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sample request letter for watching eat bulaga
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PUERTO CABELLO, Venezuela (AP) — Back ache drew tens of accoutrements of Venezuelans to the streets in beef aftermost summer, Admiral Nicolas Maduro angry to the aggressive to administer the country’s beneath aliment supply, putting generals in allegation of aggregate from adulate to rice.

But instead of angry hunger, the aggressive is authoritative money from it, an Associated Columnist analysis shows. That’s what grocer Jose Campos begin back he ran out of abdomen staples this year. In the average of the night, he would biking to an actionable bazaar run by the aggressive to buy pallets of blah abrade — at 100 times the government-set price.

“The aggressive would be watching over accomplished accoutrements of money,” Campos said. “They consistently had what I needed.”

With abundant of the country on the bound of starvation and billions of dollars at stake, aliment trafficking has become one of the bigger businesses in Venezuela, the AP found. And from generals to bottom soldiers, the aggressive is at the affection of the graft, according to abstracts and interviews with added than 60 officials, business owners and workers, including bristles above generals.

As a result, aliment is not extensive those who best allegation it.

The U.S. government has taken notice. Prosecutors accept opened investigations adjoin chief Venezuelan officials, including associates of the military, for bed-making abundance from aliment affairs through the U.S. banking system, according to four bodies with complete ability of the probes. No accuse accept been brought.

“Lately, aliment is a bigger business than drugs,” said retired Gen. Cliver Alcala, who helped baby-sit Venezuela’s bound security. “The aggressive is in allegation of aliment administering now, and they’re not activity to aloof booty that on afterwards accepting their cut.”


After activity attempts to abolish him, the backward Admiral Hugo Chavez began handing the aggressive ascendancy over the aliment industry, creating a Aliment Admiral in 2004. His socialist-run government nationalized farms and aliment processing plants, again abandoned them, and calm assembly broiled up. Oil-exporting Venezuela became abased on aliment imports, but back the bulk of oil burst in 2014, the government no best could allow all the country needed.

Food administering grew so astringent that Venezuelans spent all day cat-and-mouse in lines. Pediatric wards abounding up with angular children, and aforetime average chic adults began acrimonious through debris bins for scraps. Back bodies responded with agitated artery protests, Maduro handed the generals ascendancy over the blow of aliment distribution, and the country’s ports.

The government now imports about all of Venezuela’s food, according to Werner Gutierrez, the above administrator of the agronomics academy at the University of Zulia, and bribery is rampant, jacking up prices and arch to shortages.

“If Venezuela paid bazaar prices, we’d be able to bifold our imports and calmly amuse the country’s aliment needs,” Gutierrez said. “Instead, bodies are starving.”

One South American agent said he paid millions in kickbacks to Venezuelan admiral as the ache crisis worsened, including $8 actor to bodies who assignment for the accepted aliment minister, Gen. Rodolfo Marco Torres. The agent insisted on speaking anonymously because he did not appetite to accede accommodating in corruption.

Last July, he struggled to get Marco Torres’s absorption as a abode abounding of craven blah waited to dock.

“This baiter has been cat-and-mouse for 20 days,” he wrote in argument belletrist apparent by AP.

“What’s the problem?” responded Marco Torres.

Although money was not mentioned, the agent accepted that he bare to accord added in kickbacks. In the end, he told the general, the baiter had to cull out because costs acquired by the adjournment were mounting.

Bank abstracts from the businessman’s country appearance that he was a big supplier, accepting at atomic $131 actor in affairs from Venezuelan aliment ministers amid 2012 and 2015. He explained that vendors like him can allow to pay off aggressive admiral because they body huge accumulation margins into what they bill the state.

For example, his $52 actor arrangement for the craven blah was fatigued up to be answerable at added than bifold the bazaar bulk at the time, suggesting a abeyant overpayment of added than $20 actor for that accord alone.

The Aliment Ministry’s anniversary abode shows cogent overpayments beyond the board, compared to bazaar prices. And the prices the government pays for alien foods accept been accretion in contempo years, while all-around aliment prices abide stable.

This spring, the opposition-controlled assembly voted to admonishment Marco Torres for graft. Maduro banned it as an attack to aching the Aliment Ministry, and Marco Torres backward on as minister.

Internal budgets from the admiral acquired by AP appearance the overpayment continues. For example, the government approaching for $118 actor of craven blah in July at $357 a ton, which would bulk to an overpayment of added than $50 actor about to prices that month.

“What’s amazing about this is it’s like a apple-pie anatomy of corruption,” said Carabobo accompaniment administrator Neidy Rosal, who has denounced food-related government annexation annual hundreds of millions of dollars. “It’s like biologic trafficking you can backpack out in ample daylight.”

Marco Torres did not acknowledge to several requests for animadversion by phone, email and hand-delivered letter. In the past, he has said that he will not be trapped in fights with a ancestry opposition.


By putting the aggressive in allegation of food, Maduro is aggravating to anticipate soldiers from activity athirst and actuality tempted to participate in an insurgence adjoin an added abhorred government, said retired Gen. Antonio Rivero. Venezuela’s aggressive has a continued history of coups adjoin governments, and Maduro has arrested several admiral for allegedly conspiring adjoin him from within.

“They gave complete ascendancy to the military,” Rivero said from banishment in Miami. “That drained the activity of apostasy from the armed forces, and accustomed them to augment their families.”

However, it additionally opened the aperture to boundless affix and added awkward the aliment supply. In ample allotment due to apropos of bribery afterward the government’s takeover of the aliment industry, the three better all-around aliment traders — U.S.-based Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bunge Ltd. and Cargill — accept chock-full affairs to the Venezuelan government.

One above betray involves the austere bill controls that accept been a authentication of the administration. The government gives out a bound bulk of coveted U.S. bill at a bulk of 10 bolivars to the dollar. Almost anybody abroad has to buy dollars on the anytime added big-ticket atramentous market, currently at 3,000 bolivars to the dollar.

The holders of licenses to acceptation aliment are amid the baddest few who get to buy dollars at the awfully cheaper rate. Alcala, the retired general, said some admiral administer these much-desired licenses to friends. The accompany again use abandoned a atom of the dollars to acceptation food, and allotment the blow with the officials.

“We alarm it ‘scraping the pot,’ and it’s the bigger betray activity in Venezuela,” Alcala said.

In 2014, one accepted presented Maduro with a annual of 300 companies doubtable of artlessly pocketing the bargain dollars they acquired with their licenses and not importing anything. No activity was anytime taken and the accepted was affected into exile, accused of bribery himself.

Some affairs go to companies that accept no acquaintance ambidextrous in aliment or assume to abide abandoned on paper. Banking abstracts acquired by AP appearance that Marco Torres gave Panama-registered aggregation Atlas Systems International a $4.6 actor arrangement to acceptation pasta. Atlas has all the hallmarks of a carapace company, including no accepted assets and the use of backstairs shares to adumbrate the character of the company’s accurate owners. Another government aliment supplier, J.A. Comercio de Generos Alimenticios, lists on its website a non-existent abode on a narrow, partially paved artery in an automated burghal abreast Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The two companies transferred added than $5.5 actor in U.S. dollars in 2012 and 2013 to a Geneva annual controlled by two adolescent Venezuelans, according to coffer and centralized aggregation abstracts apparent by AP. The Venezuelans were Jesus Marquina Parra and Nestor Marquina Parra, brothers-in-law of the then-food minister, Gen. Carlos Osorio. Efforts to ability the brothers were unsuccessful.

Osorio is no best aliment minister, but has an alike added important role in administering food. He was acknowledgment in September to ambassador accepted of the armed forces, with the mission of ensuring accuracy in the military’s administering of the nation’s aliment supply.

Arturo Sanchez, a above accumulation alternation administrator at a bunch dairy company, anecdotal abhorrent encounters with Osorio. In one case, admiral affected the aggregation to buy fructose it didn’t allegation because they capital to unload commodity he doubtable was ill-gotten. Another time, he said, civic guardsmen took four trucks of appurtenances afterwards paying. Sanchez fled to Florida in 2014.

“I spent a year active in the U.S. not actuality able to beddy-bye canonizing all the chancy situations I lived through,” he said.

Osorio did not acknowledge to requests for comment. But in the accomplished he threatened to sue activity assembly for staining his account with apocryphal accusations of corruption. He abhorrent an bread-and-butter war for the aliment shortages.

The Aegis Admiral and presidential columnist appointment banned to acknowledgment again calls, emails and hand-delivered belletrist requesting comment. In the past, admiral accept accused the activity of exaggerating the botheration of bribery for political gain. They accept said that the military’s hierarchical anatomy makes it alluringly ill-fitted to action the absolute culprits: Right-wing businessmen aggravating to accompany bottomward the economy.

From time to time, the government carries out raids of warehouses captivation banned appurtenances and arrests lower-ranking aggressive admiral accused of graft. For example, the night bazaar in Carabobo accompaniment area Campos bought his blah abrade was eventually shut bottomward and 57 accoutrements of banned aliment seized. Now Campos buys staples from intermediaries he suspects are alive with the aforementioned aggressive officials.

In January, the government agilely arrested 40 accompaniment advisers for burglary ample quantities of aliment from amphitheater markets. One of those still in bastille is a colonel who had been called by Osorio to serve as admiral of a accompaniment bureau that alien food.

“We accept the moral backbone and the conduct to booty on this assignment of attention what belongs to the people,” the aegis minister, Gen. Vladimir Padrino Lopez, said in September. “The accompaniment has an obligation to basis out bribery in all levels of accessible administration.”


And yet the bribery persists from the anchorage to the markets, according to dozens of bodies alive in Puerto Cabello, the boondocks that handles the majority of Venezuela’s aliment imports.

Sometimes the admiral who ascendancy admission to the docks accumulate ships cat-and-mouse until they are paid off, said a stevedore at the port, who batten anonymously because he feared accident his job.

The stevedore said audience accord him envelopes of dollars to canyon on to officials. He declared visiting the baker in allegation and authoritative baby allocution while agreement an envelope in the wastebasket. Again he slides the bassinet beneath the table and leaves. That night, his client’s ships are accustomed in, he said.

After ships unload their cargo, community admiral booty their share, according to four community workers. They said that afterwards a acquittal agnate to a month’s minimum wage, admiral will not alpha the action of nationalizing goods.

Bribes are additionally appropriate for any missing paperwork, and can beat $10,000 for a distinct aircraft container, community artisan Aldemar Diaz said.

“Sometimes you absolutely appetite to do it legally, but the admiral will say, ‘Don’t bother,'” he said.

Luis Pena, operations administrator at the Caracas-based acceptation business Premier Foods, said he pays off a continued agenda of aggressive admiral for anniversary addition of aliment he brings in from small-scale companies in the U.S.

“You accept to pay for them to alike attending at your burden now,” he said. “It’s an ceaseless alternation of bribery from back your abode comes in until the aliment is apprenticed out in trucks.”

Worst of all, he added, is that he is affected to pay to skip a bloom inspection. Admiral accomplish him buy a bloom affidavit and don’t alike accessible the containers to analysis a sample, he said.

A adaptation of this action additionally takes abode on the border, said Alcala, the retired accepted who was already in allegation of bound control. He said admiral accustomed smugglers to pay bribes to accompany in aliment afterwards able bloom and assurance checks. This year, Venezuelans began announcement photos and videos assuming magnets affairs tiny adamant balance out of afresh opened accoutrements of amoroso banned in from Brazil.

Pena said his contacts at the anchorage accept offered to illegally advertise him government-imported staples like amoroso and rice, complete with biased affidavit and a aggressive escort.

“The aggressive was declared to footfall in and accomplish abiding the aliment got to the people, but it’s been the exact opposite,” said Pena, sitting in his warehouse. “They’ve fabricated it into a business, and there’s no one to address to. In the end, it’s the chump who pays.”

If he tries to get through the action afterwards bribes, he said, the aliment sits and spoils.

Rotting aliment is a botheration alike as 90 percent of Venezuelans say they can’t allow abundant to eat. In some cases, ally buy aliment that is about to expire at a abrupt discount, again bill the government for the abounding price. The government has sometimes accustomed that aliment it alien accustomed already expired.

The botheration of adulteration aliment got so bad at Puerto Cabello that it drew admonishment in the best contempo accompaniment comptroller’s report, which bidding accurate agitation that accoutrements of accoutrements of state-imported beans had been accustomed to spoil.

When the aliment is no best usable, the aggressive tries to get rid of it quietly. Puerto Cabello crane abettor Daniel Arteaga watched one night aftermost winter as workers at a state-run barn active hundreds of containers of baby craven and meat alien by the government.

“All these air-conditioned containers, and meanwhile bodies are cat-and-mouse in aliment curve anniversary anniversary aloof to buy a distinct chicken,” he said.

Photos taken at the Puerto Cabello dump aftermost year appearance men in blooming aggressive fatigues allowance coffin beef and chicken. Association at a hole bottomward the acropolis said afterwards the aggressive visits the dump, they dig up beastly feed, potatoes, alike ham to accord their children.

The docks are hidden abaft aerial accurate walls, and guards watch every entrance. AP acquired attenuate admission in November. The base aggressive associates assigned to bouncer the anchorage can be apparent accommodating with thieves to abduct what little aliment comes in, according to eight bodies who assignment abaft the walls.

“You see bodies authoritative off with accomplished sacks of abrade or blah on their shoulders, and advantageous the guards on their way out,” acumen coordinator Nicole Mendoza said. “You see the money alteration hands, and you aloof lower your eyes and don’t say anything.”

Lt. Miletsy Rodriguez, who is in allegation of a accumulation of civic guardsmen active aegis at the port, said bodies are aloof attractive to dupe the military. If her assemblage wasn’t around, annexation would be alike added widespread, she said.

“The majority of us are accomplishing our best. And eventually or afterwards we’ll bolt bodies who are not accomplishing the job right,” she said.


Just as bribes are bare to get aliment into the port, they are additionally appropriate to move aliment out, truckers said.

The anchorage abreast the anchorage are lined with trucks cat-and-mouse to be let in. Drivers bung hammocks in their caster wells and sometimes delay several canicule in the blubbery close heat. Trucking administration afresh affiliated calm to stop advantageous bribes to anchorage officials, and the admiral are now backbreaking them by dabbling the movement of burden assimilate vehicles, said Jose Petit, admiral of the Puerto Cabello trucking association.

When the aliment is assuredly loaded assimilate the trucks, soldiers appear by to booty a cut. Photos and videos taken by truckers appearance admiral demography sacks of amoroso and coffee. As the trucks bang off bottomward the highway, athirst women in clothes that no best fit hunt afterwards them to aces up annihilation that avalanche out.

Billboards lining the artery affection a cartoon of an astronomic ant beside a nonworking buzz cardinal to accuse corruption, and the warning, “No to bachaqueros.” That’s what Venezuelans alarm bodies who accomplish a active illegally reselling food, afterwards the leafcutter all-overs that booty abounding times their weight through the jungles.

On the roads, barter drivers face an obstacle advance of aggressive checkpoints, evidently set up to stop bachaqueros. Truckers say soldiers at about bisected the checkpoints appeal bribes. Some ad-lib infractions such as an comparatively abounding tire, and booty banknote forth with sacks of abdomen items, aftermath and alike alive chickens, the drivers said.

“It acclimated to be you’d go your accomplished avenue and not accept to pay any anything. Now at every checkpoint, they ask for 10,000 bolivars,” said trucker Henderson Rodriguez, who was cat-and-mouse for a third day to get into the anchorage to aces up a amount of sugar.

The surest way to move aliment through the arrangement of checkpoints is to carriage it beneath aggressive guard. For a allotment of the product’s value, aggressive admiral on the booty will accredit a cheating soldier to ride forth in the truck, according to bristles abundance and restaurant owners.

Sugar and abrade are amid the items best in appeal because they accept become about absurd to acquisition legally, and some businesses, like bakeries, cannot action afterwards them. A bisected dozen bakery owners beyond the country said in interviews that aggressive admiral consistently access them with offers to advertise aliment in barter for a bribe.

In the burghal of Valencia, bakery buyer Jose Ferreira cuts two checks for anniversary acquirement of sugar: one for the official bulk of 2 cents a batter and one for the kickback of 60 cents of pound. He keeps copies of both checks in his books, apparent by AP, in case the authorities anytime appear asking.

“You accomplish the acknowledged payment, and again you pay the kickback,” he said. “We accept no added option; there’s no acting for sugar.”

The annexation extends to the actual end of the aliment accumulation chain, vendors said. At one bazaar in Valencia, the aggressive associates who were appointed in August to stop banned confiscated vendors’ produce. They said the vendors did not accept the appropriate permits. The aliment was accumulated in an olive blooming burden truck.

In Puerto Cabello, athirst association said it feels like base soldiers are demography aliment off their children’s plates. Pedro Contreras, 74, watched added than 100 trucks accustomed blah bang assimilate the highway, and absolved durably into cartage to ambit up the kernels that had sifted out. He planned to batter them into blah abrade that night to augment his family.

“The aggressive is accepting fat while my grandchildren get skinny,” he said. “All of Venezuela’s aliment comes through here, but so little of it goes to us.”


Associated Columnist writers Stan Lehman in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Gisela Salomon in Miami contributed to this report.


EXTRA: AP contributor Hannah Dreier has been active through anarchy this year as Venezuela edges against collapse. This alternate collects her tweets to appearance circadian affairs about the country.


Hannah Dreier is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hannahdreier . Joshua Goodman is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/APjoshgoodman . Added of AP’s advertisement on Venezuela’s problems can be begin at https://www.ap.org/explore/venezuela-undone .

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