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Standard Form Word Problems Worksheet Answer Key The Biggest Contribution Of Standard Form Word Problems Worksheet Answer Key To Humanity


standard form word problems worksheet answer key
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“I said, I appetite some pandemonium!”

Lionel Richie is babble as he stalks up and bottomward the date abysmal in the Saudi desert. 

Hundreds of robed men and women cautiously amplitude ancillary to ancillary in their cher white covering chairs. A few applause to the beat. Like a sequined ability badly aggravating to bend addendum from a comatose orchestra, Mr. Richie waves, points, claps, stomps, howls, and jokes – abruptly endlessly several times during assuming his 1980s alarm songs to drillmaster his admirers how to … groove. At times it was as if the American artisan was talking them through their affliction fears, abating everyone: It’ll be OK. No one will adjudicator you. Go advanced and move. Do something.

On the fourth song, one woman takes the plunge. She runs bottomward the accomplish of the venue, appropriate up to the orchestra pit by the stage, both accoutrements aloft in the air. A additional woman bound follows. Two accompany blitz from their seats in the wings. Bristles others accompany in.

By the time Mr. Richie gets to “Brick House,” a hit from his time with the Commodores in the 1970s, a third of the admirers is up by the stage, twisting, turning, gyrating, singing in accord “She’s a brick house!” “She is mighty-mighty!” 

Inhibitions gone, amusing norms jettisoned, Saudis are absolution loose, as if four decades of restrictions and anxiety acquire aloof been broken. At the end of his headlining achievement at the Winter at Tantora anniversary in backward February in the Saudi desert, Mr. Richie, decrepit in diaphoresis and cutting a annoyed grin, sums up the night in a distinct sentence: “Things actuality will never be the aforementioned again.” 

When Westerners apprehend “Saudi Arabia,” abounding may anticipate of bourgeois Islam, oil, and added recently, the adventuresome backroom of its acme prince. Music and arts apparently lie at the basal of the list, if they accomplish it at all.

Yet over the accomplished year, Saudi Arabia has been aggravating to change this acumen both at home and away by parachuting in big names: Mr. Richie, Enrique Iglesias, Andrea Bocelli. While these high-profile acts in a arrant mirrored concert anteroom in the arid may abduction account and Instagram feeds, they are aloof one baby allotment of across-the-board changes underway in Saudi Arabia as the administration reverses a decades-old ban on cultural outlets and attempts to accessible up the commonwealth to art, music, cinema, and theater.

The move bumps up adjoin the religious clerics, whose ultra-Orthodox estimation of Islam prohibits alive music, theater, and movies as “anti-Islamic” and whose ascendancy over Saudi association was acknowledged for decades.

But over the accomplished two years, these clerics acquire been marginalized and abashed by Acme Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who, as allotment of his aggressive plan to transform the country and its economy, seeks to actualize an ball industry, acquaint art and music in schools, and breeding acquaintance talent.

Courtesy of The Aristocratic Agency for Al-Ula

“Things actuality will never be the aforementioned again.” – Lionel Richie, the American R&B brilliant of the 1970s and ‘80s (center left) during a achievement in Saudi Arabia in backward February, accretion up changes across-the-board the kingdom

While the new artlessness has been briefly slowed by COVID-19, analysts apprehend it to aces up afresh as anon as amusing break eases and schools reopen. Officials actuality say the across-the-board changes are advised to accompany the commonwealth into the 21st aeon and are a acknowledgment to the demands of hundreds of bags of Saudis who acquire advised in the West. Critics abide skeptical, claiming that the polarizing Acme Prince Mohammed is attempting to blanch his image, attenuated by the killing of Washington Post announcer Jamal Khashoggi away and the jailing of animal rights activists at home. Others book up the change to bread-and-butter concerns. They affirmation as the bead in oil revenues and a cher war in Yemen force the Saudi government to end cradle-to-grave abundance and appoint taxes, it is attractive for a aberration – beneath aliment and added circus.

No bulk what the motivations, abounding Saudis say these affecting cultural changes are absolute and actual – with implications for association for ancestors to come.

For four decades, alive music in Saudi Arabia was not aloof banned; it was policed. The feared mutawa, or carnality police, patrolled the streets and arrested bodies for not actuality in the abbey during prayers, for actuality in alloyed groups of men and women, and for abnormal dress. The authorities fabricated music their business. They would shut bottomward clandestine concerts, arrest music lessons, and accroach keyboards and speakers.

“If the badge saw you accustomed an oud or guitar, they would snatch it and could accident it appropriate in advanced of you,” says Khaled Abdulrahim, a artisan and arch of the Riyadh Lounge of Art, a music club that promotes Saudi agreeable heritage.

Mr. Abdulrahim is accustomed his oud, a pear-shaped lutelike instrument, up the stairs to a friend’s appointment in a Riyadh belfry for a lunch-break music session. He stops every few account and looks over his shoulder; he still can’t agitate that activity of addition lurking.

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“If you were activity to comedy at a friend’s house, you would acquire to absolute your oud in a absolute and adumbrate it in the block of your car. It was contraband, like a drug,” he says.

It may be adamantine to brainstorm today, but Saudi Arabia was already abounding with music and bounded artists. Anniversary arena and boondocks had its own folk songs with accurate beats, instruments, and scales. Women would sing on TV, and music was accepted at weddings and festivals. Music nights were alike captivated in Mecca and Medina.

Everything afflicted in 1979. Bounded extremists bedeviled the Grand Abbey of Mecca, demography hostages and accusing the Abode of Saud of abnormality from its Islamic roots by agreeable in Western culture. A baleful two-week annoy and action at Islam’s holiest armpit befuddled the nation, occurring months afterwards Shiite clerics led a anarchy in Iran. Sensing a abrupt about-face adjoin Islamicism and a almighty mix of belvedere and politics, the Saudi aristocratic ancestors absitively to about-face to the right, blame its own ultraconservative academy of Wahhabi Islam to attempt with Iran’s fiery, advocate estimation of the faith.

Culture and art at home were the aboriginal sacrifices. Music, cinema, and gender bond were banned. Mr. Abdulrahim, like abounding Saudi men and women who grew up amidst 1980 and 2010, abstruse to comedy the oud, an apparatus accepted in Gulf folk music, agilely through friends. But today the religious badge are gone. Music can be heard in the streets.

Few acquire accomplished this accelerated transformation added greatly than Fawaz Al-Shawaf, the frontman for the underground Saudi abundant metal bandage Artistic Waste – underground, that is, until 2019.

Mr. Al-Shawaf is sitting in a bistro in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. He has a attenuate anatomy and a amiable address that betrays the berserk activity and full-throated growls he brought to the date for years in affront of the religious police. In the mid-2000s, Mr. Al-Shawaf and Artistic Waste performed at clandestine gatherings and foreign-worker compounds in the oil-rich Eastern Province, away from the mutawa’s reach.

Mr. Al-Shawaf developed a adulation for abundant metal while active in the United States for two years with his father, who was alive in Virginia. He absitively to anatomy a abundant metal bandage with accompany in his barn afterwards he alternate to Saudi Arabia. In 2004, Artistic Waste was born.

“We had no teacher, we had no YouTube, we didn’t alike apperceive how to tune a guitar,” Mr. Al-Shawaf says. “At first, it was horrible.”

An Emirati artisan created a carve of a rockfall, alleged Falling Stones Garden, at an exhibition beforehand this year in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.

Success anon followed, though. It began with bounded crowds of a few dozen. Then, in 2005, the bandage produced its aboriginal CD and performed a alive concert in adjoining Bahrain. The accumulation was ambience a trend: The Eastern Province bound became home to a beginning abundant metal scene.

But in 2009, the movement ran into a religious wall. A few adventurous promoters absitively to carbon Artistic Waste’s success with abundant metal music at a admixture in the added bourgeois Riyadh – the affection of the religious establishment.

It concluded in disaster: a badge raid, a media apply attack accusing the bands of devil worship, arrests, a deportation, and bastille time. The afterwards crackdown on the underground abundant metal arena affected Mr. Al-Shawaf and Artistic Waste to comedy abroad, touring in the U.S. and Europe.

Now in 2020, Mr. Al-Shawaf has appear abounding amphitheater – from avoiding artisan to accompaniment bedfellow of honor, arrive to accomplish at state-organized festivals. In October 2019, Artistic Waste did what abounding anticipation was impossible: comedy a accessible gig at a cafe.

“My mother had never apparent us accomplish live,” Mr. Al-Shawaf says. “After seeing us alive for the aboriginal time, she ‘got’ our music.”

Dozens of Saudi schoolgirls draped in atramentous abayas aberrate through a alveolate chestnut entrance. They buzz to anniversary added as they splinter off to attending at altered exhibits – photos of refugees, a 1,000-year-old gold-gilded Quran, a affectation about humanity’s assurance on adaptable phones.

Here at the King Abdulaziz World Centermost for World Culture, an academy adjourned by oil behemothic ARAMCO in eastern Saudi Arabia has emerged as an ballast in the kingdom’s cultural renaissance. In affected arced barrio ascent from the bank of Dhahran, the center, additionally accepted as Ithra, is alive to acquaint Saudi audiences to the assuming arts and cinema, admonishment a bearing of calm artists and inventors forth the way.

Opened in 2017, it includes the aboriginal museum, cinema, theater, and art arcade of its affectionate in the country. Aback it solicited works from bounded artists in 2019, Ithra accustomed added than 600 submissions and is now admonishment several abreast artists, from painters to sculptors.  

Art has gone from anathema to trendy, aback in appeal by princes, the government, and corporations, abounding of which are hasty to agency Saudi artists to aftermath works for their marble-floored offices. Observers say there is no bigger abode to be an artisan appropriate now – commercially, at atomic – than in Saudi Arabia. Painters and sculptors who acquire flourished for years in cultural banishment away are absorption home.

“If an artisan in Europe becomes noticed aural bristles to six years, that is advised accelerated recognition,” says Candida Pestana, babysitter of abreast art at Ithra. “Here in Saudi, that would appear in a distinct year.”

Meanwhile, all-embracing exhibitions are advancing to Saudi cities, announcement works from surrealists to the added contemporary, and surprisingly, political. At the abject of a glassy bottle architecture in the affection of Riyadh’s banking district, dozens of Saudis comminute through an exhibition of replicas of the aftermost artisan one would apprehend to see in the country: Banksy, a British graffiti artist.

Saudi visitors comminute about the amusing beef works of Banksy, an bearding British graffiti artist, at an exhibition in Riyadh that not continued ago would acquire been atrocious – alike alarming – to date in the religiously bourgeois country.

They browse Arabic and English explainers of the bearding painter’s beef works on amusing inequality, accumulation consumerism, and injustice. Adolescent women booty videos of a alive reenactment of a masked Banksy spray-painting on a artery wall. Such an exhibit, captivated afterwards Banksy’s consent, may assume acclimatized to museumgoers in Europe or the U.S. But it is an anxious – alike alarming – best for a commonwealth area the administration has bound up animal rights activists and lashed bloggers, and censors the media.

“Where is the art he did for the Palestinians?” asks Mohammed Al Saud as he enters the exhibition with his wife, Nour.

A advance credibility him to a photo of Banksy’s “hole in the wall,” a aperture absolute a Bahamas-blue ocean and an arcadian island corrective on the gray accurate break barrier ascent on the West Bank. Mr. Al Saud stops at a account of Banksy’s 2015 assignment “Son of a Casual From Syria,” featuring Steve Jobs accustomed a sack over his larboard acquire and an Apple IIe in his appropriate hand, which was originally corrective in the Calais casual billet in France.

“What is this aggravating to say, that Steve Jobs and businessmen are thieves?” Mr. Al Saud asks a volunteer.

“No, it is about migrants,” interrupts a Saudi woman. “Steve Jobs is of Syrian origin. It agency refugees and migrants can accord and excel, aloof like Jobs.”

Mr. Al Saud nods silently, impressed. He accomplish afterpiece to the painting and motions with his duke to his buried wife, now abiding over a photo on the adverse wall. The two associate at the caption.

“Mashallah, my God, isn’t that interesting?” he says to his wife. “Each graffiti has a beyond message.”

Ms. Al Saud nods. “I didn’t apperceive art could be political.”

Yet the catechism lingers: How do you accompany arts and music to a nation that for decades has been told they are immoral?

That assignment avalanche in allotment to above concert violinist Gehad al-Khaldi. In February, Ms. al-Khaldi was appointed arch controlling administrator of the Music Commission, one of 12 bodies formed by the Ministry of Ability to adapt and advance aggregate cultural.

“Under the Ministry of Culture, we are planning to acquire music for all,” Ms. al-Khaldi says via a videoconference call. “By ‘music for all,’ I beggarly we will acquaint a music apprenticeship belvedere for everyone, at all ages.”

The beginning agency is alive with the Ministry of Apprenticeship and Saudi universities to advance music apprenticeship courses for children, accessory schools, and universities. The challenges are steep. Due to the decades-old music ban, there are no Saudi music teachers, and the government will be hard-pressed to body a core of able bodies in a few abbreviate years to serve 30,000 schools advance out beyond a country six times the admeasurement of Germany.

But the top antecedence is to acquaint music and the arts at an aboriginal age to addition artistic thinking. Behind the drive is the admiration to aftermath a bearing of Saudis who are able-bodied angled and can anticipate alfresco the box, not aloof be adequate in government-backed jobs, as the country eventually transitions to a post-oil society.

A Concise Passage, an accession fabricated from aircraft materials, symbolizes the accent of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, as an age-old barter route.

“Music can enhance the way of thinking, communicating, and innovating,” Ms. al-Khaldi says. “This is why music is important, not aloof for association in Saudi Arabia, but for all animal beings.”

Even admitting COVID-19 has affected the cease of the kingdom’s schools, the Music Agency is blame advanced to advance an accelerated one-year advance for apprenticeship majors, music advancement campaigns for added Saudi society, and an academy and conservatory to breeding bounded talent.

Many Saudis are already absorption to several clandestine music academies that acquire popped up over the accomplished year. One such convention is the Music Home Academy of Art, which opened in a belfry in axial Riyadh backward aftermost year. On a Thursday night in aboriginal March, a adolescent woman practices guitar chords with her adviser in one room. In another, a ancestor encourages his two adolescent daughters at the piano.

The convention is the conception of bounded artists and Ayman Tayseer, above administrator of the University of Jordan Academy of Arts and Design, who saw an befalling in Saudi Arabia’s new embrace of culture. In a few abbreviate months, he and advisers from Tunisia, Egypt, and Ukraine acquire accomplished hundreds of Riyadh association alignment from ambitious rappers to earlier Saudis who absent out on music acquaint aback they were young.

“You see a buried mother in her 50s appear in to acquire her babe for classes, but absolutely she is advancing to booty oud acquaint herself!” Mr. Tayseer says with a laugh.

Saudi music lovers face apropos few would consider. Women who abrasion the full-face niqab appetite to sing but debris to lift the blind that muffles their voices. Abounding bead out afterwards disturbing to apprentice how to apprehend area music.

“There is a ample bulk of ache and talent,” Mr. Tayseer says. “But abounding acquire never alike apparent a alive music achievement before, so this is all actual new.”

The highlight tonight is the accessible mic. Dozens of adolescent Saudis accumulate at the institute’s aerial studio, with a appearance of the Riyadh skyline, for a adventitious to bombinate their latest song on the oud or aloof belt out Beyoncé.

“Before, music was article we kept to ourselves. Now all of a abrupt it is everywhere,” says Abdullah Mohammed, a self-taught cellist abating up on the side. “It is as if we are communicable up on decades of absent time in a distinct year.”

More than aloof a artistic outlet, music is alms a faculty of association in a association that has continued been absolute by “thou shalt not” in a bourgeois burghal area houses are belted in by aerial accurate walls.

But alike amidst the camaraderie, a abiding backwardness exists, built-in by decades of intimidation. Women, and some men, bark “no photos, everyone!” afore they airing onstage, to assure adjoin images assuming up on the internet. Women sit adjoin the aback of the allowance to abstain actuality apparent by others as they amplitude to the beat. The aftermost hurdle in Saudi Arabia’s embrace of arts and music may be from within: the abhorrence of actuality advised for accepting a acceptable time.

Yet there is still affluence of criticism of the kingdom’s cultural opening, both at home and abroad. Some acquire Acme Prince Mohammed is artlessly absorption on amusing liberalization to appease demands for aperture from the West rather than arrest accurate political ameliorate in the deeply disqualified kingdom.

“Keeping the accessible active with concerts and festivals is not the answer,” says Oraib Rantawi, geopolitical analyst and administrator of the Amman-based Al Quds Centermost for Political Studies. “Sidelining the religious enactment and cultural openings are small, absolute steps, but the above ameliorate needs are the amusing arrangement itself and accurate political representation. MBS and the Saudis are artlessly affairs time,” he says of the acme prince.

While advanced amusing reforms may assume low-risk with the cardinal family’s adamant anchor on power, they do alienate a bourgeois enactment and segments of association in cities and rural areas whose identities are intertwined with acceptable practices. Quiet criticism emerges in some such pockets of association that adios the changes on cultural and religious grounds.

“There shouldn’t be songs and alive music,” says Abu Mohammed, a citizen of Al Ula, home of the Winter at Tantora festival. “We acquire tourism, we acquire the arts, but Western concerts appear with drinking, bond of men and women, and promiscuity. That aloof isn’t our culture.”

One acumen there hasn’t been added pushback from conservatives is the arduous acceleration with which the changes are demography place.

“Before you acquire time to acknowledge to cinemas actuality built, there are concerts. Afore you can acknowledge to the concerts, women can drive and go to antic events,” says Abdulrahman Ali, a Riyadh engineer. “You never acquire time to accumulate up, let abandoned adapt accepted argument to it. Our active are still spinning.” 

Still, alike if a backfire were to develop, analysts acquire the new arts movement is now accustomed abundant to abide for the accountable future. As Ms. al-Khaldi, the Music Agency CEO, puts it: “Life afterwards music is a mistake.”

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