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Sample Request For Letter Of Recommendation From High School Teacher 1 Disadvantages Of Sample Request For Letter Of Recommendation From High School Teacher And How You Can Workaround It

An award-winning Duval Schools abecedary with ceremoniousness from then-governor Rick Scott banned to accept by a transgender teenager’s pronouns, bidding school-wide training and an acknowledgment to his boss. But that aforementioned anniversary — and for the blow of the academy year — he connected announcement biased memes biting the LGBTQ community.

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Weeks afore the alpha of this academy year, Cesar — a green at Sandalwood Aerial Academy — anxiously emailed all of her new teachers.

The 15-year-old, whose abounding name we aren’t application to assure her identity, is transgender. She wrote her admission agents to let them apperceive her alleged name and pronouns, back the chic agenda would say article else.

But her algebraic teacher, Thomas Caggiano, wasn’t accepting it. He banned to annual Cesar’s pronouns, cogent her if she didn’t like it, to about-face classes — which is actually what she did.

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Outside of school, his abhorrence for those who analyze as transgender and others in the LGBTQ association isn’t a secret, either. To this day, he about shares aspersing memes on his claimed Facebook page.

Now, as the academy year wraps up, he’s still teaching. Duval Canton Accessible Schools launched an analysis into Caggiano anon afterwards the Times-Union aggregate some of his transphobic, xenophobic and racist accessible amusing media posts.

• • •

On Aug. 5, Cesar typed out the letter to anniversary of her new teachers. It was about two weeks afore academy was set to activate — affluence of advance time, she thought.

“I will be in your chic during the 2019-2020 academy year, and I would like to let you apperceive that I am a Male-to-Female Transgender student,” Cesar wrote. “I am sending this email afore the absolute academy year starts so that there is affluence of time to change it on the cycle afore again if possible.”

She alleged sending the email “nerve wracking,” but said the acknowledgment from her agents was absolute — well, best of her teachers.

On Aug. 16, Thomas Caggiano, one of the school’s 23 algebraic teachers, responded.

“I will NOT accredit to you with changeable pronouns,” Caggiano responded in an email the Times-Union obtained. “If this is not adequate for you, change classes. I will alarm you by any reasonable name you like, but the pronouns are not a negotiable affair for me.”

Cesar’s affection sank.

“The moment I opened Mr. Caggiano’s email affronted my accomplished affection about into anxiousness,” she said. “When I apprehend his email, I was afraid at the arduous boldness from him.”

Cindy Watson, the CEO of JASMYN — a bounded nonprofit that provides abutment for LGBTQ adolescence — said a bearings like this can be alarming for a adolescent auto person.

“It’s actual challenging,” Watson said. “Trans acceptance and acceptance who are about assorted accept to accept absolute challenges accepting that allotment of their lives accepted and admired beyond the system. This is not an aberration for one county.”

Besides actuality traumatic, Caggiano’s abnegation to use a student’s adapted pronouns additionally baffle Duval Canton Accessible Academy policy.

“Depending on the plan that is developed, a transgender apprentice should be addressed by a name and gender pronoun agnate to their consistently-asserted gender identity,” the district’s LGBTQ Abutment Guide said. “School staff/officials with a accepted educational absorption in this advice should be abreast of a transgender student’s affirmed name and gender pronoun.”

After Cesar accustomed Caggiano’s acknowledgment abnegation to accept by her pronouns, she beatific a appeal to her advice advisor requesting a agenda change, which was honored. Back then, Cesar letters relations with her agents are activity smoothly.

Next, she beatific screenshots of her email barter with Caggiano to Arch Saryn Hatcher, who promised he would “handle it.”

“I accustomed addition email from [Hatcher] adage that he handled the situation,” Cesar said. “But I am not abiding how.”

Principal Hatcher told the Times-Union that back the adventure occurred, he told Cesar she’d be accurate and that he met with Caggiano one-on-one.

“He was apologetic and apologized afterwards he begin out the district’s position on this subject,” Hatcher said. “He additionally declared he would now use whatever name or pronoun the adolescent admired in the future.”

But during the aforementioned time-frame Caggiano was answer to his arch and he and his colleagues were accepting admittance training, the abecedary was administration transphobic posts on Facebook.

The Times-Union aggregate screenshots and quotes from Caggiano’s Facebook folio with the academy commune this anniversary back gluttonous animadversion for this story.

“We were not acquainted of these posts,” Duval Canton Accessible Schools agent Tracy Pierce said. “We will consistently strive to accommodated aerial standards and aerial expectations, and if any affiliate of the association has affirmation of behavior that may abatement abbreviate of those standards, the commune will appetite to accept it.”

Cesar tells the Times-Union she has not heard from Caggiano back the incident, nor did he apologize to her directly.

Despite assorted attempts, including emails to his academy commune account, calls and Facebook messages, Caggiano did not acknowledge to the Times-Union for comment.

Hatcher said the school’s absolute agents took allotment in “All-In” inclusivity training in August that he requested as a aftereffect of Caggiano abnegation to annual Cesar’s pronouns.

“As principal, I am committed to creating an across-the-board academy culture, and this adventure was not constant with our expectations,” Hatcher said. “The adventure led to advantageous claimed discussions not alone with the teacher, but broader conversations that took abode with added stakeholders about inclusion, affection and empathy.”

Duval Schools backer Sonya Duke-Bolden accepted that the antecedent adventure was referred to the district’s Appointment of Equity and Inclusion/Professional Standards and Caggiano was counseled by Hatcher based on advice the appointment provided on LGBTQ inclusion. From there, no added activity was taken, Duke-Bolden said.

Still, aloof canicule afterwards Caggiano told Cesar he wouldn’t use her pronouns, he wrote “Love it!” and affiliated to a blog column about a beef adjoin transgender women application women’s restrooms in schools. “About time bodies stood up to this insanity.”

About a ages later, in September, the algebraic abecedary acquaint a blog column about a transgender woman who was accursed from her barista job afterwards cogent a bourgeois activist they weren’t welcome.

“Shows how antipathetic these bodies can be,” Caggiano wrote. “If you don’t cater/pander to them they atrociously advance on all levels.”

Now, in ablaze of the Times-Union authoritative the commune acquainted of Caggiano’s posts, the commune said it will conduct a new analysis on Caggiano.

“Even admitting the actuality actualization to accomplish the posts does not anon analyze himself as a abecedary or accomplish advertence to the district, our Appointment of Equity and Admittance and Able Standards is activity to conduct an analysis to actuate if the posts arete added activity either beneath commune activity or the Principles of Able Conduct for the Apprenticeship Profession in Florida,” Pierce said.

A agenda from the Appointment of Equity and Admittance and Able Standards added that an analysis “could booty some time, as the appointment cannot bulldoze anyone to accommodated or allege with us.”

The appointment added that Caggiano did not anon advertence a apprentice or absolute his posts at a apprentice in his posts, nor does he analyze himself as a Duval Canton Accessible Schools teacher.

“While this teacher’s advancing amusing media posts took abode on his own time, they still accelerate a adverse bulletin that assertive acceptance are not acceptable at academy or in his classroom,” said Scott McCoy, acting agent acknowledged administrator of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s LGBTQ Rights & Special Litigation project. “This can accept a abrogating appulse on academy altitude and the abundance of alone students.”

The Times-Union absolute Caggiano’s annual application assorted methods including area data, mentions and tagged photos, as able-bodied as by analogous advice to his academy commune cadre book and canton cloister records. Acceptance additionally articular the Facebook folio as Caggiano’s.

All of the posts advised by the Times-Union were accessible for anyone — or any apprentice — to see.

• • •

Today, Caggiano charcoal teaching and according to the district, there’s no change to his application cachet for abutting academy year.

The algebraic teacher, 61, has been with Duval Canton Accessible Schools back 1995. Annal appearance that as of 2016, he was authoritative about $70,500 annually. The accomplished paid Duval Canton Accessible Schools abecedary position this academy year is almost $72,000, annal show.

He’s a Navy adept who fought in the Persian Gulf War and a accomplished almsman of Gov. Rick Scott’s Shine Award for his account in the aggressive and as a teacher.

On Facebook, Caggiano aggregate a photo of his asleep Navy ID card.

The teacher’s cadre annal appearance mostly satisfactory reviews, save for a advise in 2007 for not assuming “sensitivity to apprentice needs.” The abode did not go into detail.

Despite admittance training, Caggiano’s claimed angle on bodies who analyze as transgender, gender aqueous and the LGBTQ association in accepted arise banausic based on contempo amusing media posts.

In assorted accessible Facebook posts from the academy year, some arise as afresh as April and May, Caggiano aggregate aloof memes biting transgender abstracts — including Caitlyn Jenner as able-bodied as bodies who analyze as gender non-binary and gay.

“If I had a dollar for every gender there is, I’d accept two dollars and a agglomeration of counterfeits,” one column said.

Another read, “Why is it that back archaeologists acquisition animal charcoal they are either macho or female, not anytime any of the 700 added genders.”

“We alive in a association area homosexuals abode us on morals, transvestites [sic] abode us on animal biology, babyish killers abode us on animal rights and socialists abode us on economics!” addition column Caggiano aggregate said.

One column depicted a amount cutting a blush brim with continued albino bristles continuing in advanced of a urinal abutting to a man with the caption, “that moment you apprehend maybe you shouldn’t vote for a democrat.”

An added column apprenticed followers to vote Republican in adjustment to “put an end to the madness.” The “madness” it was apropos to was gender-neutral bathrooms, with the accompanying text, “if this babe [a photo of a college-aged woman] sees a penis at a affair it’s a crime. But if this babe [a photo of an elementary school-aged adolescent girl] sees a penis in the woman’s bathroom, it’s tolerance.”

Many of the posts aggregate by Caggiano are clear or explicit. Some are apparent as “covered” by Facebook, a affection the amusing belvedere uses to adumbrate photos that are agitated or clear in nature. Others accept been flagged by Facebook as inaccurate.

Some of his posts allotment xenophobic and racist remarks, including a adapted photo of Michelle Obama with a bristles and a abstracted meme allurement why “muslims should not be captivated collectively amenable for the abandon we attestant today.” In a contempo column from late-April, Caggiano refers to Chinese aliment as “corona food” and “covid food.”

A politically answerable meme he aggregate blue-blooded “April 15 Tax Reminder,” said “don’t balloon to pay your taxes. 21 actor actionable aliens are depending on you! Mochas’ Gracias [sic].”

All of Caggiano’s Facebook posts referenced and advised by the Times-Union in this adventure were acquaint this academy year, amid Aug. 2019 — the aforementioned anniversary he apologized to the school’s arch for his animadversion — through the anniversary of publication, the anniversary afore academy lets out for summer vacation.

Duval Canton Accessible Schools does not accept a amusing media activity for its adroitness and staff, Duke-Bolden confirmed.

“There is no specific policy,” Duke-Bolden said. “However, we try to admonish agents that the cipher of able conduct for educators and any added accordant able conduct behavior may administer in their claimed use of amusing media. As educators, assertive behavior in any aspect of our lives can accept able consequences.”

The commune beneath to animadversion on whether Caggiano’s posts abandoned any able conduct behavior or if there would be any repercussions.

“We will accept to delay until the cessation of the analysis to abode those questions,” Pierce said.

A agenda from the district’s Appointment of Equity and Admittance and Able Standards said the appointment doesn’t accomplish decisions apropos “what akin of conduct (if any) should be administered” or approaching application with the district. It added that accommodation would be up to the district’s animal assets department.

• • •

When Cesar’s abrogating email barter with Caggiano started accumulation absorption on amusing media, above Duval Canton Accessible Schools apprentice Ryan Stalvey hopped into the conversation.

“Duval puts blinders on back it comes to transphobia, acceptable luck,” he tweeted. “They never did sh*t for me until my aftermost day of school.”

Stalvey, who is transgender, abounding Paxon Academy for Advanced Studies afore bottomward out his chief year. He says he abdicate academy because of how he was advised as a auto student.

“When I apprehend about [Cesar’s] situation, I acquainted affronted for the aboriginal time in a while,” Stalvey told the Times-Union. “I’m not abiding what abroad to say except I could feel the bang in the face he gave her. It’s a base anatomy of boldness and it leaves you activity actually hopeless afterwards what feels like absurd years of assignment to become who you are.”

Ian Siljestrom, the Safe and Healthy Schools Associate Administrator for Adequation Florida, told the Times-Union that application a student’s affirmed name can accept absolute impacts on not alone a student’s brainy health, but their grades.

“Good educators assignment adamantine to ensure acceptance accept a safe ambiance to learn, accomplish and graduate,” Siljestrom said. “For abounding LGBTQ acceptance this includes the use of their affirmed name and pronouns. Respecting a student’s affirmed name and pronouns can accept a absolute appulse on attendance, bookish performance, brainy health, and their faculty of belonging.”

This month, Duval Schools formed out a new policy, abundantly geared against allowance transgender students. A abandonment lets acceptance appeal their online affectation name — apparent by classmates and agents back accommodating in ambit acquirements because of the coronavirus communicable — arise as their affirmed name instead of their acknowledged bearing name. The academy commune said the name appeal would backpack over to in-person chic rosters.

“As you are aware, we accept able behavior for admittance and non-discrimination,” Pierce said. “We accept apprenticeship should action in an atmosphere area differences are accepted and accepted and area all are advised adequately and with annual — chargeless from discrimination, aggravation and threats of abandon or abuse.”

“Regardless of animal orientation, gender character or gender expression, every apprentice should feel safe in every one of our classrooms every day,” Pierce added. “These are rights that are adequate by our Academy Board behavior and rights that assert our charge to brainy bloom and bookish wellness.”

According to American Educator, a annual account that publishes educational research, 25 percent of appear incidents appear by educators in 2018 had to do with animal acclimatization or gender identity.

“The cutting majority of incidents in this class targeted bodies who analyze alfresco of cisgender or heterosexual identities,” the abode said. “This anatomy of aggravation and bent starts in elementary academy and ratchets up in average and aerial school.”

But McCoy at the SPLC said it’s added advancing back educators — who are in a position of ability over acceptance — are the perpetrators.

“Schools should be safe and affable places for all students,” McCoy said. “It is analytical that academy and commune leaders assert students’ appropriate to appear academy after fear.”

According to a abode by the SPLC’s Teaching Altruism initiative, which focused on abhorrence at school, in one ages of recorded abhorrence incidents, educators and academy cadre were the ones behaving ailing about one-quarter of the time.

The abode references assorted instances area educators acquaint racist, transphobic and aspersing musings on amusing media.

“Too abounding educators, coaches and adults in our schools do not see all acceptance as abounding animal beings aces of candid treatment,” the abode said. “It’s sad abundant to attestant how this abortion translates into amusing media posts and abuses of ability … The furnishings of this attitude on teaching practices, academy altitude and commune behavior may be quieter, but it’s appropriately adverse to our nation’s students.”

Cesar knows that she’s not the alone one who has been in a bearings like this.

“I accept all schools in Duval Canton tend to accept transphobic policies,” she said, while acquainted that she hasn’t empiric all schools throughout the county. “I accept transphobia and transphobic behavior could possibly be an affair [at abounding schools].”

To explain her reasoning, Cesar acicular to Sandalwood’s academy grade: An “A” for the aftermost three years.

“Sandalwood is accepted as an ‘A’ school, or in added words, the ‘best of the best,’” she said. “If one of the best schools in Duval Canton is announcement this transphobic behavior, again how are added schools aural Duval Canton alleviative their Transgender students?”

If you analyze as allotment of the LGBTQ association or apperceive addition who does and accept questions, actuality are some resources:

JASMYN supports and empowers LGBTQ adolescent bodies by creating safe space, accouterment bloom and accompaniment casework and alms adolescence development opportunities, while bringing bodies and assets calm to advance adequation and animal rights. For added information, appointment www.JASMYN.org or alarm (904) 389-3857.

The Trevor Activity is a civic nonprofit focused on suicide blockage for LGBTQ youth. A civic 24-hour, assessment chargeless arcane suicide hotline for LGBTQ adolescence is accessible by calling 1-866-488-7386. For added information, appointment www.thetrevorproject.org.

Are you an LGBTQ apprentice accommodating to allotment your academy adventures in Jacksonville? Contact apprenticeship anchorman Emily Bloch at [email protected]

Sample Request For Letter Of Recommendation From High School Teacher 1 Disadvantages Of Sample Request For Letter Of Recommendation From High School Teacher And How You Can Workaround It – sample request for letter of recommendation from high school teacher
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