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I aboriginal apparent Cakes Da Killa on YouTube, aback his 2013 video for “Goodie Goodies” was released. It was an agitative affair to witness, a chocolate-brown, cheeky, chichi gay hip-hop artisan rapping aboveboard about sex—and from the point of appearance of a bottom—while balladry with the abstruse accomplishment of some of the greatest MCs animate of whatever gender. I apparently beatific that video to about every Black anomalous acquaintance I had at the time, and I’ve alike acclimated that video in workshops and keynote lectures. Seven years acquire passed, and the Northern New Jersey built-in has appear three mixtapes, a dozen singles and music videos, and one collapsed album—2016’s Hedonism. He’s a able alive aerialist and stays booked—touring the U.S. and Europe often. Aback Cakes appear he was bottomward new singles, “Don Dada” and “Free to Be,” on June 4, I accomplished out to him to see if he’d babble with TheBody about his work, artistic inspirations, and what it’s like actuality a Black gay hip-hop artisan during a about canceled Pride season, due to COVID-19.

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Kenyon Farrow: Aboriginal of all, I’m abiding you’ve apparent a agglomeration of the memes that say what your affairs were for 2020 and what 2020 absolutely delivered. And so for you, what were you assured this year? Advancing out of 2019, what was your plan for 2020? And what has 2020 delivered so far?

Cakes Da Killa: Well, actually, activity was anarchic afore a lot of this was accident [laughs]. I relocated to Georgia, so I was alive bottomward South for a little bit. I was aloof basically aggravating to get myself together, and I bare a change of clip from New York. So there was that, and as far as ambidextrous with the communicable and all that, I’ve affectionate of aloof been absorption on the absolute ancillary of it all. And it has brought a lot of conduct and accepted to my activity that I affectionate of appreciate. So to be honest, a lot of the things I feel, like the adulation and adjacency that’s advancing to the Black association and bodies absent to be added alive or ability out, there’s been a lot of absolute things that acquire happened.

KF: Yeah, that’s abundant to hear. I anticipate the aboriginal time I saw you or heard you was the “Goodie Goodies” video in 2013. And I bethink actuality so excited, because here’s a gay or anomalous Black man who’s blame the gender curve and additionally could fucking spit, right? And I acquaint bodies all the time, I adulation rappers who are bruisers, bodies who aloof rip through tracks—and I feel like you’re in that category. You, Lil’ Kim, Remy Ma—A$AP Ferg is accession of my faves who rhymes like that. So, activity aback to “Goodie Goodies,” I affectionate of feel like that’s aback added association started to admit who you were and admit your talent. So, who was Cakes then? And how acquire you developed aback then?

CDK: Yeah, I’m so abundant added developed now. I’ve done a lot of touring internationally and nationally. I’ve been an absolute artisan about a decade, self-releasing music. You know, I aloof alone my anthology in 2016. So, a lot of things. My career has absolutely progressed in means that I wasn’t acquainted that it was. I wasn’t assured abundant from authoritative music, because at the time aback I started, it wasn’t like there was such abundant representation of a feminine gay Black in the media. So the bar was set absolutely low—I was aloof blessed to get a alcohol admission [for performing].

KF: So, what did you anticipate you were gonna do aback you accelerating from Montclair State University? What was your plan?

CDK: I knew I was gonna be a writer, that autograph was gonna be article that I was activity to be doing. I was majoring in appearance studies with a accessory in journalism.

KF: One of the things I absolutely like about your assignment is your faculty of taste. I apperceive you’re a rapper and classified as a hip-hop artist, but I feel like your music is additionally so abounding things—it’s acutely hip-hop but it’s additionally house, and you additionally acquire affectionate of like a bedrock ‘n’ cycle or about a jailbait bedrock artful at the aforementioned time. I’ve heard you allocution about your hip-hop influences over the years. And I anticipate that’s article that’s array of accessible to understand, growing up Black in America in the ’80s and ’90s, right? But I appetite to apprehend added about how abode music entered your agreeable palette, which absolutely is birthed about the aforementioned time hip-hop is, but it’s never absolutely anticipation of that way. So I’m aloof analytical about how you got to house, because I feel like alone in the aftermost few years, partly because of you and a few added folks, has abode affectionate of had a new array of resurgence.

CDK: Well, for me, you know, hip-hop wasn’t absolutely my go-to music to acquire to, necessarily, alike admitting it was affectionate of consistently about me. For me, I consistently gravitated added appear club music. So that’s aback I affectionate of apparent house. And, you know, that’s area my adulation of music and disco music affectionate of progressed. You see little elements of that in my music, but I feel like abnormally [what] we’re alive on now [is] absolutely a austere abode project. And I aloof absitively to aloof appearance that ancillary of myself to the people.

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KF: So you’re a hip-hop artisan from Jersey, you know, Black as fuck. And again you additionally acquire a solid affectionate of basement and afterward in the Brooklyn and European hipster set, right? Do you sometimes feel awe-inspiring aggravating to antithesis these two communities, spaces, and audiences in which you alive and work?

CDK: I mean, it could be annoying. I acclimated to acquire my problems area it’s like, bodies will accomplish it assume as if I wasn’t gonna adornment abundant Black fans. Yeah, so you consistently appetite to accomplish music for the bodies who get it and the bodies you’re authoritative music for, but at the end of the day, you’re an absolute artist. You don’t apperceive who’s affairs it as continued as you’re working. So I did acquire a moment area I was apprehensive what are the things I bare to do to be added ambrosial to African-American consumers? But again I aloof had to apprehend that Black consumers are not monolithic; there’s altered versions of Black people, so I’m a Black artist, and I’m unapologetic about actuality Black and annihilation about me that I charge to change.

KF: So let’s allocution about the Netflix antagonism appearance you were on, Rhythm Flow, for a quick second. You were, aboriginal of all, a big allotment of the acumen why I agitated to watch it. And … I’m aloof gonna say it. I anticipate you were robbed. And it’s aloof my opinion, but it acquainted to me like you were cut aboriginal on, not because you were the weakest articulation in the chain. But that I acquainted like the board aloof did not appetite to accord with a gay rapper, abnormally being, as you described, actuality a feminine gay rapper every week. And it was easier to cut you beforehand than to face their own homophobia as it went on. So what’s your booty on that experience?

CDK: For me, I just—you know, I’m absolutely not into absoluteness TV anyway. So I was affectionate of attractive at it as a blessing. I affectionate of didn’t appetite to be accepted as a gay kid from that absoluteness show. Anyway, you know, because I did already acquire a career eight or nine years afore I was on that show, as an absolute artist. So I’ve never capital that moment to concealment all the assignment that I was doing, so I aloof took it as abundant timing to go. I’d appointed a admission to Ghana afore I got to be on the show, and my flight was three canicule afterwards I left.

KF: So, you know, acutely it’s June Pride season, and as I mentioned, a lot of our focus is on affectionate of, you know, art and activism, and I don’t apperceive if you accede yourself an activist or not, but—

CDK: I don’t.

KF: Bloop! [laughs]

CDK: What I do apprehend is a lot of the things about me, like actuality unapologetically myself, you know, that that is affectionate of a political account in and of itself, but for me as accession that’s been out aback I was in third grade, I don’t absolutely attending at it as groundbreaking, but me existing. And in a lot of spaces it does access added bodies to appear out and be themselves. So I assumption that is affectionate of a anatomy of that, but I anticipate “activist” is a chat that a lot of bodies appetite to affirmation for clout. And I will never be that, because it is a lot of work.

KF: Yeah, I acknowledge that. So, how do you commonly absorb Pride, and what do you acquire planned this year?

CDK: Normally, Pride is arena fucking gigs, aperture for allegorical R&B divas from aback in the day. Accepting bread actuality or in Europe accepting coin. But this division [due to COVID-19 cancellations], I feel like a lot of bodies are accomplishing what they acquire to do to abbey these online moments to still accumulate the activity going. The gays are now accommodating with the Blacks, and I’m beholden it’s affectionate of like this accomplished gay Black Renaissance activity on appropriate now. But for me, I’m aloof absorption on befitting my arch on beeline and aloof accepting opportunities. Like I said, in announcement my new mixtape that’s advancing up, Muvaland.

KF: So TheBody is a website that abundantly focuses on HIV assets and animal health, and so I’m gonna ask you a few questions about sex and aloof get in your business. I adulation how aloof like aweless you are in music and how abundant you advisedly allocution about sex. For me, myself, honestly, I’m consistently a little bit like, “You know, my astronomic ability apprehend this,” and I’m a solid 45 years old and still I’m like, “Oh, my mom can’t see me actuality a accomplished ho on the internet” and whatever [laughs]. Do you array of accommodate and anticipate about those things, like how Mom or added ancestors associates ability respond, or wonder, “Am I accomplishing too much?”

CDK: I didn’t anticipate this “me authoritative music” was activity to be a affair in general. So I never knew anyone would apprehend it, including my ancestors members. I started authoritative music aback I was in college. And it was like, I wasn’t activity to allocution about finals and shit. So I was like, “What is the abutting best thing?”

And with that, I assumption that’s affectionate of the alliteration of actuality the artisan that talked about sex the most, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t aggravating to be blue or advertise this annoying image. So bodies were absolutely into it, but for me, I don’t anticipate talking about gay sex should be an issue. My mission is affectionate of like normalizing gay sex, because it’s like, bodies are accepting sex anyway. So I never approved to shy abroad from it, because I’m like, gays are accepting sex.

KF: Right. Yeah, I anticipate it’s absolutely to me a little arbitrary to alike say that you are added animal than added association in agreement of your content. And if bodies absolutely acquire to your work, a lot of it is absolute storytelling, alike if sex is a subject.

CDK: Yeah, aggregate is not about sex, but it’s like, already you acknowledgment it, it’s like it affectionate of eclipses everything. And I’m like, well, I acquire added songs that don’t allocution about sex, but I’m aloof activity to acquire if that’s the moniker bodies appetite to put on me. That’s great, ’cuz that’s not a problem. There shouldn’t be an affair with me owning my female as an effeminate, out-of-shape basal [laughs]. That shouldn’t be a problem.

KF: One of the things that has been affectionate of hasty to me in agreement of your music and seeing your posts on amusing media is how abundant you allocution about condom use. And it apparently shouldn’t be a surprise, but you know, we’re fucking gay in a PrEP world, right? So, it’s like abnormally hasty to me for somebody as adolescent as you are. Do you carefully allocution about the account of condoms, as far as HIV blockage is concerned, in your music or how you allocution about sex in general?

CDK: I’m additionally affectionate of old school, like, I’m actual “back in the day” like, and that’s it for me. Acquire you apparent the cine Kids?

KF: Yeah. I am of that era [laughs].

CDK: I’m growing up watching Chloë Sevigny, who was date raped [in the film] and got HIV. It’s aloof like affectionate of built-in in you, so you’re aloof like, condoms are the way to do it. Now I’m not adage that the new forms of blockage aren’t acceptable for anybody else. So personally, I’m a condom girl. I don’t booty Tylenol, so I’m not gonna booty PrEP. You apperceive what they say, altered acclamation for altered folks. But I don’t adjudge anyone for how they assure themselves, as continued as they’re attention themselves.

KF: You bang me as accepting an old soul. I don’t alike apperceive if you’ve noticed over the years, sometimes you’ll cheep the band of a song. And because I’m a music nerd—it’s not what I do professionally, but I aloof am—I’m a music whore. And so you’ll cheep a band from like some old fucking LaBelle song from 1976 and I’ll accomplishment the band in your comments. I’ve been accomplishing that on your Twitter for years. What are some of your influences?

CDK: Yeah, it depends. My palette is actual all over the place. I adulation all kinds of music—I anticipate you can apprentice from all altered kinds of music. I anticipate that’s one of the things that’s adverse to hip-hop now, because bodies are not alert to vinyl annal and alert to altered genres. Because that’s what added ambit to the music. And now aggregate in hip-hop sounds so flat, because they’re not apery anything, they’re not talking about anything. But for me, my ear can go from alert to a Rufus almanac and it can go to Róisín Murphy, it absolutely aloof depends, you know, like music diet—that’s abysmal music. That’s abundant aural music that’s, you know, able-bodied done. So, you know, whether I’m alert to Labelle or the Ohio Players, I’m absolutely absorbed in quality.

KF: So, you aloof alone your latest singles, “Don Dada” and “Free to Be,” and you’ve got a new EP bottomward this year alleged Muvaland. In accession to those things, what abroad can we apprehend this year?

CDK: Well, I’m consistently on the alley and consistently on the run. But aback there’s not absolutely amplitude to bout [due to COVID-19], I’m throwing myself into added arcane work. I’m putting calm a accumulating of abbreviate belief and balladry that I’ve been autograph aback I was 16. Again I’m axis 30 in October, and I was like, “Bitch, you charge to acquire at atomic a arrangement done afore you about-face 30.” And you know, my EP isn’t alike out but I’m already alive on my green album, accepting the artful and the soundscape calm for that, which I’m absolutely aflame about. So yeah, I’m aloof aggravating to amount out how to get this online money so I can pay for my shea butters and things.

Follow Cakes Da Killa on Twitter; his music can be begin on all alive platforms and on Bandcamp.

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