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Glenn Greenwald: Welcome to a new copy of Arrangement Update. I’m Glenn Greenwald.

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This adventure focuses on the evolving agitation that is demography abode about the protests that accept erupted for over a anniversary now, anytime aback the annihilation by the Minneapolis Badge Department of George Floyd. And what has shaped this agitation is, interestingly enough, a ample accord above the political spectrum amid all appropriate people, by definition, I would say, about two propositions: cardinal one, that the annihilation of Floyd in Minneapolis was alarming and had no alien justification. And afresh cardinal two, it is cogitating of a broader anatomy of badge atrocity and corruption of badge adeptness adjoin American citizens above the United States, but disproportionately and accurately aimed at African-Americans.

But above that ample consensus, there is a lot of divergence. So a lot of debate, a lot of disagreement, alike amid bodies who allotment those behavior about the access and attack that affliction to drive this movement about what its goals are and how best to accomplish those goals and to analyze those acutely important but difficult questions, I’m abutting by two bodies who accept provided some of the best anxious and absolute absent annotation and assay over the aftermost anniversary of the protests and the debates accompanying to them.

The aboriginal is the writer, Chloe Valdary, who is additionally the architect of a startup advised to advise accepting 14 years and beforehand about amusing and behavioral learning. And the additional is the biographer and activist and announcer and host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, Benjamin Dixon.

And the acumen I say that there is a lot of alteration about these issues, alike amid bodies who allotment those two premises, is because there is a lot of adversity in chargeless alike how we anticipate about and appraise the access actuality active by the protesters.

And so to activate with, I anticipate the acute question, the overarching catechism is what metric do we alike use to actuate what are the optimal methods of these protests and whether the methods alleged are the appropriate ones? Is it carefully a businesslike or commonsensical adding to ask which methods are best adequate to beforehand concrete, absolute aldermanic outcomes in the branch of badge atrocity and corruption of badge power? Or is the accordant overarching primary catechism a added abstract one of behindhand of the advantage complex or the advantage complex in these tactics, which access are about adequate and which ones aren’t?

And the acumen those two questions, and others as well, are acute to anticipate about in a articular way is because they may beforehand you to absolute altered answers. For example, alike if one believes, as my guests argue, that propety abolition or civilian defiance or the use of abandon is strategically childish in the faculty that it’s not adequate to beforehand absolute aldermanic outcomes or absolute changes in accessible opinion, it may still be the case that there is a moral acute to that violence, to cogent that rage, to agreeable in acreage damage. It’s about the case that bodies adeptness a point breadth they accept they accomplish rationally that their choir artlessly will not be heard, will be ignored, will be marginalized, unless they force bodies to see things burning, unless they display the akin of acerbity that they’re experiencing to put abhorrence in the hearts of elites and the cardinal chic who afterwards it, will artlessly abide to avoid them.

I anticipate there’s a adequate case to accomplish that, for example, the alive chic in the United Kingdom who voted for Brexit did so assertive or actuality assertive that there was a adequate adventitious that removing the UK from the EU would accomplish things incrementally worse over the abbreviate term, but were so affronted about the acumen that they had been abandoned and abandoned and marginalized by the EU and by euro cyberbanking and neoliberalism, that they adopted to bake things to the ground, afresh to accept things abide with the cachet quo tinkered with or hardly modified. The aforementioned activating absolutely got a lot of bodies either to about-face voting for Barack Obama alert and vote for Donald Trump in 2016 not because of who he was and what he believed, but acceptance it or who chose not to vote at all, cogent acrimony and acerbity adjoin a political adjustment that has abandoned them and marginalized them and refuses to pay them any heed. And it’s apparently a absolute cogent agency in the acclamation in 2018 in the country that I’m in Brazil of Admiral Jair Bolsonaro, we abandoned apperceive abounding bodies who activate his credo abhorrent and yet voted for him as an abettor of destruction.

And so, it may be the case that acreage bulk actuality destroyed and civilian defiance and adjoin the badge is not a absolute strategically astute best from the angle of how do you beforehand the best bulk of aldermanic ameliorate in the attenuated breadth of badge atrocity or alike accepting abbreviate appellation allowances in accessible opinion. But it nonetheless may be the case that it’s about justified to do it anyhow on the area that the association artlessly won’t accept unless it feels in some way threatened by the ataxia that will be created if the cachet quo continues. And I’m not adage there’s an accessible acknowledgment to that question. I’m adage that that agitation is absolutely absolutely difficult, but is one that has to be grappled with in adjustment to anticipate advisedly and coherently about this question.

I anticipate the acute point to accomplish actuality is that alike the bodies who best audibly avert the access actuality active by the protesters – and aback we allocution about violence, it’s important to calendar that the cutting majority of these protests accept been peaceful. And aback there has been abandon and the cutting cardinal of cases, it’s been instigated not by the protesters, but by the police. But alike those who avert the use of acreage accident instigated by the protesters, such as my guest, Ben Dixon, who you’ll apprehend from in a minute, analyze amid abandon or acreage accident aimed at baby businesses in boyhood communities, which about cipher thinks is justified or about adorable or prudent, as assorted with, say, the use of annexation and abandon and afire things in burghal areas adjoin big agglomeration chains like Nike or adjoin affluence car dealerships. Those sorts of acts of acerbity and the announcement of acrimony that arguably are all-important to get the absorption of the media and the cardinal class, not aloof for a brace days, but in a way that’s enduring. That is a agitation that my guests accept absolute altered opinions on amid themselves, and I achievement this affairs will advice analyze those.

Then there’s a additional catechism about what is the absolute annual or ambition or affair affective this movement? Is it artlessly the amount of the attenuated affair with which it started, namely acrimony at badge atrocity aimed disproportionately at African-Americans? Or is it article broader than that? Is the acrimony added and added ambiguous about the political and amusing order? I anticipate we accept to ask the question, acclimatized how abounding George Floyds we’ve apparent in contempo years, how abounding incidents of sociopathic badge annihilation of our boyish citizens, decidedly bodies of color, that accept sparked some akin of protest, but boilerplate abreast the acceleration and the acuteness and the continuance of this one?

Why? What is altered about this? Why has this sparked the akin of beef that it has? Is it artlessly that we’ve able a angled point that we’ve been architecture up to this point? And aloof arbitrarily the annihilation of George Floyd is what assuredly acquired the able architecture to appear abolition bottomward in this beachcomber of uncontrollable anger? Or is it about added levels of discontent, the actuality that bodies accept been bound up central their homes for months, that millions and millions of bodies accept absent their jobs as a aftereffect of this communicable and the candelabrum virus acquired arrest of the economy? Is it that bodies are artlessly at a angled point, not abandoned about badge brutality, but additionally about the asperity of adeptness allocation, watching the government abide to act for a baby cardinal of people, the interests of the best able and the wealthiest, while everybody away suffers, as illustrated by the “bailout package” that gave trillions of dollars to the bigger corporations while giving the agnate of crumbs to acclimatized citizens. Is it the acrimony over the badge not abandoned as an abettor of atrocity adjoin African-Americans, but as the abettor of a accompaniment and a amusing adjustment that is adequate added unjust?

Clearly, acrimony about badge atrocity and watching yet addition video of yet addition African-American caught man not afraid accepting the activity awkward out of him by armed agents of the accompaniment is the antecedent catalyst of the protest. And it’s a big allotment of what the annual of this beef is. But I anticipate it has to be asked whether a big allotment of the annual that’s arch bodies to go and accost the badge in cities all over America in a way that we haven’t apparent for decades at this akin of intensity, has added affective factors as able-bodied that are accompanying to badge atrocity and the use of the militarized badge in cities above the United States, but is about added amusing and political pathologies as well.

And one final catechism that I anticipate we charge to ask is how can a beef movement of this array aftermath absolute outcomes? There is acutely a agitation about whether or not any affectionate of abandon or any affectionate of acreage abolition is justifiable. And the altercation that it isn’t, that it should be accursed is advancing not aloof from anticipated advanced enactment leaders like Barack Obama or mayors of ample cities, but alike added abolitionist advocate politicians like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who this anniversary angrily and absolute foolishly denounced the use of acreage accident and annexation adjoin boyhood endemic businesses in her neighborhood, in her community, in communities like on the area that it’s affliction the absolute people. This movement says that it wants to help.

Ilhan Omar: You see the affectionate of abolition that is demography abode in our streets. We apperceive those are not our organizers. We apperceive those are not our protesters. We apperceive those are not the bodies who are afflicted the lives that accept been taken from our community, because we all apperceive that we accept collectively fought for business development to booty abode on Lake Street. Every distinct affair that Ray and Jeff and I accept been in has been to beforehand in boyhood endemic businesses in our communities, to beforehand this aisle and accomplish our association a added candid one. So aback you see abolition to one of the best admired business corridors for boyhood communities in Minneapolis actuality destroyed, you know, those are not minorities that are accomplishing that destruction. And so I capital to accomplish it clear, aback we say outsiders, I don’t affliction whether that bodies accept it to me that it is bodies from alfresco of Minneapolis or not. What we beggarly is those are not our people. Those are not the bodies who are afflicted in the means that we are grieving. Those are not the bodies who are absorbed in allowance get amends for George Floyd. Those are not the bodies who are absorbed in authoritative abiding that our communities abide to thrive. Those are not the bodies who are activity the pains of African-American mothers in our community. These are not the bodies who are active with the fears that I alive with on what to appear with my son. If you care, again, about atramentous lives, you cannot set a blaze in Minneapolis risking atramentous lives.

Glenn Greenwald: And afresh on the added end of the spectrum, we accept bodies like above Admiral Obama in the average column that he wrote this week, about saying, look, if you appetite to accomplish meaningful, absolute change, the band-aid isn’t to go bake things bottomward or to appoint in abandon or civilian disobedience. The band-aid is to do what we consistently acquaint you to do, which is vote, namely, vote for us, vote for the Autonomous Party. And I anticipate that what we’re seeing with that altercation is the attack to accomplishment the acrimony and passions that badge atrocity accept generated into about bondage to the Autonomous Party: “look, if you’re affronted about these sorts of things, the band-aid isn’t aloof a lot added Democrats”, as Obama said, not aloof at the federal level, but the accompaniment and bounded akin as well.

And I anticipate the acumen why that’s falling on so abounding deafened aerial is because bodies apperceive that the places breadth badge abandon is best arrant is best aggressive for so continued already accept Autonomous mayors and Autonomous governors and Autonomous burghal councils and Autonomous canton commissioners and Autonomous distric attorneys and Autonomous accompaniment legislatures. And not abandoned aren’t things changing, they’re accepting worse. In Minneapolis, breadth it all started, they accept a Autonomous ambassador and a Autonomous governor and a Autonomous advocate general, Keith Ellison, who’s on the larboard addition of the Autonomous Party. And yet that’s breadth the abandon and the badge atrocity begin. It’s hardly the aboriginal time that happened in Minneapolis. So I anticipate it’s absolute difficult to acquaint bodies in a way that’s activity to do annihilation added than accomplish them about-face off with cynicism, that their band-aid is artlessly to go to the acclamation and accumulate voting Democrat.

But, there’s a lot of amplitude amid agreeable in abandon on the one duke and voting Democrat on the other. There’s a lot of altered options for adopting amusing change that abide and that resides in that realm. And if you’re activity to booty the position that abandon of all kind, acreage accident of all kinds, not aloof aimed at baby businesses in boyhood communities, but any affectionate of acreage accident is either about bottomless or strategically unwise, if that’s activity to be your position, afresh it’s bounden aloft you to say what access are gonna beforehand to absolute amusing change, not at a arctic pace, but with the coercion that the crisis demands, watching our boyish citizens be asleep over and over and over afresh by armed agents in the accompaniment with about no consequence.

It’s not abundant to say in 40 or 50 years or 60 years, maybe we’ll accept some aldermanic reform, acclimatized the consequence of this botheration now. And yes, there are harms that appear aback protesters use abandon or civilian defiance or acreage accident and those accept to be counted. That accident has to be counted on one ancillary of the ledger. But on the added are the harms that appear from the behavior that are sparking those protests in the aboriginal place. And if you appetite to accuse the costs of one ancillary of the ledger, it’s bounden aloft you to advertise solutions that will annihilate the amount on the other.

And I anticipate one of the things that has happened is the agitation acutely has been absolute polarizing over these protests. Any debates over beef and riots that go on for added than a brace of canicule will be polarizing. And the actuality that they’re abundantly demography abode on amusing media afterwards three or four months of actuality cooped up in apprehension has fabricated it all the added polarizing. Still, it’s absolute accessible to accurately accuse abandon and be acclaimed by people. It’s absolute easy, at the same, time to watch videos from a ambit of abandon actuality done and acclamation and feel abolitionist about it. But I anticipate that in adjustment to accept a coherent, cogent, allusive debate, these added difficult questions charge to be grappled with alfresco of the borders of amusing media.

And so we complete this appearance with these two guests in apperception that accept helped me so abundant over the aftermost anniversary attack with these questions. And I achievement this altercation will advice you anticipate added acutely and added substantively and added acutely about the debates that accept arisen about these protests, not aloof what is active them and what access affliction to be used, but what access and what goals affliction to drive them for the future. Enjoy.

[GUEST ONE – Chloe Valdary]

Glenn Greenwald: Joining me now to advice analyze the agitation surrounding the beforehand beef is somebody who has been accouterment some of the best anticipation afflictive an absolute absent assay and annotation of these contest over the aftermost week. She’s Chloe Valdary, a biographer and the architect of the start-up Theories of Enchantment, which is advised to advise accepting 14 years and beforehand about amusing and affecting acquirements and appearance building.

Chloe, acknowledge you so abundant for demography the time to allocution to me.

Chloe Valdary: No problem. Acknowledge you for accepting me.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah, sure. So one of the things that I acquisition interesting, I accepting maybe disturbing, is that acutely if you accept a week’s annual of protest/riots and absolute callous and agitated responses on the allotment of the state, it’s activity to be a absolute polarizing debate. Because so abundant of it’s demography abode – this agitation is – on amusing media, it’s become alike added polarizing.

So everyone’s either in one of two camps, which is affectionate of the yeah, bake it down, aggregate should bake affected or the affected that says, you know, beef are fine, but acreage accident and abandon isn’t. I think, you know, we can see that affectionate of all appropriate bodies by analogue accept this accord that acutely the annihilation of George Floyd was horrific, it’s allotment of this broader systemic anatomy of badge atrocity aimed disproportionately adjoin African-Americans.

But ambience abreast that affectionate of consensus, what is your all-embracing appearance of the protest, the access that are actuality acclimated as allotment of them, and the aims and adequate outcomes of what we’ve apparent over the aftermost week?

Chloe Valdary: Well, as we array of discussed afore the articulation started, 95 percent of the protests are peaceful, right? And unfortunately, because of the addition aftereffect of amusing media, and because I anticipate that there is an allurement to awning agitated protesters and the annexation and the agitation abundant added than there’s an allurement to awning a peaceful protest, we’re seeing array of an abstract angel breadth there’s a greater accent actuality placed aloft the agitated rioters.

And that’s adverse because I can actualize a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bodies can, It can be the achievability that bodies can see that abandon is common aback in actuality it isn’t, and afresh anticipate to themselves that they now accept a authorization to aloof go do violence.

It’s additionally adverse because if one’s ambition is to annual the anamnesis of George Floyd, afresh one should try to the best of their adeptness to actualize the attack and the ethics that George Floyd had that George Floyd lived his activity according to. And so it’s important that I ask bodies who are commenting on Twitter, as influencers ourselves and the media, that we approved to amplify those added peaceful voices, those added irenic voices, because, again, that is absolutely the added common articulation that’s present appropriate now in the protests.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah, I don’t anticipate there’s any question, as you say, that the cutting majority of protests, and protesters, accept been agitation peacefully. And to the admeasurement that there is a lot of violence, or at atomic about speaking, violence, it seems like it’s a lot because as you say it gets amplified in amusing media, a lot of that is instigated not by the protesters, but by the police. Oftentimes whenyou see abandon there’s an accepting of “those protests charge be violent” aback in fact, we’ve apparent so abounding instances of the badge appliance asymmetric force or alike abandon adjoin peaceful protesters.

But clearly, there is some aspect of the beef and the protesters that are appliance acreage damage, that are appliance civilian defiance and that are appliance abandon and whatever allotment we accredit to that. I anticipate it’s absolute difficult to accredit some affectionate of exact quantity, but whatever allotment that is, whatever basic of the movement that is. Is that article that you absorption as potentially adequate or strategically constructive?

Chloe Valdary: So, my acknowledgment would be no to both of those questions.

From a cardinal perspective, we apperceive that because we’ve apparent studies. There was a abstraction absolutely that came out of Cambridge University, actually, I anticipate aftermost week, that advised the furnishings of irenic beef during the civilian rights movement adjoin agitated beef during civilian rights movement in agreement of its aftereffect on accessible assessment and absolutely affective the needle.

So from a cardinal perspective, this abstraction activate that irenic protesters absolutely confused the aggravate from a media perspective, because aback you accept the dichotomy of a agitated accompaniment repression with a peaceful, irenic protest, the scales angle in the favor of the nonviolent, peaceful protest. So alike as you’re describing, you know, a lot of the abandon that we’ve apparent in the able few canicule accept been sparked by the state, alike if you appetite to booty that into consideration, we accept a absolute antecedent that shows us that in agreement of affective the aggravate advanced and affective the accessible assessment adjoin affronted adjoin justice, it’s absolutely that dichotomy of nonviolence adjoin a agitated accompaniment absolutely affective advanced because of that abrupt image.

And this is what abounding bodies in the civilian rights movement understood. This is why they tactically decided, for example, not to action aback aback they were desegregating diners, alive that they would be attacked berserk by folks, you know, affairs their beard and assault them up.

People absolutely able actuality exhausted up, actuality baffled up and not affronted back. So as to admit actualize that image, because they knew that that angel would move the aggravate forward.

So from a cardinal perspective, I don’t anticipate it’s wise, but from a moral perspective, I aloof anticipate that if a movement is internally and philosophically inconsistent, it will not be successful. So, again, this goes aback to what is it that we’re affronted for? What is it that we’re aggravating to sustain? If you’re aggravating to action for the aegis of the alimentation of all animal beings, afresh I don’t anticipate it makes faculty to say that in the name of absorption life, I’m activity to go abort the alimentation of others. And also, absolutely frankly, you know, there’s an altercation that could be fabricated while this is, you know, these these barrio that are actuality attacked are in ample allotment corporations, they can rebuild, they can, you know, calmly furnish these these these stores.

But the actuality of the amount is that it’s about Middle-Class Atramentous bodies that are alive in these stores. And if these are capital businesses that were accessible during Colvard 19, like Walgreens, for example, that was destroyed, I believe, in the Indianapolis riots. The actuality of the amount is that breadth that is that they were poor to average chic blacks alive there who now no best accept a job, who now no best can get prescriptions from this Walgreens. And so now you’re talking about accretion abjection aural the atramentous community. You’re talking about abbreviating the alimentation of workers who formed in these places.

So from a moral perspective, I anticipate it’s inconsistent. You do not you do not beef abuse by accomplishing things that whether you apperceive it or not, will absolutely beforehand to added abuse on the allotment of the association that you absolutely affirmation to be agitation on bisected of. And absolutely frankly, there are bodies who are demography advantage of this, who don’t affliction about George Floyd, who aloof appetite to go abduct Nike shoes and abduct surfboards. And it’s it it’s has annihilation to do with George Floyd. So from a moral perspective, from a cardinal perspective, I aloof I don’t anticipate it it it it’s constant in any way, appearance or form.

Glenn Greenwald: So let me let me aloof latch assimilate that aftermost dichotomy that you drew, because I anticipate it’s a absolutely important one, amid bodies who are focused on the what we can alarm the narrower affair of endlessly badge atrocity or responding to the George Floyd annihilation and murders like it on the allotment of armed agents of the state, adjoin bodies who are aloof affectionate of acting out of nihilism, aloof affectionate of, you know, about amusement in accomplishing accident and abolition for the annual of accomplishing it about like some affectionate of boyish joy.

I wonder, though, if there’s not a average arena of bodies who are acting out of some broader annual than aloof agitation badge brutality, who are artlessly affronted at the political order. Affronted at the political system. Feel absolute exceptional and marginalized and invisible. Bodies who feel like, look, we voted for Autonomous mayors in Minneapolis and Autonomous governor in Minnesota and Autonomous ambassador in New York. And we’re still seeing immense badge atrocity and annihilation absolutely changes who are simpl, maybe it’s not alike necessarily a anticipation out rational response, but maybe nonetheless still a about adequate one of like, look, we feel like unless we bake things, we don’t get heard.

And so, yes, you’re right. There’s some accessory damage, if you appetite to use that phrase, if you attending at it through the prism of a battle. But we don’t feel like we’re activity to get anywhere unless we do this, like we’ve been affected into this by a arrangement that doesn’t affliction about us and that doesn’t acknowledge to things like voting and and peaceful protest. What do you accept to say to bodies who are who are reacting with those sentiments?

Chloe Valdary: So I would say I understand. And abnormally this has been affronted by the furnishings of covid 19 with with so abounding bodies in abjection and so abounding bodies unemployed. And so I absolutely I anticipate I accept the breadth it’s advancing from, that average ground, breadth that affect is advancing from. But I still anticipate you accept to be cardinal as an activist and as a protester, and you accept to anticipate about the abeyant after-effects of your actions. And the actuality of the amount is, aback there is agitation and aback there is looting, there is a backlash. And that backfire about takes the anatomy of, you know, what we’re seeing with this president, a law and order, you know, absolute access to things which leads to alike added accompaniment repression and added accompaniment violence.

So the catechism is, is what you’re accomplishing absolutely activity to aftereffect in what you are aiming for? And I don’t see that happening. I don’t. And again, that’s not to be dismissive of that activity of abysmal despair. But I do anticipate that, absolutely frankly, we accept seen, via the election box, movement in agreement of bent amends ameliorate over the able few years, in agreement of alike on a bounded level, badge precincts changing. We saw Killer Mike talking about this with commendations to Atlanta, right? So I anticipate that there there accept been incremental changes that we accept apparent implemented via the election box. And obviously, we accept we accept far added to go. But again, you accept to be cardinal as an activist and you accept to be cardinal as a protest.

And you accept to say, aboriginal of all, how is the media activity to portray this? Is there an allurement for the media to to absolute abnormally portray assertive things that you booty aloft yourself? And how do you appetite to comport yourself as a protester so that the ethics that you accept in will absolutely be taken up by the association at ample and will be sustained?

And so if the altercation is I’m activity to let my anguish booty over and I’m aloof activity to say, you know, who cares, I’m aloof gonna go crazy, I’m mad as hell and I can’t booty it anymore, right? What accident do you do in the continued run by aloof giving in to that despair? Becausewhat is the ultimate bulletin of that? If you accord in to the despair, why would anyone try annihilation anytime afresh if you if your bulletin ultimately is to accord in to the anguish and afresh that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s artlessly not sustainable.

I anticipate that we are able of actuality stronger than this, emotionally. Again, to answer aback to the civilian rights movement. These are individuals who absolutely convenance actuality beaten, because they knew they were activity to be baffled up physically. They absolutely able actuality baffled up, in advance, so as to convenance nonviolence. That’s a airy abyss and that’s an affecting abyss that is, absolutely frankly, somewhat unfathomable, but possible, right?

And so I’m aloof attractive aback at these, you know, the abundant antecedents of American liberty, aback I anticipate about bodies during the civilian rights movement, and I’m cogent myself we are able of so abundant added as activists and as protesters and so on. I anticipate it’s bounden aloft us to abstraction the men and women who came afore us and to abide in their footsteps.

Glenn Greenwald: So aloof to beforehand a little bit on that altercation about this cardinal acumen of assorted tactics. You know, it is absorbing and it is accurate that the access of murders adjoin African-Americans and the constant acrimony over it has resulted in absolute progress. As you mentioned, one of the apparently best important things is movement to accept as commune advocate bodies who are adjoin to the bent amends arrangement and the aesthetics that has undergirded it for decades, Apparently activity aback to the riots of 1968, aback Richard Nixon was able to ride into the White House on this law and adjustment belvedere adjoin bodies who were, in his appearance and in the appearance of his followers, creating an unacceptable anatomy of civilian disorder, things that are with us through today.

The added ancillary of that argument, though, is that we accept had this able alternation of, you know, acutely Ferguson actuality affectionate of a archetypal case, the Freddie Gray protest, the riots in Baltimore, so abounding incidents over and over and over again. And in 2015, The Washington Post, spearheaded by their anchorman Wesley Lowery, won a Pulitzer Prize for creating a database to certificate all instances of badge abandon adjoin citizens. And they aloof adapted that abstracts in the deathwatch of these latest protests. And this is what they concluded: “Despite the capricious contest that beforehand to baleful shootings, badge civic accept attempt and asleep about the aforementioned cardinal of bodies annually, about 1000, aback the Column began its activity [back in 2015]. Although bisected of the bodies attempt and asleep by badge are white, atramentous Americans are attempt at a asymmetric rate. They annual for beneath than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are asleep by badge at added than alert the amount of white Americans. Hispanic Americans are additionally asleep by badge at a asymmetric rate”.

I anticipate there’s a lot of bodies who would attending at that abstracts and it’s constant with what they see anecdotally and say “if there’s beforehand that comes from actuality Incrementalists and from actuality irenic and from appliance the election box, it’s aloof advancing too slowly”. Given, yes, there’s amount on this ancillary of the balance from, you know, absent businesses and the like. But the amount of accepting bodies abide to be murdered who are innocent and caught is too grave to go this slowly. Is that a accurate cardinal point?

Chloe Valdary: I anticipate I anticipate it’s an absorbing one. I aloof don’t see any affidavit that from a cardinal perspective, agitation and looting, because, again, we allocution about the antecedent with Richard Nixon, makes things go faster, cardinal one. And cardinal two, I saw this morning that aback it comes to above the political accord in agreement of aggravating to aggravating to beforehand legislation that would change some of the things that we’re talking about and access a greater accountability for badge officers, there’s there’s a specific – the appellation of it is is artifice me – but there’s a specific allotment of legislation that was anesthetized by the Supreme Court in 1967 that array of gives cops carte-blanche, the adeptness to artlessly appoint in acts of atrocity with the citizens, accepting no recourse, because basically the Supreme Court disqualified that you accept to accept a precedent…

Glenn Greenwald: You beggarly like a able immunity, basically.

Chloe Valdary: Yes, able immunity. And I’m now in the deathwatch of – and again, this goes aback to the actuality that 95 percent of the protest, I anticipate this goes aback to the actuality that 95 percent of the protests are peaceful – there is a abreast accepted accord above the political spectrum that what happened to George Floyd was unjust.

And now you accept in both the pages of The New Republic and the pages of The Wall Street Journal, conservatives and liberals calling for an end to this allotment of legislation on the allotment of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is now audition cases and and because abandoning that array of act.

And so I anticipate that this speaks to the actuality that peaceful protests do assume to beforehand to or do assume to beforehand justice. And you can argue, that it is incremental. And I anticipate that that would be a accurate argument. But I aloof don’t see how the abandon and the looting, cardinal one makes things go faster. And cardinal two, brings about the ethics that one wants to see abiding in the society.

And I anticipate that’s the beyond affair for me, because, again, if you approved to beforehand amends by ruining the lives of added animal beings, afresh there’s a catechism to be asked there. Like, is your aesthetics consistent? Because if your aesthetics isn’t about consistent, afresh addition can calmly aloof alarm you a hypocrite, essentially, and ask you on what base do you altercate for amends on this duke aback you are not accommodating to accompany amends above the lath and accompany amends in a constant way. And I’m absolute abundant afraid about that retort. And I’m anxious that that’s that’s a accurate argument. And afresh the the the arrangement becomes unsustainable again, because you’re you’re on the one duke claiming that you accept in amends for a accurate person, but you’re not accommodating to be constant in the appliance of that.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah. And its interesting, I anticipate that that altercation applies at atomic as much, if not alike added so to those who say these protests are about and should be about added than aloof the attenuated affair of badge brutality, because badge atrocity is aloof affectionate of a absorption of the way in which our amusing adjustment is complete to appoint injustice, to bottle biased allocation of power. So if you see this broader aim of the movement of, you know, actuality added than aloof about badge atrocity that altercation that you aloof fabricated apparently applies with alike greater force.

Just as the aftermost question, and I accept a agglomeration of things I’d adulation to ask you, but aloof to accumulate this to a acquiescent time. So I appetite to ask you about the agreement of the beef movement. It’s absolutely article that’s been absolute absorbing to me. One of the things you see is these protests aren’t bedfast to accurate neighborhoods. They’re not, you know, aloof in burghal neighborhoods with white lefties. They’re not aloof in African-American communities, with African-Americans. It seems to me a absolute affectionate of racially diverse, socioeconomically ample beef movement.

And one of the things that has done, I think, is affect a lot of people. The abstraction that, look, there’s adherence amid all kinds of bodies in abutment of a agnate cause, which doesn’t appear absolute about in the United States and on this scale.

But afresh you additionally accept this affectionate of tactic breadth it seems like bodies are aggravating to pit protesters adjoin one addition with this affectionate of address of, hey, look, you accept these do you like advocate interlopers advancing in and base the ataxia for their own ends. And there may be accuracy to all of this, but I’m aloof wondering, how do you, what is your affectionate of ample takeaway about the attributes of the protesters, the way in which this affiliation has been accumulated and appear calm absolute organically? Is it article you absorption as alarming or is it article that is advancing you in agreement of the altered factions affectionate of base one another’s agendas.

Chloe Valdary: Look, I anticipate I anticipate that, aboriginal of all, I anticipate it’s absolute aboriginal on in this beef movement appropriate now. This is a absolute new, and as you said, amoebic beef movement. And I accept in the action of, you know, apriorism antipode synthesis.

So I anticipate accordingly in the aboriginal stages of a protest, you’re activity to accept centralized factions somewhat aggressive adjoin anniversary other. I anticipate that’s a acclimatized advance beef go through. And so I don’t absolutely I’m not that bleak because of that fact. I anticipate I’m I’m all-embracing absolute abundant abundantly surprised, absolutely frankly, to see above the lath a abreast unanimous, again, you know, behindhand of of one’s political orientation, behindhand of one’s socio bread-and-butter status. I’m seeing white conservatives on my Twitter for the aboriginal time allege about ageism in a way that I accept never apparent them allege about it before. I mean, Rush Limbaugh was on the Breakfast Club the added day. This is like this is like article article aberrant and analytical is happening. There’s an articulation point in America. And I I, absolutely frankly, accept in the abeyant of this country and its citizens to acceleration to our college self. So I’m absolute abundant encouraged and all-embracing absolutely aggressive by what I’m seeing in agreement of the abreast accepted accord with absorption to the protesters.

Glenn Greenwald: Well, like I said, you’ve absolutely helped me in in agreement of grappling with a lot of these issues. We’re activity to column your Twitter feed, which I absolutely animate everybody to follow. It took me a anniversary of aggravating to amount out breadth Chloe affectionate of resides on the spectrum of this debate. And I still haven’t been able to do so, which I’m absolutely blessed about. I agnosticism I anytime will.

Chloe Valdary: Success!.

Glenn Greenwald: Exactly. I absorption that as a success as well. And I’m abiding you can see why. So acknowledge you so much, Chloe, for four weeks annual of analysis. And that has absolutely helped me and and for demography the time to allocution to me. I acknowledge it a lot.

Chloe Valdary: Pleasure. Acknowledge you for accepting me, Glenn.

Glenn Greenwald: Break well. 

[GUEST TWO – Benjamin Dixon]

Glenn Greenwald: Joining me to analyze the agitation over the beforehand beef is the abundant announcer and analyst and activist, the host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, Ben Dixon. Ben, acknowledge you so abundant for demography the time to accompany me.

Ben Dixon: Glenn, acknowledge you so abundant for accepting me, it’s consistently a pleasure.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah. So afore we get to what we’re actuality to discuss, let me. On the best important point, acclaim you and congratulate you for this absurd acumen of actuality the aboriginal two time bedfellow on SYSTEM UPDATE in its abbreviate history. It’s a abundant honor. I don’t anticipate there’s a applique or article that goes with it, but we’ll acquisition out.

Ben Dixon: I am absolutely honored. I will attending for the applique in the mail.

Glenn Greenwald: All right, great. So about the agitation that’s demography abode surrounding the protests, there is acutely a appealing active altercation amid alike the participants of the protests amid African-American politicians and journalists and commentators and the like, which seems to be falling forth the curve of everybody accordant that the basal causes, aloof namely agitation badge atrocity adjoin African-Americans in particular, and afresh accepting a agitation about what the able access are.

And what I capital to ask you is, as you anticipate about that agitation and the way that it affliction to be conducted, what is the best important metric for you? Is it the catechism of whether things like acreage accident and civilian defiance and violence, whether that’s about justified or not? Or is it whether those access are strategically able or counterproductive? Or is there some added metric that you anticipate affliction to be affectionate of the primary one in allegorical how we anticipate about these discussions?

Ben Dixon: So acknowledgment for that question. I anticipate that cuts to the amount of the affair for me. I anticipate the cardinal one tactic that is actuality acclimated by the cardinal aristocratic in this country to abrogate this movement is to invalidate it in the minds of the participants, right? If they can invalidate the beef in the minds of the participants, afresh they can abrogate a beef and annihilate it asleep on arrival. And they’re accomplishing that by accomplishing aggregate they can to it, calling it a Russian hoax, right? Or it’s article that’s backed by Putin. Adage that these are alfresco agitators, which is absolute accent that we heard in the 60s with absorption to Dr. Martin Luther King. And so what’s activity on is a lot of bodies are aggravating to alike yesterday, they approved to accomplish it assume as acceptance addition had been murdered, when, in fact, they weren’t. And that actuality was was assaulted, but it was in self-defense.

There’s several layers of advertising that are activity around. And I anticipate at the amount of it, it’s all to invalidate the acrimony of the bodies who are agitation both online as able-bodied as in the streets. And so I anticipate that’s the cardinal one affair that we accept to attending out for.

In agreement of like acreage damage, I anticipate if we booty the sum absolute of aggregate that was absent this weekend, we still won’t be able to analyze it to the accident that the badge accompaniment has done above this country, decidedly to the atramentous community.

We absolutely can’t analyze to the accident that’s been done by Wall Street and we best absolutely can’t analyze to the accident done by this country domestically as able-bodied as internationally.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah, I mean, I don’t I don’t anticipate anyone can analytic altercation that. I’m wondering, though, because, you know, aback you say it that way, absolute in that affirmation is about an altercation that, well, maybe it would be bigger to be afterwards the acreage damage, but it’s absolutely not a big deal. Is there a accurate altercation that absolutely protests afterwards acreage damage, withouth violence, afterwards seeing things burning, afterwards putting fears in the affection of bodies who contrarily would feel allowed to them, is absolutely an important and alike all-important additive for the beef to succeed.

Ben Dixon: I anticipate we’re seeing that now. And I anticipate it’s unfortunate. I appetite to beginning this by adage this is unfortunate. It’s adverse that we accept to authenticate in this address afore addition absolutely pays attention. Here’s a best case archetype for that: aback Colin Kaepernick took the knee, anybody absent their mind. The admiral of the United States alleged him a son of a bitch. I mean, it was aloof egregious. Badge admiral above the country saw it as a complete abuse to their address as badge officers. And now there was agitation in the streets and actuality is actuality burned. Now badge admiral are putting out account pictures of them kneeling, right?

So, why didn’t you accept aback we were kneeling, right? The acumen they didn’t accept aback we were admiration is because it’s nice and adequate aural adequate ambit of beef in this country. But they approved to invalidate that protest.

So no amount what beef we accord them, whether it’s silent, whether it’s peaceful, whether it’s unpeaceful, they will consistently try to invalidate it. And so it is an adverse absoluteness that in the United States of America – and maybe it’s true, maybe it’s a accepted truth. I don’t know. I’m not I don’t apperceive if I’m accessible to say that it is a accepted accuracy that abolition has to be a allotment of your beef to be able – but in the United States, they are signaling to us that they don’t absolutely affliction unless a architecture is on fire.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah. You know, it’s interesting. I drew this affinity earlier, and the added I accept to the discourse, the added I anticipate it. It reminds me of it. And I’m abiding there are a lot of added examples, but this is one that resonates for me, which is the attempt for Palestinian ability to be chargeless of Israeli repression and occupation, breadth no amount what the Palestinians do, if they march, you know, too aggressively, they’re alleged instigators. If they boycott, they are alleged anti-Semite. If they appoint in any affectionate of violence, alike adjoin application armies, which everybody would anticipate would be altogether justified if an application army came, they’re alleged terrorists. It’s as acceptance no anatomy of protest, as you were aloof saying, added than acquiescent acceptance, you know, affectionate of like barren acquiescence, is advised valid.

But one of the things I capital to ask you was, you know, several times in both of your answers, you fabricated advertence to “they”. You said “they” are aggravating to invalidate the protests. “They” are aggravating to abash the protesters from assertive that what they’re accomplishing can succeed.

And I appetite to aught in a little bit on who absolutely “they” are, because some of the bodies who accept been best analytical of the beef are arch African-American politicians in the United States. You accept the ambassador of Atlanta, Ambassador Bottoms. You accept Ilhan Omar, who was absolute affronted about some of the accident actuality done in her association to businesses, boyhood endemic businesses, that she said she formed adamantine to body up. And afresh beforehand today, on Monday, Barack Obama wrote a average post, and I’m analytical as to what you anticipate about his argument, breadth he wrote “The baby boyhood of association who accept resorted to abandon in assorted forms, either out of 18-carat acrimony or bald opportunism, are putting innocent bodies at risk, compounding the abolition of neighborhoods that are about already abbreviate on casework and advance and abusive from the beyond cause”. He afresh went on to say, the absolute band-aid about is to vote, “But the adopted admiral who amount best in reforming badge departments in the bent amends arrangement assignment at the accompaniment and bounded level”. And his altercation about was, if you appetite to change things, you charge to go and put Democrats in those positions and afresh you’ll get absolute results, not through abandon and acreage destruction.

What’s your appearance aloof about over the actuality that the bodies who assume best audibly to be accusatory some of these access are African-American leaders, and the specific altercation that the absolute way to change is alive through the autonomous system?

Ben Dixon: It was a Autonomous mayor, Minneapolis, Autonomous governor of Minnesota. Trayvon Martin was asleep beneath Barack Obama by Mike Brown, was asleep beneath Barack Obama. Autonomous leadership, above this country, Keisha Lance Bottoms, actuality in Atlanta. You know, we’ve apparent some of the best arrant videos appear out from this beef breadth bodies were peaceful and attacked by the badge admiral came from the burghal of Atlanta, a atramentous mayor, a Autonomous mayor, and the admiral who were accursed in the adventure were black.

This is a adage we say in the atramentous community, “everyone’s bark to us isn’t kin to us”. Aloof because they accept our bark blush doesn’t beggarly they had the aforementioned allegiances and the aforementioned motivations as we do. The cardinal elite, aback I say they, I say the cardinal aristocratic and that’s across-the-board of Barack Obama all the way to Michael Bloomberg, bodies who accept a vested absorption in absorption the arrangement absolutely the way it is.

The Autonomous Affair has as abundant vested.. I mean, you absolutely anticipate about it, what Democrat has appear out in complete abutment of the protests or atomic the annual of the protest, right? How abounding bodies are absolutely putting it on the line? Not absolutely hardly anyone from the Autonomous Party. You’re accepting a lot of platitudes.

That’s because this beef undermines their ascendancy as abundant as it does Donald Trump’s. And this is why I said on Twitter, and I durably accept afore this is over, you’re activity to see an accord amid Donald Trump and the bodies who say they abhorrence him added than they abhorrence the devil himself: The Autonomous Party. They are activity to adjust to drove these protests because it is a blackmail to both of their affair adeptness structures.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah. I mean, we saw, you know, the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, which were abundant beneath alarming to adherence and to the political order, but nonetheless became, at atomic in several altered cities in New York and Oakland and Los Angeles and added places, somewhat threatening. And they were destroyed principally by Autonomous mayors. Michael Bloomberg destroyed it in New York. And this is a abundant added austere uprising. And so I don’t anticipate there’s any catechism that you’re activity to see this affectionate of unity, alike if they’re not rhetorically acceptance that.

But let me ask you about one of the access that I acquisition absolutely pernicious and absolutely potentially best able in agreement of delegitimizing the protest, axis the protests, you know, into this activity of impotence, which is aggravating to bisect the protesters one adjoin the other.

So you see a lot of these videos were African-American participants in the protests are cogent about white protesters who are additionally accommodating that their access aren’t appreciated, that if they appear into those neighborhoods and use abandon or acreage damage, that it’s activity to abatement on the atramentous on the aback of African-Americans, accomplishing this bisect and exhausted where, you know, there should be no white supporters of this annual because presumably, if you’re white or not black, any affectionate of ethnicity, you don’t absolutely accept an absorption in continuing up to the badge state. You know, you’re aloof declared to break at home. And if you go and accompany you are affectionate of an charlatan or or worse. What’s your appearance of that tactic?

Ben Dixon: Yeah, so there’s assorted layers of canard in those arguments, and there’s abandoned one band that I anticipate there has some authority to it. And the band that I anticipate has some authority to it. I’ll alpha there: is the protest, if you appetite to bake article down, why bake bottomward marginalized communities, you know? I’ve apparent it actuality in Atlanta breadth they try to accomplish it complete like they were afire bottomward marginalized communities, but they were in Buckhead. Buckhead is a appealing absolute neighborhood, right? We saw a video aftermost night of protesters afire bottomward affluence cars, OK? So it doesn’t accomplish any faculty to your annual if you’re afire bottomward poor neighborhoods, OK?

Now, in agreement of all the disingenuousness, this there is a bisect and exhausted tactic, right? Is aggravating to weaponize character politics, to bisect us atramentous from white. The accuracy of the amount is they’re atramentous anarchists, there are atramentous associates of the atramentous bloc. There are atramentous associates of, able-bodied ANTIFA is not a absolute organization, but is as a mindset, there are atramentous bodies who analyze with ANTIFA. And so there are affluence of people.

And this is what I’m allurement anybody to consider. Do we accept a acumen to bake article down? And whether or not you know, whether or not I’m accusatory it or disregard it is immaterial appropriate now at this present moment. Do we accept a reason? And if you saw that video, I mean, how else, what away are we declared to do? Aloof aftermost week, Brianna Taylor, we saw, we got chat of Brianna Taylor actuality killed, gunned down, attempt eight times, in her home. This happens above the country, best of the times with impunity. They are never charged. And if they are charged, they about get off. Absolute rarely do you see a cop get convicted.

And so what I’m adage is, is we accept a accurate acumen to be in the streets. Aback tens of thousand bodies booty to the streets, article is activity to happen. And we’ve apparent this is the abutting akin of disingenuousness. That anarchy that ensues is has been started by the badge on so abounding occasions. Now, I’ve been in several protests breadth the atramentous block and ANTIFA were staring the badge admiral face to face. And I could see atramentous bloc, ANTIFA, but they were accessible to set it all. And I was a little affronted aback then. But what kept it from ambience off was the actuality that the badge admiral never responded. As anon as the badge admiral abet article that gives the bodies who are there to absolutely bake some actuality down, that gives them legitimacy. They’re like, OK, it’s on. Let’s go.

And I accept video at the video, amusing media, breadth it is the badge admiral time and again, startin the anarchy that ensues. So in agreement of the political strategy, it is a absolute able strategy. But I anticipate that we as a aggregate alertness accept affectionate of confused able that or we are in the action of affective able that, breadth we accept the arguments to absolutely affectionate of abrogate that.

Well, you accept a lot of bodies who are now saying, you know, aggravating to airing hand-in-hand with badge officers. There’s abundant bodies who accept that that is a advertising apparatus now for us to affectionate of bang at the amount of that. You can’t put somebody on television captivation a badge officer’s hand, kumbayah, and accomplish all of us feel calm and satiated. No, we accept the bold now. And so it’s a aggregate action that we’re moving. I anticipate that we’re about there breadth we can assuredly see all of the altered chicane of the cardinal aristocratic that they use to invalidate the protests in our mind. And we’ll aloof see. We’ll see how this the blow of this goes.

Glenn Greenwald: Let me ask you about that, because beforehand you referenced Martin Luther King and he and his aesthetics of nonviolence is one that’s about invoked both by white liberals and African-American politicians to affectionate of deliver the abstraction that any anatomy of violence, any anatomy of acreage abolition is article that he would accept banned of.

What do you say about that? Is it that that aesthetics of nonviolence didn’t booty the annual of ancestral adequation far enough? Is it that it’s affectionate of obsolete? Is it that his assassination approved that maybe it was insufficient? What is your acknowledgment aback bodies adjure that, those teachings?

Ben Dixon: I anticipate it’s primarily a misinterpretation, an advised misinterpretation, of Dr. King. His nonviolence was strategic. It wasn’t that abandon wasn’t necessary. It was that we couldn’t win with violence. We couldn’t get our calendar able with violence. America is assuming us article absolutely altered appropriate now. It is adage we will not pay you any absorption until you bake article down. And that’s not our fault. It was up to me… Glenn, if it was up to me, I would be about autograph a book appropriate now, sipping a mimosa, accomplishing all the catholic things that we accept all been acclimatized to and programed to admiration and want.

But America is signaling to us that we will not accord you any attention. We will not pay any absorption to your grievances unless you are afire article down. So the action inherently has to change.

And afresh alike still, I appetite to actual myself a little more. It wasn’t until they saw the abandon of Bloody Sunday that well-meaning liberals were absolutely kicked into accessory to say, OK, we accept to do something. So it absolutely is a accusation of the United States of America that in adjustment for us to accept any blazon of allusive change, abandon has to be absorbed to it. And maybe that’s the anathema of America actuality such a agitated nation.

Glenn Greenwald: So it’s aloof the aftermost question. You know, one of the things that is aloft as an altercation adjoin the use of ataxia in civilian defiance and abandon and like, is the bogeyman that it was the 1968 riots in the faculty of accepted alternation that adopted Richard Nixon four years afterwards the Democrats ashamed the Republicans in the greatest or one of the greatest landslides in presidential history. And the affair that if there is this advancing faculty of anarchy and violence, that that could accessible the way for Donald Trump’s calls for a law and adjustment and militarism and the like to bell politically and drag the affairs that he could win over Joe Biden. Is that a affair for you? And added broadly, what is it that you achievement to see or anticipate is accessible to see in the way of absolute outcomes from what’s happening?

Ben Dixon: So, no, it’s not a affair because I accept to use a comparison: aback bodies accomplish the altercation adjoin adopting the minimum allowance and they say that it’s activity to annual the amount of a hamburger to go up, the amount of hamburgers is activity up anyway. The amount of hamburgers goes up every year afterwards abort and they’re still advantageous bodies 7,25 dollars an hour, right?

Same affair is accident actuality whether or not this is demography abode in the streets, Donald Trump is an authoritarian. Donald Trump is always aggravating to access the adduce unquote, law and order. The United States in general, I can’t aloof lay this at Donald Trump, the Republican Affair in general, and you see the Autonomous Party, their adeptness is anchored based on law and order, the callous badge accompaniment that we have.

Those things are happening. The budgets of these badge agencies are growing exponentially. They’re accepting bigger weapons, bigger tanks, bigger shields. They’re accepting added breach gas. They accept added accessory than our doctors accept to action covid-19. So all of our fears about an access in anytime accretion badge state, yeah, it’s warranted, but it’s accident regardless.

I mean, you apperceive if it was Hillary Clinton in office, affairs are George Floyd would accept died anyway.

Glenn Greenwald: As you said, Ferguson happened beneath Admiral Obama. The badge force looked acutely militarize to me during those eight years.

Ben Dixon: I mean, Ferguson. I will never balloon the angel of the adolescent atramentous man with dreads, he had on a azure shirt, he was captivation his easily up and you had like bristles absolutely armed aggressive attractive badge admiral advancing at him with their accoutrements raised. So, I mean, we accept been militarized for a absolute continued time. And I anticipate that’s a byproduct of our our imperialism abroad. In agreement of what I would like to see, I anticipate we accept to abide applying pressure.

I appetite to state: the abandoned affair I really, absolutely affliction about, Glenn. Aloof me personally, my claimed faculty of humanity. Is I don’t appetite see anybody get killed. I do appetite to see you know, I was absolute animated to see the brand guy – If you looked up on Twitter hashtag brand guy – I mean, he absolutely got his base thoroughly exhausted bottomward and it looked like he was dead. He wasn’t. And I’m animated he wasn’t killed.

Glenn Greenwald: Yeah. He was tweeting that night. He tweeted that night.

Ben Dixon: He was tweeitng that night. He got a austere ass whipping, but he was not killed. And I’m absolute beholden that he wasn’t killed.

I don’t affliction about buildings. The barrio are insured. Barrio are a attribute of this empire. This capitalistic system. If those get austere down. If that’s the abandoned affair America is activity to pay absorption to, afresh what added best do these protesters have? In agreement of results? We accept to bang at the core, the badge state. These budgets. 2017 was the best contempo abstracts that I have. I apperceive there’s some new data, but 4.89 billion dollars were spent in New York Burghal abandoned for policing, 4.8 billion in one city.

These badge agencies above the country are aggressive militarized. They are overfunded and we accept a badge state. Some of these admiral charge to be digging ditches. Some of them charge to be accomplishing article else. Maybe don’t don’t accelerate them to the academy to advise – I was gonna say academy agents – don’t accelerate them to schools that teach. But they charge to be accomplishing article away added than architecture and absorption a badge state. And we accept to bang at the amount of it, appropriate there. That’s what I would like to see happen.

Glenn Greenwald: Ben, acknowledge you so abundant for your abundant assignment over the aftermost anniversary in talking about this. I anticipate it’s aflame the issues for a lot of people, including me. And I acknowledge your demography the time to allocution to me afresh on the show. Acknowledgment absolute much.

Ben Dixon: Acknowledgment so abundant for accepting me, Glenn.

Glenn Greenwald: All right. Break well.

Ben Dixon: Booty Care. 

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