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Point Intercept Form Calculator How You Can Attend Point Intercept Form Calculator With Minimal Budget

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point intercept form calculator
 Find slope (gradient) or equation of a line from 2 points ..

Find slope (gradient) or equation of a line from 2 points .. | point intercept form calculator

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Jan 5, 2011 by napier67

I accept endemic this buzz aback September 2010. Best buzz I accept EVER had. It does aggregate afterwards fail. Continued array life, abundant connectivity, a abundance of apps, you name it is does it.

The camera on this affair is bigger that my little abridged camera and it bifold as a MP3 player!

If they are authoritative a new adaptation of this with added accretion in whistles I will be one of the aboriginal in band to get one.

I accept not had a distinct bad acquaintance with this buzz and HIGHLY Recommend it for any user from basal to advanced.

GET your buzz on with GALAXY S EPIC – demography the CORE out of the IPhone and agreement it in the trash!

Oh and appointment abstracts able-bodied that is a breeze and it integrates with accumulated email fine

Dec 24, 2010 by AwestunB

I accept been a dart chump for 7 years, as able-bodied as alive in the wireless apple for aloof as long.

I accept admired best of what samsung has been alms over the aftermost 4 years. This buzz goes to appearance they accept it bottomward pact.

The concrete keyboard, while not neccessary to me is a abundant addition. For one book in particular, aback application it to access abstracts into a field, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of extensive up for the blow screen. Seems to me it makes it faster to cross through fields and resume accounting immediately.

Wifi arresting picks up from a acceptable ambit away. Array activity for the actuality that uses a lot of data/text and not talking so abundant is great. I can’t absolutely allege for allocution time, I use at best maybe a few hundred account a month.

The affectation is as brittle as annihilation I accept seen. Blow awning is complete responsive.

The complete accouterments on the accelerate is complete solid.

Only complaint I accept isn’t absolutely with the buzz itself, but a abridgement of acceptable accessories as far as backpack cases and breeze on cases go.

Great buzz all around.

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Sep 4, 2010 by issai

There were several times that I acquainted accountable to column the complete aboriginal review, but acquainted I owed it to the association to absorb added time with the Ballsy afore putting my thoughts down.

Used abounding adaptable phones for abounding years on diff. providers. Aftermost few were: Approach Treo 600-755p, afresh BB Curve 8330, and assuredly BB Tour.

Loved the BB Tour and its able-bodied messaging, for claimed & biz comm, & abundance options.

If you’re account this, you’ve best acceptable apprehend best of the reviews of this buzz actuality and on added forums, blogs, and sites.

But to bound abode acceptable & not-as-good & remains-2-b-seen:

Good: Screen, Reception, Initial Body Quality, Sound Volume & Affection (Earpiece & Speakerphone for calls & media), KB, No to Little lag System Speed / Achievement and Fast & Silky Bland Touchscreen. (I’ve already loaded @ atomic 60 apps additional home switchers, etc.), Qik works (take that, Facetime!), supports a TON of cine formats, incl. MKV!

Not-as-good: the aback soft-key not as acknowledging as others, bluetooth angle gets alone afresh in calls (hopefully addressed w/ equip. replacement). Better aberration is accepting lots of issues accepting alone abstracts tethering alive w/ Win7Pro 64-bit, alike w/ PDANet (need this for biz)

Remains-2-b-seen: Long-term backbone & performance, Updates

My acquaintance has an Evo w/ the Sense UI. It’s added accessible and better-designed than the Epic’s Touchwiz 3.0. But the Touchwiz can authority its own. It ain’t bad. I additionally adulation the KB font– reminds me of awakening calculators. Overall, a complete fun buzz which is declared to admonition addition my abundance (maybe anon in the future) instead of killing it, like it’s accomplishing now.

Sep 3, 2010 by imapolymorph

This buzz has aggregate that is abundant about an iPhone or an EVO, but improves aloft about everything. Aboriginal off, the awning is attractive with it’s SuperAMOLED screen. Also, the concrete keyboard is complete for accounting annihilation best than a few words. The buzz is complete fast, abnormally aback animadversion about the web or maps. The anatomy agency is complete nice afterwards actuality too curvy, or blocky (Like the Droids). Some accessory caveats are the actuality that it comes afterwards a committed @ (they anticipation a “smiley” key was added important I guess) and that it alone came with 16 GB anamnesis (I afresh had my iPod baseborn so this now has to be my committed music amateur and 16 GB is not enough.), so I bought a 32 GB card. The array could additionally be bigger but that’s to be accepted for an android smartphone i guess.


1. Awning – Big and Beautiful2. Keyboard3. Complete fast4. Anatomy factor5. 16 GB agenda is a additional for best people


1. No @ key2. Array could be better

Overall, this buzz is apparently the best on the bazaar and absolutely the best on Sprint. The concrete keyboard and SuperAMOLED awning is account the added banknote personally, but may not be account it for some.

Sep 2, 2010 by ap82

I am a tech abominable and usually get the newest things that appear out on the market. I use to own an iphone 4 until I got annoyed of advantageous for the aerial ATT bills so I absitively to go aback to sprint. At aboriginal I got the EVO 4G and played with that for a brace of weeks. The affair that agitated me was it was beefy and the array activity sucked, alike afterwards demography admonition from added users and application the app analgesic and added things. To me it was batty aloof to try to accomplish it through the day of application that phone. I would watch one video and the array would cesspool to bisected way.

The EPIC able-bodied the array activity is 10x better. The cartoon are appealing awesome, if you like accept a concrete keyboard and a blow awning keyboard afresh this buzz has it all. I anticipate with every Android buzz the centralized anamnesis of the buzz isn’t so great. This buzz does appear with a 16 gig sd card.The basal keys accept been responsive. The camera has a ablaze beam and the actuality that there is a button on the ancillary that is committed to the camera is alike better.

All in all this is a abundant buzz for bodies who accept baby easily like I do, accept continued canicule abroad from a charger, and who like a concrete keyboard.

Sep 2, 2010 by Lonell

So far I adulation this phone. Way bigger afresh there antecedent dart phones, the Moment and the Intercept.

A few Pros

1. Fast processor, 2. compression to zoom, 3. Abundant video affection (except for dart tv)4. comes with a 16gig micro anamnesis card, 5. alive wallpaper compatible, 6. AMOLED display, 3g and 4g accordant bigger array 7. activity aback compaired to added android phones, 8. awning and acknowledgment seems to move calmly so far and 9. Comes with swype, 10. Do not accept to abolish the array to abolish the sd card, 10. best important of all, Android platform!!! 11. There are a few added which is too abounding to account in this review.


1. Should appear with Android 2.2 appropriate the box!, 2. Complete baby centralized anamnesis for a aerial end, android device. Should be 1gig at least, able-bodied 8 gig like some of the added newer android devices. I know, it will get 2.2 and will eventually be able to move some apps to the agenda afresh but not all apps can be confused so this agency that in about 6 months to a year, you will accept to get addition buzz with added memory. (If you are a abundant app downloader) Not cool. 3. Charging on top of the buzz and arch buzz jack on top as well. Not a acceptable spot, assurance me, abnormally if you appetite to booty advantage of the sliding keyboard.

Over all, this is a abundant phone! I accept you appetite be disappointed. This and the Evo are close and close so you can’t go amiss with either one, if you are a dart customer. Awning admeasurement on the ballsy wasn’t too bad. Would adulation to see this with a 4.3inch like the EVO and a bang angle but the EVo has cons to so, Overall, this is a babysitter for now.

DON’T LET ME DOWN SAMSUNG! So far, so good!

Sep 2, 2010 by squanto

Would adulation to accumulate this buzz but in the end had to acknowledgment it.My needs are simple;

1. aerial alarm affection (CHECK calls on the buzz were acceptable a little adulterated at times alike in quiet places)2. acceptable internet browser (CHECK if it’s android active 2.1 or 2.2. It’s great)3. accurate 720p non-jittery video recording (CHECK…awesome alarming video quality)

So why acknowledgment it?

1. Accelerate out keyboard – on which every distinct button feels abundant and works well…except for….the amplitude key… which requires a complete accomplishment to hit to the point area it’s so annoying that makes me not appetite to use the keyboard which is why I capital the buzz and if it formed would be a huge and austere bend over added touchscreens…why Samsung? Why put the added abortive buttons on the basal row including a smiley face button…even if you took one of those buttons out and diffuse the amplitude bar it would be perfect. I can approach a basketball so my easily are not the issue.

2. Size…I’ve played with the HTC Evo and it’s absolutely a big awning but a complete acquiescent sized buzz bc of the thickness. The Samsung Ballsy not so much. The 14mm array requires your duke to blanket about the accessory in a way that makes captivation it awkward and makes it feel big. I’m not a fan. Others may disagree it’s a claimed preference. I accept adequately ample easily and I anticipation I was captivation a brick hafl the time…not a acceptable user experience.

3. Samsung body affection – maybe it’s bc it has a accelerate out but somehow it feels like the accomplished affair is activity to abatement afar complete soon. It’s ablaze which is ok, but feels plastic-y…the slider moves a tiny bit and you amusement it calculating bc able-bodied you’re afraid it’s activity to break.

In the end…do I appetite to absorb $250 additional $10/month added for the better advanatage which is 720p video and a air-conditioned fast processor. Not me. I’d rather delay 3-6 months and get my easily on a buzz I love, solid body quality, fast processor, Froyo 2.2 and chiefly hig affection 720p HD video and a acceptable camera.

Sep 9, 2010 by TexasReb

This is my aboriginal Acute Buzz and I was blessed blessed to accept it! I chose this buzz for several reasons. Aboriginal I was told that I could use it as a wi-fi hot-spot, the accelerate out keyboard, the Air-conditioned AMOLED screen, and 3G account which is not accurate by AT&T area I live. THE GOOD: SCREEN: I adulation the Air-conditioned AMOLED screen! This awning is the best. Video is amazing. Games are great. I accept apparent the iPhone4 and I anticipate that this screen, although lower resolution, is absolutely above to that of the iPhone4.Wi-Fi HOT SPOT: Has the adequacy of actuality a hot spot.KEYBOARD: I accept occasionally acclimated the accelerate out keyboard aback I appetite to blazon article diffuse and accept enjoyed the accessibility that it provides.PROCESSOR: The Ballsy 4G’s processor is bland and fast.CAMERA: Abundant 5MB camera with a BRIGHT FLASH. ANDROID: I adulation Android. I accept approved both Android and iPhone OS. THE BAD:SIZE: The accelerate out keyboard makes the buzz abundant beyond than AT&T’s adaptation of the aforementioned phone.WEIGHT: The beyond admeasurement agency added weight. About one ounce added or 20% more.Wi-Fi HOT SPOT: I wasn’t told that the Hot Atom affection was activity to amount an added $30 per month.BATTERY: This is the complete WORST affair about the phone. The buzz will not advance a allegation from the time I leave home at 7:30 a.m. until I get aback at 5:00 p.m. with boilerplate use. It goes asleep about 4:00 p.m. if not placed on a charger at the office.QUALITY CONTROL: The 4G account on my assemblage did not action out of the box and is accordingly defective.LITTLE THINGS: The charger plugs into the TOP of the buzz and the keyboard keys are agleam adamantine artificial and feel cheap.SUMMATION:I’m a adamantine guy to amuse so all in all I like the phone, I don’t adulation it, but I like it. I am still in my 30 day try it time and am because abiding it and activity aback to AT&T for their adaptation as its smaller, lighter and is appear to accept a best array activity and delay for 3G service.

Feb 27, 2012 by POSITIVEPEST

I purchased this buzz beneath than one year agoand appropriate from the alpha I accept had problems with the twlauncher absurdity area basically the absolute buzz freezes up. The ONLY affair that Tech Support can do is a adamantine reset. P.S. I accept has 6 adamantine resets in this abbreviate aeon of time!!! I use this buzz for business & every time they do a adamantine displace I lose all adored Text Messages, all adored Memos & all Email settings. I accept been application corpuscle phones for 20 yrs and I accept acclimated dozens & dozens of phones. This buzz my accompany is a DUD! But neither Dart Cellular nor Samsung will accept it! Obviously, based on absolute antecedent reviews of this buzz this twlauncher affair is hit & absence & is not a aggressive botheration beyond the board. HOWEVER, who can allow to be the guinea pig like me!?!

Jan 6, 2012 by mikescamp

I got this buzz with such action aback the 4G came out, because it was my aboriginal smartphone. Boy was I surprised. My aboriginal buzz software amend was a disaster. I had to displace the buzz aback to branch settings because it deleted all my apps and my buzz list.PROS: It has a abounding QWERTY keyboard.It has 4G speed

CONS: Moves apps off the capital screens or moves them to addition awning than the one it was set on.Software updates annul apps that I accept purchased.After I accept afraid up from authoritative a alarm the buzz will automatically redial the aftermost numbered dialed.When active an app the buzz will lock up and you can’t get it to abdicate active and the rear awning has to be pulled off and the array taken outto get the buzz to ability off.The buzz is complete bad about affective apps to altered locations and thenhaving to coursing and acquisition the app.

Overall As you can apparently acquaint I am complete annoyed with this buzz and as anon as accessible I will be replacing it with article else. I accept had Samsung phones afore and not had a problem, but I accept had so abounding issues with this buzz that I will never accept addition Samsung buzz again. I will accept a cast buzz afore I accept addition Samsung smartphone. I accept had accompany that havev had this buzz and had issues and accept gotten new phones to alter theirs.

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