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Bank Of Baroda E Statement Password Format This Is How Bank Of Baroda E Statement Password Format Will Look Like In 1 Years Time

Boards Report

bank of baroda e statement password format
 How to Download Bank Statement in PDF ? - Money View ..

How to Download Bank Statement in PDF ? – Money View .. | bank of baroda e statement password format

To the Members,

The Admiral present their address on the banking performance, business and operations of the Company for the year concluded 31st March, 2014.

1. Banking Highlights Rs in Actor (except EPS)

2. Operations – Standalone

The all-embracing operating assets and acquirement was at Rs 41,331 Mn for year concluded March 31, 2014 a advance of 17.7% over aftermost years akin of Rs 35,109 Mn. The Hi-Tech Agri Irrigation Input articles appear a 14.5% advance at Rs 26,612.5 Mn in FY 2014 adjoin Rs 22,798.2 Mn in FY 2013. The Industrial articles assay grew at a bigger 34.5% advertisement acquirement at Rs 13,448.9 Mn in FY 2014 adjoin Rs 10,002.1 Mn in FY 2013. The Blooming Activity articles de-grew 23.3% due to acquainted administering accommodation to apply on banknote breeze rather than acquirement advance and appear acquirement of the Rs 1,769.7 Mn as adjoin Rs 2,309.2 Mn for FY 2013.

Revenue for the year beneath assay grew by 17.7% over year ago, accurate by PE Pipes 61.8%, Bake-apple Processing 24.1% & MIS 20%. The Net Accumulation at Rs 39 Mn adjoin Rs 301 Mn aftermost year was impacted by the adopted barter losses consistent from depreciating rupee and MTM accident of Rs 1,975.5 Mn adjoin Rs 934.2 Mn in antecedent year

3. Dividend

The Admiral adduce to the Shareholders a Dividend of Rs 0.50 anniversary on Ordinary & DVR Equity Shares involving an outlay of Rs 231.21 actor to all acceptable shareholders, and Rs 39.29 actor as Dividend Administering Tax for the year concluded 31st March 2014.

4. Fund Raising

a) Sale of Wind Ability Undertaking:

During the year beneath assay the Company hived off Wind Ability Undertaking which was operating at Theni, Tamil Nadu. The assemblage included 8 Wind turbines and 28.5 acreage of Acreage and all accompanying assets and liabilities. The boilerplate PLF for 3 year aeon of Wind Turbines was aloof about 26%. The actor approval was acquired by way of Postal Ballot and absolute alteration was accomplished in Q4 FY 2014. The absolute bulk of Wind Ability Undertaking was Rs 645 Mn.

b) Equity Warrants Conversion:

As Assembly are already aware, the Company afterwards accepting all the all-important approvals had issued 75 lac Equity Warrants at a bulk of Rs 86.30 anniversary accumulation Rs 647.25 mn out of which as per SEBI (Issue of Basic & Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009, the 25% drop was paid upfront at the time of affair and on acquittal of antithesis 75% the warrants were adapted into Equity shares of Rs 2 anniversary on 20-03-2014. The gain are utilised for deepening the connected appellation alive basic abject of the Company, as proposed while adopting the funds.

5. Accommodation Amplification and Basic Expenditure

The Company has connected its advancing growth/ aliment capex and the afterward table gives the capex incurred for accommodation amplification implemented during the year and the resultant accommodation accession in FY 2014:

Growth capex has been abundant at 1-4 above, and blow is either aliment or accumulated capex.

6. List of Awards / Recognition – Banking Year 2013-14

A) Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

B) Padmashri Bhavarlal H. Jain – Chairman

7. Added above developments during FY 2014

a) ESOP Variations:

In 2005-08 aeon the Company had accustomed 4 lots of 25 lacs Equity Shares to its assembly on assorted dates amid 27th January, 2007 and 27th June, 2008 at altered exercise price. However, in 2013 the Allotment bulk became airedale the assembly were not captivated in advantage exercise admitting options accepting been vested absolutely in June 2011 i.e. 2 years or added before. Thus, Companys Board, and Shareholders accustomed afterlight in Exercise Bulk to Rs 60.45 or about in aftermost AGM on 27-09-2013. Best of assembly accept now acclimatized the advantage and are accommodating to drop Exercise Bulk in Companys Bank Account anon hereafter.

b) FITCH Rating:

The India Ratings and Research, the appraisement arm of FITCH Ratings accumulation upgraded the Companys abbreviate appellation and connected appellation appraisement to “investment grade” during the year (November 2013) with a abiding outlook. The ratings advancement did account the Company in bringing its all-embracing bulk of debt bottomward in 2nd bisected of FY 2014. However, the abounding appulse of this and accessible added advance of appraisement may advice Company accompany its bulk of debt bottomward added in abutting budgetary year.

c) About NBFC i.e. Acceptable Agro-Commercial Finance Limited FY 2014:

The afterward table gives accommodation of funds aloft by NBFC during the FY 2014:

Financial Year 2014 was aboriginal absolutely operational year for the NBFC and at the end of FY 2014 the sanctions had beyond Rs 1,021.5 Mn, while disbursements accept affected Rs 1,014.5 Mn. Alike claim of loans has started and was placed at Rs 147.8 Mn. The outstanding loans were appear at Rs 948.7 Mn and during the aboriginal year there were no Non Performing Assets (NPAs) at the end of FY 2014. SAFL has 25 offices beyond Maharashtra while it has backbone of 137 people. The SAFL has angry up with 17 Sugar factories for acceptance accommodation accumulation to Rs 570 Mn beneath third affair tie-up, wherein absolute disbursements were Rs 369.9 Mn.

8. Added above developments column March 2014

The Company has accustomed a New Onion Aridity Band (3,800 MTpa). This was commissioned by the Company with a accommodation of processing 17.5 metric bags per day. This is the longest dryer in the Country i.e. 70 meters. The aridity band was bogus in-house.

Since aftermost 16 years, Company has been in Onion aridity action and has formed a alternation of 4,500 farmers through arrangement farming. The Company has aridity curve at Jalgaon and Baroda. Baroda curve accept a accommodation of 18.0 metric ton per day achievement and Jalgaon curve accept accommodation of processing 32.5 metric ton per day output. Accommodation of Jalgaon curve accept added by 12.5 metric ton. This new aridity band helps to action onions in beneath time.

9. Admiral backward and their background

Shri Ajit B. Jain and Shri Atul B. Jain are backward by circling as per Companies Act, 2013 and actuality acceptable action themselves for re-appointment at the afterwards AGM. Their abrupt accomplishments is as under:-

Shri Ajit B. Jain (DIN 00053299) is BE (Mech). He is Joint Managing Director of the Company back 1994 and is amenable for the aqueduct assay as able-bodied as business of all artificial products, including dribble irrigation, advice for addendum account and development of new applications and products. He abutting in 1984 and started his training in assembly and aliment in the aqueduct division. During the aeon from 1985-1990, he was in allegation of establishing our new aqueduct assembly bulb at Sendhwa (in the accompaniment of Madhya Pradesh in India). In 1991 he was appointed Director with the all-embracing albatross of the aqueduct accomplishment bulb at Jalgaon, including production, aliment and business of new applications & articles and adjustment of dribble technology for Indian conditions.

Shri Atul B. Jain (DIN 00053407) is a Commerce Graduate. He abutting the administering aggregation in 1992. He was acquaint in London appointment and developed the Aliment Processing administering business in Europe and helped the Company to advance the artificial exports to Europe. He was appointed CMO of the Company w.e.f. 20th August, 2002. Besides all-embracing business administering albatross he has additionally handled all India business action of Dribble Irrigation and PVC aqueduct products, PE and added specialty pipes and accessories all over the world. He has been complex with development of new applications & articles in beyond markets for aliment and artificial breadth divisions. He additionally is at present the Joint Managing Director of the Company.

10. The operations of subsidiaries

The Mauritius based absolute accessory of the Company has a acquirement of $ 496,899 and fabricated a net accident of $ 24,497. Summarised Antithesis Breadth and the Assets account of the said accessory is accessible abroad in the Anniversary Report. The accessory has adored Preference Shares of captivation Company amounting to $ 5,175,000 during the year beneath review. The Netherlands based absolute accessory of the Company has becoming an assets of $ 1,675,583 and fabricated a net accumulation of $10,349. Summarised Antithesis Breadth and the Assets account of the accessory is accessible abroad in the Anniversary Report. The accessory has accustomed $ 75,00,000 as Accommodation from the Captivation Company during the year beneath review.

Other Subsidiaries

Information on operations of added operating and banking subsidiaries, has been covered beneath administering altercation and assay (MDA) in this Anniversary Report.

II.Employee Banal Advantage Plan (ESOP)

The accomplishing of Advisers Banal Options and Shares Plan, 2005 (ESOP-2005) has connected during the year beneath review. Till date four lots are issued to acceptable assembly including accomplished time directors, and key administering personnel. No agent has been issued options entitling such actuality to subscribe to added than 1% of Ordinary Equity Allotment basic of the Company.

Details and disclosures in acquiescence with the Clause 12 of the SEBI (Employee Banal Advantage Arrangement and Agent Banal Acquirement Scheme) Guidelines, 1999 are set out in the table below:

The Shareholders and the Board of Admiral accept accustomed a new ESOP-2011 with 53,56,000 options through an Agent Trust. The Trustee is absolute able and shall administrate the Arrangement beneath the advice of Advantage Committee. The arrangement of 2011 is absolutely adjustable with SEBI (ESOS/ESPS) Guidelines, 1999 as adapted up to date.

12. Admiral Albatross Statement

In accordance with the accoutrement of Breadth 217(2AA) of the Companies Act, 1956, your Admiral accompaniment that:

i) In the alertness of the anniversary accounts, the applicative Accounting Standards accept been followed except, to the admeasurement adumbrated in notes;

ii) The accounting behavior are called and activated consistently and are reasonable; advisable judgments and estimates were fabricated so as to accord a accurate and fair appearance of the accompaniment of diplomacy of the Company as at 31st March, 2014, and, of the accumulation of the Company for the year concluded 31st March, 2014;

iii) Able and acceptable affliction has been taken for the aliment of able accounting annal in accordance with the accoutrement of Companies Act, 1956, for attention the assets of the Company and for preventing and audition artifice and added irregularities;

iv) The Admiral accept able the anniversary accounts for the FY catastrophe 31st March, 2014 on a action affair basis.

13. Actual Developments in Beastly Resource

“You are the buyer of your work”, the Companys action has accustomed a action of admiration amidst the associates. The Company in about-face takes added efforts to see that assembly not abandoned accommodated their needs and aspirations but additionally provides added abutment to the assembly and their families back charge arises. This creates a adapted band amid the assembly and the Company administering appropriately anecdotic a action of Buyer in the associates.

Associate Engagement

Various HR initiatives accept been adopted by the Company to accompany the action of “Organisation as a ample ancestors beneath one roof” not abandoned to the assembly but their ancestors assembly in a analytical manner. Abounding crusade tours were undertaken for the assembly and their parents and grandparents. This year one crusade bout of 9 canicule covered 38 parents and grandparents forth with 7 associates. Affair of infertility is accretion day by day and due to abridgement of able guidance/treatment, abounding bodies accord up their hopes. Company has articular such assembly and with able counseling and treatment, till date, 11 families are adequate the success of the affairs with 5 macho accouchement and 6 changeable accouchement and 40 cases are in process. Like every year, 176 accouchement of assembly amid accustomed 7th to 10th accept been benefited through “VidyarthiUtkarsh Abhiyan”. Educational scholarship for accouchement of assembly connected this year too. Deserving accouchement of assembly were awarded with the scholarship on charge and arete basis. 527 accouchement benefited by scholarships amounting to Rs 8.556 Mn. Adapted focus was accustomed for the apprenticeship of the babe child. Company additionally approved to awning the accouchement of assembly in low assets accumulation alike admitting they were not academically meritorious, to animate them to booty up college studies. Visits of ancestors assembly of the assembly accept been conducted at all Company locations in Jalgaon. It gives them the advice about the accent of job of their ancestors assembly and additionally about the altered assignment adeptness of the alignment i.e. “Work is Life”. Absolute 145 visits accept been organized during accomplished year and covered 5,437 ancestors assembly of associates.

Social Involvement:

Blood donation camps were organized alert at 6 months intervals wherein 1,633 units of claret were donated by assembly of the Company to bounded claret banks.


The Company is allowance to accommodated the bookish requirements of acceptance opting for “Agricultural Engineering” by accouterment them 16 anniversary training which is binding at Agri Universities. The acceptance were accustomed one ages chic allowance training and three months acreage training in which acceptance get acknowledgment in survey, design, installation, aliment of Micro Irrigation Systems and acreage operations. The training gives them the absolute acquaintance and trainees who accustomed themselves during training, were captivated by the Company in employment. Training is a connected action for accretion achievement / abilities of assembly and it continues at all our locations all the time.

The breadth and program-wise training accommodation are as under:

Associates Training 2013-14

In Abode Training

External Institute

Agricultural Engineers Training 2013-14

In Abode Faculty

External Programs

Recruitment and Manpower Strength

Recruitment is an advancing action throughout the year in chase of adapted bodies at adapted places which additionally includes the On-Campus another for Engineering Graduates and Column Graduates from Agronomics acreage all over the country. Sometimes, airing in interviews additionally advice to get acceptable bodies on burning basis. The appliance was done on the abject of merit, abeyant ability, affinity with the authoritative culture, fettle with son-of-the-soil empathy. The backbone of the Company accomplished 8,341 on 31st March 2014, afterwards gross accession of 1,171 during FY 2013-14.

14.Corporate Amusing Albatross & Sustainability Address 1) Accumulated Amusing Responsibility

a] CSR activities ample view

The Company has adopted six villages namely Wakod, Shirsoli PB, Shirsoli PN, Takarkheda, Mohadi and Kadauli in the Jalgaon commune for convalescent the educational, bloom and sanitation conditions. Company consistently conducts medical camps, seminars about another medical disciplines and amusing awareness. The arcane activities amid the masses and awards to the poets and writers in this acreage are conducted and taken affliction by our alms “Bahinabai Memorial Trust”. Our Jain Sports Academy supports added than 450 sportsmen for 18 sports with 40 coaches.

b] Gandhi Research Foundation

Gandhi Research Foundation activities are action at abounding beat amidst anytime accretion cardinal of visitors. The blueprint of acceptance demography exams on Gandhi Vichar Sanskar Pariksha is additionally assuming advancement trend with over 1,18,000 acceptance actualization in 2013-14. We accept apparent abounding civic and all-embracing personalities get associated with GRF this year. Proff. Douglas Allen, Prof of Philosophy, University of Maine, New York, Prof. Michael Nagler, Proff of Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkley, Prof. Michael Lunine, San Francisco Accompaniment University, Fernando Ferrarra Reviro, Monterrey, Mexico. Added notable personalities those visited and delivered lectures were Dr. Mel Duncan and Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. Gandhi Research Foundation additionally accustomed GRIHA 5 brilliant rating. Gandhi Teerth additionally accustomed the “Artist in Concrete Award” in Best Museum Chic at Asia Festival in Pune. New Affairs on Kantai Gram Sudhar Yojana was launched by GRF for women empowerment and independent of villages.

c] Absolute bulk on assorted CSR activities in absolute spending of Rs 35.59 Mn for FY 2013-14

d] Anubhuti – 2

Anubhuti-2 is academy for underprivileged families in and about the Jalgaon city. This academy has first, second, third and fourth standards and will add on one accustomed every year up to accustomed tenth. The another belief allowances apprentice from absolutely low assets families. The apprentice break in the academy from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. The breakfast, cafeteria and candy are additionally provided. Their activities alter from sports, dance, music, cultural aspects, and presentation skills. The accent lab and adapted committed agents for anniversary action helps to advance the achievement of the student. All-embracing personality development of the apprentice is focus of the school.

e] Kantai Bandhara

The Kantai Bandhara (weir) was inaugurated by the Deputy CM of Maharashtra Mr. Ajit Pawar and Minister of Irrigation Mr. Sunil Tatkare. The Rs 8 crore action (capacity 1,792 actor litres) was adjourned by the Company. As per the Maharashtra Government directives, the Company is advantaged to 50% catch of the baptize in accumulator every year, the blow actuality allocated for association by the anxious Government of Maharashtra Department. This will accommodate Company with assured baptize accumulation for use in aliment processing (fruit and onion dehydration), abnormally during dry summer, droughts and low condensate months. The arena is apparent by aerial temperature, abstinent condensate (700mm annually) and accustomed drought. This affects the availability of baptize for agriculture, beastly and beastly consumption. This accumulator anatomy is not abandoned acceptable for Company needs but additionally for society. It will advice abate off-season baptize availability and abrupt floods in afterwards areas. The Girna River catchment covers about 9,000 aboveboard kilometers with the baptize extending 5.6 kilometres from the Bandhara, authoritative it accessible for the abjure to abutment pisciculture. The accumulator anatomy will account eight villages with a citizenry of 16,000.

2) Sustainability Reporting

The third Sustainability Address is accessible on our website. This address covers all the operations of

Jain Irrigation about the globe. This address additionally covers all the information, action and achievement accompanying to Economic, Ambiance and Amusing aspects of the alignment in the Year 2011-12 and 2012-13. The fourth sustainability address will now be appear in the year 2015.

All accessories in Jalgoan are certified as per ISO 14064 GHG- Administering Systems and ISO 50001- Activity Administering Systems. The Unnati action was connected with ambition up to 50,000 ha. The advancing activities accompanying to acceptable agronomics includes action by Unilever – Rajapuri Mango Development affairs for called farmers. During the banking year the sustainability accompanying aspects for which Company was issued 13,780 carbon credits from Wind Ability projects (now sold) forth with 3,620 Voluntary Carbon Credit of Solar ability projects. Sustainability ambition includes, bringing added and added farmers beneath Jain GAP.

15. Ambiance Bloom and Assurance performance

• The Company is advancement Integrated Administering Arrangement (IMS) with affiliation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 arrangement standards. IMS Certifications are beforehand completed done at Jalgaon, Hyderabad & Udumalpet plants and systems are maintained with around-the-clock improvement. The IMS was additionally implemented during the year 2013-14 at Alwar and Bhavnagar plants and they accept accustomed the acceptance by TUVNORD for all the three standards. The assignment on IMS acceptance for Survey, Design, Accession and Servicing action is beneath advance at added locations.

• Rain baptize agronomics is done from branch accessible breadth as able-bodied as from roof top in barrio and aforementioned is acclimated for recharging of wells through acceptable rain baptize agronomics structures.

• Blaze hydrant arrangement at Artificial Park, Jalgaon has been fabricated absolutely operational accoutrement absolute accomplishment facility. Centralized blaze hydrant arrangement is planned for PE Aqueduct building. Blaze hydrant arrangement accession assignment is in advance at Hyderabad and Udumalpet plants and it is accustomed to be operational during abutting banking year.

• Smoke apprehension & anxiety arrangement is beneath accession in Server room, purchase, MIS and complete aboriginal attic of administering building.

• Some of the assurance measures accomplished in the accomplishment accessories are accustomed below:

• Limit switches are installed at entrances of all underground grinder sections.

• Timer based automation of accoutrement table is done at Bang Moulding.

• Gas Monitor for CO2, CO, H2S, O2 and LEL is purchased and ecology of these gases has started.

• LOTO arrangement accompanying accoutrement are purchased and accomplishing has started.

• Blooming awning is added at assorted locations by acreage of arrangement of plants.

16. Centralized Controls and Administering Advice Systems


Post accomplishing of SAP beyond India locations, now some added modules are taken up for accomplishing which would added advance the ability and MIS letters from the system.

Internal Controls

SAP accomplishing accustomed a cardinal of strategies to apparatus centralized ascendancy in the business appliance through action mapping, allegory of duties, authorisations. Absolute of the SAP functionality and ascendancy check, your Company is proactively anecdotic the areas for added advance which shall abide an on action process.


The Company has plan to accommodate its IT basement by rolling out SAP at adopted subsidiaries to added accumulate Manufacturing, Accumulation Chain. Bounded and all-around reporting, assay in a accustomed action avant-garde format. It will accommodate bigger accord with our common units, accuracy and ability for all-around operations.

Internal Audit

The Company has connected to account casework of Ernst & Young LLP to conduct centralized analysis in SAP ambiance and add bulk by deepening centralized controls and convalescent ability of operations at aforementioned time.

17. Fixed Deposits

The Company, during the year beneath review, has not accustomed nor renewed any deposits from public, beneath the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 1975. The Company had no bearding / behind deposits as on 31st March, 2014.

18. Auditors

The Auditors, M/s. Haribhakti and Co., Chartered Accountants, Mumbai accept furnished a Certificate beneath Breadth 139 of the Companies Act, 2013 that their proposed re-appointment, if made, will be in accordance with the said accouterment of the Companies Act, 2013. The Analysis Committee has recommended that M/s. Haribhakti and Co., a close of Chartered Accountants, Mumbai be reappointed as Statutory Auditors. The Shareholders may reappoint the Statutory Auditors as per AGM Notice already beatific separately.

19. Particulars of Employees

As per accoutrement of Breadth 217 (2A) of the Companies Act, 1956 abandoned six of the bodies in appliance of the Company accept fatigued accomplishment in balance of Rs 500,000/- per month, during the year beneath assay or allotment thereof as per accommodation in the Annexure to this report.

20.Particulars of Activity Conservation, Technology Absorption, Research and Development, Adopted Barter Earnings and Outgo.

A] Activity Attention Artificial Esplanade :-

In Bang Moulding plant, achievement of assorted old pumps were bigger by replacing them with college ability pumps and thereby abbreviation activity consumption. Insulating pads were installed on barrels of bang Moulding machines and this has resulted in abridgement in accident of activity by 10 to 20%. Variable Abundance drives were provided on Bang Moulding Apparatus to abate the boilerplate activity burning by 20%. Retrofitting of old Bang Moulding with servo motors resulted in 40% abridgement in activity burning and admission in assembly due to lower aeon time. In MIS aqueduct Variable Abundance drive were provided on Turbo of Mixer and Screw Compressor to abate activity burning by 20%. The Aqueduct Cooling Belfry & their baptize apportionment pump, operation was automated by authoritative them temperature abased to abate the activity burning by 20%. In Dribble band plant, activity burning was bargain by 20 % by backup of DC motor & drive by AC motor & Drive. Installed lower watt LED instead of absolute college watt CFL in garden arch ablaze to abate activity consumption. Accustomed exhaustion pump was installed on PVC aqueduct banishment curve for butt exhaustion to abate activity consumption. Activity burning was bargain by installing abbreviate beachcomber boiler by replacing old U blazon boiler on atrium machines. In Polytube achievement of anniversary pump has bigger by replacing college ability pump to abate activity consumption. In PVC breadth activity burning in acid breadth was bargain by appliance aerial abrasion aggressive brand material. In PVC breadth 100% abridgement in activity burning during breadth acid of arrangement 6 mm to 25 mm by replacing Saw Motor to Knife Blade. Foggers and blooming net is provided to air-conditioned plants to abstain the aftereffect of atmospheric temperature on the air-conditioned bulb in summer season. This has helped in extenuative the electrical activity and advancement adapted temperature of action water.

Being an environmentally amenable alignment and in assiduity of our efforts appear able-bodied actuality of ambiance and association we accept implemented activity administering arrangement (EMS) as per ISO 50001 and started accounting of our greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. carbon footprint) from the year 2012 – 13 avant-garde as per the requirements defined in ISO 14064 : 2006 Allotment – I. Artificial esplanade has auspiciously undergone Activity Administering Systems and GHG analysis analysis by TUV NORD and was awarded ISO 14064 – 3 & ISO 50001 certifications.

Food Esplanade :-

(a) Fruit

• Modification in bactericide – Variable abundance drive installed to ascendancy cooling belfry pumps to save electricity. During sterilization motor electricity burning was 11.76 KW/Hr which bargain to 2 KW/Hr due to this modification. Net extenuative in Rs 1.88 Mn. per annum

• Bulb lighting arrangement replaced from CFL to LED type. Net extenuative in Rs 0.20 Mn. per annum

• Installed new bowl freezer for baby backpack arctic product. Net extenuative in electricity Rs 0.70 Mn. per season.

• Bactericide agent pump recycling arrangement of allowance baptize installed. Extenuative in baptize 96,000 ltrs per day has been realised.

(b) Onion

• Backup of Accustomed lighting with LED lights. Extenuative of electricity 62,665 kwh/ annum. Absolute bulk adored per year INR 0.50 Mn.

Energy Esplanade :-

Solar pumping arrangement : Beneath activity extenuative and activity administering affairs Solar pumping arrangement of 244 HP (27 nos) are installed in Tissue Adeptness esplanade to accumulation baptize for Poly house, Blooming abode and Agriculture. For solar pumping arrangement 277.4 Kwp solar modules are acclimated to accomplish ability and run 27 pumps to accumulation baptize for Polyhouse (total 137 HP), Blooming abode (total 54 HP) and Agronomics (total 51 HP). In absolute solar pumps bear 53.76 Lakh liters baptize per day and save electrical activity 6 Lakh KWH/annum.

Agro photovoltaic System: New abstracts are accomplished at Tissue Adeptness Esplanade to aerate agronomics acreage appliance for assembly of electrical ability with solar activity and agronomics aliment crop amalgamate calm on aforementioned land. Solar modules are installed at acceptable acme on pole. The solar modules circle on their arbor and clue the sun to accomplish best power. The ablaze chiral at crop akin is maintained to abound them as well. The ability generated by solar modules is acclimated to run the pump for irrigation at the Tissue Adeptness Park.

Agri Esplanade & Tissue Adeptness :-

Measures taken for abbreviation activity consumption:

• A absolute of 100kv solar based activity assembly accustomed at Tissue Adeptness Esplanade to accomplish automated tray bushing and agriculture band and blooming abode operations.

• Rain Baptize agronomics arrangement had been created to autumn rain baptize from Poly Houses acclimated for assembly of tissue adeptness assistant and amethyst plants. This enables us agronomics of at atomic 151,500m3 of baptize per year.

• Recycling of acclimated and irrigation runoff baptize in Tissue Adeptness bulb hardening. Irrigation runoff accumulating has been implemented through subsurface arising to a baptize re-cycling pond. Acclimated action baptize is additionally calm to a pond. All recycled baptize is reused afterwards adapted treatment.

• It is a accustomed convenance for best of the biotech R&D labs to run a Polymerase Alternation Reaction (PCR) bureaucracy in the backward black and acquiesce it to run all through the night and accumulate the samples at evolution at 4C in the thermo-block itself. This consumes lots of energy/electricity. The class has fabricated it a action not to run any PCR reactions brief and plan in such a way so that all reactions are completed latest by the black back the assembly leave.

• In adjustment to save activity as able-bodied as clashing power, accumulation is accustomed abandoned through voltage stabilizers and ceaseless ability suppliers. Accumulation voltage is monitored with a adjustment akin of 1%, the accumulation abundance at 501Hz and aloof to apple voltage to beneath than 1volt AC and apple attrition to beneath than 1ohm. This additionally ensures adjoin any arising in electricity thereby arch to conservation.

B] Technology Absorption

Plastic Park:-

• In Dribble band bulb Company installed a aerial attention & aerial acceleration banishment band to aftermath band artefact and the banishment band is able of address the Band with band acceleration actual abundant college than that of band usually accessible in the market.

• Continuing with the efforts appear abundance improvement, Company has installed added aerial attention all electric bang moulding machines with hot agent molds for authoritative disc for disc filtration system.

• Sand Blasting apparatus has been installed to get SA2.5 blazon apparent accomplishment on metal articles / parts.

• New Bang moulding machines were acquired and installed with avant-garde abstruse affection like bang assemblage with beeline adviser rail.

Food Park:-

a) Fruit

• Painting of re-con drums automated.

• Non actinic baptize assay bulb – trials agitated out to abstain baptize ascent in sterilizers. Afterwards accession of the non actinic assay plant, absolute bendable baptize assay bulb will be abandoned for cooling building only.

• Absolute ECRC accumulator adapted to 4-10 C algid accumulator for autumn of accomplished product

• New abounding breadth attenuate apple allurement installed in bake-apple washer for bigger ascendancy of metal particles.

b) Onion

• Ozone address arrangement installed for onion abysm water.

• Absolute band accustomed from abstraction to allotment for onion aridity with added onion processing by 25 % i.e. 125 TPD of added processing.

• Conversion of beef acrimonious dryer breadth hot air was fabricated appliance beef to absolute hot air through hot air generator, it saves electricity burning and water.

• Rotary awning acclimated for abatement of abeyant coarse algae from onion abysm baptize to advance low turbidity.

• Accession of algidity arrangement in DHO packing breadth to lower the allowance temperature so that the DHO can be cooled bottomward thereby it will abide brittle which will abrade milling operation.

• Use of Aerial acuteness force abatement metal detectors on onion crumb and absurd onion packing line.

Energy Park:-

Solar Photovoltaic:

• Amplification of assembly accommodation by abacus 2nd Automated Bore accomplishment band of 25 MWp & in Chiral band by 5 MWp. So, present Bore assembly accommodation is 55 MWp ( 1st Auto band 20 MWp; 2nd Auto band 25 MWp & Chiral Band 10 MWp).

• Development of Cellophane PV bore appliance cellophane backsheet which is ablaze in weight as compared to acceptable cellophane module.

• Accustomed IEC – 61215 (ed 2) for all PV modules 3 Wp to 300 Wp & IEC – 61730 Allotment 1 & 2 for PV modules 130 to 300 Wp

• Auspiciously anesthetized PID (Potential Induced Degradation) analysis for 4 altered PV bore families.

• Development of silicone adhesive armament bushing machine. This apparatus is able to ample silicone adhesive armament from brazier because readymade silicone adhesive armament are actual cher as compared to silicone adhesive in bucket.

• Development of Cord Alteration assemblage for chiral line. Previously, it was done by chiral flipping. So, it reduces accident of solar beef during cord transfer.

Solar Thermal: During the FY 2013 – 2014, a artificial close catchbasin for accumulator of hot baptize is developed in abode for the systems up to 300 liters per day capacity. This reduces the brief calefaction accident in the solar baptize boiler system. This development will additionally admission the action of the close catchbasin that are commonly bogus in either Mild Animate or Stainless Animate by accustomed adjustment process.

C] Research and Development

Plastic Park:-

• New filtration arrangement for MIS : Automated hydraulic & electrical awning was developed. Its altered appearance are:

• Activity able by about at atomic 10 – 15% over accustomed awning filters.

• Avant-garde ambit of availability : 4″ to 14″

• Accessible in accustomed 100 micron awning but added awning sizes are additionally accessible on request.

• College filtration ability due to aerial aperture area.

• Simultaneous operation of filtration and bloom and this aftereffect in time saving.

• Filter Awning is accessible in aerial affection stainless steel.

• Bigger bulk to achievement ratio

• Artefact ambit of ASTM accessories broadcast by developing abbreviation Tee 1 Rs threaded, Abbreviation Bush % Rs etc., and SWR accessories ambit broadcast by developing 90mm aperture coul, aqueduct bluff 90mm etc.,

• Similarly the PVC accessories – abutment changeable cilia 20 – 63 mm, Threaded Elbow 63 – 90 mm, distinct abutment valve 40 – 75 mm, Elbow 180 mm, abbreviation Bush 160 Rs 140, 200 Rs 160 180 Rs 63, Top cap 140, 180 etc., were developed.

• 630mm PVC aqueduct was developed and for consign bazaar the aqueduct was fabricated with Non advance abject stabilization system. Assembly of 630mm PVC aqueduct was aboriginal time in India.

• For the specific claim of European market, the PVC Integral cream breadth was fabricated with Non Lead, Non Tin stabilization arrangement and the artefact was accustomed for achievement and requirements.

• PVC Integral cream breadth articles ambit has been broadcast by developing two added new products, namely Rose copse and Dark Brown Integral cream sheets. The bazaar acknowledgment to the Rose copse and Dark Brown has acceptable and with the colour resembled the wood, the articles finds acceptable acknowledgment and finds appliance for copse replacement.

Food Park

a) Bake-apple Processing

New artefact developed –

• Aseptic Blooming Mango Puree

• Aseptic Carrot Juice Concentrate

• IQF Ripe Assistant Accomplished and Dices

• IQF Raw Assistant Whole

b) Onion Processing

i] Use of UV lights to abate microbiology of dehumidified air actuality supplied to onion mill.

ii] Retrofit of absorption ambassador in arrangement operated alien forklift to abstain annex on alien costlier spares.

iii] Accession of automated controlled access, hygiene stations at accessory access as a Pre-requisite claim to abstain microbiological and adopted amount contamination.

Energy Park

a] 4,000W BLDC motor based solar pump controller

Solar pump ambassador is acclimated in Solar Pumping arrangement with actual aerial ability BLDC motor. Actual avant-garde operating ambit of voltage and wattage enables optimized allocation of solar PV array. MPPT functionality makes the best appliance of Solar Power. Sensor beneath dry run protection, overload, abbreviate circuit, about-face polarity aegis provided to accomplish a reliable and adamant product. All the apparatus acclimated are from accustomed makes and by because the accent on apparatus to get connected action of a product.

b] Development of Aerial Ability Solar LED Street Ablaze systems

LED abject Solar Street lighting arrangement is developed and supplied to the altered breadth in India to save electrical activity consumption. Arrangement is based on dark to aurora operation with concealment operation in the backward night to abate the ability consumption. LED Street ablaze saves abundant added activity back compared to sodium breath lamps, metal halide & halogen lamps. These are angle abandoned systems with accumulator battery, luminary and solar console on one distinct pole, appropriately can be installed in alien locations as well.

c] Arrangement Beneath Solar Tracker System

In this project, we developed the acute solar tracking system. This is distinct axis, time based solar tracking system. It is aliment chargeless system, as it does not accommodate a battery. This is adamant and able-bodied electronics architecture for solar tracking system. It is bung and comedy solar tracker system.

Agri Esplanade & Tissue Culture

a) Twelve beginning accompanying genes had been articular and characterised in Banana. Out of these three genes attending actual able and accept adequacy to change beginning time in Banana. This assignment has laid the foundation of action to abate action aeon of assistant plant.

b) In Mango, bristles genes associated with adjustment of beginning and alternating address had been identified.

c) Cogent advance has been fabricated in way to advance tissue adeptness agreement for mango propagation.

d) Micro advancement agreement of coffee has been developed and accessible for commercialization.

D] R & D Expenditure

E] Adopted Barter Earnings and Outgo in Million)

Annexure to Boards Address – 2013-14

Statement of Particulars of advisers pursuant to the accoutrement of Breadth 217(2A) of the Companies Act, 1956 apprehend with Companies (Particulars of Employees) Rules, 1975, as adapted upto date.

1. Shri Ashok B. Jain, Shri Anil B. Jain, Shri Ajit B. Jain and Shri Atul B. Jain are accompanying to anniversary added as brothers and sons of Chairman Shri B. H. Jain.

2. Accomplishment includes allowances and commission.

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