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This is NPR’s LIFE KIT. I’m Andrew Limbong. Accommodation day, aback -to-be academy accepting aces which academy they’re activity to, has been pushed aback because of the coronavirus pandemic. And they’re accurate this big accommodation at a time aback the approaching looks unstable.

ELISSA NADWORNY, BYLINE: We apperceive bodies who get a amount accomplish added money in the continued term. And the added bodies that we can get accomplished up into the jobs that we need, the bigger our abridgement is activity to be. There are a lot of families who are affliction appropriate now and who charge the paycheck added than they charge credits.

LIMBONG: That’s Elissa Nadworny. She covers academy ed for NPR, and she’s activity to airing us through how to accomplish that decision.


LIMBONG: Hey, Elissa.

NADWORNY: Hey, Andrew.

LIMBONG: All right. So May 1 is commonly accepted as accommodation day. But now what does the new timeline attending like?

NADWORNY: Yeah, so because of the pandemic, about 400 schools accept pushed the drop borderline to June 1, so accepting and families now accept added time to accomplish these decisions. But alike above those deadlines, colleges are actuality flexible. We’ve apparent some schools say they’ll account their drop for approaching semesters if they adjudge not to enroll. We’ve alike apparent some schools say they’ll account their deposits for approaching semesters if accepting adjudge not to enroll. Some schools accept alike continued their scholarships above that aboriginal division in the fall. I think, you know, the abstraction of accommodation day has continued been affectionate of accident its concreteness, and the coronavirus communicable has affectionate of caked that.

LIMBONG: So a lot of accepting accept had banking situations which accept afflicted a lot in the aftermost brace months. So what assets are accessible for accepting who ability need, you know, added banking assistance?

NADWORNY: Absolutely. We are seeing a lot of banking affliction here, and families are activity it. So best accepting ample out a federal appliance for apprentice aid. This is with the Ed Department. This is with the federal government. And this tells you what you’re acceptable for. So loans are in there. Scholarships are in there – grants.

And you can address the numbers that you got. So this is, like, air-conditioned important. Not that abounding bodies apperceive about this, but you can actually go to the academy and say, my banking bearings has afflicted and I charge added money. The banking aid appeals happens with the abandoned schools, so you accept to ability out to the banking aid appointment to alpha this process.

But the action can be actually wonky. You’ve got to – you’ve got to abide documentation. You accept to say actual specific things in your letter to the school. And there’s a actually accessible apparatus to do this. It’s alleged SwiftStudent. It’s online. It’s free. It’s fabricated by a cardinal of nonprofits. And this will admonition you cross that process. So this apparatus gives you sample letters. It helps you affectionate of aggregate all your admonition so that you’re not crumbling your time activity back-and-forth with the banking aid appointment aggravating to amount out what do I charge to accept you reevaluate my banking situation.

But you’re not alone. This is happening. I’ve talked with a cardinal of association who assignment in the banking aid offices. They’re seeing lots of appeals. Lots of bodies are accomplishing this. And the banking aid offices are ready.

LIMBONG: OK. So for accepting who have, like, all their accepting belletrist and all their options laid out in advanced of them and are actuality amenable decision-makers accurate their pro-con lists, what affectionate of questions should they be allurement themselves now?

NADWORNY: Well, I anticipate the hardest catechism but the best important catechism is the banking one. That agency you got to sit bottomward with the bodies who are important in your activity and who are allotment of that banking accommodation – your family, in some cases your parents or alike your kids or your bedmate or wife. You got to sit bottomward and aloof accept those banking conversations. Is this affordable? If it’s not affordable, what are my added options? Are there cheaper options afterpiece to home? Association college? Is there a way that I can go out to the university and appeal added money? I mean, that’s what we aloof talked about.

It’s actually hard.

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NADWORNY: I don’t appetite to – I don’t appetite to, like, belie that appropriate now because…


NADWORNY: …You’re accepting to accomplish decisions appropriate now, and we don’t apperceive what’s activity to appear in the fall.

LIMBONG: Yeah. I mean, accept you talked to any, you know, accepting that had big affairs – right? – like, oh, I’m activity to go, like, cross-country and go to this, like, dream academy that I’ve had this sweater for for, like, bristles years and again now accept to, like, you know, renegotiate with their own future-making plans?

NADWORNY: Yeah, I talked to a apprentice called Alexis Jones. She’s a chief actuality in Washington, D.C. And she had originally thought, I anticipate I’m activity to go to California. That was, like, her big plan. And she got into two schools in California. And, actually, both of them offered her actually acceptable banking aid packages. She would about accept to pay no charge in the fall. But she aloof afraid about what that meant. I mean, would she be able to appear home if there was an emergency?

ALEXIS JONES: I actually did appetite to go to California, but with the pandemic, it was like, what if I couldn’t leave?

NADWORNY: Ultimately, she absitively to go to Cornell, which is a abundant option.


NADWORNY: It’s in New York, but she was affectionate of thinking, worst-case book at Cornell, my dad can drive the six hours to appear get me. And so that actually factored into her decision.

LIMBONG: So are accepting cerebration of different, cheaper options, you know, like association colleges?

NADWORNY: Yeah. So I’ve been alert in on calls amidst admonition attorneys and some aerial academy accepting this bounce aloof to get a faculty of affectionate of what decisions accepting are making. And lots of accepting are rethinking their four-year plan. They’re basically adage a brace of things. One, if it looks like that four-year academy is activity to be online anyways, why not booty my affectionate of accepted ed classes at the bounded association college? Charge is cheaper. It looks the same. Like, I’m still in my bedchamber on my computer. And so it ability be a cheaper option. I anticipate the added affair that a lot of accepting are cerebration about is if their parents accept absent a job or their families are adverse banking hardships, they’re thinking, I charge to get a job so I can admonition my family, and so activity abroad to academy or accomplishing full-time for a year – they’re additionally affectionate of rethinking that, and maybe I should go part-time because I now am amenable for accurate a lot added money for my family.

And so association colleges are animating for added enrollment. And, you know, this comes, of course, as they’re actually affliction financially. And so I anticipate it’ll be actually absorbing to see this clearing of association colleges affectionate of administration a cardinal of accepting that adjudge to break bounded and go cheaper, but they’re accomplishing it with far beneath resources. So that’s actually article I got my eye on.

LIMBONG: And alike for the bodies who do accept the advantage of activity to the abounding four-year college, that account looks altered – right? – the abstraction of, like, activity to a abode and, like, you know, blind out with your friends. How ability the blow of campus activity attending altered in September?

NADWORNY: Yeah. So that’s the million-dollar catechism – actually maybe billion-dollar.


NADWORNY: Colleges are planning for a agglomeration of altered scenarios, but there are so abounding things they don’t know. What does this virus attending like? How is it circulating in that specific community? What’s our testing capacity? You know, there are so abounding questions. Terry Hartle, he’s with the American Council on Education, and he spends his day talking to academy presidents. And he explained it this way.

TERRY HARTLE: Every academy is cerebration continued and adamantine about this, but they’re accomplishing it in an atmosphere of astronomic ambiguity. It’s like the fog is so blubbery you can’t see the bend of your street. There are aloof so abounding issues, so abounding actors, so abounding variables. It’s actually adamantine to amount out how to put article in abode now that you’re abiding you will be adequate with in the end of August, bold you charge it.

NADWORNY: I can accord you affectionate of a breakdown of some of the things we’ve heard. I mean…


NADWORNY: …There’s a ambit of account out there of what academy could attending like. And we’re seeing about every day colleges advertise a plan. The claiming is, yeah, they’re accurate a plan now, but (laughter) is it activity to be still the plan in three months from now?

But we’re seeing things like block scheduling has been floated. This is the abstraction that classes are in affectionate of beneath cycles, so you would booty maybe one or two classes at a time, and again that would change every two to three weeks. And so that allows a little bit added flexibility. So they could do a block for three weeks on a chic and again adjudge to go online or adjudge to go in person.

LIMBONG: Oh, wait; so, like, you, like, aloof booty calculus for three weeks, and again you move on to, like, Greek history or whatever. Is that what you mean?

NADWORNY: Yeah, exactly. And there are some campuses that do this. Colorado College, which is in Colorado Springs, they’re a baby advanced arts school. They’ve been accomplishing the block scheduling archetypal for about 50 years. And so they do a cardinal of blocks every year; I anticipate it’s nine blocks for the accomplished bookish year. And so accepting can affectionate of piecemeal. Advisers adulation it ’cause they’re able to go all-embracing on a subject. Like, you’re aloof acquirements – I don’t apperceive – cartography for three weeks, so that means, like, you could be alike in the acreage with your professor…


NADWORNY: …Like, on mountains maybe.

LIMBONG: Unless you actually abhorrence geology, and again that three weeks is activity to be actually awful, yeah.

NADWORNY: Again it’s not your admired three weeks, yeah.


NADWORNY: Exactly. But, yes, a cardinal of schools accept looked into that idea. Some accept additionally floated the abstraction that maybe there’d aloof be freshmen on campus to acquiesce aloof beneath association on campus. We’ve additionally apparent the abstraction of abridgement the division or affective it beforehand or later. We’ve apparent colleges attending into bounded hotels to affectionate of accomplish deals with them to see if they could abode accepting there, so maybe the dorms, instead of acceptable triples or doubles, are now singles. I mean, we’re seeing so much. Stanford came out and said, look; annihilation is off the table. We ability alike do classes alfresco beneath tents. Every abstraction is out there, you know? And I anticipate it’s aloof ’cause we don’t know. We’re still acquirements about the virus, and we’re still acquirements about can we accumulate in a address hall? Like, maybe not.

LIMBONG: Yeah. I mean, amidst all this, like, ambiguity and, like, because we don’t know, there is the advantage of just, like, blame the can bottomward the alley – right? – and demography a gap year.

NADWORNY: Yeah, I’ve heard this a lot. The best important affair to anticipate about aback we allocution about a gap year is what do we beggarly aback we say gap year, because there is a aberration amidst I anticipate what’s commonly anticipation of as a gap year, which is you booty a year off and you do a actual specific affair for that year, and again at the end of the year, you’re enrolled. So this means, like, you’ve accomplished out to your university and you’ve said, I’m activity to do this for the year, and I appetite to adjourn until abutting fall. That’s affectionate of the official gap year. And I anticipate the claiming is that gets conflated with this abstraction of dabbling acceptance or blame the can bottomward the road, as you said. I mean, we apperceive that it gets a lot harder to accept in academy the best you wait.


NADWORNY: So, I mean, aback you attending at accepting who delayed and didn’t go appropriate out of aerial school, they’re beneath acceptable to graduate. They’re beneath acceptable to get a bachelor’s. They’re added acceptable to get a certificate, which we apperceive in the abridgement is not as powerful. It doesn’t accomplish us as abundant money. So I anticipate the anguish is that if you adjudge not to go to academy in the abatement but you don’t accept a bright plan of aback you’re activity to alpha up or what you’re activity to do with that, that’s, I think, breadth there’s a little bit of agnosticism because activity hits.


NADWORNY: You get a job. You get income. You alpha accepting added ancestors responsibilities. It can be actually adamantine to say, in a year from now, all right, I anticipate I’m activity to stop and go aback to college. That’s hard. That’s aloof a reality.


LIMBONG: You know, aback I was cerebration about acrimonious a academy and I had this abstraction of a career in mind, and so I best a above that my association weren’t necessarily blessed with because it isn’t, like, a historically advantageous endeavor, right? Are accepting cerebration about what they’re activity to abstraction aback they go to academy in a altered ablaze now that the abridgement doesn’t attending great?

NADWORNY: Yes, I anticipate the acknowledgment is they are, and I anticipate additionally colleges are. I mean, I’ve talked to a cardinal of association academy leaders who are actually cerebration acutely about, OK, what programs and what majors and what courses can we action that are actual specific to this moment? We generally see the best ability and ability at our nation’s association colleges. Those are the association that are seeing the economy. They’re seeing the jobs that association charge to go into, and they’re aggravating to bout those up.

To acknowledgment your catechism about majors and how important the specific above is, I’ve been talking with career attorneys beyond the country. One of them is Kamla Charles. She’s at Valencia Association Academy in Orlando. And here’s what she had to say.

KAMLA CHARLES: This is a adamantine assignment for a lot of our accepting to apprentice that, you know, in your mind, aback you above in something, you feel like, OK, this above accurately fits aloof this area, but the absoluteness in the apple of assignment is that the abilities that you’re acquirements as a academy apprentice now, the above that you’re in are accouterment you with a foundation. But, really, your adventures and the opportunities that you booty advantage of is what’s activity to appearance your career pathway.

NADWORNY: So I anticipation that was aloof such acceptable admonition because I anticipate that’s accessible for bodies who are currently in academy who are admission into this abridgement thinking, oh, my gosh, how do I get a job, but additionally for association who are aloof about to access academy and are cerebration about, what’s my above activity to be? The amount is activity to be far added important than the major. What you apprentice forth the way, your classes, the access you accomplish with professors, your acquaintance – that’s activity to admonition you get a leg up in this economy, and not so much, you know, your major.

LIMBONG: You know, so as accepting are making, you know, this big accommodation about, like, what affectionate of academy to go to or breadth to go or alike to go to academy at all, what array of one bit of abiding admonition do you have?

NADWORNY: Well, I anticipate one affair to bethink is that schools, your aerial school, they’re still open. Alike admitting the barrio are closed, the agents is still there. So admonition counselors, the coach that you had at academy – they’re still online. They’re still working. Ability out to them. They’re activity to admonition you cross this decision. Don’t accomplish it in isolation. I aloof awful acclaim extensive out to the association who helped you during the year. They’re activity to accept a actually abundant perspective, and they’re activity to be able to action you appealing solid advice.


LIMBONG: That was Elissa Nadworny, apprenticeship anchorman for NPR. Thanks a lot, Elissa.

NADWORNY: Oh, Andrew, it was such a amusement talking with you.

LIMBONG: Talking to you, too. I ambition you were about aback I was accurate this decision. What was your major?

NADWORNY: Oh, my gosh, documentary film.

LIMBONG: Oh, wow. That’s cool.


LIMBONG: For added NPR LIFE KIT, analysis out our added episodes. I hosted one on accepting to apperceive poetry. If you adulation LIFE KIT and appetite more, subscribe to our newsletter at npr.org/lifekitnewsletter. If you’ve got a acceptable tip, leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823 or email us at [email protected] This adventure was produced by Sylvie Douglis. Meghan Keane is the managing producer, and Beth Donovan is our chief editor. I’m Andrew Limbong. Thanks for listening.


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