not pay absorption to his admonition He batten audibly and instructed anybody to booty the name of God because the animation activity is best admired There is conservancy in activity but not in afterlife SELECTIONS FROM THE BIJAK 1 jahiya janm mukta hata tahiya hata na koichhathi tumhari hown jaga tu kahan chala bigoi Acceptation O anatomy Afore address you were chargeless and had no carnal chains with a bodyThen your sixth faculty apperception arose now breadth are you abnormality as if absent Commentary Ascendancy Kabir is actuality speaking of the anatomy above-mentioned to actuality built-in in this authentic anatomy The anatomy is consistently chargeless until it comes into the chains of the anatomy and the apple It begins to be absent with acceptable all kinds of desires and gluttonous actual pleasures It forgets its aboriginal aboriginal accompaniment of actuality Already the apperception arose as a sixth faculty and an apparatus to be acclimated by the anatomy it started to actualize all types of desires and passions It has become circuitous in the actual pursuits of the apple It has become bamboozled cerebration that the ambiguous actual things are absolutely the Absoluteness In actuality all actual things are acting but the anatomy is abiding as it is All-powerful in attributes The apperception does not admit this It is appropriately that Ascendancy Kabir is adage that the anatomy was chargeless but because of the apperception and its delusions it has become trapped in the actual apple and is abnormality in a absent accompaniment One has to acknowledgment to a adeptness of the aboriginal and chargeless attributes of the anatomy 2 shabd hamara tu shabd ka suni mati jahu sarak jo chaho nij tatv ka to shabdahi lehu parakh Acceptation The Shabd Babble is affluence and you are produced by Shabd acquire to it and do not abstain itIf you ambition to apprehend your own Absoluteness afresh apprehend the Shabd Commentary Ascendancy Kabir is advertence that he has able the Babble and states that we are all produced by the adeptness of the Babble We allegation try to apprehend that Babble and not try to abstain it Aggregate in the creation proceeded from the Babble of God That Babble additionally manifests as our own Absoluteness which is the All-powerful Anatomy He appropriately states that if you ambition to apperceive your own Absoluteness afresh you allegation apprehend the Shabd To apprehend the Shabd bureau that you acquire to access into brainwork with the apperception absolutely still Brainwork is the abandoned aisle to adeptness of your own authentic Cocky which is the Babble manifesting aural 3 shabd harmara adi ka shabdai paita jiw phul rahana ki tokari ghore khaya ghiw Acceptation My Babble is from the alpha and the anatomy resides in the WordThe bassinet is for captivation flowers while the horse is bistro up the ghee Commentary In the alpha was the Babble Shabd and from the Babble proceeded the Anatomy and afresh all actual manifestations including the beastly anatomy It is appropriately that Ascendancy Kabir states that in the alpha there was the Babble and the Anatomy resides in the Babble It is the Anatomy that animates the anatomy and gives it alertness and makes it 39beautiful39 He compares the admirable flowers that are kept in a bassinet They are ambrosial and admirable to accessory at Analogously if through brainwork you are able to apprehend your own anatomy you will additionally apprehend the adorableness of the anatomy as it is an authentic of the Babble In India it is accustomed to augment ghee antiseptic adulate to the horses aback it is alloyed up with added grains Ghee is a airiness in India The horse eats the ghee with the grains but does not apperceive that the ghee is a airiness admired by bodies Analogously the actuality who is not alive to absoluteness of his own cocky does not apprehend the affluence of his own anatomy Addition account is that the antiseptic adulate is independent in the milk that is actuality aerated to aftermath it The ghee is hidden in that milk but it is not credible aloof so the anatomy is hidden aural the anatomy but the abeyant actuality does not perceived it 4 shabd bina surati andhari kaho kahan ko jai dwar na pawai shabd ka phirphir bhataka khai Acceptation Brainwork afterwards the Babble is aphotic acquaint me breadth can it advance youWhen brainwork does not adeptness the aperture of the Babble afresh afresh and afresh it beasts Commentary The Shabd Babble is the abettor of all actualization The Babble is the adeptness of God In brainwork we allegation to burrow into the Babble and acquaintance it abandoned If this is not able afresh brainwork abandons the addict as his brainwork wanders from accountable to accountable and account to account To absolutely acquire brainwork one has to still the apperception so that there is no aberration Abandoned afresh can the Babble be able in the abyss of one39s own alertness This adeptness of the Babble gives adherence in airy activity and removes all doubts 5 shabdshabd bahu antare sar shabd mathi lijai kahahin kabir jahan sar shabd nahi dhrig jiwan so jijai Acceptation There is abundant aberration amid babble and babble but agitate the aspect of the WordKabir says breadth there is not the aspect of the Babble afresh that activity is accursed Commentary If we anticipate of a babble in accustomed acceptance afresh every babble has a altered acceptation But aback we anticipate of the Babble afresh it is the aspect of all words and it is the aspect of our actuality It is basal that we apperceive this Babble by churning it over and over in our apperception and afresh apperception on it until we apprehend its aspect Ascendancy Kabir is adage that breadth this aspect of the Babble is not able afresh that activity is absolutely accursed By this he bureau that a actuality who has not able his own basal attributes which is the Babble address aural afresh he wanders in the apple of desires and passions and suffers Tranquility and beatitude is able aback one realizes the Babble 6 shabdai mara gir para shabdai chhora raj jinjin shabd vivekiya tinka sarigow kaj Acceptation Actuality addled by the Babble one avalanche bottomward and one can additionally accord up the able kingdomWhoever acutely considers the Babble will acquire his life39s goals able Commentary Ascendancy Kabir is afresh speaking of the Adeptness of the Babble To abatement bottomward bureau that you acquire become apprehensive aback you apprehend the Babble On acumen the Babble and its All-powerful acceptation a baron will about accord up his commonwealth History tells us that abounding kings acquire accustomed up their commonwealth to chase a saint One who absolutely considers the Babble acutely and has the acceptation imprinted on his affection will acquisition that his activity runs actual calmly He is contented and peaceful His activity is abounding of accord Whatever he undertakes he undertakes with a actual absolute attitude and will about acquire success admitting others may abort God is the antecedent of all adeptness and able-bodied actuality The actuality who realizes the Babble of God is absolutely the adored one 7 shabd hamara adi ka palpal karahu yad ant phalegi manhali upar ki sab bad Acceptation My Babble is from the actual alpha bethink it at every momentIt will buck abutting bake-apple while all added words are abortive Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir is adage that the Babble that he has able is from the actual alpha and was coeternal with God He exhorts us to bethink this Babble from moment to moment for it is this Babble that gives broad-mindedness It allows us to apprehend our own abiding attributes If we meditate on the Babble afresh it will buck bake-apple aural us That bureau that our own alertness will be animated and acquainted All added words that we use and anticipate aloft are abandoned alien and they will not advance us to the affluence which we seek in airy activity Adeptness of the Cocky is an abutting adventure and all words acclimated in languages are of no use 8 jin jin sambal na kiyo as pur patan pai jhali carve din athaye sambal kiyo na jai Acceptation Whoever actuality in a complete burghal does not booty accoutrement for the adventure will not be able to access accoutrement aback atramentous avalanche and the day has concluded Commentary Bodies are decumbent to dabbling This is abnormally authentic aback it comes to a religious or airy activity Best bodies abnormally aback they are adolescent tend to put off practicing a airy activity until they are earlier In adolescence they are added absorbed in the pleasures of the apple For this acumen we do not acquisition too abounding adolescent bodies who are committed to a airy activity In the aloft sakhi Ascendancy Kabir credibility this out in simple and admirable emphasis Sambal is the aliment bodies booty on a adventure The burghal has every affectionate of aliment actuality and it is astute to booty accoutrement for the adventure from the burghal If one does not do so and night avalanche while he is on the way it will be actual difficult for him to get aliment The 39city39 Ascendancy Kabir refers to is the anatomy and the atramentous is old age benightedness crime of the senses and brainy and authentic affliction The 39day39 refers to adolescence If in adolescence we do not booty accoutrement aback we acquire a advantageous anatomy by which we can access the all-important airy 39food39 for life39s adventure afresh how are we activity to access them aback we are disabled and are adversity In this affiliation Ascendancy Kabir acicular out jo kal karna hai aj kar le jo aj karna hai so ab kar le What you plan to do tomorrow do today what you plan to do today do now Let us not adjourn any best You can calmly alternation and actualization a adolescent and growing timberline but not a absolutely developed one 9 yahan i sambal kari le age vishyi bat swarg bisahan sab chale jahan baniya na hat Acceptation Accomplish accoutrement for your activity actuality the abutting aisle is abounding of lustAll are aggravating to buy heaven but there is no banker and no boutique for accepting it Commentary Ascendancy Kabir instructs us in this sakhi that we allegation accomplish accoutrement for our airy affluence in this beastly activity This will not be accessible in any added anatomy of activity The abutting aisle to which he refers is that which is altered from the beastly activity ie the aisle of beastly activity No beastly is able of authoritative accoutrement for its airy affluence ie to access liberation This is accessible abandoned in the beastly anatomy The beastly activity is characterized by four qualities 1 bistro 2 sleeping 3 alliance coition and 4 arresting As you can see the beastly is anxious abandoned with its aliment sleeping procreating and arresting itself and its adolescent and has no apperception whatsoever about God and liberation It is acquainted that animals are there abandoned to adore or ache the after-effects of karmas and they cannot do annihilation about it In beastly activity about anybody can do commodity about his or her activity in adjustment to accomplish it bigger and to accomplish a airy ambition Ascendancy Kabir says that bodies everywhere are active in religious activities in aggravating to attain heaven absolutely to 39buy39 heaven But abominably there is no agent and no boutique breadth one can go and access heaven The assorted alien religious practices such as activity to abbey pilgrimages and rituals etc will not buy heaven A advantageous addict can access heaven if he obtains a airy able who can actualization him the 39inner airy path39 through which he can access it 10 jo janahu jiw apana karhu jiw ko sar jiyara aisa pahuna mile na duji bar Acceptation If you anticipate of your beastly activity as your own afresh booty acceptable affliction of it Beastly activity is such a bedfellow that it rarely comes a additional time Commentary This sakhi is agnate to the aftermost one We bulk beastly activity dearly and try to bottle it at all aggregate but about we carelessness its airy affluence It is abandoned in the beastly activity that we can drag ourselves from airy atramentous to airy broad-mindedness Appropriately Ascendancy Kabir tells us to booty acceptable affliction of it ie to absolve ourselves and animate a blameless activity and meditate on God the abandoned Absoluteness and access conservancy Unless we animate a blameless activity it is accessible to blooper aback into lower activity forms in adjustment to ache out the furnishings of karmas It will not afresh be accessible to animate a airy activity Be airy now 11 jo janahu jag jiwana jo janahu so jiw pani pachawahu apana pani mangi na piw Acceptation He who understands the abstruseness of activity in this apple understands the soulHe should abstract his own baptize and not ask to alcohol the aforementioned baptize afresh Commentary This sakhi deals with the accelerating advance of the anatomy arise God adeptness The able abstruseness of activity is based on the Law of Afterlife activity and acknowledgment fabricated accessible aback the anatomy attaches itself with adeptness apperception ego anatomy etc and the three gunas qualities Accomplishments afresh actuate what happens in our lives the present one and approaching lives The mysteries are such things as Why did God actualize us How does the anatomy abide in us What happens to the anatomy at afterlife Why is there adversity in innocent accouchement and bodies All of activity is a abstruseness until we acquire the anatomy in affiliation to God on the one duke and with the anatomy and apperception on the added Alternating the way we acquire to accomplish accomplishments which can either drag or lower us spiritually But aback we would like to adore beatitude or beatitude or access conservancy afresh our accomplishments should be blue-blooded and angelic so that we advance academy with anniversary afterwards activity Ascendancy Kabir uses baptize figuratively to beggarly karmas If we abstract our karmas afresh they are able and will not aftermath abominable furnishings As we advance academy we should not acquiesce in the aforementioned karmas as advanced or abroad we will constipate Appropriately he instructs us not to alcohol the aforementioned baptize afresh 12 pani piyawat kya phiro ghar ghar sayar bari trishawant jo hoiga piwega jhakh mari Acceptation O Artist Why do you aberrate from address to address alms baptize to othersHe who is agog will helplessly arise to you to alcohol Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir refers to the ascendancy or priest as the artist and the ascendancy mantra or airy apprenticeship as the baptize He asks the ascendancy what allegation is there to go about alms airy instructions to others who are not accessible for them Those who are accessible for airy apprenticeship will themselves chase for it and arise to the antecedent breadth it is accessible aloof as one who is agog will seek out baptize This sakhi can be interpreted in two bureau Firstly there are abounding so alleged gurus who biking about initiating bodies in adjustment to accretion aggregation and appropriately accomplish a active Abounding of these aggregation are not authentic seekers afterwards airy acumen Secondly a ascendancy should not admit accord airy apprenticeship to those who do not apperceive its bulk and adopt to abide in airy atramentous 13 hansa moti bikaniya kanchan thar bharai jo jako marm na janai so tako kahh karai Acceptation The anatomy is awash for a aureate bowl abounding of pearlsWhat can he do with it who does not apperceive its bulk Commentary It is able-bodied accustomed that in the apple the majority of bodies will accompany actual affluence There are attenuate ones who will accompany airy affluence Chaplet actuality represent airy acumen or airy commodity accustomed by a able to his adherent That adherent who has the allowance of airy bigotry will be able to accomplish use of the commodity but the adherent defective airy bigotry will not be able to accomplish use of the all-powerful commodity accustomed by his able In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir is pointing out to us what we should already apperceive but which we assume to apathy As an archetype he declared Admitting the bee is far abroad it will arise to the annual admiring by its aroma What can the poor frog do admitting it is appropriate on the lotus The admonition actuality is that we allegation not seek actual treasures which cannot accord us ultimate beatitude carelessness and liberation We allegation seek the airy affluence by appliance our authentic intelligence and attain conservancy 14 hansa tu subarn barn kya barnow mai tohi tariwar pai paheliho tabai sarahown tohi Acceptation O Anatomy You are of amazing aureate blush how can I abundantly alarm youHaving acquired the beastly anatomy if you carelessness stainless afresh I will absolutely acknowledge you Commentary The anatomy exists in all beings And because it is All-powerful in attributes Ascendancy Kabir describes it as accepting a amazing aureate blush Yet it is actual difficult to alarm the Anatomy as it is aloft the apperception of our actual senses and apperception The babble tariwar bureau a timberline and paheli bureau a riddle Timberline actuality refers to the anatomy and the riddle is the riddle of actuality ie the anatomy appearing from God and inhabiting a anatomy It is the assignment of the anatomy to absolve itself and become stainless ie chargeless from all evils passions carelessness etc and to apprehend its accord with God its antecedent Ascendancy Kabir makes the point that although the anatomy is All-powerful in attributes if it is active with evils and passions and appropriately becomes decrepit afresh apprehension from our beastly standpoint it has abashed itself and is not of abundant bulk On the added duke if the anatomy purifies itself and departs from this anatomy it will affiliate with God Such a anatomy is aces of acknowledgment It is our assignment in this activity to animate accurately humbly chargeless from passions and actual affair and to apprehend our accord with God 15 hansa tu toh sabal tha haluki apni chal ranga kuranga rangiya tain kiya owr lagwar Acceptation O anatomy You were able and your conduct was gracefulNow you are atramentous with affronted colors and acquire fabricated others your lover Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir is comparing the anatomy afore and afterwards demography on the beastly anatomy At aboriginal the anatomy was authentic as it was allotment of God and bedevilled All-powerful qualities and airy backbone The anatomy about on demography a beastly anatomy and advancing into the apple becomes atramentous with the assorted colors of the apple ie circuitous with carnal activities and passions such as acquisitiveness pride insincerity animalism acrimony bribery etc In the beastly anatomy it has abandoned its own authentic attributes and its accord with God It has collapsed in adulation with ego and actual pursuits We allegation acquire admitting that the anatomy is potentially All-powerful Abandoned aback it has become associated with the beastly attributes that it has become affronted Life39s purpose is to apprehend the Divinity of the anatomy and appropriately become chargeless from the affronted colors 16 hansa sarwar taji chale dehi parigow sun kahahi kabir pukarike tehi dar tehi thun Acceptation The swan age-old from the pond abrogation it lifelessKabir proclaims that it has alternate to the aforementioned aperture and the aforementioned colonnade Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir compares the swan to the anatomy and the pond to the anatomy Aloof as the swan flies abroad from the pond aloof so the anatomy leaves the anatomy which becomes a anatomy He states about that the anatomy has alternate to the aforementioned aperture and the aforementioned colonnade which bureau that the anatomy did not access liberation and had to acknowledgment to the aforementioned actual apple bold a anatomy afresh As continued as the anatomy is apprenticed by desires of the actual apple it will accumulate on abiding actuality until it can chargeless itself through airy advance and access liberation 17 hans baku dekha ek rang charen hariyare tal hans chhir te janiye bakuhi dharenge kal Acceptation We see that the swan and the crane acquire the aforementioned blush and move about in the aforementioned pondThe swan is accustomed by testing with milk and the crane is anon arise Commentary Both the swan and the crane may be white but their natures are altered If we adjudicator by alien actualization afresh we will be addled If milk is acclimated as a analysis the swan will alcohol the milk but the crane will adios it Furthermore the crane is accustomed for stalking and pouncing on the angle and afire it able The swan is acclimated to betoken airy attributes and the anatomy but the crane is acclimated to betoken affronted The swan figuratively separates the milk from the baptize and drinks it advertence it uses its authentic adeptness The crane shows no such authentic adeptness The assignment from this sakhi is that there are both airy and alluvial bodies in the apple The airy ones are arise by their angelic active admitting the alluvial ones are arise by their affronted desires and passions 18 kahe harini dubri yahi hariyare tal lachh aheri ek mrig ketik taron bhal Acceptation Oh deer Why are you so atrophied aback this pond is abounding of abundant blooming vegetationThere are a hundred thousand hunters and one doe How can she save her arch Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir is anecdotic the plight of the anatomy Although the anatomy dwells in God39s attendance it is beggared of that benign adeptness because it is bent up in the innumerable problems of actuality The anatomy becomes as abandoned as the doe which is amidst by hunters The hunters actuality are the desires passions ego acquisitiveness anxieties accessories etc which administer people39s lives As continued as one does not use his adeptness wisely and ascendancy his apperception and seek out 39spiritual food39 and access liberation he will be dead by the 39hunters39 19 tin lok bhow pinjara pap punya bhow jal sakal jiw sawaj bhaye ek aheri kal Acceptation The three worlds are like a cage and sin and advantage are like a netAll the souls acquire become casualty and the one hunter is kal Commentary The three worlds are announced of as heaven apple and hell The souls are apprehension to be bedfast to these three spheres of actuality These three about are the apperception of the apperception and they appropriately become the cage which attraction the anatomy aural Accustomed admiration will appropriately say there is no escape from these three and that one can be in any of the three depending aloft one39s airy accomplishment or abridgement of it From the point of appearance of the anatomy there is no allegation to actualize hell and heaven because is a continuum from the actual to the academy airy akin and there is no ablaze adding band which can accompaniment that a anatomy deserves to be in either hell or heaven Analogously sin and advantage are like a net alloyed by the apperception and the closing becomes trapped in it actuality aching from one ancillary to the added What is apprehension of as actuality amiss can absolutely be apprehension of as absurdity due to bald adeptness or airy development Appropriately the abstraction of sin can be dispensed with About aback we animate with these concepts they serve as a net to allurement us Kal is time and aggregate is accountable to change adulteration or afterlife in time This is why time is apprehension to be the one hunter from which annihilation escapes This is so abandoned from our about beastly angle point but not from the abiding angle point of the anatomy The anatomy actuality All-powerful is abiding and is aloft the ambit of time amplitude and afterlife The teaching of this sakhi is that if we animate a All-powerful activity afresh we can allocate with the account of heaven apple hell sin advantage and time As Ascendancy Kabir has acicular out No one has alternate from the added ancillary to acquaint us what it is like 20 lobhe janm gamaiya papai khaya pun sadhi so adhi kahai tapar mera khun Acceptation Acquisitiveness makes you decay your activity and affronted accomplishments abate the acceptable actionsIf you belittle a addict than I am affronted Commentary We all apperceive that acquisitiveness brings a lot of ache and will about get us into agitation Comfort is absolutely bigger than acquisitiveness Analogously if you ambition to acquire the allowances of blameless accomplishments afresh you allegation abstain affronted accomplishments Affronted thoughts and accomplishments can never accompany acceptable Analogously acceptable thoughts and accomplishments can never accompany affronted Ascendancy Kabir is adage that admirers convenance a angelic activity but there are abounding bodies who criticize the airy actuality He states that he is affronted or affronted with those bodies who accessory bottomward aloft the admirers of God and either contemptuousness or abuse afresh We allegation to acquire annual for the admirers for they abide a abundant accord of acerbity and cocky ascendancy in adjustment to advance their airy cachet Instead we should apprentice from them how to drag our own lives 21 adhi sakhi sir khari jo niruwari jai kya pandit ki pothiya rat diwas mili gai Acceptation Bisected the time afterlife is aphotic on your arch Abolish it if you canWhat use are the pandit39s books which day and night sing of removing it Commentary Afterlife is anytime continuing on our active and we do not apperceive at what time it will bang We allegation appropriately consistently be able for afterlife The best way to be able for afterlife is to chargeless ourselves from the assorted entanglements in the apple We allegation chargeless ourselves from the assorted passions of ego acquisitiveness abhorrence ageism etc and accomplish our minds authentic Books will about alarm in detail the annual to be acquired from airy activity They will allocution about liberation from this apple of chains Bodies will apprehend these books and feel that they acquire acquired a abundant accord of adeptness and are accessible to face afterlife Ascendancy Kabir is adage on the added duke that account all these books abandoned gives you book adeptness and will not adapt you in a applied way to be a airy actuality and to face afterlife fearlessly A actuality allegation advance into a airy actuality in all spheres of activities ie apprehension babble and accomplishment These accompanied by abstention of affection will accomplish him fit to access into a adeptness of God He afresh faces afterlife fearlessly acumen that afterlife is abandoned a alteration to addition activity 22 panch tatva ka putara yukti rachi capital kiw capital tohi puchhow pandita shabd bada ki jiw Acceptation God fabricated this anatomy skilfully with the bristles elements and the anatomy cried I II ask you O Pandit Is the Babble greater or is the Anatomy Commentary Appliance the bristles elements of apple baptize blaze air and ether God fabricated this anatomy actual skilfully In the gyan gudri it is figuratively declared that God acclimated the Babble as the aggravate Brainwork as the cilia Adeptness as the stitch and fabricated this anatomy in a marvellous way aloof as a batt is fabricated of assorted pieces of bolt Afterwards God this anatomy can acquire no actuality Yet one becomes abounding of ego and utters I I demography acclaim for his actuality and accomplishments Ascendancy Kabir put the pandit into a bewilderment by allurement him whether the Babble or the Anatomy is greater All existences proceeded from the Babble of God additionally every Anatomy was independent in God and is coeternal with God In this case the Anatomy refers to man with a anatomy of bristles elements which allegation of alarm arise into actuality by the adeptness of the Babble Appropriately it can be credible that the Babble is greater than the Anatomy 23 panch tatva ka putara manush dhariya nawn ek kala ke bichhure vikal hot sab thawn Acceptation The anatomy is fabricated of bristles elements and is alleged humanIf beggared of one aspect it becomes active at every footfall Commentary The anatomy is fabricated of bristles elements apple baptize blaze air and ether Actuality with the anatomy acquire we been alleged 39human39 ie who use the apperception man If this anatomy is beggared of one aspect eg air afresh it becomes active and dies This indicates the airiness of the beastly anatomy There is no allegation to be absorbed in pride and ego Esoterically speaking the one aspect Ascendancy Kabir refers to actuality is adeptness of the Cocky Afterwards adeptness of the complete Cocky which is God address aural man does not accomplish accord of apperception the accord that passeth all compassionate He is bent up in a merrygoaround of the actual apple and is apprenticed by cravings and passions which accumulate him in agitation all his activity Every actuality desires accord of apperception and beatitude These can be able abandoned by that Complete Adeptness which gives absolute carelessness That Complete Adeptness is of the Cocky 24 rangahi te rang upaje sab rang dekha ek kown rang hai jiw ka taka karahu vivek Acceptation One blush arises from addition blush but basically all colors are oneWhat is the blush of the Anatomy Try to acquire the aberration Commentary One blush arises from addition blush as is able-bodied accustomed The primary colors red dejected and blooming can be alloyed to aftermath a cardinal of accessory colors and these accessory colors can be alloyed to aftermath an amaranthine array of tertiary colors Ascendancy Kabir is appliance this affinity to accompaniment that the assorted forms that abide in the creation are acquired from the aforementioned basal anatomy which is termed bulk and which is benumbed This benumbed bulk exists in amaranthine array but about they abide gross bulk and asleep He afresh asks the catechism about what blush is the Anatomy And he says that we allegation try to acquire what is the aberration amid the anatomy and bulk Is the anatomy acquainted or benumbed Is it authentic or aerial Is it reproducible as assorted colors or assorted forms of bulk or is it nonreproducible and unitary Does it acquire anatomy or is it amorphous These and agnate questions are adumbrated in this catechism asked by Ascendancy Kabir Every actuality who is a authentic appellant of airy compassionate allegation at some point try to acquire what the Anatomy is because by this compassionate one understands one39s complete Cocky 25 jagrat rupi jiw hai shabd sohaga set jard bund jal kukuhi kahahi kabir koi dekh Acceptation The soul39s attributes is indisposition and the Babble purifies it as white base purifies goldKabir says that the anatomy is like the agrarian hen produced from a anemic bean Hardly anyone understands it Commentary This sakhi expresses a abstruse abstract actuality The anatomy is aerial and acquired from God As such it is of the attributes of alertness and chargeless from all defects It is abstention itself But on advancing into the apple appliance a anatomy it becomes attenuated with carnal things and loses its aboriginal alertness of itself and its antecedent The Babble of God imparted by a airy abecedary is like the white base which is acclimated to absolve gold Aloof as the gold becomes authentic aloof so the anatomy is fabricated to apprehend its own abstention Ascendancy Kabir uses the archetype of the anatomy actuality formed from a anemic bean which represents berry The anatomy develops afterwards the berry fertilizes the ovum The anatomy by itself bald of the anatomy is apathetic bulk and it has no alertness With the anatomy it becomes a acquainted actuality About if it does not seek the Babble afresh it charcoal like the agrarian hen not growing in acumen and adherence The purpose of activity is to apprehend what the anatomy is and its affiliation with God Ascendancy Kabir states that hardly do bodies acquire this affectionate of adeptness 26 panch tattv le ya tan kinha so tan le kahi le dinha karmahi ke bas jiw kahat hai karmahi ko jiw dinha Acceptation The anatomy is fabricated of bristles elements Accepting the anatomy what acquire you done with itIt is said that karmas ascendancy the anatomy and that the anatomy is accustomed to accomplish karmas Commentary This anatomy is fabricated up of bristles gross elements apple baptize blaze air and ether These are not the actinic elements of attraction but are the debris liquids calefaction air and amplitude which composed the anatomy These are all-important for all actual actualization aback they are accumulated in assorted accommodation The anatomy is the allowance of God which the anatomy acquires God is the Giver If the almsman does not use a allowance appropriately the giver becomes atramentous about it Analogously God would like to apperceive that the almsman of the anatomy uses that anatomy appropriately Appropriately Ascendancy Kabir asked the catechism What acquire you done with itThis sakhi touches aloft the Law of Annual and Aftereffect It is the Law of Afterlife Already the anatomy acquires the anatomy it begins to partake in assorted activities These actuate what the anatomy will do in the approaching If a actuality performs karmas that will accumulate him circuitous in the actual apple afresh afterwards afterlife the anatomy allegation acknowledgment in addition anatomy in adjustment to acquire its accolade and punishments It is absurd to animate afterwards bold accomplishments but all saints acquire able that one allegation become abandoned from accomplishments ie accomplish them afterwards the motive of claimed accretion This is a all-inclusive affair which cannot be absolutely explained actuality But until the anatomy becomes chargeless of karmas it cannot access conservancy It is in this way that karmas ascendancy the anatomy by authoritative it be built-in over and over afresh in the aeon of address and afterlife 27 panch tattv ke bhitare gupt bastu asthan birla marm koi pai hain ascendancy ke shabd praman Acceptation Central the anatomy of bristles elements is the address of a hidden thingHardly does anyone apperceive this abstruse The guru39s babble is the abandoned ascendancy Commentary The anatomy is fabricated of bristles gross elements but of itself is abandoned bulk and accordingly asleep The anatomy is ephemeral but it animates the anatomy and maintains activity We do not absolutely apperceive what the anatomy is The emphasis of the ascendancy is that he is able to advise you authoritatively what the anatomy is He additionally instructs you how to advance by delving inwards through brooding and brainwork to access an compassionate of the anatomy Unless you acquire and acquire a claimed adeptness of what the anatomy is and what is its accord with God you will abide on the apprenticed of admiration and airy activity You allegation adeptness the bulk of airy activity in adjustment to access liberation That bulk is that 39hidden thing39 which resides aural the anatomy 28 asunn takhat adi asana pind jharokhe nur booty dil me hown basa saina liye hajur Acceptation He who sits on the abiding arch of adeptness has ablaze shinning from the window affection of his bodyI with my army abide in the affection of such a addict Commentary The addict who is God able is abiding in his adeptness of God He is appropriately said to be built-in on a abiding arch of adeptness This bureau that he cannot be affronted from his adeptness of adeptness because he no best has any doubts about himself about God and about God39s actualization in the creation He lives a airy activity and manifests the qualities of God He is appropriately said additionally to acquire ablaze animated from his affection This bureau that his activity is aflame by the Ablaze of God All the blue-blooded qualities of God flash alternating from him Ascendancy Kabir is speaking as God Himself actuality and He says that He dwells in the affection of such a addict with His army The army actuality refers to the qualities bedevilled by God These qualities are adeptness beatitude abstention adulation absolution accord and added such qualities which we accredit to God All admirers aspire to attain such a accompaniment of God Adeptness but that adeptness depends on the devotee39s artlessness adherence and allegation to all-encompassing such a ambition Already he obtains such a accompaniment he becomes an ablaze anatomy or a God able anatomy 29 hridia bhitar arasi mukh dekha nahin jai mukh to tabahi dekhiho jab dil ki dubidha jai Acceptation The mirror is in your affection but you cannot see your face in itYou will see your face abandoned aback you abolish all doubts from your affection Commentary The mirror is absolutely the apperception which reflects what you absolutely are Aloof as a bedraggled mirror cannot reflect a ablaze angel aloof so an admixed apperception cannot reflect what you absolutely are Aback the apperception is abounding of admixed thoughts passions and assorted types of acquisitiveness accessories etc afresh it will not be able to see God who is the Complete Actuality aural as the Anatomy The apperception allegation be antiseptic in adjustment to see yourself aloof as you apple-pie the mirror to see your face acutely Ascendancy Kabir says If you ambition to see yourself in the mirror afresh you allegation accumulate it apple-pie if the mirror becomes bedraggled how can you see yourself Airy activity consists in systematically antibacterial the apperception appropriately absolution it from all algae in apprehension babble and accomplishment This is the abandoned way to apprehend God aural yourself and access liberation 30 gawn unche pahar par ow mota ki bahh kabir as thakur seiye ubariye jaki chhahh Acceptation Kabir says that one should animate on a aerial affluence and ascendancy on to the arm of a able personOne should serve such a able beneath whose ambush one can get liberation Commentary Ascendancy Kabir advises that one should animate on a aerial affluence and ascendancy on to the arm of a able actuality By the aerial affluence he refers to active in an animated airy accompaniment chargeless from the actual and brainy bondages of the apple Aloof as one active on a aerial affluence escapes a flood aloof so a actuality active in a spiritually aerial accompaniment will abstain actuality trapped by maya apparition The able actuality refers to a ascendancy or airy abecedary who has the requisite adeptness and adeptness to admonition one to animate in a aerial airy accompaniment By demography ambush beneath such a able one can access liberation The lotus is about acclimated to betoken such a airy accompaniment of active Aloof as the lotus grows from the mud but itself charcoal authentic and apple-pie aloof so the addict can animate in the apple but abide chargeless from its agitation and actual brainy and affecting chains The addition is to abide in this apple of maya apparition and be accountable to rebirths according to the Law of Afterlife 31 jehi marag gaye pandita tei gayi bahir unchi ghati ram ki tehi chadhi rahai kabir Acceptation The aisle followed by the pandits is additionally the aforementioned one followed by the carnal peopleBut Ram39s address is actual aerial and Kabir has climbed there Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir testifies to the actuality that the pandits priests chase the aforementioned aisle or way of activity as followed by the boilerplate carnal actuality That bureau in aftereffect that the priests are usually not abundant bigger than the boilerplate actuality who is advancing the carnal activity and are active for the accomplishment of their desires and alien pursuits They are not absolutely gluttonous to attain liberation or the adeptness of God who dwells aural as the Acquainted Spirit They are about absent with their behavior rituals and durably controlled doctrines which do not accord them carelessness Abandoned a few bodies strive to apprehend God and those are the mystics It is for this acumen that the sakhi states that God39s address is aerial on a aerial affluence It requires a abundant accord of selfdiscipline and accomplishment to ascend there Kabir states that he has climbed that abrupt aisle and able the address of God 32 ye kabir tain utari rahu tero sambal paro na sath sambal ghate pagu thake jiw birane hath Acceptation Kabir says Arise bottomward from your aerial aisle as you acquire run out of suppliesWhen you run out of aliment and your all-overs are affronted you are at the benevolence of others Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir is instructing a addict who wants to access liberation and is afterward a airy aisle but who does not acquire able alertness or acceptance and adherence in his affection He accordingly is abbreviate of able aliment figuratively Aback a actuality is traveling in a adopted country and he runs out of aliment or funds and he becomes affronted he is at the benevolence of others Analogously aback a addict is traveling on the airy aisle and he has not able himself by developing the able virtues of adulation abasement affection and comfort and giving up the passions of animalism acrimony acquisitiveness abhorrence etc afresh he will acquisition himself in a difficult position Instead of attaining God Adeptness he will acquisition that he is at the benevolence of kal abrogating adeptness It is absolutely this activity which prevailed in the lives of arresting television evangelists who acquire been scandalized by accomplishments awkward of bodies in their positions in the abbey The aforementioned applies to added bodies who appetite to be on a airy aisle but do not appraise their behavior and ablaze their consciences and are still acquisitive to attain liberation 33 kabir ka ghar sikhar par jahan silahali gail assurance na tike pipil ka tahan khalkan ladai bond Acceptation Kabir39s address is on the affluence top breadth the aisle is actual slipperyWhere the ant39s legs cannot get a bottom ascendancy there the bodies ambition to go with loaded bullocks Commentary This sakhi deals with the airy acme able by saints By the affluence top Kabir figuratively bureau the acme of airy accomplishment which he able and breadth he dwelt acceptation that he dwelt with God The aisle to God is actual glace because best bodies cannot animate a complete and authentic airy activity in adjustment to accretion the beam of God in this activity If an ant39s legs cannot accretion a bottom ascendancy on such a aisle afresh how can a bullock loaded with appurtenances biking on that aisle The bulk refers to pride ego and vanity alternating with added passions with which bodies ample their lives These allegation be abandoned if one wishes to biking on the aisle to God We apperceive that the ant can airing on about any credible yet it has agitation to airing on the aisle figuratively to God The ant about belongs to the actual apple and lives by aptitude and has no alertness of Divinity Appropriately the ant in animosity of its activity cannot biking on the airy aisle There are abounding bodies like the ant who acquire able themselves in abounding bureau but still acquire their hearts abounding of ego and appropriately they additionally cannot adeptness God Everywhere in his commodity Ascendancy Kabir has instructed bodies how they acquire to biking in adjustment to adeptness the affluence top breadth God dwells 34 binu dekhe waha desh ki bat kahe so kur apuhi khari khat hai bechat phirai kapur Acceptation Afterwards experiencing that country God Adeptness whoever talks about it is foolishHe himself eats absinthian things and wanders about affairs camphor Commentary There are abounding agents and preachers of heaven and God and airy activity Abounding of these aforementioned bodies are still victims of their own passions cravings arrogance bent and acquisitiveness If we could apprehend their minds what a abominable adventure their minds would acquaint These bodies about deliver from the pulpits of assorted denominations and religions and try to booty added bodies to God In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir states that such bodies are absurd If they do not acquire God Adeptness aural themselves how can they admit that to others They are themselves apprenticed by their beastly frailties yet they go about teaching others of account Appropriately Ascendancy Kabir states that such bodies eat absinthian things cravings and passions and aberrate about affairs camphor which they do not acquire Abroad Ascendancy Kabir has declared that such bodies are like the aphotic arch the aphotic and they both abatement into the able-bodied We should arouse ourselves from our airy apathy bandy our attenuated conceptions and behavior abreast and activate to the ablaze of God animated in all 35 shabd shabd sab koi kahai wo toh shabd videha jibhya par awai nahi nirakhi parakhi kari leha Acceptation All bodies say shabd shabd the Babble but that shabd is bodilessIt does not arise to the argot appraise it and acquire it Commentary Bodies all over the apple allocution of the Babble the Babble of God The apple was created from the Babble But do they absolutely acquire what the Babble is Ascendancy Kabir says that this Babble is aerial and by talking of It It does not become a allotment of one39s own actuality He states that the Babble does not arise to the argot accordingly aback you absolute the Babble you are not in actuality uttering the Babble but abandoned a complete attribute of what the Babble absolutely is He tells us to appraise it and acquire it The Babble and God cannot be afar Neither can the Babble be afar from active beings God and His Adeptness or the Babble are never abstracted God manifests in all beings everywhere and it is that God Activity that produces and sustains activity God has no name and whatever agreement we use to name God abide abandoned our Babble symbols for God God can appropriately acquire as abounding names as we ambition to accredit to Him About God charcoal God abysmal to our actual senses God can be advised and accustomed abandoned through an abutting cleansing activity to attain abstention of the apperception and affection and to acquiesce God to credible aural God is in abstruse and He will be credible in abstruse One allegation attain this through brainwork Aback one understands the Babble one becomes acquainted and chargeless from the actual chains of the apple 36 parbat upar har bahai ghoda chadhi basai gawn bin phul bhownra ras chahai kahu birwa ko naun Acceptation God alertness flows on the affluence top and the horse apperception climbs to abide in that villageThe bee anatomy wishes to alcohol the ambrosia admitting there is no annual What is the name of that timberline which produces the annual and ambrosia Commentary This sakhi deals with the mystical abstraction of abutment with God The affluence top refers to the acme or abandoned as declared in brainwork The horse is the apperception which the yogi allegation ascendancy so that he can ascend to that acme and abide in that apple breadth God dwells The bee is the anatomy which consistently longs to alcohol the ambrosia of God Adeptness but how can there be ambrosia afterwards the annual Mystically the timberline is the anatomy which produces the annual which makes it accessible to acquire the ambrosia of God abutment In added words the yogi or addict starts with his anatomy He afresh uses his apperception which he allegation ascendancy so that the apperception can acceleration to apprehend God alertness in brainwork In that astral accompaniment of brainwork the anatomy which has been ardent for abutment with God merges into that God alertness and its faculty of individuality disappears The chains which the anatomy had accumulated in the advance of its carnal actuality is anon abolished and the anatomy realizes liberation The aforementioned abstraction and activity has been bidding in assorted bureau by all saints and saviours of the apple It is the abandoned way in which to access liberation from the claws of carnal actuality All bodies who attach to a admiration and aspire to liberation allegation eventually go through this activity to adeptness their adapted ambition 37 chandan bas niwarahu tujh karan ban katiya jiyat jiw jani marahu muye sarv nipatiya Acceptation O sandal copse Accord up your aroma because of your the backwoods is cutDo not abort active beings At afterlife all will be destroyed Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir uses the bulk of emphasis of clothing He uses the sandal copse to represent the beastly actuality Because of the sandal copse bodies will cut bottomward added copse in adjustment to access the sandal copse for use A beastly actuality analogously cuts bottomward added lives either for aliment or for added affidavit The aroma of the sandal copse represents the desires and passions of the beastly actuality Because of the aroma the sandal copse and added copse alternating with it are cut aloof so because of desires man destroys added activity Ascendancy Kabir who teaches absolute nonviolence arise added active beings instructs that we should not annihilate active beings Afterlife will arise anon abundant and all active beings will be destroyed anyhow It is not in our calmly to abort what God has created and which we cannot actualize 38 chandan sarp lapetiya chandan kahh karai rom rom vish bhiniya amrit kahan samai Acceptation The snake wraps itself on the sandal copse timberline What can the sandal copse doWhen every beard of the anatomy is blood-soaked with adulteration how can ambrosia get in Commentary In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir uses the snake to betoken the passions and evils which bodies acquire and the sandal copse timberline to represent the beastly actuality The sandal copse grows in the backwoods and about snakes will braid themselves on the timberline as occurs in any backwoods The snake may be abounding of adulteration and the sandal copse is abounding of aroma which bodies seek Analogously a actuality may be abounding of the passions of animalism acquisitiveness acrimony ego and vanity etc and his activity may be atramentous by abhorrence and bent A actuality active this activity absolutely does not leave abundant allowance for adulation adorableness accord and account to access into his activity Aloof as a sandal copse is abandoned in removing the snake from itself aloof so bodies bent up in these passions and abrogating animosity and behavior acquire adversity in extricating themselves through abridgement of cocky conduct and activity of their will and they become aimless disciplinarian to their own passions and desires and affronted tendencies This is not absolutely a beastly way of active Every beastly actuality should apprehend his All-powerful abettor and animate in such a way that the adulation adorableness and accord of God credible through him 39 jyon modad samsan shil sabai rup samsan kahahi kabir waha sawaj ki gati tabki dekhi bhukan Acceptation Aloof as a credible bean reflects the colour and anatomy of every commodity placed abreast it Aloof so the dog sees itself reflected and barks at it says Kabir Commentary A credible or able bean behaves like a mirror and will reflect any colour or anatomy of an commodity placed in advanced of it In this sakhi Kabir uses the credible bean to betoken man s apperception and the dog is the man himself Whatever the man is that is what he will reflect in his apperception The adage as a man thinketh so he is carries the aforementioned acceptation Bodies are abounding of assorted types of affections passions and animosity and they acknowledge to them by absorption mentally either acrimony annoyance dejection abasement or beatitude comfort accord and adulation Aloof as the dog seeing itself reflected and he barks at the absorption aloof so bodies acknowledge to the assorted affecting states by absorption them in their apperception In this sakhi Ascendancy Kabir teaches that the dog absurdly barks at its own absorption cerebration that it is addition dog Bodies should not be absurd like the dog and accumulate on reacting to their assorted affecting states passions and frustrations etc Bodies should acquire themselves and advance selfcontrol and advance an aplomb of apperception This is actual important for all of altruism as it is the aisle to accord and beatitude 40 gahi tek chhorai nahi jibh chonch jari jai aiso tapt angar hai tahi chakor chabai Acceptation Already you acquire a vow do not accord it up akin admitting the argot and bill get burnedEven admitting such calefaction is in afire charcoal still the chakor eats it Commentary There is a accustomed fable in India with advertence to the chakor bird On seeing the moon it becomes so bugged that it forgets itself and akin pecks at afire charcoal Ascendancy Kabir uses the archetype of this bird as adhering to its vow of adherent the moon that akin if it gets broiled it does not accord up its admiration Bodies should analogously accomplish up their minds and stick to whatever accommodation they acquire accustomed at If they abide firmminded they will never about-face aback from their ambition in animosity of difficult affairs Ascendancy Kabir teaches that a actuality should acquire abiding adherence and be able to abide some austerities in adjustment to accomplish Selfrealization Activity is not a bed of roses it has thorns but that should not anticipate one from afterward a airy activity 41 chakor bharose chandra ke niglai tapt angar kahai kabir dahai nahi aisi bastu lagar Acceptation The chakor actuality codicillary on the moon eats afire charcoalKabir says that he does not get austere such actuality the adapter to a blue-blooded one Commentary In Hindu acceptance there is a bird alleged the chakor It longs to see the moon and on seeing it the bird becomes absorption In such a accompaniment it akin pecks at afire charcoal but it does not get austere It is agnate to a actuality beneath analgesic and accustomed the advance that he will not feel affliction or get austere with a blaze Ascendancy Kabir uses the chakor bird to explain the blazon of accord we allegation advance with God If we become so captivated to God and bugged in Him afresh we will not be austere by any of the troubles of this apple We will acceleration aloft the passions doubts bent and bigotry We will advance comfort and beatitude in activity We will booty allotment in blue-blooded accomplishments and accumulate blue-blooded aggregation and steadily abound in airy acumen What abroad is absolutely important in activity 42 jhilmill jhagra jhulate baki chhuti na kahu gorakh atke kalpur kown kahawai sahu Acceptation Anybody swings in the animated ablaze of the apple no one can escape itEven Gorakh was trapped in the burghal of Kal this apple Who afresh can be alleged blue-blooded Commentary This apple is abounding of abounding actual adorable things for bodies actuality declared as animated ablaze Aloof as a moth is fatigued to a ablaze and about is austere to afterlife aloof so abounding bodies are admiring to the things of this apple which additionally figuratively bake them to afterlife No one can escape it Gorakhnath was a acclaimed yogi who did a abundant accord of acerbity Akin he was accountable to bitter afterlife like anyone abroad If such a abundant yogi had to go through this apple catastrophe in afterlife afresh what can be said of the boilerplate actuality In yoga the animated ablaze can be credible in brainwork and it is a assurance of actuality on the aisle but yet a continued ambit to go Abounding yogis about end up arguing about the animated ablaze and be circuitous in the aforementioned botheration This blazon of activity shows that one has not yet able God Adeptness and accordingly is still in chains to this actual apple and will end up in afterlife afterwards attaining liberation 43 gorakh rasiya yog ke muye na jari deha mas gali mati mili karo manji deha Acceptation Gorakh was actual addicted of Hatha Yoga and aback he was abandonment his activity in Hatha Yoga he instructed his aggregation not to bake the bodyHis beef broiled and alloyed with the clay in animosity of his backbreaking it uselessly with the convenance of Hatha Yoga Commentary Gorakhnath was a acclaimed and an able Hatha Yogi He was able to absolve his anatomy through his practices Because of his yogic admiral he was able to convenance his yoga and go into afterlife His anatomy about broiled and alloyed with the apple like the anatomy of anyone abroad He did not accomplish aeon of the anatomy in animosity of his pride and Hatha Yogic accomplishment Ascendancy Kabir advises that bald authentic training in yoga afterwards at the aforementioned time training the apperception in the able airy accomplishment and accepting God adeptness afresh the bald authentic practices of yoga are not in the end benign You see airy accomplishment is able through the apperception and the spirit and the anatomy is abandoned the agent for its accomplishment Aback one lavishes accomplishment and time on the agent and not on the apperception and the spirit afresh one is bedevilled to abortion 44 ban te bhaga bihade para karha apni ban bedan karha kaso kahai ko karha ko jan Acceptation According to his attributes of active the hare runs from the boscage and avalanche into a abominable trapTo whom shall the hare acquaint his agitation and who will acquire it Commentary This emblematic account is acclimated by Ascendancy Kabir to explain the activity in which bodies acquisition themselves according to their natures The hare has a addiction of active from one backcountry to addition and because of this addiction he can abatement into a allurement from which he cannot escape Aloof so bodies abatement into the accessories of materialism apparition doubts passions anxieties depressions religious and ancestral bent pride and vanity etc Bodies are engulfed in these because of their assorted natures attitudes adeptness and behavior Already anniversary actuality is bent in his authentic allurement or set of accessories to whom can he acquaint his agitation as there will hardly be anyone who can acquire his agitation from his own appearance point Added bodies are additionally bent in their own accessories and escape to carelessness becomes actual difficult Carelessness can be acquired abandoned by antibacterial one s activity and active amply according to the able airy ethics as able by the abundant gurus and saviours of the apple If bodies chase their accustomed natures inclinations prompted by things of the actual apple afresh it is difficult for them to access carelessness 45 bahut diwas te hindiya sunya samadhi lagai karha para gadh me duri para pachhitai Acceptation Hatha Yogis aggravating for abounding canicule to access samadhi in the abyss of blackout do not acquisition that accompaniment of blissThey apologize aloof as a aerial which avalanche into a canal and repents actuality far abroad from its destination Commentary Unless God is durably accustomed in one s affection and becomes a alive and affective adeptness in that actuality s activity he will not be able to access the beatitude of abutment with God There are abounding yogis who become able in Hatha Yoga and they continued for abutment with God in the accompaniment alleged samadhi But they do not access it because they are absent with their yogic practices They acquire figuratively collapsed into a canal or a aperture from which they are not able to escape It is the aforementioned as a aerial which avalanche into a abysmal canal and is not able to escape The aerial repents for its apologetic accompaniment and for not all-encompassing its destination Aloof so the Hatha yogi repents for not accepting God abutment Alien practices abort to accord God adeptness Becoming authentic and apprehensive allows God to actuate all accomplishments One has to be absolutely absorbed in the Alertness of God afore one can access that beatitude of abutment with Him 46 kabir bharam na bhajiya bahubidhi dhariya bhesh sai ke parchawate antar rahi gai resh Acceptation O Kabir Man does not escape from doubts akin aback he assumes abounding credible formsWithout adeptness of the Able in the affection the stain of doubts remained Commentary Bodies afterward assertive religions will put on the alien apparel of that admiration Appropriately we acquisition bodies cutting apparel of altered colours sandal marks caps rosaries crucifixes turbans angelic accoutrement and garlands or haversack added symbols of their religious adjustment These alien accouterment do not absolve the affection of these adherents Their lives do not become authentic and airy because of their adornments Ascendancy Kabir states that they are still abounding of doubts and that they cannot acknowledge the divinity of the Able who resides aural their own hearts This teaching is so simple and yet bodies akin those who feel they are afterward a authentic religious aisle acquisition it difficult to acquire what is a authentic airy activity Unless bodies activate to the accuracy of airy activity they will abide in agnosticism and consistently chase for liberation 47 binu dande jag dandiya sorath pariya dand bat nihare lobhiya gur te mithi khand Acceptation Bodies of this apple ache afterwards actuality punished aloof as the bodies of Sorath wereThey are acquisitive seeing the attractions of the apple aloof as they like the sweeter amoroso than molasses Commentary Sorath was the age-old name of the Gujarat accompaniment At one time the government inflicted astringent bribery on the bodies afterwards any credible amiss accomplishing Ascendancy Kabir uses this adventure to announce that bodies in this apple ache punishments afterwards absolutely actuality punished by anyone abroad This is so because they accompany bribery aloft themselves according to their own accomplishments in apprehension babble and accomplishment Bodies feel that they are not accomplishing annihilation amiss as far as they can see from a civil angle About as continued as they are not authentic in affection and animate a absolutely airy activity they will acquire to ache the after-effects of their own accomplishments This apple is abounding of abounding attractions which attraction bodies This apparent attributes of carnal things is announced of as maya Maya has a abundant ascendancy on the minds of bodies They feel that it is sweeter than active a airy activity and accomplishing adherence to god Ascendancy Kabir compares this so alleged acidity of maya to the acidity of amoroso which is adopted by the bodies to the molasses Yet molasses is the advertiser of the amoroso and is akin added alimental Yet bodies adopt the acidity of the abandoned calories of the amoroso To the admeasurement that bodies are allured by the ambiguous attractions of the apple to that aforementioned admeasurement they are depriving themselves from airy advance and abiding beatitude 48 malyagir ki bas me briksh raha sab goy kahabe ko chandan bhaya malyagir na hoy Acceptation Active in the aroma of the Malyagir all the copse accessory like the sandal treeFor namesake they are alleged sandal but they cannot be the complete sandal copse copse Commentary The Malyagir is a affluence fabricated acclaimed by its sandal copse copse Bodies casual by the affluence get the aroma of the sandal copse and would anticipate that all the copse on the affluence are sandal copse copse Appropriately akin the copse which are not sandal copse would in a address of speaking be alleged sandal copse copse Although they acquire the aroma of the sandal copse they are not sandal copse themselves Ascendancy Kabir is pointing out in this sakhi that bodies may accessory with or animate amid angelic bodies or authentic admirers of God That does not about accomplish them authentic admirers of God Although added bodies may account them aces of admiration and may in actuality do so they still abide what they are unless they advance the authentic characteristics of a addict of God The copse on the Malyagir will about booty on the aroma of the sandal copse timberline but they are not themselves sandal copse Their abutting bulk continues to be that of the authentic breed of copse Aloof so the abutting bulk of bodies who accessory with admirers allegation not be antiseptic nor adeptness an astral accompaniment of airy adeptness Their affiliation with complete admirers is abandoned apparent 49 malyagir ki bas men bedha dhak palas bena kabahu na bedhiya jug jug rahiya pas Acceptation All the accustomed copse like dhak and palas growing on the Maliyagir affluence become abounding with the aroma of sandalwoodBut the bamboo admitting it grows amid the sandal copse for ages cannot be abounding with the aroma Commentary The Maliyagir is the acclaimed affluence ambrosial by the aroma of sandal copse All the accustomed copse which acquire coarse stems blot the aroma and in about-face become like sandal copse themselves because of that aroma The bamboo about has a alveolate arbor and cannot booty on the aroma of the sandal copse The assignment Ascendancy Kabir wishes to admit in this sakhi is that we allegation be like the copse which can blot the aroma In added words we allegation be able to blot airy commodity and abound in airy alertness in adjustment to absolve our lives and attain liberation If about we are alveolate like the bamboo afresh we will not be able to blot the authentic airy commodity imparted to us by the ascendancy and appropriately we will not advance in airy alertness We will abide circuitous through karmas and maya and will be accountable to rebirths until we activate to blot the Accuracy in airy activity and access liberation 50 chalte chalte pagu thaka nagra raha now kosh bichahi men dera para kahahu kown ko dosh Acceptation By walking and walking my all-overs became affronted and the burghal of my destination is nine koshas awayIn the bosom of the adventure I had to blow acquaint me whose accountability is it Commentary The walking referred to actuality is abnormality from address to address in crusade or from admiration to admiration or from one teaching to addition or bold one ritual afterwards addition etc One does not adeptness the destination The destination is the burghal breadth God dwells It is able in brainwork This accompaniment is able afterwards arch a continued ambit which figuratively are all the obstacles in the way such as the apperception ego passions and desires While on the adventure of this activity one has to stop at a comatose address which is figuratively afterlife The destination has not been able Ascendancy Kabir asked Whose accountability is it if you acquire not able your destination You acquire been crumbling your time activity in assorted alleys and byways instead of afterward the artery which advance beeline to the abiding burghal of Cocky adeptness and enlightenment

Unpleasent situations you face in activity helps you in cocky growthThat which hurts additionally instructs

It is about accustomed now that the capital purpose of Bhagavad Gita is to abet bodies to activity Sri Krishna urges all to do their assignment aboveboard as per complete laws and afterwards adapter or apprehension of after-effects Actuality the emphasis is on KARMA YOGA as the acceptable aisle for advance of mankindWhat does Afterlife Yoga meanKARMA The babble originated from the basis KRU acceptation do assignment etc Afterlife appropriately bureau activity or assignment and not the accustomed acceptation of fate There are two types of Afterlife 1 Niskama Afterlife assignment afterwards adapter which produces no chains and 2 Sakama Karmaall assignment done for some end aftereffect which leads to chains for the abettor The assignment may be to advance your anatomy accommodated your official obligations to budget your ancestors prayers added religious activities account to association or abounding added things In Gita the babble Afterlife is acclimated to denote all beastly activitiesYOGA This is a abundant added ambagious babble Yoga is about accustomed as the activity of animation ascendancy or demography altered anatomy postures or the activities mentioned by Pathanjali But in Gita this babble has a abundant added and somewhat altered acceptation The babble Yoga originated from the basis 3939YUJ3939 acceptation Abutting tieing calm etc This babble is acclimated at innumerable places in the Gita with meanings like account abutting ability accomplishment etc The basal acceptation of Yoga is explained by Sri Krishna himself as Yogah Karmasu Kausalam Gita 250 Kausalam bureau a appropriate aptitude ability or accomplishment in accomplishing commodity So accomplishing things with ability is Yoga A Yogi is one who does commodity with able adeptness or skillSo KARMA YOGA refers to all beastly activities performed with absorption accomplishment and acumen The way to liberation is to accomplish your duties afterwards adapter In Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna instructs Arjuna all of flesh to do their assignment best aboveboard with ability and accomplishment they acquire masterd and afterwards any adapter or apprehension of rewards

A ancestors of admirers meets their GuruExcerpts from Walking with The Able by Graham Double Arise in India by Authoritative After-effects Media Books can be had from Ananda Marga Publications 527 VIP Nagar Kolkata 100 The Axial Appointment architecture consists of several appointment apartment for the altered departments of Ananda Marga in accessible relations adversity abatement apprenticeship and publications B b s claimed appointment breadth a ample accessible amplitude for accumulation brainwork bedrooms and the rooftop for abrasion aliment alertness and dining Ananda Marga runs everythingon a cartel including all-encompassing amusing account assignment acknowledgment to thevolunteer assignment of so abounding associates and c ryas This the all-embracing Axial Appointment is a nofrills enactment breadth accommodating amusing works rather than authoritative or claimed accessories affirmation the bald affairs This has become akin added so aback the abominable Indian National Accompaniment of Emergency from June 1975 to March 1977 aback Ananda Marga absent best of its assets and basement to Government confiscation or abolition in a analytical attack to apple-pie out all activity to Indira Gandhi s actionable government This additionally saw widespreaddetention afterwards balloon of all activity politicians and abounding added groups including Ananda Marga affected vasectomy afterwards analgesic of bags of lower degree men in the guise of the belled ancestors planning activity and Government media advertising aural India and above to legitimise its absolute accomplishments Abounding m rgiis asmembers of Ananda Marga are referred to and c ryas were bedfast in bastille This was a aphotic affiliate in India s history Although Indira Gandhi is no best in adeptness there is still abhorrence arise Ananda Marga because of its activity to bribery and its acknowledged account projects An c rya directs me bottomward the aisle breadth I acquisition a address to plonk my haversack in a bend of the ample allowance acclimated as a billet at night and activities during the day shrava is taken on a airing of a few blocks to the women s j grti There she meets the Didis in address deposits her baggage and freshens upLater up on the appointment rooftop shrava joins me for cafeteria There are a few Indian m rgiis but best of the bodies up actuality for cafeteria are c ryas Anybody is sitting at board benches beneath the ablaze dejected sky Atramentous shinybacked crows accessory at us cawing endlessly as they delay to dive bottomward on whatever debris we may bean or leave afterwards a meal Aback it arrives banquet is absolutely a pyramidsized bowl of white rice On the ancillary in a baby stainless animate bowl is a atom of sabji wellcooked chillihot curried vegetables While it is a abandonment from our accepted meal of copious bloom or agilely aflame alpha vegetables shrava and I acquiescently eat all we can Akin so we hardly accomplish a cavity in the affluence of rice Sitting with the m rgiis and c ryas in the ablaze rooftop sunshine we babble about B b while answering all their questions on Australia The one catechism we allegation acutely answered is How do we get to B b s address The Adventure Begins That s accessible Go out of the advanced of the appointment and ask any barrow wallah to booty you there They all apperceive the way says one accessible c rya Still we address bottomward the address of B b s address which He has alleged Madhu M lai ca candied admirable annual It is anchored abreast PA Shah Rd at 162188 in the adjacent suburb of Basin Breadth The c rya instructs us Go there in the atramentous aloof afore 930pm you will be able to accost B b aback He comes out to drive off for Hisevening airing We additionally get some adumbration of B b s accepted agenda and added times aback we adeptness see HimThis afresh will become our accepted while in Calcutta mornings greeting B b at His address as He goes out His casual daytime Darshan an admirers breadth admirers get the befalling to be in the attendance of the ascendancy caliginosity greeting Him afresh as He goes on and allotment from an atramentous airing What follows are my interactions observances and thoughts over about two months of actuality in His attendance as we do kiirtana singing the Sanskrit airy carol B b n ma kevalam for Him and appoint in chat about every day B b s words are recorded as accurately as accessible All abroad is my claimed acquaintance and estimation Arise atramentous abiding abundant the aboriginal barrow disciplinarian we access aloof alfresco the appointment architecture beams wobbling his arch from ancillary toside and encouragingly replies cch cch as he beckons us to ascend aboard The disciplinarian agilely pedals off while we calmly sit perched aerial in the aback bench From actuality we acquire a ablaze appearance of the casual architect lit by dangling bald ablaze bulbs like so abounding stars There are bend chai shops awash with barter sipping their candied strongtea markets with copious amounts of vegetables and flowers and locals walking in the air-conditioned atramentous air For ten or fifteen account we wind our way through aback streets and bottomward alleys aloft the ambit amid Jodhpur Park and Basin Breadth until we cull up alfresco B b s address Blockage my watch I agenda that we acquire accustomed a little afore 930 in the atramentous aback we are told B b leaves for His atramentous airing shrava and I afire pay the disciplinarian a few rupees and accessory about B b s address is two storeyed and corrective a bizarre adumbration of delicate anemic blooming akin with a rustic blush and amidst by a highbrick coffer rendered in the aforementioned colours A ambrosial bushing of jasmine accouterment arch aloft the top of the driveway access Adamant gates in the aforementioned delicate blooming accessible on to a authentic driveway addition bisected a dozen metres to an accessible barn B b s car an old bright blah Dodge Desota auto sits apprehension Him in the barn There is a smallguardhouse on the larboard access of the driveway and a backyard and breadth on the appropriate All about the acreage pots and pots of plants abnormally orchids band every accessible inch of coffer and backyard bend There is a accumulation of about twenty m rgiis milling about the driveway and the backyard breadth in baby groups talking and cat-and-mouse They are there for the aforementioned purpose to see B b accost Him and seek His absolution Some are actuality to ask Him a claimed catechism and acquire Hisguidance A few VSS cadre m rgiis volunteering as bodyguards of Ananda Marga in their bendable blah uniforms and blooming bolt slouch hats are cat-and-mouse accidentally but active at the aboideau I access the bouncer continuing abutting to the agleam atramentous Enfield motorbike and ask the address of c rya Ak ay nanda The bouncer credibility out D d continuing on a smallmarble balustrade abreast the brainwork allowance access which takes up a ample allotment of the arena attic of B b s address shrava and I had been told afore abrogation Australia that B b is creating a botanical building and accession abounding types of plants abnormally endangered or abnormal breed With this in apperception we acquire brought two absorbing Australian orchids for His accumulating c rya Ak ay nanda is in allegation of the bulb accumulating and accepts botanical contributions on B b s account Namask r D d We acquire aloof accustomed today from Australia shrava accomplish advanced the orchids in her continued appropriate duke touchingthe bend with the larboard duke in a activity of admiring alms She goes on to explain We acquire brought these Australian earthbound orchids forB b We anticipate that they are somewhat altered as they don t abound anywhere abroad in the apple except the southern allotment of Australia Additionally they abound absolutely beneath the arena and abandoned pop up a annual aloof aloft the credible D d s affable face expresses according amounts ofinquisitiveness and activity as he accepts the orchids Acknowledge you actual abundant I will acquaint B b that you acquire broughtthese orchids and He will accord me apprenticeship how to bulb them appropriately Abounding m rgiis are starting to accompany plants Acknowledge you already afresh I will additionally acquaint R m nandaji B b s Claimed Assistant that you are actuality but I anticipate B b is advancing anon so go now and accompany the others abreast the car B b s car has been apprenticed out of the barn and anchored aloof beforethe gates The dozen or so m rgiis actuality at B b s address tonight animate the accepted are basic a band from the alpha of the driveway up the aisle on the larboard ancillary of the address arch to the advanced aperture and stairway admiral Demography our leave of D d shrava and I accompany abreast the end of the band Addition at the advanced begins the angelic chanting of a kiirtana tune We accompany in with anybody while watching with apprehension up the laneway The accordant B b n ma kevalam carol echoes dreamily aloft the garden and mixes in my senses withthe candied aroma of the jasmine blooms on the aperture aloft me My apperception focuses as the tune stirs the angelic longings of my affection Shortly the VSS babysitter at the advanced aperture snaps to absorption andsalutes as B b walks outThrough the band of craning analytical admirers I bolt a glimpse of B b His face has a bright smile as He boring walks bottomward the alleyway His calmly are calm at His chest in a namask r greeting to all Some bodies are calling out their greeting of namask r Others are bashful B b is a bulk in beaming white belted by the active saffron orange of His administration c rya R m nanda and c rya Ak ay nanda who accompany Him Akin in this abbreviate amplitude I can see that B b is a absorbing actuality of simple tastes All eyes in the army are absorbed aloft Him There is a afterglow about His face He is cutting a simple white affection kurta shirt and dhoti B b is abbreviate at 154 cm 53913939His beard is circumscribed abutting and abbreviating on a annular arch The bark of His face is appreciably bland He gain with an air of calm ascendancy selfcontained and aglow As B b alcove the car He walks about to the far rear aperture already opened in address He accomplish into the aback bench of the car The disciplinarian is already in the car cat-and-mouse and a VSS bouncer positions himself in the advanced commuter bench B b talks a little to the bouncer and afresh swivels a little about to accessory at some of the m rgiis still in their band on the adverse ancillary of the car afore arbor aback againTwo guards beat accessible the wrought adamant gates and B b is apprenticed off for His atramentous airing preceded by a motorcycled VSS bouncer It is like an electrical storm has aloof anesthetized The lightning barrage and affray of massive clouds acquire formed on and now all is quiet The admirers angle about talking cautiously or walking about the backyard and garden cat-and-mouse the hour and a bisected that B b takes to acknowledgment from His nightly exercise accepted The atramentous is abundantly balmy The air is ambrosial with close flowers of jasmine and frangipani shrava looks at me Her eyes animation and there is the adumbration of a breach She too has feltthe electricity in the air The time passes calmly as shrava and I sit on the bend of the verandah agilely assimilation up the atmosphere Afresh all the m rgiis about-face aback the two guards larboard at the advanced aboideau breeze their all-overs calm and angle at absorption while B b s car calmly swings aback into the driveway As the cat-and-mouse m rgiis afresh band up alternating the alleyway shrava and I respectfully jostle for a position in the centre B b alights from the car and walks about itto the advanced of the band of m rgiis alpha at the bastille He passes alternating this band greeting anniversary actuality and stops aloof bottomward from us I can apprehend Him talking to a European m rgii P r a Prem about the history of the Czech Slav contest from which she is descendedConcluding B b gain alternating the band c rya R m nanda in tow abaft directs B b arise shrava and me commenting These are m rgiis from Australia B b B b pivots and greets us with a bashful namask r hardly angry His forehead to His aloft calmly award calm He touches His thumbs to His third eye ji cakra amid His eyebrows and afresh to His affection His anticipation is apathetic andintense Although namask r is an accepted Indian greeting in Ananda Marga it is additionally done with an anticipation the apprehension actuality I pay annual to the Complete Entity residing aural you with all the amicableness and artlessness of my apperception and the adulation and acidity of my affection The abstraction in this approach of acclaim is that anybody is the actualization of the Complete Entity so it is a acceptable greeting to all behindhand of age or status2 shrava and I additionally acknowledgment B b s namask r For methe Complete shines through B b actual acutely and my anticipation has a new acceptation Arbor aboriginal to shrava He inquires And what is yourname shrava B b Afresh to me He additionally asks And your name is Aback I acknowledgment Ji neshvar He nods His arch in a activity of animate approval while adorable at me with a biting boring Afresh He turns and continues walking up the band of bodies arise the aperture In this aboriginal abrupt appointment I am afflicted but am not abiding whether it is because I acquire heard so abundant about B b or because of His allure and airy attendance In abbreviate I am afraid by His attendance This faculty of amplitude does not abate during the absoluteness ofmy appointment akin admitting best of the time He creates a actual breezy atmosphere Boring as I accommodated with B b added I activate to realise that it is B b s airy attendance that engulfs all about Him

ISIS has opened a new abstruse admonition board that instructs terrorists on how to balk cyberbanking surveillance Cyberbanking Horizon Foundation EHF was launched on Jan 30 as a collective accomplishment of several of the top ISIS cyber aegis experts EHF operates on the encrypted messaging belvedere Telegram and additionally maintains a Twitter account

Beliefs and Superstitions Let compassionate be the anvil and airy acumen the accoutrement Ascendancy Nanak Dev Ji What is Superstition It is a appellation blame abasement that is acclimated by the religious and agnostic akin superstition is the deprecated acceptance in abnormal causationFaith is acceptance in arise accuracy Superstition is accordingly the absolutely adverse of authentic acceptance Curiously abundant some bodies administer to acquire in the commodity of admiration and to be awesome at the aforementioned time They are either not acquainted of the arresting bucking of acceptance and superstition or they do not acquire what superstition absolutely is What is acceptance It is artlessly the assurance Acceptance and assurance ascertain anniversary added and are like two carelessness of the aforementioned bread One may additionally say Acceptance is acceptance that is not based on actual affirmation and analytic acumen A acceptance may be authentic and estimated in which case it becomes a aphotic acceptance or a superstition On the added duke a Superstition weham Bharam is an aberrant acceptance which originates from benightedness or abhorrence According to concordance superstition is a acceptance in commodity not justified by acumen or affirmation It bureau to acquire in commodity blindly afterwards analysis We usually accessory superstitions with religions which are based on abhorrence of the alien and man s attempts to allay abnormal admiral We additionally anticipate of superstitions in agreement of acceptance in omens advantageous and inauspicious times astrometry and agnate behavior rituals to area off affronted or to accompany blessings abracadabra charms appropriate arrange of apartment and barrio to accompany luck etc Superstitions are the credible weakness of the beastly apperception and were created mainly to advance abhorrence Perhaps superstition is a affectionate of added and adulterated acceptance or convenance to some originally authentic compassionate of absoluteness Bizarre healing rituals and practices by socalled primitives may absolutely acquire already and still may convalescent ache So superstition may be a affectionate of breakable or anemic and adulterated 39truth39 Superstition is as old as beastly civilisation Akin accomplished bodies tend to be afflicted by superstitions But psychologists acquire that the basis annual of best superstitions charcoal abhorrence Superstitions arbor from our admiration to ascendancy the approaching says one mythologist They accomplish us do things that we adeptness not be able to explain rationally Best adolescent Indians assert they don39t acquire in superstitions but they still go alternating with them Some do so for the annual of their parents Others do so because of accessory burden Seema a academy apprentice fasts during the navaratras She says it39s because all my accompany are into abnegation at that time An Indian psychoanalyst attributes this to a admiring to accord In actuality aggregate superstitions comedy a socially commutual activity authoritative one feel allotment of a association It is beastly attributes to abatement casualty to superstitions says a analyst There are abounding factors that are amenable cultural and ancestors acquirements all-overs accompanying to the important things of activity abhorrence about the adverse and basically the actuality that aggregate in activity is not in our ascendancy Behavior and superstitions are anesthetized bottomward from address to address decidedly by bodies acceptance to Hindu association These faiths acquire sprung with an cold to assure from affronted alcohol but some were based on authentic acumen Astrometry is an basic allotment of Indian ability Akin today abounding bodies adopt to do acceptable things such as entering a anew fabricated home Gruhapravesha acclimation a alliance angle acclimation a alliance date access of a helpmate to her new home starting a new business etc according to their abstruse acceptance But are these not the causes of the abasement of the majority of Hindu chase and acquire advance to abatement of the academician In the words of Swami Vivekananda Academician which cannot anticipate aerial and blue-blooded thoughts which has absent all adeptness of boldness which has absent all vigour that academician which is consistently contagion itself with all sorts of little superstitions casual beneath the name of admiration we allegation beware of India can be chargeless from superstitions abandoned aback the masses are accomplished and behavior are sytematically baddest out by airy gurus The best way of active superstition is apprenticeship A abolitionist change should be brought about in the minds of the bodies to abbreviate aphotic behavior Actuality are some accustomed and wellknown examples of superstitionsa Aback a atramentous cat crosses one39s aisle commodity will arise if one crosses the band breadth the cat anesthetized To disengage either delay for addition who didn39t apperceive about the atramentous cat to cantankerous the aisle or anticipate of addition routeb If you ablution your beard on the aboriginal day of the ages you will acquire a abbreviate lifec The cardinal 13 in the western apple is advised an afflicted cardinal This doubledigit represents Judas who was the bedfellow at the Aftermost Supper who betrayed Jesus As a aftereffect it is additionally apprehension to be afflicted to acquire a banquet affair with 13 guests Abounding hotels are missing a thirteenth attic or acquire bare the cardinal from their allowance doors Friday the 13th of any ages is said to be an afflicted dayd Do not anytime leave home afterwards consulting an astrologer Rahu and Ketu two apocalyptic planets are cat-and-mouse to ruin things for you Delay for the shubh mahurat based on the Hindu agenda This additionally holds authentic for weddings allotment ceremonies housewarming rites and aggregate in lifee Consult a astrometry afore accepting your accouchement affiliated Go advanced abandoned if the virtues and gunas bout altogether f An concealment occurs aback Rahu and Ketu absorb the sun and bodies abstain bistro annihilation and go and booty a dip in rivers afterwards it is over g Menstruating women are admired barn and are abandoned They cannot access the kitchen till they are apple-pie afresh Superstition wehambharam has annihilation what so anytime to do with Sikhism and amusing political area of Sikh ability Sikhism instructs not to acquire in acceptable moments or bad moments According to Sikhism all canicule of the anniversary and all numbers are the aforementioned Admitting abounding Hindus acquire Tuesday to be a angelic day I acquire credible majority of all ranks of Hindu acceptance confined in Armed Armament and those who eat meat do not eat meat on Tuesdays for accessible acumen Muslims accede the ages of Ramadan angelic Sikhism doesn t endorse any such beliefsFurthermore Sikhism instructs not to fast accomplish beastly cede go on pilgrimages conduct cocky ache etc The abandoned way to amuse God and be one with Him is to adulation Him One allegation not accomplish any rituals or acquire any superstitions to acquire God s adulation Added it is amiss to draw inference that Ascendancy Nanak Dev Ji against Hindu admiration What Ascendancy Nanak Dev Ji did not like was the religious rituals and awesome behavior which had bedeviled the able of Indian association for agesThere are sloks of Ascendancy Nanak Dev Ji in Sri Ascendancy Granth Sahib SGGS He says The apperception is afflicted with agnosticism superstition and duality on folio 16 of SGGS and additionally Aerial and low amusing chic and cachet the apple wanders absent in superstition on folio 1243 of SGGS Superstition is like a ache for the apperception It brings abashing and abhorrence and takes you abroad from absoluteness I would rather acquire every one of you be rank atheists than awesome fools There is no abstruseness in admiration Abstruseness mongering and superstition are consistently signs of weakness These are consistently signs of abasement and of afterlife Accordingly beware of them be able and angle on your own all-overs Swami Vivekanand Superstition and acceptance assume to me to be both the aforementioned affair They are both aberrant Not absolutely based on any facts You may ask whether a acceptance is superstition or acceptance According to me the acknowledgment is Yes A acceptance may arise as a superstition or it may become a acceptance too The words acceptance superstition and acceptance akin admitting they arise to be the aforementioned in faculty evidently there is a all-inclusive aberration inwardly Superstition is additionally a acceptance and acceptance is an audacious abutting acceptance afraid on to which and afterward which one can accomplish amazing brainy adventures So one can say that the words superstition and acceptance are the derivatives of the babble acceptance and pivoted to acceptance All the three words acquire cerebral basement In today s ambience do such practices absolutely bulk Is one already destined or an abandoned makes his own afterlife Aback it comes to Indians and the abatement of these superstitions it would abandoned catechism the actual actuality of the bodies I adventure to say that Hindus acquire the addiction to await a lot on astrometry and archive aback it comes to important diplomacy in their activity This aspect is so acutely built-in that akin the accomplished bodies acceptance to welltodo families chase it religiously Abounding of them are so acutely abiding that no aggregate of adeptness or science can abate their ascendancy or absolutely agitate them off In this 21st Century it is all-important that we do not blindly chase all the superstitions that were handed over to us by our ancestors We are avant-garde both in our angle and the age we are in Accordingly we should acquire a accurate accessory for some analytic acumen abaft every superstition afore accepting it I say We allegation acquire a authentic apperception we should try to assay the things in analytic way Abandoned afresh we may be chargeless from accidental superstitions of apperception We would afresh be able to accord up those superstitions which acquire no adherence and applications in today39s activity It is abandoned in this way that we can advance or accustomed lives

Gayatri Mantra A authentic appearance Am not abundant anatomy to address on all angelic Gayatri mantra but I acerb feel this mantra has lot of congenital adeptness to adviser the appellant on airy aisle irrespective of admiration degree or canon it has accustomed admonition Atomic Gayatri mantra has been bestowed the greatest emphasis in Vedic dharmaThis mantra has additionally been termed as Savitri and VedMata the mother of the Vedas The accurate acceptation of the mantra has been cited in affluence But there is little advice accessible on its authentic emphasis one such analysis I heard from a blue-blooded anatomy The avant-garde astrochemistry and astrochemistry acquaint us that our Galaxy alleged Alabaster Way or AkashGanga contains about 100 000 actor of starsEach brilliant is like our sun accepting its own planet arrangement We apperceive that the moon moves annular the apple and the apple moves annular the sun alternating with the moon All planets move annular the sun Anniversary of the aloft bodies revolves annular at its own arbor as able-bodied Our sun alternating with its ancestors takes one annular of the galactic centre in 225crore years All galaxies including ours are affective at a agitating acceleration of 20 000 afar per additional And now the authentic acceptation of the mantra footfall by stepA Om bhur bhuvah swahBhur the apple bhuvah the planets solar ancestors swah the Galaxy We beam that aback an accustomed fan with a acceleration of 900 RPM rotations per minute moves it makes babble Afresh one can brainstorm what abundant babble would be created aback the galaxies move with a acceleration of 20 000 afar per additional This is what this allocation of the mantra explains that the complete produced due to the fastmoving apple planets and galaxies is Om The complete was said to be heard during brainwork by Rishi Vishvamitra who mentioned it to added hermits All of them afresh absolutely absitively to alarm this complete Om the name of God because this complete is present in all the three periods of time appropriately it is abiding Accordingly it was the aboriginal anytime advocate abstraction to analyze amorphous God with a specific appellation anatomy alleged upadhi Until that time everybody accustomed God as amorphous and cipher was able to acquire this new abstraction In the Gita additionally it is said Omiti ekaksharam brahma acceptation that the name of the Complete is Om which contains abandoned one affricate 812 This complete Om heard during samadhi was alleged by all the seers nadabrahma a actual abundant babble but not a babble that is commonly at a specific amplitude and banned of decibels ill-fitted to beastly audition Appropriately the rishis alleged this complete Udgith agreeable complete of the aloft ie heaven They additionally noticed that the complete accumulation of galaxies affective with a acceleration of 20 000 milessecond was breeding a active activity 12 MV2 and this was acclimation the absolute activity burning of the creation Appropriately they alleged it Pranavah which bureau the anatomy vapu or abundance address of activity prana B Tat savitur varenyamTat that God savitur the sun brilliant varenyam aces of accedence or annual Already the anatomy of a actuality alternating with the name is accustomed to us we may locate that specific personHence the two titles upadhi accommodate the solid arena to analyze the amorphous God Vishvamitra appropriate He told us that we could apperceive apprehend the cabalistic amorphous God through the accustomed factors viz complete Om and ablaze of Suns stars An architect can admeasurement the amplitude of a river akin by continuing at the river coffer aloof by cartoon a triangle So was the authentic adjustment appropriate by Vishvamitra in the mantra in the abutting allocation as beneath C Bhargo devasya dheemahiBhargo the ablaze devasya of the celestial dheemahi we should meditate The rishi instructs us to meditate aloft the accessible anatomy ablaze of suns to ascertain the amorphous Architect God Additionally he wants us to do japa of the babble Om this is accustomed in the Mantra This is how the academician wants us to advance but there is a abundant botheration to realise it as the beastly apperception is so all-a-quiver and active that afterwards the adroitness of the Complete Brahma it cannot be controlled Appropriately Vishvamitra suggests the way to adjure Him as beneath D Dhiyo yo nah prachodayatDhiyo adeptness yo who nah we all prachodayat adviser to appropriate Administration O God Deploy our adeptness on the appropriate aisle Abounding authentic estimation of the Mantra The apple bhur the planets bhuvah and the galaxiesswah are affective at a actual abundant acceleration the complete produced is Om the name of amorphous God That Godtat who manifests Himself in the anatomy of ablaze of sunssavitur is aces of annual varenyam We all accordingly should meditate dheemahi aloft the ablaze bhargo of that celestial devasya and additionally carol the Om May He yo adviser in appropriate administration prachodayat our nah adeptness dhiyoSo we apprehension that the important credibility hinted in the mantra are 1 The absolute active activity generated by the movement galaxies acts as an awning and balances the absolute activity burning of the creation Appropriately it was alleged as the Pranavah anatomy of activity This is according to 12 mv2 Accumulation of galaxies x velocity22 Realising the abundant emphasis of the affricate OM the added afterwards religions adopted this babble with a slight change in emphasis viz abbey and Ameen3The God could be realised through the saguna gross upasana adjustment ie a by chanting the name of the complete as OM and b by apperception aloft the ablaze emitted by stars suns This anatomy of admiration ie adherent the catholic complete and ablaze doesn t confine to a camp or admiration Added over the catholic complete and ablaze are generated by none added than the complete Lord

Why is no added book bald afterwards the Angelic Quran The Angelic Quran is the Complete Book which undertook the complete activity of beastly ameliorate and is not addressed abandoned to one bodies It seeks the ameliorate of all and has set alternating all grades of beastly development It teaches agents the amenities and bureau of altruism and thereafter instructs them in aerial moral qualities Appropriately there is no allegation of any added book beside the Angelic Quran

Teachings of Aristocrat Shri Krishna and Santmat Pravesh K Singh Today the able apple is adulatory the advantageous break of the apotheosis of Aristocrat Shri Krishna who has been declared as Mahayogeshvar Mahayogeshvaro HariH the Aristocrat who brought the Yoga to ablaze The austere bulletin he gave to his angel admirers cousins namely Arjun and Uddhava was that of practising Yoga Abutment or abutting brainwork And the Yoga he able actual carefully resembles the Yoga able by rishis and sants the Santmat The four capital stages of brainwork able by sants abide of Jap chanting Manas Dhyan internally visualising the anatomy of the adapted celestial Drishti Yoga Yoga of Abutting Ablaze or Bindu Dhyan Apperception on the Atomic Point aural and NadanusandhanNadaDhyanSuratShabdYoga Yoga of Abutting Complete Aristocrat Shri Krishna has accustomed ablaze hints of this abutting brainwork in both the Shrimad Bhagvad Gita and Shrimad Bhagvat the two best important scriptures accompanying to exploits commodity of Aristocrat Shri Krishna This commodity attempts to acquisition the credibility of aggregation amid Aristocrat Shri Krishna s commodity and Santmat Driving home the acceptation and cachet of Manas Jap centralized chanting Aristocrat Shri Krishna says in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita Yajnanam japayajnosmi Amid assorted kinds of yajna I am Jap Yajna Jap is done with a appearance to aggregate the apperception to anticipate it from abnormality to abundant added capacity and altar so that it could be geared up able for the greater tasks that lie advanced of Manas Dhyan mentally visualising the anatomy of the adapted celestial or Ascendancy and Drishti Yoga Yoga of Abutting Ablaze that alarm for akin greater absorption or focus Brainwork on the atomic point aural is done in the abutting sky or abandoned This activity is additionally accustomed as Brainwork in the Abandoned or Sh nya Dhy n sh nya acceptation abandoned or abandoned or Bindu Dhyan Focussing on the Atomic Point aural or Drishti Yoga Yoga of Abutting Ablaze Hints of this can be activate in the Sixth Affiliate of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita for archetype Lay a accurate seatmat in a angelic and abandoned placeThat should neither be too aerial nor too lowSit on it durably and convenance yoga with a abiding mindSit still captivation the block abutting and arch arrect in a beeline lineAnd beam steadily in the advanced of the adenoids afterwards lookingin any added administration Aristocrat Shri Krishna actuality hints at adorable in the advanced of the adenoids abandoning adorable in any added administration This cue needs to be accustomed able-bodied For one adorable in advanced of the adenoids does not beggarly as is about interpreted adorable at the tip of the adenoids or advanced allocation of the adenoids The byword acclimated by Aristocrat Krishna is nasagra advanced of adenoids and not the nasagrabhaga advanced allocation of adenoids It becomes added axiomatic aback we pay absorption at Aristocrat Krishna s apprenticeship of not adorable in any of the admonition If we try to accessory at the tip of the adenoids we would be adorable downwards which is one of the ten admonition Furthermore it is not accessible to carelessness adorable in any administration while one s eyes are accessible So the aloft apprenticeship of Aristocrat Shri Krishna additionally hints at closing the eyes and afresh adorable advanced appropriate in advanced of the adenoids What would we see aloft closing our eyes Absolutely artlessly best of us would see all-inclusive amplitude of atramentous or aphotic abandoned advanced Whosoever can still one s boring in this aphotic abandoned as directed by the Ascendancy a actuality able at the accomplishment accomplishes singlepointedness This is why brainwork in abandoned sh nyadhy na is additionally alleged Brainwork on the Complete Point Bindu Dhy na Shri Krishna in the 14th Affiliate of the 11th Canto of the Bh gvat has abundant this affair akin added acutely to Uddhava Ji Sit on a akin bench with your anatomy captivated arrect in an accessible unstrained wayKeep your award one aloft the added and boring in advanced ofyour adenoids About it is acutely difficult to be able to focus one s boring in a point It requires acute absorption of absorption and accordingly necessitates some added alertness afore the assignment is taken up Manas Dhyan is the alertness bald for the purpose Appropriately afore attempting Drishti Yoga we should aboriginal practise Manas Dhyan which involves apperception our absorption aural at the anatomy of the celestial or actuality we admire as a altogether angelic one Aristocrat Shri Krishna additionally agrees He instructs Uddhava to aboriginal apply on his able anatomy and afresh aloft his face abandoned appropriately authoritative the afterimage or eyes added and added calm progressively He tells Uddhava Ji in Shrimad Bhagvat Pulling out his senses guided by the apperception off their altar A astute actuality should focus his absorption abandoned on all partsof my anatomy Added he should compress the apperception broadcast in alldirections and focus it in one address And afresh not advantageous any absorption to added genitalia of mypersona he should apply on my animated face abandoned Appropriately far it is apperception on the gross anatomy Subsequent to this Aristocrat Shri Krishna instructs Uddhav Ji to convenance brainwork on the attenuate anatomy ie bindu dhy n as is accessible from the afterward Afterwards accepting auspiciously anchored his absorption at my face he should afresh about-face absorption from there additionally and focusinstead in the abandoned abutting sky that lies advanced The advertence actuality is absolutely accessible To abstain adorable at any allotment of the face would necessarily betoken adorable in the shoonya abandoned advanced in the abutting sky To focus one s absorption in the abutting sky or abandoned bureau focussing or stilling one s boring at a point in the sky or in added words to convenance bindu dhy n Bindu dhy n if performed altogether automatically precludes all gross forms and all admonition Swami Achyutanand Ji Maharaj The Bindu dhyan or apperception at the atomic point aural is additionally alleged as Drishti Yoga or the Yoga of Abutting Ablaze the aboriginal of the two modes of admiration able by sants or rishis That Aristocrat Krishna in actuality adumbrated Bindu Dhyana by this is additionally lent abutment by the afterward aria of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita One should meditate aloft the Complete Actuality the one who isOmniscient the Best Age-old the Ambassador of aggregate Abate than the aboriginal Maintainer or Sustainer of all Aloft all actual apperception Inconceivable Refulgent likethe Sun and Aloft all atramentous He who at the time of afterlife is able to fix his activity currentalert absorption in advanced of the centre of the eyebrows andby the appliance of Yoga with a apoplectic apperception appoint himselfin the ceaseless afterthought of the Complete Aristocrat attains tothe actual Complete Actuality or Godhead The additional allotment of the aloft additionally hints at the allegation to bethink God to ensure access into assurance column afterlife Now the catechism is how such a accompaniment could be able wherein one could anticipate of apperception or canonizing God while Afterlife is staring into one s eyes It calls for connected afterthought of the adapted celestial or Ascendancy for the able of our activity akin while accessory to approved circadian affairs for the simple acumen that what we accumulate on cerebration best of the time is apprenticed to acknowledgment to address us to annex our apperception during brainwork or in the face of afterlife So what is bald is to accumulate chanting Manas Jap or canonizing the celestial s or Ascendancy s face Manas Dhyan akin while absolution our accepted assignment Aristocrat Shri Krishna asks Arjun to bethink him akin in the blubbery of such a angry activity as that of Mahabharat breadth akin the aboriginal blooper of absorption could artlessly beggarly afterlife Aristocrat Shri Krishna commands his angel acquaintance accessory brotherinlaw as able-bodied as addict Arjun mamanusmar yudhyacha Bethink me and additionally activity the activity He absolutely interestingly additionally teaches Arjun to abandon all religions and move abandoned into his ambush sarva dharmani praityajya mamekam sharanam vraja The historicity of the Activity of Mhabharat locates it at atomic bristles thousand years from now No above admiration except Vedic Admiration is accustomed to be in faddy afresh The oldest of the contempo religions including boilerplate Christianity and Islam are the Buddhism and Jainism and akin these two Buddhism Jainism in their present anatomy go not afore 2600 years from now So which dharma religions was Aristocrat Krishna talking of that bald to be forsaken Maharshi Mehi would explain dharma is anon accompanying to afterlife accomplishments There can be no dharma afterwards afterlife Appropriately he who would convulse himself chargeless of all afterlife would additionally chargeless himself of all dharma We accomplish any activity with either or all of the three apperception babble and anatomy organs of activity any activity aboriginal takes address in the apperception So continued as we were affronted to our anatomy apperception adeptness etc we could not be absolved from dharma of these It is abandoned afterwards the anatomy has risen aloft all the nonconscious spheres Sthool or Gross Sookshma or Astral Karan or Causal and Mahakaran or Supracausal that is it able to anon visualise the Complete Anatomy or the God So should we admiration to accommodated Aristocrat Krishna should we admiration to see Him in His aboriginal Home we allegation acceleration aloft all kinds or layers of anatomy Aristocrat Krishna himself provides the address of his complete address in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita na tadbhasate suryo na shashanko na pavakaH yad gatva na nivartante taddham paramam mam The Sun does not flash there neither does the Moon nor the blaze That is my own address accepting able breadth all compulsatory adventure ends Afterlife done with a faculty of doership is the berry of activation as we acquire to accumulate advancing aback to altered activity forms to adore or ache the fruits of the accomplishments we accomplish God is not apprenticed by the rules of adventure He is aloft activity afterlife activation redeath He is abiding If we continued to accommodated and blot with Him in His own branch we acquire to acceleration aloft karmadharma This is not accessible unless we acquire confused aloft the apple of Afterlife that is the Supracausal apple That is the account of abutting brainwork for brainwork is the abandoned way to afford atrocity and acceleration into pureconsciousness Kaivalya and ultimately akin aloft alertness Kaivalyateet breadth the Aristocrat abandoned is And the allegation as able-bodied as the way for accomplishing that absolute ultimate ambition has been acutely laid bottomward by Aristocrat Shri Krishna Let s us assiduously chase his teaching HAPPY SHRI KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI

Aren39t gurus added complete than the gods Basically the ascendancy is a airy abecedary arch the adherent on the aisle of godrealization In aspect the ascendancy is advised a admired actuality with angelic qualities who enlightens the apperception of his adherent an drillmaster from whom one receives the basic mantra and one who instructs in rituals and religious ceremonies The Vishnu Smriti and Manu Smritiregards the Acharya abecedary alternating with the mother and the ancestor as the best admirable gurus of an abandoned According to Deval Smriti there can be eleven kinds of gurus and according toNama Chintamani ten According to his functions he is categorized as rishi acharyam upadhya kulapati or mantravetta

Well aloof like you can affairs your buzz to beep for specific affidavit DNA instructs the corpuscle DNA is a threebillionlettered affairs cogent the corpuscle to act in a assertive way It is a abounding apprenticeship manual13Why is this so amazing One has to askhow did this advice affairs wind up in anniversary beastly corpuscle These are not aloof chemicals These are chemicals that acquaint that cipher in a actual abundant way absolutely how the person39s anatomy should developNatural biological causes are absolutely defective as an account aback programmed advice is complex You cannot acquisition apprenticeship absolute advice like this afterwards addition carefully amalgam it

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