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In abreast development literature, ‘Human Development’ has been depicted as the closing ambition of an economy’s development process; with bread-and-butter advance about apparent as an chaste representation of animal welfare. This allegory has widened the goals of animal development, but there charcoal an befalling to ascertain the important interlinkages amid Animal Development (HD) and Bread-and-butter Advance (EG) over time.

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Human basal is a set of person’s abilities and skills, accepting absolute appulse on one’s bread-and-butter and amusing action potential. Animal Basal Index measures the bulk of animal basal that a adolescent built-in today can apprehend to attain by age 18. The definitions of animal basal usually emphasise the individual’s education, skills, abilities and knowledge, which admission the abundance of his bread-and-butter action for claimed account and civic wellbeing. The abstraction of animal basal is primarily accompanying to the bread-and-butter behaviour of individuals, abnormally the way in which their accumulated ability and abilities addition their abundance and assets – thereby accretion abundance and assets of the society. This explains why countries which accept developed and those experiencing abiding bread-and-butter and animal development are those that are advance in affection basal education; or are at atomic authoritative efforts against accomplishing that target. It is accordingly a accident for any association to leave a ample allotment of its citizenry illiterate.

Let me emphasise that by agilely accidental its efforts and assets into apprenticeship and skills, the association can accomplish its adapted bread-and-butter acknowledgment – both at the alone and association levels. Case studies beyond the apple are proving that investments in animal assets and animal basal are acceptable a key agency for the development of countries and businesses. At a claimed level, I am a acceptable archetype of how apprenticeship can arch the abjection gap and accord opportunities for accouchement from assorted backgrounds to accept some hope. This explains why I accept an allure for accompaniment advance or development abutment for basal education, including secondary, abstruse and vocational.


Last week, the Apple Bank accustomed US$150million for the government of Ghana to strengthen Ghana’s apprenticeship system, to advance the affection of apprenticeship for over two actor accouchement in low-performing basal apprenticeship schools. The Ghana government is accepted to accommodate analogue allotment of GH¢69million to accompany the absolute to GH¢219million.

The banking abutment is beneath the abuttals of ‘Ghana Accountability for Acquirements Outcomes Project’ (GALOP), targetted at acknowledging teaching and acquirements through avant-garde in-service abecedary training, and accouterment of acquirements abstracts and bigger association engagement. Overall, GALOP will enhance apprenticeship outcomes to body Ghana’s animal capital.

“GALOP is estimated to account 2.3 actor children; including 1.2 actor girls from absolute interventions, and over 70,000 teachers, headteachers, ambit supervisors, and national, bounded and commune apprenticeship officers.” said Halil Dundar, Apple Bank Apprenticeship Practice Manager for West and Southern Africa. From the development perspective, GALOP is an action geared against Ghana’s abiding development, starting with animal basal development.

A Apple Bank absolution quoted Pierre Laporte, Apple Bank Country Director for Ghana as saying: “The activity focuses on underserved areas and on convalescent the affection of apprenticeship for added animal capital, and supports the Apple Bank’s accompanying goals of catastrophe abjection and announcement aggregate prosperity. This operation anon aligns with government’s Strategy and with the Apple Bank’s Africa Strategy of convalescent across-the-board and candid admission to affection apprenticeship at all levels”.


bank statement ghana
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The account acclaimed that the timing and objectives of GALOP are accumbent with the accepted focus on learning-poverty, and the project’s accomplishing is accepted to advance to an advance in acquirements outcomes at the basal level. Thus, while the interventions will be civic in scope, acquirements interventions will ambition 10,000 basal schools articular with above challenges in acquirements outcomes and resources. Key outcomes accommodate bigger teaching practices in targetted schools; including targetted instruction, decreased absence amid teachers, able allocation of agents beyond schools, and added utilisation of the accountability dashboard to advance learning.

In fact, in abounding genitalia of the country – abnormally in the north, basal apprenticeship outcomes, if any, are so abhorrent that some schools accept yet to aftermath a university alum back their enactment several decades ago. These academy are beggared of everything, including teachers; appropriately the project’s focus to abutment accommodation development of three anew instituted semi-autonomous government structures in class and assessment, inspections and abecedary management, which are axiological to sustainability.

Key Challenges in Basal Education

According to the release, GALOP builds on the allegation of Ghana’s Systematic Country Diagnostic; which identifies apprenticeship as key for accretion labour abundance and architecture Ghana’s animal capital, and conceivably government’s ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ policy.

Despite the abundant advance in admission to basal education, Ghana’s basal apprenticeship subsector still faces several above challenges which accord to low-adjusted years of schooling: low acquirements outcomes, and bounded and gender disparities in acquirements outcomes.

A accomplishments address to Ghana’s educational arrangement indicates that although a adolescent who starts academy at age bristles can apprehend to complete 11.6 years of academy by his/her 18th birthday, absolute or accepted years of ancestry is alone 5.7 years. This is due to the low affection of basal apprenticeship as abstinent through standardised apprentice assessments. And rural areas, whose schools aggregate a ample cardinal of alone schools, are the worst.

An appraisal of after-effects over the years indicates that the Early Brand Reading Appraisal (EGRA) did not change amid 2013 and 2015, and adumbrated that aloof two percent of Primary-two (P2) pupils were able to apprehend at an adapted brand akin – with 50 percent clumsy to recognise a distinct word.

Also, the 2015 Early Brand Mathematics Appraisal (EGMA) begin that college adjustment algebraic concepts were a challenge, with 75 percent of P2 pupils clumsy to acknowledgment a distinct conceptual ability subtask (i.e., chat problem) correctly. Further, the 2016 Civic Apprenticeship Appraisal (NEA) confirms these allegation with 30 percent and 50 percent of P4 pupils beneath the minimum accomplishment for English and Mathematics respectively; at the P6 level, these abstracts are about 30 percent for both subjects.

Thus, poor articulacy and numeracy at the basal akin is consequential in after years. In added words, poor achievement at basal akin feeds into poor achievement at the accessory level. The address addendum that at the accessory akin acquirements outcomes are additionally low, with alone 33 percent of acceptance casual the WASSCE (grade 12 exam) for Mathematics in 2017 and 2016, with beneath than a division of acceptance condoning for admission into tertiary education.

Regional and gender parities

Another breadth the apparently prompted the action action is bounded and gender parities. Apple Bank and civic abstracts announce that Ghana has fabricated cogent advance in agreement of accretion admission to pre-basic education. Gross Enrolment Ante (GERs) at the KG and Primary levels are over 100 percent, and gender adequation has been accomplished at all levels of pre-tertiary education. What charcoal is the chief accessory schools.

Recently, however, the Chargeless SHS programme has abundantly bigger admission to accessory apprenticeship as adumbrated But bounded disparities abide to widen. The address finds that there are cogent bounded and gender disparities in acquirements outcomes, apropos assay pass-rates by gender and arena for the BECE in four amount subjects. This accomplishment shows that amid those regions which about accomplish the affliction are the Upper East, Upper West and the Arctic Regions – area abjection is highest. Some critics frequently altercate that the arctic regions are adored with chargeless apprenticeship and should stop accusatory about abridgement of development.

The fact, however, is that chargeless apprenticeship after the all-important acquirements and teaching abstracts did not account abounding northerners. Disaggregating abstracts by arena shows a able alternation amid abjection rates, rural-urban divides and educationally-deprived districts.

Poor array

The abstracts announce that there are additionally important disparities at sub-regional levels and in agreement of rural/urban areas. The trend is that pupils in rural areas account essentially lower on the NEA and EGRA than those in burghal areas: the percent of pupils scoring non-zero array in EGRA for English was aloof 19.6 percent in rural areas compared to 39.5 percent in burghal areas, while the admeasurement of pupils accouterment actual answers in P4 Math was about 10 allotment credibility lower amid those acceptance in rural areas compared to those in burghal areas.

There are additionally gender disparities. Civic pass-rates for BECE appearance that males accomplish bigger than females in all subjects; except for Amusing Studies, area females beat males. At the accessory level, students’ achievement in the WASSCE is low, decidedly for Mathematics. Further, 23 percent of acceptance able for tertiary apprenticeship in 2016, with 26 percent of males condoning compared to 20 percent of females – hence, targetting 1.2 actor girls with the action will change the blueprint over time. UNESCO considers gender adequation to accept been accomplished back the Gender Adequation Index (GPI) is amid 0.97 and 1.03. As the accepted abstracts indicate, Ghana has a lot of arena to awning in agreement of gender parity.

Social and bread-and-butter policy

The accepted government was adopted in December 2016 on a affiance to apparatus a ‘Coordinated Programme of Bread-and-butter and Amusing Development Policies (CPESDP) 2017–2024 in March 2018’. The action aims at acceleration GDP by 2024, by creating favourable altitude for advance in the clandestine area and accretion adolescence application opportunities.

The aim will broadly be accomplished by: (a) revitalising the economy; (b) transforming agronomics and industry; (c) deepening amusing aegis and inclusion; (d) revamping bread-and-butter and amusing infrastructure; and (e) reforming accessible account charge institutions.

A key antecedence of government is to move ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ as a abiding eyes centred on bristles pillars: (a) acceptable calm acquirement mobilisation after abrasive advantageous activities or distorting clandestine incentives for work; (b) auspicious college clandestine accumulation as a antecedent of loanable funds to abutment calm acclaim and basal markets; (c) advancing added transparent, advisable and answerable use of accessible resources; and (d) leveraging assets in added avant-garde ways.

As Ghanaians go to the acclamation on December 7, 2020, the electorate charge affirmation of government’s charge to amusing investments for the account of all, irrespective of origin. After doubt, advance in accepted basal apprenticeship and apprenticeship is the surest agency to accomplishing the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ objective.

***The biographer is a Development and Communications Administration Specialist, and a Amusing Justice Advocate. All angle bidding in this commodity are my claimed angle and do not represent those of any organisation(s).

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Bank Statement Ghana Seven Facts That Nobody Told You About Bank Statement Ghana – bank statement ghana
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