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This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” May 20, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Greg took my line. Thanks, Jesse. Acceptable evening, I’m Bret Baier. Breaking tonight, alloyed letters about the reopening of America. A new assay indicates added than eight in 10 Americans are afraid that beneath regulations will beggarly added infections.

Meanwhile, the activity Admiral Trump calls a alteration to abundance rolls on with ample abutment on the ground. But there could be a block on the abutting annular of aldermanic assistance.

Chief White Abode contributor John Roberts, starts us off tonight from the Arctic Lawn. Acceptable evening, John.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Bret, acceptable evening, to you. Aloof a few account ago, Admiral Trump, absolute that he will go off of his dosing of hydroxychloroquine on Friday. That would mark 14-day aback the aftermost case of coronavirus was articular in the West Wing. There acquire been no new ones aback then.

And while the president’s altercation with the accompaniment government of Michigan continues, he aloof completed a abundant added effective chat with a bipartisan duo of governors.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Acknowledge you absolute much.

ROBERTS: In the Cabinet Allowance today, Admiral Trump affair with the governors of Arkansas and Kansas, both states in the aboriginal stages of reopening.

TRUMP: The states are aperture up, some rapidly, safely, and we attending advanced to that. And I anticipate we’re activity to get back, we’re activity to acquire some absolute acceptable numbers, I project. I anticipate that we will acquire a abundant alteration period.

ROBERTS: The tensions over re-openings on affectation in Florida today. Welcoming Carnality Admiral Mike Pence, Governor Ron DeSantis activity off on the media.

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): You got a lot of bodies in your profession who waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was activity to be aloof like New York. Wait two weeks. Well, hell, we’re eight weeks abroad from that, and it hasn’t happened.

ROBERTS: With all 50 states now in some amount of rebooting, a new Associated Columnist poll finds 83 percent of respondents afraid that reopening will advance to new infections in their areas.

But abutment for connected restrictions is slipping. 69 percent of respondents now acknowledging a ban on gatherings of added than 10 bodies bottomward from 82 percent aftermost month.

But as states accessible up added beyond biking lanes may anon close. Carnality Admiral Mike Pence, adage new biking bans may be imposed.

MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re watching absolute anxiously what’s demography abode in South America, including in Brazil. We saw in contempo days, it was a cogent fasten in cases and president’s fabricated it bright that we were because added biking restrictions.

ROBERTS: Admiral Trump today afresh lashing out at the government of Michigan. This time, tweeting that the secretary of accompaniment had mailed out absentee ballots to 7.7 actor people, claiming this was done illegally and afterwards allotment by a rogue secretary of state.

After Jocelyn Benson’s office, said it was commitment acclamation applications and not absolute ballots, the admiral revised his tweet. But connected to assert it was illegal. To which Benson replied, poppycock.

JOCELYN BENSON, SECRETARY OF STATE, MICHIGAN: The CARES Act allotment enabled us and my colleagues, Republican and Democrat in added states to mail applications to voters to appeal to vote by mail. So, we’re beholden for that federal partnership.

ROBERTS: The blackmail to abstain allotment comes as Michigan is ambidextrous with addition crisis, all-encompassing calamity from two dams that collapsed. Admiral Trump would not say what funds ability be withheld, nor what he anticipation was illegal. Admitting it’s bright he opposes accumulation commitment ballots.

TRUMP: Mail-in ballots are absolute alarming as amazing artifice complex and amazing illegality.


ROBERTS: Established case law in Michigan has begin that it is actionable for the secretary of accompaniment or bounded clerks to accelerate out unsolicited absentee acclamation applications. Admitting it’s accessible that Benson could affirmation because she’s mailed them to all 7.7 actor registered voters in the Accompaniment of Michigan, there could not be any adumbration of bias.

This is one of those cases, Bret that could able-bodied be absitively with a cruise to the courts.

BAIER: John Roberts, alive in the Arctic Lawn. John, thanks. We’ll chase that.

We are acquirements added accommodation tonight about an e-mail from above Obama administering official Susan Rice, apropos Russia and the admission civic aegis adviser Lt. Accepted Michael Flynn.

Supporters of the admiral are painting it as added affidavit of abuses in the Russia probe. Contributor Gillian Turner has the latest tonight.


TRUMP: Now arrives the hour of action.

GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: 15 account into his admiral as Donald Trump was acclamation the nation, the approachable Civic Aegis Adviser Susan Rice accurate an Oval Appointment affair in which Admiral Obama, James Comey, and added admiral discussed Accepted Michael Flynn.

Now, Rice is accusation aback adjoin allegations the civic aegis aggregation breach handled apropos they had about Admiral Trump’s admission NSA. In a account to Fox News, a agent for Ambassador Rice, says that she was directed to address that January 20th, 2017 e-mail.

As has been advanced accurate by Rice’s attorney, she wrote this announcement in acknowledgment to a appeal from White Abode Counsel. Rice’s agent insists the Obama aggregation had accepted counterintelligence apropos about Flynn’s communications with Russia, including the cardinal of interactions he had with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

In her e-mail, Rice writes, “President Obama said he wants to be abiding that as we accredit with the admission team, were alert to ascertain if there’s any acumen that we cannot allotment admonition fully.”

But Rice’s agent insists those apropos didn’t appulse their efforts to allotment admonition with Flynn. “Ambassador Rice abreast Michael Flynn for over 12 hours, and led the NSC in advancing and carrying to him over 100 abstracted conference memos.”

Yesterday, acting Intel Chief Ric Grinell declassified Rice’s clandestine e- mail. Prompting key Republicans to catechism why it was classified in the aboriginal place.

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): The aboriginal anticipation aback I — aback I apprehend that declassified e-mail was why in the apple was that anytime classified?

TURNER: Assorted sources accustomed with allocation practices acquaint Fox News, Rice’s e-mail was clandestine because it arise that Russian Ambassador Kislyak was beneath U.S. surveillance.


TURNER: The big catechism now is why White Abode Counsel’s Appointment directed Ambassador Rice to certificate that Oval Appointment meeting? And sources that are accustomed with White Abode Admonition Appointment operations in this administering and antecedent administrations acquaint us that blazon of appeal is absolutely abnormal but it is not, Bret, unprecedented. Bret.

BAIER: Gillian, acknowledge you.

Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo is adamantly abstinent that he recommended battlefront the accompaniment department’s absolute babysitter in backfire for investigations into Pompeo’s conduct.

State Administering contributor affluent Edson has been attractive to this, has the latest tonight. Acceptable evening, Rich.

RICH EDSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Hey, acceptable evening, Bret. And Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo denies aggravating to derail investigations by accepting Admiral Trump blaze the Accompaniment Administering Ambassador Accepted Steve Linick. And said, Pompeo, says he should acquire approved to advance Linick out alike earlier.


MIKE POMPEO, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE: There are claims that this was for a backfire for some assay that the ambassador general’s appointment actuality was affianced in. It’s clearly false. I acquire no faculty of what investigations were demography abode axial the ambassador general’s office.

EDSON: Now, Pompeo acknowledges one exception. Beforehand this year, he says he responded to Linick’s questions in autograph about one investigation. And assay into whether the Trump administering bankrupt the law aftermost year, affairs weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This morning, the secretary targeted one of the Democrats criticizing him, Senator Bob Menendez.

POMPEO: I don’t get my belief admonition from a man who was criminally prosecuted a case cardinal 15-155 in New Jersey federal commune court. A man for whom his Senate colleagues, bipartisan, said basically that he was demography bribes.


EDSON: In response, Menendez says, “Secretary Pompeo now faces an assay into both this abnormal battlefront and into his attack to awning up his inappropriate and possibly actionable actions. The actuality that Secretary Pompeo is now aggravating aberration approach by attempting to apply me is as anticipated as it is shameful.”

EDSON: Now, Pompeo refuses to accord accommodation accurately as to why he recommended Admiral Trump blaze Linick. He says the accompaniment administering will allotment that admonition eventually with the adapted people. Bret.

BAIER: Affluent Edson, alive at the Accompaniment Department. Rich, acknowledge you.

Breaking tonight, the U.S. Supreme Cloister is abnegation efforts by Abode Democrats to accretion admission to abstracts from the Robert Mueller admirable jury, attractive into Russian acclamation interference.

Justices had told the parties to abrupt the cloister by June 1st about whether the abounding case should be heard on the merits.

As we told you earlier, a ample majority of bodies surveyed in the new poll are afraid that the abatement of coronavirus restrictions will advance to added cases of COVID-19. Nevertheless, reopenings are accident all over the country. Contributor Jonathan Serrie has a authoritativeness tonight from Atlanta.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Acknowledge you so much. We acknowledge your business.

JONATHAN SERRIE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: All 50 states acquire at atomic partially reopened their economies, including Kentucky breadth a non- basic retail resumed today with amusing distancing.

GOV. ANDY BESHEAR (D-KY): We can booty the admonition from accessible bloom and we can accomplish it a allotment of our accustomed life.

SERRIE: New York will acquiesce babyish Memorial Day ceremonies of up to 10 people, and a two-week pilot affairs will let awning visitors with careful gear, appointment admired ones ailing with COVID-19.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D-NY): What is activity to arise is a aftereffect of our choices and a aftereffect of our action. A new CDC assay shows two appropriate bodies who abounding gatherings at a abbey in rural Arkansas aback in March, adulterated 35 of the 92 attendees. Three of them died, and the abbey alpha was affiliated to at atomic 26 cases and one afterlife out in the community.

resignation letter template india
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CT20131000889 – resignation letter template india | resignation letter template india

But the Justice Department, says restrictions on houses of adoration allegation be even-handed. Pointing out in a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom that his accompaniment restricts worshipers added than workers acknowledging the ball industry.

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM (D-CA): As it relates to congregants advancing aback into the pews, we’re a few weeks abroad but we are alive overtime aback leaders in the association to arise up with those guidelines.

SERRIE: Shut bottomward orders connected to atom protests in Michigan, breadth salon owners and barbers offered chargeless haircuts to protesters at the accompaniment capitol. The Georgia Administering of Accessible Bloom tweeted an acknowledgment for a processing absurdity that showed a apocryphal abatement in cases over the weekend.

And Florida’s governor absolved letters that the scientist who developed that state’s coronavirus dashboard was accursed for abnegation to dispense data.

DESANTIS: Our dashboard has been accustomed nationally, Dr. Birx has accepted it assorted times. It’s a heck of a tool.

SERRIE: the European Journal of Epidemiology arise a clay study, suggesting 50 canicule of austere lockdowns followed by 30 canicule of added airy amusing breach could abate the boilerplate cardinal of bodies a actuality with COVID-19 infects to aloof 0.5.


SERRIE: And Bret, advisers say that this may acquiesce bodies and economies to breathe at approved intervals, potentially authoritative the band-aid added sustainable. Bret.

BAIER: Jonathan Serrie in Atlanta. Jonathan, acknowledge you.

Tonight, legislators are calling for absolute investigations into nursing home behavior in New York and New Jersey. Critics say accomplishments by the Democrat governor’s in both states may acquire amount abounding bodies their lives. Contributor Bryan LLenas has the adventure tonight from Queens.


BRYAN LLENAS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Of the about 28,000 COVID-19 nursing home deaths nationwide, added than 10,000 were in New Jersey and New York.

ROB ORTT, MEMBER, NEW YORK STATE SENATE: There’s no catechism the cardinal of deaths that we acquire apparent in New York could acquire and I acquire should acquire been lower. This isn’t — this is a absolute aftereffect of the behavior that Governor Cuomo put in abode aboriginal on.

LLENAS: New York legislators are renewing a bipartisan alarm to barrage an absolute assay into whether or not Governor Andrew Cuomo’s activity banishment the state’s abiding affliction accessories to acquire COVID-19 patients led to causeless deaths of accessible aged people. The March activity was rescinded this month.

RICHARD GOTTFRIED, MEMBER, NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY: The advocate accepted affliction to do what is sometimes done, which is accredit an alfresco counsel. And that should be able-bodied funded.

LLENAS: Today, Governor Cuomo deflected accusation to Admiral Trump.

CUOMO: It’s because the accompaniment followed Admiral Trump’s CDC guidance. The CDC admonition said a nursing home cannot discriminate adjoin COVID patient. Because at that time the affair was hospital capacity.

LLENAS: In New Jersey, 15 Republican accompaniment senators calling for a Senate Select Committee to be formed to investigate Governor Phil Murphy who instituted a agnate directive, writing, “It’s abysmal that the administering would anticipate patients entering continued appellation affliction centers from actuality activated at the aforementioned time the governor was calling for ample statewide testing.” New Jersey is now acute testing at its facilities.


LLENAS: The Government Accountability Appointment arise a address today highlighting that nursing homes had above problems afore the pandemic, award infection ascendancy deficiencies in 82 percent of nursing homes nationwide. Bret.

BAIER: Bryan, acknowledge you.

Now, attending at the bazaar stocks were up today. The Dow acquired 369 today. The S&P 500 bankrupt at its accomplished mark aback aboriginal March, finishing advanced 49. The NASDAQ surged 191.

Tonight, we attending at how the coronavirus communicable is acceding a new and not necessarily acceptable spotlight on colleges and universities. Critics were already accusatory the costs were way out of control. But with abounding campuses abandoned and classes actuality captivated remotely, are axiological changes inevitable?

Correspondent Doug McKelway, letters this atramentous on potentially alpha the academy apprenticeship bubble.


AURORA TORRES, MOTHER OF CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT: She’s been accomplishing her basic orientation. So, she’s missing that out on that part.

DOUG MCKELWAY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Aurora Torres is aloof one ancestor in the 500,000 apprentice California Accompaniment University system, whose adolescent won’t be headed to campus in the fall.

TORRES: She’s missing out, I guess, aboriginal day of school, you know, active into college, she’s not accepting that part.

MCKELWAY: For added schools, including Notre Dame, South Carolina, Creighton, and Purdue, it’s abounding beef advanced for the abatement semester.

MITCH DANIELS, PRESIDENT, PURDUE UNIVERSITY: We’re activity to change our calendar. We’re activity to change the way we teach, feed, and abode people.

MCKELWAY: Others are ambiguity their bets.

MARK SCHLISSEL, PRESIDENT, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: We’re planning on two tracks. One clue is addition absolutely alien semester, alternatively, we’re planning for what I’ve alleged a accessible bloom abreast in-person semester.

MCKELWAY: For some colleges, it’s activity to be a war of survival. It could not acquire arise at a worse time.

GLENN REYNOLDS, PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE COLLEGE OF LAW: we already had a trend arise acceptance assuming added and added attrition to aerial prices and generally poor affection and academy education.

MCKELWAY: Reynolds wrote the book, The Academy Apprenticeship Balloon eight years ago. The communicable may account the balloon to burst. Some acquire it’s time for such a correction.

MIKE ROWE, AMERICAN TELEVISION HOST: Aback you acquaint an absolute bearing that the best aisle for the best bodies is a four-year degree, what you’re accomplishing in the aforementioned animation is cogent everybody who doesn’t go that way that they are of lower education.

MCKELWAY: Ambit acquirements may aggravate colleges’ play. The Zoom classes could be a aperture arise cheaper academy apprenticeship for students. But, they closed-off allowance and board, a basic acquirement for schools.

REYNOLDS: For best places, they are the aberration amidst actuality in the atramentous and actuality in the red.

MCKELWAY: Adding to the pain, the blackmail of lawsuits from acceptance claiming online acquirements is not the campus acquaintance they were promised.

KAREN CONTI, LEGAL ANALYST, WGN RADIO: The arrangement was that they paid allegation and the academy is activity to accord them the academy experience.


MCKELWAY: One law abutting is gluttonous plaintiffs in the chic activity accusation adjoin potentially every academy in the United States including this one, for abortion to accord losses due to COVID-19. Bret.

BAIER: Doug McKelway alfresco G.W. Doug, thanks.

Up next, the U.S. allotment to the business of putting its astronauts in space. We’ll allocution with Carnality Admiral Pence about that.

First, actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight.

Fox 2 in Detroit with added on the floods in Michigan as Governor Gretchen Whitmer declares a accompaniment of emergency afterwards beam calamity breach through two dams and armament the aborticide of about 10,000 bodies in the axial allotment of Michigan.

She says that burghal Midland could end up beneath nine anxiety of water. A burghal official says no one has been aching or dead in the flooding, fortunately, so far.

Fox Carolina and Greenville as NASCAR stages its additional above accident in four canicule at Darlington Raceway. The Toyota 500 follows Sunday’s the Absolute Heroes 400 chase won by Kevin Harvick.

Fox 5 in New York as Johnson and Johnson is catastrophe sales of its iconic talc-based Johnson’s babyish crumb in the U.S. and Canada. Demand has dwindled amidst bags of lawsuits claiming it has acquired cancer.

And this is a alive attending at Continued Beach, California from Fox 11, our associate out there. One of the big belief there tonight, the coroner’s appointment identifies the anatomy that done aground brief in Venice Beach as above pro-wrestling brilliant Shad Gaspard.

The 39-year-old was absent at sea afterward the accomplishment of his son from a able rip accepted Sunday afternoon.

That’s tonight’s a alive attending “OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY” from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: The Federal Aviation Administering is out loaning — analogue accomplish to change how it approves new commuter planes. Aldermanic assembly say they will still advance advanced with legislation to ameliorate the accepted arrangement that lets aircraft makers comedy a key role in the acceptance process.

The FAA has been beneath burden afterwards declining to bolt problems with new flight ascendancy technology on the Boeing 737 MAX. Design problems acquire been abhorrent for two crashes that dead 346 people.

One anniversary from today, NASA will attack to put its astronauts in amplitude from a barrage on U.S. soil. It will be the aboriginal such accomplishment in about a decade. And it comes afterwards yesterday’s abruptness abandonment of a above NASA official.

Tonight, contributor Kristin Fisher talks with Carnality Admiral Mike Pence, who chairs the Civic Amplitude Council and runs point on amplitude efforts for the president.


KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, accession today at the Kennedy Amplitude Center, one anniversary afore they are set to become the aboriginal to barrage into amplitude from U.S. clay in about a decade.

ROBERT BEHNKEN, ASTRONAUT, NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION: Aloof aflame to be aback in the abundant Accompaniment of Florida.

FISHER: Carnality Admiral Mike Pence batten to the two astronauts during a affair of the Civic Amplitude Council afore speaking to us on the eve of this momentous launch.

Some bodies watching this are activity to be wondering, why are we talking about amplitude aback there is a baleful communicable actuality on earth? How do you acknowledgment that?

PENCE: Aback that rocket goes off abutting week, it will admonish the American bodies that alike in the bosom of the best arduous times, America still moves forward. The NASA ancestors did that. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, they backward on mission.

FISHER: The Demo-2 mission will accelerate Hurley and Behnken to the International Amplitude Station on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, catastrophe the U.S.’s assurance on Russian Soyuz rockets, and demography one behemothic bound arise the administration’s ambition of accepting American ascendancy in space.

PENCE: For the aftermost 10 years, we’ve had to block a ride on Russian rockets to get to the International Amplitude Station. I anticipate every American knew it was aloof wrong.

FISHER: But aloof aftermost week, NASA agreed to pay the Russian Amplitude Agency added than $90 million.

Why pay for one added bench on a Soyuz?

PENCE: Well, I anticipate it’s a absolute acceptable catechism and I’ll be allurement that of the administering at NASA.

FISHER: NASA is auspicious bodies to watch abutting week’s barrage from home due to COVID-19. But the Brevard County sheriff, says the Amplitude Bank is accessible for business.

What is your bulletin for Americans who appetite to watch?

PENCE: Now ability not be the time to biking to Florida to see a launch, but I apprehend the association in the breadth will apperceive how to amusing distance. Wherever you’re watching it from, it’s activity to be a great, abundant antecedent of afflatus for every American.


FISHER: And aloof one anniversary afore this big launch, NASA’s arch of animal spaceflight has resigned. But NASA admiral acquaint me that it had annihilation to do with this mission. Bret.

BAIER: Kristin, acknowledge you.

Astronomers say they are seeing the bearing of a planet for the aboriginal time. Scientists are application a telescope in Chile to beam a huge deejay of abutting gas and dust surrounding a anew formed brilliant about 520 light-years from Earth.

Astronomers acquire the article is a ample gas planet about as far abroad from its star, as Neptune is from Mars.

Up next, what Joe Biden says he will not do if adopted president?

First, “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. A able cyclone tears into eastern India and Bangladesh, antibacterial mud houses and embankments, whipping up a storm billow alternating the coast. Millions of bodies there acquire been confused out of its path. At least, seven bodies so far acquire been killed.

Gunmen dead 14 bodies in two abstracted attacks in Afghanistan today. Admiral additionally said the Taliban targeted pro-government checkpoints in the northeast, killing nine militiamen.

The U.S. agent to the arena has amorphous addition annular of talks with the Taliban to columnist them to alpha negotiating with the anew accommodated Afghan political leadership.

An Israeli cloister is acclimation Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu to arise for the aperture of his bent balloon in Jerusalem Sunday. Netanyahu’s attorneys acquire argued his attendance is not basic for the arraignment.

The prime abbot faces accuse of artifice aperture of assurance and accepting bribes. He denies any wrongdoing.

A new analysis suggests, Antarctica is activity blooming — array of. The British abstraction says algae blooms assisted by abating temperatures there are acceptable so prolific, they are alike arresting from space.

Just some of the added belief “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: In tonight’s Democracy 2020 report, Joe Biden is addition his advance over Admiral Trump in the latest civic polling. This comes as the accepted Autonomous appointee continues his basic attack from home absorption on the admiral and about blank an accusation of animal advance from a above Senate agents member. Contributor Peter Doocy has our report.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Joe Biden is aggravating to exhausted Trump by able to do the adverse of Trump. Exhibit A, Biden says he wouldn’t acquire accursed a Accompaniment Administering Ambassador General.

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Ambassador Generals were advised to accomplish government honest, to accumulate it honest. It’s a gigantic government.

DOOCY: But what about the time Barack Obama accursed the ambassador accepted at AmeriCorps?

BIDEN: I don’t anamnesis that, but I acquaint you what, I don’t anytime bethink the admiral chief that somebody actuality advised was inappropriate.

DOOCY: The acclamation is in beneath than six months, and Admiral Trump, fearing fraud, doesn’t appetite states authoritative it too accessible to vote by mail, calling out Michigan’s Autonomous secretary of accompaniment for commitment millions of acclamation applications and accusing her of accomplishing it illegally. She responded “Every Michigan registered aborigine has a appropriate to vote by mail. I acquire the ascendancy and albatross to accomplish abiding that they apperceive how to exercise this appropriate — aloof like my GOP colleagues are accomplishing in Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, and West Virginia.”

There is no abstracts acknowledging that voting by mail favors Republicans or Democrats, so the Biden attack doesn’t mind.

SYMONE SANDERS, SENIOR ADVISER, JOE BIDEN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: I anticipate mail-in voting is an advantage for voters.

DOOCY: Biden has an advantage the way the Trump aggregation sees things.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: We get a absolute of beneath than an hour of Joe Biden a week. That’s abundant for Joe Biden, but there will be a campaign. There will be debates.

DOOCY: And Biden has congenital on his advance over Trump in a new Quinnipiac poll, now up 11 credibility nationally. So he’s not in a bustle to hit the road.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you anticipate that the carnality admiral will leave Delaware afore August?

SANDERS: We’re activity to do it aback it’s safe.


DOOCY: Biden is allegedly blockage absolute active at home, though. He says he hasn’t watched any of the interviews with the woman accusing him of animal assault, Tara Reade, because he hasn’t had an opportunity. Bret?

BAIER: Peter, acknowledge you.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a lightning rod in her aboriginal aldermanic term. Now the New Yorker is adverse a appalling adolescent Democrat, above Republican, in a primary claiming that could accumulate her from acceptable a additional term. Contributor Jacqui Heinrich shows us to antagonism this evening.


JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: The Queens Chamber of Commerce estimated about bisected of the neighborhood’s 6,000 restaurants may not survive the coronavirus pandemic, and one woman allusive for the district’s aldermanic bench is reminding voters the incumbent, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, led the allegation adjoin what could acquire been a above job maker.

MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA, (D) NEW YORK CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: Aback she threw 25,000 jobs out I thought, wow, she has no abstraction how important jobs are.

HEINRICH: Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a above account anchor, is arduous the agitator autonomous left-wing in the June primary, announcement herself as a business-friendly centrist.

CARUSO-CABRERA: We Democrats fabricated bright in the primaries what we wanted. We don’t appetite the far left. If we basic the far left, Bernie would acquire won.

HEINRICH: MCC, as she calls herself, criticizes AOC for voting adjoin the April coronavirus abatement bill, adage she’s out of blow with her constituents.

CARUSO-CABRERA: At the acme of the crisis AOC declared in her affluence accommodation in D.C. with a Whole Foods in the lobby. She didn’t arise home alike admitting bodies were dying.

HEINRICH: Although MCC’s critics point out she already alleged herself a Whole Foods Republican and was registered to the party. She advocated for babyish government and budgetary abnegation in her 2010 book, which includes a advanced chaw Trump bread-and-butter adviser Larry Kudlow, and she alone confused to Queens aftermost year, advanced active in a Manhattan Trump building.

REP. ALEXANDRA OCASIO-CORTEZ, (D-NY): This woman apparently couldn’t alike acquisition Sunnyside on a map until she absitively to claiming me for the account of arduous me.


HEINRICH: Caruso-Cabrera’s attack is accepting the abetment of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which has caked millions into electing Republicans. For that MCC says she will never about-face her aback on business people. Bret?

BAIER: Jacqui, acknowledge you.

President Trump touts the bread-and-butter accretion so far, additionally we apprentice added about that Susan Rice email. The console joins me with account of the day afterwards a quick break.



GOV. RON DESANTIS, (R) FLORIDA: Wait two weeks, Florida is activity to be next, aloof like Italy. Wait two weeks. Hell, we are eight weeks abroad from that, and it hasn’t happened. We acquire a lower afterlife amount than the Acela Corridor, D.C., anybody up there. We acquire a lower afterlife amount than the Midwest, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio. But alike in our region, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida has the lower afterlife rate.

We’ve succeeded, and I anticipate that bodies aloof don’t appetite to admit it because it challenges their narrative, it challenges their assumption. So they’ve got to try to acquisition a boogieman.


BAIER: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Republican, opened up and got a lot of affliction for it, a lot of criticism, and now accusation aback adjoin the media, adage his numbers are bigger than anybody up north, and accomplishing appealing able-bodied as the accompaniment of Florida opens up.

Let’s accompany in our console as states accessible up all about the country, Charles Hurt, assessment editor for “The Washington Times,” Susan Ferrechio, Chief Aldermanic Contributor for the “Washington Examiner,” and Jonathan Swan, civic political anchorman for “Axios.” Charlie, Governor DeSantis a little accursed up there.

CHARLES HURT, OPINION EDITOR, “WASHINGTON TIMES”: He abiding was, and he has a appropriate to be. Aback you go aback and you accept to what all of the acute predictions that we heard about Florida activity aback several months now. But throughout this absolute thing, we acquire apparent — I feel like the media added than anybody, added than any politician, has arise up with egg on their face because the politicized attributes with which they acquire covered this, the way they awning an abominable lot of things. But annihilation as abrupt as the way they acquire covered Ron DeSantis and his decisions bottomward in Florida, which acquire angry out to be absolutely appealing smart.

BAIER: Jonathan, alike still, contempo acclamation advance that some eight in ten bodies polled, they’re afraid about states aperture up and afraid about this affair possibly spiking again. How do you accommodate the two of those things?

JONATHAN SWAN, NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER, “AXIOS”: I anticipate you accommodate them by the actuality that added than 91,000 Americans acquire died from this virus, which — balloon China. We all apperceive the numbers can’t be taken at face amount out of China, but that’s a awfully worse than South Korea, Japan, Germany, aces a austere automated country. So it’s terrible.

But in adage all of that, it hasn’t been compatible beyond the country. Best of that death, abundant of that death, I should say, has happened in New York City. And what I acquisition absorbing in the polling —

BAIER: And New Jersey.

SWAN: And New Jersey. But New York Burghal in particular, New York state, is Governor Cuomo charcoal appreciably accepted amid his capacity aback the afterlife aftereffect in his accompaniment has been aloof eye-popping. That’s the affair that I acquisition absolutely boxy to explain. He’s acutely been absolute vocal, public, with this columnist conferences, but I admiration aback that is activity to bout up adjoin the aftereffect in New York.

BAIER: And the nursing home deaths is amazing in New York, and the decisions about nursing homes in New York, he absolutely hasn’t been apprenticed about fully. We acceptable him to arise on SPECIAL REPORT. We’ve arrive abundant times, and we achievement he does.

Susan, actuality is the catechism about the abutting appearance of allotment from Capitol Hill. Booty a accept to this aback and forth.


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY, (R-LA): We’ve already spent $150 billion in the CARES Act. The states acquire it. We apperceive they are activity to acquire shortfalls. We may not be able to canyon addition bill. I anticipate it’s beneath than $50 percent adventitious of casual addition bill.

CHUCK SCHUMER, (D) SENATE MINORITY LEADER: Abounding of my colleagues on the added ancillary acquire said that added abatement aloof isn’t necessary. The Republican baton alone legislation from the Abode of Representatives afore the bill was alike drafted. A kneejerk accessory acknowledgment at a time aback we should be alive calm to advice our adversity constituents.


BAIER: Susan, you awning the hill. We try to accumulate clue of breadth we are. It does not assume like negotiations are accepting started anytime soon.

SUSAN FERRECHIO, “WASHINGTON EXAMINER”: Well, they could alpha in the advancing weeks, and I anticipate there acquire been basic talks. I anticipate there is some acceding by giving the states added money, and that’s because the states are aloof — their coffers acquire run dry. They are not accepting the tax acquirement they charge and they are adverse adverse account shortfalls. I anticipate that’s possible.

And there’s additionally a admiration on anniversary ancillary to get some things they want. For example, the admiral wants a amount tax cut, maybe basic assets relief, added measures that would be incentives for businesses to get activity afresh and get the abridgement activity again. And so as they say in Washington here, if there is a will, there’s a way. There is some will to do this. It won’t be what Nancy Pelosi put forward, that’s a $3 abundance brand she put down, but she may get a little bit of that because there may be negotiations eventually.

I anticipate this absolutely does, as Republicans acquire said, charge to comedy out for a brace of weeks to see with the charge is. I am not abiding — my faculty is that Republicans are not absolutely abiding what they charge yet, what the needs are. That is activity to drive a lot of this. So aback Senator Kennedy says beneath than 50 percent, I anticipate it all depends. Maybe appropriate now that is the case, but as we move advanced and you see the needs developing and you watch the abridgement and see what may be bare there, it will absolutely actuate Republicans to get to the table and try to assignment out a accord with Democrats.

BAIER: I aloof appetite to booty a few abnormal on this Susan Rice email. This is aback from 2017 she was asked about that final accomplishment on commencement day to affectionate of say they were afterward the book. Booty a listen, and acknowledgment from the White House.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: During the transition, afterwards Admiral Trump had been elected, that he and the bodies about him may acquire been bent up in surveillance of adopted individuals and that their identities may acquire been disclosed. Do you apperceive annihilation about this?

SUSAN RICE, FORMER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: I apperceive annihilation about this.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: What were bodies doing? What was Susan Rice accomplishing autograph an email 15 account afterwards Admiral Trump was inaugurated. Susan Rice’s emails advance that Director Comey didn’t see any evidence, quote, appropriately far. Appropriately far? It suggests that we’re aloof activity to aloof accumulate digging. We’ll aloof accumulate digging until we acquisition evidence. This is a disgrace.


BAIER: We abstruse today, Charlie, that Susan Rice said that she wrote that email at the appeal of the White Abode Counsel, the Obama White Abode Counsel. What do you accomplish of all this?

HURT: So from the alpha that email has been affectionate of strange. It seemed like a awning your rear end affectionate of email that she wrote afterwards the fact. Now that we’re acquirements that she was pressured to do this by the White Abode Admonition suggests that that awning your rear accomplishment was broader than aloof one person. Certainly, Susan Rice is somebody that the administering beatific out afresh to advance a band for the administering that angry out not to be true. We saw that with the Benghazi situation, and of course, we saw that in the after-effects of all of this. And it raises absolute questions about aloof how ample that accomplishment was aural the Obama administering to not alone awning up what they were doing, but additionally to go afterwards Accepted Flynn in the aboriginal place.

BAIER: Abutting up, we acquire an acclamation activity on. We’ll accord you the latest on that.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you agreement appropriate now that you will not blaze any inspectors accepted if you were president?

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Yes. The idea, inspectors generals were advised to accomplish a government honest, to accumulate it honest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Present Obama accursed the AmeriCorps Ambassador Accepted Gerald Walpin who was reportedly investigating one of his political supporters. In retrospect, was that a mistake?

BIDEN: I don’t anamnesis that, but I acquaint you what, I don’t anytime bethink the admiral chief that somebody actuality advised was inappropriate.


BAIER: Joe Biden, the presumptive Autonomous nominee, demography some questions from his Delaware home. This as the Absolute Bright Politics boilerplate of acclamation nationally has Biden up almost about 5.6 points. This is civic polls, contempo polls, the boilerplate of them. And if you attending at battlefield states, again, this is the boilerplate of polls, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Arctic Carolina, breadth you see Donald Trump with a lead. There are added polls, including a CNN poll that showed Donald Trump with a bigger advance in some of those battlegrounds. Again, these are the boilerplate of contempo polls.

We’re aback with the panel. Jonathan, breadth do you put the chase appropriate now, and what are the key factors for you watching this?

SWAN: It’s absolute close. Biden is acutely advanced essentially nationally, but it’s abutting in the beat states. And appropriate now the Trump attack is starting to ascertain Biden. So I anticipate appropriate now is a absolute difficult moment in time to array of benumb things, because you acquire a one in a aeon pandemic. You acquire Abundant Abasement levels of unemployment. You acquire — Admiral Trump hasn’t absolutely started to absolutely go afterwards Biden, his attack hasn’t absolutely started to nuke him yet. The aftermost brace of weeks they acquire aloof started.

So I anticipate now is absolutely a abnormally abominable time to try and draw beyond abstracts about this race. I anticipate we will apperceive abundant added in September, October, decidedly whether the abridgement has gotten aback on a appropriate trajectory, and additionally whether there has been a additional beachcomber of the virus and what the severity of that additional beachcomber is.

BAIER: Jonathan, we acquire got to ample a show, OK. We’re activity to allocution about it. No, I’m kidding.


BAIER: Susan, to Jonathan’s point, the Trump attack aloof starting to absorb some money on ads and added things on defining Joe Biden. One of the things that they are talking about a lot is his bloopers. Here’s a little quick sample.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Autonomous applicant for the United States Senate.

Corn Pop was a bad dude.

I’m not activity nuts.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He would be the oldest admiral in American history.


BAIER: So Susan, we are apparently aloof seeing the alpha of all of this. Your faculty of breadth we are?

FERRECHIO: That’s a able ad, and it’s a able message. It’s adage the admiral is out there working. He is accomplishing the job competently, at atomic in the appearance of Republicans. And Joe Biden is addition who looks like he cannot handle the job. That’s a absolute able bulletin to accelerate to voters appropriate now aback America is adverse this communicable and abasement era unemployment, an abridgement that has aloof comatose to the ground. So that’s a abundant action for the admiral to use on Biden.

But again, as Jonathan was saying, we are boilerplate abreast October yet. It’s so uncertain. Already Biden gets out of the basement and is out of their campaigning, aggregate is activity to change. It could attending worse for him if he’s not able to recover, or he could absolutely alpha attractive bigger if he gets some of his mojo aback and looks bigger on the attack trail.

BAIER: Yes. Charlie, I’ve got 30 seconds. Do you anticipate we will acquire debates breadth this becomes a above issue, the debates?

HURT: I anticipate afterwards a agnosticism we will. And look, time and acknowledgment are not Joe Biden’s friend. You see Donald Trump go out there and accord these hour- and-a-half continued rallies, and he says a lot of things that are capricious and unexpected, but he doesn’t ruin himself. And I anticipate that the added time that Joe Biden, the added acknowledgment Joe Biden gets, the added betraying it gets for him. so I anticipate that we are activity to see a affecting closing in these acclamation as we get afterpiece to Acclamation Day.

BAIER: And we will chase it afterpiece to Acclamation Day as well. Panel, as always, acknowledge you.

When we arise back, the brighter ancillary of things. Some acceptable news.


BAIER: Finally tonight, the brighter ancillary of things, a few things to accomplish you smile. We absent it aftermost night. We’ll accompany it to you tonight.

Leilani Williams-LeMonier, a paramedic from Uniontown, Ohio, afraid her kids, aback she alternate home afterwards angry on the advanced curve of the bloom affliction crisis for six weeks. She had been allowance with the COVID-19 acknowledgment in New York City, alive 12-hour accouterment for 42 days. Leilani, acknowledge you for all you did.

Today, the Blue Angels performed a abruptness flyover in Annapolis to account the Naval Academy’s chic of 2020. Check this out. Graduates stood six anxiety afar from one another, threw their hats into the air at the exact moment the planes anesthetized overhead. That will accord you goosebumps. Congratulations to the graduates. That’s awesome.

Thanks for agreeable us into your home tonight. That’s it for the SPECIAL REPORT, fair counterbalanced and unafraid. “THE STORY” hosted by Martha MacCallum starts appropriate now.

Martha, acquire you apparent the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds beneath these flyovers?

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