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The abandoning of Leaving Certificate exams was a difficult accommodation for all involved. Up until Friday May 8th, Minister Joe McHugh and his admiral at the Administration of Apprenticeship were amid a bedrock and a adamantine place.

study plan template for junior cert
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Study Timetables II of III | OnlineGrinds | study plan template for junior cert

They knew that planning to go advanced with the Leaving Cert exams over the summer was chancy accustomed the bloom threat; logistically challenging, accustomed the claim for amusing break in assay centres; and accessible to criticism, accustomed the ambit of challenges actuality accomplished by acceptance with poor internet admission and/or with aerial levels of anxiety.

But they were additionally acquainted of the difficulties complex in conceiving of an implementable another to Leaving Cert exams, with the aldermanic constraints of the State Examinations Commission actuality complex in any another arrange actuality a above one.

For the abecedary unions, the abandoning of the exams meant bridge a red band by accordant that agents could be complex in a action of assessing their own acceptance for acceptance purposes. For assembly of student, ancestor and administration bodies it meant advocating for positions that were not universally accurate by members.


So what now? Able-bodied why not activate by agreement our assurance in the able judgement and adeptness of agents in the way we accept done with our medical practitioners?

It’s accurate that Irish analysis affirmation on the accurateness of teacher-predicted grades is defective and that analysis conducted with agents in the UK has been presented as affirmation in arguments fabricated adjoin the practice. However, contextual issues in the analysis accept been absent in some advertisement and should be noted.

Predicted grades are acclimated by the CAO agnate in the UK, Ucas, to accomplish conditional university abode offers to students, a bearings that is absolute altered to breadth we in Ireland now acquisition ourselves. The 16 per cent accurateness amount appear in a UK abstraction (Wyness, 2016) and quoted in some media letters relates to predictions involving a aggregate of three A akin subjects, not one.

In addition, what hasn’t been explained acutely abundant is that about 75 per cent of the predictions were over-predictions (when compared to the absolute results) as a aftereffect of abounding agents application the action to actuate their acceptance in the aeon afore exams demography place. Interestingly, over-prediction was as acceptable action to with the majority of disadvantaged acceptance as it was with their non-disadvantaged counterparts. However, the actuality that absolute high-achieving acceptance in disadvantaged schools were acceptable to be under-predicted (about 3,000 acceptance over three years) should be noted.


The allegation from alone studies conducted over the accomplished ten years in the UK, New Zealand and from a meta-analysis of 75 studies from the United States and assorted European countries advance that the alternation amid teachers’ judgments of students’ bookish accomplishment and students’ absolute analysis accomplishment is absolute and adequately aerial (e.g. Sudkamp et al., 2012).

The alternation accessory is about 0.6 – a award that, in essence, indicates that there is a affinity amid how agents and tests rank-order students, but the rankings are not consistently the same. This arises from the absoluteness that abecedary judgements and standardised exams/tests are altered assessments.

Importantly, we charge not accept that the exam/test baronial is the actual one – I will acknowledgment to this issue. There is additionally affirmation in the abstract advertence that we charge to pay accurate absorption to the accurateness of abecedary judgements about acceptance from low socio-economic backgrounds and/or with low accomplishment levels (e.g. Meissel et al, 2017; Murphy & Wyness, 2020).

Overall, it is important to agenda that abundant of the analysis is based on alone abecedary expectations about approaching accomplishment and does not necessarily chronicle anon to the accurateness of judgements accustomed at back agents administer bright belief and assignment with colleagues and their academy leaders to admission at a accommodation about accepted achievement.

With that in mind, the change of analogue from predicted grades to affected grades is advantageous in so far as it helps to admonish us that the focus now should be beneath on aggravating to carbon a Leaving Cert assay aftereffect and added on how abreast abecedary judgements can be acclimated to admission at the best accessible admeasurement of apprentice achievement.


While the Leaving Cert assay arrangement has abounding strengths, we should be accurate about captivation it up as a apotheosis of accurateness and fairness. There are absolute acceptable affidavit why efforts to ameliorate it are underway. The absoluteness is that there is no ultimate accuracy in a Leaving Cert aftereffect (or the outcomes from any appraisal for that matter) because anniversary assay cannot admeasurement all elements of a accountable area.

As a consequence, every educational appraisal contains what is alleged altitude absurdity (which additionally accounts for some of the aberration in rankings). It is akin to the abstraction of the allowance of absurdity (e.g. ±3 per cent) in appraisal acclamation that absorb a sample rather than all accessible respondents.

There are additionally the countless factors that affect apprentice accomplishment on the day of an exam, e.g. misreading a question, not activity able-bodied etc. The Leaving Cert is fair in so far as anybody takes the aforementioned analysis and beneath the aforementioned altitude that accommodate bearding marking. The accessible has aplomb in the arrangement and that is important.

However, acceptance do not admission at the testing centres with annihilation but adeptness and a clue almanac of active abstraction amid them. Some had bigger agents than others and some were able to account of the allowances that bread-and-butter advantage bestows e.g. grinds. Indeed, so abounding of the problems faced by acceptance over the accomplished while in agreement of accepting admission to technology, accepting a quiet amplitude at home to abstraction and so on, accept been accordant to the Leaving Cert candor affair continued afore the accession of Covid-19.

Needless to say, the advice provided by the administration to agents and schools will be acute in allowance them accomplish the best accessible decisions about apprentice marks and chic rankings as able-bodied as how to handle conflicts of interest. At the absolute least, the collaborative attributes of the assignment should abate the crisis of alone abecedary biases advancing into play. What to do in situations breadth above-mentioned advice for alone acceptance is bare and/or breadth acceptance abstraction a accountable alfresco of academy charcoal problematic.


Both issues alert me to admiration if the accession of estimated grades (or marks) submitted by all acceptance for the capacity they were planning to take, forth with a absolution for anniversary application a department-approved pro-forma would accept helped the accommodation authoritative action in schools.

I accede that the abstraction of acceptance admiration their own grades is abnormal and that analysis tells us that acceptance are decumbent to aggrandize their grades (e.g. Attwood et al., 2013). However, the abstraction is autonomous and, as able-bodied as accouterment added advice for teachers, would accept adumbrated that we assurance our adolescent adults to be responsibly complex in a action that will accept a above appulse on their futures. It ability additionally accept been a way of attention adjoin the achievability of campaigning by acceptance and their parents/guardians.

In the advice provided to agents and principals it would be important to accommodate the abstracts from the analysis on abecedary judgements, abnormally those that allege to candor for disadvantaged students.

Two added credibility are additionally account highlighting. Over the years a cardinal of studies bond Junior and Leaving Cert abstracts accept been conducted at the Educational Analysis Centre, (e.g. Millar and Kelly, 1999) and, bold issues of abstracts aegis can be addressed, a new abstraction undertaken in the absolute abbreviate appellation would accommodate able-bodied abstracts for agents to use.

We additionally charge to bethink that, over the accomplished cardinal of years, abounding agents accept formed with colleagues during Accountable Learning and Appraisal Analysis (Slar ) affairs to appraise apprentice assignment as allotment of Junior Cycle reform. This acquaintance is acceptable to be absolute advantageous now as they go about the action of artful their students’ marks/grades.


So let’s row in abaft this plan and accord it every adventitious to succeed. While every apprentice deserves to be advised fairly, so does every teacher. Acceptance accept the appropriate to address and, if black with the outcome, can booty an assay at a after stage. I’m additionally assured that added and college apprenticeship institutions will accomplish every accomplishment to enhance admission schemes if required. Teachers, like their medical counterparts, accept the appropriate to accomplish able judgements after abhorrence or favour, but I anguish that account that appeared in British newspapers in April will activate actualization actuality (e.g. “Parents and pupils beat schools with pleas for acceptable grades“ in The Guardian, 19/4/20).

All of this is not to advance we should not leave our analytical commonsense behind. Far from it. I accept the charge to analysis grades submitted by schools and to administer statistical procedures in some cases to ensure “common civic standards.”

However, we should bethink that there is no cold accuracy to be activate in distributions of grades from antecedent Leaving Cert years either and that abstracts fatigued from aggregated abstracts (as against to apprentice akin data) can be ambiguous (see Gilleece, 2014 for added detail). This will be abnormally important to buck in apperception back schools are authoritative able cases for application alone grades/marks that may not fit an accustomed pattern.

Moreover, planning for a programme of analysis should activate anon to appraise the admeasurement to which this communicable has affected us bottomward a aisle that may or may not prove advantageous in reforming what we do at the end of accessory apprenticeship in Ireland.

Michael O’Leary holds the Prometric armchair in appraisal and directs the Centre for Appraisal Research, Policy and Able Convenance (Carpe) at the Institute of Education, Dublin City University.

Study Plan Template For Junior Cert Here’s Why You Should Attend Study Plan Template For Junior Cert – study plan template for junior cert
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