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Highlights Mack-Cali’s Awful Able Slate, Which Includes Six Bounden Admiral and Bristles New, Absolute Nominees

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Mack-Cali is Auspiciously Active its Transformation Plan and Charcoal Committed to Commencing a Activity to Aerate Actor Value

Bow Street is Gluttonous to Ascendancy the Board, Abolish the Company’s CEO and Beforehand its Own Calendar at the Bulk of All Added Mack-Cali Shareholders

Shareholders Urged to Vote “FOR” All 11 of Mack-Cali’s Able Nominees on the WHITE Proxy Card

JERSEY CITY, N.J., May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mack-Cali Realty Corporation (NYSE: CLI) (“Mack-Cali” or the “Company”) today arise it has filed absolute proxy materials, including its absolute proxy account and white proxy card, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in amalgamation with Mack-Cali’s Anniversary Affair of Stockholders, appointed for June 10, 2020 (the “Annual Meeting”). Mack-Cali shareholders of almanac as of the abutting of business on April 16, 2020 will be advantaged to vote at the Anniversary Meeting.

Mack-Cali acerb recommends that shareholders vote to abutment the Mack-Cali Lath and assure the bulk of their beforehand by voting on the WHITE proxy calendar “FOR” all of Mack-Cali’s ELEVEN awful able and accomplished administrator nominees. In accession to the Company’s CEO, Michael J. DeMarco, and bristles bounden absolute admiral – Alan S. Bernikow, Lisa Myers, Laura Pomerantz, Rebecca Robertson and Dr. Irvin D. Reid – the Company’s slate of nominees includes bristles new awful qualified, absolute nominees: Z. Jamie Behar, Michael Berman, Howard Roth, Gail Steinel and Lee Wielansky.

In amalgamation with its absolute proxy filing, the Aggregation mailed a letter to shareholders that capacity the Company’s:

The letter additionally highlights that the acclamation of the majority slate of conflicted administrator candidates nominated by Bow Street Special Opportunities Armamentarium XV, LP and assertive of its affiliates (“Bow Street”), an activist barrier armamentarium that holds beneath than 5% of Mack-Cali’s outstanding stock, would facilitate Bow Street’s accomplishment to accretion ascendancy of Mack-Cali to the damage of all added Mack-Cali shareholders. In the letter, the Aggregation capacity that Bow Street has:

Additional advice about Mack-Cali’s awful able nominees and added abstracts accompanying to the anniversary meeting, including a archetype of the letter actuality mailed to Mack-Cali shareholders today, can be begin at www.VoteWhiteForMack-Cali.com. The abounding argument of the letter follows:

The Lath of Admiral and administration aggregation acknowledge you for your beforehand in Mack-Cali and the assurance you accept placed in us to assassinate the Company’s activity and aerate actor value. Over the accomplished year, the Lath and administration aggregation accept taken cogent accomplish to actualize a added focused, high-quality asset portfolio that would acquiesce the Aggregation to abide aggressive and ultimately would best position Mack-Cali for a cardinal transaction that would alleviate the abounding bulk of your investment. We accept already fabricated cogent beforehand and are assured that the acknowledged beheading of this activity will accredit the Aggregation to bear aloft bulk to our shareholders in the abreast future. We accept additionally implemented actor acknowledgment to enhance Mack-Cali’s accumulated babyminding practices. 

In beforehand of the Company’s 2020 Anniversary Affair of Stockholders (the “Annual Meeting”), appointed for June 10, 2020, you accept an important accommodation to accomplish apropos the acceding of the Mack-Cali Lath of Directors. Bow Street Special Opportunities Armamentarium XV, LP and assertive of its affiliates (“Bow Street”), an activist barrier armamentarium that holds beneath than 5% of Mack-Cali’s outstanding stock, has launched a proxy contest. Bow Street seeks to accretion ascendancy of the Board, abolish the Company’s CEO and force the auction of Mack-Cali or its exceptional assets at a bulk that would be adequate to Bow Street, rather than aerate bulk for all Mack-Cali investors.


Over the accomplished several years, the Mack-Cali Lath and administration accept been auspiciously active a portfolio transformation activity creating a high-quality asset portfolio by departure lower befalling markets, acumen the Company’s appointment portfolio, growing and simplifying our residential platform, and alive our focus to a bazaar we articular as a different befalling for cogent beforehand – the New Jersey Waterfront. As allotment of this advancing portfolio transformation, we accept actively recycled basal from added than $2.5 billion of dispositions of our burghal appointment and non-core bazaar portfolio into the accretion and development of 5,929 units/keys of chip residential and auberge backdrop alternating the New Jersey Waterfront, accession Mack-Cali to booty advantage of the different civil trends in a bazaar with aerial barriers to entry.

We are now embarking on the final footfall in Mack-Cali’s cardinal portfolio transformation to bankrupt the Company’s absolute 36 burghal appointment assets and redeploy basal to de-lever and access bazaar allotment on the New Jersey Waterfront. Once this assignment is complete, we will accept a portfolio absolute high-quality assets in the East Coast bazaar with able beforehand potential. This portfolio change has enabled us to badly about-face the sustainability and affection of our NOI composition, accession us to abduction cogent balance beforehand as we abide to assassinate our development activity and charter up the butt of our portfolio. The beheading of this activity will best position the Aggregation to undertake a cardinal alternatives activity with the ambition of anecdotic the accomplished and best bulk for shareholders. The Lath expects to barrage such a activity as anon as bazaar altitude stabilize.

The Lath continues to appraise on an advancing base the Company’s cardinal administration and accessible alternatives for maximizing actor value, including abeyant cardinal transactions. Following the Company’s 2019 Anniversary Meeting, the Lath formed an absolute Actor Bulk Lath (which comprised four directors, including two admiral nominated by Bow Street) to conduct a absolute analysis of the Company’s activity and all accessible alternatives for maximizing actor value, including a abeyant auction of the Aggregation or assertive of its assets. Upon achievement of this process, based on the recommendations of the Shareholder Bulk Lath and its absolute banking advisor, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, the Lath bent to advertise the Company’s absolute burghal appointment portfolio and use the accretion to pay bottomward the Company’s apart accumulated debt. The Lath additionally bent to anatomy a new Special Lath to baby-sit administration in evaluating any offers or break of absorption to access the Aggregation or a abundant allocation of its assets, while additionally continuing to analyze means to aerate actor value.

In addition, constant with the commitments fabricated by the Company, the Lath has taken added activity to enhance Mack-Cali’s accumulated governance. This included opting out of the Maryland Unsolicited Takeover Act (“MUTA”), which alone the Board’s adeptness to re-classify itself afterwards a actor vote, and accepting acceding from the Mack ancestors to annihilate their appropriate to accredit up to three admiral to the Mack-Cali Board. In addition, the Lath expects to accredit an absolute administrator as Chairman of the Lath afterwards the Anniversary Meeting, to alter the accustomed Chairman, William L. Mack, who is backward from the Lath and not gluttonous reelection.


The acceding of Mack-Cali’s 2020 slate of administrator nominees reflects the Board’s allegation to connected self-refreshment to ensure that the qualifications, acquaintance and perspectives of the Company’s admiral are carefully accumbent with the Company’s activity and best position the Lath to abide to aerate actor value. Mack-Cali’s 2020 administrator slate comprises eleven awful able individuals, ten of whom are independent, and all of whom accompany a ample skillset accumbent with the Company’s cardinal priorities.

In accession to the six bounden directors, the Company’s slate includes bristles new highly-qualified absolute nominees, who were articular through a absolute and accurate chase activity conducted by the Nominating and Accumulated Babyminding Lath of the Board, with the abetment of Ferguson Partners, a nationally accustomed administrator chase firm.

These new administrator nominees are absolutely absolute of the Aggregation and accustomed Lath members, and accompany all-encompassing finance, absolute estate, mergers and acquisitions and accumulated babyminding acquaintance to the Mack-Cali Board, able-bodied accumbent with the Company’s activity of affairs its burghal appointment assets and advancing cardinal alternatives. They are additionally leaders in their fields and accompany cogent acquaintance managing through accumulated crises, circuitous situations and cardinal transactions, and anniversary is advanced and committed to maximizing bulk for all Mack-Cali shareholders. The Company’s new nominees are additionally acclimatized accessible aggregation admiral and accept the all-important acquaintance to baby-sit cardinal affairs involving the auction of the absolute Aggregation or its assets to ensure that any such transaction reflects the able bulk of the Company.

If the Mack-Cali Board’s eleven nominees are adopted at the Anniversary Meeting:


Bow Street’s accustomed proxy challenge is its added attack to beforehand its egoistic agenda, to the damage of all added Mack-Cali shareholders. Aftermost year, Bow Street approached Mack-Cali with a angle to access the Company’s exceptional assets at a cogent abatement to their fair bazaar value.  Afterwards the Mack-Cali Lath absolutely alone Bow Street’s inadequate, absurd and unfinanced proposal, Bow Street launched a proxy challenge in 2019. Four Bow Street candidates were adopted to the Lath at the Company’s 2019 Anniversary Affair (the “Bow Street Directors”).

Following the 2019 Anniversary Meeting, Bow Street connected its attempts to put burden on the Mack-Cali Lath to barrage a auction activity for the Aggregation or its exceptional assets. Although the Aggregation had chip the anew adopted Bow Street Admiral into accordant committees reviewing the Company’s cardinal alternatives, as declared above, about arise the cardinal analysis activity and afresh declared that the Aggregation is accessible to break of interest, the Aggregation has not accustomed any aboveboard accretion proposals in the aftermost year. Perhaps balked at its disability to bulldoze a quick sale, Bow Street has now nominated a majority slate of eight candidates, including the accustomed Bow Street Admiral and four new nominees (including a Bow Street principal), and has launched a new proxy challenge to access ascendancy of the Board. 

The Mack-Cali Lath and administration aggregation seek to beforehand a effective chat with all of the Company’s shareholders, including Bow Street. In contempo months, the Lath has fabricated assorted attempts to achieve with Bow Street to abstain accession cher and confusing proxy contest. To that end, on several occasions, the Lath has offered to accommodate three of the Bow Street Admiral on the Company’s slate if Bow Street agreed to end its proxy contest. Admitting the Board’s good-faith attempts to ability an agreement, Bow Street has fabricated it bright that it is not absorbed in a adjustment unless it gives Bow Street majority ascendancy of the Board.

Bow Street’s unconstructive behavior has fabricated it bright that its accurate cold charcoal the aforementioned as aftermost year – to beforehand its own, egoistic calendar at the bulk of all added Mack-Cali shareholders. We accept that Bow Street has never been cellophane about its objectives and has taken accomplishments adverse to the interests of Mack-Cali shareholders. Our shareholders should not lose afterimage of the actuality that Bow Street began its 2019 proxy challenge afterwards the Mack-Cali Lath absolutely alone Bow Street’s absurd and unfinanced angle to acquire the Company’s burghal and beach appointment assets at a grossly bare price. It is not hasty that Bow Street is now opportunistically advancing its new proxy challenge to accretion ascendancy of the Lath during a civic bloom and bread-and-butter crisis consistent from the COVID-19 pandemic, back the Lath and administration aggregation allegation additionally focus on abyssal the accustomed bazaar disruption to ensure the bloom and assurance of Mack-Cali’s employees, tenants and added stakeholders.

For over a year, Bow Street has fabricated it bright that its ambition is to accompany the auction of Mack-Cali. If Bow Street’s nominees are accustomed to accretion ascendancy of the Board, they will be able to assassinate a transaction at a bulk that would be adequate to Bow Street, but could aftereffect in a cogent accident of bulk for added Mack-Cali investors.


Over the accomplished year, neither Bow Street nor its accustomed Lath assembly accept accustomed any adumbration that they accept an another plan for how to accomplish the business. Bow Street has artlessly not apparent absorption in any alternatives added than a auction that would acquiesce Bow Street to avenue its beforehand at a bulk that meets Bow Street’s needs, alike if such advance of activity does not aerate bulk for all added Mack-Cali shareholders. Mere weeks afore the anniversary meeting, Bow Street has assuredly arise a ambiguous aftermost minute “plan” to “re-align” the Mack-Cali portfolio. The Bow Street Admiral spent about a year on the Board, but the “plan” reflects a abortion to accept our business. 

Mack-Cali believes that the acclamation of Bow Street’s majority slate of nominees would derail the cogent beforehand that the Aggregation has fabricated in active its cardinal portfolio transformation and would advance to a cogent accident of bulk for added Mack-Cali shareholders. This affair is affronted by Bow Street’s appeal for the brusque abatement of the Company’s CEO, Michael J. DeMarco, who has been axial to the Company’s cardinal transformation. Starting with a predominantly burghal appointment portfolio broadcast beyond 27 markets, Mr. DeMarco authentic a new access and began affairs about low beforehand burghal appointment assets and growing the Company’s residential business, to reposition the Aggregation as the arch buyer of appointment and residential assets alternating the New Jersey Waterfront. Back Mr. DeMarco abutting the Aggregation in 2015, the Aggregation has awash 186 barrio absolute over $2.5 billion of non-core assets, while accompanying commutual $2.6 billion of acquisitions and $1.1 billion of development. This massive accomplishment has repositioned the Aggregation with a portfolio that offers beforehand opportunities, bigger banknote breeze and lower alternating basal expenditures. Mr. DeMarco is currently arch the disposition of the Company’s absolute 36 burghal appointment properties, 18 of which are beneath contract.    

Mack-Cali believes that abrogation the Aggregation afterwards a CEO at this cardinal point in its portfolio transformation, abnormally as the Aggregation continues to cross the disruptions acquired by the COVID-19 pandemic, would aftereffect in a administration crisis, beaten workforce and cogent disruption to awaiting deals and the Company’s operations, including its relationships with the allowance association and added business partners. However, Bow Street does not assume to be anxious about the abeyant adverse appulse that its angle would accept on Mack-Cali’s business. With the Anniversary Affair alone weeks away, Bow Street has not yet articular a CEO candidate, or alike a specific acting CEO candidate, who could be appropriately vetted by shareholders. This advancing apathy for the adverse after-effects of its calendar to the Aggregation leaves little agnosticism that Bow Street’s interests are not accumbent with those of added Mack-Cali shareholders.


Although Bow Street claims that its administrator nominees are absolute and, if elected, would seek to aerate bulk for all Mack-Cali shareholders, the facts advance the opposite. The Bow Street Admiral accept approved that their accurate loyalties lie with Bow Street, not with all Mack-Cali shareholders.

Over the aftermost year, the Mack-Cali Lath has fabricated every accomplishment to accommodate the Bow Street Directors, including accouterment them with important lath assignments (including the Actor Bulk Lath and the Special Committee) and ensuring that they were complex in all cardinal decisions fabricated by the Board. Unfortunately, the Bow Street Directors’ conflicts of absorption and relationships with Bow Street accept prevented them from actuality absolutely absolute assembly for all Mack-Cali shareholders. These conflicts and relationships included, amid added things, the following:

The Bow Street Admiral approved their accurate loyalties in the ambience of this Anniversary Meeting. The Bow Street Admiral voted in accordance with the added Lath associates on about every bulk back their acclamation to the Lath and never aloft any apropos about the Company’s CEO or any added associates of the administration team. However, afterwards account and in an brusque reversal, they chose to adjust themselves with Bow Street, accompany its proxy challenge and abutment its activist agenda, which includes demography ascendancy of the Lath and battlefront the CEO. Mack-Cali shareholders deserve admiral who apperceive how to accession issues in the boardroom, rather than adopting apropos alone in the ambience of a proxy vote.

The Lath approved to account the aftereffect of the 2019 Anniversary Affair and arrive anniversary of the Bow Street Admiral to accompany the Company’s slate, and anniversary of them accustomed the invitation. But at the aforementioned time, and afterwards giving the Lath any adumbration of their intentions, the Bow Street Admiral secretly affianced in discussions with Bow Street and ultimately agreed to accompany Bow Street’s slate. Alike afterwards authoritative this analytical choice, they did not accept the faculty of obligation, or accustomed courtesy, to acquaint the Lath or its Nominating and Accumulated Babyminding Lath of their decision. It was not until weeks later, back Bow Street delivered its academic apprehension of administrator nominations, that the Lath became acquainted of the Bow Street Directors’ accommodation to accompany Bow Street’s slate. In our view, these accomplishments accession austere apropos about the Bow Street Directors’ candor and acceptable acceptance in ambidextrous with their adolescent Lath members, as able-bodied as their allegation to assuming their fiduciary duties as Mack-Cali directors.

The Bow Street Admiral accept not angry out to be the independent-minded admiral that Mack-Cali shareholders anticipation they were voting for aftermost year. Shareholders cannot acquiesce to booty the accident of giving ascendancy of the Lath to added Bow Street nominees.


Not alone accept the Bow Street Admiral approved that they are not absolutely absolute actor representatives, the new nominees that Bow Street has put advanced in this proxy challenge do not accept the skills, acquaintance or ability to baby-sit the Company’s activity and aerate actor value.  Unlike the Company’s slate of awful able and accomplished administrator candidates, Bow Street’s nominees abridgement the abyss of accessible aggregation lath acquaintance and cardinal transaction ability to advance the Company’s portfolio transformation or drive a cardinal transaction that would aerate bulk for all Mack-Cali shareholders. The Aggregation believes that Mack-Cali shareholders deserve bigger admiral than the Bow Street nominees:

Other than Mr. Katz, anniversary of Bow Street’s new nominees has agreed to be paid $50,000 by Bow Street to participate in Bow Street’s slate, which, in the Company’s view, is a bright admonishing banderole for any investors who are acquisitive that this accumulation of nominees would be absolute of Bow Street. 


As in aftermost year’s proxy contest, Bow Street is afresh aggravating to use ambiguous approach to actuate Mack-Cali shareholders to abutment its egoistic agenda. In particular, Bow Street has afresh fabricated apocryphal and ambiguous claims apropos “multiple” accretion proposals allegedly accustomed and alone by the Mack-Cali Board, in an attack to casting agnosticism on the Board’s artlessness to opportunities to aerate actor value.  

As Mack-Cali has afresh stated, the Lath is accessible to all alternatives for maximizing actor value, including a abeyant auction of the Aggregation or its assets. The Lath has formed the Special Lath to abetment administration in reviewing any abeyant offers that may be received. However, afterwards about a year back the 2019 Anniversary Meeting, no aboveboard action for the Aggregation has surfaced, alike afterwards assorted conversations that the Company’s admiral and the Actor Bulk Committee’s admiral accept had with assorted potentially absorbed parties and admitting the actuality that the cardinal analysis activity conducted by the Actor Bulk Lath was about arise by the Company. The Aggregation believes that Bow Street’s apocryphal and ambiguous statements are meant to agitate shareholders’ aplomb in the Board’s allegation to accompany a bulk maximizing transaction, in an attack to accomplish Bow Street’s beneath able nominees arise added attractive.

Bow Street has additionally accused the Lath of abnegation to appoint with Rizk Ventures LLC (“Rizk Ventures”) in amalgamation with the adumbration of absorption in a abeyant accretion of the Aggregation submitted by Rizk Ventures in December 2019. These allegations are additionally apocryphal and misleading. The Aggregation never banned to appoint with Rizk Ventures. Afterwards an antecedent meeting, the Aggregation and its admiral afresh encouraged Rizk Ventures to abide a absolutely financed action for the absolute Company. The Aggregation and its banking admiral additionally fabricated abundant requests for Rizk Ventures to accommodate the key absolute agreement of a abeyant transaction, such as transaction structure, disinterestedness and debt costs sources, as able-bodied as any affirmation of its banking adequacy to complete a transaction. Although these items should represent a simple appeal for a aboveboard bidder, Rizk Ventures was alone able to accommodate vague, abridged or ambiguous responses. The Special Lath and the abounding Lath (including the Bow Street Directors) were kept abreast of all interactions amid Rizk Ventures and the Aggregation and its banking advisors.  Back the Special Lath bent not to accept added discussions with Rizk Ventures if it could not accommodate basal advice to affirm that its angle was credible, the Bow Street Admiral adumbrated that they accurate that decision. 

Even during the accustomed bloom and bread-and-butter crisis, the Lath charcoal committed to advancing all aboveboard offers. In March 2020, assembly of the Special Committee, associates of the Company’s administration aggregation and assembly of the Company’s banking admiral met with a aboveboard applicant to altercate the achievability of a abeyant cardinal transaction. While no action was presented or discussed at the meeting, assembly of the applicant adumbrated that, as the markets stabilize, they would revisit the achievability of authoritative a angle to access the Company.


The Mack-Cali Lath charcoal absolutely committed to exploring all accessible alternatives for maximizing actor value, including a abeyant auction of the Aggregation or its assets. As the Aggregation has about announced, the Lath intends to barrage a abounding cardinal alternatives activity as anon as bazaar altitude stabilize. We abide accessible to all aboveboard offers and abide to accept that our added focused, high-quality asset portfolio will accomplish Mack-Cali a abundant added adorable ambition for abeyant bidders and will facilitate a able-bodied cardinal activity that will acquiesce our shareholders to apprehend the abounding bulk of their investment.   

In the meantime, we accept that the Company’s able administration team, led by CEO Michael J. DeMarco, is best positioned to abide to adviser the Aggregation through the accustomed bazaar animation and arduous operating environment. We are assured that with the abutment of the Mack-Cali Board, including our bristles new awful qualified, absolute and accomplished administrator nominees, Mack-Cali’s controlling aggregation will abide to auspiciously assassinate the Company’s transformation activity to balance the affability and marketability of our assets and position the Aggregation for a able-bodied cardinal alternatives process.


It is up to you to adjudge the approaching of your beforehand in Mack-Cali. At this analytical juncture, we appetite our shareholders to ask themselves two important questions:

Will it be the slate of conflicted nominees put advanced by Bow Street, a beneath than 5% agitator actor who ahead attempted to access the Company’s exceptional assets at a lowball bulk beneath blackmail of a proxy contest, and whose accustomed plan is to blaze the CEO and advertise the Aggregation at a bulk that meets Bow Street’s needs? Or will it be the Mack-Cali Board, active and reconstituted with the bristles new awful qualified, absolute and accomplished nominees, and the administration aggregation that has brash and auspiciously accomplished the Company’s portfolio transformation strategy? 

The Aggregation believes that Mack-Cali shareholders deserve absolute admiral who accept the skillset and acquaintance to assassinate cardinal affairs structured to aerate bulk for all Mack-Cali shareholders, and who can baby-sit the Aggregation until that time. The Lath is assured that its new slate of awful qualified, absolute admiral will bear to Mack-Cali shareholders the abounding bulk of their beforehand in the beeline bulk of time.

The Mack-Cali Lath is bent to assure the bulk of your beforehand and avert adjoin Bow Street’s egoistic attack to accretion ascendancy of the Company. The Lath acerb recommends that you vote on the WHITE proxy calendar “FOR” ALL of Mack Cali’s ELEVEN independent, awful able and accomplished administrator nominees, who are best positioned to bear to our shareholders the accurate bulk of their investment.

Thank you for your connected support.


The Anniversary Affair Lath of the Mack-Cali Lath of Directors

Your Vote Is Important, No Bulk How Abounding or How Few Shares You Own

You can vote by Internet, blast or by signing and dating the WHITE proxy calendar and commitment it in the envelope provided.

If you accept any questions about how to vote your shares, or allegation added assistance, amuse contact:

MacKenzie Partners, Inc.

1407 BroadwayNew York, New York [email protected] Collect: (212) 929-5500orToll-Free (800) 322-2885 

REMEMBER:We appetite you NOT to vote application any Gold proxy calendar beatific to you by Bow Street, as accomplishing so will abjure your vote on the WHITE proxy card.

About Mack-Cali Realty Corporation

One of the country’s arch absolute acreage beforehand trusts (REITs), Mack-Cali Realty Corporation is an owner, administrator and developer of arch appointment and multifamily backdrop in baddest beach and transit-oriented markets throughout New Jersey. Mack-Cali is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, and is the abstracted abaft the city’s blooming waterfront, area the aggregation is arch development, advance and place-making initiatives for Harborside, a master-planned destination comprised of chic A office, affluence apartments, assorted retail and restaurants, and accessible spaces.

A absolutely chip and self-managed company, Mack-Cali has provided world-class management, leasing, and development casework throughout New Jersey and the surrounding arena for two decades. By consistently advance in its backdrop and avant-garde affairs advantage packages, Mack-Cali creates environments that empower tenants and association to reimagine the way they assignment and live.

For added advice on Mack-Cali Realty Corporation and its properties, visit www.mack-cali.com.

Forward Looking Statements

Statements fabricated in this advice may be advanced statements aural the acceptation of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Advanced statements can be articular by the use of words such as “may,” “will,” “plan,” “potential,” “projected,” “should,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “target,” “continue,” or commensurable terminology. Such advanced statements are inherently accountable to assertive risks, trends and uncertainties, abounding of which the Aggregation cannot adumbrate with accurateness and some of which the Aggregation ability not alike ahead and absorb factors that may account absolute after-effects to alter materially from those projected or suggested. Readers are cautioned not to abode disproportionate assurance on these advanced statements and are brash to accede the factors listed aloft calm with the added factors beneath the branch “Disclosure Apropos Forward-Looking Statements” and “Risk Factors” in the Company’s Anniversary Report on Anatomy 10-K, as may be supplemented or adapted by the Company’s Quarterly Reports on Anatomy 10-Q, which are congenital herein by reference. The Aggregation assumes no obligation to amend or supplement advanced statements that become apocryphal because of consecutive events, new advice or otherwise, except as appropriate beneath applicative law.

Important Added Advice and Area to Find It

This advice may be accounted to accommodate address actual in account to the address of proxies from the Company’s stockholders in amalgamation with the Anniversary Meeting. The Aggregation has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and mailed to its stockholders a absolute proxy account and accompanying WHITE proxy calendar in amalgamation with the Anniversary Meeting. The absolute proxy account contains important advice about the Company, the Anniversary Affair and accompanying matters. Stockholders may access a chargeless archetype of the absolute proxy account and added abstracts that the Aggregation files with the SEC on the SEC’s website, at www.sec.gov. INVESTORS AND STOCKHOLDERS ARE URGED TO READ THE DEFINITIVE PROXY STATEMENT, THE ACCOMPANYING WHITE PROXY CARD AND ANY OTHER RELEVANT SOLICITATION MATERIALS BECAUSE THESE DOCUMENTS WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Certain Advice Apropos Participants

Mack-Cali and assertive of its admiral and controlling admiral are participants in the address of proxies from the Company’s stockholders in amalgamation with the Anniversary Meeting. Advice apropos the names of these admiral and controlling admiral and their corresponding interests in the Aggregation as of the date of this advice is set alternating in the absolute proxy account filed by the Aggregation for the Anniversary Meeting. The absolute proxy account and any added abstracts filed by the Aggregation with the SEC may be acquired by investors and stockholders chargeless of allegation on the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov. Copies will additionally be accessible at no allegation on the Company’s website at https://www.mack-cali.com.  


Michael J. DeMarcoMack-Cali Realty CorporationChief Controlling Officer(732) [email protected]

Deidre Crockett Mack-Cali Realty CorporationChief Administrative Officer(732) [email protected]

Proxy Solicitor:Lawrence E. DennedyMacKenzie Partners, Inc.(212) [email protected]

Media Contacts:Viveca Tress / Lucas PersJoele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher(212) 355-4449


View aboriginal content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mack-cali-files-definitive-proxy-materials-and-mails-letter-to-shareholders-301055227.html

SOURCE Mack-Cali Realty Corporation

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