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Like all bounded cuisines, Southern aliment is the artefact of the bodies who’ve lived in the arena throughout history. For example, Carolina assortment originated with apprenticed people, while backtalk cakes reportedly date aback to Native American cooking. Demography account of a region’s best dishes is like demography allotment in a active history lesson, while additionally alarming adroitness at the moment. We achievement as you adore this bout of 50 of the South’s best iconic recipes, you feel a affiliation with Southern history. And if you’re aggressive to accompany some of that history into the present day in the anatomy of cooking, that’s alike better.

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Despite the actuality biscuits are all-over on Southern dining tables, some abhorrence that 18-carat handmade biscuits are in crisis of dematerialization amidst the abounding choices now accessible for banal air-conditioned biscuit dough. And that, we think, is a arrant shame, abnormally aback rolling out biscuits from blemish requires a bald bristles ingredients, best of which you apparently accept on duke anyway. We’re talking flour, butter, baking soda, baking powder, and buttermilk. So in the name of attitude and acceptable taste, amuse accord these pillow-light babies a chance.

Get our compound for Air-conditioned Southern Biscuits.

Buttermilk is a basic in abounding a Southern refrigerator, but if you don’t appear to accept any on hand, we accept an accessible fix, provided you do accept milk, auto juice, and 10 account to spare. Use your quick bootleg buttermilk in our recipes for air-conditioned Southern biscuits (above), a protein-packed adaptation of the archetypal buttermilk pancake, and the acceptable ole age-old Southern absurd craven you’ve been cerebration about aback you started account this story.

Get our compound for Bootleg Buttermilk.

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A Southern breakfast-table classic, buttermilk pancakes are melt-in-your-mouth yummy, and assumption what? They don’t accept to be a carb bomb, at atomic not aback your compound balances the carbs with flaxseeds and Greek yogurt, which amps up the protein power.

Get our compound for Protein-Packed Flaxseed Buttermilk Pancakes.

Some say pancakes are the hero of the breakfast table, but there are a lot of French acknowledgment admirers out there who would disagree, abnormally aback that French acknowledgment is blimp with strawberries, which abound calmly in the South. In this case, the chrism is absolutely your best of ricotta or cottage cheese, which is why you can feel like you’re accepting a corrupt morning meal while absolutely loading up on the protein.

Get our compound for Birthmark Blimp French Toast.

The chat “hash” comes from the French, “hacher,” which agency “to chop.” It makes faculty because assortment is a one-pan fry consisting of chopped, extra meat, potatoes, and onions. Acceptable Southern assortment may have, at one time, been one way to use up all the genitalia of a pig, but nowadays, you should feel chargeless to use whatever meat you accept on hand. Our Southern breakfast assortment uses craven sausage in abode of pork, candied potatoes in abode of accustomed spuds, and a agitate or two of Tabasco booze for a quick bolt of heat.

Get our compound for Southern Breakfast Hash.

This Southern admired that’s congenital on a foundation of lima beans and blah (which assignment in synch to actualize a complete protein) has an agent adventure in aloof about every accompaniment area the colonists beyond paths with Native Americans, including Massachusetts, which brand to affirmation succotash as its own because it was allegedly served at the aboriginal Thanksgiving at Plymouth Plantation in 1621. But already you dress it up with begrimed bacon and a burst of half-and-half, as we do in our version, you’re talking Southern full-blooded all the way.

Get our compound for Smokey Southern Succotash.

Because crabs and added crustaceans were accessible in affluence forth the Atlantic bank aback the aboriginal European settlers accustomed on our shores, crabs accept continued been on the card throughout the absolute East Coast, but boilerplate added so than in Maryland, which has become alike with backtalk in all its august forms. Savory cakes fabricated from minced backtalk meat, aliment crumbs, and spices, which go aback aloof as far, may accept been adopted from English minced meat recipes as a way to accomplish the bistro of backtalk easier or as a way to use every aftermost atom of meat you can scrape from the shell. But it wasn’t until 1930 that the appellation “crab cake” aboriginal appears in print, at which time the appellation was “Baltimore backtalk cakes.”

Get our compound for Maryland Backtalk Cakes with Fruity Salsa.

Peaches are as iconic to Georgia as backtalk is to Maryland. As we acknowledgment in 35 Southern Dishes Your Grandparents Used to Make, bistro a Georgia acceptable is a multi-sensory acquaintance of sight, smell, and taste. But the abutting best affair would accept to be digging into a freshly-baked acceptable cobbler, which is basically a crustless acceptable pie topped with air-conditioned Southern biscuits. Wanna booty things up a level? Bandy in beginning blueberries.

Get our compound for Blueberry Acceptable Cobbler.

While we’re on the affair of peaches, it would be behindhand not to acknowledgment this begrimed ribs recipe, which amps up the candied atramentous of its barbecue coat with a ability aggregate of peaches and bourbon. Slow broiled in the oven and again accursed with hickory smoke on the grill, this BBQ archetypal covers all the Southern bases: ribs, peaches, hickory smoke, and BBQ.

Get our compound for Begrimed Ribs with Acceptable BBQ Sauce.

Because you can never absolutely run out of means to use peaches in a Southern kitchen, we would additionally be behindhand not to acknowledgment this quintessentially Southern anesthetized ham, which is absolute with acceptable chutney and appearance a begrimed bourbon glaze. Apart from the archetypal Southern taste, what’s arresting about our anesthetized ham compound is how low in calories it absolutely is. Dig in!

Get our compound for Bourbon Anesthetized Ham with Acceptable Chutney.

Anywhere you go in the South, you’re apparently no added than a stone’s bandy abroad from a basin of bootleg potato salad. Southerners tend to accede there’s about no bigger way to eat potatoes, and abounding accept their own recipe, anesthetized bottomward from one bearing to another. But if you’re attractive for a adaptation that’s both adorable and healthy, try this one, which works aloof as calmly with protein-packed Greek yogurt swapped in for the mayo.

Get our compound for Potato Salad.

Like succotash, broiled beans accept been about for so continued no one is absolutely abiding area or aback they aboriginal beyond over from Native ability into American Colonial cooking. Additionally like succotash, broiled beans can be activate appealing abundant everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line–and abnormally in the ambience of BBQ cuisine. Our go-to compound happens to be on the convalescent ancillary because it shuns balance sugar, relying instead on bacon and beer as acidity powerhouses.

Get our compound for Begrimed Broiled Beans.

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The roots of blimp eggs go all the way aback to age-old Rome, but they didn’t booty on the devilish moniker until they fabricated their way to the American colonies by way of Britain, forth with the accession of ambrosial seasoning. Southern cooks accept their own adaptation of deviled eggs, and conceivably not surprisingly, it involves begrimed bacon and candied bind relish, which is its own Southern attitude (read about Southern candied bind relish, aka “chow chow,” in our assembly of the 50 foods you can alone acquisition in the South).

Get our compound for Deviled Eggs with Bacon.

Because “putting up” vegetables preserves the acidity and bloom of veggies continued afterwards their growing division ends, pickled vegetables accept continued had a appropriate abode on Southern tables. Aback it comes to chief which vegetables to pickle, the aphorism is basically “anything goes,” but cucumbers are consistently a favorite.

Get our compound for Pickled Cucumbers.

There’s a aphorism in Southern kitchens that aback your jalapeño autumn lasts best than your summer season, it’s time to booty out the Mason jars and get pickling. Pickled jalapeños accommodate an accessible addition to Tex-Mex dishes, but don’t absolute yourself. Try abacus their candied calefaction to aloof about any sandwich, burger, or stir-fry.

Get our compound for Pickled Jalapenos.

Onions are additionally absolute for pickling. Whereas raw onions can be harsh, the alkali alkali takes the bend off, abrogation you with a candied and ambrosial bite. Try these on sandwiches, burgers, shrimp tacos, or nachos, or bandy in some red onions and try them with our Brussels sprouts salad.

Get our compound for Pickled Onions.

Brussels sprouts aren’t necessarily the aboriginal vegetable you ability anticipate of aback you anticipate of Southern cuisine, but they amalgamate so beautifully with pickled onions, it seems amiss not to acknowledgment this balmy brussels sprouts bloom actuality in this best Southern roundup.

Get our compound for Brussels Sprouts Bloom with Pickled Red Onions.

Even admitting you’ll never run out of account for how to use pickled onions, we feel accountable to allotment this compound for shrimp tacos because they about beg for pickled onions. And tacos, are, of course, a Tex-Mex favorite.

Get our compound for Shrimp Tacos with Pickled Onions.

Chicken tacos are no beneath a Southern admired than shrimp tacos, abnormally aback they’re commutual with broiled red alarm peppers, which are a basic of warm-weather cuisine.

Get our compound for Craven Taco with Broiled Peppers.

Of course, aback it comes to shrimp, there is no basin added altered to the South than shrimp and grits!

Get our compound for Shrimp and Grits.

While the all-over boiled-shrimp shrimp cocktail doesn’t necessarily “belong” to the South, it’s a accomplished altered adventure aback you’re talking about broiled shrimp cocktail. Alike added so aback you Southern-up your baking bold with a brace of spoonfuls of Old Bay seasoning, a archetypal alloy of celery salt, paprika, atramentous pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and added spices. Old Bay originated in Baltimore, Maryland.

Get our compound for Broiled Shrimp Cocktail.

Another way to adore Southern-style shrimp is by sauteing the little crustaceans with alarm peppers and chipotle peppers, again layering the admixture amid two tortillas—with queso, of course—to accomplish quesadillas, additionally accepted as the absolute Tex-Mex sandwich.

Get our compound for Chipotle Shrimp Quesadilla.

Ah, shrimp that’s been deep-fried in beer concoction and brindled with candied disconnected coconut. This basin is aperitive and so actual Southern. If alone this archetypal weren’t so…deep fried. Well, here’s a bit of acceptable news: We’ve got a compound for attic shrimp that absolutely crisps up in the oven. The panko-based band is so yummy, we bet you won’t apprehension the difference.

Get our compound for Attic Shrimp.

Is chili con carne a Mexican aliment that fabricated its way to America via Texas? Or is it an American basin with no affiliation to Mexico whatsoever? That’s the catechism airish by the National Chili Day website, which goes on to accede there’s a achievability chili con carne has its roots in Spain and accustomed in the New World in the 1600s by way of a nun who came actuality to deliver Christianity. Whatever are its accurate origins, this hearty, rustic basin fabricated from beef and beans and tomatoes has continued been a Southern classic.

Get our compound for Begrimed Steak and Bean Chili.

You ability anticipate of tamales as Tex-Mex or Southwestern, but they’re additionally associated with the Mississippi Delta, aka “the best Southern abode on Earth.” Some historians say tamales fabricated their way from Mexico in the aboriginal 20th century, while others say the adventure began one hundred years beforehand during the U.S.-Mexican War. Either way, we’re absolutely bedeviled with tamales now that we apperceive how to accomplish this diet-friendly version, brimming abounding of angular arena beef and blah and bean salsa.

Get our compound for Mini Tamale Pies.

While meatloaf’s origins don’t go absolutely as far aback as some of our added Southern abstract it’s safe to say it’s “vintage” aback its aboriginal recorded American compound dates aback to the 1870s. Aback then, meatloaf was absolutely advised a breakfast food, which suggests, perhaps, its roots go aback to that added Southern chopped-meat classic, hash. In any event, meatloaf is a mainstay at that acceptable ole’ Southern mainstay, Cracker Barrel.

Get our compound for Meatloaf.

While we’re talking about Cracker Barrel, accession of their abstract is their mac and cheese, which additionally happens to be a archetypal ancillary basin for Southern BBQ cuisine. As a ancillary basin for barbecued ribs, mac and cheese can backpack a ample caloric punch. But how about aggravating it as a capital dish, with, say, a ancillary of blimp jalapeños or advantageous blimp tomatoes?

Get our compound for Mac and Cheese.

When Matt Goulding, who wrote the aboriginal Eat This Not That cavalcade in Men’s Health magazine, was aloof 14, he formed in a restaurant in North Carolina, capacity jalapeños. It wasn’t absolutely a advantageous dish, as Matt recalls it, but it absolutely was hearty, loaded as it was with grease and cheese. Luckily, we now accept this convalescent version, which blithely captures the calefaction and aroma of the pepper and buttery advantage of the cheese afterwards ambience you aback an absolute day’s account of calories.

Get our compound for Blimp Jalapeños.

Technically a bake-apple but about captivated as a vegetable, the amazon serves as both the official bake-apple and the official vegetable of the Accompaniment of Arkansas, in allotment because tomatoes authority such a cogent role in Arkansas agriculture. Aboriginal developed in Mexico by the Aztecs and Incas in the eighth century, tomatoes accept fabricated their way–sliced, diced, and sauced–into absolutely a lot of Southern cuisine. But there’s absolutely no bigger way to bless the amazon than by confined it accomplished and blimp with garlicky cheese and breadcrumbs, as we do in this vegetarian-friendly recipe.

Get our compound for Vegetarian Blimp Tomatoes.

Chicken and dumplings is such a abiding Southern tradition, if you’re from the South, we’re academic there’s a appealing acceptable adventitious you’ve got some addicted adolescence anamnesis in which craven and dumplings played a starring role. But whether or not you’re from the South, bootleg craven and dumplings is the quintessential affluence food, and if you’ve never approved it, here’s an accessible compound to get you started.

Get our compound for Accessible Craven and Dumplings.

Speaking of archetypal Southern affluence food, let’s not leave out assistant pudding, which is so abundant added than bald pudding with bananas. A accurate Southern assistant pudding starts alternating layers of broken bananas and boilerplate wafers as a foundation for a band of air-conditioned custard topped with aerated meringue. The wafers blot damp from the bananas and custard so that they transform into a cake-like consistency, so naturally, this basin is alike bigger as leftovers.

Get our compound for Southern Style Assistant Pudding with Boilerplate Wafers.

Nothing says “Southern” like cakes fabricated with aerated bendable drinks, including Dr. Pepper, 7Up, Nehi, Cheerwine, and, of course, Coca-Cola. It makes faculty aback you anticipate about what soda pop is fabricated of. There are amoroso (for acidity and moistness) and bubbles (for leavening), and it works like a charm. Don’t we all deserve the casual gooey, sweet, amber treat?

Get our compound for Coca-Cola Cake.

Donuts fabricated their way to the U.S. via New York and were dubbed the “food hit of the Aeon of Progress” at the 1934 World’s Fair in Chicago, but it wasn’t until a guy from New Orleans fabricated his way up to Kentucky and awash his abstruse compound to Vernon Rudolph, who started authoritative them by the accumulation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that these ring-shaped pastries absolutely took off. Rudolph alleged them “Krispy Kremes,” and the blow is Southern history. But if you anticipate you can’t accomplish them yourself at home, you acutely haven’t approved afterward our simple, step-by-step guide.

Get our compound for Old Age-old Donuts.

“Strawberry shortcake” is a bit of misnomer. It’s not “short,” which would beggarly that it crisped up from adulate as shortbread accolade do. Nor is it a “cake” so abundant as a commitment arrangement for fat, dank strawberries and aerated cream. Up North, that commitment arrangement is, paradoxically, a candied adaptation of a Southern biscuit. Bottomward South, acceptable birthmark shortcake does, in fact, begin, with a basal band of sweet, balmy cake. We like application angel-food cake, which allows the strawberries and chrism to booty centermost stage.

Get our compound for Broiled Birthmark Shortcake with Balsamic Glaze.

To digest an age-old existential question, if a barbecue takes place, and there’s no blah on the cob, was there absolutely a barbecue? If you get what we mean, again you aloof ability be from the South, area corn, in its assorted forms, whether on-the-cob or off-the-cob-and-creamed or arena into grits or cornbread, is about an obsession. There are abounding schools of anticipation on how to appropriately adapt blah on the cob, but as far as we’re concerned, if you’re activity to go to the agitation of assay out, again there’s alone one way to go with the corn.

Get our compound for Broiled Blah on the Cob.

When you anticipate of pulled pork, do you adjure up images of tangy, arch disconnected meat accumulated aerial on a bun, with a accumulation of napkins nearby? If so, again you’re apparently not from North Carolina, area the pulled pork is annihilation but disconnected pork accept absolute with a bit of cider vinegar—in added words, perfection. In our version, we “don’t try to fix what ain’t broke,” but we do add coleslaw for crisis and a bit of brightness.

Get our compound for Pulled Pork Sandwich.

True Southern coleslaw is fabricated with buttermilk, and aback you band it assimilate your candied and ambrosial pulled pork sandwich, you’ll be beholden for that ablaze aroma of sourness. Our compound for coleslaw swaps out Greek yogurt for buttermilk, which helps it accomplish that aforementioned apparent aroma while amping up the protein content.

Get our compound for the Healthiest Coleslaw.

How austere are Southerners about their mashed potatoes? Some go so far as to say no anniversary meal is complete afterwards a basin of bootleg burst spuds. Some booty it alike added and advance that a basin doesn’t calculation as Southern unless those spuds accept been mashed with a acceptable allowance of chrism cheese to ensure a super-smooth consistency. But there’s a downside to all that chrism cheese, and that’s the actuality that you’re abacus absolutely a lot of fat and calories but not so abundant in agreement of flavor. Our adaptation takes the adverse avenue by application Parmesan cheese to aerate acidity while aspersing caloric cost.

Get our compound for Vegan Burst Potatoes.

If you’re not from the South, you may not apperceive what pork chile verde is. Or maybe you apperceive it’s pork broiled in blooming sauce, but you’re not absolutely abiding why that booze is green. We’re actuality to acquaint you pork chile verde, which fabricated its way up from Mexico, is fabricated with tomatillos, which are husked, blooming tomato-like fruits. Fortunately, our adaptation of pork chile verde does not crave a alive ability of how to husk, cut, and adapt tomatillos. Rather, it starts with “salsa verde,” which is a balmy booze fabricated with tomatillos and onions, and body the acidity from there.

Get our compound for Pork Chili Verde.

Just how iconic is Southern absurd craven to the Southern cuisine canon? Well, the name should accord it away. And that’s accurate whether you serve it with waffles or honey or gravy, and whether or not you deep-fry it. Spoiler alert: We don’t. What makes our oven-fried craven “Southern” is that it’s abrupt on the alfresco and dank on the central acknowledgment to a nice, continued dip in a basin of agilely acclimatized buttermilk.

Get our compound for Oven-Fried Chicken.

Like Southern absurd chicken, Southern absurd catfish doesn’t absolutely charge to be absurd to be Southern. What it needs is a absolute dredging in cornmeal and a few account on a baking hot griddle, finer cast-iron (here’s how to division castigation so that it lasts a lifetime). Topped with beginning blah salsa, this basin will accomplish you balloon all about the concoction and the grease.

Get our compound for Cornmeal Catfish with Corn.

Just because you don’t appetite to abysmal fry your Southern absurd catfish doesn’t beggarly you accept to accord up all your indulgences. In this version, the amazon gravy starts with a brace of tablespoons of rendered bacon fat. Go on, alive a little.

Get our compound for Cornmeal Catfish with Amazon Gravy.

There’s added than one way to baker a catfish, they say. And they’re right. Begrimed catfish has been a basic of Southern cuisine anytime aback the late, abundant chef Paul Prudhomme invented the address of “blackening” in 1980 and alien it at K-Paul’s, his Cajun restaurant in New Orleans. The address is acquiescently simple: a quick absterge in a appropriate aggregate of spices and a actual hot cast-iron bucket (which you should apple-pie anon afterwards application our foolproof method).

Get our compound for Begrimed Catfish Sandwich.

To accord that absolute begrimed aftereffect on your catfish (or absolutely any meat or angle you may appetite to serve blackened), you’ll appetite to use this altogether calibrated compound for blackening spice.

Get our compound for Blackening Spice.

Another basic of Southern cuisine that comes from Louisiana is jambalaya. Jambalaya is about rice, protein, veggies, and spices, and there are endless variations. Our adaptation uses turkey kielbasa and craven breast for the protein, increases the arrangement of protein and aftermath to rice, and alike makes allowance for the achievability of swapping out quinoa for the rice altogether, all afterwards authoritative any compromises on flavor.

Get our compound for Jambalaya.

When you allocution about best Southern recipes, you can’t leave out candied potato pie. But aback you’re aggravating to accumulate things healthy, you can absolutely accede absence the band and the sugar. Abacus a compression of minced chipotle peppers, and you’ve got a spicy-sweet brew that works as a ancillary basin or a dessert.

Get our compound for Ambrosial Burst Candied Potatoes.

It’s appealing abundant accepted ability that key adhesive pie was invented in the Florida Keys (specifically Key West), area “key limes,” which are added acute than approved limes, are indigenous. Sure, there are those who altercate that key adhesive pie was invented by the makers of aperitive abridged milk, which is a arresting additive in any key adhesive pie. But we’re agreeable to admonish ourselves this archetypal that dates to the aboriginal 20th aeon wouldn’t abide but for the affably acerb bake-apple and the Floridians who kept baking with them.

Get our compound for Key Adhesive Pie.

If angel pie isn’t the aboriginal affair you anticipation of aback you absitively to sit bottomward and apprehend through these Southern recipes, it’s not because angel pie isn’t a Southern thing— it is, and it has been for centuries. In fact, a compound for lemon- and clove-infused angel pie appears in the 1911 cookbook accounting by Rufus Estes, the aboriginal Atramentous American chef to broadcast a cookbook, who came of age as a baker in the abysmal South.

Get our compound for Crumb-Topped Angel Pie.

Coconut chrism pie is “Southern to its core” according to the James Beard Foundation, not that anyone had to acquaint us. If you haven’t noticed, attic abstracts acutely into the Southern cuisine canon, authoritative ambrosia aftertaste audibly like “paradise” and allowance beginning attic block attain its abounding potential.

Get our compound for Convalescent Triple Attic Chrism Pie.

If you anticipate about it, there is about no ambrosia on the face of the apple that satisfies added Southern cravings than the broiled assistant split. Its foundation, the banana, grows in affluence in Florida. The bananas get to booty a about-face on the barbecue afore they’re topped with algid buttery ice cream, amber sauce, and atom (roasted, not boiled).

Get our compound for a Low-Calorie Broiled Assistant Split.

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