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Like others with ancestors associates in nursing homes, she said she was abashed about what adeptness be accident abaft bankrupt doors. Her fears grew the abutting morning aback a ancestors acquaintance peered through the window and took a photograph of Anagnos’s mother, Carol Ballard, 81, lying on the attic in advanced of a wheelchair.

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The grandmother of four died the abutting morning, on April 6, amidst one of the deadliest nursing home outbreaks in the country.

“She had activity left,” Anagnos said. “She didn’t deserve to die like this.”

Anagnos and the beggared families of added association appetite answers from the home, area 47 of its 138 association accept died of covid-19 — added than one in three, according to adeptness administrators. But actually what happened at Kimberly Hall North during the anarchic aboriginal weeks of the communicable may never be known.

On the day afore Ballard died, abandoned from ancestors members, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) issued an emergency adjustment acceding nursing homes amnesty from best lawsuits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Similar to contempo measures in about 20 added states, the Connecticut adjustment has across-the-board implications, depriving abeyant plaintiffs not abandoned of banking recourse in the courts but the adeptness to bare an accounting of their relatives’ aftermost canicule in nursing homes. The address for advice during the crisis has become decidedly urgent: Aback March, federal admiral accept concise accepted inspections and belted visitors in homes, abrogation families to associate through windows or address for advice over the phone.

“Even with a history of these nursing homes accepting problems, why was amnesty put in place?” Anagnos said. “I’m not attractive for money. I’m attractive for somebody to be captivated accountable.”

Officials with Genesis HealthCare, which owns Kimberly Hall North and is the nation’s bigger nursing home chain, said agents associates did aggregate they could to anticipate the advance of infection and amusement ailing patients. Two admiral afterwards affection acceptable alien the atypical coronavirus in mid-March afore anyone knew it was there and afore bloom experts accepted that it could advance from allegedly advantageous carriers, said Richard Feifer, arch medical administrator for the Pennsylvania-based chain, in emails and an account with The Washington Post.

“The agents caring on the advanced band for association accept aggregate in the affect and affliction families accept felt, and we accept how difficult a time this has been,” he said. “With that said, the acquaintance we accept had with our families at Kimberly Hall North has been overwhelmingly positive.”

For weeks, health-care associations civic accept apprenticed governors for amnesty from lawsuits, in some cases alms specific accent for emergency orders, according to letters, accessible statements and media accounts. The groups additionally accept appealed to Bloom and Human Casework Secretary Alex Azar, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who vowed on the Senate attic aftermost ages to extend new coronavirus-related protections to a cardinal of groups, including the health-care industry.

McConnell, like added advocates for immunity, casting the measures as a way to assure “health-care heroes” — doctors, nurses, admiral — from nuisance lawsuits.

“We are not activity to let health-care heroes appear from this crisis adverse a flat beachcomber of medical abuse lawsuits so that balloon attorneys can band their pockets,” he announced.

But what plaintiffs’ attorneys and accommodating advancement groups claiming best is not whether amnesty should be continued to health-care personnel, but whether those protections should additionally extend to nursing homes and their owners. In their view, afflicted accessories affliction to abide answerable to activity consistent from life-threatening failures in infection ascendancy and accommodating care, and families offered a adventitious to bore the layers of clandestineness that generally beleaguer abrupt or alien deaths.

Since the alpha of the pandemic, added than 30,000 nursing home association accept died of covid-19, accompaniment abstracts shows. Through the assay activity in civilian litigation, ancestors associates would accept an befalling to access medical and aggregation annal and the affidavit depositions of caregivers and aggregation officials.

“The industry bedeviled on this crisis to try to get a get-out-of-jail-free card,” said Steve Levin, a advocate in Chicago who is alive with about 100 nursing home association and families who plan to book clothing in Illinois, admitting the state’s amnesty order. “I’ve never apparent annihilation like it.”

The amnesty admeasurement in Connecticut, area accompaniment admiral accept appear 2,500 covid-19 deaths affiliated to nursing homes, came afterwards a accumulation of health-care associations affiliated calm to address for relief. In a March 31 letter to the governor’s office, brash by The Post, the accumulation proposed diction for an controlling order. Five canicule later, Lamont issued an adjustment application some accent from the letter.

Lamont’s appointment did not acknowledge to again requests for comment, but his emergency adjustment said that amnesty would animate “maximum participation” from health-care workers during the pandemic. Like those in added states, the adjustment does not assure nursing homes from the best arrant allegations, those involving gross negligence, bent activity or adamant misconduct.

Already, associates of three families from Kimberly Hall North say they accept had agitation award attorneys accommodating to accede acknowledged remedies.

Among them is Roberta James-Brown, who declared the affection of affliction at the home afore the communicable as “impeccable.” Now, she questions how her bedfast ancestor became adulterated and why she didn’t accept added advice in the final canicule of his life.

She said a caregiver at the home told her on April 7 that her ancestor had a aerial fever. The abutting day, she said, the home said he was activity better, eating, talking and sitting up in bed. On April 9, Johnny James, an Army adept who admired to allotment Hershey confined with his great-grandchildren, was asleep at 85 from covid-19.

“I don’t alike apperceive if they were neglectful, but I do apperceive my ancestor is asleep because of covid, and he wasn’t walking about that adeptness acrimonious it up by himself,” James-Brown said. “I appetite a bright account of what actually went on there.”

James-Brown lodged a complaint with the Connecticut Administration of Accessible Health. In a May 27 letter, the administration accepted that it would accessible an investigation. She additionally contacted a law close but said she was brash by an advocate that the amnesty adjustment would accomplish an abandoned case added difficult. She faults the governor and his admiral for careful nursing homes.

“He’s aggravating to accomplish them untouchable, which agency they don’t accept to be answerable for what happened,” she said. “And that’s not okay.”

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Free Connecticut Living Will Form|Removal of Life Support .. | free living will form connecticut

Feifer, the arch medical administrator for Genesis, beneath to animadversion on abandoned cases. He said the home accustomed in March to accept all 138 association activated but the accompaniment could accommodate abandoned six tests. A anniversary later, the accompaniment provided six more.

So far, 120 association at Kimberly Hall North accept been infected, according to the home. So accept 43 of 157 employees.

The admeasurement of the beginning at Kimberly Hall North, Feifer said, reflects the blemish of the patients there, as able-bodied as the actuality that abounding had dementia, a activity that can accomplish amusing break difficult to enforce. He added that the beginning came early, arresting afore the Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Blockage warned that adulterated bodies afterwards affection could advance the virus.

Feifer said the home set up video conferences to accumulate families abreast and adopted acrimonious infection-control measures, such as the accepted use of masks. He additionally acicular out that the home had a alternation of inspections aback the alpha of the beginning and that no deficiencies accompanying to accommodating affliction or infection ascendancy were found. The staff, Feifer said, “did aggregate they could do and more.”

On April 20, however, government inspectors cited the home for not documenting whether a covid-19 accommodating at accident of weight accident and aridity was consistently arresting aliment and fluids. Although a affliction plan in February had instructed the agents to address any signs of malnourishment to the doctor and dietitian, the resident’s aqueous burning in April had decreased by half, according to the assay report.

Feifer declared the inspectors’ allegation as “tags … for abridged documentation” rather than breakdowns in accommodating care.

The allegation accommodate abandoned a apprenticed glimpse central the home, but the commendation is one of the few annal accessible to families of the dead.

A alarm to activity

Although nursing homes accept ranked amidst the deadliest of all accumulation settings during the pandemic, the alterity in coronavirus cases is still a medical mystery: Why accept some homes, such as Kimberly Hall North, had dozens of deaths while others accept been able to accommodate the outbreaks? By allowance to avoid off scrutiny, acknowledged amnesty makes it beneath acceptable that the accessible will anytime actually know, attorneys and accommodating advancement groups say.

The advance to assure the industry has played out in accompaniment capitols beyond the country. Industry associations accept appealed to the governors of Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, amidst others. In California, the groups in an April 9 letter offered Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) accent for a proposed order: “All accompaniment statutes and regulations are hereby waived to the admeasurement all-important to accomplish this immunity.”

In New York, a massive accompaniment account bill in aboriginal April included an amnesty accouterment accoutrement homes and workers. The Greater New York Hospital Association acclaimed the move in a account release, adage the accumulation had “drafted and aggressively advocated” for the legislation and thanking Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) and legislators for “working with us so effectively.”

A agent for Cuomo said that the accouterment does not alibi gross apathy and that it was anesthetized aback admiral were afraid about active out of analytical affliction beds.

“If we had not done this, we never would accept had abundant front-line health-care workers alive and demography affliction of patients,” said Dani Lever, the governor’s communications director.

In Connecticut, area Anagnos’s mother died, industry groups offered Lamont accent for an order, suggesting in a letter that bloom accessories “shall be allowed from civilian accountability for any abrasion or afterlife declared to accept been abiding as a aftereffect of an act or blank in the advance of accouterment medical or added bloom affliction casework in abutment of the Accompaniment of Connecticut’s acknowledgment to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Lamont’s April 5 order, which adopted phrases from the letter, accepted amnesty to health-care businesses and their workers.

Since the communicable began, about 20 states accept accustomed amnesty orders, best careful both companies and employees. Some states, including California and Florida, accept resisted calls for action. Others, including Maryland, already had some anatomy of amnesty in abode during emergencies.

Industry groups additionally contacted civic lawmakers, sending an April 8 letter to Pelosi and McConnell that alleged on Congress to “follow the advance of several states and anon accept legislation.” The letter was beatific by the Bloom Coalition on Accountability and Access, which represents 36 associations, including the American Bloom Affliction Association.

The groups altercate that nursing homes and front-line workers are responding to an aberrant bloom emergency and deserve aegis from lawsuits, decidedly aback medical accessories and tests are in abbreviate supply. The aegis comes as the industry continues to antechamber for federal aid, with the government afresh accordant to absolution about $5 billion in abatement allotment to the country’s 15,000 Medicare-certified nursing homes.

“It’s analytical that states accommodate the all-important accountability aegis agents and providers charge to accommodate affliction during this difficult time afterwards abhorrence of reprisal,” said Mark Parkinson, admiral of the American Bloom Affliction Association and the Civic Centermost for Assisted Living, which represents 14,000 long-term-care providers.

Industry’s abiding agenda

Patient advancement groups and acknowledged organizations adverse that alike afore the pandemic, abounding homes had been clumsy or afraid to accommodated basal health, assurance and staffing standards set by the federal government. Nursing homes, critics say, could use amnesty to balk abiding liabilities.

A Post assay in April begin that 40 percent of nursing homes with appear coronavirus cases had been cited added than already in contempo years for actionable federal standards meant to anticipate the advance of infections. A address by the Government Accountability Appointment aftermost month, which cites The Post’s analysis, begin that 82 percent of homes had been cited over a five-year aeon for lapses in infection ascendancy and prevention.

Watchdog groups say the industry acclimated the coronavirus emergency to advance a longstanding calendar to absolute accountability and lawsuits. For decades, nursing homes accept lobbied to set acknowledged banned for accident payments and to bulldoze nursing home association to abandon the courts and booty their cases to arbitration, area homes added calmly prevail, attorneys said.

Even afterwards immunity, proving how the coronavirus slipped central a home is difficult, plaintiffs’ attorneys say.

“This alleged flood of activity is artlessly not activity to materialize,” said Robert Sachs, accomplished administrator of the nursing home activity accumulation at the American Association for Justice. “These are activity to be actual difficult cases to prove on a cardinal of levels. The hurdles are high.”

Levin, the Chicago lawyer, said he affairs to appearance that homes with a history of staffing shortages and poor affliction did not stop the advance of the coronavirus or appropriately accommodate analysis to ailing patients.

“Yes, it’s a challenge,” he said. “But it’s a claiming we feel that abounding long-term-care providers will not be able to accommodated because they had actually annihilation in abode for an infectious-disease-type pandemic. They were wholly unprepared.”

Families say they are accommodating to booty a activity in court.

Brian Jones, who absent his 78-year-old mother to covid-19 at Kimberly Hall North in April, said he was told afterwards her analysis that she was faring able-bodied and was comfortable. “It was like a brace of days,” he said, “and she was dead.”

He said that his ancestors has struggled to apprentice more, but that several attorneys beneath to booty the case. He said he questions the governor’s accommodation to activity amnesty to nursing homes.

“They don’t alive in it. They don’t accord with it. They don’t see it,” Jones said.

Feifer, the arch medical administrator of Genesis HealthCarethe aggregation was clumsy to animadversion on the cases but added that caregivers did aggregate accessible to accumulate ancestors associates abreast and accommodate lifesaving care. “I accept confidence, he said, “that the aggregation at Kimberly Hall North was awful candid … and awful transparent.”

‘Resident went affably and quickly’

Anagnos’s mother, Carol Ballard, died at Kimberly Hall North four canicule afterwards her 81st birthday.

Ballard aloft two daughters on a secretary’s salary, abrading calm money for gymnastics acquaint and a busy bifold in Manchester, Conn. She danced to country music and sang in the abbey choir afore clearing into an assisted-living association and, one year ago, the memory-support assemblage of Kimberly Hall North.

“I’ve got a acceptable feeling,” Anagnos recalled adage the day she toured the building. “This is all alive out.”

In January, aback Anagnos visited from Pennsylvania, Ballard ate pizza and absolved the aisles of a Target store. Anagnos promised that she would be affective aback to Connecticut with her bedmate and adolescent daughters. “Only a few added months,” she told her mother.

On March 24, however, Ballard developed a agitation and cough. Her acquaintance came bottomward with the aforementioned symptoms, according to Ballard’s annal from the home, which Anagnos provided to The Post. A covid-19 analysis came aback positive, the annal show, and nurses were instructed to be abiding that Ballard had abundant to eat and drink.

On March 30, Ballard was begin on the attic of her room. Annal from the home say that she “sat herself on the floor.” Anagnos said she accustomed a alarm from the home but was not accustomed details.

Anagnos beatific a argument to a amusing artisan at the home.

“I’m so upset. What is happening?” Anagnos said, according to the exchange, which she provided to The Post. “Did she fall? Is she activity crazy?”

“It’s OK. I heard beforehand today that they saw her sit herself on the attic again abscond on butt,” the amusing artisan replied. “Maybe she acquainted anemic (?) It could be added abashing accompanying to everything.”

On April 2, Ballard’s 81st birthday, the home wrote that she was at comestible risk, arresting abandoned about bisected her fluids. On a video alarm that day, Anagnos said she cried aback she saw her mother, who was befuddled and allurement for a Coke. “We’re advancing home,” she recalled cogent her mother.

The abutting day, Anagnos loaded her husband, two daughters, cat and a Chihuahua alleged Chili into two cars, apprenticed for the New Jersey Turnpike. Afterwards speaking to her mother by phone, Anagnos said, she alleged the nursing home but could not get through. Again, she texted the amusing worker.

“I aloof batten to my mom and she said she is awful!!! She wants to eat and drink,” Anagnos wrote. “Very thirsty! Amuse addition analysis on her.”

“There is article amiss with our phones that are [sic] are aggravating to fix,” the amusing artisan texted back. “I will try to clue the assistant bottomward while I’m on my call.”

“I told her she has to activity this!” Anagnos replied. “She said she has never acquainted so bad! … She needs hydration to advice her apperception as well. Praying this is the affliction of it.”

The amusing artisan told Anagnos that a agents affiliate had accepted Ballard was stable. “She aloof got her fluids and your mom drank well,” the amusing artisan wrote. “Appetite hasn’t been abundant but they are auspicious her to eat.”

In Connecticut the abutting day, Anagnos stood abaft a backcountry alfresco her mother’s window. She said she saw her mother cutting a catchbasin top and an developed diaper, almost able to wave. For about an hour, Anagnos said, no one came into the room.

“You’ve aloof got to drink,” Anagnos recalled shouting aback she saw a baptize canteen on her mother’s nightstand. Ballard sat up slowly, and Anagnos said she watched as her mother fumbled with the cap. From her cellphone, Anagnos accomplished a receptionist, who eventually beatific in an abettor to advice Ballard booty a few sips from a cup.

Ballard’s arch wobbled and fell, and the abettor bargain the top of the bed. Anagnos said she absitively her mother bare to blow and absolved aback to her car in tears.

Later that day, she beatific a argument to the amusing worker. “I was asked attentive today if I would stop calling so much,” Anagnos wrote. “After visiting my mom through window for over an hour — she was with abandoned a sheet, a Depends and a sleeveless top! Her fluids were abutting to her, but no one anytime came to advice her drink! … Can you amuse accord me the name and cardinal of a supervisor?”

The amusing artisan replied: “You would accept to alarm the capital # and ask for the nursing supervisor. I can ask the nursing administrator to alarm you if you’d like.”

The abutting day, Anagnos said she accustomed to acquisition her mother in addition else’s pajamas, lying in a fetal position and twitching in bed. “Mom,” she recalled yelling. “Can you see me?”

Anagnos alleged out for an abettor who had delivered food. “She’s not activity to accomplish it, is she?” she yelled from outside. Anagnos could not apprehend the acknowledgment through the window.

Anagnos headed to her car and acclimated her cellphone to attending up the affection apparent in patients afore death. Again she absolved aback to the window for the aftermost time.

“Mom, aloof go,” she assuredly said. “Go. It’s okay.”

A ancestors acquaintance who is an emergency allowance artisan visited a few hours afterwards and airtight a photo of Ballard lying abandoned on the attic of her room. She alleged Anagnos, who alleged the home. Agents associates put Ballard aback in bed, Anagnos said. Annal from the home acclaimed that Ballard had fallen.

The abutting morning, she died. “Resident went affably and bound per nurse. Alarm placed to daughter,” according to the records. “Condolences offered. Resident’s [daughter] does appetite her stuff. Housekeeping notified to backpack items & store.”

Feifer, the medical director, said he could not animadversion on the specifics of the case, citation aloofness laws. In general, he said, patients sometimes abatement admitting the efforts of agents associates and that some in the medical association accept debated whether advancing hydration through IVs for some coronavirus patients can accept adverse effects.

“It would be ambiguous to portray the accomplished akin of affliction provided at this center, alike amidst the abnormally difficult affairs covid-19 has posed, through the prism of one or two abstract accounts,” he said.

Anagnos said she believes the home did not do abundant to accumulate her mother hydrated and safe. She additionally questions why her mother wasn’t taken to a hospital.

After she active her mother, she alleged Connecticut accompaniment lawmakers. Sen. Dan Champagne (R) wrote a letter to accompaniment bloom admiral in April. “It appears to be carelessness on the allotment of the nursing home, which contributed to the all-embracing accelerated abatement of this patient. Can your appointment amuse investigate this and booty adapted action?”

Since then, Anagnos said she has been aggravating to acquisition a advocate accommodating to sue the home. Two said they were not accepting covid-19 cases and a third declined, citation the governor’s amnesty order.

“My mother could accept exhausted covid. I apperceive it in my affection of hearts,” she said, adding: “No one cared or paid abundant attention. I aloof feel like addition should be captivated accountable.”

Mulcahy and Jacobs are alum acceptance in journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill Investigative Lab. Alice Crites contributed to this report.

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