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In September 1963, in Llansteffan, Wales, a stained-glass artisan called John Petts was alert to the radio aback he heard the account that four atramentous girls had been murdered in a bombing while at Sunday academy at the 16th Street Baptist Abbey in Birmingham, Alabama.

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The account confused Petts, who was white and British, deeply. “Naturally, as a father, I was abashed by the afterlife of the children,” said Petts, in a recording archived by London’s Administrative War Museum. “As a artisan in a accurate craft, I was abashed by the smashing of all those [stained-glass] windows. And I anticipation to myself, my word, what can we do about this?”

Petts absitively to apply his abilities as an artisan in an act of solidarity. “An abstraction doesn’t abide unless you do commodity about it,” he said. “Thought has no absolute active acceptation unless it’s followed by activity of some kind.”

With the advice of the editor of Wales’s arch newspaper, the Western Mail, he launched an address for funds to alter the Alabama church’s stained-glass window. “I’m activity to ask no one to accord added than bisected a crown,” he told Petts. “We don’t appetite some affluent man as a action advantageous for the accomplished window. We appetite it to be accustomed by the bodies of Wales.”

Two years later, the abbey installed Petts’ window, brindle with shades of blue, featuring a atramentous Christ, his arch angled and accoutrements splayed aloft him as admitting on a crucifix, abeyant over the words “You do it to me” (inspired by Matthew 25:40: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the atomic of these my brothers, you did it to me”).

Europe’s identification with atramentous America, decidedly during times of crisis, attrition and trauma, has a continued and circuitous history. It is fuelled in no baby allotment by traditions of internationalism and anti-racism on the European left, area the brand of Paul Robeson, Richard Wright and Audre Lorde would acquisition an brainy – and, at times, accurate – home.

“From a actual aboriginal age, my ancestors had accurate Martin Luther Baron and civilian rights,” the Northern Irish Catholic columnist and biographer Ronan Bennett, who was wrongfully confined by the British in the abominable Continued Kesh bastille in Northern Ireland in the aboriginal 70s, told me. “We had this accustomed accord with atramentous Americans. A lot of the iconography, and alike the anthems, like We Shall Overcome, were taken from atramentous America. By about 71 or 72, I was added absorbed in Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver [of the Atramentous Panthers] than Martin Luther King.”

But this attitude of political identification with atramentous America additionally leaves cogent amplitude for the European continent’s inferiority complex, as it seeks to close its about aggressive and bread-and-butter weakness in affiliation to America with a moral aplomb that calmly ignores both its colonial accomplished and its own racist present.

A accessible analysis into the racist annihilation of British jailbait Stephen Lawrence was demography abode in 1998 aback account accomplished Britain of the plight of James Byrd, a 49-year-old African American man, who was best up by three men in Jasper, Texas. They assaulted him, urinated on him, chained him to their auto barter by his ankles and abject him added than a mile until his arch came off. During an beat affair at the Guardian, area I was afresh working, one of my colleagues remarked of Byrd’s killing: “Well, at atomic we don’t do that here.”

In the years aback then, the cardinal of Europeans of colour – decidedly in the cities of Britain, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal and Italy – has developed considerably. They are either the bearing of above colonies (“We are actuality because you were there”) or the added contempo immigrants who may be cover seekers, refugees or bread-and-butter migrants. These communities, too, seek to blend their own, bounded struggles for ancestral amends with the added arresting interventions demography abode in the US.

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“The American Negro has no apperception of the hundreds of millions of added non-whites’ affair for him,” Malcolm X empiric in his autobiography. “He has no apperception of their activity of alliance for and with him.”

Over the accomplished week, huge crowds acquire aggregate above Europe to accurate their adherence with the rebellions adjoin badge atrocity sparked by the annihilation of George Floyd. (Women’s plight is beneath acceptable to accomplish it above the Atlantic. The name of Breonna Taylor, arresting in the US protests, is beneath in affirmation here.) The air in axial Paris was abundant with smoke and teargas as bags of protesters took a knee and aloft a fist. In Ghent, a bronze of Leopold II, the Belgian baron who pillaged and looted the Congo, was covered in a awning with the explanation “I Can’t Breathe” and splashed with red paint. In Copenhagen, they chanted “no justice, no peace”. There were scuffles in Stockholm; Labour-controlled councils in municipalities above Britain were lit amethyst in solidarity; US embassies and consulates from Milan (where there was a flashmob) to Krakow (where they lit candles) were a focus of protest, while tens of bags of marchers, from London’s Trafalgar Square to The Hague, from Dublin to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, abandoned social-distancing orders to accomplish their choir heard.

While not new, these transnational protests acquire become added common now because of amusing media. Images and videos of badge atrocity and the accumulation demonstrations in response, broadcast through diasporas and beyond, can energise and galvanise ample numbers quickly. The clip at which these access can be fabricated and amplified has been boosted, aloof as the admeasurement of their address has broadened. Trayvon Martin was a domiciliary name in Europe in a way that Emmett Till never has been.

Some of this is artlessly a absorption of American power. Political developments in the US acquire a cogent appulse on the blow of the apple – economically, environmentally and militarily. Culturally, the US has a backpack clashing any added nation’s, and that access extends to African Americans. Well into my 30s, I was far added abreast about the abstract and history of atramentous America than I was about that of atramentous Britain, area I was built-in and raised, or absolutely of the Caribbean, area my parents are from. Atramentous America has a hegemonic ascendancy in the atramentous banishment because, marginalised admitting it has been aural the US, it has a ability that no added atramentous boyhood can match.

And so, above Europe, we apperceive the names of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and George Floyd. Whereas Jerry Masslo, who able ageism South Africa abandoned to be murdered by racists abreast Naples in 1989, bidding the aboriginal above law in Italy legalising the cachet of immigrants, is almost accepted alfresco that country. Likewise, the adventure of Benjamin Hermansen, the 15-year-old Norwegian-Ghanaian boy who was murdered by neo-Nazis in Oslo in 2001, ambience off huge demonstrations and a civic anti-racism prize, is rarely told above Norway. (Although, through a aberration of acquaintance, Michael Jackson committed his 2001 anthology Invincible to Benjamin, but I agnosticism alike his best adherent admirers would get the reference.)

The absorption is not mutual. While the allegory amid Stephen Lawrence and James Byrd in that Guardian appointment was awkward, at atomic it was possible; it is absurd that anyone in best American newsrooms would acquire heard of Lawrence. This is not the artefact of apathetic indifference, but the ability of empire. The afterpiece you are to the centre, the beneath you charge apperceive about the periphery, and carnality versa.

From the angle point of a abstemious that both resents and covets American power, and is in no position to do annihilation about it, African Americans represent to abounding Europeans a redemptive force: the active affidavit that the US is not all it claims to be, and that it could be so abundant greater than it is. That affair gives the lie to the lazy, bourgeois accusation that the European larboard is fundamentally anti-American. The aforementioned liberals who reviled George W Bush went on to adulation Barack Obama; the aforementioned leftists who excoriated Richard Nixon accepted Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Martin Luther Baron Jr. Alike as the French decried the “Coca-Colonisation” of cultural imperialism that began with the Marshall Plan, they accustomed James Baldwin and Richard Wright. In added words, the bounce of US adopted action and ability – at times automatic and crude, but rarely absolutely bottomless – never basic a wholescale abolishment of American ability or potential.

And in times aback the US admired its bendable power, it cared about how it was perceived elsewhere. “[The] affair of chase relations acutely affects the conduct of our adopted action relations,” said secretary of accompaniment Dean Rusk in 1963. “I am speaking of the botheration of bigotry … Our articulation is muted, our accompany are abashed our enemies are blithe … We are active this chase with one of our legs in a cast.”

Now is not one of those times. George Floyd’s killing comes at a moment aback the US’s continuing in Europe has never been lower. With his bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, ignorance, vanity, venality, bullishness and bluster, Donald Trump epitomises aggregate best Europeans abhor about the affliction aspects of American power. The day afterwards Trump’s inauguration, there were women’s marches in 84 countries; and today, his accession in best European capitals provokes huge protests. By his behaviour at all-embracing meetings, and his boldness to cull out of the Apple Health Organization in the average of a pandemic, he has fabricated his antipathy for the blow of the apple clear. And, for the best part, it is acquiescently reciprocated.

Although badge killings are a constant, abominable affection of American life, to abounding Europeans this accurate annihilation stands as acceptance of the injustices of this broader political period. It illustrates a improvement of white, nativist abandon adored with the ability of the accompaniment and emboldened from the accomplished office. It exemplifies a commercialism in crisis, with aegis armament active amok and terrorising their own citizens. The killing of George Floyd stands not aloof as a murder, but as a metaphor.

Those pathologies did not appear from nowhere. “No African came in abandon to the shores of the New World,” wrote the 19th-century French bookish Alexis de Tocqueville. “The Negro transmits to his bearing at bearing the alien mark of his ignominy. The law can abate servitude, but abandoned God can obliterate its traces.” That “mark” serves as a acceptance to a apple that seeks to acquire atramentous America as from, but not absolutely of, the US – accompanying axial to a adaptation of its ability and absolved from after-effects of its power.

This acumen of atramentous America was generally patronising or infantilising. “If I were an aged Negro,” wrote the apprentice Soviet Union’s best acclaimed poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky, in his 1927 composition To Our Youth, “I would apprentice Russian, / afterwards actuality blue or lazy, aloof because Lenin batten it.” (As for Lenin, his favourite book as a adolescent was Uncle Tom’s Cabin.) Europe’s exoticisation of Josephine Baker in the Revue nègre was no one-off, alike if Baker herself was unique. In the backward 60s, the West German media declared the activist Angela Davis as “the active Madonna with the Afro-look” and “the atramentous woman with the ‘bush hairdo’.” In East Germany, they referred to her as: “The beautiful, dark-skinned woman [who] captured the absorption of the Berliners with her wide, coiled hairstyle in the Afrika-Look.”

But, for all that it was flawed, the account in the affiliation was nonetheless genuine. There has consistently been a able internationalist accepted of anti-racism, alongside anti-fascism, in the European larboard tradition, which provided abundant arena for the struggles of African Americans. Aback in the 1860s, Lancashire comminute workers, admitting actuality bankrupt themselves by the barricade on Confederacy that acquired the accumulation of affection to dry up, resisted calls to end the avoid of Southern goods, admitting it amount them their livelihoods. In the aboriginal 1970s, the Free Angela Davis attack told the New York Times that it had accustomed 100,000 belletrist of abutment from East Germany abandoned – too abounding alike to open.

If Europe has a accurate aptitude for anti-racist adherence with atramentous America, one that has already afresh appear to the ahead with the uprisings in the US, it additionally has a history of exporting racism about the world. De Tocqueville was appropriate to point out that “No African came in abandon to the shores of the New World,” but he alone to accomplish bright that it was primarily the “Old World” that brought those Africans there. Europe has every bit as abandoned a history of racism as the Americas – indeed, the histories are entwined. The best pertinent aberration amid Europe and the US in this absorption is artlessly that Europe practised its best arrant forms of anti-black racism – slavery, colonialism, allegory – alfresco its borders. America internalised those things.

In the time that delayed amid Petts audition about the Birmingham bombing and the stained-glass window actuality installed in Alabama, six African countries absolved themselves from British aphorism (and there would be added to come), while Portugal afraid on to its adopted backing for addition nine years. If Petts had been in chase of a afflicted adventure bags of afar from home in the antecedent years, he could acquire looked to Kenya, area his own government was disturbing and murdering bags in acknowledgment to a defection for freedom.

One of the axial distinctions amid the ancestral histories of Europe and the US is that, until almost recently, the European repression and attrition took abode primarily abroad. Our civilian rights movement was in Jamaica, Ghana, India and so on. In the post-colonial era, this offshoring of albatross has larboard cogent allowance for denial, distortion, benightedness and chicanery aback it comes to compassionate that history.

“It is absolutely accurate that the English are hypocritical about their Empire,” wrote George Orwell in England Your England. “In the alive chic this affectation takes the anatomy of not alive that the Ascendancy exists.” In 1951, a decade afterwards that commodity was published, the UK government’s amusing analysis appear that about three-fifths of respondents could not name a distinct British colony.

Such careful absent-mindedness about their own administrative bequest leads ineluctably to a apocryphal faculty of ahead about racism amid abounding white Europeans against the US. Worse is the baneful homesickness that to this day taints their confounding of that history. One in two Dutch people, one in three of Britons, one in four of the French and Belgians, and one in bristles Italians acquire that their country’s above ascendancy is commodity to be appreciative of, according to a YouGov poll from March of this year. Conversely, abandoned one in 20 Dutch, one in seven French, one in bristles Britons, and one in four Belgians and Italians absorption their above empires as commodity to be abashed of. These are all nations that saw ample demonstrations in adherence with the George Floyd protests in the US.

Their animus all too generally bears bereft self-awareness to see what best of the blow of the apple has seen. They wonder, in all sincerity, how the US could acquire accustomed at such a barbarous abode – with no acceptance or affliction that they acquire travelled a agnate aisle themselves. The akin of compassionate about chase and racism amid white Europeans, alike those who would accede themselves sympathetic, able and informed, is woefully low.

The backward Maya Angelou recognised this abysm amid what her own accord to France was compared with France’s accord to others who looked like her. That realisation was what fabricated her decide, while on bout with Porgy and Bess in 1954, not to chase the accustomed aisle of atramentous artists and musicians who had acclimatized there.

“Paris was not the abode for me or my son,” she assured in Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas, the third aggregate of her autobiography. “The French could absorb the abstraction of me because they were not absorbed in answerability about a alternate history – aloof as white Americans begin it easier to acquire Africans, Cubans or South American blacks than the blacks who had lived with them bottom to close for 200 years. I saw no account in exchanging one affectionate of ageism for another.”

And that brings us to the added botheration with Europe’s believability on this score: namely, the prevalence of racism in Europe today. Fascism is already afresh a boilerplate credo on the continent, with aboveboard racist parties a axial affection of the landscape, framing action and agitation alike aback they are not in power. There are no viral videos of refugees in their aftermost atrocious moments, disturbing for animation afore coast into the Mediterranean (possibly headed to a country, Italy, that levies fines on anyone who does accomplishment them). Abandoned when, in 2015, a three-year-old Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, was done up asleep on a Turkish beach, did we see in Europe an aftereffect like that to the American videos of badge shootings: aching affidavit of the abomination in which our political cultures are analogously complicit.

Levels of incarceration, unemployment, denial and abjection are all college for atramentous Europeans. Perhaps abandoned because the abstemious is not austere by the gun ability of the US, racism actuality is beneath lethal. But it is aloof as accustomed in added ways. Ancestral disparities in Covid-19 bloodshed in Britain, for example, are commensurable to those in the US. Amid 2005 and 2015, there were race-related riots or rebellions in Britain, Italy, Belgium, France and Bulgaria. The crisis of atramentous activity in backward commercialism is not different to the US, alike if it is best generally and abundantly laid bald there. To that extent, Atramentous Lives Matter exists as a amphibian adumbration that can acquisition a home in best European cities, and beyond.

So, accustomed all of that, with what ascendancy do Europeans get to claiming the US over racism? This is a catechism that atramentous European activists consistently seek to triangulate, application the absorption focused on the bearings in the US to force a reckoning with the racism in their own countries. There is no reason, of course, why the actuality of racism in one abode should abjure one the appropriate to allocution about racism in addition place. (If that were the case, the anti-apartheid movement would never acquire got off the arena in the west.) But it does beggarly accepting to be alert about how one does it. I acquire apparent abounding instances of atramentous activists actuality aggravating to about-face Europe’s added cultural attraction with the US’s bigger canvas to their advantage and brainwash their own political establishments about the racism on their doorstep. Answering the laments for George Floyd in the US this week, Parisians chanted the name of Adama Traoré, a aborigine of Malian coast who died in badge aegis in 2016.

But it can be a barren task. In my experience, cartoon connections, continuities and contrasts amid the racisms on either ancillary of the Atlantic invites commodity amid admonishment and abashing from abounding white European liberals. Few will abjure the actuality of racism in their own countries, but they assert on aggravating to force an acceptance that it “is bigger ‘here than there’” – as admitting we should be blessed with the racism we have.

When I larboard the US in 2015, afterwards 12 years as a contributor active in Chicago and New York, I was consistently asked whether I was abrogation because of the racism. “Racism operates abnormally in Britain and America,” I’d reply. “If I was aggravating to escape racism, why would I go aback to Hackney?” But racism is worse in America than here, they’d insist.

“Racism’s bad everywhere,” has consistently been my retort. “There absolutely is no ‘better’ kind.”

This commodity originally appeared in the New York Review of Books. Gary Younge is assistant of folklore at Manchester University.

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