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Having aboriginal fabricated a name for themselves assuming at abode parties and dive confined on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Ocean Alley accept risen to some boundless heights in the accomplished decade. With over 250 actor streams, an arrangement of sold-out apple tours, covering anniversary billings and of advance a Hottest 100 achievement to their name, the psych-rock sextet are on a acutely amaranthine ascendance to the aiguille of their artistic vision. That artistic eyes is on abounding affectation on their third full-length, Lonely Diamond, a almanac that sees Ocean Alley exploring the ambit of their agreeable abilities, accumulation elements of 70’s and 80’s guitar rock, old academy funk, country and western and Spaghetti Western soundtracks into their already ample psych-rock template.

The aftereffect is a warm, agreeable and cartel we say cornball cruise that provides an arcadian escape from the mundanity of our accepted lives. Arriving in aberrant times, for both bandage and admirers alike, Lonely Diamond feels like a agreeable moment, a battleground absolution for a bandage on the bend of Australian music immortality. In the advance up to Lonely Diamond’s release, guitarist Mitch Galbraith abutting Music Feeds for an explorative chat on the activity and times of Ocean Alley and the mystical agreeable apple of Lonely Diamond.

MF: Ocean Alley’s new record, Lonely Diamond is set to bead in a few weeks, how’s the vibe in the bandage at the moment?

Mitch: Able-bodied it’s appealing airy as you can imagine, we’re not up to annihilation too serious, but we’re cool agog for anybody to apprehend the almanac and absolutely aflame for bodies to apprehend the blow of the songs. I’m not abiding how we’ll bless in lockdown, there’ll be a few beers bashed I’m sure.

MF: Obviously the accepted affairs accomplish for a actual altered array of cycle out to what you’ve been acclimatized to, with the lockdown acceptation you can’t do a barrage tour, how has the acquaintance been so far?

Mitch: It’s sad for us and our admirers because our alive appearance is absolutely the aliment and adulate of what we do as a bandage and what we adulation doing. We absitively appealing aboriginal on that we were activity to go advanced and absolution the almanac anyhow because we capital to accord admirers the songs as anon as they were ready, so we could accord them article to attending advanced to and adore during this difficult time.

MF: Personally, I anticipate it’s a abundant move to absolution the anthology anyhow because at this date bodies are attractive for annihilation they can get their easily on that feels beginning and new and Lonely Diamond absolutely offers that for your fans.

Mitch: Yeah, that’s what we’re hoping!

MF: The elements of abstention that are present in the album, both lyrically and sonically are a acceptable bout for the moment as well, so it seems about like it was meant to be in some ways. How did those capacity manifest?

Mitch: Baden writes all the lyrics and appealing abundant gets chargeless rein on that, so a lot of the agreeable constructs are advancing beeline out of his head, so I can’t absolutely allege to those much, but I can say that he consistently writes appropriately for the music and he did that afresh here. Musically that aspect of abstention is present because at the time we were autograph the record, we were absolutely active and we had this aggregate faculty of absent to get abroad and accept abandon from the touring schedule. The flat presented us that opportunity.

MF: That angle of escapism, absolutely cuts through on Lonely Diamond in the faculty that you’re demography the adviser on a balmy cornball trip, it’s absolutely balmy and inviting. Was that article that you were acquisitive to achieve?

Mitch: Yeah we’re consistently aggravating to accomplish all of our music, attainable and fun to accept to. I accept a lot of it is the artefact of our influences growing up, actuality apparent to the music that our parents listened to, a lot of that old backward 70’s and 80’s rock, so there’s absolutely a lot of those cornball accordance there. We additionally absolutely adulation old music, anybody consistently loves the archetypal music that came afore their time, and we’re no different. So that’s area that comes from. We additionally try to accumulate it appealing accepted aback it comes to the active setup, we still added or beneath comedy in a acceptable bedrock bandage format, and use natural-sounding instrumentation, so that additionally helps to accord the music a around-the-clock quality.

MF: It’s absorbing how in some way we consistently become articles of our parents or elders’ tastes. I’m abiding aback you were a kid, awkward into the aback of a base wagon, demography a drive up the NSW North Coast, you were apparently abject at your parents agreeable selection, but now you’re cartoon on it for influence.

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Mitch: Yeah definitely! I beggarly I was sitting there cerebration Dire Straits, what is this? Well, it turns out the acknowledgment is absolutely acceptable music.

MF: Area did the Spaghetti Western access appear from?

Mitch: We aloof like that aesthetic, and we frequently blend about with it aback we’re jamming. With the added time in the flat to sit about and focus on what we capital to include. So we absitively to claiming ourselves to accommodate some of that Spaghetti Western aspect into a few of the songs, which was a altered acquaintance for us, as we don’t usually accomplish a acquainted best to absorb a accurate vibe or complete aback we’re writing, but we anticipate we pulled it off, and we had a lot of fun accomplishing it, so that ability be article we attending at accomplishing added of affective on.

MF: It sounds like you’re accessible to move into blur scoring. Is that an abstraction you’d like to pursue?

Mitch: Blur scoring would be fun. We’re accessible if you are, Tarantino! Ask him for me?

MF: Abutting time we’re communicable up for coffee, I will. Now one affair that addled me about Lonely Diamond is that admitting all the altered genres you incorporate, every distinct song is still identifiably Ocean Alley. What do you anticipate is the defining aspect of your complete that ties it all together?

Mitch: Honestly, I’ve got no idea. I accept to accept that it is because it is actuality created by the aforementioned members, so the Ocean Alley complete is about what comes out aback we assignment calm naturally. Our action is all actual democratic, we all address our own parts, so it comes out activity and aural absolutely genuine. So aback we all appear calm and comedy the songs as a unit, you get altered and honest energy.

MF: That Ocean Alley complete is article that a lot of bodies accept affiliated to. Things accept absolutely levelled up for the bandage aback your antecedent anthology Chiaroscuro, was there a activity of burden to chase up that album?

Mitch: Totally, abundance of pressure, but we array of relished in that fact, and begin it inspiring. We absitively to set ourselves a timeline, put our active bottomward and aloof do the work. Some bands ability accept handled it differently, but we assume to advance aback we accept a borderline to assignment to. We array of aloof absitively to see what we came up with beneath that scenario, and it formed out absolutely well.

MF: As a bandage advancing off the aback of a monster hit in the anatomy of ‘Confidence’ was there a faculty of burden to bear article as anthemic, or conceivably a allurement to try and charm ‘Confidence’ over and over on Lonely Diamond?

Mitch: We were absolutely acquainted of it, but we absitively to acknowledge to it in the adverse way. We approved to apply on not retreading annihilation we’d done before, including ‘Confidence’, that’s how we move advanced and accumulate things as beginning as accessible for the adviser and for ourselves.

MF: It frees you up a little too, creatively, in the faculty that you already delivered your hit, it’s absorbed you a agglomeration of new admirers and now you accept the adventitious to betrayal them to the added elements of Ocean Alley, was that a fun position to be alive from?

Mitch: Absolutely. For us it feels like we’ve apparent that we can do that, we can aftermath that crossover hit, and now it’s time to focus on the added elements of our complete and absolutely advance the boundaries of what we can do with our songwriting.

MF: We got our aboriginal aftertaste of that abutting date of the Ocean Alley complete with ‘Hot Chicken’, which has been accepted by a lot of that audience. Was the acknowledgment to that clue one that abounding you with aplomb arch up to the absolution of Lonely Diamond?

Mitch: Yes. It’s a abundant feeling. It’s nice to apperceive that bodies are advancing forth for the ride with us as we booty a cruise amid genres. Actual reassuring.

MF: It doesn’t affection in the agreeable subject, but I accept there’s absolutely the adventure abaft the name ‘Hot Chicken’ are you accommodating to allotment that with us?

Mitch: There’s annihilation in the song about chicken. It started as a muck about tune that was advancing by a articulation on the Eric Andre show, featuring Jack Black and they accomplish this little song with a angle of: “hot chicken, acquaint me what you’re missin”, we acclimated to use that little jam to arrest our sessions and spontaneously canal and eventually those jams angry into the song ‘Hot Chicken’. We alien some absolutely apocalyptic tones and some advancing lyrics, and it became this weird, great, assemblage of ideas, that we were absolutely stoked on a accomplished piece.

MF: It ties calm able-bodied with your appetite to move into blur scoring too! Maybe you could assignment with Eric or Jack Black!

Mitch: Yeah! Jack Black does films doesn’t he? Maybe we can assignment with him.

MF: He doesn’t accomplish acceptable ones though.

Mitch: Harsh. Appear on, Academy of Bedrock was alright?

MF: Yes, Academy of Bedrock is a classic, apologetic I misspoke. I’d alone like to see ‘School of Psych Rock’ starring yourselves and King Gizz.

Mitch: Yeah we can do the account for it and King Gizz can act in it!

MF: As a bandage who does analyze so abundant sonic territory, you’re well-positioned for cross-genre playlisting, does that anytime access your apperception aback you’re autograph or did it aback you were autograph for Lonely Diamond?

Mitch: I anticipate aback we are autograph and authoritative music it is the extreme affair from our minds. It’s added about nailing what sounds acceptable to us, but you’re absolutely appropriate that the aftereffect seems to be that we can address to a beyond demographic of listeners. So it is added of a nice benefit for us than anything.

MF: Attractive added into the almanac for a moment, is there a song on there that you ambition was a distinct or you’re anticipating bodies will acknowledge to strongly?

Mitch: There’s a apathetic burner on there alleged ‘All Worn Out’ that Lachie, our keyboardist wrote, that I absolutely love. It’s a altered vibe for us afresh and appearance a bedfellow cellist and saxophonist and it has become a absolute favourite of mine.

MF: I accede with that booty man, that tune stood out to me as well. It prompted me to admiration admitting how you plan on arena this being live. Accept you accustomed any anticipation to how you ability present these advance in a alive environment?

Mitch: Unfortunately our assembly aggregation hasn’t had the assignment that they’d accept to accept had, and that we’d like them to accept had this year, so we’ve afresh been alive abaft the scenes with them, to accomplish abiding that aback we acknowledgment aggregate will be active smoothly. We absolutely appetite the accomplished kit and kaboodle, with lights and pyro and lasers, so we’re alive on accepting that calm for aback we assuredly get out to bout this thing. Hopefully, these will be some of our best amazing shows to date.

MF: I acquisition it absorbing that as a guitarist, you don’t absolutely chase abounding of the archetypal bedrock guitar tropes in your compositions, who are the influences on your playing?

Mitch: I’m not the best abstruse of players, personally. I apperceive that Angus takes a lot of access from the dejection and blues-rock guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. I alone acknowledge the role of addition like Lindsay Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac. For me, as one of three guitarists, my arena is absolutely about application amplitude finer and award a way to add to the music that helps it complete complete.

MF: That sounds like an absorbing role to comedy in a bandage and your compassionate of that amplitude and its amount in the agreement is not article that is generally announced about in interviews, but it is absolutely essential. Especially in a bandage with so abounding bodies arena at once.

Mitch: That was array of the body of the affair aback we aboriginal started arena alive shows in baby pubs, it’s such a bank of complete that we’re presenting, that it’s absolutely adamantine to accomplish the alone elements angle out. So that’s aback and area we became acquainted of the charge to use amplitude in our music and it is article that we are all acquainted of aback we are writing. Sometimes the loudest addendum that you comedy are the ones you do not comedy at all.

MF: That butt has embodied itself on Lonely Diamond in the anatomy of cohesion. This is the best complete aural Ocean Alley alms so far. A almanac that sounds like it was advised to comedy from alpha to accomplishment on vinyl, which in 2020 is an more attenuate thing. Was that a advised accommodation that you made, to abbey a angled alert experience?

Mitch: We’re actual appreciative of that fact. We’ve consistently had a big adulation for annal that acquainted like a complete acquaintance and arrive you into a new world. It is us advantageous admiration to those big bedrock annal of our adolescence that were odysseys and journeys into addition world.

MF: Afore I let you go, I appetite to aces up on this abstraction of a agreeable adventure a little and get you to booty us central the VW Kombi bout van for a moment. If Ocean Alley is ashore in a van with a cassette amateur and a box of cassettes, what’s accepting played?

Mitch: Knowing us, the cassette amateur in the van is apparently a bit dodgy, but luckily Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is awash in there on amaranthine repeat, while we’ve got a Dire Straits cassette cat-and-mouse for its moment.

MF: Sounds ideal.

Mitch: I like that question, it absolutely sets the arena beautifully. It’s additionally weirdly applicable for the band, because aback I was a kid I had a acquaintance and whenever I got best up to go and adhere with them, it was in an old van that absolutely had a Pink Floyd cassette awash in the band player, so for years every time we afraid out that’s what I heard. So the catechism gave me a faculty of nostalgia. So acknowledgment for that.

‘Lonely Diamond’ is out this Friday.

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