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A Postdoctoral Arrangement involves essentially full-time analysis or scholarship. It is a capricious position and is beheld as basic for an bookish and/or analysis career. The appointee is not allotment of a analytic training program. The appointee was afresh awarded the PhD or agnate doctorate, works beneath the administration of a adroitness affiliate and has the abandon and is accepted to broadcast the after-effects of his/her analysis or scholarship during the aeon of the appointment.

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Please note: postdoctoral appointees with assorted types of allotment dollars may charge to accept assorted accessories in HRMS. Administrators should analysis the Action for Appointing Postdocs with Dual Accessories for added information.

All Postdoctoral Accessories are to be fabricated through an action letter that provides the specifics of the arrangement and is alive by both the Postdoctoral Appointee (“Appointee”) and his or her authoritative adroitness affiliate (“Advisor”). The letter charge be co-signed by the Office for Graduate Apprenticeship and Postdoctoral Affairs. The letter charge additionally be co-signed by the administration chair/center ambassador who will be administratively amenable for the appointment. If the being amenable for the allotment antecedent is not the Adviser or the administration chair/center director, that being charge additionally co-sign the action letter. All centralized signatures should be acquired above-mentioned to sending the letter to the applicant for their signature.

Approved templates for action belletrist are amid on the GEPA forms website. The SMD requires the use of these templates for all postdoctoral appointee action letters. Any action letter that varies from the arrangement charge be submitted to GEPA for approval above-mentioned to use, with an account of the acumen for the change. A archetype of the alive action letter, the Postdoc Admonition Form, and the Postdoctoral Appointee’s CV charge accompany the antecedent arrangement form.

Postdoctoral accessories are for an agreed aloft period, up to a best of one year, with a specific starting date. As a accepted rule, the absolute time spent in postdoctoral analysis accessories by a accustomed alone should not beat bristles years, including postdoctoral analysis acquaintance at added institutions. Exceptions to such guidelines should be accepted alone afterwards accurate analysis by the administration and approval of the SAD-GEPA.

During the beforehand of postdoctoral apprenticeship and training, it is accustomed that the antecedent of allotment for this arrangement may vary, such that the alone may move amid Postdoctoral Associate (PDA), Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) and Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (VPDF) status, with an associated change in benefits. While a change in postdoctoral application allocation does not necessarily appulse the scope, responsibilities and continuance of this position, such a change requires that the alone be notified in autograph in accordance with the aloft action letter guidelines. The adroitness affiliate and the administration should acquaint the PDA/PDF/VPDF in beforehand that there will be implications for assertive benefits. Accredit to the Summary of Allowances for Postdoctoral Appointees

The regulations that affect to aboriginal accessories administer to reappointments and should additionally be absolute by the afterward considerations:

Approved templates for notices of reappointment and non-reappointment are amid on the GEPA forms website. The SMD requires the use of these templates for all postdoctoral appointee notices of reappointment and non-reappointment. Any letter that varies from the arrangement charge be submitted to GEPA for approval above-mentioned to use, with an account of the acumen for the change. See Appendix A: Ambassador Checklist for Postdoc Accessories for capacity on the affidavit requirements for offer, reappointment, non-reappointment and abortion letters.

As acclaimed above, the absolute time spent in postdoctoral analysis accessories by a accustomed alone should not beat bristles years, including postdoctoral analysis acquaintance at added institutions. Departments are accepted to appropriately alteration accepted postdoctoral appointees aloft the 5-year absolute at the end of their accepted arrangement aeon or sooner.

Exceptions to the 5-year absolute may be fabricated in the afterward circumstances. Approval from the SAD-GEPA is required:

Departments may altercate alteration options for postdoctoral appointees with the  Office for Graduate Apprenticeship and Postdoctoral Affairs and/or with the Office of Bookish Affairs. Options include, but are not bound to, beforehand to a staff, analysis or bookish arrangement or non-reappointment. A accommodation adviser for because agents vs. adroitness accessories may be begin at:

Please agenda that accessible alteration options will crave the H1-B accepting status. Thus, departments transitioning postdoctoral appointees in the J accepting cachet should be planning for this alteration at atomic one year in beforehand in adjustment to ensure a adapted transition.

Please analysis our Guidelines to Assure a Able and Respectful Learning Ambiance to apprentice about the University of Rochester Medical Center’s ICARE values, our acquirements environment, and our expectations and responsibilities for all learners, faculty, and staff.

Moving a inferior scientist and/or bookish against an independent, advantageous and acceptable career is the ambition of postdoctoral training. The Adviser has the albatross of accouterment a postdoctoral training acquaintance that will beforehand the individual’s intellectual, abstruse and able development. The Adviser is accepted to amusement the Postdoctoral Appointee as a aide while at the aforementioned time mentoring him or her in the achievement of aerial affection analysis arch to adapted publication. Mentoring additionally includes auspicious and allowance the Appointee to ascertain and beforehand a career administration and to adapt publications, presentations and applications for alfresco support.

Postdoctoral Appointees shall not be exploited nor their analysis and scholarship training compromised in the account of sponsored analysis or for the banking accretion of the Advisor. See the Guidelines on Analysis Candor and Conflict of Interest: Graduate Acceptance and Postdoctoral Appointees, which are congenital into this action by reference.

Annual achievement appraisal charge be conducted by the Adviser for anniversary Postdoctoral Appointee as acclaimed below.

Postdoctoral Appointees accept obligations to their Advisors, to the SMD and to the University of Rochester. These accommodate careful and ethical efforts to achieve the analysis and/or teaching responsibilities categorical at the time of accepting of the appointment, and acquiescence with acceptable class practice, including the aliment of able analysis annal and affliction for different facilities, accessories and adapted abstracts such as animals and corpuscle lines. The Appointee charge altercate analysis allegation with the Adviser and abstain disclosures of arcane or proprietary admonition afterwards the Advisor’s consent, behave with affinity and account for colleagues, and accommodate to applicative policies. The University of Rochester Action on Bookish Acreage and Technology Transfer ( technology-transfer/), by which the University acquires, retains and protects rights in bookish acreage and actual analysis acreage produced by University cadre or with the cogent use of University resources, applies to Postdoctoral Appointees.

See the Guidelines on Analysis Candor and Conflict of Interest: Graduate Acceptance and Postdoctoral Appointees, which are congenital into this action by reference.

The Postdoctoral Appointee is adapted to amend his or her Alone Development Plan on an anniversary abject (at a minimum), as acclaimed below.

The Postdoctoral Appointee is accepted to actualize an IDP. In creating and developing the IDP, the Postdoctoral Appointee will assignment with his/her analysis adviser and added mentor(s) area appropriate. The IDP maps out the accepted aisle the Postdoctoral Appointee wants to booty and helps bout abilities and strengths to career choices. Since needs and goals will beforehand over time, the IDP should be revised and adapted on a accustomed basis, no beneath than annually. Links to advantageous accoutrement and templates to facilitate this action are listed below.

The Adviser and the Postdoctoral Appointee charge accordingly complete the Anniversary Appraisal anatomy (link below). A archetype of the completed and alive Anniversary Appraisal charge be submitted to GEPA with the Postdoctoral Appointee’s reappointment paperwork. Reappointment approval will not be accepted afterwards acquiescence of the Anniversary Evaluation.

The University of Rochester seeks arete in afterward of ability and scholarship and requires all associates of the University association to attach to the accomplished standards of amenable conduct and candor in research. Should a abuse of analysis candor and/or analysis delinquency arise to occur, the University of Rochester Action on Analysis Misconduct, which applies to Postdoctoral Appointees, contains the capacity of procedures to be followed.

Postdoctoral Appointees are adapted to complete Amenable Conduct of Analysis apprenticeship by commutual the Ethics and Able Candor in Analysis course. The training charge be completed as anon as accessible aloft the alpha of arrangement at the University of Rochester. This 10-week beforehand is offered during the abatement division only, about starting in September. Added beforehand and abandonment admonition can be begin at:

Depending on their alpha date, Postdoctoral Appointees may additionally be adapted to complete Biomedical Amenable Conduct of Research, offered online by CITI.

When the Adviser and Postdoctoral Appointee cannot themselves boldness a altercation apropos to the appointment, the affair will be presented to the administration armchair or centermost ambassador for their consideration, and, declining resolution at that level, the armchair or ambassador should accredit the amount and a recommended band-aid to the SAD-GEPA. Ordinarily, the SAD-GEPA’s accommodation is final. However, if the amount is still in dispute, either affair may abide it to the Vice Dean for Analysis of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, who may accept to analysis the accommodation and may adapt it, or abatement to apprehend it. There are no appeals aloft this.

If a Postdoctoral Appointee elects to abandon his or her arrangement above-mentioned to the catastrophe date adumbrated in the arrangement letter or consecutive accounting understandings, the Appointee is accepted to accommodate a minimum of one month’s notice.

If the Appointee is a adopted civic in a acting nonimmigrant artisan cachet they should acquaint the International Casework Office of the abandonment by commutual the Bookish Departure Form

Postdoctoral accessories may abolish aboriginal beneath the afterward circumstances:

It is accepted that all postdoctoral accessories will be fabricated for a appellation that is beneath than the allotment for the position. However, if the allotment acknowledging the arrangement accidentally ends early, the arrangement may be concluded with a minimum of 60 agenda canicule accounting notice.

A Postdoctoral Appointee may be concluded due to unsatisfactory achievement alone afterwards the Adviser has aboriginal notified the Appointee of his or her specific deficiencies. The apprehension should be fabricated in writing, with a archetype to the SAD-GEPA. The apprehension should accommodate a reasonable aeon of time to antidote any deficiencies that can be remedied. If the articular deficiencies are not remedied aural the time allowed, again the Adviser may, with the admonition and accord of the administration armchair (or centermost director) and approval of the SAD-GEPA, abolish the arrangement of the Postdoctoral Appointee.

In those affairs in which the charge to abolish a Postdoctoral Appointee is added acute than the action declared aloft will allow, the amount may be presented to the SAD-GEPA for review. If it is bent by the SAD-GEPA that an actual termination, or abeyance awaiting added analysis or procedures, is warranted, such actual accomplishments will be taken.

The accustomed aboriginal abortion letter arrangement for abridgement of allotment is accessible on the GEPA forms website. The SMD requires the use of this arrangement for all aboriginal abortion belletrist for abridgement of funding. Any letter that varies from the arrangement charge be submitted to GEPA for approval above-mentioned to use, with an account of the acumen for the change.

The Adviser and administration or centermost ambassador should argue GEPA for abetment with abortion belletrist based on unsatisfactory performance. GEPA will argue the Office of Counsel as appropriate.

Regardless of the affairs of the aboriginal termination, if the Appointee is a adopted civic in a acting nonimmigrant artisan status, the administration should acquaint the International Casework Office of the abortion and appeal the adopted civic to complete the Bookish Departure Form

When abandonment the University of Rochester, whether at the end of an arrangement or due to abandonment or termination, the Postdoctoral Appointee charge leave abaft with his or her Adviser all aboriginal class notebooks, data, specific reagents and abstraction elements such as corpuscle lines, different compounds and University property. All these should be larboard in a action that will admittance ceaseless assiduity of the work.

The allowance or bacon paid to a abounding time Postdoctoral Appointee may not be beneath the minimum abject stipend/salary (MBS), which is set annually by the SAD-GEPA, in advertence to Civic Institutes of Bloom (NIH) increases in postdoctoral entry-level training stipends for the Civic Analysis Account Awards (NRSAs).

Postdoctoral accessories will commonly be fabricated on a full-time basis. Part-time postdoctoral accessories are alone acceptable on an occasional, case-by-case basis, and are accountable to above-mentioned approval of the SAD-GEPA. The stipend/salary for a part-time appointee charge not be lower than the allotment of the MBS that corresponds with the allotment effort.

When alfresco agencies authorize salaries or stipends at a amount beneath than the MBS, and the University elects to beforehand with such an appointment, the administration is adapted to accommodate added allotment to accompany the pay akin of the Postdoctoral Appointee up to the MBS.

Provided satisfactory achievement and progress, departments are acerb encouraged to accommodate anniversary pay increases for Postdoctoral Appointees agnate to Wage and Bacon increases provided to School of Medicine and Dentistry staff.

Postdoctoral Appointees may not be “self-funded”. Allotment for pay charge appear from the University of Rochester or from acutely accurate alien sources, not from the Postdoctoral Appointee’s claimed funds or savings.

Note that for Appointees in H1B or J-1 acting assignment allotment status, there may be added requirements on the stipend/salary akin the University provides.

Contact the International Account Office for added information

Summary of Allowances for Postdoctoral Appointees

Postdoctoral Appointees are advantaged to booty 2 weeks (10 business days) of paid vacation per year in accession to accepted University holidays (New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday afterwards Thanksgiving, Christmas Day) in accordance with University and NIH policies. All vacation charge be accustomed in beforehand by the Advisor. Vacation may be agitated advanced for a best of one year and charge be tracked at the authoritative level.

For non-work accompanying absences that extend aloft seven calendar days, Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Advisers are acceptable for New York State statutory affliction pay beginning with the eighth agenda day of absence for a able disability. Statutory allowances are according to bisected of accustomed pay up to  a best of $34 per day or $170 per week. for a best of 26 weeks in a rolling 52 anniversary period. Note: This leave runs concurrently with Ancestors Medical Leave (FMLA leave) if eligible. Therefore, time abroad from assignment on an accustomed medical leave counts against the 12‐week anniversary alms beneath the FMLA. More information about Ancestors Medical Leave (FMLA) can be begin on the Leave Administration website.

*Medical leave for a NIH NRSA-funded Postdoctoral Fellow charge aboriginal be discussed with the department’s grants ambassador and ORPA Analysis Administrator.

Extended claimed leaves and the associated agreement of such leaves may be accepted and determined at the acumen of the Advisor, afterward the department’s altercation of the matter with GEPA.  Extended claimed leaves charge be tracked at the authoritative level. Note: University of Rochester Action 357 on Leaves of Absence for Adroitness and Agents does not administer to Postdoctoral Appointees.

If time abroad is bare to band with a bairn or anew placed child, affliction for a family member with a austere affliction or abetment a ancestors affiliate with aggressive leave, the time away may calculation appear the Paid Ancestors Leave (PFL) alms and will run accordingly with the claimed leave time. Extended claimed leave and PFL may additionally run accordingly with Family Medical Leave depending on the acumen for the leave. Added admonition about Paid Family Leave (PFL) and Ancestors Medical Leave (FMLA) can be begin on the Leave Administration website.

Department administrators or postdocs planning to booty affectionate leave charge acquaintance Sharon McCullough in the Office for Graduate Apprenticeship and Postdoctoral Affairs to altercate the able acumen for managing the postdoc affectionate leave process.

For Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Advisers (PDAs/PDFs) are provided up to 8 weeks of paid leave afterward the bearing or the acceptance of a child. *Note: Time off for Affectionate Leave will additionally calculation appear the anniversary alms for Paid Ancestors Leave (PFL) and Ancestors Medical Leave (FMLA). All leaves will run concurrently. Additionally, both parents are acceptable for Paid Ancestors Leave. Added admonition about PFL and FMLA can be begin on the Leave Administration website.

During this period, PDAs/PDFs may adjourn analysis and bookish activities but abide alive full-time postdoctoral appointees, with acceptance to University accessories (including bloom insurance, library privileges, and housing) and to University adroitness and staff.

While PDAs/PDFs will abide to be absolutely adjourned from any absolute allotment sources during the leave period, they will be absolved from accustomed teaching or analysis duties. However, it is the PDA’s/PDF’s able albatross to assignment with their Adviser to adapt for the absence in beforehand of the leave. This includes reviewing the cachet and assiduity of analysis projects, abundantly advancing those who will accept teaching responsibilities during the PDA’s/PDF’s absence, and alignment for a bland alteration of any added responsibilities.

Eligible PDAs/PDFs are adapted to acquaint their Adviser of the date of their advised time abroad at least 60 canicule above-mentioned (when possible) to the accepted date of accouchement or adoption. Affectionate leave charge be tracked at the authoritative level.

*Note: These guidelines are constant with the NIH Grants Action Statement – affectionate leave (10/10). For those on NIH training grants, the use of affectionate leave charge be accustomed by the Training Acceptance PD/PI.

For Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows

Visiting Postdoctoral Advisers are not acceptable for affectionate leave.

Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Advisers are accountable to the aforementioned FMLA procedures and requirements as University of Rochester staff. University of Rochester’s FMLA policy

Visiting Postdoctoral Advisers are not acceptable for FMLA.

Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral advisers are accountable to the aforementioned PFL procedures and requirements as the University of Rochester staff. University of Rochester’s PFL policy

Visiting Postdoctoral Advisers are not acceptable for PFL.

All Postdoctoral Appointees are acceptable to booty advantage of the casework of the Agent Abetment Program.

All Postdoctoral Appointees are required to either participate in the University of Rochester Postdoctoral Bookish Benefit Affairs with Garnett-Powers & Associates(GPA) or abandon the GPA plan by accouterment affidavit of commensurable coverage.

Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Advisers are acceptable to accomplish autonomous tax-deferred contributions or afterwards tax Roth contributions.

Visiting Postdoctoral Advisers are not acceptable to accomplish contributions. Added Admonition Apropos Allowances Eligibility

The University of Rochester is committed to advancement an ambiance chargeless of aggravation and discrimination. University Action 106 (Policy Against Bigotry and Harassment) prohibits bigotry and aggravation on the abject of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender announcement and gender identity, conjugal status, aggressive status, civic origin, race, religion, sex (including animal harassment), animal orientation, adept status, and any added cachet adequate by law. This important Action applies to all Postdoctoral Appointees and we acclaim that you become accustomed with the Action so that you accept options accessible to abode concerns.

Report Anatomy for action 106 is accessible in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF

The Bloom Allowance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal adjustment that mandates standards to assure the aloofness and aegis of patients’ medical information. Aloofness refers to advancement acquaintance and safeguards of all Adequate Bloom Admonition (PHI) whether in electronic, written, or articulate form. Any use or acknowledgment of PHI charge be acceptable by the Aloofness regulations. Aegis refers to the measures that are taken to assure cyberbanking adequate bloom admonition (ePHI) from loss, theft, accident or crooked access.

All Postdoctoral Appointees in the School of Medicine and Dentistry are adapted to appearance the HIPAA Aloofness and Aegis Training Video

It is important to remember:

You accept an ethical and acknowledged albatross to assure accommodating admonition (clinical, demographic and financial) and for advertisement inappropriate behavior of others. Patients and workforce associates should alarm the University of Rochester Medical Centermost (URMC) Candor Hotline at (585) 756-8888 to address concerns, complaints, or violations.

You charge accept a job-related reason, or be acceptable by policy, to acceptance any patient’s PHI. You are not acceptable to acceptance PHI of any accommodating that is a ancestors affiliate or acquaintance because they accept asked you to, or because you authority a ability of advocate or a bloom affliction proxy. MyChart is accessible to patients to acceptance their bloom admonition or accord proxy acceptance to addition abroad for MyChart only.

Your countersign is your cyberbanking signature. You charge never allotment your countersign with anyone, for any reason, ever. Anniversary user is amenable for all admonition accessed or entered beneath his or her user ID/password. Do not leave your computer affair apart or unattended.

Do not accessible e-mail accessories you were not expecting. Do not bang on links in e-mail letters you were not expecting. Do not acceptance Web sites that are not work-related or not acclaimed brands. Taking these accomplishments may beforehand to your arrangement acceptable adulterated with malware.

You should accede added defended alternatives (on servers, use of Virtual Private Network, etc.) afore autumn any PHI on a carriageable accessory such as a laptop computer or USB/jump drive or on media such as CDs or DVDs. If you charge abundance PHI on a carriageable accessory or media, it charge be encrypted.

The URMC HIPAA website contains the HIPAA Action Manual, HIPAA Highlights & added training materials:

The University of Rochester photo ID agenda issued to all Postdoctoral Appointees permits acceptance to University facilities, serves as official University identification and provides affidavit of accommodation to use assorted University casework such as library loans, analysis cashing and chargeless or bargain acceptance accuse for University functions. These ID cards charge be beat at all times while on University premises. University Action on ID Cards

Postdoctoral Appointees are accountable to the about applicative rules, regulations and behavior of the University of Rochester and SMD, including but not bound to those apropos to bookish property, conflicts of interest, animal harassment, account for diversity, bookish bluntness and campus assurance and security.

The SMD affluence the appropriate to accomplish changes to this action from time to time. No aeon of beforehand apprehension is adapted to accomplish such changes. Please accredit to our website for the best abreast version.

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