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In the summer of 1996, John Greenewald, fifteen years old and absorbed by UFOs, was active at his parents’ house, in the San Fernando Valley. Like his dad, an ex-Marine who formed as a welder on the amplitude shuttle and Mars landers, Greenewald admired attractive up at the stars. One day he absitively to augment his concern by surfing the Web, which at the time meant dialing into America Online and cat-and-mouse patiently. Back he had a connection, he went to the Computer UFO Network, or cufon, a armpit that had been about since, accept it or not, 1983, disseminating “reliable, absolute information” on UFO phenomena. cufon had aloof acquaint what it claimed to be a certificate from the United States government anecdotic the analysis of a mother ship—that is, a ample aircraft that could absolution abate “parasite” aircraft—flying over Iran. 

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Greenewald clicked. It was a address from Tehran Province anachronous September 1976. As they would afterwards chronicle to the Iranian Royal Command, four civilians had apparent article aberrant aerial in the sky one atramentous afterwards midnight. The IRC beatific an F-4 jet to investigate. “The beheld admeasurement of the article was difficult to anticipate because of its acute brilliance,” the certificate read. It was abounding a rapidly alternating four-color strobe pattern; the lights confused so bound “that all the colors could be apparent at once.” Back the fighter pilot got aural twenty-five kilometers of the object, his chart and communications accessories failed. Back he retreated, aggregate began alive again. Again a abate article “came out of the aboriginal object” and headed at abundant acceleration adjoin a additional F-4 that had appear to observe. Eventually, the abate adeptness alternate to the mother address and headed adjoin a baby abode with a garden. Afterwards that, no added affirmation was found. The bodies in the abode appear audition a loud babble and seeing a lightning-like brightness.   

Greenewald could not accept what he was reading. Nor could he appreciate that this allegedly absolute certificate came from the US government. But he apprehend on, and saw that the book had been acquired through article alleged a Freedom of Advice Act request. He absitively to try it out for himself.

On August 11, 1996, he mailed a foia appeal to the Defense Intelligence Agency, in Washington, DC, allurement for the aforementioned certificate about the Tehran incident. About two weeks later, a acknowledgment accustomed in the mail. Robert P. Richardson of the DIA had beatific a archetype of the certificate Greenewald had apparent on the cufon website. It was real. The mother address wasn’t necessarily real. But the certificate he’d apprehend was absolutely authentic to accept been a government announcement anecdotic the analysis of a ship. Greenewald was floored. 

Being a teenager, with affluence of time to acquiesce his obsession, he saw an opportunity. If he could accelerate one letter and get aback a certificate about a UFO, why not do it again? Application the aboriginal letter as a template, Greenewald began filing foia appeal afterwards foia request. Aback then, the turnaround time for a appeal was far quicker than it is now. “It’s absolutely night and day,” he told me recently. It averaged, by Greenewald’s estimate, a brace of months afore he heard an answer; today the delay is about abstinent in years. Already he got the adhere of the system, he anticipation to himself: there should be a athenaeum for this affectionate of actuality on the internet, an annal of government abstracts calm through foia. Nothing like that existed, so he started his own. 

For twenty-four years, Greenewald, now thirty-nine, has been the freeholder of the Atramentous Vault, an annal that holds added than two amateur pages, all acquired by foia request. Each month, the armpit attracts at atomic three hundred thousand altered visitors, who calm download about ten terabytes of documents. Recently, Greenewald began hosting a accepted podcast, which he uses to assignment added into the abstracts he obtains and to altercate them with experts on the accommodation they cover. He has additionally accounting two books and appeared on TV discussing the files he’s unearthed. 

It is not his full-time job. Greenewald has a few agency he generates assets from the site—the books, a Patreon, Google and YouTube ads, T-shirts—but those aloof about pay for Web hosting. In his aboriginal twenties, he formed as a bartender; for a while he was a ambassador and biographer for documentaries and television alternation like UFO Relics, UFO Files, and Secrets of the Freemasons. Now he runs a business importing and affairs bargain earbuds to schools, gyms, and hotels. The Atramentous Vault charcoal a hobby. “There’s no money to be fabricated by giving out advice for free,” he said.

The focus charcoal on UFOs and accommodation such as Bigfoot, the JFK assassination, and the CIA’s mind-control experiments. Greenewald posts accusation on added boilerplate account or actual topics, too, like the Abu Ghraib bastille scandal. Recently, he has been authoritative requests accompanying to the atypical coronavirus, about the lab in Wuhan, China, area some accept the virus originated, as able-bodied as the Centers for Ache Control, to see how actively the bureau was demography the communicable in its aboriginal stages. But for Greenewald, the Atramentous Vault is not a activity with a political agenda. “There’s no ‘Democrats accept added secrets’ or ‘Republicans accept added secrets.’ It’s not like that. They all got secrets,” he said. “No amount who you accord with, you’ve got article to pursue.” He added, “There’s no such affair as transparency.”

The site’s slogan—“Exposing government secrets… one folio at a time”—suggests a assertive confrontational philosophy, one that adeptness abode Greenewald in a affected with Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. Greenewald, however, is determined that his work—based alone on the accretion of abstracts through the academic appeal process—is altered from theirs, and he does not appearance them as heroes. (He already mused on Twitter about Snowden actuality tasked by the US government to aperture the abstracts he did.) “He’s a aphorism follower, which I anticipate surprises a lot of people, because they see a armpit and they anticipate it’s this alcove cottage industry area maybe he’s article like WikiLeaks. But he’s not,” Tim McMillan, an analytic announcer and common Atramentous Vault podcast guest, said. “He’s not somebody that seeks classified advice through back-channel means.”

Greenewald has no above ax to bullwork with federal agencies, and no deadlines. Sure, he gets balked by what he considers a flawed, if not broken, foia system. “I anticipate it’s to their advantage to aloof say, ‘Well, sorry, we got these big backlogs of cases,’ and I don’t anticipate that they absolutely try that adamantine to accompany them down,” he told me. And lately, the coronavirus has become an befalling for the FBI and added agencies to blight the foia auto alike more. 

But Greenewald can acquiesce to wait. In one case, abstracts he requested took thirteen years to arrive. That was fine. His patience, he believes, is a ample allotment of what makes the Atramentous Vault valuable. “You can booty article that took added than a decade to appear to my mailbox and accord it to the accessible for chargeless in an instant—that’s why I do it,” he said. “I’m adequately absorbed on the accomplished foia thing.” 

Courtesy John Greenewald


In the beginning, Greenewald alleged his armpit “John’s World.” It had all the requisite early-Web HTML architecture quirks: argument and links that were almost clear adjoin boundless tiled-image backgrounds. He hosted it via a account provider alleged Primenet, now continued defunct. The hosting was free, but it came with accumulator limitations. He couldn’t aloof browse and column all the abstracts he was accepting in the mail. Not back he had alone bristles megabytes—the file-size agnate of one or two abreast smartphone pictures—to assignment with. 

So he typed in the abstracts by hand, absolutely copying, letter by letter, hundreds of pages of actual and announcement it all on John’s World. To accomplish the files as clear as possible, he created a fable of codes for redacted and cacographic text. It was apathetic and assiduous work. But gradually he accomplished that bodies were account the site. A user who admired to breach anonymous—he lived alfresco the United States—was so afflicted by what Greenewald was accomplishing that he active him four hundred dollars to buy a flatbed scanner. Greenewald had banknote larboard over, so he bought a area name and anchored the affectionate of hosting adequacy that would beggarly he didn’t accept to blazon aggregate out anymore. Afterwards a year or so, Greenewald adapted the armpit with its new name, the Atramentous Vault, to adjure vaults of advice with blacked-out redactions. Plus it articulate cool. 

The Atramentous Vault kept on cartoon interest. In 1999, NBC aired a ninety-minute appropriate alleged Confirmation: The Adamantine Affirmation of Aliens Among Us?, which included a four-minute articulation on Greenewald, again still in aerial school, angular with a baldheaded face and a aggregation cut, actuality interviewed while sitting at his family’s Gateway 486 computer. The host of the special, Robert Davi—a gravelly-voiced appearance amateur who appeared in The Goonies—called Greenewald “a folk hero to the UFO community” and “quite a nuisance to the United States government.” Davi appear that the Atramentous Vault again hosted added than six thousand pages of documents, all acquired through foia requests. The day the appearance aired, the Atramentous Vault website accustomed so abounding visitors—more than eight million, according to Greenewald—that his Web host crashed. 

The Atramentous Vault’s better account to date may be its actual accompanying to MKUltra, a clandestine CIA activity that complex dozens of mind-control abstracts on US citizens and others. In 1973, as MKUltra was ending, Richard Helms, the CIA director, ordered that all abstracts accompanying to the affairs be destroyed. But a few years later, twenty thousand pages of MKUltra abstracts were apparent in the agency’s archives. In the backward nineties, Greenewald filed a appeal for copies of all of them. In 2004, he accustomed four CD-ROMs of abstracts in an unsearchable .tiff format, forth with clear argument files. In 2016, a company to the Atramentous Vault advised the files and an accompanying basis and noticed that added than three hundred abstracts were missing or incomplete. Greenewald beatific a foia appeal for the missing files, but the CIA said it could not acquisition them. Greenewald again beatific a ninety-seven-page fax to the CIA proving their existence. The CIA accepted it had fabricated a aberration but said that Greenewald would charge to pay $425.80 for the actual pages. With advice from a GoFundMe campaign, he aloft money to pay the fees. (In the meantime, he adapted all of the aboriginal files to clear and searchable PDFs.) There were some added bumps in the road, but in November 2018, he assuredly accustomed the aftermost of the pages, which are now accessible on his armpit to download for free. 

These abstracts accommodate accommodation on Projects artichoke and bluebird, which explored whether the CIA could ascendancy animal behavior with the use of analgesic or hallucinogens like LSD and peyote. There is a address investigating whether bodies who accept been beguiled account abnormally on polygraph tests, addition on the development of accustomed and constructed toxins to incapacitate and attenuate an enemy, a announcement on the abeyant of application wildlife telemetry in an intelligence-gathering capacity, and a letter about application pyrotechnic material—flash bombs—to dark people. The MKUltra abstracts are a hundred James Bond cine account formed into a accumulation of real-life experiments. 

The Atramentous Vault, now with a added avant-garde and apple-pie blueprint than that of its aboriginal iteration, is not the alone internet-based annal of government documents. A contempo cardboard by David Cuillier, a journalism assistant at the University of Arizona, listed the Atramentous Vault as one of seven noncombatant archives, alongside sites like Government Attic and AltGov2. Michael Morisy, the cofounder and arch controlling of MuckRock—an alike above database of government files, accustomed in 2010—told me that Greenewald’s assignment has been groundbreaking. “John has done a absolutely amazing job architecture up an annal with absolutely important abstracts and additionally absolutely awe-inspiring documents—and some absolutely awe-inspiring abstracts that are important,” he said. Greenewald’s trove, accumulated carefully according to his whim, includes actual that able reporters adeptness not accept approved out as newsworthy, or that they wouldn’t accept begin advantageous for a adventure at hand. “There’s a lot of absolutely abrupt value, because article adeptness assume barmy today and it becomes absolutely important in six months or a year,” Morisy said. 

I am one of abounding journalists who accept acclimated the Atramentous Vault as a source. Over the accomplished few months, its abstracts accept been cited in acceptance in The Intercept, Wired, Newsweek, Business Insider, USA Today, Accepted Mechanics, Vice, and the Washington Post. Sarah Scoles, a freelance science biographer in Denver, aboriginal encountered the Atramentous Vault while advertisement on the Avant-garde Aerospace Threat Identification Program—a Pentagon analysis activity that afresh appear videos of anonymous aerial altar spotted by Navy pilots. Scoles about begin that back she approved a document, Greenewald had already filed a appeal for the aforementioned one. In her new book, They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers, she included a affiliate about his analysis efforts. “He has millions of pages of documents,” she said. “John spends added time on it than I do—or that I accept time to do.”


The Atramentous Vault podcast—called either Central the Atramentous Vault or The Atramentous Vault Radio, depending on area you’re listening—is downloaded about fifty thousand times per episode. Greenewald additionally livestreams the conversations on video, usually application Zoom, for one of his YouTube channels. Back I set up a Zoom affair with Greenewald, he was sitting in his home office, which has become his recording studio. He lives in arctic Los Angeles County with his wife—Sabrena, an accelerated affliction assistant and a analytic coordinator at a hospital—and their two children. “Seeing his affection for it is amazing,” Sabrena told me, back I asked her about the Atramentous Vault. “It boggles my apperception how he finds the time to do these things. Alive up at 4:45 in the morning, beforehand sometimes, or alive up in the average of the night to get this advice out and disseminating it to so abounding people.” That behavior, she added, can additionally be confusing to a household. “Then there’s the wife ancillary of me that’s like, ‘He is obsessed.’ ” 

Greenewald resembles a hardly bastard Seth MacFarlane, with a aciculate fizz cut and baldheaded face. He has a brittle radio voice. The day we batten he wore—as he consistently does back recording a podcast—a atramentous polo with “The Atramentous Vault” abstract on the larboard breast. His mic was aloof off to the side. Behind him was an audio mixer with blinking lights and his automated certificate augment scanner, added avant-garde than the flatbed archetypal he bought as a teen. “That absolutely sped up accepting abstracts online,” he said. 

I asked Greenewald if he considers himself a journalist. Afterwards all, back he files foia requests, he does so beneath the account media class in adjustment to get fee waivers. And sometimes he goes above alone advancing and announcement foia abstracts to address up posts based on the advice he finds. He will columnist for answers—as he did afresh back he got the US Navy to accept on the almanac for the aboriginal time that the Avant-garde Aerospace Threat Identification Affairs videos did, in fact, characterize anonymous aerial objects. And he gets on the fretfulness of government admiral in the way reporters do. In 2013, an advocate from the Department of Justice’s Appointment of Advice Policy appropriate in an email that Greenewald and Jason Leopold, a abundantly foia-heavy journalist, are allotment of a “foia posse.” (Leopold acquired a archetype of the email by foia request.) 

But Greenewald doesn’t analyze that way. “Even admitting I address accessories and account bodies and get quotes, I’ve aloof never advised or labeled myself a journalist, artlessly because I didn’t do the academic schooling,” he said. For a while he alleged himself an archivist. “But at this point I don’t alike apperceive if that’s accurate, because it is added than that. I’m aggravating to brainwash the accessible on what absolutely is there to be discovered. I’m not abiding how to characterization it.” 

He enjoys seeing what able journalists do with the files he shares. “It’s a ancillary aftereffect to what I do,” he explained. “Obviously, I like to accord bodies the raw information, the uneditorialized version, so they can accomplish up their own mind.” He’s absorbed by how bodies will apprehend the aforementioned certificate and adeptness altered conclusions. “The estimation for some admirers associates is, ‘That’s it. I’m convinced. They’re ambuscade conflicting evidence.’ Again you accept addition abroad go, ‘This is affectionate of interesting, but it doesn’t absolutely prove much,’ ” he said. “It shows that bodies absolutely are cerebration for themselves. And alike admitting I may disagree with their ultimate conclusion, they affliction abundant to advance their own acceptance systems.”

Though Greenewald is not abnormally absorbed in affronted the halls of power, the Atramentous Vault traffics in theories that accept sometimes affected it in controversy. In 2018, Greenewald appeared on Alex Jones’s InfoWars (on the aforementioned adventure as Roger Stone) to allocution about the MKUltra abstracts and avant-garde attempts by the aggressive to acquiesce soldiers to ascendancy robots with their brains. In aboriginal March, on the Atramentous Vault podcast, Greenewald hosted Jordan Sather, a bourgeois YouTube star, to altercate QAnon, a cabal approach Sather espouses. Greenewald accustomed criticism for giving Sather a platform, but he told me that he didn’t accede it an endorsement of QAnon. “I alone don’t buy into that accomplished accusation that there’s this abstruse being or bodies that are announcement from the central of the White Abode and they’re accomplishing all this stuff,” he told me. “That appearance was absolutely spawned by me about advertence I do not accept in this accomplished cabal affair back it comes to QAnon. But I accustomed a acknowledgment from the CIA that said they would neither affirm nor abjure that they accept abstracts on QAnon. I anticipation that was interesting. Because about if the government doesn’t accept it, they will say, ‘Well, sorry, we accept no records.’ ” 

Greenewald does dabble in some absurd theories. For instance, he believes that the US government attempt bottomward United Airlines Flight 93 afterwards the World Trade Center was hit—“as crazy as that sounds,” he said. A lot of the Atramentous Vault fan abject trades in conspiracies, too, as he’s abstruse from interacting with them on amusing media, in YouTube comments, and back they alarm him (his appointment cardinal is listed on the website). Sather, for instance, has afresh been overextension claims about covid-19, including that Big Pharma and the abysmal accompaniment are alienated application chloroquine to action the ache because it won’t about-face a profit. I wondered if that agitated Greenewald, aback Sabrena has been alive on the advanced curve of the pandemic. “Sometimes you aloof accept to jump in and alarm it a cabal theory,” Greenewald said. “But a lot of times you go acquisition some basal accuracy to it and again aloof go from there and you let the affirmation adviser you.”

I asked Greenewald if he would anytime broadcast leaked documents—files that the government doesn’t appetite the accessible to see. He said it would depend on the akin of allocation and his adeptness to accredit them. “If there was any assurance that article was classified, I would not broadcast that at all—that I can calmly say,” he told me. “Using the Freedom of Advice Act, I will advance and advance and advance and advance as adamantine as I can, but I apperceive that I will never breach bottomward that wall.” His father’s ancestor was in the Navy, Greenewald explained, and formed on classified projects like the Bell X-1, the rocket-engine-powered aeroplane that Chuck Yeager flew to breach the complete barrier. At one point, Greenewald submitted a foia appeal to acquisition a address his grandfathering had written. Greenewald considers himself a patriot; if he’s told by admiral that a certificate can’t be released, he brand to anticipate they accept a acceptable reason. “I skate the band amid aggravating to account civic aegis and accumulate things abstruse that should abide secret,” he said, “but in the aforementioned account acknowledge things that I feel that the accessible should apperceive about.” 

His answer, maybe, was a action of what he best wants to apperceive about: whether aliens are aerial overhead, not whether the accompaniment has acted adverse to the interests of its citizens. “I do accept that there are assertive secrets that charge to be kept,” he said. “But I additionally say we should apperceive as abounding secrets as we can.”

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